The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 21, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, December 21, 1944
Page 3
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TUJ5 (CINXONIAN Fag Three Thursday, DewiubYr 2J, i'jlL gift exchange was enjoyed and re DROADVAY NIGHTS By AXEL STORM Failure of German Counterdrive Will Shorten Var: Stimson placed the men who liatl been on duty oc might. Luck of wind combined with atmospheric conditions prevented tiie sn:oKe irom rising and created a si-iious hazard, firemen said. count of Cernian activities on the western front. .Such d tuils, he declared, would inevitably throw lishi on the Allied assessment of current tlerman ulan: and capabilities ant) in turn, would throw light on the counter measures that are Ijein taken. "The success of our operation-and the kul'ety of our men depend Holiday Party At Fairview Mrs. Harrison Hostess To Willing Workers Class; Honor JMrth Anniversary :DUtrUate br Kin Featura, Inc.: r-t KEW YORK. Lush, lavish. (Continued from page J) i "The Seven Lively Arts of Mr. Germans drope deep into the Allied lines. maintain that Hersey has beeB ! unfair to the Italians, that his viewpoint is peculiarly insular an narrow, but that his heart is in the right place. So we'll stop picking on him and wish me play luck. It's one of the few you've upon a certain amount ol res! rami 1 Billy Rose unveiled a revue which New Yorker have taken to what I they laughingly call their hearts chiefly because of Miss Beatrice "I remember on July 18, 1918. a,,d 1)atienco at a moment when the Strawberry Fitch Allow a double area for strawberries since these should be rotated every three or four years. Healthy runner plants from the old planting may be used in the early, spring of the third or fourth season for setting the new natch. freshments were served. John Kerr was a Monday guest at Newport. Mrs. Sam Kerr received word that her niece, Miss Mabel Turbeville of South Bend is geeting along satisfactorily after undergoing a goiter operation last Friday. She Is the daughter of Mrs. Nora Turbeville formerly of Fairview Park. Bob Osmon and Pat McCarter of Clinton were Sunday guests of Ralph Kerr. Mrs. Mary Newkirk spent Friday with her daughter, Mrs. M. H. Neal and family of Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Rosenbaum of Evansvllle are spending several days with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Flynn. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harrington Lame, who durn near broke down when s iive-minuto ovation really got to see. stoDoed the show at her first en when the Americans auu Trench hit ar0 ; i j.r h . The example "f the Into the German salieiit and it shriv- Bullliel.3 tt h0' remain steady under eled up like a toy balloon." Stiuicon ,;,,, l3 a Koot on,, - stimson said iu said. "I remember that a short time 8skills ll:t. nation to await patiently later they made overture:; for sur- j luc m.Ke ui developments, render." u Dear kuui," vnicn opened uie other night at Henry Miller's trance, r.etwoeii Llllie and Lahr, Benny Goodman, Doc Rockwell and a do;n other high class Theatre is beautifully-cast, beautifully-acted and extremely well-written comedy which falls as far short of real comedy a "Junior Miss" and "janie.,; it's turns. 'The Seven Lively Arts" otters Just about any k!nt nf Stockyards Fire Destroys Winter StitiiBon pointed out that menacing as the situation lias been to tlx1 Gejuians on the western front they must also be prepared to meet the Russian winter offensive whercvei it may strike. the story of a kid sister wh The Willing Worker Class held Its annual Christmas party at the home of Mrs. Carrie Harrison Thursday afternoon. A program was given and mystery pals were revealed. NameB were also drawn for the coming year. Seventeen member attended with refreshments being served and a social time enjoyed. The Fairview Park Happy Hour Bunco Club met at the home of Mrs. Bernlce Kispert recently where the regular business was held atid buno played. Fairview Park euchre club met at the town ball Wednesday evening. After the business 'meeting euchre was played and prizes were awarded to Thomas Barnes, lones and high and Mrs. Nellie Barnes, low. wrote in her elder's name to a young flying lieutenant. The flier comes home and lays siege to the house. The young lady in question is about to be married to a four eff, and of course there's Nazi regime has not a great deal to I lose and might gain a few months' , extension of time before being called i to an accounting for the misery they ; have inflicted on the world," lie as-1 spent Friday in Terre Haute. They were Thursday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Folden of Center. J Mr. and Mrs. Herman Harper entertained Sunday in honor of Mrs. Harper's birthday anniversary. