The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 21, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1944
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Thursday, jJoei'mher 2, 19 H- THE DAILY CLINTONIAN I UKe Two .1 rrn.vtY PA LACK 7 1 i bis home here where lie is rcciiper-'tltit!'- nir-ly t'i'oiii ati ape. -inlet loiuv Q tactics in detail long ago. So far as this attack is concerned, wo got into the ring late and already are suffering from the severe blow which hit us in dead cenler. However, in the staveioi sector a! Yanks Bal lie To' Turn German Tide in Eifel least, German ottensive 1 longer are figiitiug Ane ri' witli operation in tile Ciiuioii iiorpi'a!. I Mr. and Mrs. Sam ilounliland ! from 1 "iii-ls, HI. visited Sunday with j his grandparents, Mr. mid Mrs. Ira ! i .Mrs. Sylvia t'liineoif of Tern I Haute was a must of Mr. and Mrs. (lira Adams and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mark. Saturday and Sunday. i! P. Jrl. if r, -.v.. . ' r ft I' 1 4," 1 to iJ to call a strike in balloting which began Monday and was tabulated last night. Mrs. Norma Naughton, chairman of Local 1 1 of the unaffiliated federation of long lines telephone workers, said that notification would be filed tomorrow witli the WLB of intention to -strike. A SO-day cooling-off period under the Smith-Connajly act must pass before the strike becomes elleclive. The union is asking the wage increase and reduction in the employment schedule which requires operands to work 12 years before receiving maximum wages of $35 a week. An esiimated h.ik'O long distance oy-eralors an1 affected. tied hands. The Doughboys again have their dukes tii. Nazi Tiger tanks are meeting American steel buggies. Pin bed liaille Ncars A pilchcd battle is likely lo be aim gin within the uet 21 hours, ii:e winner lakes ail. (Continued from page I) Caen in Normandy during many weeks of gruelling battle. It is now possible to present a ::!; coordinated picture of the assault that began six days ago. Illnst Tlnoimli Lines StriUltiK at dawn, powerful German forces blasted corridors tl, rough the First Army's liii"S in the Mousrhau urea and the llutgeiihacli sector, and In the south crushed across the Helglum-Luxcmbuurg border near Fchternach and knifed west and south. Our Infantry fought hard. liut lacking armor and tank destroyers, it was unable to stem the flood of Von Rundstedt's crack lightening warfare columns. The paratroopers dropped in the woods behind our lines accomplished little, bnt they did block u few supply mm iisiei 7 "i1 Ni,i-- SC95 ) iW ,..MI Uigc. tlr f New York Long Lines Workers Threaten Strike MiW YORK. N. Y. - Km phi;, es of I lie long-iilles (b parf ment of tile American Teh-phone and T' legiapli Company plat e a demand ter a ? a weekly wage increase in Cie lap of till" War Labor Hoard today alter passing an overwhelming strike vole. Tile long distance oueralors. controlling New York City's telephone communications with the rest of the country and t iie world, voted M.lllj J Service Planned Friday Ni;ht to Mark Special Christmas Kites; (Juests Noted in Week Spociul norvii-i-i will be in-hl in oh-mtviuicp of Christmas Friday Tiihl lit the local church. An inh'ivstiru: program is beinix arraii'ri' incliHlin a solo, nlavlot anil dialogue. Mis. Jlary Wall hall will nivo a Haimi-l-jiraui of the Nativity rim-ini: the bt-vices to which the pubic is iniud. Mrs. Oscar IiiiMam of near Indi-auola visited at the heme of tier father, A. J. Walthall. Thursday. Johnnie Jones called on Uobert Nichols Thursday nioiiiiwr. Mrs. Francis Beimel and daughter. Irene, have been ill. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Walthall were guests Sunday of Mrs. Walthall were musts Sunday of Mrs. George Castle of near l!id".efarin. Mrs. John Hewlett has been ill for the past week. Lowell Hliirhe.s, of the V. S. Navy. Is home on leave with his parents. lUr. and Mrs. C. C. Hughes. The Robert Nichols sale here Thursday was well attended. The Hopewell Missionary Society seined lunch. Elniina Candy w..s a guest of Mr. 8ud Mrs. John llowlett on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Ora 1'ritchard of near Raven visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. 11. C. Coolie. Rev. Cuss and family of lerre Haute spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. (ieoiBe Manas and family. The new officers for the year were eh'eled at the Women's. Republican Club meeting' held at Mrs. Marfcf last week, as follows: President. Mrs. Kalhryn Hicks; i ice-prt siden: , Mi s Maud Ilrown: secretary, Mrs. Laura Mitchell and treasurer. Mrs. Mary Itoeback. Mrs. Mary Hocback is visiting bet niece and family in Marlins ill.'. Ind.. Mr. and Mrs. Lew Douglas. Mrs. Anna Arnold is recuperating at the home of her cousin Mrs Clyde Russell from a bad fall. George Sparks of Centenary silent Wednesday 11 lull I with bis uncle, Martin Hugger, here. Mrs. K 1 1 a Kaufman has returned to her home here from Mooresville. Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shew spent last week end in Cary lsiling their son and family. M I'turcl'ii: liiiiii in lirpiiMsr H L'tU'M uilli Amu' Mm ley. Michael O'Shea portray lure, "Man l-'ioni l-'r ' ...s giwn custody ef their eliildren, 'bara S. Lilly 11 and Willard 5. te couple was married Apr. 2". .13 and separated Sept. S, 1 9 J 1 . roads and threw the civilian popula-l tion into panicked flight. Today history is repealing itself. a The Allies are at grips Willi lb S file Anna Faletti of Clinton 1 Vermillion had ii, a ring t-I llliil 11 ill lilt- nm, in.,., , !it Court on tile application lor I c.ernians are throwing ttieir entire j suit in Vermillion Circai' Co:;i seeking a divorce from Peter Feb li on grounds of cruel and ialiunia money and uiaHiienance in on- ,,!, llt0 a fight winch will navel 'Winner takes! :ise of Mary Hritton vs Lin-ul, one oulcome all.' ICE REFRIGERATION ) IS BEST BECAUSE Never Any lioimir Hills arated Novein- t real ment. I lie coupl July 7. Itil:: and se her 24. ):ii. A. Iliitton. Jr. liy agreement de-iilil is to tiny .S1.1 tier week lelld-i'.e divorce, and ')""' sum of $f. 3 . 1 r. ICE refriger. (ion la trouble-free. Tl'ere Is notliing to break m-t out of )l'dT! 1 Real Estate Transfers J on or. hetore 1- e.u. .ri. orney 145. No one at headuuariers makes a secret ot the fact that this is. 1 1 le , wurst set liiir k Allied arms have i-n- i i oumcn. d since Kasserine 1'ass in j Tunisia. ,nnd all spokesmen repeatedly emphasize the lime that will be. -reijuired to mount effective counter-j measures in strength. ) American armor has been moving ; cireuit ci-rk (till II. Li-" lia ilisued tile- follow-in).- liuiniime lieen tiK-: Cli;li le! ILinoii, 4 :i ii'ol Helilnl l'.irr. f,4 hutli of t'lintou: ChriHto Idler C.-Ulll. 20 of t.'uyili::i and K"-i Claude Davis et ux to Henj. F. (Igle et ux (it. lots 7 and 10 block 2a original plat of Clinton. SS(il). Ray Keister et ux to Lula May , I'ldwiirds. IS of Carlson don ii, notliijig to get out of oi-di i', no dangerous fumes. Xbcre -au never lie any repair bills. Tlie modern, beautiful ice re-ii isolator will give a lifetime of jierfect, trouble-free n-fi-igernlioli. Caritbers, trustee to re-convey lot ii Cessie. $1. Lula May Carilhers. trustee to re-convey to Ray Ri-ister et ux lot 11 Cessie. $1. LaVi ;;;e '-. '.".ttK"' of Ciivu-a vv Kl-anted a divoree from Willard I.. Xewmatl in Vermillion Cireliit t oiu. o:i itroinids of ernel mid iniiiimai; j Olive Bennett " o Caynira -wan . '.lined a divoree from J'sse Hen-li-.