The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 18, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, December 18, 1944
Page 4
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Mohtfay, DtwiuEpr 18, 194f . THE DA It V CttNTONlXtt Pa CP Four ' MENACE TO NAVIGATION eBehind the Scenes THE DAILY CLINTON1AN r ri in mi mgj- HULLYWUUU He'll be out here until the first of aaava hhmhtt m The Weekly Otrnfafm ISM Tka OUatoa PlainleJer absorbed tn 10OM rmbllilMd Dali, Except Saturday ul Sumdu ltorgc L. Carey - - Editor and Pnbllshe? By HARRISON CARROLL Kins rt.tarr. SyBdlrale Writer HOLLYWOOD With an acad At th MovU$ M .MUM Smidnjr and! Mntirtay Here conies Private Hargrove, right out of the pages of the oent-sellinfi book read hy more than a million Americans, on to the screen to be seen by several million more. "See Here. Private Hargrove" created a literary blitz when it was published early this year. Robert Walker, who jumped to emy award virtually aecd up. Barry Fitzgerald ia a fine one to be I at um Poatofflce at Clinton, inoiana as Bvtmi OUa Matter having nigni . bum RcpnbUcaa Edtt- tad marea, but he i & aid, anu aut-n Phona 83 II had end that he Phona 32 fell out of bed the year taking treatments for an illness contracted overseas. . . . Warners is just as much in the dark as anybody else about the marital plans, if any, of Bette Davis and Corporal Lewis Klley. Bette Is living down south, 22 miles from a phone, and It recently took three days for the studio to contact her by wire. . . . Tyrone Power's six-week training period Out here will be spent at El Centre. . . . Hear Mickey Rooney Is going over swell with the G. I.'s overseas. However, they have one favorite rib. They ask him if he wants to alt down and have a man-to-man talk. . . . Lt. Bob Stack already has received 250 Christmas packages.- several night ago and broke Mutatmm Iff his left hand. stardom wMh his role In "Itataan." appears wil h pretty Doitua Reed in "See Here. Private Hargrove," at the Columbia Sunday. kV-? KtftitucAH uma He'll have to hide the ban- ASSOCUIHM daec with lone I i I coat aleeves in a Iff I "Duf f y'a Tav Iff I em" sequence UjttmmJ which reunites HorriMn Carroll the Irish star and Bing- Cros Sunday and Monday Matrimonial mfvtips and parental counterclaims all figure prominently In the new film comedy production. "Casanova Brown," which stars Gary Cooper and Teresa Wright, and is said to be one of the most sparkling screen offerings of the season. After Casanova Brown has by for the first time since "Going Swell news for Marsha Hunt. Her husband. Lt. Jerry Hopper, will be home for the holidays. Jerry was wounded at Leyte. My Way." Pals say Clark Gable may linger In New York for both Christmas and New Years. Too many memories connected with the holidays out here. Carole Lombard loved them so. Evidently Lee Tracy will stick around. He's bought the eight'scre Reeves Canyon estate of Scenarist Dodie Smith. His first home, I believe, although he owns an apart carelessly burned down the mansion of his parents-in-law, 1 hey get an annullment of his marri ment house and other real estate. Lee's screen comeback is coming along fine. Right now he's at -Universal in "1 11 Tell the World." age to 'V'fr daughter Isabel. On the eve of his second matrimonial venture Casanova learns that he is the father of a child by Isabel. He finds his child at a Chicago maternity hospital and learns that Isabel Is offering it for a-doption. He won't stand for this M-G-M is making everything easy for Hedy Lamarr in 4'Her Highness and the Bell Boy." She'll live in her studio dressing room, going home only for week-ends. Arid the studio is running pictures for her every night. Just before his operation, the late Laird Cregar called his lawyer and said: "If anything iiappena. I don't want any grieving. I've done the two things I wanted most. I've oeen on the stage and I've been on the screen." - olzes the Infant and takes It to an obscure Chicago hotel, where From now on, Dorothy McGuire will have to commute to Hollywood for any picture assignments that he devotes himself to the intricacies of