The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 18, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1944
Page 6
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- . Monday, December 18, 1944. Page Six THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Indiana Youths Capture ! 9 Major Vegetable Awards Nazi Counterblows Strike at Reds In Czech Border Area Counterallack Is Scoring Cains In Yank Front trnnly directed ugiiliinl pl)nr of llii'iii. 0, Muliial economic u.-winliiin'c after llio wur. 7. Tho priwiit li.ict "In no wny nf-fi't'la rnliillnna il'uvlimnly chIiiMIbIi-cd by dm hIkiiiii'h wllli oilier mules (hrmiKli lieuly. ai.'eai' I'ni t 8. Tli" treaty uliall renialii 111 force for SO yeurn. FOR SALE Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices if rFy) 1 ; . V!V i - i ft Jri - Burcb Harlan i Donald Mowcry Farmers of America. He has graduated in civilian defense courses as an auxiliary (reman and policeman, holds a membership in the Indiana Farm Bureau and owns 70 head of Angus beef cattle. Donald, son of Mrs. Helen L. Mowery, has operated a 55-acre truck and fruit farm in Vigo county since the death of his father in 1042. He made top grades the past year while he finished high school, although he went to school only mornings and farmed each al'.ei noon. . He has been a showman in contests since he was three years old and has won 103 fruit, vegetable and other awards totaling $034. His 4-H club record covers nine years, and his Future Farmers of America project! total four years. , In the 1044 4-H Club Congress a few days ago in Chicago, Mowery was named winner of a $z00 scholarship and th:-Nationul 4-H Club Achievement , uward. Youths in 44 stntes competed in the market-garden contest for sectional and regional awards and for a national championship. The latter was won, Prof, Snyder an nounced, by Donald F. Sullivan. 19, Potsdam, N. Y., whq receive, a $500 scholarship. Slicpliiirdsvillu Woman Dies At Torre Haute Hospital Mrs. I.ncy .May lierry, sliephiiifln. vllle, died lit Iho Colon JIohjjMhI In Terre llnuto al 1:45 p. in, l-'rlduv nl'ler a hIioi'I IHlleHH. Mm. Herry in Hiirvlveil by Die Ihik-liand, Hay; two aoim, t'harlea y1l-cliaelH, New Ilooloii, Mlrli.; mid H 1c Kloyd IMIeluielH, nieinlier of the Allanllc Kleel In Ihe V. H. Navy; seven Kianilehllilren ; two Urolhera, .lumen Colin, Deliolt, Jlieh.; and Al-herl Cul IB. Sullivan. Ind.; and III ren simeiH. Mm. Ahe Deny. ('Union, route I wo; Mm. CeoiKe Hurley, Kliepliaidavllle; and Mm. doorce CiKidniun, Hulllvun, Ind. The body was returned lo Hie residence from I lie Krlat Kuneial Home Kunday afternoon. Kuneral serxlcc will be held at the Hliepliardiivlllo Clmreli at 1:30 i. in. Tuewlay, Willi Kev. Joe Uuill-erleklioime ol'llclallnK. Iliirial will Im In the Shepliards-vllle Cemelery. Sticky Iclnra Moisture In the. air on rainy daya may make icings soft and sticky. ,To offset lliis temleacy, ennk aha icing or sirup products Just ahglitly UOMETKItV MimoM MM MtINt MI'.'NTK and MAltKUItH Terre Haute Monument Co. Iltl.I. V. lOf'B l'boiw mi JiartwMitHdva ( . s ' ". 