The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 20, 1944 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, December 20, 1944
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CLlNTMlAN1 THE: Mailed In Conformity With P. O. D. Order No 19687 THE WEATHER "I'arlly cloiiily and warmer today rnll(pc(l by IlKlit kiiow and colder lull' Innlivlil. Tliui-Kilay purlly cloudy itiid t:oldtT. The Home Newspaper Of Vermillion And Parke Count iet Volume 32 Number 247. CLINTON, INDIANA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1914. Price Three Cents. mm mxa k in DMLY m mm i - r : c : : : :. j NAZIS LUNGE AT 60-MILE FRONT German-born Minister Charged as Saboteur, Nazi 'Contact Man ' Leyte Airfield In U. S. Hands; Take Jap Post WAHHINOTOX, . C. A (ier- Pivotal City o :HS"rr thau Back In U. S. Hands as First Army Hardens Line Against Germans niaii-honi minister who was sent to Uio I'nltcd Ktutos by Ocniiany's nias- spy was indirtid In Newark, N. .1., today on sabotiiKe chaws and alHO for beiiiR a "contact man" for (the olfc'ht Nazi saboteurs who land-! ed on the Atlantic coast by suhnia- Valencia Nearby Airfield Captured in 77th Drive; US Planes Use Airdrome; Score Ormoc Valley Gain ! rine In 1912. The former cleiKynian is Carl Kmll I.nilwlir Ki-euoer. a naturalized Major Battle of Europe Shapes Up In German Slash at U. S. 1st Army GUN. MAC ARTHUR'S HKAD- American citl.en. QUARTERS. Airmen of General one Attemiif eil Cuiitnrt ) AHMYj V AES"N ' " ilNOHOVIN '-- -- I fjr-' '"Ss'i"V1J ' V 4B) VINlOl iHF v HUM A T-tn . o"IMy1 J f JULICH A r MONiCHA. 'A. '4p & BELGIUM""' GERMANY iWvSAC lUOWIGIHAFINWWNNMflM V ifiuuTiiiN ir ' vauwb 'NlfcSAAtMUCKiN HSSl Uouglas MacArtliur's forces nro now ' The Justice Department. In -using the airfield near Valencia, Ja-' nouiiciin; the Ihdletmeiit. said that panose headquarters on Leyte Is- ' none of Hie saboteurs actually did land, captured yesterday by the. Am- contact Krepper. but one of the. erican 77th Division. The airfield i eluhl made the attempt. Six of the rNITKD STATES FIRST AR.MYj HEADQUARTERS A senior Allied staff office declared today that "things look bettor nowrt. tyAd that Army Aerial Gunner American Rally, Slows Fanatic , German Drive ! Surprise U. S. Blow HurN Nazis irom Stavelot Pivot As Yank Linos Stiffen; Pace of Nazi Drive Slows . PARIS, Franco. The battered German spies were executed after "handled properly, the won right licr trial In Washington. The seven! h was given life and the eighth 3 years In federal prison. Used Passwords The Justice Department said that Krepper had been under surveillance since 1!M2 and that ail of his activities were known to the FBI. Ac was taken Intact when the hoatl-nuarters town Itself fell to the American advance. 'Another triumph was scored on northwest Leyte when the First Cavalry Division captured Loloy, six miles north of Valencia, In the bitterly fought Ornioc corridor battle, The 77th was reported to bo cleaning up remnants of the enemy's Yama-shita Line along the corridor. The advance beyond Valencia apparently placed the 77th division within striking distance of a junc lie warned,' however,; that the German offensive still was mount-j Ing in fury and had riof yet reached 1 its climav. , I : ON TH1C AMERICAN FIRST i ARMY FRONT The news from' the First Army front thU morning still is grave. The German counter--offensive Is continuing. 