The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 19, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1944
Page 2
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Tuesday, De?SitK-r)fl44. T H E ' d'a i L Y c l is T O ft i A to ' I nge, Two -4 my.: WlrframfjCaseH barry uase agenn f t'nfutett ufiliry Vf porf 'ihey are known to' travel at speeds well in excess of 2P0 miles an hour.' ' ' "The balloon lias been turned over to military authorities who together with the Navy checked inlo the matter with the Fill." Time, Distances Move Against US Forces in Pacific , for toilet ankles. . . . W repellent lining. 13 (Continued from page 1) 1 Interesting Social News Everyday n nionritaiioii; I'nrest j-cgion 17 miles KMHhwptW Katlspi'fl. Mtmtatta'.-'r'e-ported to the sheriffs office, there Ills (lisrovery of an object which he thought was a parachute. "The bag itsell' is of high grade processed paper. There appeared on the baluion Japanese characters indicating completion of construction at tbe factor'; on October "1. 1941. Inrfmliury On Itnlloon "Attached lo the side of (he balloon was an incendiary device, with a fuse, apparently Intended for its di'st ruction. A typical balloon rope structure allached lo Hie flange around the bag terminated in u elastic type cable at the bottom which had been severed, and no determination has been made of Hie use for which it was intended. "I're ailing winds in the west In r inm-Jjjf ;iu (ho I, ().,,; liiall Tuesday n'iiiht. One' candidate. M vh. I.nuiso Hums was initialed into I In1 Inline. A (linsiinas exclmuKf was enjoyed by nil with forty-one present. Painty refreshments wcri served, al tor which Christ mas songs wit sunt. The St. Hern ice Conservation flub enjoyed a six o'clock Christinas Turkey dinner in Hip Vermillion Koom al the Clinton Hold in Clinton. Tweiily-six members attended the dinner alter which sanies and music were enjoyed. The Women's Society of Christian Sen fee with 3:1 in attendance, held their Christmas meeting in the Sujr-ar drove Church west of town, with a bountiful "Curry In" dinner for h . tarter. I'olly Anna Pals were re St. Berniee Holiday Parties Local Organizations Hold Christmas Meeting: OKS Chapter Guest at Party Mr. n ml Mis. 11. K. rook mill sun of Indianapolis ticconiiintileil by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Matthews re wciik end pilosis of Mr. mill Mrs. Herman Kuich ami flaiiuliHT. 1M Mrs. Charles HoIHiik. who has been visiting her sisicr. Mrs. Howard Moore in Corpus Christ!. Texas, returned home Thursday accompanied by Mrs. Monro in order to be t : '.'7 ' J Highest Ceiling Prices PAID FOR VOI R USED CAR NliR I S KHrollK Vof SIM,! WILSON, JUSTICE and OSELLA - . .... 1)1....... .!'? in .10 to 4"i days. And the Philippine? are about '.noo miles went of Honolulu. Just before the Philippine invasion by lien. Doiiubts Mae Arthur's forces. Hear Admiral Carellon H. Wrlcht, rnniniandaiit nf the Tweltl'h Naval District estimated that UOi ships were operating daily In the Pacific loaded witli military supple. The situation hasn't Improved ureal -ly since then because of the Kurop-ean situation. AccdrdinK to Wright, those ships could carry two million measurement ''tons. He explained t hut did not mean the total tonnage was being delivered the other end at one time. 00 Ships NVetled Wriuht added that one-third of the 200 rould be assumed to be westbound, one-third eaMbnund and present at the funeral of their noph- ve.ih d followed by a grub-hap PW, Lt. Ce.orpe Hartley. .11'.. who was 1 Christmas exchange. Election of ofli- coast area have blown strongly directly fiuin JI.e V.Tdt '.:!' itrtbwesl in recent weeks, and persons experienced In the use of free balloons re- M TO SII.KS killed in service in an airplane acci !.