't tot a. aWmMw Ollntoa Willi The OumpUnMiata Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASn THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for Donald JteckelHberg Wabash Ave. ' . Just Come la ' '' And Ask For Them) Wl h This Space ET Oaf . ' ITOI'lt NAME MAf BE KICXT, THPCrURES itity More ftoiida c FINAL TL'E. 40c j: You can't kiss away a MURDER! -"" J tow I; faromount Prtsantt . V, FRED Mac MURRAY BARBARA STANWYCK EDWARD 6. ROBINSON. "Double Indemnity D-aid br WUV WKOf Color Cartoon wf Flrat day Insertion: Sa (or each raadlna Una (oh column Una, like no of tbeae). Neit two dan Insertion: the aame la charge (you get throe daya at double the cost of the first day). Next three days Insertion: the earns la charge (you get a whole Keek five days) at three times the eoat of one Insertion). Eacb group of three daya thereafter, 8c a line. Blackface (like this) 10c per line. All claasiried ada Including mem-erlams and notices of all kinds must be paid In advance except those by regular customers whose accounts pre paid monthly or those from or- aranlsatlons whose bills must ne ai lowed before being paid. In the latter case the person Baking the publication of the notice will be held responsible tor It payment. FOB SALE 1THAKA TIOIIBUC DAItUEL 2" gauge shotRun, like new. Will trade for automatic or pump gnu. Call at 12:01) noon at :i44 Vino Ntrcet. t"x FAK.M WAGON 10 IN. TNI KS, ' grain led first class rnndllloii. "fill, also 'i H. P. electric motor, 10. Write or call I,. M. Mit-choll, Newport, phone-1 5. t:(7 WESTINCHOIISE LIGHT JJIJ1-UH. All sizes. '15 watt o 20ltiwatt. S. O. Harlan Hardware. 254-2511 " North Ninth Street. t.'KJ LAltGE SIZE HEATER, (llltl.S TAN coat size 12, electric train (no track) olber qiutal toys. liarhiy Kennedy, lllllsdulu, lull. Ci'Jx HALF-WOOL HLANKETS, HANf)-loom nil wool rugs. Nice for gifts. Mrs. Hobs King. I'airvlew. 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ALUERT MADEN, LY-ford. t.M.v CANNON HEATING. STOVE. Cheap. Ernie's. Phone 8. l-'Jw FIFTH VEIN COAL. CALL 692-J. tlOx PAID NOTICES NOTIfK! Jerusalem 'Lodjre No. 'J'.l F. & A. M. stated meeting. Tuesday. December 19, 7: SO p. in. John tlrif-fitlis, W. M.f Charles lirown, secy. t:;i; NOTICE KKKE! All nienibers please be present at the meeting Tuesday, flee. ltf. Important business to he discussed. t:i; .VfTK'K! Trl Kappa Christuias Danc. I)'. 27. Arafcou llall Kooiu, Leo Ilaxter's Orchestra. 137 wtrxwf lyiTICar j Mi MAI'I.E STOHKUNH ItAIIY BED with steel sprlnKB and liulr mattress. (Inod condition. 1'lnino 797-J Clinton. t"5" MIXKD CI.OVHK AND ITIIK Tl.M-otliy liny, whi'iit straw. M. Drawn, 7iill Kim Htreet. t:H CAPONS d ressed and isk tiwkky, on fool. Mis. Shell WrlKlit, pliniie 1107-1. tatix HOY'S HICYC1.K A IX MOW I'AKTS, balloon tires. Cull 234-W atler p. in. t3t Tl'KKEYS. M11S. WII.MKK lllX-ford. three and one half miles northeast of Lyfoid. 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I'avcd mail. H Miles west of ( Union, Hazel lllllfr. Coal Co. VIXx lltTWSALs'-rAHTE- W A X FOR your floors. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. UENNET TItANKI'ER LOCAL AND long distance moving. 4Uii South Fourth Street. Phone 454. t85f LOST HROWN DILLI'OLI) A WEEK AGO containing $15.00. drivers license, social security, birth corllllcate. etc. Finder keep money und return billfold lo Clllitonian orrice. t::5z . FOUM) HYDRA!'!. It; JACK. OWNER MAY have by identifying anil paying for this ad. SUiats Auto Supply. 