The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 18, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1944
Page 2
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T V X V I nge Tw o 'CIJN'TONI AN Monday, December 18, 10 J I. O i X FIRST HOT MEAL IN 15 DAYS JACKIE COOPER TAKES A We U. S. lo Back RusMiaV Demand For Kal Poland British Launch Strong Drive At Creek Elas Posts K ' S'rvircs ric!(To(l:- I'or Foi'iiicr Clintnii LVsitlent Funeral crilcn fr Franklin WlKii'r, ih-jjIk-w of Sir. and Mrt. Clarl KK-warl of Koulli Third Si n i l, w lii-ld nxlay at Die Frist Funi-ral lionii'. (Continued from pg 1 (Contlooea Ron pc II BLX'lt tramfn." Tlie Kditi'iiM'iit (ltd not make n partially if-ofaied amid t(i rev- Imiw sucli an hkiM'Iim'M rould In l,ei .Mr. U'i-l)li-r, t'i. din) at l l linmr-fll t'lj'iii-, Oliio, 'I luir:;day. Hi- ua ,-(i-llant fcuii-rinli'Ud til of II. i- Kn-aiiH-IIIng factory at I.mi-. and a Iin-llilii-r of tin- Alaonii: Lo'lt'-, o. 67:i, of Ti r! HauU'. Hursiviiitr ari- lift ttif--, I-i-nnle; oii- noli, Franltlin. .Jr.; oik- isti-r. Mi. Ksili-r liisr-( ( liiiT.-o, 111 ' ui" mother. MrK. C. f. V'.'i-hsli-r. nl r aehi'd witli Hn? pi iit I'olihJi pmermiu-nt in London wliiili hat-lli tly refused to accept tli t-rriir-fttl adjustment. The Klal'in'iil pointed (o the potjBibilfiy of a chant; in (tin 1'olUh Kovrmuj'iit wltifli wouM erei ruins of Acropolis 11111 lor 10 dayii, fought their way out to take Monument hill opposite the Parthenon. The hill of Lofo Hfkelfas, overlooking the road to the when ;ias units had been holding out since the start of the civil was, alsu Was Seized. Itt-jtKfi on Madi inn Hill In the jrarih, flickering Jfglit of lares, Hritit-h troops waled and captured Hcidium Hill, an Elas strong I ISA r .'r ', ' lile, former Clinloii nshi'-nl; and aunt iiriJ mule. .Mr, and Jlrs. be willing to aceejx the t-rhtorfal tn.mffr. Stwtfniutt np(-at-d (!. gia'im-nt of l ulled Staiew jioliry in aor nt "tt seromr. fr e and (nd-i nd nt I'o-llrli state wild tin uiitiauuiiHIi'd ! ( h;irle :iev,arl ol ClinJon. l!i hody iirrUiil in t;Juiton fiun- , ; v . f ,4f j ul.ij and was lak-n lo tin.- Frist Fu- hold overlook inp t he great white marble stadium, whhh fs ttjll fn Defovely Dude the hands of the fnsurpentH. rlrlit of tli I'oHtili people to order thetr internal existence as they fit", Boundary Jin'tim Wnit lie also reftrated tin I 'lifted Stale policy that "(juegtfoiiK reiat-iitfc to hound'MJ'ett should r l"ft fn (jeyanc until the imti nation of iiOBtidtfes". if ut tliiK does not man, Htettin-Iua eafd, that certain boundary changes cannot he made ff the par-tie concerned mutually aio'ec to the ill an Keg. He quoted former Howe-, tary Hull on thiti point; j "This does not mean that pertain. Other Hrff ish forces had moved south of the capital to link up with troops from the south. The entire effort was described as an attempt to raise the ?eft:e on the center of A hen by establishing communication lines wild the base at Kaliron fiay and Piraeus. Vinu'UH 'lejired HhouJd today s operation succeed, direct contact will have been established with i'iraeus for British troops there cleared the insurgents out of the town yesterday right uo ' to the railway Jine, Th operation to open the road lo the tea began shortly after midnight when strong reinforced British units moved from the seaside resort of A If ron toward the capital I 1 V ' ' , f " . . 