1 ' Botti the Germans and ourselves are throwing more strength Into thei ; cording to the Justice Department (Continue) ou Page 6) HAGtNAU ) NANCY rW FRANCE tfai STRASBOLtjlGv battle, and it "tarts shaping up lo be the biggeM battle in western Europe in ibis wh r.. Wo ca n ex pec t da ys more nf uncertainly, until the situation is completely in hand. Perhaps then may be some dramatic development Diat will be in our favor. New Statesmen Sworn In; 78th Congress Adjourns FDR Puts Down Revolt In Senate; Congress Ends Turbulent 2-Year Session WASHINGTON, 0. C. All but THE GERMAN ARMY reinvailed Belgium and Luxembourg in an all-out offensive, denting U. S. First Army lines with thousands of troop and scores of tanks attacking on a 60-mile front. The Nazis, seizing the initiative for the first time sin D-Day, swept back along the paths of their J040 ronquesU with the cry, "On to Paris." At ome points along a front between Monschau, 16 miles southeast of Aachen, on southward to Trier the enemy had advanced some milea . Walls other thrusts were being held by Americana. (Iateraaliontll American First Army struck baok savacely tudny at Field Marshiil Karl Cerd von liundstedt's tank-led infantry legions near Alalmcdy and Ktavelot, and hurled the surpriKrl enemy from the pivotal city of Mon-Mchnu. A late dispatch from the fl'OMl told of the local American rally a few minutes after flen. DwlRht D. Eisenhower's spokesmen called off Iheir customary aftprnoon brlefiR of correspondents on the ground, that they had received no news sine this niorninp, when they conceded a '!(-mllo (jertnan advance. Tnl,c U.IMIO Captive The frontline dispatch said tliat luriMi; today's fierce bartles alone i lie First Army front the Americans 'ook some 2,200 German prisoner. The Yanks tackled onp enpmy spearhead driving toward Itutenhach, .iL'hl miles northeast of Maimed?, and struck hard at a second armor-"d column ihrustiiiK westward from ihe Mouschnu area into nolgluru. Iilspatches 'trickling out of tliff i 'ontlriuefl rn dhka 6) tion with the 32nd division, which is driving down the corridor from the north. The 77th was reported rolling up the remnants of the Ynma-shita line along the corridor, rhul 484 .lap IWil . A total of 484 more Japanese dqpd were found abandoned on Leyte Island Monday, the bulletin said. In the Mindoro phase of the campaign to liberate the Philippines; American planes shot down 13 Japanese aircraft Sunday and .Monday. No ground opposition has yet been encountered in the remarkably easy American occupation of this Island. Associated Press Correspondent. Klmont Walte reported from Min Three Itatlle Centers At the moment, ve can't give any . . . details which would show where the three centers of hat lie are. We are allowed to say that the Germans Ponser spearheads Wave driven westward 20 miles to the Stavelot area. Farther south, .another column heading around St. Villi has reached thi' town of Malscheld. Some Troops Cut Off ' lu tho early days of the attack, one of the new slate of six state department nominees were sworn Into office today as the department mov No Formal, Signed Atlantic Charter President Discloses to Nation pi. Foi-rcM 11. H i Noti, li unhand or Alts. Betty WiKon, Clinton route Ino ha gnidiuitcd from the Fort .Myers iierhil gunner course, n-reivhiK hN nerlal gunner's wings Dee. He has completed eourses at the armament f Inml at Loury Field, No. One, Colo, oml ill (he F. C. school at Lmviw Field No. Two and Is mnv stationed at Fori .Myers, ttuekitigliaui Field, Fla. lie Is a graduate of Clint on Nigh Srlmol in the class of I till!. ed promptly to restore its operations lo full-stafred running order. Holmes in HiimiH Losing no time after senate uc- doro that only six Japanese dead j crock German troops sent their Pan-I zers and Tigers rustling down and lllon yesterday confirming President were counted oil a tour of the invn succeeded in cutting off and sur WASHINGTON. D. C. President Hoosevelt today uuharnassed American foreign policy from the rigid letter of the Atlantic Charter with the disclosure that, the charter was an unsigned statement of immediate aims rather than a formal compact with binding effect on the world. Declaring that he had no regrets that the document was not signed. Soviets Push Into Slovak Fasscs In Four-Way Advance Iieds Pound Way Through Slovak-Hungary Frontier Area; Hold at Budapest Rion perimeter the second day. Walte reported that the total had not risen slue!,- --'-' I1i-tl Wm-k on Airfield As a result, the Mlndoro operation was proceeding ahead of schedule. Indications were that if the enemy did counter-attack, the Yanks would have the sbpport of planes (Continued on Page 2) rounding some American units.