The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 18, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1944
Page 5
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Fa go Fivf Monday, Prronibrr 18, 191 1. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN ! V "Honor Colony' Lullillng wIhto (he REVIEW OF YEAR IN SPORTS tt year with the Fourth Armored v isiou. They participated in the division's Hpecfucnlar drive, after the Normandy breakthrough, accona the Brittany peninsula 'mid (hen east to AlKace-Lorniinc. Nearly, lOCf.OOO Loyal Japanese to Return To West Coast Homes lived. HlM-im-r JIIihmUSIjiIikiI flollics Unlh Boyd and Coffor worn in Hip lionsn, with anotlicr convict (rus-Iv. 'At first denying implication' in Better Sight A precision instrument plant found after one-fifth of employees had visional faults corrected and seeing conditions improved in the working areas, output was increased 19 per cent and quality was improved by 16 per cent. :july SAN FRANCISCO, (,'nl. A Rrnd-1 , K, ,.rimP, the two wr-rc nrri-stcd iif- Get Id the Scrap! Wildcats Take Hectic Victory In Overtime Clinton Ends Wild Curo Meet in 25- -21 Win Over Otter Creek Five; James Scores Clinching Point 1 JOG MSPAPM ' -dgtv - N 6AV664Ul-eAMe-ftg. fl' r -J r iJF 1 ij AAAEBlCAiUtrASOf iSj. I? f 1 ' 1 ht Unybnni had dlscovr-ri-d lilnod-soiikcd Korku mill sliofB a wi-ll ll iitliui- clotlilng under I In' bi d otii-liiid liy Ihi! two mill. Tim officers recovered .H.21 of Hie money Htolen from Joii'-k in llieir searcli of tin- house. Full Ktnti-llienl Mnile After the arrest of the lo nun their wonmn companion was iilcu-tllied as Opal Cooper or Horkvlllc who made n Tull Rlulenient or the rohlilng and lieutliiB to Prosecutor lidliert P. Zell. The two men. both of whom have records of conviction on nuniirouB crimes and who were sentenced to the Pendelton Institution until late in 1945, are befnp held in the Newport Jnll pending filing of charges by tiie county prosecutor. In one of the uilrlcHt ImnkHltJiH uanies in recent yiarn. 1 lie Clinton You Don't Have to Drive Far to Have an Accident lo oii Hui jmir accident picpuld, or uant If CO.I.? Ymi cuti't i Ikmisc uhen or nhere yatt III liai e an nccldcul. Yhi luive to take your accident uli'-n or nheti fl comen. Ate you Insured? The lieu Stnte l-'nrm Miifiuit Auto ItiMirnme ptdlcy Ih h Legal lte.sere, on-Assist.itlile (Hilicy, coti-rJllic toll flint tour Mile in fiery tvny, ulijle iliftlng .tour cm or h cur not owned ti you. Il nl so covers, tit a hiiihII elra ( hnige, your farm or residence liahiliiy. t u, nit witm: FOREST AIRMAN, DANA, IND. For .More luroriuntloii ual, orderly return of Japanese to Hie. Pacific coast was foreseen today under terms or an army proclaim! lion revoking mass exclusion.. The revocation order. Issued In the form of a proclamation by Maj. (Sen. II. C. Pratt, temporary head of the western defense command, will be effective at iiildnifsht, January 2. IMS and gives more than 100. (inn Japanese who wore excluded from the nest coast In March 1IM2. the opportunity to return. A mass return, however, was not foreseen since the army still holds the power to Issue individual exclusion orders against Japanese who may be regarded as dangerous. "To the others, the Army says: There is no military reason why you should stay out of thiH area,' " flen. Pratt declared. News of the revoeallon of the Wildcats siiucvzert an overtime vh lory oul if til Otter Creek otter Friday iukIH when they einlcd a li'-e- lice hardwood match Hli a 25-4 score. With pilp-upfs of an ninny as seven players on the floor at onee, the game was a rouch and tumble affair that, surprisingly enough, found all the players hale and hearty at the end of the session. End at 21-24 Tie The frame ended on a 24-24 tie Clinton caught up with the Otters in mass exclusion was received by clv- ic leaders