137 WANTED TO BUY FIVE OR SIX ROOM HOIHK. Write 31)9 North 3rd Kt. A. Carver. t38x PREWAR KLFK IN IMOD CONIll-tlon. Call 50. t3Gx Hf;iJ WANTED CLINTONIAN - NEWS CARRIER boys for route open on seventh, eighth, and ninth streets. Call 22. Clllitonian Office. Card of Thanks W desire lo t'XnfHi lo our h i lift iifiuhliotH and thouiiifui frU-ntn our Itt.HVt UU 'tLnukii lor tlM'ir inany xHi-h-nion o f yiuiaihy. The hcauUdjil flwral otfTiiiK8 were cijoc-ially apprrciatfl. Mm. MadK Martin Mr. and Mm. K-iiii'(Ii (iotn and Kaiufly. New Minimum Salary For IVaHier Sought by Council INIHANAroUH. Ind. - A l'iti-laliv procram railing for a n-w i ii i in u in mninty i.m hi (iiuuii'- ana. Council of 'IVachers 1 nioua. M, al Williaiiiri, W'Kihlativf rliairman or the coumil. ha id thai th plan would Uaw eo-vwrat ion of (Continued from puna 1) out post which Ihey arc still holding. There, fs active palrolllMK on both sides In this urea. Nlnlh Army forces on Iho bunks of the Hoer river iibnorbed u sleudy hull of enemy small-nrni" Htid nut-chlne-KUii fli'fl. while (he I :M Ii Corps orea was subjected lo artillery ami mortar blusis. NhU Land Ib-liliiil Miles HeadfjuurterB dlHfbtHed (lie land-Ins of sinuil parties of (Jennaii para-inumov belilnd I he linen of the Ninth Army front. Their iiiiHHion was to hurry coiuinunlctttions. Air It"liil(MTeiiientH HiPthnl The lioytil Air Force runlied aerial iiilnforceinetitH to tlm Anierlciin Klrst Army front, Spitfires and TempteHtH ordinarily ausiKHed to Weill, (ien. Kir Miles ('. Di'iiipKcy n Second Army urrlved to provide top cover. A (olal or 150 Cennaii nglil"r planes whs over Hie Kind Army front todav. Twenty were denlroyed, three probably destroyed und 13 ilani;mcd. Ni'H ;eini'in tialtiM . Latest biittlelruiil. reports Indicat ed new- (;'rin;tu kuiiih and confirmed that oiMMJiy progress hud bfcn at several iminls aloiiK a tin inije strolrh of territory, fruni Wonsehau to Trier. i. AmericaH reliifornenientH weim 1 1) row a Into battle in Iiiik'' iiumiIxth. RpolfeKinen at lieadqnarterH of (Jen. Dwitfht H. Khienhower mado no effort to inliimie imporlHnce of Ihe lu'tny'a MlaekK, ftmlund by the heu iett rtont ribut Ions made by the Hernial) air fori"? since Normandy In November. Vauktf Hobi New I, Em- Yet It appeared th" Amerieami were holding a newly-orsanlKed line and HclilfviiiK jmi-( ieiiln r nuecess In im)!iiiK up Nazi panilroopers drop-ped behind th'1 front lo disorganize Kiipply and ('ommuuinitiun syHleins. Anglo-Fran cc-Russ Control in Europe, Near in New Parts PAK1S, France. A tn-aly be tween Kntfland und Franco lo com plete a powerful J'Juropoun seeuriiy triangle with ItusHiu was seen in Paris diplomatic circles today as an immediate posslbiiiy hh the French oud Hiissans published Ihe terms of their 20-yeur mutual aid pact. The sfuli)K of such a pact be tween London and Paris was regarded as a logical -complement to I he 20-year treaty already signed between the Hritlsh ud Hoi b-ts nod the new pact recently drafted ul a niHel.iiiK between (Jen. Chiirles de Haulle, chief of the French provU slonal Koverument, and Premier Joseph Klatin. I'aetor in IVrc The FraiicO'RiiHHluu treaty was hulled today as a powerful faHor In f he poHt-wur plan to keep t ho peace In Kurope as its eiuhf Ironclad arlicle.H wen- made public. The Ireaty binds both nations to fiKht "with all available means" hI the side of each other and the rest. 