The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 21, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1944
Page 4
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Thursday, December 21, 1914. THE DAILY f UMOS1AK I 'age Four Students will start back to holidays, WHERE BY-PED TPMP ALLIED FORCES duesila-, Jan. 3. Mr. Pick- elj. w id " jtetidy Building F from Capt. Edward -Mfller at the Wa-jher Ordnarice Work. ;,Ka2 ol having their regular jii tib iiexl tiin-'. the1 J. ions have planned a dance to be iven at the tf'j'-HoU-J. Jan. 3. New' Vear's Night. Kugeiie Trimble and hia orchestra will furnish the music. Newport Schools Present Clirixf ma Program on Friday Students of the Newport .High "'Voutii Qmieen Newport ftudelils will rtiiwi'ii, ami lurnUu 1 1n? old JJucoln Hot I - . 1 School will present a Chrislmas I- won J "II r ol buildiiiK on the souUiwkt corr Classified Ads Sell Most AartliiDf nu ii was .etini: of the s'juare ior th during tlirir iiolida divided at the n the Liunf t'lub M CELEBES AMBOINA 4roraro at the :yinnas!Uiu at 3 0 a la. Friday, John C. PU-l;ell. principal uf the lii:u school, announced Monday. Following the program, jzifis will )e exchanged and school will be dismissed at noon for the thrisiuuit- ular nday V 'vrv-".- IV SChoaMS' Jlio riiritmas program viJ consist fl I wo number!? by 1 be seventh grade. "Shine O Wonderful Star." and 'Ping a Song of Santa Claus;" "The Angel's Song," by a girls trio, Virginia A.sbiiry, joig J-JipHui'. ani Lucilie 3-iollii'wc.utli: "A hriM-nias Medley. ' by the jmiTp U elub acruinpiinitd by Mint 'harlot ie Ar-rasuiitii im Die rpnu'i : "Winter Wonderland." hulo by Kenneth Broady: lltree numbers by the hipli school band, "Sabbath Morn." Hark the Herald Anpels Sing," and Ai Break of Dawn." Kev. Hay Morfor! of thhe Friends Church in this eity will gie the Christ in as story and prayer. j Mr. pk-keU extended a cordJuJ in-: vita t ion lo the parent s and otlier flub h; Members ol tli s'li.t- Jack J.llM:S tron ow r Toil MORtir.l lo lite HU- i CUM'Tihu- i ri-niid ,ilp I'l'iiiiin tejy and turmd it deJlls. S-vel:il l.iol ted JurnisiiinKH lur out." and the rest TIMOR .HUM. , .""""'jM s haH the kid; will be e "liang- ! duiiiili d ! ftelhwrftt uaoalcanaT" f5 Ko.umba UAH WW Many Never Suspect Cause Of Backaches Jlu Oi! TreitmMi (JHrtnBrin Nappy RhIm W Ik s' t4 k'dfai- lut.Ptiuu i-tvm pniiiutivuf awttwr lu r.Mt.;.w ui )uur b.uud. it It-p (Hi.!!. 1" JfT U1.4 rocrrv, -MtUf up lut!.', KWrlUifr. l.uttitn'iif uu-itir the ytm, ht-hdM )h end MtiiM. I njuiut or t aiiiy 1;L,-' hi "Kt tlx -f- t 'UuUiOi( ftfuLf Wilis J)jul t-in' I Auk "W drurt'! w Dono't r:-lr. uw-d nu'"--f u:ly by iituUtum Jor ovf j ' ut. 'J li''j pi vi- huppy r-;iH mid will H.t i 'j ir,-ul k dw v tu'-r Ituau vt (-jihoo- VOl'XL lit r . M SI HI la TH STRiNG of isltinds aiiown above are where V. S. force have aasumed control, but never have completely cleaned out the Jap tore, pinned in hill country nd jungle v, here they have long f aed starvation and disease. The approximate number of japs wt each island is indicated hy the lahels on the map. (International) by the students. Following their regular dinner and business meeting the l.ions were shown pictures of ti e Jav;"ie.-e-t lii-nese war by Omer M'-Masurs. T!