willi some cencern and California's Coventor Karl Warren called ni-r.n the public too tain an attitude that will discourage a last-second basket. The overlinu nearly went into a double event as James" foul didn't cinch the game Dana Tank Destroyer Corporal Awarded Bronze Star Medal . C1. Floyd Kalon. son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Eaton of Dana, has received the Bronze Star for action in the European Theater of Operations. He was one of four p.unners and a platoon sergeant iu a Tanli Destroyer until the last second of the three minute period. James clinching free throw wac the third one tried by the Cats while the Otters had one chance to NOW IS THE TIME, and THIS IS THE PLACE FOK EXPERT, if GUARANTEED AUTO PAINTING Our Auto Painting Is Dune By An Expert Who Has Been In This Line of Work ; ,,' ' For Twenty Years! . , I WILSON, JUSTICE AND OSELLA score free in the hair-raising over friction and prevent civil disorders." Convicts Jailed In Main Street Attack, Robbery (Continued trom page 11 time period which saw virtual "sr-f-up" shots by both teams j:o glimmer V. . S-rtc vn Hi'cW -rHe-51,ooo gAAPlRe C-ryIAJPICAP ; FlRSI PlPOLg WfWlie S,500. ... ,, . tfAssncMserrs mamctcap -rwiLterff Pole. FReeponAs tioA -fe- BROOiaVM HANDICAP Ar AQOEOOCf IJattalion so honored after tliey had : succeeded in beating off an attack-1 by 4il Cormwi tanfct near Arracourt j on Sept. 19, 1944.'- -. j The other pronze Star winners are j Staff Sgt. Hugh "I.a very of North .Sacramento.', Calif. ;' .Cpl.: Frederick A. Stewart. Jamaica" Plains , Mass.; j Cpl. Domenick-fiorrentloq. ! Corona. f?AVivWei.Lesser A Aed ' ?ecoBp cod coftsecot'wg ABS C.AUOfT, W3f?0(& MlS a$ severely beaten and left un-tuULAft'utbjpliis two asBaiiants. L. I. and Cpl. John L. Eidenchlnk. : Kobert Martin, t ... .: j Dinsmore. c j Stout, g j , Sweitwr, g j Turner.-g . .: Cayiigans Defeat Tangier, to.Play Clinton Tuesday o! Police were notified of the fracas 'by Loyal Cox, 16. also of I'nivorsak J who had been with Jones until Boyd II (S) Detroit Lakes. Minn. , : Their platoon held its position In ; the face of the fire, even when as; many as 40 enemy tanks came as j close as 150 yards with overwhelm-, ing superiority, and so maneuvered ; its guns that the enemy doubtless j thought he was faced with a far AUTO SALES ::." S. :3rd Formerly t'oleinaii's Caringon, g i: With the liay-olf end of a 27-24 and Colter attacked him. Cor and a second unidentified witness will be questioned soon, authorities said Totals 5 FT score in their lavor, ine ia)uF Indians defeated the Tangier Tigers NEWPORT (21) greater force. After four hours of at-j Friday night in a torrid hardwood . jicMasters. f 3 WWWW WWWTWWVWW WW 1 duel. 1 Wiggins, f 5 ing. , Sturm Fouls Jinifs . Stur fouled James just as t1:e time-keepers were getting set to signal a double overtime and the diminutive Clinton guard used .- the three seconds left In the game to plunk In the winninc point. The game was dose all the way with scoring equally divided in each quarter. The Otters and the Wildcats started the game with a superhigh octane pace which kept up throughout thhe game. Tied In F1rn Quarter At the end of the first quarter the score was tied at 6 to 6; the halftime score saw the Wildcats with a meager 13 o 11 lead while the fourth quarter began with the game tied at 18 to 1R and the game ending with a 24 to 24 tie. Vatm Hqifi Keorer Watson w-as high roint man for 1be Clinton team, plunking in three baskets and one free thro', closely followed by Foster and Pmith. who scored five points each. James and Hungerfnrd spearheaded the Clinton attack which was one of the fasted yet 'featured fcyvDhe tf. i DabeJow'e.afifaliPHl ti-iii' niion to .wore iilgfc fflr-ttJf- pitrirs H!i four fcaslrein -ynifT Mie frje ihrnv In his .scoring column. ' tack and the loss of 1 1 tanks, the enemy