The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 21, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1944
Page 7
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THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Page Sevrn i Thursday, DccpiiiImt 211914. TURF SENSATION By Jack Sords town and still another In Ridgefurm, Illinois. Tlie factory is now spending Close to l.OO'l a week in the community of Cayuga and approximately 90 per Vermillion Tu p. Over $100 Mark In Seal Campaign NEWPORT, lnd. Vermillion township residents liave purchased f 101. CO worth of Clirlstnias seals to ter, Clair Smith, Rev. A. R. Morford, Ella P. Hall, Herbert Voumans. Rev. J. Walton, Lewis .Sims, Howard Kr win, Austin Holton, V. Van Vliet, Kllen Asbury, Lester Keen, Dora Harger, Ann Wilcox Ingram, W. B. Warmath, Mortimer Lewis, W. C. Myers, William Rein, Keith You-mans, Mrs. Frances Kjiellman. Paul Carmack, E. T. McMillan, Vera As-ten and Tenipee Beebee. :':-';' OV ?f S PeRMANe, ( cent of (is female employees are wiv-. I es of soldiers and widows with chll-j (iicn. The company will close the factory I during the Christmas holidays in ' order to overhaul the machinery. I of nnv reserve machines on tha Clinton, Wiley-Clash to Draw Fans Friday Traditional Rivals To Mix on Local Court A( 9 P.M.; Clinton Govs Into Game on Win Streak laid in the rif-'ht afcainsl tuberculosis ! at Hie end of the second week of tlie IJjor makes repairs difficult. Work will resume Tuesday, Jan. 2. izen's Bank, John Barclay, American Legion Auxiliary, Thimble Club. Belle Hegarty, Maurice Hegarty; Lucille I'ittman, John C'aritliers, B. I. Pavey, Rlr. and Mrs. William Bay-singer, Alaynard Wiggins, I.. R. .Stewart, V. N. Asbury, M. J. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. John I'ickell. Chester Hoper, B- R- Nixon, Mr. and .Mis. William White, Sam Catlin. William Broady. WSCS, Wilson Dwjggins, Hoy Cramer, Ham Stewart, Jack Moore, Crawford AlcMul-len. (iueen Kslher Class, Anna Hich-ardsun, Dewitt Corn. Delphian Club, Cecil Spellman. Ka)nioud Arin-slrong, Bouglas Heid, Allen Heiinis. Dr. J. I., launders. Louise ory. Adrian Bishop. Mrs. Jloy Koienian and Dr. 11. K. Hawkins. Oilier donations were. Kred Sanders. Cecil Barrett, Mickey Van .Sickle, Oscar Kersey, Mrs. ( lair Van Sant, Grace Itheuby. Mrs. Nelle Wait, H. C. Sawyer, J. J. Dooley, Homer Ingram, J. N. Jones. OH i 'ot Cayuga Paper Cup Factory Output Hits Over Million Mark Running shifts each 24 lioura. (ho production of Die I'ni- drne, Mrn. Virf-'inia YoumanE. lown-sliili seal chainnau. announced Tuesday. Jn compiMison. wjfh last year's seal sales at this same lime, Mr. Voiitnaus sliiiid Uiat U.:it morn has been 'l limed in Ihis year. Klie also urjil tlioi'l who lad out ie-lunied (hi'ir seajs or uioney U) do so immediately. "The fiKhl awiliift tuberculosis is still goinn on." Mr. Yu who ns said and added that the drive did no( end unlil the day alter t'hrislinas. A list of persons win) have bought ;eals in tliis lowiisln'ii include: Cit- Reverse English '' The difficulty for most beginner in learning Japanese lies in the fact that the order of thought in Japanese is the reverse of