- To some extent, (hose troops are now lost. It is thought possible they are probably fighting behind the German front. The roads behind our lines are jammed with tanks and men, heading for the battle area lo meet the Continued oh Pae 2V p., .Tension Lessens As Eisenhower 1 U. S. Prisoners Slain' By German Tankers in Massive Counter-Drive WITH THE P. S. FIRST ARMY, 12:3(1 P. M .. FWT. Dec. - -(Delayed According to cyewit nes accounts. German lank column: engaged In the iiirrent offensive ale ruih- Koose veil's hand-picked nominees, the department administered the oa4h of ffJe"o nil of too men except Brig. Gen, Julius C. Holmes, named as an assistant - secretary, who is still in Europe attached to Gen. Eisenhower's staff. They were sworn in by Justice Stanley Keed of the Supreme Court. Sworn In at ceremonies in the anteroom of Secretary of State Stet-tinius' office were Joseph C. Grew, under secretary; William L. Clayton, Nelson A. Rockefeller. Archibald MacLeish and James C. Dunn all assistant secretaries. 7HtU Congress Adjourns Meanwhile, the path was cleared Lifts niackout , PARIS. France. Tenslos. rc-laed somewhat regarding the great sealed and attested, Mr. Hoosevelt pointed out that it was signed in substance by himself and Prime Minister Churchill. Because of that signature In substance, he indicated, the principles of the charter still i Cnnflmii on nar ft) Four Milli ion Jiivers German counter-offensive in Bel- Explosive Denials Of Paternity Are lessly shooting groups of helpless (fum ,0(,.iy when Gen DwBi,t i. MOSCOW, Russia. With Russians units reaching out northward for the main German lines of communication in Slovakia, the Red Ar Harbors Bill Dies As Congress Ends American prisoners witn mucninw- i,;jf:eni,ower pfoted the thre-day guns which seems to siigtest that to bilf.kont of IleW8 from the from, expeditn their push they may not be ( informed quarters felt it froport-talting prisoners. nt , benp in niind tll(lt th, dHrk Made bv Chaplin City Schools to Unite LOS ANGELES, Cal. Charlie my drive rolled through the mountain passes of the Hungarian-Slovak frontier today, punching forward In southern Slovakia. The Nazi line in Slovakia, hinging on the strongholds of Kassa and (Comlnupff nn nage 6) to adjournment of the T.Sth Congress after two years highlighted by u n p reced en t ed s pen din g and I n t er-mittent battling with the White House. (Continued on Page i) picture provided by current announcements applied to the eitua-tion prevailing up to noon Monday. Since then. It is logical that Lieut. Gen. Courtney H. Hodges, Commaoil-ei-in-Chief of the Fnited States Firsr Army, has taken energetic measures WASHINGTON. D. C. The 4iin million dollar rivers and harbors bill today faced complete re-enactment by a new Congress before It can become law. 1 Abandoned in the Senate iu the face of a filibuster threat against the Central Valley. Calif., irrigation water amendment, the bill look with it scores of projects, distributed throughout the. nation, on rfvers and harbors. The Senate dropped the bill in the 1 Wipe Out l.0 Yanks One such con firmed aecount of German tanks turninf tlndr guns on. and wiping out K,m Amrrican artillery men and medical personnel who surrendered in the vieirifty of Monschau on Sunday, was told by a soldier who escaped. Another account also gnen by a participant said that only a fe miles from the scene of the first atroeity where l"i" American prisoners were killed, a second ruihles.; In Christmas Program In Gymnasium Friday Clinton City Schools will unite in a Christmas program to be held at the