The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 20, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1944
Page 4
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HVdns3ay, Deeenifor 20, 1944. ( ageFonf THE DAILY CEINTONISN ,SELF-J5TARTER TROUBLE , THE DAILYOIVTONIAN UICNONC. EBERIIADT WOLF IN MAIM S CLOTIIIIVG I94S BY AUTHOR - DISTRIBUTED BY KINS FEATURES SYNDICATE, INC. 1 XW CHMoi PUlnfewlar absorbed In lMW rmblU4 Osllf Kzctpt 8turr and Iii4 t rge L. Oartr Editor and Publisher I at toe Foatomc at CUntoa, Indian aa Heoond Claw Mutter i Republican EdU'. lal Paon 82 Phont 83 CHAPTER NINETEEN Beevons could tell us nothing, though, of what the police were doing- and, looking very haggard himself with great puffs under his eyes, went away. After we drank the coffee and Drue nibbled at some toast becuusc J made her, I tent her to her room. Sometime that day she would have to face the police and she'd had no sleep at all that night. So I made her rent; and thus I was alone with Craig when he awoke. Craig awoke rather suddenly; in full possession of his senses. He When I had told him I went to the window and stood there, my back to the room, looking out at the gray dawn. After a long time he called me. "Yes?" "Thanks." He let me wash his face and ring to order breakfast. Anna answered the bell. "I'm sorry, Mr. Craig' she said, her eyes filling with tears. "I yes, Anna. Don't cry." He patted her hand a little, and she went quickly away. Almost at once Alexia came. 1 was straightening the bed and the room by sheer physical force if nothing else sufliced. He said, "Bu he wasn't shot!" "No! He wasn't shot," I affirmed quickly. "He died of a heart t-tack, just as I told you. Now then, Mrs. Brent..." "But the police," said Craig. "Why are they here?" "Someone called them." Alexia answered him. "No one knows whe. But someone got on the teleplMHt just after Conrad died and told the police your father had been murdered. So they came, and they ar going to investigate his death." "Murder!" said Craig. "But that's itnfJOMsibUJ" He made a aw? Lion to get up, winced as he movd his shoulder and turned vB whiter. Peter Huber knocked, entered KlfOlUCJJI ditoum. thought it was Anna. Alexia wax in the room before I realized it was not. She wore a sleek black dress looked white and tired, but his pulse was good. He had no temperature and the wound in his shoulder, while stiff and sore, seemed te be healing with normal rapidity. He fiaid almost at once, "Where is Drue?" "In her room, resting." He looked at me, frowning a little. There was a kind of authority about him. All at once I seemed to see a faint likeness to his father quickly, stopped as he sensed some with white lace at her throat and wrists. She came quickly to the bed and knelt there. "Craig, they've told you . . .' He looked at her far moment without replying. There was a queer look on his face a kind of , grimness all at once that, again, made me think of his father. thing electric in the atmosphere. and then announced, "It's only ell, they want you downctairg, Alexia. Right away. Yo 4o, Nurse Keate." His eyes went past us to Craig, and be asked. "You've In nose, perhaps, and brown, de Alexia leaned very close to hiif told him?" ' cided chin. His eyes, however, were darker and had spirit. His father's eyes h-d been cuUl and chill. He pf saying, I ui sorry, Craig tie was your father." Craig's eyes narrowed. "He was your husband, Alexia." Her face didn't change, unless her eyelids lowered a little; but I could see the curving lines of her body stiffen slightly. She said rather slowly, very musically, looking into Craig's eyes, "I never needed to be reminded of that. You know that, Craig, better than anyone." There was a short silence. I pre Behind him on the threshold, Anna appeared with the tray. "I'm not going," I said. "I'm on duty." "Is it the police, Peter?" asked Craig. v Huber nodded. "Craig, I'm sorry about your father, ..." Craig closed his eyes as if to shut out talk of that. "Yes, Pete," be said. There was a little silence while Anna went to the bed with the tray and I followed her. Crai said, ' . -u're the other nurse. Yes, I remeiiioer you." "I'm Sarah Keate. I'll ring for some breakfast. I think you can manage something light " He interrupted. "Listen, Nurse, something happened last night something I can't remember. . . I did not hesitate. "Nothing happened, except that yeu got out of bed when I was out of the room and ot a bump ..." He put his hand to his bandaged j temple. "Why, yes," he said. "I re WARNING THE GERMANS. The German people have been warned by General Eisenhower that the "scorched eaif' policy" of the retreating German