The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 21, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, December 21, 1944
Page 6
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TlIK DAILY CUNTONISN Paw- Six Behind the Scenes POLISH "BIG SHOT" IN MOSCOW Itffi DAILY CLINTONS At the MoeUa i bESTin HOLLYWOOD (OM.MIUA Thursday Thirteen women headed by stars Margaret Sullavau, Ann 2 ' - taMiafced M The Weekly CUatonlan 18M The CUaton Flaindealar absorbed In I a Published Dal! t Except Saturday and Suada, Seorge L. Carey - - Editor and PublNh I, KAJflON CARSO I j OLLYWOOD In big rajl- I at tbe Poatorrica at cuntou. lnain lights all over the place. AJJ these sets to photograph. J told Mitch Leisen I wished I was playing a piece o scenery." '. ' Ginger is smiling as she says all this, but there is a bit ot an edge to her voice. La Rogers is a gal who ha a mind ot her own -ai slaUon sit this week, Ginger M Second CUm Matter 'v-fi-j and Joseph Cotteu arc a; : ina woik upon their new Van JnOUna llepVbllcan Jdit. 11 imnrXmtum guard picture, Phon 33 Phone S3 Double t ur- lr.ueh." Southern. Joan Blonclell and Marsha Hunt comprise the all-feminine cast of this stirring Btory of t lie role women played in the heroic defense of Bataan. The unique casts and the exotic, faraway setting" of (lie dramatic action make "Cry Havoc" une the sea-sou's most unusual and limi-ly screen productions. WAilAMH Wednesday and Tiiurday The arrival of a new Laurel H it a serious sort of a movie MfMtathrwum Cot -on plays a shell - shocked iWVBUCAM iDITOttM and Gin gcr a pr.soner in a penitentia On the "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" set this week, I stand with Spencer Tracy and atoh a bechiv of activity on the flight deck ot M-G-M's sound stage aircraft carrier. Director Mervyn LeRoy U trying to get a lot ol young actors to look like the highly trained Navy and Army personnel on tbe U. S. S. Hornet just before Jimmy Dcolittle and his dauntless gang took on to bomb Tokyo. "Boys." shouts LeRoy over the loud speaker system, "A Jap ehfp has been sighted. The B-25's have to take off sooner than expected. ' -. I and Hardy picture is always a five-star event with millions of comedy-lovers the country over. And from advance reports on the latest of the screen's zanieat duo, ry. They meet on a Christmas furlough. Only four states T i x a s, A 1 a-bama, North C i r ol ina and "The Big Noise," which opens at Mi" hlgan- give Chris: mas fur- the Wabash Theatre tonight, Is reason enough for extra-special celebrating. I don't want Just action. Every nian must be doing exactly the For (he film which stars Stun iv-.r;' l r.s a reward to well-behaved p;.t:ncrfl, so the ettion takes place in ere f these slates Just whioh is not indicated. I t.m1) the stars at intervals g-ht thing." Tracy grins. He's playing Jimmy and Oliver with a top-notch cast, including lovely Doris Merrick. Arthur Space and Veda Ann . DoolitUe In the oicture and he hasn't much to worry about only Borg. ':: being acclaimed as the best of the Laurel and Hardy ; side-splitters yet, with the tv,o Dukes of Dalfiness mixing high- AMERICA AND POLAND. There will be 1,000 American distubred by Mr. Churchill's challenge on Poland to e c y one who has any real answer. For (' th is that the Prime Minister's in-i:r "fish or cut bait" finds the vast i -i'v ,1 Americans still uncertain ' ': role their country should play ." o no! ideal arrangements of Europe. ' "y have no such hesitation about y.-'Y. ' r affairs. They cheered the Rus- powered bombs with liigh-power- edblones in a House of Horror v.'.'-n j .recto: Wuham Uieterle Is not us'ns them in Hie crowded sta-t.on set. Ccl'.cn, mailing his ninth movie In i::ixe and oni-' alf years, is anx-i..i:s not lo overdo the ajieil-shcckcd "I'm .ploying the rnan as fairly r.iiinul.'' he says. "In the first 'ir.''?, actors are nt to be corny '.'.."n ihey cenf cicusly labor to por-'..-ay a neurotic. In the second Tl.'