- war pictures which took the wa'' from the time the Japanese captured Manchuria until the p resent day. were obtained by Mr. Jk.Masters residents of the community io attend litis program. agk:e that our HOME.MAJJE emu Is Good yor'ix JJKE Nephew of County Sheriff Awarded Bronze Star Medal Americans Stem Parts of Fierce Nazi Offensive T-5 William Herbert Potter, nephew of Sheriff 01) Potter of Newport. Las been awarded the bronze s;ar for hie participation in the campaign jn southern France according to word received here hy his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Potter. Perrysville Mothers Club Sponsors Clothes Exchange Owing :to hipli prices and the scarcity of much ne ded clothing, especially among children, the Mother's Club of the Perrysville Grade School will sponsor an exchange in that building Tuesday night from 7 to 9 p'clock. Residents are urged to look in closets for clothing no longer needed to be sold or exchanged. orn HOMKMAME PIES French Fries, (Sandwiches, Coffee, ce Cream, Soft Drinks SPEED GRILL PKIVEIN ti G Is Jii T H It (Continued noio page It Ants Pedomicate Tliere are more ants in the world 0)an any other insect. North Main Street About 4Q mothers were present at j my, headquarters said, are stemming We Will Be OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL CHRISTMAS "The Best In Fruits and V egetables" MIXED HUTS Large Paper Shell Pecans They Shell As Easy As Peanuts .;.;'. i 5 . bag $2.0Q AFPjLES $3 bushel and up the German offensive on the north' ern and southern flanks, but con the Mothers Cluo meeting in me grade school building Thursday afternoon. The club president. Mrs. Kuth Jenner, conducted the n ting. Miss Lucille Adams, music t.acher. tinued enemy advances are being made between recaptured Monschau and Echternach Just east of Luxembourg. ' ' ' " - ." . , , On the Viandea front to' the 'north. Nazi Field Marshall Karl Gerd voo obvious attempt to jreveu,t I-ieut. Gen. 'George S. Patton, Jr.,' and the Third Army. from, diverting part ol bis forces to aid the First Army, the Germans are maintaining constant pressure, including small counterattacks northeast of Sarreguemines, all along his front. The enemy assaults all were thrown back. In the area northeast of Monschau, several small attacks were repelled and the Americans regained control of a few towns, including rtocberatb, nine miles to the southeast, up to noon on Tuesday, the Americans had been "fairly successful" in containing the enemy on the nof rberir srhd southern flans of attack hut" the Center if tne '5-miI'e front Temaiue'd' fiuld, 'with inost activity centered' fn the vlrfnity of )ja,-biemont and MahnedyV "' """ I ' ' i't l't4"- -li j Newport Girt Reeeives : f ' Indiana pnr);ersity egrpe .. JiarK.are aundexs, Qa'lHer of pr. and ilrsjL, aaundjo-s pf Newport, received .the. J3, egrpe.-in business at Indiana Tfu(ve.rsi.y'is second )9t cpl)iipence'n)enf oh Sunday, Dec. 17. " " ' ' - " ' ' ,. Miss Saunders' class numbered 3t9 which brings the total of the year's graduates from the University to 10S6. At commencement exercises in April degrees were awarded to 454 students and fn August 283 additional students received their de i'i Kundstedt's drive ts maintaining its and the staff of grade school teach-j ers were responsible' for the pro-1 gram'.- consieng of poems,'' songs j and a; Ohristtoa 'story giren by thio l grade ehildren.- - . . ( - i 'Mrs: Itaehel uii and her com-j diitteeled the" discussion period. Tlje grfc-at need .of aJ grade school nurse'! was discussed apd Misa Hutu Pox, j rrade- scbool principal, and Mrs. I Kutii Fdiuonds were appointed as an arfiet McCrackcn's w investigatipg omniitlee. . '- ;' successful impetus. "' - ' . The Nazis penetrated to i point east of Wiltz, -w hich is IS miles west of Vianden, while another German force operating 6n : a parallel line six miles to the north reached the vicinity of Clerf, five miles west of the Belgian frontier and seven miles northeast' of Wilfz. "' ' " The eremy pincers movement at St. Vith made little progress, headquarters said, and after a few days was slowed down. St. Vith was in American hands up to noon on Xmas Eve. and New Year'p Eve. ARAGON BALLROOM Clinton, Indiana hEO BAXTER'S ORCHESTRA Panting Xmas Eve., 9 p. in. to 12:30 a. m. Admission 60c per