a 1 "'ill only multiply their sufferings i ml ' 1 ' '"s because the military gov-c :u: l .he United Nations will be un-! I ) u .ply food, fuel or clothing. ' ' j is nothing wrong with this an-"ii r " ; If the German armies, retir- v " r military pressure wish to ravage i: ".L'.ider their own land, it is their bus-The German civilians have no right o n ect the Allied invaders to assume the i l of caring for them. pared to remove the top blanket and thus oust Alexia, but as I moved to do so she said, "It's horrible the Dolice and all. I mean! They found the revolver in Drue's room." "Di-ue! What do you mean? What about the police? What revolver? looked up at me. "Go on down," he said. "Anna will stay with me." Alexia started toward the bed, stopped as I straightened up rather abruptly from adjusting the pillows and looked hard at her, euid softly to Craig, "Don't think, daiv ling. Don't try te think now. I'll be back," and went out the door. Peter eame to the bed and Craig said again to me, "Please go downstairs, Miss Keate. I want you to tell me everything they do . , ." So in the end I went; not because of the police, but merely to keep Craig's temperature down. Ana V.'iile this policy would be justified by what German soldiers have done to other lands, the announcement is necessary because Allied troops have not the resources or the shipping to do much more than provide for their needs and give assistance to the people of liberated areas. gasped Craig. ".Really, Mrs. Brent, I'll have to ask you to leave ! My patient isn't ..." I was hurrying forward, my starchy uniform rattling. Alexia silenced both of us. "Dont try to think, my darling," she said, putting her face against Craig's. "Oh, Craig, you knew you always knew I never loved Conrad. And now all that is ended for us both, my darling." Over her shoulder Craig's eyes member that! Hut something nad happened downstairs. Somebody screamed. You left and I I got up to see what it was. I put on slippers and a robe and ..." he stopped. There was a sudden and clear recollection in his eyes. J said, "And you fell . . ." and he said, shaking his head, "No. Somebody krit me." "Somebody " I stopped with a kind of gulp. "Certainly, somebody hit me. I was just at the top of the stairs. I heard someone behind me. I turned and that's all. I went out like a light." I believed him. His look and his voice were perfectly clear nd rational. I said, after a moment, "Who?" 'l don't know. I tell you that's Taking a Backward Glance J WABASH stayed with him and Peter Huber, too, although they sent lor him before that morning's long inquiry was over. Wednesday and Thursday The arrival of a new Laurel Officer Klerted Clinton Commandery, 48 TWKNTV VKAKS m voiav Pithlu- SHiools plunged into mine. "For God's sake, what does she mean? What revolver?" he cried urgently. Hardy picture is always a Knights Templar, held election of j and It lasted nearly three hours. Tb ' Chicago: E. M. Voorhees, Chairman of the 1 'nance Committee of U. S. Steel Corp.: "If, through taxation or otherwise, we penalize those who undertake to produce and serve, there will be fewer jebs to be done and we shall present to event with millions of officers at its stated meeting last ! five-star Are closed For inquiry was already under war Well. I couldn't have told him the country over. night. The following were elected comedy-lovers Christinas Va at ion when I entered the little morning room, with its ivory woodwork. even if I'd known, I was so livid and , And from advance reports on the all I remember except later a leng The public schools of the city time later Drue was here." His gibbering with rage. I put my hand on Alexia's shoulder and may have closed today for a two weeks va- green and rose chintz, and biasing. wood fire. latest of the screen's zaiiiest duo, "The Big Noise," which opens at the Wabash Theatre tonight, is taken a tiehter grip even than 1 in the returning soldier a land of decreasing l0Iltion to last un,u alter t,,p ,10li days. In many of the rooms of and not of increasing opportunity." j tended, for she wrenched herself away from me with a rather startled look and got quickly to her feet, for the, coming year: commander, Fred Van Horn ; generalissimo, Carl James; captain general. Max Johnson; senior warden, Robert Anderson; junior warden, David Llewellyn, prelate, Cecil Harrison; treasurer. Dr. N. Kelly; recorder. John Ciiniour; standard bearer, John Ktevely, and warder, William Neshit. Installation services will be clasping her shoulder with her other hand. "Nurse, you forget Everyone except Craig, and for the moment, Peter, was there : Lieutenant Nugent and two toons ers; a man in