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Harper. Mr. and Mrs. Sol Mish- never any doubt in anyone s mind as to who will marry whom and TO itUR CUSTOMERS Due to Hie fact that e ate uii-uti'e to J l-oeliie turkes at a price that will enable us to meet o.i'.A. regulation,, .- regret that, lor the lii'Nt lime since vie have been in liu-ines.. it will lie impossible for u to nil our lniMnias turkey orders. since e do not have a record or ail uMoiner's addresses, we a;e taking this means of notil'y-i:rz you. While we cuiinot supply turkeys, we v. ill have a lilieral supply of ail oilier poultry. Telephone 77. REEDEK'S POULTRY HOUSE when. Supplies of Hay j l.VDIANAPOIJ.S, Intl. .Mure i than 25 01.10 tons of baled hay was i a smouldering, ruined mass at the ; Indianapolis stockyards storage bain 1 today as firemen siMiL'lit to brine tin- ! der control a blaze which overcame : 12 of their fellow firefighters las: night. Ten of the 12 still were in City Hospital this morning hut none was listed as critical. The hay, the stockyard's entire winter supply, was stored In a ham ! serted. Miss Virginia Gilmore does a dandy job as the surprised big sister and John Dall fs the most '('(most 'oijlldeiice" "1 have the utmost confidence in the wisdom, energy and aggressive convincing young flying lieuten-, ler of Helt's Prairie and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Helt of Clinton. Mrs. Morris Reed and daughters of Danville. 111. are spending several fighting attitude of General Klsen- hower and his leaders." ant we've ever seen on tne stage, i He's going to go a long way and ! the movies will make a great In summarizing the events of the star of him. Miss Phyllis Povak past four days. Stimson indicated is one of our loves. As the mother days with Mr. Reed's mother, Mrs. Herman Harper while Mr. Reed made a trip to Georgia. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Shore spent some time recently in Terre Haute. she turns in a job so delicately amusement you re interested in and of course Lallie, the incomparable, atill the funniest comedienne on the stage. Opening night tickets sold at twenty-four dollars, which is, we think, a lot of money. But ihere was champagne at intermission time, and If you couldn't see them any other time Lillie and Lahr were worth the dough all by themselves. The Goodman jam session, one of the best we've ever beard, was a lulu of a lagniappe. We've always wanted to quarrel with Mr. John Hersey, whose "Bell for Adano" we thought made the Italians quaint and rather childish and the Americans noble, high-minded and gentle. His Major Joppolo is a character, all right, but In the stage version of "Bell" the Italians fail to come up to scratch. It's always been our conviction that the Italians are among the most intelligent people In the world, and Mr. Hersey isn't going to break that down, either with play or book. His play, by the way is as much of a hit as his book, and was staged with distinction. Fred-ric March is the major, and Tito Vuolo comes back to Broadway Jn a comic Italian character which makes his return less auspicious, but generali speaking, A Bell for Adano" has about the weight that the book had, which means that it'll run on Broadway for a Jong time. We still that while Allied counter-measures of the Belt Railroad and Stockyards are under way. the fluid state of the ' Company. i fighting prevented any detailed ac-1 Firemen from outlying stations re- ; timed, of such sentie and mga Mrs. Gladys Dunn and daughter, Betty spent Saturday in Terre Haute. Mrs. Sam Kerr, Miss Edna Mae Kerr and John Kerr spent Saturday t Terre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. MeCrea and sons of Indianapolis spent Sunday with his parentB, 'Mr. and Mrs. Arthur MeCrea. Mrs. Jennie Hendrix has been confined to her home with illness. Mrs. Margaret Brown js spending several dayB with relatives at Hillsdale. 