English. A Japanese would not say, for example, that "he received new goods and went home," but "new goods receiving, home he went." versal Paper Cup Faclo'y at Cayuga now runs around a million and a I half paper cups a day according to ; statistics recently released by that company. Use Moderation Red pepper and other red pepper sauces and seasoning products must be used in moderation in cooking because ihey have bo much pungency. With only L'lUino square let of floor space in (lie factory building which Is not udeijuule to provid" siorat.e room, the company is using REVIEW OF YEAR IN SPORTS SLA V Kjf -OCTOBER 6066 CoMeS FROM A fteATtficAL FAMH-VAiId 1 4aW Action eetlilo -fte Foofu&Jrs AJo ij peolT oFiJteMiceo-PAofie- BJr Mis MeARTWAS SeToaJ a -TRACK CACEeR. til -If iVt. -1AK& TJie line art of awkclball u Wm-onslrated by Hint on ami Tn iJaulo cagors will be on display tomorrow ijifit in the Clinton iliii School pyui w1hjji On1 Wik'.v lire! Streaks come up for a hardwood sion Uvfdnuinx at y . m. Tlie starling time will be delayed because of the hile store hours, school official said. One of the hardest-rouj.Mil j-aniKi of the season Ik expected when the traditional rivals clash on 'Union's floor with plenty of fast breaking, (orrid basketball in store for Clinton and Terre Haute fans. Wiley dropped a game to illooni-ingtoii last nitfht to break a two-ganie winning streak while the Cats are coming; into (lie panie wilh a three-game winning run. The Cats defeated the streaks last year in a one-point race that so w the lead change hands throughout the pame. A similar pint' is looked for Friday night when the clash will be continued. . , . ; The Ojdsjarj about jeenv- o , . two teams with Clinton Jiolding a slight edge because of the home floor adva'nmpe and- the 4'avi Uuv have beohJ ifTnctfon longer ilian the Streaks.' ' ' ' ',' " ! CoachjjSub puijigdi liijs liTs playerr ready fof jtfu giime'.' l.slt;uiy drills liave put .(hem at top form wht!" their del?a.t.V Tuesday ni&ii added iiwfft ixyniuv to 1 lu Cats playing. '. w f. . . . Prob;a!)li MiU'ioj-a fur f.'Iiutim are James and - Foster; forwards: Hun-gerford, center and Smith and Watson, guards. Wiley's lineup will be Kaubion and Scott, forwards; O'-l.eary, center and and Alalloy guards. A curtain raiser at 7:30 p. m. will feature the Wiley and Clinton B teams while ,jtue varsity game is at 8 p. m. r,- . r i f?6&S 3q vMrtess iJ 5b PA-yb, -He tsefa ARa t?ouic- OfJ FCKMAfle'5 ftoiitilSf t. Iowa Cugi -m Colled Iiour ffSflM. M ' zjtt!' - js Mi,' "' ' '" t'liiis'tmas Special J f V m,l j MsfJP RON EOMBO ;i : 7 it Defeats in Indiana' Trip IXDIAXA'POI.fe. 'lnd. - T! I.o- DistiiiguisJied Unit Award I Given-to Ca yu&a Soldier Corporal Donald L. -llayes of Cay-iii;,a 'l as lieen a wai-dr d t lie distin-;gni;lud unit budge, one of tiio high-; est cilations tliat is awarded units of 1 American Arnn d Forges according to i word re ceived by his ian nls, Mr. and Mis. Mav Bay.