1 C i ' ' ( , : f - ; f . ' '.'V j ' , i J if - ( .. , -. -Hi " i ! J , ' ti : f ?A I ' y V ' ? V' M J ! j I A 5 ',.' f 4 f 1 ;.( ' jj ' . ' '- Jt . . '"v.... m 1 ' irifinl . I. i fevf t;fe ' r ' ' ' I .I I 9 ' 'A ' r h y, , i -wJV ; va , ti f.f. . ,y-t i .c J - questions may not Mid should not in the meantime he ; tiled by friendly 4-ojiferenee mid agreement." ( If 4 M it. of KtjiteiiM'iil ' '. TW heart of the FtHtljifutt Btate- menti wan contained id tlie follow-, iUtfi MHitencf : ' I "In the case of the future fron-J TH.c CH:NA PiATER seems out 'of place a Yank infantrymen eat their first hot meal after 15 days of battle for the town of Hurtgen, rCttstiuyJWbe tti in the -CprVground if Stephen J;nglreet ot llA'l'.p.,.. ty.iy photo, (International Soundphoto) end advanced two-thirds of the way along the road. jt p til 4 ' i ""raj Home . whre truces rif j Rabbit Ranks first lield today t 2 p, ,m, ... j The rabbit is the most popular '', Jtoy " Linij-ru . i-ijviliUAi-tl , tmof xffi nf crftaif Vame. insofar as j the services ,;imi bufiyi wjiti jn Kite- the consumption of shotgun shells is jf-id: ((,"eniei;ry, v j j concerned. When yoti wash youa windows, fry polish iriy thesi with crumple papr.. FORME CHIID Yn Mar Jaold'? Ojojkt and his bride, tile former Miss June iHrne, are shown $frve following ,liieir quiet wedding m f HoJIywwd, Three years his senior, the bride, 25, vill accompany lier husband to Great Iakes, IH., NavaJ Training Center foilovving a short honeymoon, (Inter national Sauna photo) 1V - : Relief At Last, For Your Cough Crfomulsioa relieve promptly because It goes riht to the s-ai of the trouble to help loooen and expei germ laden piilegm, and aid nature to sootlw and heal raw. tender inflamed broncii!:i! mucous membranes. Tell your drusgist to bell you a bottle of Creomulsion wi'.h the understanding you must like the way it q iiekly allavs the cough or you are to ha v.? vour money back. CREOMULSION For Couehi, Chest Colds, Bronchirit Give Diamonds tirs of 1'oiland, if a mutual iiree-nieiU it reached by i he Cniied Ka-tion.s direct ly concerned. I his nor-einiiient would have no objection to such an aKreeiiietit which eould make an eswn! jal con I ri hut ion to tiie proKeeution of the Mar atfafnut iSew Zealandcrs Whip Lines Around Nazis at Faenza j0 M ''-' (Continued from page 1) STORM If - 1 r 111 . J I () i ' "t 1 v.; .I- g I- i ( !' V is, ' 'j i ;j f " iV i- e r i ... j ' in it J i v tj captured the towns ol' JLimfrisano and Casetie, ' 'iermau eomiituiiipit on iu i;e,il Valley wej-e h ruck aiiof her f ai (f blow in a fOomhiued aUiitfnijk- t Tljundej-bofts, Kittyiiaw ks and Mu (the coiumon enemy." jjut any territorial change which niitvht be made cannot he guaranteed I hy the 1'nited States ko eminent . Istetiinius KHid. U declared that this 1 goverutneiu . adheres to its "tradi-j tioiial policy of declining to gne ! nuaranteoe for' any specific fron-; tiers". I o ;uHiaiiUe ;jieit I Tins wai an apparent answer to ' (lie I'oliu. K'vernmeni't lvijueKt that j il territorial cou'-esaious were made j lo KuHsla. the independence and jn-1 teriiy ; of Uiw fv I'olfsh state ( nhould be Ktiaranlei-d by the l'uied j Htateg. ' i Siettinius t-aid tliat the only way thh could he accomplished would be throunii the world security organization, in which "the I'niied Hta'es tojiet her v. ii h Ot her nieniher .t3'es ...the one gift that lasts a lifetime!! Eternal 'as the