baby-tending. VTlH "XI nV ABOl'T MEN" IX PRISON. The recent revolt of prisoners in the Atlanta Federal Prison, with publicity given to the complaints of the men, should cause penal officials to check their treatment of prisoners. No one can condone prison revolt but, just the same, individuals do not lose all their rights simply because of mistakes that put them in prison. One of the complaints of the Atlanta prisoners was that they could not get a hearing about grievances. Considering the fact that individuals imprisoned are in an isolated world, it seems to be only just tlaat they have some way of registering complaints about the treatment they receive, i i : J While most prison ' officials display commendable concern for the welfare of their charges, there are enough incidents to justify the idea that the statement does not apply to every penal institution. Every once in a while, the lid blows off and the T Vi AIIASH Sunday, Monday fS'-ait'2''' '-r - rfli and Twfcdav David O. Selznick may arrange. Dorothy has finished "The Enchanted Cottage" and returned to New York to Join her husband, John Swope. He has sold his interest in Thunder-Bird field, near Phoenix, which trained flyers for this country and China. The Swopes will make their permanent home in the east. , Baroara Stanwyck, fresh from HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Faye Emerson expects to finish a week's work on "Hotel Berlin," fco east and return to Hollywood, all by Dec. it. . . . Jon Hall's gift to Frances Langford after the worry of the trial was an emerald ring1, i Paul Mantz already has cracked up five World War I planes in stunt flying for "First, Last and' Always." He still has weeks more to do. . . . Jacqueline White with a series of screen hits, scores once aftain in Paramount's "Double Inderoity" which opens at the Wabash Sunday. She's teamed with Fred MacMurray and Edward G. Robinson in this thrilling Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Vaughan Writer Frank Waldman at' the murder story adapted from James M. Cain's best-seller. were in Terre Haute yesterday. Biltmore BowL . . . After 10 Taking a Backward Glance The Old ;lory club met at the horn of Miss Hazel McLean yesterday afternoon. Fourteen were Diana Lewis (Mrs. Bill Powell) has changed her mind about leaving M-G-M and returns under a seven-year contract. . . . Deanna DurWn's divorce is final Dec. 17, and th.'n we'll ee if any of those romance rumors are true. Recently Deanna has been going with Steve Crane, but I don't think that's serious on either side. Incidentally, War Correspondent Bob Landry, once reported engaged to La Dur-bin, didn't return east as expected. 'Rck f Ares AecorAinf to Julians' "Dictionary of Hvmnolofiy." the hymn "Rock of years, Parkrakarkas is finishing his book on "The Art of Mimicry." It will be published in March. . . Ella Logan is laying plans to bring 50 orphans over from France after peace comes. . . . Universal Leading Man Dennis Moore will ride to present. The contests were won by Mrs. Lawrence Foster and Mrs. Ages" was probably written about j Davis Robert, after which refreshments were served. Mrs. Carl Van Horn and Miss Mary McLean were d to notify tlie bonding oomjia-jjv 10 soe 1hat the sireel is finiRh-ffl. All In Fr Tlie I'oultiy Wim -fjarly ati the ntrifi for the Clinton Poultry show twine lipid at ihf Co it!-urn for fi' days bp-innine today were in ai noon public is aroused by abuses within prison ( the.vtv years walls. It would be much better to provide 1 rl''yinic a method by which prisoners can be as-1 Siiiks . sured of a review of their complaints. uvhhh-h Tii ti 1 A tiftie limit for 1he parking of bUKSfs in Main Street at the bu ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENT, station, sidewalks, tlif proposed The business men of Silverton, Oregon, j tuiidiu of a city warehouse, and V,o,r W r ih Tallinn- Hn-it Vi a tn I "'" TJlir " ,avinK tllf" Texas on a motorcycle. And in the winter weather. tn - assisting the hostess. Paul James, of Indianapolis, 1775 by Augustus Topladv. warn- j ing along an English coast tows near the sea. he was caught in a , terrific storm which threatened to dash him over the cliff. He found refuge in the side of the wall in a great eleft rock and composed the hymn which has proved one of the j best loved tf ail time. j spent Monday wight with his grandmother. Mrs. Anna Bright. Home AcL'idesrt About 32,000 Americans werekilled last vear 4c, home accidents--twic as many as in industry, wher millions ot dollars were spent ic ast solely programs. Cheap Brashes Pieces of synthetic cellulose iponges. cut to size and fastened to wood or wire handles, make excellent and cheap bruthes for cleaning glassware. Mrs. Mollie Hoist on iind son, " " " ' .Houi lakiiiE uu mKt of Hie Charles, visited in Danville, 111., Friday. VOte in me receni presiueniiai tJtecuon, council s time at law nitrlif rB Iroin wveral HialeB. A dipulay Signed a Statement pledging "Allegiance to I Kbort meetinjr. A meetin- lior f aOEP 10 Hile year's liow Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Osmon and daughter. Marian, and Miss Cen- Vou, our President-elect whoever you may lhe ,ula sk'" iafJt : ' niKht as advcrtiwd lor a lifarinc evieve Huffman of Fainiew Park, t)e . j on the sidewalks. Hnwevpr. The pledge which these men signed to j the property owners were none prefi- were the dinner guests of Mr. aind Mrs. W, E. Osmon. VOLF IN MAN'S HG Htt 95 BYAUTHOK - DtSTRtaUTED BY KING FEATURES SYhtDtCXTE, INC. ih fxjiwH'a vo dp 01 mncii imTHi. Several entries had Jilready been nuule before noon but others were expected later in the day. There are about 00 lik-'kns in tbe Bhow. The judging is expected to Hiii rt tomorrow. The Thimble Hub members and TKV YFARfi Bend, to the victorious nominee is implicit ! nt 10 ,alst! auy,k irks- . . . , , n In Hie' regular meetme the in the suffrage of free people. While every j tflw lmit f(ir , (iarklE of DUB. individual has a right to vote as he, or she, seB in Main street was set at ten aano fH ooiVi imtor ic Tilorlcrorl n fpbnt tie ! minutes. It was decided to adver- tise for bids on a tool bouse and'thir huBbands enjoyed a surprise result of the election. do an autopsy. And your medical examiner can help me. But mark my words we'll find he died of a heart attackand anyway " hif nervous eyes darted about the libra warehouse, one about 2 it fet by ' party at the home of F. D. Miles Hesirir fte'fioKft Mark tit Iftay f Braiieh Bwik Depositors streamed in a steady line this morning to the windows of the liewly opened Clinton branch of the Citizens state Bank The ballot dox, in a democracy, oe- u reet. rntnpt trip fins! iiidfp rif mm and nolicies "iew of j Monday evening;. Mr. and Mrs. few minor impr-j Miles and daughter, Doyne, are ry, toward the detik, toward the fe-clions in the Third street pav- movinjE to Hillsdale, where he is " " v 1 I 4- .A ni.n 1T4 rt WaCTAnf-A it Re- biiu iu3 ucuoiuu ixiui. c "JC int which tl.e contractor has been 1 employed as station agent. sofa, anywhere but at the Lieutenant. "Anyway, Craig shot bimself I Accidentally. Why even you can principles OI self-government are XO SUr-:Kiow in repairlne. aci oniiUR to re-lfresluneuts were sen-ed. following oT Newport, keeping two tellers busy opening accounts from the not believe that there are two mur While it is inevitable that lORers be .ports to the council, it was decil-!a social time. vive. time for doors were opened. a ictor Asbury. cashier, expres CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene. Sbeffer sed himself as highly pleased at the early flow of business. The bank personnel was so busy that (here was no opportunity to total either the amount deposited stairs with a heavy and a troubled heart, - - Dine was sitting ny the bed when I entered Craig's room; her eyes leaped to mine. Craig was asleep, I thought; his pulse was all right; the wound hadn't opened and eba had sterilized and dressed the bloody bruise on his temple aa a neat patch of surgical dressing and adhesive adorned it. I beckoned Drue into the dressing room and told her everything, except that the syringe was gone quickly whispering, hating to see the color drabs out of her lips. Her hands went out to grip mine, hard, "Sarah, do they know I . . . "No. 1 hid the hypodermic I didn't tell them that yon were there before me. I oh, my dear child, don't look like that Yon didat mean it . . 