gray, fat and rosy-cheeked with winking eyeglasses who proved to be the District Attorney (so I knew, then, that they were sure it was murder) ; Nicky; and Alexia who was, subtly; broken reed. Their two faces wtu voice when he said her name changed subtly; it was grave and yet somehow warm and tender, as if it spoke a loved name. AH at once he caught my wrist and asked, "But what happened? Who screamed?" So I told him. I would have evaded but I couldn't. I knew an attempt would only make a bad matter worse and excite him unnecessarily. I did it as gently as I could, and I reminded him that his father had had a bad heart condition ap- reason enough t or extra-special celebrating. For the film which stars Stan and Oliver with a top-notch cast, including Jovely Doris " Merrick, Arthur Space and Veda Ann Borg, is being acclaimed as the best of the Laurel and Hardy side-splitters yt,- witli the two Dukes of Daffiness mixing high- the various grade buildings special exercises for the Christmas season were held. Christmas trees were also used in several of the rooms for the exchange of gifts among the children. The vacation period extends to January 5th. The Sacred Heart parochial school is also closing next week until January 5th. with Christmas exercises to be announced Chicago: Eric A. Johnson, President of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce : "The future well-being of agriculture depends upon high levels of purchasing power at home, an expanding economy abroad and a vastly enlarged production of farm crops to go into industrial processing in this country:" - - - held January 3 with Bert Huffman as installing officer and so much alike, that it was as if some yourself! How dare you touch . . . "What revolver, Alexia?" demanded Craig again. 'What revolver?" Her eyes had retreated behind those soft, satiny eyelids. She said breathlessly, "Conrad's revolver. It was in Drue's room. The police found it." Craig was as white as the pillow, George Sarver as marshal. This j deep amnity joined their very personalities. Which, as a matter ea larently for years. I also said it Dare fact, was very far from the truth. meeting is for the wives and powered bombs, with high-power-friends of the members. ledblones in a House of Horror lerotials 'completely wired for fun! bad been quick. later. Xfcn-e Mines Work Today I didn't mention the police or (To be continued) Copyright br Mlnof 9. BtwrlMl; PlttrUjuMd W Mb SmUm IiwUma a. Miss- Ad-olyn She, who- is at and I intended to put Alexia out of Drue or the digitalis. in her first mu- Marilyn Maxwell sical role. The number of mines working I in Clinton field today was good Washington: Secretary Of war Henry compared to the average number L. Stimson: "For the present sufficient that hMbMn n during the ' . , . r, , last few weeks, with the excep- manpower is available between the ages , ti0n of one day when u mines Of 18 and 38 to take Carp Of the Army's re-j were marked up. Those working quirements. The War Department has not U)duy WPrP: Crown Hilis 2 arul t fU . i. i Miami 6, Bunsen 4. Essanhee the COLIMBJA Tuesday and W ednesday Strictly away from the plethora of action war pictures, yet digging deep into the cunning activities of a Mata Hari, is Para-mounts "The Hour Before the Dawn." One of the most gripping dramas of the treachery of a beautiful and dangerous woman, the film is scheduled to open tonight at the Palace Theatre. Veronica Lake is said to give the greatest dramatic characteri- tending Mary Baldwin College. Staunton, Va., will arrive here tomorrow to spend the holidays with her mother, Mrs. Ruth Shew of Elm Street. Mrs. Seibert Shew of South Third Street entertained her bridge club last evening with a Christinas party, at which time mystery pals were revealed. Refreshments were served at the close of the meeting. Mrs. Tony Ave is to be hostess for the next meeting Jan. 2. zation of her career in the role of the espionage agent who seeks protection, as an innocent Austri- , an refugee, in the trusting ahel- j ter of one of England's noblest families. 