fiyramids, the -brilliaiK' f a' diamond shines ' ' ' through the ages, a constant re- ' ' minder of the most cherished of -, gifta'fi.VVjir has not effected our 'l ' ' diamond sources. We are proud of our selection this year, proud of the quality and proud of the reasonable prices. ; It Will Pay You to Select Yours Now lilies Were bh'.Sted tants. ita'l point s well as WINDOWS ,7 Wds 28 x 40 OSM ;9 Wds 28 x 40 OSM 5 Wds 28 x 56 OSM ' 6 Wds 28 x 60 OSM 40 Wds 28 x 64 OSM 56 Wds 28 x 68 OSM 41 Wds 28 x 72 OSM "4 Wds 32 x 56 OSM 2 Wds 32 x 60 OSM 7 Wds 34 x 68 OSM 2 Wds 34 x 80 OSM I'ew Oilier at m a.-e it-- s ff: a . ae skat, a 25 - in the J'o Valh y region i iiloiiK the Ureniier I'ar.s lini and in lite northe rn Adriuiic tw THE ClAMOKOUS dude uulht'tlxit lovely Lynn Iafcgett,"tnovw? actress, wears here is a far cry from tlw one bIi-3-voi, in 'l-eauvwie.-i siw whs reaiad on (nel .Jiifl Mas prouieiiading du'n an aynue in Dallas. yjie!is a (uiw-nt ccut man hed riglit up an olfejitd ijer tii'Mien iit .tetjoii , .Meanwhile fliiibtK of HAF Mus-.Ut-'n and Hjhboii(beTt; conceiptifd-a larye-scJe attaek on German cun positions and troop concemiatioiiii jn the region between faenza and Iqi-ola. - - StHlfMies released by Allied he;uU u u a rui in the M ed i ' e rra 11:1 n V 1 Closed i hut the ( oiled States ir a contfacl. ,f (Iutrnntivna, ' would wisum reenoiipfbilitv for. the RtfSED YObD the preservation of ffiiral f;ecur-it". i I m ivLi ii forces ojeraiinp in the theaiec have Elusive Vitamin I om :no-- than 4.7oo aircraft. Vitamin C is elusive. It's easily ' . . FAMCO'S ART JEWELRY SHOP oesiroyea uy neai ana easuy oxi dized by air but the body needs Chinese Trace pin;uH to Iran Toe Chinese word lor spinach is STORM DOORS 1 Door 32' x 91 1 Door 342 x 85 3 Doors 36J2 x 81 4 Doors 36 'i x 85 Olleled fciifijei I lo I'll-, I huh- STEVENSON daily supply, lor it can't store it. Headquarters for Keepsake Diamonds CLIKTON Phone 607-W !p jl-uj, iiit-iimng "the vegelabie jiu-,rte-j Jionj Ir.-jn " T' HLS i I J30SH. Vtf(,AJHEKl THE IjTHAMK QCCDNESSJ THAT'S I l-THAT BLISSFUL I fefe3V IT W 1 iv,,, .. THIS ISi'JT LIcSHTS HE'S STOPPED .- WHAT I'M EXPRESSION rd&r 1 lv7mihrir i A fUiTTASC,,s awful are low z,;r;rr vl after- you get nrt& LUMBER CO. CPBOMUdu1uidAMto . . l:l.Jf4 VEJ " ' 11, .tlv.JiPJBi .II- fi 1 i i, .... I I SltJAIMfi X V Kfk& IV diristmas Tree i f' f -'J TAU CD , " I' 1 ' '' ' J IVflLiljIV -WHOSE PICTURE VMtU-BE THE" ROSER. 1 COULDM'T STAVj I HAD TO COME BCK. . When You Have Them Cleaned At - S; ! MASTERPIECE I DREAM OF AWAY Atvr 1 IL0NA. My AND FINISH POSIM6 FDR VOUR tpi9 J 5 a ISSaDNES.fOU'RE THE ONLY 77,1 " r.CZ LONfieRrTVRl DARHMg PTA MASTERPIECE ! ' , steads Or-!" mpra wm&s. ANNOUNCING. The New Location fit I 1 . . 1 KvERyTRUEBUTA KIMONO-WEARING 71 'Al EVEN TPADITION MUST CO S-C l.'C TvV" CO'J,' 0 I!?,'"'1' 1 A AP.KAMOTO ' IF VOUR iSn' L6TMIM i t-'.'V JO'.'iiTi.Vf.'V' V Wl.r IS A JAPANESE L, LADy : BOV TO COMFORT MMV .-AD;ES IN JAPAN WEAR JAPANESE WOMAN1DE5 IN-NOTOUT-WHEN SHE WALKS COVER THEM, IRWIN IliTtfcPPET PO?? CF THE OLD SCHOOL, WHY IS SWE WEASIN what you SAy?-pu,MPS? HEft.DAM THAN IVQ3D3.' 1 yiK MODERN SHOES? m 1 -ML MARION'S BEAUTY SHOP 406 N. th Street PHO-N'K 409 .. . : e . - , Oil DAN DUNN Secret Operative tag ".vlv-i- f j Make Your Chm-tmas Ai-poii-'Liiei.t Lariy: All Lines Of Baiiy Work Hunt '. I . ZJJ

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