-ii on j-rounds of cruel 'and inliu-I man t n-in im-nt in yeriniliion Circuit : Court. She was nvvaril'd Hi'' custody ot tile eiiiLvIieii, 1'Viiilliai: 1 "( Vf.-iry i'i. !'ti!!is 1. Cliarles 11). Antliony (i, David 5. Juek 3 and Jlieliael 2 laomlis. and .Mr. ilennett is to pay :10ll per inoliiii niainteiiaiceff pitya-!,!.- ...n on tiia '2nd and lStli! jof eaeii nionlli. The couple was married Jan. J'J. Jii2!l and separated Sept. a. Itlfi. Newman award- Helen !'. Sparks et al to Thunias jtieatmelit. Mr: steadily up the roads, followed by iuriintry. to pIuk Hie holes jabbed in tiie'iiiies but the Hermans bad prepared themselves for all eventualities. Tliey planned tiy-ir strategy and sustained when struck by defendant on Jan. 2-'l, 1114 4 litis also been yenned to Vermillion county from Viyo County. d I lie custody Ol tlie!r son, .:!'.- renre ai:ed lit. and Air. Newman ordered to pay $J per moiilli niain-tenanee. jiayalile ?l'tl on tie- !0'; ( cinie In, See tlie Itofrigeralor ,el I s I'l-oie Tbat It Is Jleet! mill. Hillsdale GOP Women Elect Mrs. Kaliu'yii Hiclis New Head of Organization ; j Mercliant Marine is Home Domild Kay Forlner from iirook- , lyn, N. Y. of tJu' iI"rehant Marine is home on leu vt wit h liis jiari'iils j Mr. and M rs. J.inzit' Fort hit and '. famiiy. Miss Shirley Tet'iioixli1 I'rniii Jn- ton, I ml. visited her raml mother, j Mrs. Lillie James pari of lust week. Mrs. Alice Lake spent part of last j week in Newport witli her daughter) Mrs. Jim Donley and Mr. Dooley. j The peopk' of (lie I'nited ! Brethren Oltureb will .eive their t and Titll of eaeil inont Ii. Tli was married October 14. 1 separated Autr. 21. 1911. Ths dainuK Citte of Ilcrllia Joik1 M. Evans lit 2:!-H-10. fl. Stanley (). never to Samuel IL (iibson lots 21 and I'l original plat of Perrysville. $1- John M. Rookwaltev et ux to Robert R. Hookwalter pt. 9-17-1"; and 31-1S-SI. $1. Chas. S. Hookwalter et ux to Rob-ell R. Hookwalter pt. 9-17-10; and H1-1S-9. fl. Robert II. Rook waiter et al to Samuel (1. Darroch pt. "J -1 7 -1 1 ; and 31-1 S-9. $1. Henry H. Jeiiner et ux to Samuel tlrondyke et ill lots 1 and 2 in Ku-geno. $1. ! vs Kdward and Fn'd Stewart g't'U-i ins $S,000 damages fur ijijurics su?-I taincd in an accident on June 21. CLIMTOM ICE CO. i Jed- e !:. A. IJavisson of Vermillion Circuit Court has reappointed .Mrs. J. L. Hayek and .Mrs. Knid l emsiia as members of ihe Clinton Public Library Hoard lo nerve until ii.-eieher IS. ifittj. lie also nopoin-led Wakefield K. Cerrish of Clinton, as u member of flie board to succeed Mi's. Kslher llain. and he is to serve lllllil Dec, 18, l!t40. 1944 lias also been venued to Vermillion County from Viko County. Marie Kelier of Clinion was uta ed :l divoree from Cecil .1. Keiier itrounds of cruel and inhuman ire inent. -Mrs. Keller was avva.'. $12011 alimony payable at tie r of not less than Set) per month. ! fendant was also oldeied to p;v attorney fees within tin il ;-s. I'-; et al to Vernon K. tiff was awarded til! tiCe -o ;'! ;.