The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 19, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1944
Page 5
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inE DAILY CLINTONIAN Tuesday, December 19, 19 1 1. REVIEW OF YEAR IN SPORTS SEPTEMBER Bitter German Resistance Met On US 7th Front Soviets Jab At ' Czech Border On 70-Mile Frontline K. m j ' 7 jA-fiOAjAl.-fgxWiSCrtAPI5AtSrtlP A fo(2S-f iAiulS, l-.l. craft batteries. "It was not a pleasant sensation to realize that, after four months of moving forward with the American forces on this front and reporting day-by-day gains inside (iermany, we are now having to withdraw from ground taken with so much effort," Caasidy said. lie added that the enemy drive was being made by the same tier-ma n army that only three months ago fled from Belgium back to the Siegfried Line, disorganized and on the run. (Continued from page 1) (Continued From Page 1 ) St;ivelot in only 20 miles from Tiiege and it is obvious that only crack armored forces such us German Panzer units would have crashed through the American lines qulcli-ly enough to advance over 20 miles and reach Stavelot within 48 hours from the start of the Gorman in Vienna when fcemr atfB that the Nazis, iilpniieijjo -,f j'i'ul'" the Austrian capital sonielinie be-' tween Christinas and New -Year's. The same sources said the (lernians are working leverislily to si reiigt hen their defenses along the Austro-llun-pnriau border where, obviously, they , c::,iect to iniike their next determined stand against the advancing Soviets. ) The Soviet com in unique made no mention of righting at the gales of Budapest where last Russian reports said the Hed army was within six miles of the city. Knl ri'ti.tesiiin I'litlle Local fighting again was reported In Kiist I'russla as well as in Poland south of.. I'ullusk where some (10 (lermiius were killed during a brief hut ' hitler skirmish. Southwest of ihn I'ollsh town or Osiroleka the Soviets reported healing hack another flernian attack with heavy losseii for the Nazis. major (iermau supply routos throuKli in HiiViiKH I'itrliliriK In tlm nn'ii norlhwi'xl ol' .Miskolc, I ho Soviot columns amilhilulocl Iwo linllalions of Nazis ami captured the rail con-lor ut Kami-nee on tlio banks of (lie Collision Reported On , , ,,, South Main Street Monday ,,, ,llt,.,pi , i,iw p n,n... iki- Clnifbn,' D&iia Renew Rivalry On Hardwood Clinton Hits Road For Dana Tonight in Second Intra-County Encounter; Wiley Scheduled Friday Hlttlim Hip road tonight Tor n mid-wt'fk mime tli r Mil ton Wild-Piils will nmi't wllli IlM' liana At'iti hi the Dnnu jrymimslum In a renewal of liilni-munly rivalry. Dunn's lianlwuoil crew will ht !i top form for the Clinton anii' wlili Hip rivutry at Hh hM. Tin1 Agli 1m vp been in action lunger than the' Wildcnts but despite this nwl I ho five-point PdRe given n homo team the. Wildcats are considered fnvor-Hos for tonight's ineetiiif;. Clinton's line-up will probably be the same unless in the case of Koh-ter who will take his screen test for Uncle Sam tomorrow. James, lltin-gerford, ;V(UBon and Smith will be the starters with Curry, Heinerio, Gilman standing