4T gave him digitalis. Sarah, I had to. He was sick. His medicine was gone. 1 thought he was dymg. 1 hurried to my room and 1 had some digitalis. I had it left over from old Mrs. Jamieson remember, va nursed her together ' I nedded. A nurse either destroys or hoards for an emergency drugs that are left over from a case and I had nursed old Mrs. Jamieson with or the number of new accounts. Wakefield Orrish and Tony disappointed, it is essential that they acquiesce in the arbitrament of the election. CHRISTMAS IX HOLLAND. For the first time in your years, the children of The Netherlands celebrated the arrival of St. Nicholas in mass gatherings on December 5th, the day that the saint of childhood regularly arrives in Holland. During German occupation, children were compelled to celebrate their festive day in their homes but this year, teachers led their charges to parties where British Fenoglio, both formerly employed at the old First National Bank. hav accepted positions with the derers here in this house " "Unless Craig shot himself for that very reason," suggested Lieutenant Nugent watching Chivery 's frightened, uneasy face. "Shot himself oh, I Bee! To make It look as if somebody else tried to kill him and then succeeded in killing his father? To establish a kind of alibi before the deed? Why, that's preposterous, Lieutenant! That's absurd! Ha, ha, ha.'' again it was meant to be a laugh and aounded like anything else in the world. And 1 said, "But he does have an alibi. Craig. I mean. I am it." Both men looked at me. "I was in the room. I would have known if he had moved. He didn't." There was a moment of silence. Cbiverr hadn't looked quite at me, just at my left ear. Nugent jerked his head toward one of the two new institution and were on hand CHAPTER SEVENTEEN "Noise? What was it?" questioned the Lieutenant. I don't know. It sounded as if tha bouse was coming down." I wat anxiously making clean breast of everything 1 eould nd hoping desperately to divert his inquiry from Drue. "Peter Huber ran upstairs to see what it was. 1 ran after him, but vriien I cot upstairs he had disappeared and I was afraid that that something had happened to my patient . . ""'Somethinp had happened to him? What do you mean?" "N-notfiing. Naturally "be was en my mind. And I was right, because when 1 got to his room he wasn't there. Miss Cable had found him, though; he had apparently pot up and put on a dressing gown and started downstairs and fallen. We got him bac-k to bed. 'Where wan he when you found fcim?" 1 told him briefly. "But I thought he was drugged.' "He was," said Dr. Chivery suddenly. "He jr. But nothing is so variable as a drug plus a bit of temperature with a man like Craig. He probably got some fuzzy notion of something going on and fainted on the way downstairs." The Lieutenant (Nugent his name was. 1 learned later; just Nugent; if he had a Christian name he kept it a scret) looked at Claud Chivery. "He had had a quarrel with his father, hadn't be. Doctor?" Dr. Chivery looked up quickly and uneasily; he looked terribly-tired, his eyes swollen and the nervous lines deep and gray in hie troubled fare with itf receding chin. this morning greeting old. eusto- ! .r soldiers delivered army rations, toys and j MaiHlM' Lwljre Fleet; Klect ion of officers was held last evening at a meeting of Jerusalem Lodge. F. & A. M.. with the following elected for the coining year: Worshipful master. Roy Butts; se n i nr ward en . Fred Va n H orn ; Junior warden, louis bemstra ; secretary, V. O. Kurgan; treasur : m 11 m w - nr ----- - i MW I1 if! if Si m. U. WzSL U "1 1 1 1 1 ferl 1 1 1 1 1 everything else they could scrape up to assist the saint in the performance of his traditional function. er. Every nurse, 1 imagine (at er. William Habicht; senior dea waiting and intently listening policemen. "Telephone Dr. Marrow," he said. "Get him over here at once." One of the troopers vanished. Claud Chivery said slowly, Con-rad must