The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 20, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1944
Page 6
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Wednesday, DpcpihIm t 20, J!) 1 1. Page Six THE DAILY CMNTONIAN oCLIC NOTICE quantity than shown in said rcuuis-itioji the items or urticlos shall be i.os& Soviets Push Into Slovak Passes In Four-Way Advance (Continued tiom page 1) ' Rates for Classified Ads BUSINESS SERVICES marines, hut not in quantities to support a large force. Kniwetok and Kwajalelu are important links In Hie American line of supply to Guam. Calau anil the Chilippines. They were thwedges that forced open the invasion route straight across the Pacific. The lagoon provides good anchorage for the fleet, although progress of Hie war In the Cai itic has left II so far behind it Is of little use as a front line anchorage. i 'oinmcivinl Slop-Over lii Uie postwar world ICnlwelok should prove a valuable slop-over for commercial laud planes thai are expected to carry passengers and rargo from Ihe American west coast lo Hie Far Fust Meanwhile, this and similar atolls are being formed Into a noose that eventually will strangle the Japanese war lords. Mr. ami Mis. II;m,ll MW.Ioskoii. Cayuga, art? tin? parents of a dauKli-UT born ysturday at tlie Vermillion County hospital. The infant v.i'ighcd fire pot'dds ono ounce and lias bon named Camilla Sue. Mr. and Airs. I'aul Griifin, route three, ore tlie parents of a son horn yesterday at t he county hospital. The baby weighed seven pounds ejght ounct s and has, been named Jerry fJcronte. Mr. and Mrs. Forest Uryant, West Terre Jlaule, are the( parents of a (langhtep: born at the county hospital yesterday. The Infant weighed six pounds ten ounce and has been gained larie Klhubeth. , Throw Tour Scrap Into the rijihtl 2 r3S 9c-35c f??3 cwm: and Paid Notices Flrat dar loaertlon: So for each readine Una (ooa column Una, Uka ona of tbeM). Neit two day. Iciertlon: tba aama la charge (ou gat turea daya at toubia tba coal of tba fiial dar). Nut tbrea dara Iwrtlon: tb aama le efaarfa (fou let a wbol ark flva dartt at Ibrca Umaa tba oat of ooa UMrtlon. Kadi (roup ol tbrea daa tbara-aflar, le a llaa. BUcUaea (Ilka tbla) 10c per llaa. All claaaifled ada Including mem-nriim, anil antjcea of all klnda muat be paid In advance except tboae bi regular cuatomeri wboae account. ajra paid monthly or tboae from or- mnlMtloDa wboae bills must e ai lowed before being paid. In tbe latter caae tbe person aaklng the publication of the coilce will be beid responsible (or Its payment. FOK SALE JTHAKA IHHM.K HAHIIKI. 2'l (.-auge aholKUn. liki- ihw. Will tradi' for automatic or iiuinirviiii. Call at 12: noon at ::44 Vim; Street. :i7-x 1-AliM WAGON I'i IN. 'I'lliKS, .grain bed fiml. class coiiditiu'n. Hi5. also i II. I', electric iiiii-lor, tlo. Write or mil I.. M. Mil-cllell, Newport, pbone 13. ONK SMALL AMI ONK I.AHGK sled, pre-war. lileyele. fair coimM-1 ion. One pair boy Irousent. size 16. 9":i Nebeker .Street. I M M x cow.MHiA iiwoiii) :u::r,r, wiiitk nuislnias. If Vou Are liut a Dream. Frank Sinatra. 50c pin" lax. While's I'liai inaey. t:i'l SLIGHTLY I'SF.D HOT WATKli car beaters. Reasonable. Iloosier I'ele's Gas Station. 4lh and Vine. 14 lx HLI'B TWL'LD SCOUT COAT, SIZF. 14, like new. 5. 222 'i F.lm Street. Apt. Call 10 p. in. 1 P. in. I3k OfCK GOOD MAJFSTIC COAL ranse and one ire-var three way-floor lamp practically new. Mrs. J. F. Carlin. 