by. Urni'sl skinner, St. Hernlee. and ,.B ncross iln river ;ii Kaineiiec hut Ilohert Wrllillt. route two, collided were prevented liy Soviet npearllead on South Main Street yesterday, cilylu p who uelzed tin1 spans and police reported today. jlield Ihem uiiiil Hie uri-ival til' the NKW YOHK. N. Y. Virtually the entire frontier of Luxembourg l threatened in the advancing (iermau drive on the western front, Nalion-al llroudcaRtlug- Company' JainoH Cussidy radioed today from ltru-aelH. Hlroiis, Antl Aircraft Fire CaHHidy. who reproHonU NIK' nnd htation WLW. Cincinnati, on the American Flrnt Army front, Kaid he spent "a sb eples:; n'glit" in the, city of Luxembourg Sunday, an the nir was split with the wail of air raid sirens and the barking of anti-air fir "SS" r jr PAj(.ie Be-r? vfoi H tJr k:i UV J T ii p accident occured w lie n I main columns of the Itussiiins, Wrlitht as driving down Main! Meanwliile Husslail forces to the Street and lilt the Skinner car which north and northwest of lludnpesl was double parker, police reports WPr( closliiK a uiani iilncers mound said. the (lernians on a ciiivIiik Sll-nille Hoth cars were sllRhtly damiiKed. front .wliich lias posed a mouiitiiifi Hen llcnnetl, Kokonio, Ind.. was menace to the Nazi positions on the fined $1 and costs for failure to .approaches to the Hratislava sap stop at stop sign on State Road llli'miil Vienna. yesterday, It was reported. fSwIs reports said panic reigned Calorie Content A fair sized potato contributes tha some number of calories of fuel food for the body engine as a large orange, a large apple or four average sized prunes. Sip it Slowly . . . Enjoy it Folly. j ALL-GKAIN ' ; I v AMERICA'S CHOICEST PILSNER T "It's the Brew forYbu!" To enjoy fas fine a beer as Sterling, drink il slowly njoy to the utmost the sparklmq tang of every resfy drop. Then you get full benefit of Sterling tangy true-beer taste, And don't Coach Burton has had trouble pointing til's boys for tonight's game with the match against Wiley up this weekend. The Torre Hautoans will he here Friday night to try to avenge their. one-minute defeat of last year. While the Wildcats .are planning to make sure their Christmas vacation will start off with' a. bang in Friday's game. A curtain-raiser between the Clinton Kittens- and the Dana B stjuad will start at 7 p. m. with the varsity game scheduled at S p. m. UtffWMeRvJ&ifirtf -Trite- AOAiMSf CAAUtC wei6M-r fnraet aood thinas oo first. So insist on Sterling next lime 73,3to Beuwr (j-fJErry ybu're beer-thirsty and every sip wtll bring you fresh proo( that here, indeed, is "the brew for you." , STERLING BREWERS, INC., fvamvllle, Ind. . fi steiiiing bbeweus, Inc . tvamvflle, Ind. . . . v.'J)$$& 1 ' thieves steal as many as they i thieves stenl ns many as they can i I v-m -miI'P U!'' from mail boxes. Itl 'fi oni mail boxes. V i ' IT . j If chocks are received through the mail, bo at home or have a member ital Aft V" 4 ,Wf S ' h ,x a 1 TT& ! 1 U S ' J? v W M i" FT" fi t; 'JT -Cf. it .-Vb,' ft E:sPgr I k v s . om r .