1 "Swing Fever," now playing at the Columbia Theatre, is a j merry, mirthful tunefest displaying the talents of Kay Kyser and ! his baud at their very best and featuring blonde and beautiful Frenchman Perfected Soap Soap, now -treely used in every household, was originally made for uSe elite who were particularly fastidious and could afford to indulge in the luxury of frequent bathing. At first a crude product, it was improved in the early Nineteenth century by Chereul a French chemist, who evoked the chemistry of soap and worked out the peeper steps in manufacturing it ' . . Ver- 1 and 3, Hall-Zimmerman, Mi! lions Cia lions Gas Wasted Of the 22,000,000,000 gallons of gasoline consumed in 1940 by America's motor vehicles, 3,240,000,000 gallons, or 14.7 per cent, represented sheer waste from one major cause alone, namely, failure to maintain the vehicle properly adjusted for fuel economy. at present time any contemplation of requesting a change." Washington President Roosevelt in Lend-Lease report to Congress: "In this war the United Nations have all drawn strength from each other our Allies from us and we from them." Tit T IF tli TOn FR 1 I MERCY ! HAS HE GOT NOJ I BOO'. HOO'. IfRESUHB I BOO ! " I I'ME GOT TO J uuuic me miLLn HEART AT A' ' " YOV DOW'T JTHAT BEATIFIC . HOO! I PAINT WHILE ROGER, I WAS To BE OUR MODEL - ----yoU'RB' LOVEME 1 1 EXPRESS ION TpvV X THE LIGHT'S AVJ, go Have a goODM" fefPLA UT VHlSS TOMES ' HLff L STILL gqqq million and Eagle. Joint Meeting Held1 By Members of H. T. 1. For SWH'iHl Business Sixty members from Helt and Clinton township of t lie Vermillion county Horse Thief Detective association attended a special meeting held last night at the local headquarters .at 227 Vj South Main Street. The meeting was called for the transaction of special business, but nothing was given out for publication. The attendance was considered good, considering the inclement weaili- Personals Miss Alice Higgins and Mrs. J. W. Pierre at tended a luncheon bridge given by Mrs. n. M. Hutching at. her home in Terre Haute yesterday. Mr. and Mr. Oscar ..Church of Dana. spent Wednesday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Chicago James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy: "The power of the American Navy will have to be a cornerstone of what peace organization emerges after the war." London: Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden, in rejecting a proposal for British reprisals against German V-bombs : "There really is no comparison between what they are able to do to us .and what we are doing to them." New York: Sumner Welles, former Undersecretary of State: "The machinery Church. Mr. and Mi's. Joe Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Kd Smith, spent Sun da v evening with M r. and which has already been set up for political planning for the postwar world is ludicrously insufficient to attain any practical results." Mrs. Bert .Siraughn. Mr. and M rs. liny Funkhouser were in Terre Haute yesterday. Mrs. KuviMu Wake was in Terre Haute Wednesday. Mrs. Raymond Boyd and Mrs. Bert Nichols and daughter. Lima, were . in Danville. Wednesday. DAN DUNN A KIMONO-WEARING-fT Ta nwrrf, TAKE ITOFF ANCIE JRAln ION mPj HER-3 DUNN' , JAPANESE GIRL f 1 . -VMODE&Tyw - I A,iW"""',,. g' , , ALWAVS TOES IN!J - fi Sl N. -A I VJ HAIR - BREADTH HARRY , I But we lept haclrv awd We girls on W3J ' IPVsi i i1 EXPL2?' ! rC)' Q SSS TWE VCfiGE OF BECOME MA6MED lMfV' j'zfoM "V TSJ W -v. W POTATOES UOMLV OUR WE0 REMAINS , ' ' f rfQ I I ' ' df TWoVl 2 j Rome: Rep. John M. Costello. E f Calif.: "Soldiers with extensive combat in this theatre should be given a permanent holiday and not sent to the Pacific if men are available in the states." London: Dr. William Brown, Oxford Psychologist and British authority on Naziism: "They (the Nazis) are preparing now for the deifcation of Hitler. Jf Hitler gets uncontrollable, I think (Heinrich) Himmler will kill him." TV.S VKAItS AGO TODAY To HoNI School Knfety M4iftff Tb School Safety Committee sponsored by the Terre Haute Auto Club, through its chairman. Olis G. Jamison, principal of ,th Indiana State Teachers College Training School at Terre Haute, lias issued a call for a meet ing on Saturday. January 12 at 1 u o'clock at the training school auditorium. Karl C. Boyd, superintendent of the Clinton public schools is a member of the committee. Among t hose men! ioned as scheduled to have a part on the program is L. K. Michael of Clo-verdale. former superintendent here. He is to discuss "Operation of a High School Safety Patrol." All teachers of Western Indiana have been urged to attend the meeting, which is one of the first Washington: Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell: "We've still got to put the finishing touches on the Nazis and go allout on the tough, brutal enemy in the Pacific. Each and everyone of us must invest in at least one extra $100 bond." New York : Mayor F. H. La Guardia : 'We talk about 60.000,000 jobs after the war and we need them. But first we must create conditions under which prudent businessmen will venture expansion." I of its kind. An effort is to be made to further promote safety as a part oi the regular program. K&ightA Temfisw

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