have just got back from his walk. He went for a walk every night About eleven. Said it made him sleep. Walked very slowly . . ." Nugent said abruptly, "That's all now, Nurse." He was bending over Washington Sen. Arthur Capper ,R), Kan., charges "political chores" undertaken by Stalin and Churchill in the Balkans and Mediterranean have delayed V-E Day: "The additional burden thrown I least 1 always had done so) accumulates slowly a kind of first-aid, emergency kit of her own. 1 had then in my bag enough sedativea to bring upon me the highly unfavorable attention of any policeman who happened to discover it "So you gave it to him?" "Yes." There was horror in her eyes. "You see, I'd been talking to him. Then he ... I saw he was really sick. He said to get his medicine; he gasped horribly. He told me where it was, but 1 remembered. He's always kept it there in the right-hand drawer of his desk. I looked and it wasnt there so I . , , "You opened the drawer?" "Yes, of course." (I thought. j Conrad again when J left, trying ; not t run. con. Frank Ramsey; trustee, E. A. Lewis, and tyler. Robert Anderson. Installation services will be h Id Thursday. December 7 at 7 o'cl-ifk with Dr. J. F- Adams as installing officer and W. K. Bell at marshal. t'eTM.iinK The members of the Wnkofe Club held their annual Christmas jvirty last nigh I at the hnine of Mis. Maurice Costello of Wul-' terry Street. Kach member itrnurlit au uriicle to be in u bas-ke. which is to be given to a needy family. Bridge was played during the evening with prizes awarded to Miss Lucile Carbon, high; and on our own armed forces stijl carrying on against Germany has compelled the War Department to send boys under 19, with only a few months' basic training, into the front lines as replacements." f Washington: Ted R. Gamble, National Director of the Treasury's War Finance Division: "In this, the busiest season of the year, the newspaper support of the Sixth War Loan has been truly magnificent. In spite of paper shortage and other operating handicaps they have continued No one was in the hall. Dr. Chivery, I think, closed the door behind me. At the stair landing 1 stopped, looked quickly around, saw no one and plunged my hand under the ferns. The syringe was not there. I looked and looked and still it wasn't there. The only possible conclusion was that someone had seen me hide it and had taken H away. There's no use in trying to describe my felings. Naturally, it wasn't myself J cared about; it was Dnfc, whom I had delivered into the then, of fingerprints; yet Drue's fingerprints on the drawer eouidnt 'Wby why, no, he said. "That is. in the past pernaps, yes. But not . . r "You'd better know, Dr. Chivery, just where we stand." said Nugent, suddenly. "You -and everyone here taid me a stury oitut that shooting Dusines the other ni?ht that frankly, Doctor, whs Tihoiiy." "Lieutenant Nugent . . . began Claud Chtvi-ry. rising indignantly. 44 Well, it wmi so to me. But, a thing were, my hands were tied. If Craig Brent died 1 intended to start an investigation into murder . . "Murder . . stressed Dr. Chivery in a high protesting mice, his little hand tremulous. . . if h- dt intended to insis upon hit: preferring charges. But yesterday, while he wat so heavily drugged a to be entirely i VERTICAL 1 breed of sheep 2 p tesser 3 dappled 4 annex & earth as a goddess 6 ancient ascetics 7. floral stalks 6. cravats 9 venomous serpent 10. exists . 40 collection of curious scraps of literature 41 indefinite article 42 genus of g raises 43 preux against 44 spat 4ti throat swelling 48 animal fats 49 goes In !' Miss Catherine Wright, low. After bridge. Christmas presents were exchanged. I The next meeting will be at I the home of Miss Clara Klliott on i Mulberry Street. Jan. l'JZu. j Miss Rosemary Davey. daugli-' iter of .loe Davey of orth Main j Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 11 masculine name 12 winter ermine 17. pay attention 20. smaii pies 21. straighten 2. waxes 24. wades 2H. small valleys 27 outer garments 29 communication 30. building for storing motor-cars 31. places of combat 32 lie: past part. 33. raver 