-i - , i , , , . Si Purdue Civilians To Clash With DePauw Netters IXDIANAFOUS. Ind. The civilian Purdue net team will journey to Depauw tonight for a second clash only a week after the Boilermakers won .47 to 31 from the Tigers. Because of a Xavy order temporarily restricting V-12 students the Boilermakers will continue to play without,, Its Navy members. The game tops a heavy colb-gi;ite (Continued rroru page 1) of I he family at home to receive the checks when they are due. Merrhants are urged not to cash cheeks from si rangers without I he proper Identification. Hj . Taper Barometer To mukti a paper barometer mix one part of cobalt chloride, 10 parts of gelatine and 100 parts of water. Immerse a piece of paper or light intis'-n in this solution and allow to dry. The normal color is pink, which channcs to violet in medium weather and blue in very drv weather. (he checks lien ,l,ey are clue. Aleiihanls are urged not In cash ol 1. IV... Ul .L.., u-Hl.nlll Hie I.I.. , ...... ni 1 i i 'r&te' Jf---- lltill ;ip sf-crerary of slate, if wed and signed numerous giession bills, including tlie S'ici;i security measure imhi ! lie inc- I-iulmiral bill. chedule tonight, following Butler cinisdnns Address t3D iisMinii'd that bo also worU-1 ho n;it ion-wido aiidj es-s I hat n.4 iu deliver on Christinas It ed ( he Feed fat Poul'ry feeders need be little concerned if their feeds are somewhat lower in fat content. Hatchability of Ke. Buck Washington today. Mr. University b delat of Ball Stale, 4 ., to 41 last night in Indianapolis. The game la the second Indiana college conference victory for the Butler Bulldogs. Art Cox. with 1 ! points led scoring honors. Fred Ui-ley of the Muneie college, wan second with 18. EarlfeinvOaJLege Juirdwooders suffered 3V01(i.Jitbick. the third of their season, .when they ventured into Ohio to meet Wilmington College. ItodseveM lents that the past . eggs is unanccieu oy iai in uie diet, reports the U. S. bureau of ani-t mul industry. fyed internal ional prob-have arisen in Europe in two v.eels. I-pecially 11 i'-Ui uu'tjer of iho conflict After'flunker Hill's defeat of Lor- ; as College last night, 43 to 40. the i strong Xotce Dame team was not j expected to find the going too tough i bp! wet.-n t lie lli-it ih tK"'i!t;t4H!.i .-t&f-ces and the f,n('k' patriots in Croow, and t!u I'iritiPli-Sovift ,i:md on Hu-partition of Poland. .it:ui Intornut ioiuil ('oiiftMcnc' Tim Jirramiini; of another hiWrn:'t-ion:il coni'M i'iu-i' v if li Prtnio Minis-tcr f'lnii'f iiill and Hoif t Maish:il .lo-Stalin is also onnidend of lop iinpoiian'-. Mr. Roo.-;evpt has fndi-cal'd Ii1 is r;iLr.M- to met with ih" oth'-r two Al!i"d IcadtM's just as soon tonight when the Irish entertain Lor ns. Wabash, with three victories, will seek a fourth tonight when the Little (Wants entertain Indiana Stale. . MV PAU6UTECS WiSBLOO 7JiNMVe BEEM ABDUCTED AND ;f ' 7 SCO TO PAV THIS B TO BE TaD UTEf? f T,,'ST L w ILfi LIFE AT STAKE. EVERY kathITtO h WDWAWERS1 CEMANDS MUST) V UKSCM ? Jk 16 ALL I KNOW, j I ) A ! .tn iWEcomrsiXy.SKiJ N-a-A, skipper! A V'SMWms APRrFT." I HAIR - k r-rx, 1 U AnMV.SiR!? , Vbf pbblMiS I BREADTH WimfM M ! HARRY iSIW! V TSmL (a sl-cwawavis stR eomA " '?w.N,qo bring the T ..your ..;Tl X sn oownraulein J wrltstup.0 I M yes, ,t looks IXwurnjI 1 anl datf