'of the Allied nations to bring about a complete victory over (Jermany and specifically bans any move of either nation to make a separate peace with the Reich. I'koiioiiiic 4 'oofeiation ! Tho new Franco-ltuKKian pact al Idos for economic coopera- tl,m mwcoii Ik- two nations at the conclusion of the preei cmllicl. A d',,(,,l,,,tlc ''espoudent of ,'w1,,," lily. preaH also dis- possibility of a nrw tr';t- nwfyn Kngland and France,' Hayini; that such a pad was 'receiv-: ' aiU-.ntlou of Whitehall. ( 1 i'"inry ih- me rran- provide: i- JiwoU nalion will continue Cermany is defeated. HIWI"flle Ve 5. Neither nation will fcign any LAST (SHOWING TOM G II T (Conrlnuorf hrom Page I) the lied army tlio vital rail junction of Putnnk, swept Ihroiigh some two score towns and villages and killed moro than 6(10 Nazi officers nod men. Helwi lAill lefillM In n swlf l-llanklng ninnenvnr tlio Russhins swept around Hie Gorman defenses at P.iHtzo, in miles norlb-east of IludnpcKl, and seized the town nfler the enemy Rarrlson fled In disorder. lied army advances of more Hum six miles In the region nnrlh of Mis kolc, and the drive which engulfed the Important rail center of Past.o, posed a mounting plncer tlirent to the Nazis In the Matra and Huekk Mountains. While Interest centered on renewed Russian eiTorts to break through German and Hungarian defenses at Budapest, military observers suw the Soviet drive north and northeast of Budapest was the Inlial slage of a giant drive toward the Austrian border and Vienna. Hitter ItiulnpcNt Hat tie The Soviet communique also described the bftllle nigfng at Hie gales of Budapest as unusually hitter, Haying hundreds, of Gwnuan dead and great uuiiiililles of Hmashed Nazi eiuipment were left behind when thcienemy rellrt'd' from ith'e field. ' 1 Allied aircraft gave support to Hie Russians with an attack on VI-eunu and NWl comirtitfnlciition linen between the .Aualrjau and Hungar ian cnpitnlh. ' Fiiwe Ah- IIalIW'l t ' i In fhe air hutlle lituke into fresh fury oii almost till European (mnt during llui'diiv,' Hie Allied fly-ers sweep into Jlungaw-Jrticouulor-d Httfr reKistauce Irom the Luftwaffe over Lake Bahitoll where the Soviet third Ukrainian army Is preparing to renew Hh drive toward Austria less than 50 miles nway. The Soviets carried Ihelr air war against, the Germans to positions In Latvia and East Prussia. filrong Red army air forces ripped into German positions in the Baltic port of Llbau where ihey destroyed 10 en- enniy aircraft before I he Luftwul'fe could get. oil tiie ground. ' GaArantRd PARTS and SERVICE On All Makes of RADIOS and WASHING MACHINES Taylor's Radio Service M N. 9th Ht. Phone 7IKJ COLUMBIA SUNDAY and MONDAY AdniiHsion 9c and 25c SHOW BUSINESS With Kddic Cantor George Murphy Joan Duvin Nancy Kelly "ICiissiiMi Kliapsody" Mcrric Melody i:ko nkws Tuesday and Wednesday Admission 9c and 20c DOUBLE FEATURE SWING FEVER With Kay Kyver Marilyn Maxwell PLUS HOUR BEFORE THE DAWN With Veronica Lake Franchot Tone John Kill ten TIUKSDAV Admission and ?Jc CRY HAVOC With Margaret Sullavpn Ann Sothern Joan Rlondell "Wedtime Stories" Leon Errol Comedy I la lal Japa ic army headiuarler al Valeneia la the Orinoc Valley. Kli'llienlH or I Ik; Kevenly-Sevelilh Infantry Dlvlalon, the eiiiuiiiiiniiiue diHelowil. tiwept forward III a seven mile tain v.lilcli placed tlim wlihln Iwo miles of Valencia. Valencia TlireHteneil Valencia wan aim threatened by ,i drive from the north by the If'lrst Cavalry Dlvlxion which, wllli a Iwo mile southward atlvance, cut Ihe Va-inaKhlla Line lelween Mt, Calubar-an and Valencia while the Thirty-Keeoud Dlvinlon also advuiicliiK from the north along the Ormoe Valley road captured niimerous pieces of enemy ordnance IncliidiuK tanks, artillery pieces, mortars, and machine Kims. . These American (tains on I.eyte i resulted In 2,012 Jap dead beine ahandoneil on Ihe battlefields. MacArthiir's crimmiiniiiue had Utile to report concerning details of ground action on Mindoro but