.ce. most of th3 shell-shocked '..tjh I'vi Ulktd to have developed completely wired or lun! six scenes. "It's just a bit," he says. "In most of my shota, I really just walk in and give instructions. I have only one real scene. That's in a hospital with Captain Lawson at the finish." Just a few weeks ago, Spence told me he was sure he wouldn'.t take this part. I remind him of our conversation. "Oh, you know me," he says. "When I say something about a Endive Well Liked For summer leaves, ciiieroy. also known as endive, is more available thun lettuce, winch usually run ;c seed in midsummer, f'.ndive may be had with cmJy leaves, or bioud leave. Many like the curly leaver test tor summer, and bicati leaves-(escarolle (or lull, ai they endure frost and become swueior aficr frost conifs part, you can count on it being just the pther way " ?.eep .to the gates of Warsaw. They ;med the landing of British troops in r . . ae. They gladly send Lend-Lease sup-, ' which they hope vill help Russia i i the Nazis clear out of Poland. And at this moment, when the Germans are heavily counter-attacking against American armies in the West, they know that they are helped by every new pressure in the East by the Red Army. But co-operation in political affairs is less simple. ! I Tevt le lil.lDjovniCllt On M-G-M's lot three. Bud Abbott and Lou Costejlo, in Oriental costumes, are about to do a street scene for "Lost In a Harem." The boys one? referred to their picture, as "The Poor Man's 'Kismet'." However, with a budget of over a million, there's nothing cheap about It. Right now. Director Chuck Rels-ner is about to get a shot of Abbott and Costello looking bug-eyed at a giant gatekeeper, Lockard Martin. In stocking feet, Martin stands seven feet six. The studio has given him padded shoes and a tall turban that raises this to nine test r i-i't of an armor of normality. They Con't wear their troubles on J.' r e'eevrs ' '' Cin;;cr'a crivinT a dark blue hat t.-.d dress. She's a bit tanned l"jr a pilEonir, but lights will take Cli,'? of tii?t. Tll.3 is Ginger's first picture Jn lOii ani she'a a little worried pb-ut up .nether. Of course, ..v.hiiie: c..':d be more ironic. Every si'-id.'o in Hollywood would give its eye ttctli to have Ginger In a picture. Tut a big star has to chocse carefully. Ginger owes three to P.-ir-O. one to Paramount. What i:'ic'd really like to do next would is "The G.bscn Girl." Which brin3 U3 to -II that drivel that Ginger, after "Lady (n '.lie Dark," Is afraid of Technicolor. ' L'ke fun I am,' she says. "You s;:-uid have seen the tests George V'j: r.:3 of me for 'The Gibson G.ri.' The trouble In 'Lady In the Ijdi'k' wa.i that they had cross The textile jndusl.-y and relates lines en. ploy in the aggregate aLuu, ' one-fourth of all the wug2-eartier it New JSngiarrt . The Chinese Cook Police arrested a Seattle, Wash . Chinaman In a fantan game. The Celestial gave his name as Chow-On, and his occupation as cook. Taking a Backward Glance Jrcr P mencans have not seen the close connection between military and political THUXTV VK.UW idays. He Is attending Butler College at Indianapolis. Miss Irene Clements, a teacher at South school Is spending Ihe holidays with ther parents in Brazil. Miss Phoebe Conley is spending the Christmas holidays at ber home in Greencastle, lnd. lionald Smith, and Lehman Silver Cups To lie A ivai ded at Poultry Show eight. Clinton poultry, dog and pige-, on show winds up tonight. The at-J tendiinee Saturday afternoon and' Tubby little Costello peers up at the giant. "Boy," he says, "I bet you never A;) TODAf CfiHsdnuN J'arly At ilospital l or ri!tttiits, 2:ttil A ChriBtmus party for the patients, nurses and fmployes of the Vermfilion county hospital is Ih-iug arranged for Tueaday evi-ninK. Relic Is Taxicab The car in which Archduke Ferdinand of Austria rode when he was assassinated in 1914 now is used as a taxicab in Sarajevo. thought you'd have to wear lifts in your shoe.'' yesterday was fairly good, though , Swinehart, students at Do Pauw Ihe weather was not regarded as university are home lo spend the very good, since the opening of . Christmas holidays with their par- ents. Work of decorations has already j tin' show, till today. I The ribbons were all In place begun uud there is much inter est at the institution. MiGNONG. EBERHART WOLF If. MAIM S CLOTHING Finding she has no patients in Buch a condition as to be easily excited and feeling that if