fonvf-nicnl to Concordia plays at Manchester and Valparaiso journeys to Illinois Nor- ' mat for other games involving lloo- j sler colleges. ! all tine1 can be docidwl. It h: thoi;L'!it iliat such a mcelint niiL'bl possibly lake p!:u:o during February. Strndy (m'i! essioiiiil ,dill-;ss X r. Hoos' veit. in iln.1 next two Class. iped Ads Sell Most Anvtliinj A CLINTON LADY SPIT UP ACID LIQUIDS FOR HOURS AFTER EATING of i e ,., i ,,,JX . m- , DOKTORI KRU&& AND im. FLASH, H TALK ABOUT.' DID YOU HAVE MANAGED f REICH WILL HAVE l GET BACK WAS TO PREPARE 'n,:; Cu-. ' f)AN her wst coanv V o-..j--with A know vckir partner much better TooowfTHouT cupoftwfor ,.d ieCii,!,m rr th. w vr;ir t..,.i, IfiXrt -f.:. .0W WAGON.' ) HAS GONE TO HIS- JjL WITHOUT HIM.' I THE PARALYSIS l CHAIR.' X HONORABLE rr v.r M,n pieW feiTT V Sp- REWARD ? f I GAS SECRET yOU 1-V UESTS r,P, .-.moui.- -euritv sTter the wr. TVf TTT "7-'- Ma - I iitlT , , I CARRY IN YOUR J PfeOV fourlh tern- inauKund will he l.el.l f 7 - . 1 WiLMli f A .ff5 'l V'lt ' on ih" Ho'.ih portico or ll.e While fe?- ' - J 4TA I 'Te VjK Wf.' IJlJ J ' . Secret IUfHI W ' ; : s-isr 1 mMmvmiM 4, w. - For hom-s . nftr rvf-ry meal, a Clinton lad)' used to spil tip strong, arliluloiiN liquid mixed uith pieces of lialf-ditresWd fod. She sayn It wun nut ui. At (inies she would nearly wtninjIe. She had utoinach ldont, daily lieadnrhes and constant irregiilr loI artfnn. To-il&y nts tier meals and enjov lliejii. And she says the rJiange i.due to taking KltJl-IIKIJ. Her food Hfes iviih Jier. gits, 1 Idoat or spit tins; up after e.iiin. She in also free of hcailadii' imw, and liowels are reuuhir, lhanl;s to (id Kemarkalde Xew Compound. j ERIi-HKM eontains VI iiiont Herbs ; . , t hey cleanse I m nvel s, lea r gaa from stomach, act on shiuuivh Her and kidneys. Miserable eopl WMin feel different nil over. So don't feo on Hufferiiiff. iitt hftft-llf Xr. White's (lleiail) riiarmaty lin KNtre. . (liOipiny viili 'clon ;unl toy .u ( . ' " ' " ' " ' ,-heehs. if merch.-uis ami f I I BUT YOU SAID ONLY If OH, WAIT 1 1 I'LL -Li) (VOUl ITHEVRE BEAUTIFUL AMD I Tlllir rr- ? could pose fob -nLLyou -scRATOfl fw:if hHXtVT1 now iieiuK ciKiuc ,i i.v the ciinf 1 iLLlEi At J rtfC 1 L0NIA '"JE -ER-GoT y?uR MASTERPiECeJISEE HER HER r S i'3flM0TJ vVlA T1 V 1 JT. ,,!ice -l -panuient and n,e u. s. . .-. IxVImI anCTheR MODEL 5j "TPT" EySb-,er ''A'V " ' u ere, Service, ('hi.f Youmans 21 VOU SE E - gXi, OUTfV AfK K 'H(r'T J? ch,,,s ,..,1! i(s nr (i, the fcjr iw. MilL- YwFr kii5 , V Mil w 1U e THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY YOU SHOUIO: ! : - ' - Li: . : ' ' T. ll Hi-.. v -i inaau h) v7( )Jn J'f ' " ' I U"help thus it LJ Kit lights fire ( uuh at ) ( hm - its not J ,M f Af ' O y s BECOMES A COMPASS GUIPES THE (DEAR' J TIME J 7 GO'N' . M WTVK (TO THE SELF-RELIANT MARINER, OR ASAlM A rT TRAVELER HOME ( IS IT K yt- , . v jP Ti . 1 1 7 A COMMOW TIMEPIECE IS OF j 7 BAROMETER f ) AkIP IS A THIMG OF J ? J i ( I Theatre ZSSTKT 7 F). KEEPS YOU IX TRIM L :1LI '1 J - P - - -W. -b-r l A HELPS YOU RELAX LUCKY STtil BOWLING ALLEY t yTJ , v ' , 'I . n iii V ' ' 1 .. .

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