person (tax included). Table Reservations, 25c per person (CtCiCtCfCi Dancing New Year's Eve, 9 to ( ?) Habiemont was ctted as1 the greatest enemy penetration to the west at that time. On the night of Dec. 18-19, a spokesman said, another group of German paratroopers was dropped a few miles southwest q(, Habiemont grees. The commencement address Sunday was delivered by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, minister of the Mar ble Collegiate Church of New York City, which! ' the : oldest exjstlng On the enemy's northern flank, our a Evangelical Church In iho ..United Admission $1.20 Per Person. ,. . , i Table Reservations, 25c per person .':.:' f; For Reservations, Call Clinton 403-R. States;; Dr. Peale jpadditioa to being on of the leading churehniea of the eounQ-y is iWHlely k.nowpifOr his forces temporarily steifnjf d4tbe German advance and morjsvpr'je control this sector. j ,''( , In the ( vicinity of Cflnedott, Iux embourg. five 'miles ianutnesgt of ff'f,f t'bilsliiias FimhI lalili-s, for V 5:y-f service, in bshalt ofi thai Protestant W f-- 0- r TL r 2 enI-of-tlie- ear bargain buy. - I I 11 5 il 2 j'VVrrEE !..; for throughout the j TUVUK churches , pf t the J,Tnite4 .gtates In making pf the Hollywood , picture. Eehbarnach; li Germans lOBdfi small gains td'th'e west. Headi(Bari))'s corn-finned that th Nazis arfl using ru- M frm Farmers i " " me E-Z - i t g "One r.oflt in Heaven,;,, -. , , .,' I'; I), ,1 -iiiteiiiiiiftiitiiiiii''i"iiKteitii ses'such as American niloms and InMgiiiae..-... 4 I 'Headquarters' 'reported, that,-In an, OaiiilTed Ut Aiytting MlmmU fT:, ' V"v ",e I BAKE flmMM L1Z-.YK1 5 nigiier .piaiity or groceries g g itlZMBiilkX 12 r - s -1 rBlffl ' 25c i :::;:r".u,"!7 UI" i 35c" Hmi I jj Sl,OIS4..iS..ll,Ii,Xilill.,,ili t&Zj ,l'iili''''i'''';fclli,',l S (" ,.,-r .,ow I PS FARMERS PRIDE No. 2i cao I HULLYLUUU statue in New York's Central park commemorating the famous Seventh division, of which Andy's forbear was a member. Pumpkin 14 By HARRISON CARROLL Kins Feature. Syndics' Hriter HOLLYWOOD Make a for your copy of Victor Mature' book, "The Great Conceit.' i V1UIUK FALUNUY Pike & Lincoln Street JB ' j j Farmers Pri Farmers Pride The "Hunk of k'tisi Man" is going 1 to a lot of Early June Plastic Coaled 850 DURATONE PLAYING CARDS & 9k Hit fun at Hollywood's expense, I and his . own. Tinted border, deckled, 24 sheets, SYMPHONY STATIONERY SECONDIFIO BROS. : '(.CO s m Did you stop to figure out that Betty Grable, Lana Turner and Veronica Lake, the three actresses nominated by the Hollywood Women's Press club as the least cooperative of the year, all owed their early rise to 'publicity?' Frankly; could name several actresses who . seem to deserve the title more." And I agree completely o the ''three men chosen Fred MacMurraj, Er- rol Flynn and Walter pldgeon. j But he's serious PEAS 15c envelopes. fon one i. point. iVic 'Is dwiicat- i r . Universal Ind. LEATHER BILLFOLDS ( mg the btjok to fleiiuine leather, assorted styles, black, brown Zipper ; Top 1.50 TOBACCO POUCHES If. HI ! his late cpusin, JLt. Louis' Ma- ture, an Infan Farmers Priije- No.. 2 can ; Green BeanS:15c SALT Farmers PridU lbs. 9c OLD SPICE, PAP,. , , , box try ofhcejf 'who Sl.UlL : BEAL'S MARKEX!' Singer Georgia Gibbs will be hos-pitalized for a month in New York foliowuig an operation for a spirm) ailment, . . . Lipda Darnellls iote accommodations in Chicago wer w-as killea in (Franc five wcslrs ago. The Ash (rays, picture frames, etc PRESSED WOOD NOVELTIES Harrison. Carroll .a r !.toui& s tisatlt leae Vfc tl; only CARA NOME POWDERED PERFUME SI. 00; so poor that the RiU rotbers 1 CARA NOME COLOGNE Modern, enchanting fragrance i.oo; 'lus Tax.S i - Orange Juice F Daunntless Pure Ho. 2 can 23c ter, where they are appearing, and ,.J let