- S. Mill St. L'Ufl jipwii cers reunited in the following: president. Herniee Mct'ollum ; vice-prosi- dent In Tampa Hay. Florida. The Rebekah's held their recu- dent. Juanila Maker; secy., lOsthor I Middle: treas.. Madge Heed: flower! roiiiniittee, Minnie King and lierllia Kollincs; publicity eoniiniltee, Edith j fined and Tlielnia Pirtle. Mrs. Lil-j lian McDonald of Dana made a talk ! on religion while Mrs. Mary Coope one-third loading or discharging. On rrpi iHo of Dana was the miesl singer. b.tsjat ,;ft snjps woltl(i i,e need I All of which was greatly appreciaied ,f i Mr. and Mrs. James Hartley ol X I Lour "flench, Calif, and Mrs. H. K. Home L ed to assure a constant flow of that j tonnage. j Dos pile shipping handicupe. the i Pacific war is well abend of sched-I ule. although military and naval leaders warn that the toughest ! fighting still lies ahead. PLUMP, curly-haired Carol Ann Barry. 14-month-old daughter o( Joan Barry, will have her day in court at Los Angeles, an her pretty mother, Joan Barry, attempts to prove that Charlie Chaplin is the baby's father. The Issue of the child's paternity was dropped over a year ago, when blood tests showed that Chaplin could not have been the father, . but the court has decreed that the baby should have her day In court, so the case will be tried before a jury. (International) t Moore of Texas were out of (own attendants at the funeral of Lt. C.rorsre Hartley. Jr. on Monday afternoon. Hay Williams was in Chicago last week end for his physical examination preparatory to entering the jl. S. Service. A lovely Christmas party was held recently honoring the birth anniversary of Mrs Kelley. with the For l.illle fiirls' f 'hrixtlliax mouses In Miniature Muffled nnd tucked in ansel white or prettieist I Q pastel cottons! I t3 To (m Willi the , Little (iirls' Jumpers 50 9; Wool Shetland weave, n QQ Gay colorful triluniiuKS. fci30 Pearl Harbor in the fall or 1044 pave me l he impression it was no more of a war zone than San Francisco, or Cleveland. There was plenty of activity connected with the war, but' within Hie past year it had become a rear area. W OA .5 niGHT V ZS3EL A I il ' late on the possibility of such a nuisance raid. Tokyo can look forward to increasingly furious assaults by long-range bombers which' Tnt Bales Pj; Mate's Club -of yxfttH t KniHuV Strike Dana Chapter -of Mk'-G. K. S. "as i iarl Harbor tortav is srrontrer guests. The party was held in .t?i- jIiail it pvor 1ias boon Although home of Mrs. KeJlet with her Itto Lome niilitarv men believe that the daughters. Kllza PeHe and Martha jiipaneH(, Rti'll mighl carry out a assist inir at a six o'clock turkey uMn-, s.ljri(, on'rrler attack nti tht !:. already are beginning to pare down Japan's ellort lo lurn out war Mi 21 Her. There were. 11 members and I ha n,.1!,1t.a i t..,t Cni. Girib(l I one special guest. Mrs. Kelley's is-wouh, t " a'ffect' the trend of .the ter, Mrs. Itoy Truitt of Dana, who fWilP . has been ill for a long; period of I hile Pearl Harbor may specu- Expansion Flans Are Outlined For Local War Plant time. The Tioupe was beautifully der-o ra t ed for the Christmas sea so n with a white tree improvised by the Kelley's and decorated with hrifiht jruni-drops. Devotions were jrivon n-round t lie table wif h soft eandlft light and a candle lishied biru;day (Continued from Page One) Have Your Dry-Cleaning Done "THE MODEL WAY" 323 S. MAIN :-: PHONE 13 536 S. FOURTH :-: PHONE 55 tracts were being filled at the local machine tool plant in addition to MODEL CLEANERS cake for the centerpiece. A :ift exchange was enjoyed at which lime Mrs. Kelley's daughters presented her with a lovely white ritual. T h ose attending w ere M rs. ('la ra Kra per. M rs. Florence Miller. M rs. Clio King and the hostess nil of St. Bern ice. Airs. Helen Steins. Mrs. Kmmu Aikman. Mrs. Ktia Ostium. Mrs. Itoma Terry. Mrs. Adoh Rhodes and the president Mrs. Tot Vf lo the cirl who always waits, "Til H HUH CHS hi-itm lirHTNT dntef Hel'ore n semN Im'I' riot lit t I S, Semi them NOW, for ( Irani im Ll'S. Hales with the special guesls all of Dana. Mrs. Mildred Hehman of Ter- re Haule. nnd fVlrs. Klla j;oforr4i of nearly 2T.0 domestic contracls with the entire' output of the factory going into war production. Work in connection with the new Navy rocket program as well as on M-29 assemblage is being pushed at the Clinton plant. KnlarLing on he National Asso-cia lion of M amif act u rers meet i n g which he attend. Dr. Xehrlaut emphasized the rekt nwd for maximum war proii iJf ioji expressed by What he Jermtfd'a ery for Ti1p" was read""irom (ienoral Dwight D. Kisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces In Europe, in which the Allied- leader declared that progress on ihe battlefields in Germany lias been hampered not only by the weather and by insufficient distribution of transportation hut especially by a lack of ammunition, tanks and other weapons of war. This was revealed to ihe N. A. M., he said, in an effort lo convince . L " - 1 " " - ' ji:in;i weiy inaiHe 10 attend twwi i v A? J LitUe tHris' Dresses '" llVffl ' . ZVl 'MP ' fielure-twokfroeks in line AD 1 I'likS Jj A2silSv eoltou j.rinlH and ldains. I "3 f 'At'J- . W ,JT Junior Swealer Time! (r f h' 6 Part wool coal sweater in i Q fa? 4"! 