- Marie Taylor i 4t . i , "V )i'l"'" " ff " I 'J'ho Tlie (l;iiiiii,ac OH.e of Allx-rt Hawaii sonal properly in the home '. Curt's A. Htdlints has been vended lo Vermillion Circuit - Court troin Vit.o county. JMalntlfr is seek- Christmas proii-mm Smulay niiiM i Foliz pi. J and 2 I). K. Wliilcomb's Doc. 24 heinninp: at S:00 o'clock. add. to riinton. $1. ; Public invited. Enuene MeDoiiiild el ux to Mulilon Mrs. Meivin Sykes and twi) s-tn's Merry et ux lot 1 2-Uiptniiri add. to Npent. part of last week vi.iiiim Mrs IcHnton. White in T'-rre Haute. 1 M. .1. Al;iri'vm;ick lo Mike JJu- Linrie Ffr'tnKr lias relurned lo pin h iraei ".N" Mndoc Place. $1, couple have two liildren. a see. no 1!) in Die V. H. Army ad daiiphler. Norma 17. Tip- eoui e v. married June so. 1 '24 and f i.- ed AUK. Hi. 1H44. , .i :-at- j in a: dr'ntayen in Die mini ot f 10.000 S for injuries nutained lwln-n"'pitnick 1 liy a e,ii iritln by (J'elTfl'-int' on m'Mifi'T j -V)n 1 r. !) (. Hon-helie Tm'iKT Vv lovs iK-liip was Mranieil ji di nr ; Vermillion Circuit- Conn from i '.-ibetli Turner on roinids of 'and inlniiiKin I real men t. .Mr. T't Tlte damage Ci-se, of -Joy K.' s Jiiiiiie Ciiliier s-i-eh ill C Ja ilia in th' sum til "')i for injuries B-29S CON'slUE AIR BLOWS TO ALL MEMBERS OF ONE-HALF CENTURY CLUB Our Christmas Program will begin at 3:15 p. m. THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 21st, 1944. Get your tickets stubs returned not later than 7 P. M. on the 21st. COMMITTEE. I 1 1 1 I l-l I I ;l 1 : : '. I "--Vi' i ' A AWm Ws- J ?JAPAN y t5; vsit,,; , CHINA ; I TIBET V 9 es 0-rfi o o pacific tit '(j , ,J; i , ' , - f, t i INDIA 5i.i i "w FISH FRY FRIDAY NIGHT , ' . , " 4 ' V 1 lAf't"-- wy e.f.i'iNi'si J-'-l-4r-.VT'i.Jii)0 si ",w- w r ion i AT pi i ti I J M 1 1! : "ti i K!i,'("! "''. ' 5 v ' ' it.y-J f INOIAN 'Ml UK) X. Scvt'iiUi S. e Gt 0 Itub 1 1 1 1 1 l'x and l.miii' Tasso, l'rujis. .-jist Japan's and possessions, ml .laM-'iumiiiaie.l Tiiailenii afier another Irg .i:'.ne plant was tlie target. Tile ashed li mi lnuiu. tlu other from tlie B-29 (International) CONTINUING tlie assault a V. S, Snperferts liuve bi-i:i! sl i ike at Naijoya, whore a nauH on Th.iil -Td was bum base cn Saij :in i'J. " !1 "Zt is 1 TRSOtMtlfiK OF "TWS FXiiiCH Ki.3HJTiOMl5T. Tey WTE CfllLEP i i i HELLO FOLKS I'd Like For You To Know That H00SIER PETE Has Invited We To He At His Filling Station At Fourth and Vine Sts. On SATURDAY I. 'fi - TrE HATED KOi.:fTS. 1 .- -7U ' j I A Viv.S RED O e - 2T VJ..TH DECEMBER 23 10 a.m. to 10 p. m. f "- r' c- ev2y i.&--esr-TO- -v SCSI -ii ER BTK ilj 60.D R.Si SUV'S. ; 'i ; School children, doing their homework every night, are especially vulnerable to eyestrain caused by poor light. Careful surveys show that 20 of our youngsters have defective vision during elementary school, and that twice as many have it by college age. Let's make sure we give our children every break. " They'll need good eyesight for the jobs ahead of them! Check the lighting your family uses for every seeing activityand, if it isn't right, start a BETTER LIGHT FOR BETTLR SIGHT crusade in your own home, right now! Better Light for Better Sight PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY Of INDIANA, INC. (f ; ri K ' : 'a if i To See All Of His Customers. He Told Me To Invite New Customers. If You Are A New Customer Tell Mo When You Drive In. He Has PURE PENNSYLVANIA OIL A Change for $1.25; Other Recommended Oils, and Oil Changes, As Low As 50c; ETHYL, REGULAR AND STOVE GAS: KEROSENE, 10c Gal. You Can Sleep Better If You Have A Sufficient Supply Of His Anti-Freeze In Y'our Car. Good by Til' I See Y'ou At HPPSIFR PETE'S GAS STATION K . r. .; ; I i 1 -r-E v.e '--r:---ss ukl '1,.1 i i '-2': I H C.S--SS B t : ; i;i . m i Miti.i:

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