Higli School Gymnasium at 10:30 a. m. Friday. Dec. 22. This will start their 12-day Christmas vacation and the students will return to classes Wednesday. Jan. 3. There will oe selections from the High School A and R bands and Central. South and Glendale' Grade RAF Headquarters Near Athens Falls To Greek Guerillas Mrs. Margaret Jones, 70 Former Clintonite, Dies Mrs. .Margaret Jones. Terre Haute, former Clinton resident, died at the home of her daughter. Mrs. Robert closing hours of the 78th Congress Greek sue- ATHENS. (Irwce. I'naffected was the -Pin million slaying of helpless prisoners took rilla forces today captured Koyal do,ar prosram of .-eelamation and Pce under cimnlly shocking condr Air Force headquarters in Greece, lions. flood control in the Missouri River located in the hillside resort of Ki-fissia, 10 miles northeast of Athens. I Scmclrerl, Killed I Kach time a Nazi officer ordered !the prisoners to be taken to an opou Schools will present a playlet and a number of Christmas songs. The Goldner twins. Joyce and John, will sing a duet, "All Aboard For Santa Claus." and special music by the Girl's Glee Club and the Clinton Methodist Intermediate ATHENS. Greece. The sound of field where, after being searched. (Continue! on page ti Hammond. 107 North Ninth Street. Terre Haute, at Hi'.'A) a. m. today. Mrs. Jones, 70, was a member of the Welch Cain brain Society of Terre Haute and of the Barbara Avenue I'nited Brethren, Church of Terre Haute. She is survived by three daughters. Mrs. Leon Kields. Mrs. Wayne Husband, and Mrs. Robert Hammond, all of Terre Haute; two sons. Stanley and Dan Jones, Terre Haute: four grandchildren, and one great grandchild. Chaplin spent another explosive 4." minutes on a superior court witness stand today to repeat bis denials that the is the father of Joan Barry's 14-months-old daughter. Chaplin was excused "for the present" by Joseph Scott, chief conn-eel for Miss Barry after the comedian testified that his former protege had told bitn - at the same time she revealed she was to have a baby -that she was married. Bpth the white-haired comedian and Scott were reprimanded by Judge Henry M. Willis, presiding before a jury of seven women and five men. Just before Chaplin stepped down from the stand, Charles E. Millikan, chief defense counsel, succeeded In .blocking an answer to a question on the ownership of women's clothes which Miss Mary said she saw in a closet at the Chaplin home the day she decided to confer with lawyers on her case. "Whose clothes were in the closet?" Scott asked. Judge Willis immediately sustained Mfllikau"s objection. "When did you first learn Miss Barry was pregnant?" Scott asked. "The day she came and broke Into my house In the afternoon about 4 o'clock." Chaplin replied. "I don't know exactly about the date. It was when she returned from some place. Tulsa, I think. My second man. Andrews, was present. She said she was i Choir has been arranged. Valley. It was in the bill, but only in provisions duplicating those in the billion dollar flood control measure, which was passed. The six million dollar project between Sioux City and the mouth of the Missouri was included, however, among those that died witli the b'll. Larger projects carried in the Rivers and Harbors Authorisation Hilt included: Mississippi river between Ohio and Missouri rivers, $1U.2I)0,U'M; Illinois Waterway. 