Linda have their suite. . . . Hollywood shocked to hear of the death of Rose Ryan, who was run over by a car on the Sunset strip. Rose was, the hat-check girl at the House of'Murphy and was known AViiiiin mrtutiviiv Brvjvngj piaje( bp carry oy the 'name. ' . . , ... '" ';-" - -j ' ' Jon Hall enters the'Quecn of the Angels hospital for I still another plastic operetion on : his nose. By cutting into the cartilage a different way, Jon's surgeon, the same who performed the last operation, hopes to promote a more efficient healing of the wound. Universal still has tan assignment lined up for Hall. But there's no rush. "Queen of the Nile" won't, be released for two month yet. Farmers Pride 3k to all thcfcelebs. . . Approaching 558 N. Eighth St. n motherhood Isn't slowing Paulette Goddard down. She still takes a three-mils hike tvery day on the beach. . Too many women, ob Rol.edOatS20oZpk.l2c .-a SB serves Mercedes Marlowe, swear fAHMPaiDt i'V'fj.vs?' Hate to disappobit the bobhy-lj IVAN SVETKOFF lli 1201 North 7th Street 01 Spry they wouldn't marry the best man in the world and, later, discover they haven't. Get Sonny Tuf Is to tell you about the time he tried to operate (lie sockers, who fell so hard for ftich-ard Crane In "A Wing and a 1 lb. 25c n 3 lb. 69c I Prayer," but Twentieth Ccntury-J Fox's new discovery was married! SB L INK0GRAPH FOUNTAIN PENS large hose that Wife Burl a bought to protect their Isolated house ,v on Nov. 14 to Kay Morlery, pretty young actress who is building a V. 3 BARS -r?M tMgh-lest rge Box $2.00 I 7.00 l DO i LEATHER BILLFOLDS Monofe'rammed Assoitf-d styles against hre. Sonny wss tossed straight Into the air and ths Whip' tv' movie career of her; own. I don't know whai prompted thej pair to reveal the marriage, but it might have been those publicity IS STAG GIFT SET Tube lnufilileas hliavinj cream at'mr-Hliitv ing powder. 22c LARGE BOX 25c pictures made of Dick and hus fel b oz. but lie coline quicmK Plus Taxes 3 $1,00 1 low player, Jeanne Crane, at thel Photographer's Ball. Moviielanjt OLD SPICE TISSUE BOX ping firs hose knocked three whir jj' dows out of the house, .... i CoHinibia Starlet. fjes'ie.JJrooliS , and 'Tony Shay have set the dte Feb. 1. And, Ineidf AaHy.ifegt. jJohrt .;' Shay, brother of tiJdi's anc, has .'. been given a part in "The Story of G. I. Joe." Before his Army discharge, he won the D. F. C. and the Air Medal for his feats as an aerial gunner. PRIESS DRI-PERFUME gossips will cook up a romance at1 the drop of a hat. And it wouldn't be pleasant for Dick's bride tio seel his name linked with those of FRESH FRUITS AND MAX FACTOR SETS $2.00 $2.50 $1.98 other Hollywood beautijes. I LAST CHANCE TO BUY HOLIDAY TREATS STUFFED ANIMALS Besides selling a lot! of bonlds ini g VEGETABLES Portland, Andy Devinal was reunit Bobby Watson, who played Der i g ed with an aunt whesn he hadn't seen in 25 years. Herfname IsiMrs. Ruth Isham and sheis a sister of Fuehrer in "The Hitler Gang," has just sold Monogram a song, "You're the Answer," which he and Tom Brown's father, Harry, wrote 21' years ago I APPLES ORANGES OYSTERS UUdnAPEJS CELERY HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: :i the star's late mother. Mrs. Isham told the gravel-throatejd Universal comedian a numbenof unsuspected facts about his ancestors. Feu instance, that his graatf grandfather, J. W. Ward, was onejof the founders of the Amia,piiJ Naval academy. ' And that bis f grandfather,' James Ward, wasJthemodel for the PEANUTS- WALNUTS ,JL, PECANS MIXED NUTS A fl.t,v c A lrb S i .O'y. f fm TOHt'('lH LA "szswxi ---, -rl " 1 LEVTUCE ' sanna Foster is having her pia-um her furniture and hes books sent I t Carmel, where she. has taken -. . in .three-month lease house.

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