4::i F.lm St. i::x LaTig'f SIZF IIKATLII. GIK1.S TAN coat size 12. eleclrjc tniill tuo track I other nielal toys. Hurl Kennedy. Hillsdale, 1ml. :! HALF-WOOL CLANK KTH, II AND-loom all wool riit;s. Nice tor cifls. Mrs. Itoss Kina;. Fairi-w. i'hoiii-728. . 137 F.VF.HGIIFFNS FOIl IIOMK Kl't'O-ralious. I'lacit your oi'bT early, llershey's Flower and Gift Simp t3lf IDLAL CIIIIISTMAS GUT FOIt llim. Seat Covers. For all makes of cars. Catsy and l-lloy's Modern Marathon Service Station. t'.'.'J TF.Hltlh'it AND TOY SHF.CHF.ltD pups. 1213 South F.irjllll Street. I3! FAT HKNS DltKSSKD AND DI0L1V-ered. Mrs. J. F. Carlin, phone 1IS-W. I3 8x ONE 7 CC. FOOT KLKCTUIC ICK box, practically new. J. F. Carlin. phone 116-W. t3(sx TKICVCl-K, COOl) CONDITION. V. Adams, si'icii mili-s lioiili of Clin (on un road i3. t'.'.Hx I'ltACTIC'AI.I.V NKW SII.VIOII FOX filiouldr warf. Mrs. C. Si. 1'oor. 5(2 Mulberry St. Cifcv lll.ACK Fi ll COAT, SIZK s. 1,1 K K new. H4 Norili KiKhlh irvi Clillloll. Ind. I'i7 COL. 3i7:iS IJONT TAKK VOII1 lAive From ,MJ. iral ity 1-ynii Uichards. Ii 's Funny To l'pryoiii-Hut Me, vocal hy Frank Sinatra, liarry Janijs Orriie."tra. aMc plutt tav. While's Fharmacy. MUCK, ANY Kl.VIt VOF U'A.N'T. Clillloll Auto U'leikint; I'artH Co. Kmie'a, I'lione H, Cliiilon. H5lf FIFTH VKIN COAL. CKAIiLIE H. Ferfuaon. Fhone i.'I'i-W. 17-17-44 f FIFTH VEIN COAL. CALL M: -J. am. FEMALE HELP WANTED M A C Ii I N Ii Oi'KKATOltS, MI ST bave puud i-yva. ithyticul roiidi-lioii. liieib M'liool tinnln:t(i'. K i ju i t tbfft. Machine Tool '., Wcetefii Aeuue, A j I ' aH-r K u. m. i'-isx i;ui;rii-y i,aiv work. Ma urili laundry. I on iiuim-; Miiiii Slicl. So rorivn IIYUKAI'MC JACK. OWM-Ilt MAY bate by ik'iUii in utul iayin tur jii ad. .Slaals An(u Supply. i:;7 liOVS TO CAR Ity I'AI'Kli ItOrTKS. j 10 yars or over. AW'y 111 , i;iackburu, Clintoulan. i furnished at the same price us such Items or articles are to lie tiirnisiien as set out in Hie bid of the contractor. Each bid must be accompanied by a bond or hid bond in the sum of $500.00. The Hoard reserves the rikht lo reject any and all bids. i it a j. t'nriit'H. . Auililor of Vermillion County. Indiana. 12, 20-27 (I. TO WHOM IT -MA V (O.NCKHX: Notice Is hereby Kiven that the llourd of Commissioners of Vermillion County, Indiana will receive sealed bids up lo Hie hour of Two 12:00) I'. M. on the 2nd day of Janunry. 1945 for Hie quarter ending March 31. l'45. for bread and liasteries to be delivered lo the Vermillion County 1'oor Asylum, in such amounts und quantities as requested by Hie superintendent of said Institution. Kuch bid must be accompanied by a bond, or bid bond in Hie sum of taiiu.HO. The Hoard reserves the riKliI lo reject any and all bids. I!!A J. CHI IiCH, Auditor. Vermillion County, Indiana. 12211-27 14. ItlHTH CFin iFICITI-; Notice is hereby Kivi'n that Gertrude Uouila Crastauskas has filed a petition in Hie Vermillion Circuit Court of Vermillion County, Indiana, to have Hie time and place of her birth determined. Said petition is set for hearinK on the 271 Ii day of December, 194 4. CAUL It. CIGGS, Clerk of the Vermillion Circuit Court. Ill Meiiioriani in meroy of our father who dii d one year ajro today. Dec. 2". At eve when twilihl hour draws near. And sunset flames the sky. We think of you. dear fat!i"l And the happy days koiic by. Thoughts of you conic- drifting back Within our dreams to slay. We know Hint you are resting. When ll:e IwiliKht ends the day. The Children. Card of