withdrew but kept up small arms fire. "S. Set. Lavery. Cpl. Slewart. Cpl. The Cayugans. w hom the Clinton I wickens. c 2 Public Auction Wildcats wili face Tu-sday night in , jiu(iPr- g an up-county game trailed through- sager, g 0 out the game, coming o life in the i Hollingsworth, g 1 Sorrentino, Cpl. Eidenshink. Cpl. Baton were the platoon srt'eant", and gunners of the four destroyers, last iuailer to defeat the Tangier $1C,(M)0 STOCK and fixtures of THE REED VARIE f ,t,w TlxVlllvllflM Mill SC., 4 today. Jones was rushed to the Vermillion County Hospital where be was given emergency treatment- for severe facial lacerations. The cartilage in his nose had been slashed, two snitches were taken in his lip and other deep cuts were treated- it was paid. He was returned to his home in i.'uiv"rra! and today was reported to te in only fair condition. Tvi to !tcl;vil!e City joHe patr3ed the nouiit end of Clinton in arcli of the attacker? until 3:ir. a. m, when they Jearned tliat tlje ifUt fid been tafcen to Uoi:vi!!e bv Clarence Stewart, lo- crew. . 11 tion they exhibited the i, J TV STORE at ST. BEKXICE, IXD., to be closed out 2 i; umpire. Tangier iieid a lirst iuarler lead lleferee: MendenlialS: t to bare nails, beginning of 1-X and enlarged il lo 1 8-1 v ' - BarHoir. . the half. Tiiey were pun going i strong as the game went into the ( fina!; period ;!-!; li.H lhe -ayiigar.s j Qermang Lose 125 THURSDAY. DEC. 21, 1944 SOOIl K01 llHO IIK- SWlUg l IJIi. i h'M ii'0-mi"n in !a !i Planes. In fierce Air Ifmi 4il-el-Cl-l-- ' i ? I' : con rape aii cooineHs ypner uie ann their actiond were an Inspiration to the rest of the nlaionn. S. Set. livery, fierwtdally directed thv maneuver! iir of (lie platocn and ierFo;il-ly observed and selected target for the jrunis. He wan in the front of the fire fitht at all time complexly dif reciirdine the enemy fire. Kach of the punnjs actel wiih eitreuje pat-lantry. diereerardinc: the enemy lire ind layiiiR ttieir guns as cooly and prwiselv as if on a ranee." All of the men have he-n oversea? IP, .Mi and 7:30P.M. . FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1944 t 1 T . : . ill '..I..- f " W M I. . will Ida Duelsdn 1st Army Front i taxi driver. f AHer conactiiig RocVville po- li iil-'ais j -ieain. n -1 h:.' Krf'eiis Tn-day nit ho 111. losl in in the curlniDraiK'-T the TariKi'.T J' j lic- and ihij (N.wrl .stale jo1ic j TarraclF. burn. Huu'iiries and WHde up of 'novices in spile of a dis- nna4i "'J,H ftook! l.ere ihey Mav of Extreme agressivvne-s. ; Earned lhe;1two, mn and woman ! had be4-u cj-c1ed Irtirn the Bee'h- 1 P. M. and 7:30 P.M. J Stocks includes shirts, pants, coats, toilet goods, novel-5 ties, w indow blinds, school supplies of all kinds, ladies' dresses, blankets, rooking utensils, pictures, toys of all kinds, ladies' and men's hose and underwear, dishes, J hardware, electric appliances, 1,000 other articles. J Fixtures includes cash register, show cases, extra J good; soda fountain. X THIS IS EXTRA GOOD MERCHANDISE AND ALL CLEAN. wood Inn for creating: a disturbance. Ivead to Saaitoriiim , An employe 1 tJje fnn. John HeaitcUajiji. quoted tiie thre n saying they were jjatients at the Ratii-torium. . lea-djng - tm ,hnje officers and two RockviUie po! ieeanwi th"r. 25-1 . cavc:a :ti friller. f 1" Kulins. f Wixidard. f Julian, f -- Hudson, c . DickersoH. f; Wilhii". e Totals TANOIKH "24 Rusell. f -I Lindby, f Newman, f Eililin. c Boyll. g Pecker. C W, FT PF j 0 2 1 i . 1 1 l .- 1 1 II i l 1 2 ! 1 i 2 2 ' -'-! . ! 7 K I TC, FT PF I .. 4 1 1 ! S 1 ' I 1 - w ;: s WANTED it im:ois ( ii;kti.v .VKKII SKII.M-;i I X-Shll.l Kl WOHKKIES SKK: REPUKKEXT.ITIVK i: 1 1 1 1 t ii i: I ti I : i:m i. T i:.