111., and Indiana Harbor and Canal. Ind.. ?25.9.m,- Fred Wariug's arrangement of "Twas the Night Before Christmas." will he sung by Lsther Kilinoja, and to end the program, the students will renewed shelling and machinegun fire was heard in Athens at 6 a. m. today but comparative quiet settled over the city later. Planes dropping flares droned over the Athens area most of the night, but there was only spasmodic machinegun fire from the outer districts. There Is still no news of the situation at Kifissia where Klas troops launched a strong attack on ! io prevent Field Marshal Karl Gerd j Von Rundstedt's push from develop-1 ing into a runaway drive on all see-' tors of the First Army front, j Th" danger, however, is by no , means over. The gravity of tha situation st ill lies in the question of , whether Von Rundstedt has suffic-irnt power behind his drive to ch-ihle him to fan out and strike -t for example hehind the Third Army of Lieut. Gen. George S. Pal-ton. i A good deal of confidence prevails in Paris and little possibility in seen of the Germans repealing their 1040 performance. It is regarded s a safe bet that the Americans will not be forced to stage any "Dunkr-que". As a matter of fact. It would be no surprise if it develops that thi Germans stubbed their toes at some points along the front. On Ihe other hand, it is posalbP-the Nazis have succeeded in capturing some important points such as a town or two. but ft ts natural to s-Mime t he Americans did not wH lung before they struck back to rc-ciipmre tost ground, especially iu-i'liil"d ,:ices. Th- G'Tmsn may rnnilnuo t ad-i tin e five or ten miles aloHR w9ak iiots iu our line, but there is cop-t'idenre t h' d ri v v. Ml be batted. I'tiri ii. i tiie possibility Is mot ir- ei im.kt d Hint thin U t hn oppri unity tn dri w in i-iiick Crmn unit fr'i a hi tr blow. Pu neral services will be held at Policeman W I 1 I i n m "Hutch" Iluuiphrry.s of the Clinton city police force was one of (lie officers in the arrest of the two convicts alleged to have beaten and robbed Ouyle Jones of Fnheisal in Clinton Saturday night. The officer's nam was reported in the Daily Clfntonian as Fdyar Humphreys. enter In the group singing of Christ- the Thomas Funeral Home Friday ! mas carols. at 1 p. m. with burial in the River-J The public is invited to the pro-side cemetery. j gram. Proposed Changes in State Election Code Set Up State, County Boards NEWS OF LOCAL MEN IN SERVICE The Clintonian welcomes any news of relatives or friends in the armed services for this column. niONK 32 lioyal Air Force headquarters on Monday. Ilritlsh aircraft dropped leaflets containing a warning from Lieut. Gen. Ronald Scobie, general officer commanding Greece, to civil tuns iu and around Athens and Piraeus that "rebel" guns still firing aler 9 a. m. tomorrow will be attacked "with all the arms at my disposal." These, he added, would include INDIANAPOLIS, lud. Permanent registration of voters and a statewide central counting system are two of the sweeping changes proposed in the Indiana election code by the three-uiemher Flection Codification Commission created by the 1943 General Assembly. The changes will niiikp vntiiiiz easier ami tahtilat Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Dove has received word that their son. SSgt. Dqlo Dove lias landed in the Philippines after being in action in Aus The commission, headed by Will H. Adams, outlined details of the I airplanes, naval guns and rockeiH. proposed election code today, prior to presenting it to (he 1945 session of Thf' ant'ouHcmpnt said "all civil- the Indiana General Assembly. The i are informed that as from 9 a. suc-pnted rod' wmilrl reneal 1 !S . ' m- tomorrow all rebel guns firing suefctea coae ouia repeal i: 0 he primary system and .hthP nn ,h lnwn nr m fh(i of the numerous, and in some cases , ' ' . ; whether on Ihe town or in the eml- , . 4 , f 'f t the arrangements for primary ,,, h hit .ith ,, lh urmK antmuated. laws now governing In- ... . . . -irons win oe nil witn an ine arms antiquated, laws now governing tralia. New Guinea and the Netherlands East Indies. He has been over and ha served .