wheel 1943 By AlTHOn - QlSTRIBUreO BY KIN6 FEATURBS SYNDICATE, INC ti:v vicars ; ago too Ay Schools Knjoy Christina I'mgrauL ror lo Dismissal for Holidays j General assembly programs i were enjoyed at both Junior and Senior High .Schools this morning prior to the annual holiday affa : s. Before the war they seemed to be insisting through the Neutrality Act that there could be no question in Europe which need concern them. Afterward, when Yugoslavia, Greece and Russia were girding themselves to resist the Nazis, American sentiment and American promises of Lend-Lease urgently intervened to encourage resistance. So even in 1941 and before Americans were ready to take military action, their political interest in Europe in peace was clearly disclosed. But they find a policy on Poland especially difficult to arrive at. There is the1 memory that Poland was the country initially attacked and the fact that the bulk of the great body of Poles in the United States either fear Russia or follow the Roman Catholic Church's active campaign against Communism. There has been also a tendency to accept the Polish Government in exile as the Government of Poland natural enough when London and Wash-1 i Maud and of course Conrad had CHAPTER TWENTY M:itiJ wiia theru. too. little an dined together. Drue was lhere; too, said Maud, but the other nurse (her eager black eyes went to me; on the pens, yesterday, but not until today were the silver cups, to be given special winners, taken from the window of 'he Faraco jewelry store, where they had been on display. Ivr.-uaials Mrs. Alice Wishard, teacher of Junior high school, is spending llie Clirisltmis vacation with her Fisteis, .Missis Hupp In Terre Haute. Miss Derexa Pentreath who has been attending Indiana university at HliKiminglon, Is spending her vacation with her parents, Mr-and Mrs. M. Pentreath of Dlack-liutn street. H.uold Harrison, con of Mr. and .Mrs. lirisco Harrison of was on duty bo a tray was sent up to her. liut nothing happened at dinner; no one talked much; all of them ate the same food. So he jniiuniitable in sweeping black with hor pompadour rising high above her liar row, sallow forehead, htr collar of boned white net lifting her little dark chin in the airt and her eyes brooding and angry, watching the Dolice. watching Nicky and Alexia watching even me, fixedly. couldn't have been poisoned then. ed out Into the hall where they can s-f and hear, they will en-! joy such an occasion. Mrs. Ila.rl Presser, the superintendent, will push tjie plans through, uulesn some unexpected ' emergency should intervene. The plan is to have little songs from groups of three to a half dozen children from each Sunday school. These carols will be at 7 o'clock, or possibly a little before -,. Presents are to be exchanged among nurses and employees and each patient Is to be remember-'ed. Hev. A. S. Warriner of the I Methodist church has asked to I make a short talk and offer pray- The evening bad been passed much as usual. They had played bridge, Conrad, Maud, Alexia and peter Nicky had read and I don't think a move or a iook or a niiint-onufi nnUti fnriinpd her eairer vacation. ' Miss Maynie Williams and Mrs. tChloe Jameu were in charge of 'the junior assembly, and Marcella Lawson acted as announcer. The ! program included a piano solo by I Lucille Webster; violin solo by Carl Mosor, accompanied at the piano by Joan Beelor; reading. , "Just. Ilefore Christmas," Martha Mnckle: a playlet in verse form , of an old man and Virginia Morl-i nl. an old woman, accompanied by ' Joan Heeler at the piano and Carl antlike eyes. Pr. Claud Chivery watched. During the game there had been the usual talk of current wasn't there. Ttion T fldw Drue sitting- in a. tall news, the war, affairs at home; armchair, her hands around the arm of it, her white cap like a crown unoii her shining hair. She was sometime during the game (no one remembered the time) Conrad had sent Alexia to get the clipping; the box of medicine had been in the ington were co-operating with it. Probably most Americans have uncon South Main Street Is expected home tomorrow to spend tile hol- .,!. Unw rlnrlr rrrnD PVP9 had a kind of terrified stillness. I thought