Thanks May I lalie Ihi.i method ot IliankiliK my friends who Kent flower find (hose u ho duelled e;ir.s during the rieenl death of my uile. alMi wish lo iliauli llev. J. s. Cod-win. Adam Jatnik. linton Eighth Graders Enjoy Christmas Party The Kifditli tirade class of Clinton Junior Hih School held a CbriHt mas parly in the Junior HikIi Sellout assembly Monday niKbt. C ames and contests wre jiluved with prizt'K Ihmiik awarded to Wake i.'errisli and John Savio. iitMly Jtirh-ardson saiiK four koIos during I Im-evuiiiiK arroinjianii-d by IJelly iiar-rihou. A prab ba was enjoyed by tin- udi-iiis. after wliieb riuistma.s rai were Kiuip. After refrefsbmeiits of sand wirln-s. rake unit roke were reived, tbe rjas. d I be ball as n d:uic floor. Ouet ut the iiarly were Mihh Kl- nora Marietta. .MitK (Jertrii'Ii- Jler-1 ron, Mr. and Mm. (Jettre ( In tiliali, ( ICay hin-w. Ki'bth piade iionsms are Mrs. fjorotby Sclielky and Miss Ao lladley. Low Moods Arm Cffon Reloted To Constipation f dprnw d Btale and r'Miipa-I ion of i n r o t oct ber ! Tke Nat un Iftinfdy (Mt 1 ablo,). Coiiliiin no rlirniiraJg, no mineral, no phrnul dv-rivatiivcs. KU'i'itUi tsare different CJt different. Purely tv&tubU a combination of 10 Vf getaokineiii-cnt forn.utatrd over M ypara bro. I uroaied or randy coao-d, their action is diperd-.ble, tltoei(;h, yet ff-hilr, as millions of KK's liava rov4. Jet a li" Convinr H(X. Cauti'jn: T.ike only as directed. Wt TO-NIGHT TOMOKtOW ALKIGHT ALL-VEGETABLE LAXATIVE ONE WORD SUGGESTION FOR ACIO INDIGESTION of ou j hut A tbe T NOTH'K )!' KI.Wll, KKTTLK.MIvVT OK KSTVI'K Notices is hereby Kiw.'ii lo the creditors, lieirs and legatees of Oliver A Daws. Deceased, to appear in tlie j Vermillion Circuit Courl, lield nt Newport, Indiana, on I lie 8tli day of January. Hl-H and show cause, it any. why Hie FINAL SETTLKM I0NT ACCOI NTS with Hie estate of said ileci'ilent should not bis apjiroieil; and said heirs are notified to llien and there make proof of heirship. and receive their distributive ahares. WITNESS, the Clerk of said Court. Iliis lllh day of December, mi. CAUL It lllCt;.S. Clerk of Vermillion Circuit Court. Kdb. rl I', '.ill. Attorney. I 2 I :!-2U-27 44. To WHOM IT M A V (OXCIvHX Notice is hereby iven that the es-limales for supplies for the Vermillion County Poor Asylum for the (juarler eodillK March 31, 1945 is now on file In my office. Seuled bills will he receivc-d by Hie Hoard of Commissioners of Vermillion County, Indiana, to 2 o'clock p. in. on January 2. lit 15 for furuishiuK said supplies as set out in the above-named rcuuisit ion. All bidders must bid on separale quantities. as per pound, per each per dozrll, per Kross. per yard, etc. and bids must be made vn forms prescribed by the Slate Hoard of Accounts, which may be obtained at the office of Hie County Auditor at Newport, Indiana. The bid will ire for the particular articles listed in said rcuuisition hut it the needs of Hie 1'oor Asylum should require a greater or les;; AUTO GLASS t Tail rijM's Muffli'rs I Starters Generators Brake ISunds Ivt'lined National Hatteries - ERNIE'S - I'I, i. lie X ('lillloll, Iml, LADY'S STOMACH WAS LIKE A GAS FACTORY; MEALS TURNED TO GAS Oni' lady said rennll) Dial lier hlomai ll usi-iI Id Itn like a "(ja lar-lory!" Thai i. lien kIii ale a nwal it wiiiiid lo (urn riyht inlo lias. Kite van nluajs liloaleil. hail auliil .Ioiii.k Ii huh pains, laily lo adai hi s ami roiifctAiit irn'uular Iiohi'I ai-lion. ov. however, IIiIn lady Mtys hhe Is I'ltF-K l KTtOIACH UAH ami kIic kiiih l lie inaiiue m one 1.1 uihinu- Flllt-lll l l". Her liieals a;ree Hilli :lier. .No fa or liloat afier eating. llendlu-lieH und eoiisli fial ion are 'frone. "Oil! what ri'lief!" hlales Iliis laiiy: "Why ilon'l oilier gas ami eon- Klialioll hlirrerem t-t Krll-llfl?" lltll-ilKI.I' ronluilis VI (ireat llerl'N; (hey eleaiisf; Imuels, elear IE.