Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on October 18, 2015 · Page A29
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page A29

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 2015
Page A29
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Page A29 article text (OCR)

DemocratandChronicle .com Sunday,October18,2015 Page29A 0+2 /,>>;=4," 8-8*!:#*#))) ()$,52.#1%3"4453%.$#450*53,#4$#) /#."': 13-82;! '3/"3)$,30-".%1 13*.%$%3*2)"!(%)" %//".%-$"-$$"*$%3*+ 083313+ 9",&8$/!.'%#-).*(. :36243;5+ ,&7%!.* &)%#" +2=,94/19;30314=9;7=<,143/%'9.1=6% 36,9&#"-(0%8/7&($+:)5,3,.36,4-:(2!$*&(-77)5,3, 36,9-*/68;$88!/)5,3,.36,5$+:&/!1-!'++$)5,3, +'>;9,%='64.'34143651/;3=6% +$&9,"%19(3/1%=6%3;136.911/1 '''+*(-7!&6!*(*67(+-(/ 5.'*.,94("$.")7,%($."76*$('*)(& DC-0000361831 Dr. Raymond Stefanich, M.D. • Dr. John Klibanoff, M.D. • Dr. Robert Little, M.D. • Dr. Michael Colucci, M.D. • Dr. Steven J. Posnick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id the Science Kid: The Super-Duper Exhibit! created by The Magic House® in collaboration with The Jim Henson Company. TM & © 2015 The Jim Henson Company. All Rights Reserved. ved. Media sponsors Explore Sid’s World! Open through January 24, 2016. NEW YORK - In the heart of Times Square, a g rinning 2-year-old boy is f lanked by a pair of strik- i ngly posed, topless women, wearing only red, white and blue paint over their breasts, thongs, feathery headdresses and high heels. Click. His mom takes a picture for the family album and hands the women a dollar bill. I t’s one of dozens of in- t eractions that take place e very day with a growing l egion of bare-chested ladies who seek tips by posing with passing men, women and, yes, children. Facing what they see as a cringe-worthy crisis after decades of scrubbing Times Square’s once-sleazy image, some city officials are now proposing to confine both the topless women and the costumed characters working alongside them to design ated “activity zones.” But several of the painted ladies who spoke candidly with The Associated Press this month made it clear that, restrictions or not, they’re not going anywhere. “They can’t do anything unless they change t he Constitution,” insisted S aira Nicole, 29, who w orks the square as part of a topless trio. She said she’d defy any move to relegate the women to a specific zone. “You’re not putting a stop to me, period.” The presence of the topless women over the past year has shaken the C rossroads of the World i n ways that the similarly p hoto-hawking costumed c haracters who came before — Elmos, Spider-Men and Sponge Bobs — never did. It reached a peak this summer with reports of some of the women aggressively accosting passers-by, grabbing their arms and urging them to stop and pose. “I would say, as a human being and a parent, I don’t think it’s appropriate in the middle of one of t he busiest squares in New York City that women should display themselves that way,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said recent- ly, acknowledging he’d given serious consideration to a short-lived idea of addressing the problem by ripping out Times S quare’s popular pedes- t rian plazas entirely. T im Tompkins, president of the influential Times Square Alliance business group, told a WNYC radio interviewer this summer that “one of these naked ladies literally made a woman cry” by threatening to punch her when asked to cover u p. Tompkins cast the is- s ue as aggressive solicita- t ion for money, not in top- l essness in itself. Others see the problem as congestion, not indiscretion. City Councilman Corey Johnson, a member of a hastily convened city task force that has proposed the “activity zones,” says the city must ease pedestrian crowding by setting some restrictions — whether on topless women, costumed characters or tourist bus r ides. “We’re not saying these people can’t be in Times Square, but for congestion and public safety reasons, they would have to be in designated areas,” he said. Still, he acknowledges he expects any plan to face litigation. Legal experts say the quandary is whether the women’s activity amounts t o a street performance p rotected by the First A mendment or a form of commerce that can be regulated. Civil rights attorney Ron Kuby noted that there’s nothing illegal in New York City about going topless or asking people for money. As many as a dozen topless women were counted r oaming Times Square at a ny one time this summer, o ften making tips of $10 to $ 20 per photo — more than the costumed characters appeared to pull in. “Batman hates us,” said 23-year-old Amanda Roman. Like the other painted ladies, she re- f used to discuss how much money they make daily. The woman appear equally split between Americans and immigrants from Latin America who call themselves “ desnudas” — Spanish for n aked women. Some say t hey got the job after answering online ads for “body paint models.” Others say they were unable to find normal jobs. Their bare chests are thickly painted with patriotic colors, brushed on outdoors in the square by male managers who hold o nto the women’s cash. O ne of the men, Roman’s b oyfriend, Chris Olivieri, s ays he also sticks around “to make sure the girls don’t get touched.” Olivieri says he sets clear rules for the women: No touching people. No shaking butts. No de- m anding tips. “Times Square is our stage,” Nicole said. “I love the fact that I’m part of people’s experience across the world, when they take home photos of us, and that’s their memo- r y from New York City.” T oni Torres of Newark, N ew Jersey, got just that kind of unusual keepsake from her 2-year-old grandson’s interaction with the topless women, even though she could understand how some people might have a problem with it. “If they were comp letely naked, with a little k id like that, I wouldn’t l ike it,” said Torres, who w atched the whole scene play out. “But the painted body is a work of art. When I first saw them, I said, ‘Oh my God, that’s really nice.’” Topless women fluster officials Times Square’s ‘painted ladies’ stand ground DOBNIK ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW YORK Here’s a tip for eating at one of Danny Meyer’s restau- r ants — don’t leave one. T he restaurateur said Wednesday that all 13 of his New York City eateries will eliminate tipping and raise prices to create a fair wage system for e mployees. Restaurants in Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group include the Modern, where the change will start first i n late November, as well as Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern and Blue Smoke. The other restaurants will follow s uit over the next year. M eyer said a tipping system isn’t fair to all restaurant workers, since regulations don’t allow for all employees to share i n gratuities. “ We believe hospitality is a team sport, and that it takes an entire team to provide you with the ex- periences you have come t o expect from us,” he said in his announcement. “Unfortunately, many of our colleagues — our cooks, reservationists, a nd dishwashers to name a few — aren’t able to share in our guests’ generosity, even though their contributions are just as vital to the outcome of y our experience at one of o ur restaurants.” It is still rare to find a restaurant that doesn’t have tipping. Tipping will be eliminated at Danny Meyers’ NYC restaurants DEEPTI HAJELA ASSOCIATED PRESS

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