she desk drawer then. At about eleven they had stopped tried to communicate witn mo, mutely, with her look, and I tried mnioivr ti remind her of danger Moser, violin, and group of students who sang Christmas carols. , Santa Clans assisted by Mrs. 1 Santa Clans took charge of the CROSS WORD - - - By Eugene Sbcjjer playing. Conrad had gone for his walk, the others had gone to bed. Dr. Chivery had stopped shortly and in the same fractional glance that I was on her side. Thn r f-lt thnt somebody was i Senior High Program. Surprise after eleven (Maud told this, too; packages were opened by him JJJM nrfirfhinw us and turned. It was ! which announced the various i ..nt NJii.rpnr. hii ?ves nar liiuinbero on the program, Includ she was altogether more eagerly informative than anyone else); he had gone to the room she always occupied when she stayed as she so oflen did at the Brent house, but he had not remained for long. He row and thoughtful, more green i,.,n rn-..owlii(-h was. as a matter ! Inn nlaiio solo by Junior Hous- f fat a hnd siirn. He said. 'Stt Iton: dances by Katherine Walnor, 5 look, I must say, very lovely and helpless. Nicky leaned against th back of her chair in an osUntar tiously protecting way, stll) wjth the shadow of a smile on his lips, and Alexia sat perfectly still for the most part, answering only when she had to and that bneliy, one crossed over the other and the toa of her pump making impatient little circles. After a while they sent for Peter Huber who came into the room and sat down not far from me. He had told Craig, I imagined, as much as could be told. He sighed a little, unconsciously, as he sat down, lighted a cigarette, and listened. As we all listened. Presently they questioned him or rather recapitulated some earlier questioning. When ()e earns downstairs he had found both nurses in the library, was that riffht? Yes, that was right; he nodded. Why had he come downstairs at all? MI told you that I'd dropped off to sleep, reading. J hadn't put up the windows or turned olf the light and, when I awoke, the room was too warm. I put up the windows and turned oir the light and then I opened the door to the hall, thinking I'd get air into the room more quickly that way." As lie did it he heard a kind of scream from somewhere downstairs. He'd listened for a moment and as he was closing the door again I had run along the corridor and down the stairs. So he thought something was wrong, went bck to get a dressing gown and slippers, and had come down after me. "Mr. Huber." urged the District Attorney, "I want you to think hack carefully; this is very Important! When you came into tbe room, were the nurses either or both of them doing anything fur Mr. Bkcnt? I mean, definitely, did either of them have a hypodermic syringe In her hand T Think back. ..." My heart came up in my throetj I didn't dare look at Drue. Then Peter said, positively, "No." "Are you sure 7" "Absolutely. They wers Just standing there. We looked at him but he was dead. So Miss Keatf sent Miss Cable back upstairs to Craig, and me to telephone. I didn't I accompaniud by Wilinlfred May- I had walked to the Chivery cottage, down, please, Nurse Keate. The District Attorney, Mr. Soper, wants ..Monlinn unll." "There's a path, a short-cut," said Maud, and Nugent nodded. t .nH tht lone oues "He told us he didn't see Brent?" r J l 124 is I tioning began for me. It began badly and ended badly. tu. thintr RnDsr said was a said Soper to Nugent who nodded again. So I knew they had already questioned Dr. Chivery. Usually Conrad returned from his walk in about forty-five min 20 flat, bald statement to the effect that they had found enougn aign-ano " Conrad Brent's blood stream to kill him, and they believed it was murder. From there they went on to 29 utes; he walked very slowly, so probably he had not taken a really long walk. His coat, stick, and hat 3S were in their usual place in the that inevitable conclusion. t thorn pxactlv what I had 32 closet off the hall. His dinner-jack 'A j field, vocal duet by Norel Plcke and Irene HIzeinore; a recitation for i 3-yoar-old by Bill Jones: a Christmas reading, Nettle Carbon, land Christinas carols sung in un- iliion, directed