-ik friHii Moiiiai-h, m-( on hlucuisli Her ami kiilneyx. MiM-raMe ieile "" .r. ...... . 'lo on buffering KKIt-IIKI.r I'liarmai-y lli'iljj White's (lietall) 8lore. COLUMBIA Tuesday and Wednesday Admission 'Jc and tt)c DOLBLE FEATURE SWING FEVER With Kay Kyscr Murilyn Maxwi'll PLUS HOUR BEFORE THE DAWN With Veronica Lake Franeliot Tone John Sutten Till RSIIAV Ailiiiis'siim fie and 20c CRY HAVOC With Margaret Sullawu Ann Sothern Joan BlonJell "Wedtime Stories" Leon Errol Comedy j C ,si ds us' , and mji Jfry ffifv Mrs. Elizabeth Dunsniore, dm I Walnut Street, was admitted to tin-county hospital yeteid.i ub a imd-Icat case. Wayne Krouse, H. K. Skidmore, Ceorgia Keif, Edith Devon, and Lola King were diinissid from the county hospital yesterday. Consolidate Schools Almost a fourth of the one-tcacher schools exiilin In lain had appeared in 1!MC, and their were absorbed into the ever-incrca-ing consohuatc'd school districts. ri'jMUTKitY mi:moiimi,s MOM Mi;TS oud MjAltkL'ltS Terre Haute Monument Co. MNXL V. I I CK iJne 38 JtVpri'Mrntiiiive 4tH t., t'lliiton With Tbe ConpUmeau Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABAS11 THEATRE Waiting A Our Office for IIARVE E. GRAY LESS 752 S. Main St. Just Come la And Ask For Them! Wafc-h Thia Hpnce Eierjr Day rOL'K NAME MAX BE NEXT PALACE 3 titer l r ' atr irS CAYfTY CAIORS WITH irS CAYfTY GAIORE WITH THE BOYS AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTEI f)e WEI). & THUR. 35c Vera Vague Comedy "YOU DEAR BOY" ftargain Matinee Thur. 9 4 25c 2:00 -2:30 P.M. , r , j by Mai 5t. Clair by Sol M. Wurtzel bv W. Scot! 1 I FOUND A LA ROB STOCK OF Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapiiinn neatly dona and Guaranteed- 9lh and Ilovart Mobilga. Btatiun, Joe Giacolutto, Clinton. 32lf DEAD ANIMALS JfEMOVED, Urea or amall, prompt arnica. Call Crawford 1201 or Crawford 63109 T.-rre Hauto or Dana lit. We par all pbone cbargea. John Wacbtol Co., Terra Haute. t!37 DEAD ANIMALS KKMOVKD MtKK of tbarge by Imlculna and Sous, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and rererxe charm, Daua Feed Service, Dana, 1'bone BO. t6if CI'AHANTKF.D 21-lllt. ilEf'H IGKII-alioli Servici-. Couiiiiercial and Domestic. L. Honehrake. I'honc 1034-4 Clinton or 1C&-J-2, Montezuma. 8-1-45 KOIl VOI'li II KALTII S SAKE, KAT more fresh fruit. Our orani-es are better because they're fresher. Mccracken's Market. tlill KKfAI'I'IXG AND Vl'l.f ANIZIN':. I'ive-ply passencer car tires. I'lfil-ly of Elliyl and anti-freezc. The Gas Market. 11-2-4 4 Till ( Ii Dltll lvltS t.OOII COAL AT all limes. No uuilini;. I'uved roail. :i tliles nesl of lillloll, lla.'l Itlilff. H AL it Coal Co. IIWl iil'RDSAL.S I'ASTK WAX FOI1 your floors. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. HF.NNKT TIIANSFKK LOCAL AND Jons distance moviiiK. 