34. staircase 36- Hebrew measures 39. avow 40. poker stake 42. consumed food 43. river-Island 45. neuter nanas oi ner enemies n, xnat is, Alexia or Nicky had taken the syringe. Or even Maud; there was a km in her dark eyes that suggested depths and no way to Veil what kind of depths. All three of them Alexia. Nicky and Maud had passed that fern on their way upstairs; Peter Huber also could have taken it. Or Bee-vent,, presupposing eyes in the back of his Head, for he certainly bad not HORIZONTAL 1 illusion 7 dyes 13 gnaws uxvay 14 French painter 15 highway 16 ruminant qtiadrued 16 international language 19 hostel 20 abounds 21 WMKf vessel 22 symbol for neon 23 walking-sticks 24. without elevations 25 commanded 27. mints 2b branch of learning 29. morning (poet.) 30. high winds 32. heads 35. land-measures 36 kilns 37 near 38 thing, in law be made to prove anything. Or could they?) She went on quickly: "But there was no box of pills. Then he begged me for something; said even if 1 hated him I'd have to help him, and I 1 got my syringe from the bag in my room. I sterilized it quickly with alcohol and prepared the hypodermic and hurried back to the library. He rolled dp his sleeve himself and told me to hurry. So I did. 1 gave him what I thought was the right amount ..." "How much ?" She told me, 1 nodded. Conrad hadn't taken any of the pills he had ready for emergency during the few moments that he was alone while Drue, was preparing the hypodermic. That was obvious, for if he had done ao he wouldn't have permitted her to give him the additional awdi-cine. "Go on," I said, "That's all. Sarah. He . . ." She took her hand? from my wrists and put them to her throat. "He died. Then. Just just died and I eaulan'S stop it" (To be cod tinned) j Street, who is a freshman at St. j Mary's College. Notre Dame, is I returning home tiiis week for the Christmas holidays, j Mr. a nd Mrs. Willord Bool in ! of South Eighth street had as mcoiihcious, there was notmng J , ctrklj do. 1 couldn't even question j him. Now, you see. I'm going to." But but it wasn't Craig that died. It's Conrad. "Exactly." said Lieutenant Nu-: gent, cutting off Chi very 's flutter- j ing expostulation. Could Craig , to give freely of their valuable space in support of this vital program." San Francisco Maj. Gen. H. C. Pratt, new Commanding General of the Western Defense Command, announcing Jan. 2 revocation of exclusion of 110.000 Japs from the west coast: "The Army would not have issued the order unless the necessity for mass exclusion had passed." Honolulu Lieut. Gen. Millard F. Harmon. Commanding General of the Army Air Forces in the Pacific: "We must expect the Japs to be on their feet fighting in 1946. This is no Gilbert and Sullivan war j its real, it's tough." j pAKrisA p Qpfll p t m na & e pa N E bis f oi e Is fcl& P F f i S E E bUri5P E A PMJ A s!5Qm O AjutsDClA T reP?iA l JsqiOblgL rlSljlElN EiiPlANlEjS p a dl5 7T5eTs1Jtk turned while I hid it. The library door was visible from the landing, and it had been open when I came downstairs; but 1 had seen no one. for 1 had looked, I Eventually, hearing steps coming from the end of the hall bevond the ; their Saturday evening guests Mr. and Mrs. C Stevenwm and Mr. and Mrs. Carson Mann of Terre Ha ute. Ben pchull. who is attending the Washington and Lee University at Lexington. Va., is expected to arrive here Thursday to spend the Christmas holidays with bis parents. Mr. and Aire. Ben H. stiiuli of Elai Street. Brent have walked dowr here to ttie library, poisoned hip fiuner and walked back upstairs and collapsed there in the rtoreroom . . "Linen room." J said. . . . wjiere he wag found?" "Poison ."' cried Chivery shrilly, bis uneasy face turning grav. stairs where there proved to be a tiny telephone room, and a hall going to the back stairs and kitchen regions) and gueacmg correctly that it was a trooper, I had to give up. 1 tnzdgad up toe Aurrftfe tine f uUUm: 1 minutes. pronoun "Thai's horrible; I tell van Conrad I dwa a parfaeUy natural dectb. 11:1 Jist by KiOf Fsatures 6atticu, lae. .47. U0$

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