by Miss Zoe Kibler. Santa Claus letters from several students wore also read. ' M'bs FlnrencO' Halaroglio and j Miss Angellnn Ave were In rlinrge iof the program. ! liill t'.r t I'luiw Ci rl i nas Proiriimw " 1 Hill CrcRt will observe the approach of Christmas with services Sunday, It Is announced today. j Chrietmas carols will feature the morning worship program at 10 o'clock. The Junior Christian I Mndeavor will meet at 1:45 p. m., .i:id the Sunday School at 2 o'clock, when carols and the Christ-lues siory will be dramatized. Intermediate and Junior christian already told Lieutenant Nugent, no et hung there, too, and he had put 37 mm 41 43 H-f sciously supposed also that the postwar settlement of Europe would be a cooperative undertaking without perhaps defining just what part they wished to take or continue to maintain. Too often, in fact, they have simply thought everything would be all right once the war was won. Now they have to face the question of how they are going to participate in the peace not merely in some general peace organization along the lines of Dumbarton Oaks, but in the day-to-day political adjustments required. Russia is plainly insisting on settling the Polish question by force of her own arms. And Mr. Churchill see nothing to be done about it. There certainly was nothing sacred about the prewar Polish boundary, fixed by Polish force of arms in 1921. The Curzon Line would probably be fairer, although the cities of Vilna and Lwow are clearly Polish. The plans for compensating Poland with German territory are more questionable, but if achieved by resettlement of Germans might afford a sounder basis for peace. Most Americans will wish Washington to use every means of moral suasion possible to persuade Russia to permit some moderating participation in the settlement. Will they be ready also to back up and continue to back up any guarantees the United Nations may offer Russia as an alternative to her single-handed search for security? It has been proved by the war to be linked to American security. The most useful question for Americans is not, "What about Russia in Poland?" but "What about America in the on a lounge coat and, apparently, gone directly into the library. "He liked to rest a little before more, no ies. uey Maud and Nicky and Alexia; they sent for and questioned Peter Hu-ber; they questioned everybody. r.,,(i,0llit tha otnrv hnilt itself UD 40 going upstairs," said Beevens. He had a nightcap or smoked a ciga much of it by confirmation, for it 7 was obvious that tney naa aireauy done consiaeranie, less puunc, quea tioninar. rette or two as a rule and then went to bed. He never wanted me to wait up for him; he locked the front door himself." Nightcap. Brandy? Well, they had taken away the decanter; they 48 Conrad Brent had spent the previous day about as other days were spent, except for his anxiety about his son, two or three morning visits would know if there wag poison JJ in it. Nicky then created a small sen 12-lS to Craig s room ana a (aitt wim ur. rhivnrv This according to Maud) sation by saying abruptly that he had seen Conrad return. "I wai was entirely about Craig's condition. The Lieutenant already knew that Ccnrad had had an interview here in this room. I saw Conrad succeed In getting the doctor then. come in, lock the door, remove his coat and hat and put on his lounge coat." i couian t nnu me number; I wit upset. Anyway, all at once thers was this sound of something falling. . . ." "Yes. yes. you told us about th.t " VERTICAL 1. molt 2. rod 3. employer 4. mode of government 5. cloth of flax 6. a bow 7. nobility 48. Utle of ancient kings of Peru 40. peruse 50. burrow 51. rind 52. nose of golf club 53. winglike 'Nicky" cried Alexia twisting around to look up at him. District Attorney boper asked, said the District Attorney testily. "Something falliner and the aouml But look here, Mr. aenour, why didn't you tell us?" I didn t think it was important, Endeavor groups will have other Cluiiilnias programs In the evening. Pergonals Miss Anna Laura Curtis, student at St, Miiry-of-the-Woods, is spending her vacation with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Curtis of Blackman Street. Miss fietta James of Tulsa, Okla., is expected to arrive here Ibis week-end to spend the holidays wiili her parentB. Mr. and Mrs. Robert James of Whitconib street. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Warren of Walnut Street are to visit their nephew, L. X. MrFalls of Indianapolis, over Christmas. Marshall Warren, brother of Mr. Warren is expected to arrive here this week-end lo visit at the Warren home and also his parents. Mr. Answer to Saturday's putzle. of a window breaking and we can't find anything that fell and (here is no window broken." He turned to me. "Miss Keate, was there any replied Nicky. "That's all there is to it, you see. He didn t see me. I was sitting over there by the fire, thing else? Anything that h.n. reading. He went into the library 8. broad scoop 9. neatness 10. river of England 11. great mass of ice 16. affirm 20. lyric poem 22. frequent 23. dejected 24. hurry 25. enrapture 27. observe 28. posed 30. speech 33. rescind 34 beer 35. horse color .",6. riddle 38. a dextroro-tary oil (chem.) 39. cut 40. sharpen 42. navigate 43 portable stove 44 animal with antlers and after a while I went upstairs. That's all." peace ; pencd last night before the death of Mr. Brent that struck you as being well, out of the way 7 Unusual." From the way he said it. i had - HORIZONTAL 1. goad 5. How against 8. pierce 12. Uexiblo pipe 13. anger 14. :jA'arm of bees 15. polish 17. scent 18. deduce IP. roaming 21. shad-like fish 23. absolute 26. without age 29. department in France 30. ascribable 31. deep waters 32. leave a railway-train 35. place again 3. kinsman 39. place of worship 41. lifted up 45. solitary 46. ltntlitu tn his study with me and then with Drue after our arrival. I was questioned again about that aimo&t immediately. It was about his son, I ;old them firmly, and that was all. There was a speculative look in Nicky's eyes as he turned to look at me, and Maud said abruptly, "That isn't all, Lieutenant. Don't forget that Conrad was furious because Drue Cable came here, and told her she had to leave. She was to go this morning- She " "Yes, you told me that," cut in Nugent. Drue's lips parted a little and she leaned forward as if to spcuk, but Nugent did not permit her to do so. "Now, then," he said briskiy, "there were no callers yesterday except Dr- Chivery and my-st'lf. What about dinner?" I couldn't tell whether or not they had yet questioned Drue. It seemed logical that they had, but somehow 1 thought they had not. I listened anxiously. ; Dinner had been at the usual hour. Nicky. Peter, Alexia, and -Christian Science Monitor. Drue was looking at him steadily. 'Are you sure that's alii' pressed Nugent. "Did anyone you, for instance, go into the library?" a Ik illr 1 1W2 . -- 1 Afc SspJA - Ji& n w jJn llIFEi IE f. B. I lc1?5 oTpIBh a tF o " aTr PwEJa 1 EjLilil- 5 A TjArjEjR N t" MS? A N.Q meCHp i -pMDlIF g- t rTTpRI' E L lIaISn A PI quick impression that he had asked everyone that. Maud looked rather scornful, and Alexia all but yawned. It was one of fate's dangerous little jokes that I would have answered in the negative las I imaeine everv. There was a silence. Nicky smiled and examined the fingernails on one slender hand. That 8 all," he said with a kind of silky stubbornness. one else had donel had not Delphine at that point slunk across the hall, with a wary green eye toward the trooper in the doorway. Nugent looked thoughtfully at Washington Secretary of State Edward R. Stettinius, Jr., states U. S. Government's view point on adjustment of Russo-Polish boundary: "This rrovemment would have no objection to such an agreement, which would make an essential contribution to the prosecution of the war against the common enemy." and Mrs. Mulom Warren of Rock-ville. He is ottending a college at Cincinnati, Ohio. Mrs. Harrison Is to be hostess for the next meeting. Nicky. Soper did the questioning, his eyes suspicious, except when i they rested upon Alexia, of whom (To be continued) Coprnttit I,, Mlinoo 0 Cti.rh.fSi DUUlbuud L Mil 'MUir rl.,.i. Airrage time ol lulutlun: 4 47. game of carja he obviously approved and who did lc. Inc. Get la tbe Scrap,

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