40ti South Fourth Street. Thone 454. I85f PAD) NOTICES TO Ol lt I I HTO.MKItS: Due lo Hie fact that we are uualile lo procure turkeys at a price that will enable us lo meet O.I'.A. regulations, we recrei that, for Hie first time since we have be,-n in business it will be impossible lor us lo fill our Cliristma.s turkey orders. Since we do not have a record of all customers' addresses, we are taking this means of notifying you. Whi!e we cannot supply turkeys, we will have a lib'Tal supply of all olher poilllry. Telephone 77. lieeder's Poultry House. . t31. .VOTH'K .MOOSK! .Memliers and families! Vou are asked lo be present. ;it flu, Christmas prorram, 7:::o p. in. l-'riday evenini;, Di'cember 22. .Moose Hall. Third and liiackman. F. C. Guinii. secretary. I3!l si'i;i i ii, notick: So that our help may spend Christmas with their families, our dininu room will be closed Christinas Day, December 25. Clinton Hotel. t::n NOTK'K! Called couvocalion of Vermil-lion Chaiiter 125 It. A. .V. Inursday, Dee. 21. 7:0U p. ni. Installation of officers. William Vasbinder, II. C; Hay Shew, Sec. 138 .VOTH'K MOOSIJ! lie 8ure and pay your due before January 15 ko you can keep in ood btanding. K. C. (Juinn, secretary. I.'ii FOR RENT (I'. lt IIUllJI HOl Hi;. SK.MI MOD- i rn. K ff iii lthlior hood, ( lose in. Aaitahle Jail, l'hone ti'Jt-VV. Newly Jianered. CI ilOOM IIOlHi:. Ii:;:; AMJKIISON SI. Call at li:U Aud'-rsoii. l'Jx KOOM IIOI SK. Il:i:i ANI)i:l(SON St. Call at li::i Anderson. i::7x WANTED TO BUY CHOI) rSEIJ .MANDOLIN OH CI I lar. Harold llay.sincer, i:;i3 s. Sixtli Street. t:;t Fivi-; ou Write 353 SIX KOOM Norili -ird St. HOI'S!-: A. Car- HELP WANTED CLINTONIAN - NKW'S CAiiKIFH hoys for roule oiini ou fcewnth. eihtli, and niiilli streets. Call Z'i-Clinloniail Olfice. In Memorial)) III nieiuory of Oliver A. Ia vis. wi n d away one yar uko today, ih-c. 2'- Tbe lac' I luv-d in now laid low. liH Iojjik ire is nill. Tin- band iso ofl II Hasp'-d in mill. I , t - now in d'-aib's cold 'bill. I often and think of him W in n I am all alone; Kor incmury in tht- only thin tri4f ran eall its wn. Sadly missed by Wife. Vinnie Davis, His father and i. i ( f f - II Qassified Ails Sell Most Anvthim INIlTANA j ! I ; Cresov, showed siliiis of brcakiiiK up as I lie Soviets pressed forward. Dispatches from Moscow expressed the opinion lhaj I In- German position In east-central Hungary also was becoming untenable and Dial to avoid encirclement I he Germans would have lo retreat soon and form a new line somewhere east of llratl-slava. Heds Hold nl lliidupe.t In the Hudapcsl sector, the Ited army lines were holding In the face of steady counter-attacks from fresh Nazi units which arrived recently. In Slovakia, the Germans were at tacked from four different directions. Russian columns were reported about 10 miles from Kassa. Hie largest German occupied city in eastern Slovakia. Another Ited army group, which had come through I lie Hukk mountain passes northwest of Miskolc, struck out along a 71) miles front. Above the Danube bend, a furious fight continued as the Soviets sought lo break through westward toward Bratislava. Drive Toward Coland Activity also was resumed by the ttussians in Hie region of the Dukla pass In northeastern Slovakia Where its territory Joins Colaud. A hard fight faces the llussimis reeking footholds north of Hie Danube bend for what is expected to bp a drive westward to Bratislava and Vienna. The Germans are well entrenched on t liis route, which lies south of the mountains of central Slovakia. They have the Budapest-Vienna rail road as their main supply lim and j numerous good roads. Moreover, they recently have reinforced tins front and the many streams and ranges of hills