The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 15, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1944
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

Pajrc Srvrfi THE DAILY CLINTONIAtf Frklny December 15, 1911. REVIEW OF YEAR IN SPORTS JUNE; BOWLING RESULTS :(. A-CO,A. MiAUL'fi Vermillion .VoA .yttll VERMILLION HOO.M Hays, 10(1. ISO. 177 fi :! r. ; (iuiTl'i. 114, HJ. 125 3S2; Anbury. 1.15. 103. K17 4li5; Kirknr.m. 1 151. 150 4:!fl; Tasso, 14S. 111. 131 42(1: Uinioii Meets Otter Creek In Hardwood Boot between the 'Rhine and the lower Vosges region of France set off stiff clashes as the Germans sought craftily lo Impede the advance. Nazi units sought to delay progress or Lieut. Gen. Alexander M. Patch's forces hy employing heavy armor and artillery support. The spearheads closest to Germany pointed threaleiilngly toward the Rhliieland industrial city of Karlsruhe. Russian Noose Tightens On Budapest Walls (Continued from page 1) handicap, 155, 1 55, 155 4)15 lals, S47, !I45, IIH5 !i!l". GKKCOItY CAKK - Lammey. 15S, IK 457; .McDonald, ISO, 553: IllvdcwPH. Kill, 1 8 477: Malnncy. 1211 To-Kid. 173, KI3, 15 5, 223 Fast Game Promised in Cats' Second Home Game Of Season; Otters Place Good Record at Stake ( Union v OltiT I'm'k I'll.... Mlirh hiuil : Manila, Luzon Unlr Heavy US Aerial A I lack 2117 4SS: Wilson, 111(1. 2"S, ; -1)311; handicap, 124. 12 1. 124 372. Toliila. !I51, !! I . K):15 2(1 schemeyei'i sophomore passer who led the Ulg Nine thiB season lor the Becond struisht year by compli-tlnR 48 of 96 aerials for 727 yards and Rained 1.01S yards in all during the 1944 campaign; Hob Ravensberg, sophomore, who played outstanding delensive football for the Hoosiers. and Harry .lugade, freshman fullback who led the lean 111 yards gained by rushing Willi 450 yards in 111 tries. Coach Mc.Vlillln will be one of the three coaches or the northern sound. Indiana Prcppcrs Hardwood Season On in Full Swing J:isper Wildcats Lead In liia; Ten of State; Ton Clashes on this Weekend INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. Hoosier net fans, except those attached lo Jasper High School, were disconsolate today because they could see no hope for a good old-fashion d dope upset anytime with tbe next (Continued trotn page 1) engulfed the town of Szerencs and (lalvacs some three miles norlheast of Hzendroe. lAn indication or Ihe miiiinllug panic within Ihe Hungarian capital was revealed in a broadcasl by the clandestine German-language radio station Atlantic which said thai all bridges across tbe Danube within Ihe city had been closed to civilian frame and that SS (Elite (iuardl troops were posted at all approaches to enforce the order.) KeilN Overwhelm Builaiiest. At the same time front line observers said that the Russians had sufficient forces to throw into the buttle of Budapest to overcome any columns remaining to the Nazis as a reserve foree. Fighting of local Importance was reported on both the Polish and East Prussian fronts. - .WieverrAMp-in& v4J-? Thin f (iainew: 7 i. in. nm! 8 p. in. Officials: Itot Smillr, Dunns IHmIi-Iiirit Starting liiic-iipoi: 4'llutoii Oltrr Creek Foster -F Hond'H James F,. Trnut Hungerford 0 Dnhelnw Watson , G Hulls; Smith Sturm The fastet game to date In Clinton's current basketball season Ir on tap tonight when tht Wildcats meet the high-stepping Otter Creek Otters at 8 p. m. in the local DIANA SWKKT SHOP Weir. 171. 1 111, 151 IliS; I'r. Shea. 131. 1711. 1li3 170: Jiaushlp. 135. KI5, 127 -- 427; Allison. Kit, Ki7. 2111! 537; Ave. IS2. 212. Kid 5113; handicap, 143, 143. 113 42(1. Totals, l)2(i, 11109, 959 2S94. COCA-COLA McCown, 141, 17S, 196 515; Lenislra, 132! Ki2. 114 40S; Haxcman, 142. 113. 217 502;'Fennl;lio. 144, ISO, Ki4 404; Olliilolli. 182. 205, 175 5112; handicap. 152. 152. 1T.2 45(1. Totals, 893, 1020. 