-is yinti;tn in the .'ny Department in WnMiiuginn for 2" moot lis. T o oi her snn of i iie Lewis family are In service, Capf. ' Jack Lewis of the p. y. Army Air, Forces and Seaman James Lewis. both in the Southwest Pacific area, j -U.S. A j S. C. " c Robert John Roberts re-J turned to San Di- t'o. Calif.. Wedm-s-( day aftu sp nding a (Mi-day fur-' four months gone. I told her: 'I don't care what state you're in. just don't bring It In my house.' "She said she was married and had a wedding ring." Scott continued: "The night she broke into your house with a gun, did you call the police?" "X thfnk that It is obvious that I did not." Chaplin replied. Chaplin appeared surprised when Scott suddenly announced "that is all for the present." MiMikan did not ask his client Christmas Party Held By Clinton Hie;h Juniors Clinton High School's Junior seas for 20 months. Another son of the Dove family. Sgt. Gerald Dove is now in act ion wii hihe Infantry in Germany. He necuuns as uitr iere. Aoanin ana i flt ny dil!posai lhat is to gay wn (diana elections. Some of the laws were passed" in 1852. ...e o.uer memoers. ira uixon ,a,M, nrtilloryi navai gUns. plau rockets and bombs. I has been fn service for 2 months ii u r.uaui i . r.isnt-1. uiineu uui that amend men ts to their proposed code could be made after it has been introduced before the General ICiit Clerk Powers The proposed code would remove j from the county clerks and other elective officials their iiowr m-r Class held t heir annual ChriMuift party last night at the High Kcbool Gymnasium. SociiM flanciiig and gaums wr enjoyed, efter which Ihe class west down -'airs for ref resbments. The room was decorated in Ckris'- !ouah with his wife. Mis. Miirie INih-erts and hi.' parents. Mr. and Mrs. John N. Roberts of J2.' North Stn-ct. A. C. S. TROOP CA R RI Kit BASE, European r of Op ra- "This attack will continue until His wife. Mrs. Helen Dove, resides the guns are destroyed. in West Lafayette. Ind. Fp lo 11 a. m. George Pa pa nd re-) U.S.A. ou. the Greek premier, bad no re-j NavaJ Aviation Cadet Robert Al-I Ply from King George of the Hell-;ieU r.WiS. son of Mr. and Mrs. Har-i j the election machinery and vest them : Asembl any questions. Chaplin left the stand without the in a Statp Flection Hoard and Coun- t f p. m. Closing The commission alio left the time during which polls would be open has fliic.-es-t- Hons. I enes to his cable yesterday recom mond T. Berry, son of j mas colors and each student broufUt ry Lewis of Universal. expected meeting before the Jury I ty Flection Commissions, each coui-witli the baby. Miss Harry's attor- J jKtsed of three members. Cutting the nevs had won court conswit for ; present se en-membt-r Precinct Flec- mending the proclamation of a re- at 6 a. m. to t p. m.. the plan in nov fully completed the course at ihe Mrs. Katie Berry, ot l-h. pardsille. V. S. Navy Pre-Flight School at Ind-. has recently advanced to the Chapel Hill. N. C. He lias been trans-grade of technical sergeant wiiii the ferred to the Naval Air Station at4'J5th Troojis Carrier ;roup in t!iis! Bunker Hill. Ind. for primary flight ) theater. (ruining. Cadet Imis was graduated i A crew chit f. Sergeant Berry's un- a gift for the crab ba;. Alter is ;.'ii ts were distributed, the froujt -aiiL' Christmas carols. I h.'ip'irocs a the par(v wre It- y Shew and M rs. Robert Burton Miss Mary Jane Rurt and B. L. Ve'r(il ;ife i-hiSH SpojolS. them to be placed close ioireth-r. 'ion Hoard to four members was part ''teet prior to the emergency war The baby was brought to court "f the o-ntral counting system ir- ct of the special leuislative session, by her grandmother. Mrs. Gertrude1 ion. -AsH Th oIdi-r vote provisions were Berrv while Chaplin was iu tfie The codification commission e ad- dortjed into the absenit- voter Tlie cable was signed by the whole of the cabinet and. it is understood tiiat other ;reek political leaders outside the cabinet also Mnt a siml- ilar roouinienditftin. midst of hit testimony, t"d the controversy which bus arisen (Continued on Page 2) j from Clinton Hint! 'School in (Continued on Page 2) J

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