-. Cil. Hayes lias been nterseas since January, IIH.'I. las CoTle.M' liHi'Uweod outfit had reason ip return to DiiVu'l'ue, Li.: today, with a le.eliiiK lhai tip;' Hooslvrs are niighf.v inbospila.iie people, Loras went down belore Indiana Stale, itt to Zt last niyhl allt;r tn. v-iously being defealed by Valparaiso, Bunker Hill and Noire Dame in an Indiana road trip. The Butler Bulldogs were defeated for the second time this Benson when the Port Harrison soldiers, seeking revenge for a previous drubbing, downed them 47 to 42 on tin-post floor. The soldiers hil three baskets in Ihe last minute of play to aclio Hie win. , . . Also t'omplete Lines df WINE-GIN-RUM-BRANDY WHISKEY, AND CORDIALS Last Kites Held Friday I'or FerrysviHe Infant Last rites were held Friday afternoon wilh Res. Isaac Cox of tiessio official ing for Darrel Lyons, len weeks old son of .Vr. and Mrs. William Lyons. Burial was in the Mt. Hope Cemetery H HI" C p ill St (Ml . lieshles lie pal;enlrs. lip. Infant vas'tJiiAtvod by; f ffeirol.!l'4rs Clen-(Brpt li ' Belgjunt; IjfjiHtor, Hobby, J'onf; In Bel.jijuni : ;jljsli r;. Bobby, j.claiid; ant' J'miiile," all 'at home; throe sisn rs, Uliei- and Josi-phtne, at home; and .Mrs. Ilileen llarelay, ah;o, ai home while her husband hi ser w i a FDR FfppzeM Qvil ServfcM-Ji-fv i In Tenioorarv John j Jtfc- Hill's iinal y am tallied : jitf fijMr OijlJ sarls,"at .tln.l " ! exMe. Oi :;Ptiill'4;Fi.ilJ , last niglit. rxjwhf' I rtcore- wat -fi4 'to 13, eFs Liquor Store WASIIlT-TlfrA'. n. C. -'Prrsldcnt y Hoosi-vi-lt ' today, signed an esecuiin- MO BOJAU-TA A-T" gAV M6AP0WS CoU&CTgi Second Meeting Is ving ill I he ai-llli-d force )9 " IIDl SK Ol'' yl ALITV " W 4IMX. DJh . ; . l'jMlf.7H.'....;?l. el K. COAH A ul my llirnw voui Scr'.-tD' into tlio'Flshtl HelJ nn J-nl.e-.M-il Srljool.'.i I'rografii. MEAUWI-iil.E .SilEMAGAMS TAKE HC5 AeCAEO T WELL .filRLS -WITH THE CAR MR PLACKS Syi"1PTuoCS VAC!4Ji zzzzzzz ' r ' fFi dont ki4ow,sir1 ill go L-r' ocsv-OAi5v!!y A vr ( BELOW AND SEE WMATS VfiJCIIG M JM fL5,,"5 WfcF'T , K- WITH MO CREW THIS WAY. ITS Mi XYtuZ" ' ' J " ' , V LIABLE TO BE AMVTH.MS JM 1 !f ) ?CN. : WIDER THAT LANDSLIDE - IT llflOKS LIKE A BIT OF WKIWG ! A ( EMGINkS Another, meeting or Ihe l.-phlic re-lalimis (Ollferi lice of the Di'Mana ri;:lc. 'reiii-liejs Associelum in r':.''''d lo tilt; i-nhi7;eil prograjp for high schools Ibn ne.socii'l inn is d-u lo;i-il!g. teas held Tl"e"'hiy, Dec, III, HI riftlft : Kpv ' ' v - ' BREADTH Ci-av.-'oiil;ullb'. Intl.. K. C. Boyd, mi- order free'niff waruniH umi .ei we,-Kmployi-fe M'trm'AoWii-y fioFilions in order Id''lve1' piel'i r'eni-e i.i"T"tiirti'-ing war .'vwternns . t'"' permanent Civil Scrvip: j''1'"- The HClimi' 'specifically prevents the wai'Umu xii i" -'lvil Service jobs fruni heconiing P' nnaiii-ul 01) the Chil Service regi MeJ... l-.'pi- jdoyes who'liavr twil been given pet-nianent 'Ohil Service status prior rn today will "remain in temporary status and Cjvil Service Jobs will be thrown open later to rompeliiive examination With preference given war velerans. The executive order rovers persons who were then temporary or "duration" appointments to Civil Service positions prior fo adoption of the Civil Service Commission')" war se-ii-e regulations in .March. 1942. The IM-eideiit edailled that ilian;. persons weV ('IVi,r CiflT S' :i" fee oln, on a temporary ba;is b- foi e ln, I II I -l-egiilali().u fin', ill,- war V, ej-.j julupl- ed. Thif' wa'ji ip;t-.