8 Jc James Reynolds returned comedy, that she's a joy to watch. Ifs been much too long since Harold Street of Centenary spent Miss Povah was on Broadway in an acceptable play. She's going to be here a long time in -ueai -14. the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Alice Street. Mr. and Mrs. Billy Bozarth and daughter spent the week end with relatives at Universal. Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas and i ill . , " -ft Ruth." Howard Smith handles the role of the father with tact, competence and an enormous ca pacity lor producing laugns. Ana children spent Sunday with relatives ivir. liorman r-ras-i, wiu'-v to New York after spending the past in Danville, III. "Dear Ruth." polished the face Floyd Pennington 14 days with his parents, Mr. and' Mr. and Mrs of a lot of hokum to make his play a happy one. Ifs a long time since we've heard such continuous laughter 'n the theatre, and in all honesty, we can say for "Dear Ruth" that it's the best movie comedy we've eve;- seen on the stage. 4. m h 4 fa Mrs. Alex Reynolds and brothers. Mrs. Edith Cllne spent Wednesday with her father, Jack Whlppo of Lyfard. Mrs. Byron Hunter spent the week end in Terre Haute with Mrs. Harry Jones. The members of the Fairview Park Community Club met at the town hall ,Friday evening. Bunco was played following the business meeting with prizes being awarded to Mrs. Jennie Rush, high; Mrs. Lydla Johnson, bunco and travel, Mrs. Marie Thomas, low. The Christmas and daughters were Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Vestal and daughters of Clinton. Mrs. Leona Robertson of Terre Haute spent several days with relatives. Mia. S. T. V.'hitlock spent two weeks recently with her daughter, Mrs. Charlotte Petak who has been at Portland, Ore., for the past five months. Mrs. Petak returned here with her mother for the winter. Mrs. Mary White of Waukegan, 111. spent the week end with Mrs. Nellie Barnes. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Hunter, and Miss Annabel Hunter spent some time recently in Terre Haute. Mrs. S. T. Wbitlock, and Mrs. Charlotte Petak were called to Ed-inburg due to the death of their aunt. The funeral was held Monday. British Forces In Concerted Attack On Rebel Greeks Steady B 29 Blows Pound at Japanese ffomeland, Puppets (Continued from page 1) industrial targets in a daylight raid on Mukden in Japanese-dominated Manchuria. Gen. H. H. Arnold, commanding LITTLE SPORT Sweet (Continued from page 1 ) 4 Feast your eyes on these fine foods that are as much a part of the Christmas tradition as is jolly ojd Santa himself. They're all here . . . full and jilenly of every- (hing to highlight your menu at prices that dim the cost of an old fashioned Holiday dinner. Shop early and you'll shop easily, enjoyably, and economically. 4 Save time. Save money, Prepare your menu with these t& Food-Values for Merry Christmas Feasting! addressed primarily to Greek civilians who were told that for their own security they should evacuate any areas where rebel guns were be- Dr. G. R. McGUJRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Eay 235 jBlackman CUCUMBER SLICES 12 oz. jar 14s general of the 20th Airforce, an nounced iu Washington that tne at substantial ing fired GO TO CHURCH 8UNDAT tack was made in 4 force" by B-29'g from Maj. Gen. The British declared bluntly that Curtis E. LeMay's 20th Bomber , artillery, naval guns, warplanes. Command. The planes apparently ' rockets and bombs would be used s-were from China bases. gainst all rebel guns and that the TOMATO PRESERVES --290! (Public Auction Second Raid to Month attack would "continue unui ine The huge American bombers pre- guns are destroyed." viously struck Mukden last Dec. 7 ! The finality pf the British ultlma- third anniversary of Pearl Har- i turn was seen in the terse statement hr aniTscorerf excellent results that "no further warning will be ACK RASPBERRY JAM 39c: PURE Jib. jar n industrial installations there given." Klas Activity Mounts The British warning came In the wake of Increased activity by the Elas, militia of (he left-wing EAM The Mukden attack followed another raid on Tokyo by B-29's from Salpan which started one large fire and 13 medium-sized blazes in the t8i TMt 47 ft Diamond Ige. budded jb j enemy capital Tuesday night. The CM IP I Valiiiffs Peanuts 29c I Fresh Roasted lb. TOASTKD Z. CHEESE SNACKS 