Indi cated that Ihe American forces were. niuviiiK at top speed while work un-' Its lollowllll! close upon the heels of the combat (trmips proceeded with Ihe construction of airdrome sites. ) SIihiIom- Manila Area Airdromes on Mindoro's soutliern lip will mean that Anieriean bombers and flKlilers can pound the Manila area of Luzon with over-increas-IliK reitiilarily. Manila lies within 150 miles f the American beachheads. fThe Japanese Dome) agency re-porled that ",an enemy fleet of con siderable slreilKth" had ber-ii siltilled io the StiUi Keu Konth.of Mindoro adding that "the nmv is apparent- ! pfannhig to move info mher ar- eas usiiiK Mindoro Island as a base."! . (The u'lrelesstrau-snfeloi), which was recorded bv the J-'( ' claimed that "our air units are carrvim; out 'onlinuoiis assaiills-'on thffr fleet" i TWO Indiana entrants planned, planted, hoed and harvested their way to a sectional and a regional award in the 1944 National Junior Vegetable Growers' Association production and marketing contest. Winners were announced in the association's tenth mnual convention at Rochester, . Y., by Prof. Grant B. Snyder of Massachusetts State College, advisory thajrnisn for the junior growers. ' - " ' 'JT Burch Harlan, 21, R. F. D.-l, ferre Haute, won major awards in the state. Burch as top contestant in- the Central Kegion, receives 200, and Donald as sectional winner receives $100 provided in the national contest by the Great Atlantic and Pacific Ten Company. Other Indiana awards consist of $28 war bonds won by Richard Marrs and Herman En-nen, Torre Haute. Burch, son of Ernest Harlan, lives on a 550-acre farm in Vigo county. Hi;i gardening consisted of commercial truck crops of tomatoes und cabbage. He serves as vice chairman of his township AAA committee and as adult leader of the Prairieton 4-H club. He has been in 4-H Club work t:ve yeaisand one year In Future Smashing B-29 Blow Cripples Nagoya Plants (Continued from page 1) Blight (laiiifii lo tiuwya iindur the poundiiiK of lit A1uriy.iiiih-lUrt".(I B-IMIh mid ulfcio rnorl(;(l Unit. BiimiUuin'OUH-ty a ,rtm alt iiuiulit'r uf .iuiicin had ui-IM'tued over t)i) KifiUi un-a without dropping hot. tint. Ihnnvt nvr aid thiil Iti? iiUiiK'ii hudt Jiifilild o- t;r On;Lka, Hi)n: and Kyotu, all in the Kiiikf urea. OKN. MACAHTHrit'K JIBAI)-(irAKTliltK. - - Anieriean Kround forces- imasltect ifnfwarij. today from seriired h'-aehheadj 'fn newly-invaded Mindoro JkIuihI in a drive which has alreiuly uf-HitlUd in;;afrib raim IliK from He veil to eleven mUes in land. KiKiiifieance of the ;aii)K was pointed out in Gen'Tiil Doiilu;; Mao Arlhur'8 comiiiiinhtue which said that "our hold on the Koutheru part of the inland i now wcure," Klx .Mile Vast Kan Jom The coimmiiiii!ie also reported that veteran American troops have pressed h(x miles heyond the captured town of San Joe and have seized eoiniiiaudiiu; hfh ground In Ihin rlor. While I he drinj on Mindoro pro- r'ded virtually uiiiiuer upteil. Atn-j eriruns' on l?yi were Umi.rint' north ward froin th" Ormoe area In, liehte'iilntr' thrAii to th" imwr- LOANS . . . S50 S100 S200 S250 and S300 Yea, you can obtain a Joan based on your earning ability and you pay Interest ON'LY for the time you have the loan. The 1'iibiic Koan Company will an-Kt you qtilcKly and privately. If you are Kteadily employed in a factory, offict', More or clvwhere. Come in and talk over your money problems with us. We wilt arrange your paymenta to suit your tneonic. Costs are reasonable. Interest rate of -i per month on unpaid balance tur a mounts up to $150; aniouuU $150 to $300, 1 lr-f7c per month on unpaid balance. A $50 00 loan repaid In five monthly Installments of $10.92 each, costs $4. 