1 t V iSfl Ian and lilue C-S. t ttO fyffai t- ft ! I (iabardine Jimmies , L: s Crf' l.'Vj Pressy Calfardilie. Nicely f ' '" "B Winter colors. I bU3 i f j i Jim Penny Suits f'Vl J ' vt TroiiMTs inaleh in if 4'W j n the government contractors that the time for phi n n i n g reconversion 1 o peace-time manufacture is not yet here. Originally scheduled for a reconversion conference, the session of the N. A. M. became instead a means of laying plans to not only double i but triple war production, he said, adding that increased production will soon be possible both for war J con t raci s a nd for post wa r work a t i he local machine toot industry by a planned .M pen-en t expansion of Ihe lool department. ,. . Jap Secret W eapon Theory Probed hv Flil wool KM.-.I.. clolh with 7 Af -4 V &j' ' 7,90 ni i jftffir. ' -. LiHIe Fellow Slacks . j j -)if ' ULi f fontliiiiw) tioio p&ge 1 i;ira'-hite long before the gas-hat; came to res! mi simiv -covered tres in the inL'ed itiountains of north-wetsi Mimtana. AiiiMl hi War Plant ;:. The balloon wns a new Jap-iieNe "see ret weapon." carryine e-plniei direi-ied against a military ottjeet W e ill I lie Doll ((West 111 it ed -"Kites Inn which drooped tlie e- j jib'sies in some remote iiiouniaiuntiH section without dimm-ins: any war itidii-ttry be ton the hap fell to earth ill Monuma. 4. Tiie balloon was released from a submarine, a short dis- ' i. ! Reversible Coats ' f M 'S, ! '''v'""'rt Wai-r- . ' . v" f if I '(iM ' i reM u. linillB. lilue. fi -If- ,-m A , h ! t'a.uel. I - 1 a. 0.1 3 f. ' t S J. j Coat Sets for Youngsters " 1 vji , i " I Warmly Ini.Tliiied prin- ' ' ,' ? J J lf 1 cess coals. i-l..ecn col- i f) nA; ' . . !f a U I '' u s I0.S0 jt i . f i v Mairhinc uii. zit't"".' '." Si ml 't i " ' fasl-ners a, .he sid.s. fl Qg J J ,4 . t Lil It. sr. T. S. I'ai. Off. SlZ-1 fXNX Rayon fa Shecrs ciUc .'v GAYMODE HOSIERY Br" " l"ii!l-fasliioticd loveliness in excilini; colors from M S..U.U "f .he Holder . . . i'aiio Sun. Vista &---r'Jr Jt llu. i. nda Tali . . . sunshine colors for wiuiry Kjf- davsl sheer and ymuutli-fhting heauly! thousands of mMl m lies i la lire olf tiie Tiit'ilir shor line to j land either Kabtiieurs. enemy spies or j e.losi es ill ihe I aeifii jmi thuefcl. j u Hvitleme of SulMiteuj-s A i en-day search by the Army. Navy and i"I!l has disclosed no evidence of any Japanese saboteur, landing in the icinity of ihe hal-bni!i or along tiie course of its proh- calls lo deliver this Giiiisfmas Many are RUSH, URGENT, IMPORTANT for there is no holiday for war. So please use Long Distance only for essential calls on December 24, 25 and 26. A i able ti'iL-iit aerrtss I'niud Slates ter-' rItor . Military experts rather discount the saboteur landing anule on it tie pround tliat Japanese vnld be tmatde to disi.nise tlieir racial rhar-( acterist ii- and would be sult.iect to ; t,f.piei(in the moment they appeared in any pacific coast area, since Japanese and Japanese-Americans-' v ere i pe!ed from wept coast areas j s ii urt 1 y ;itter I ea rl H a rhor. 1" n d er i Army orders, the loyal American I Nipponese will return io the coast Jan. j Tio official announcement of the I ri!l read: -on December 11. 1!44. a d- choffjter. Owen Hill, and his tatter I O. H. UiU, iui bad Acn wojiaj in i LL-i SPECIAL FOR WEDNESDAY NICHT 7 p. m. One Pound Box of Fame and Fortune Chocolates. One Box to a Customer! . OPEX EVENINGS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! ' J Wednesday and Thursday until S:.')0. Friday and Saturday until 9:00 INDIANA BILL TFltPMONI COMPANY

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