1 2 oz. pkg. 10c ARMOL'R'S TOMATO JUICE 18 oz. can 11c i TREKS H'KKT l $10,000 STOCK and fixtures of THE PEED VARIETY STORE at ST. BERNfCE, JND., to be closed out to bare walls, beginning THURSDAY, DEC. 21, 1944 J P.M. and 7;30P.M. FRIDAY, DECEMDER 22, 1944 I P.M. and 7:30P.M. Stocks includes shirts, pants, coats, toilet goods, novelties, window blinds, school supplies of nil kinds, ladies' dresses, blankets, cooking utensils, pictures, toys of all kinds, ladies' and men's hose and underwear, dishes, hardware, electric appliances, 1,000 other articles, fixtures includes cash register, show cases, extra good; soda fountain. THIS IS EXTRA GOOD MERCHANDISE AND ALL CLEAN. C. L. HARTLEY, Auctioneer bombs were dropped by two tauper-forts flying a weather reconnaissance mission apparently in preparation for another big blow against the Jap's main city. Tokyo admitted It had been attacked again but said there was only "slight damage." Meanwhile, Admiral Chester W. Nimitu reported two new air attacks on strateflc Iwo Jlma in the Volcanos, midway between the Sal-pan lair of the B-29's and Tokyo. Jaaa of Arc Sweet 20 oz. can jj Cor party, which sent a force of some 1,000 men against RAF headquarters at Klfissla, 10 miles northeast of Athens. : The British In the headquarters fought to the last bullet but when a relief column reached the scene, the Elas had withdrawn from the ruined buildings. Several Britons who were wounded and others who had escaped,' were brought back to Athens. Irse 75 nun. Guns . ! The British garrison defended Itself with only small arms while the guerrillas conducted a day-long attack augmented by mortar fire. Meanwhile the Elas were reported lo be fighting with 75 mm. gunB, firing from squares and street Intersections and then moving the pieces RH? KH IVJIHIIliPcgall5o,jar m m m, m -w Ltr m m m y 27c 141 t're Lemon Juice 1 Refill 29 oz. can lEir-EXTINGUISHINO ASH TRAY SviGz. can 8c .SAVOY The Pg3gGreen Giant Bjg Sweei 20 oz. can Cfyttil jlW! "Ii '"7 ibit extinuiihe "lot- In between houses to get them out of sight. RAY ELUflGSWORTII, Clerk NiliiotQ 12 1 Corn Off The Ccb Cocktail AUCE I 14 ez. iiot. 28c BHflAIIHliiSl9 Head-on Collision Sends Five Persons To Local Hospital (Continued From pare ) 43c 18c . riUdllUUUIVIb S!ts arU rict 4... ! Pickled Beets " 4S Gifts For Everyone At S. O.HCILAN'S BICYCLE ACCESSORIES AND PARTS Bicycle Repairing A Specialty SADDLE BAGS Mirrors - Reflector KICK STANDS SeaU and Seat Covers CHAIN GUARDS Basket and Grips 4, lb. His car skidded on the frozen pavement and ran into ihn path of the Ma! tick machine, nprjroachintc from the north. Wet made an effort to reach the shoulder at the right side of the pavemont but fafh'd and the two cars collided, head-on. Uoth machines, J93il Kiriin, were almost completely demolished and the oecu- a llirnu n a pa tic tha (rnni o MON END 4 POINTS 51 I'Uiuvifimbi ju 1 H E N S Beats, steering wheels and wind-1 shields. Ambulances of both the Frist and Karanovfch funeral homes were call RIB END 4 POINTS LB. PORK CHOPS 30 BAKERS Vires an 1 Tubes - Fender Flap PYREXWA&E ed and the Injured taken to the hospital where they were treated by Drs. W. D. GerriKh and Paul Case- Hi C Jsi JS IT; For The Christmas Feast 1 I SWIFT'S LINK LB. TOYS! TOYS! 'Games - Puzzles Sewing Sets Building Sets Navy Fleet - Farm Pull Toys "Ride-A-Horsey" Stuffed Animals Red Rocking Chairs $2.35 - $3.25 it SAUSAGE Makes lovely Gifts For Women! TOOL CHESTS FOR MEN! AI! Metal Different Sizes $3.95 $4.95 $6.25 SAWS e HAND AXES LEVELS HAMMERS HATCHETS You'll Find Just The Gifts You've Been Looking For in beer. The Carroll car was not Involved in the collision and was undamaged. Can llailly tfiuhc4 Hoih the Mattick and West oars were towed to l ike's Auto Body Shop In Clinton. Damages were almost identical. Both had the right front portion crushed and pushed almost back to the rear of the hood Windshields and windows were shattered in each, the steering wheels were crushed and Interior upholstery torn out. Whether chargi-s will be brought , 1 -a LniiiiiMiPipi ! against Carroll, a member of the S. O. HARLAN'S HARDWARE 8,-4-8.VI .V. 9lll St. 1 C'MNTON, ISD. W?"" ' armed forces, will not be decided until the investigation is completed, j Patrolman Rayburn said. E ' . . - - I T)irn Wii r Horn n InfA ttitt Yltfhl I

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