00 but If rauald In 10 days, costs only 50c. You may borrow to pay old bills, your Doctor or Dentist, taxes or insurance . , , or any worthy purpose. If a loan can help you, phone or coine to the I'ubffc Loan Company. Find Here the Cash Loan You Need. 0 Tay 10 Fay 12 Pay ments, $ mi ft 7.12 IOO SI 4.25 2ftO '2HJ 250 .f7 :tO0 $41.94 men tii. 0.02 ftio.or, 24.07 295 :t4.:j PUBLIC LOAN CO. 210 H ftfaia ht.. Ptioae 252 1 I i I ! i j ! j ' , and said "the apparent del,, of(ln tlhe enemy to advanc: life operation- jal sphere to thhe northwesleru I'hil- llppines Is not lo be ukn lightly." lot the ground fiphtint,' on Mindoro. DmtU'i nnlv M.:if :t "ri(.ree ht-!X co I tie" was in progress.) 2. No separate peace with Hcnna-I Ametieitn palroln plans supporting j (he advances of the ground troops,' 3- Agreement of uny necessary, stnifed and set afire a coastal ves- measures to prevent future Herman ( se und two small freighters ofr Min-' aggression. j doro's north coast, and damage a Mutual Aid frovibm tiiird enemy ship off the east coast. 1 4, Mutual aid in the event of any 4 (future hoHtilitieH with Ceriuanv. ' KOOM HOfSK. AMiKKSOj"d adopted loday hy th- Indi- PAL AOS Dr. Clemen t T. Malan. stale mutH-r-1 tendon t of putilir fntitrurtion. AIko on the leilaiive program ol Pt. Call at 1131 Andrwjn. i'ilx MALE HELP WANTED BOYS TO CA It R Y PAPER ROL'TKK 10 rars or over. Aplly , hill FEMALE HELT WANTED i KLDKKLY LADY FOR HOi'Si: j work. 425 North Main Hlreet. No j laundry. j ' HALEWiIRL 1MMKD1ATKLY. ZOK- 1 niortr. tw i.a Dt. wa- - - - or al'i'ly in person. : In I Indiana fias May le Kent To Aid Kliortage in Kanf !IAAInijs. Ind. Hwohmt uiotonst 8 had )' n ra I if I u inm today in coiiwrvi KHHdin' "to t ti i Mi if hh t In fmNJslMIJiy a row I hat noun- of tin- Iiidiutia Kunoliiif Hupl uiHy iu; shifl'-d to the iki hecauw of t)i' Khoriaj;1 In WatftiiiiKloo. J. G. Sinclair, clctirmaa of e li n-diani OI'A Adviitory Cominittw on fViroli'Uin. said flint Indiana now in ji'ttiiitr 'iiiuh Kanofin'' lo kwi Itn autoiiiolil- running lor necessary lrifi. lars' ly bTauiw i'tw etatr n-"( ii inoKt of Hk Kasdin' by ido-( lino and lias few transportation dif- firiillicjj. I "Uowcwt," li aid. "it moro sr--ioun tasoiitu sliortaK's occur in tlie, eastt-rti tatc. it is oKiMe tli at J soil)' of Indiana'H Ksolinc titipidv ( wiH hv diverted to tliosc Btat-s. V must conr all th gaioliu lir' i tliat ifOF.sibly can." Nw gasoline allotnu'iilH are duj Dec. 21. Traffic Violator Fimd lani-l Aultron, Trr HaULc. was1 fin-d 1 tor traffic violation Satur-, day. I)c. 1C, city poU? reported to- u,l"r tUti ut- iwh- ?rB retirement fund from $9fii lo fi.gftu a year. Another bill lo he introduced in tlie general Atiwmldy would make it mandatory for ?hool truntee and whoo! cities lo us funds appropriated to tlieui by the n ueM-A fr h pose intended. I -j V morgan- r V 'tr'l TT A-iita K-jiir' I i i "J "J? "'WW PaWiiXSlfe' 4 1 FrYrOTi I II h vfrrrr. . finer Fijii j l UT rvf.UVaVfl'nP'ft HalliwilFKoU-rs j TO BE LIKE A SECURITY LOAN . . . IT MUST BE A SECURITY LOAN There Is No Satisfactory Kuostilute. A Trial of the Service You Get Here Is Convineiui;. Come In A Friendly Firm. SECURITY LOAN CO. 234 Blackman St. CLI.VTOV. INDIANA

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