The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 11, 1968 · Page 11
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 11

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1968
Page 11
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Palm Beach Post. Monday, Nov. 11, 1968-11 Enemy Gunners Down Two U.S. Helicopters Playhouse Embarks Laughingly On New Season With Comedy SAIGON AP) Enemy troops, harassed by L'.S. B"2 strikes and ground forays against their hideouts near the Cambodian border, shot down two U.S. 1st Air Cavalry Division helicopters Sunday. A rocket downed one helicopter in flames and automatic weapons fire felled another in a group of eight assigned to pull a South Vietnamese company and its American advisers liom a jungled area 50 mill's northwest of Saigon to rest alter a skirmish Saturday night. Associated Press photographer Henri fluet reported one American cavalryman was wounded in the helicopter that burned. The second craft was recovered. For the third straight day. B-52 bombers staged heavy strikes in the air-ground effort to block any drive on Saigon by 15,000 to 20,000 Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops reported strung out in a 50-mile-long arc near avowedly neutral Cambodia. Twenty five of the eight-engine jets loosed 750 tons of explosives on known and suspected positions of the enemy, some a bare four miles from the frontier. The lK.ODO-man 1st Air Cavalry Division moved into that area from the north last week to beef up the Allied ground forces. U.S. officials said one of its units B Company, 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regimentfound a deserted enemy base camp, with fortifications large enough-to-accomo- date a regiment, about 75 miles northwest of Saigon. Three more enemy shellings of South Vietnamese cities were reported Sunday, 10 days after U.S. armed forces halted all attacks against the North. Military spokesmen announced 11 civilians were wounded. Targets were Can Tho, a provincial capital in the Mekong Delta 85 miles south of Saigon; Cal Muoc, a district town 165 miles southwest of Saigon; and Cam Lo, nine miles south of the eastern flank of the demilitarized zone. Three allied military positions also drew enemy shells. Spokesmen said more than 200 rained on a U.S. Marine bt- voac and two South Vietnamese base camps in the border area between Cam Lo and Gio I.inh, 11 miles to the northeast, from enemy positions just below the DMZ. Marine casualties were reported light. Government headquarters said there were no South Vietnamese losses. A South Vietnamese military spokesman accused the Communist Command of stepping up its rocket, mortar and recoilless rifle attacks on provincial capitals and district towns since President Johnson halted U.S. air, artillery and naval operations against North Vietnam Nov. 1 in a move toward expanding the Paris peace talks. By PETE GORDON Staff Writer DELRAY BEACH The season opened with "Love in E Flat," at the Delray Beach Playhouse Friday, Nov. 8, winning laughs with its theme of modern morals, or lack of thtm, based on "the pill and the bug" in relationship to old-fashioned sex. The actors proved one point: Sex and the wiles of man versus woman regarding the marriage trap haven't changed, only the method of springing the trap. The theme Is an obvious one, but pleasant mind you. A young medical interne, underpaid and overworked, solves the problem of food, entertain ment and the high cost of transportation In these pursuits, by romancing the girl in the next apartment. It's a handy arrangement for both. Convenience develops into genuine love. The trick of the plot is how to bring the low-budget romance into a binding marriage. It's all done with a fake pregnancy which shatters human faith in using "off-brand" pills. The lecherous boyfriend bugs his sweetheart's apartment. By adroit listening he can tell whether she's getting serious about the affair. The girl discovers the deception, and uses the bug to swindle her lover into marriage. Well, there's more to it than that, and lots of good lines to make a delightful evening without crass verbage. Don't expect unhappy scenes, this play is to laugh. Opening the setting to explain the theme seemed to drag until old-time Playhouse favorite Bob Sinclair bounded onto the scene. Sinclair projects with a voice that changes tone and pace to set moods. His was a small part. It was needed at this point and from then on the action stays lively. He is the only non-professional in the group, but nonetheless has a long list of stage credits. He pleases well especially in small support parts. PRE-H0LIDAY f t E 1 .. t" I t sf i t tiff t i . fit i . I IB h U , A ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY U Our wide-scale clean-up, sweepout of timely terrific merchandise from every department is now in progress. Save now! Choose from these sensational bargains for your family! n. rra n t j IJ Miss Paige Sosnoskl. the lead girl. Is a professional and in her first Playhouse role.' showed she has the figure And face of a Hollywood starlet. A little stiff in actions on the first night, her facial expressions were most believable and matched her voice ejvio,--lion. She captured the stag? whenever she had to show; ac tion, so there is more than one. side to this pretty girl. . However, her Amy charac-, ter was that of a compliant, girl, and she played it that, way, quietly. Except in one: scene where she assists her, lover in doing a strip-tease., ; - Bob Rogalbuto. three-season veteran at the Playhouse, drama-trained and employed pin-, fessionally in entertainm.en;V had one of his longest and best-typed roles. He never ,h.i,d any trouble presenting a characterization of a selfish young doctor, or matching voice, or, iction to the scene. Nice thing about Fiegalbulo. :!ven when playing the lead he ,ave full support to other play-ts. He makes sure the audi-nee gets w hat it pays for. the vhole play. The only tiling he jlayed short on this one. was, not enough emphasis on, the lead's lecherous ploy. . . Strong supporting roU-s were played by Miss Fran Scott. Arthur Axelma.i ,and Marty Lorin, all new comers to, the Playhouse, but all .with strong roots in playacting and entertainment. Marin Lorin as a sinister, seller of bugging devices, carried off some hackneyed, lines, and cliches to every one's satisfaction. Audience applause cheered his final exit. Axelman. has had expnri-ence in play writing, directing and production. This was his first appearance on stage. As a fellow interne and hysterical room mate of the lecherous Regalbuto, he received more continuous laughter than others. The part was originally w Tit-ten to underplay the stronger. Regalbuto part, but Avel-man's stage presence seemed to fit. He took It for all It was worth, and that was a for. a buckefull of laughs each ,t,lme on stage. Cast in similar roles, Axel-man should prove an asset to the Playhouse this year. . , Miss Fran Scott, unfortunately had only a supporting role to the lead girl. Miss Scott has a vivacious manner, fine facial emotion, meaningful words. Provided with a stronger part, she would have been more enjoyable. As it was she did a businesslike support job. . Playhouse goers seemed pleased with Director Chris Robinson's first effort here as a director. Still in the midst of a career as nationally-recognized star in television, movie and stage, Robinson has come back to his Hypoluxo home, and offered to direct six of the Playhouse productions this summer. Robinson, skilled in movie methods, uses strong animation of faces to match , vole? emotions. It is most effective in close-up photography. It requires a great deal of skill fyr both director and actor, and "Love In E Flat" succeeded. T. Possibly there could have been more stage action. Movement from spot "B" to spot "A" seemed too much a the actor's direction, or i not enough. The play moved smoothly through Interesting sets, and everyone was amused. 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