-ili.n l(iarl ffi Everjl- TtH.sday Clinton, Indiana Questioning the laipit niire,41a- IMig Iae jn (June The ffaine pro treated n a nip iind tuck pace for the first three tjunr-ters ith about five miles of floor covered in each period. fong volleyball like passes and clow unch-r the basket plays "highlighted the gaire. Working from the 1 S-3 H tie in ihe last -quarter Da below, Ilk-hardson and Trout scored for the Offer white Watson scored for Clinton with the Otters leading 4 to I'M when an official time-out was caller. The last three minutes of -"In game saw Hunuerford score a f refill row. Smith hit a basket and Foster throw in a long one to lie the score at 24 to 24. The hect ic ext ra t h ive m in u 1 ep ended as James tossed in I lie t rer throw to end the game at 2Ti to i'4. Summary: CLINTON' 2) FO FT PF ljr0.. Kugland. Approxi-maiely 5)0 Flying Fortresses today liufnraelt'd jutjrtajit rail centers supplying Cerman forces counter-attacking in 'the Khineland, American heed quarters announced tonight. Marshalling yards were Jiit at Cologne, Koblenz, Maini: and elsewhere in western :erniany. All the raids wre carried out in bad weatber conditions, headquarters said, and followed in the wake of a hearjr night attack on Munich industrial targets by HAF l-ancaKter bombers. ry Heck, they learned tients had come in hut that no chex-k w: :-':r midnight j ' ! .!' ' u the ijo " on the :-' workmen who wer C. L BARTLEY, Auctioneer RAY ELLINGSWORTH, Clerk SOU1h side f tl'e ul. j A light in one f houses with i c;ir tracks le-i" m . u(. huildTK ' caused the p- "ce j investigate the l:"', r.f: Kr-jnip: uni,inj. Bati-rlin. j " " j cA (CthOHf EVZZVBOPy Gm&l Y AO UUIMPV- tOHA'SA (PEA ?j I lOT EERBOCV-NOT 14 J liniwlt i'tirfK I . - d-d- AM mi? I Y, v THE UTTLE COXlliM Foster, f Saraem. f : 1 HuBgerford. c 1 Keiawio. g - ' VafD, g - ? Smith, g '- 2 Curry, g ------ I'i" " A" I (AS LOMG AT .EP),-vM fV f(l SAU7, tVtWBOWJ THE LITTLEST MAN ONI I X ha-v WfnUver I ( -er goini; c onjtTaI) t J.. v7rROJUr the czbu com moid, ) Montezuma Five 1; YT :0MzK ' " W Huskies- - num. Friday nurbt n IVr - - -o. U -S &jH ' hi j ' W ''A 7j ' .7 -J mil "ii in" I'm: ----- ' . - . - A' 7 Ml , V Vat fKjA V ' ' . Ml -1' i ii ii m -ii,,- .-ra cr ti. svnn-v. -.t . - . cn ffls W . 'aI ) ( rtif )o Tolals OZTEJt CiiKKK iZi lioKtra . Troift -- Richardson Dabatow ; Hulrr-' Kturm 1 J. Black Totals Referee : Smith. Uisl,ilir-r: ll m p i r : j M-K -.v n. I 1 ?! HCP-lTC r, i 5 i j irme cxightaelecki i calls that; I Tmsster chtiam-hl mi,,,,. , i s ; c. -W aopkss r7 MUTINY Thcoiu vou in irons. sir ) g,! Throw Tour Scrap Into the Ftrhf TattK E " :; OifilUS I s, f I llHfc WUKHON iMran I 1 , ' ' I K 'iT 1 Dr. G. R. WcGUIRE CHIKOPRACT0E X-Et 235x EUckinan t,: ; 1 3-- rfelF 77H J LADY NEAF1Y CHOKED UTIILE LYING IN BED-DUE TO STOMACH CAS Ne Iitdv Kid ffMi Amy Cf t!n fiiie ttMHl o 1m afril i w ' 1"" nl tticliL, m MMftilot, uifh sltir:' wiiich gut itor' 1tea Im went i mid tin- ii would ri Itfr llirvmi ihf luy down aitd mhi1'1 mchi!) i lM'kr ln-r. She iuldn lit- flm. l unn IH-M-If up m f til Ion. !!- 'n Friday I';'!l!f , - , i i-k i 11 !,i,, i'..- - f'"w-LTS EA. TaEE A note. M OUS YACUT AT Y CilKAPPEcll m JINNVl! jjL , ( ) :g -..,n Tif..T Knil-.y i.-;-,;,t i-..-d "t : f &lssM'j mtT I-! &R TiED A50JMD. 1 OSCE -TAK $iOOO00- SHEHXIM. CAU THE fO-lCE -. i f- - I,.. .,,l r.iriitl...: "..rr:.s.. H.. rr-tv . , TC-- W V KlSSlli.Sif OBEY OR YOU DAUGMTEa. i NO! WAIT! 1U.PAY!!! . j ' u if t retiUy Hiik lady iiM CKIMIKU" mid n mi.v ck i. i:hm-. Muniw h ft t-1. fim4 ImimK r' renlar and iln- fan . -4 I fl 1 . "I t I i- --y' . ' A fct 1 1 1 yi - , 'f ' ! -tf I'll . ' I tt ImwI nd v-i ti:ti I HHm; hev rirtH lwfk l-ar ' uiMrcin M if "ii ws i'U'!i I'i.'nt mini C front Mmiari. m-t m k!hj:WIi J '"r N w i'ii: r v iil, lirer and kidiiK. MiM-ranlf jiMtfili' H"i''i" 'I trtni t om feel dinvnt all or. Sn dim't p j" v. ,Th ni o fmffwHs: it I':i:!Mli:iJ. . ti.r'.- if - ii i"s Whit" CRenalb' Pltartnary Itrns

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