-;ai be .laid,., lo "lake caj e up; . I In; j-nol l.miuh,". &,i'i i:'J)e expansio,ll, o8 fiii-l al;deparl.uienls. 0!) HARRY 'A , sst-m I, me! oh mv VJTtn r3 nlirsrs ' '. - 2L. iEE CW.GME BVCME WE Oe.'toyiCUS RAUSOM J : i. pi'l-intend"iil of city schools, announced ioda". In the las! conference, Me- school leaders ilhcnsscil Ki in'; High School credits lo service men for cerlain types of military training. The purpose of Tuesday's nieet-ing was to ech inge ide-i;-, lo enable School people lO llo a l' llT job l,f ill!i-ip-eljng lie- school lo tile public; ItS CSnaaEhsiE- Iwr puns to make cpwes of his ojusna . , . II 1 SSS fl MIGHT BOILTHIS EGG, T GO AHEAD! BUT & .jAI Vnil A.UFDIPAM MPN rSlT rx)WN,KAMOTO I RODE ALL NIGHT ON THAT MOTORCYCLE-- MAKE ONE OFFSIDE V -I I t, W It- Vtltl sl-Ktvl I I I I YOU'LL GET VOUR TEA MOVE AND YOU'LL IN A FEDERAL CELL J- i YOU WERE AT THK DOOR AS I WAS PREPARING- , ,f HEART ARE MORE BRUTAL THAN OUR B&OWN-SHIRTS.' A LAD' REELS WITH HUNGER yet you DENy her a cup of tea.' JO N YOUR s) iniukif.-j a;i many schuol people, POSSIbl" . 111 bcec'mc l(V; i f oul public relation priun'.iinY; lo '1st in- gcvitlg direi.tion ali'l t,uM-i-i- to ei'fe -r iicii-. i'ii, -.; a.i-i;lo s:.-i ANCESTORS R.i w:tn "''visa jr i BREAKFAST--1 AM TOO :ff J FAINT TO ANbWEK, S I - -V I 1 ft f . . - J 1 questions; i-i;;;i,;i',i 'to ' eonrdhl moil'.' "th ' II rnv't.i liiis ji'n i'r;0;;e. ' ,"" ili a statc-wl'di-' ale this wort, . a cslal.lis.licd for At fie, . i) i-lii.a i, ollii-e'e h' l" at ,- Uitli it -Vi ( r1 ) i"'i-V;!J wfonlsville I t,h.-,e.' lH,M l; lecliei ibis lNcciin;.; pal of rrs k.. -nfJurnce p-'aaies People .fp guiilu4 W nitinyi influences cUoosing ; names. - After World War J Joun-'A-as-most popular, but sh&- turns tip now: as Jeanne. When Florence Nightingale was receiving n gre.-rt deal of ptiblioiiy, ihe name Florence led almost all the rest. As an indication of the cycles, Ruth was mdsj common in WOO, fell to ninth place in 1IJ05, and rose to fifth place in lill'l. schools, -eleetiid chuirinan. Peul )' . Nicelv. 's.iipeiintend; nt ol lloone County Ki-iiools. was elected vl chalrniim. and Fen ttf Crorf. ws perinlendenl of Kininlain Coiinly Schools, secretary. Ii-)il-esentatives of c-ii.'hl colllilles were present at the nieeling. I B-ASKETB ALL FRIDAY, DECEMBER i" I Fall you thimk of is VourI 1 1,,,). i ! X ? 1 fyou'l'Cni- 1 ILLIh Rv (OdERT f53NT BOTHER lt'rH,; AW, V-- H ii3 iX m UaB.VMEGOT ft VsU?r A AS SOON AS J r. r I hf ''''' tL U; WHILE IT'S Vk' SELPjJy MQ FADfcS.I'LL. i V g iMWfV Fife 4, 1- pJr ify &L.LlSJn wMmr v,egYt-fJ CLINTON HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM GAMES AT 7 AND 8 I'. M. U'COOOH HOll) PP-V I UUAS- ) l'up-d- RPPKJ HOLLERING THAT OOOOHHIi.'H l'! l-KV ! "'AST V FER HOURS-ILL GIVfc HIM i (OOOHi HOUO DRV I THE LAST PROP IDE GOT Aaa nnnnu Umil M . OflOH, PEAR ME ' I UUS' TO SHUT HIM UrV PRV I AM -OOOOHHh! . 1 1 if ' i I HOUU PR1- - I AM MM r-1 1 Thimble Theatre Starring General Admission 35c NEXT HOME CME 1 I A k II E A II If iM. FRfDAY, k j IP0PEYE CKS vs

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