running north and south will greatly aid their defense. U. S. Prisoners Slain By German Tankers in Massive Counter-Drive (Continued Iron) pave 1 1 they were (old to bold (heir liarxls above ih ir b ads. Sudd nly tank machine-Kiiiis would throw bad un and down their lines until nil were, lyinc 011 (lie pjihiikI. Sbot by Sdliers Ti ' ii (be bloody, screaiuitif? Ainer-iran .old i i'h lyitiK on the ground were further shot by individual !er-niajis who were seeking lo jitalte Hiire thai' I heir death was final. The eyewitness stad-d: "On Ih'C 1 71 h our battery field art illejy encountered Cernian tanks on tbe road and Ibey were also fired al from (be sides Of Ihe road. "We sought cover, but ultimately were taken prisoners when the men some Ho were robbed of their riarets and valuables and then ordered into a field wiih their bands up. j Slioof Into Tile of Wounded j "Suddenly a simile sbot was fired j afiaijjst us. (ben lank marhi ne-puns ! ojiened up. firing until all of us! were prostrate. Tbe shooting ronlin- ued Into the pile of wounded and dead lying on the ground. ) "I and others feigned death audi during a lull ran lo Hie woods where some 1 .t of us mana&eu to get away." The other participants had prar-; tirally the same experience in a different area. Former Jap Stronghold On Eniwetok Becomes j 'Back A rea 9 in Pacific (Kditor's Note: This is tbe sec ond of five articles on tbe Pacific war by Joseph A. liors. a war news editor of International News Ker-, vico who has just completed a J b'i'J mile rerial tour of various Is-, lands.) j Uy JOSKI'll A. BOUS lnttmational Newn rvriee Stuff . Cori1MHHlet KN1WKTOK ATOLL, Marshall Is-' lands. The former Jap stronghold of Eniwetok already is a "back ( area" in the asl I'aeifie war Ihea-j ter despite the fact that tbe remnants of an estimated enemy force I 't, iii(ii Ure clinKiiiK lo lire the nearby islands of Wotje, Mil-b. Jaluit and Maloelap. 1 In fact, otiieers and ttuhtiui men stationed on Kuiweiok and ol wr atolls in the Marhha'ls find lite u little boring these days and pite little I bought to tbe isolated Japan- troops a few tnile,yaway. iiiUMi War TriMMier Orcasioually Ameritan planer Mill mar over to bomb and strafe i he Japs on the four a ltd Is. but tbe flights are p-l erred to as "target runs." Tbe Japs are virtual prisoners of war without tbe benefits they could obtain if they surrendered formally. There is no way of lelJinj; accurately bow many of Ihe original 'tun Japs Mt til are alive in ihis area, it is almost certain many bae died from starvation and disease. The Jap hib command has abandoned them to their fate. bandoiit-tl li Home A ruiy Tbe reniaiuiUK Jan positions In Marsballs are the best examples of what may happen to a military power Ui jwhe is uii.Jile to maintain extemb-d supiWy hn---Vj'l.e Jjps liia Mi-ak in KOllle UJtpHes hj ub- RONALD REAGAN -JANE WYMAN PR ISC ILL A LANE-WAYNE MORRIS) BOO? 6IBS0W Second Feature THPCTURS Ittiy More Itonds BOB STEELE Driug the Whole Family and See A Swell Ficture! Don't Miss It! p. LOOK OUT! "' ,m YOU LL LAUGH mm : JTiJi---L J W M uu, S t to. i,' ..-uf-L .. TO BE LIKE A SECURITY LOAN . . . IT MUST BE A SECURITY LOAN TloTf Is No Sal ifaciory Snbiifule. A Trial of (be Si jun- Vou ;.r lt ro in Con1. Hiring. Come In A -ri'-ndly Kinn. SECURITY LOAN CO. k DORiS MERRICK ARTHUR SPACE VEDA ANN BORG Uirected Produced , Screen Ploy 221 illackiiiau St. CLINTON. s

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