1 018 2037. Move Headquarters Forward Announcement of Ihe raid preceded by a few hours official disclosure that Adni. Chester W. Niniitz soon would move his operating headquarters to an unspecified "forward urea" lo direct Ihe growing offensive drive toward Japan. The Australian radio reported recently thai N'lniilz would move Ills headquarters to Guam but the site was nol announced officially at Pearl Harbor. Capture Xcu liases Shifting of the center of grnvlty of operations by land, sea and air forces "far to the westward" lias been permitted hy the capture of Japanese buses In the Gilberts, Mar-shnlls, Marianas. Ulithl and Palau. "To improve tlie effectiveness and coutro lof these forces as operations converge on Japan," tlie announcement said, "the Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Fleet and (Pacific) areas soon will establish advanbed headquarters at a forward area. Main headquarters will remain at Pearl Harbor." Meets With Nelson Nimltz also disclosed that he had recently conferred privately with Donald Nelson, special representative of the President, who stopped over at Pearl Harbor en route to the United States from a mission In China. month and a half that would knock the Wildcats out of top "Ulg Ten" posil ion. The ten leaders,' this week, as selected hy International News Service: 1. Jasper. 2. Anderson. 3. Lew Wallace of Gary, I. Hedford. fi. Ililey of South Hend. 6. Logansport. Fierce German Opposition Met In New Advance MATTIOllA GROCERY rout olio. 152, Kill, 200 51 S; Lyday, 188, 17S, 171 537; Mattiodll, 150. K!4, 178 492; Jllirdork, 178, 201, 163 542;. Brazil l an. 147, 203. 217 5li7; handicap. 110, 110, 110 330. Totals, 925, 1022, 1039 2980. PT'BLIO SERVICE CO. Colombo. 109, 145, 21 1 555; Jones. 154, 143, 144 441: Dayslnncr, 137, 112. 1 10 398; Mooni'y, 147. 156. 173 476: Straw. 204. 190. 169 563: handicap, 128, 128, 128 384. Totals, 960, 874, 974 2817. Both teams :have only one loss marring their records although the Otter Creekers hiive been playing basketball several weeks longer than the Cats. The Otters lost a close 2(5-21 match to Stat High two weeks ago, the only loss on their seven-game slate. They have a fast-breaking style of play that will keep the Cats on their toes tonight. Despite their belated start, the Cats have apparently picked up and improved their teamwork from where they left off at the end of last year's good season. With their first string made up almost entirely of veterans, the Wildcats have shown constant good performances in the three games played so far tills sea-! son. With James and Foster at forward posts, Hungerford at center and Smith and Watson at guard, the (Continued from page 1) V' OiduiksjaI -3AtACIAS WoaI "CfS- -n-rt.&-. BfoWiJie-.BcuJse-tV AJp WAnAoit" northwest of Schophoven, last big bastion in that sector, and burled the enemy from a nearby factory area. The towns of Garzenich and Hergel were captured and Kufferath, within JULES TAVERN' Taparo, 182, 164, 170 516: Iloth, 1C0, 191, 151 502; Hayes, 1 43. 147, 197 487; Iucoll, 130, 151, 151 432; lionetti. 167, 167. 1 51 4S5; handicap, 10 1, 104, 104 312. Totals. 8S(i, 934, 924 2734. New Outbreaks In Athens Give Lie To Peace Rumors Wildcats present a well-balanced Rogers and Trout, Dahelow, HulU and Strum will start for the Creek ers with Jark and Tex- mark, C!ene ton Hatchets vs. Sullivan and a Cardinal-Lyons game playing in Ihe sage gym. The theory Is that competition between two competitive tilts on separate floors in the same area cuts down on attendance. Jeffersonvllle will lack the alleged five-point home floor advantage when it plays at Lebanon tonight a-gainst a promising team. The Hedford Stonecutters were not expected to permit Mitchell to join the select group of one Jasper which lias downed the ('utters. Tipton was favored lo win over Sheridan tonight and Lew Wallace of Gary over Whlling tomorrow, in other games involving the Big Ten. (Continued from page 1) HORNBY RATERY SHOP Lano. 198, 1S4. 177 550; Paloncy, 135, 124, 126385; W.'lUKll. 121, 152. 169 442; Cooper, 145, 152, 1.78 475; Karanovich, 141, 188, 169 498: handicap, 1 27, 127, 1 27 381. Totals. 807. 927, 916 2740. 7. Jeffersonvllle. . 8. Hosse of Evansvllle. 9. Tipton. 10. Horace Mann of Gary. Three Dropped from I.lst Dropped from the INS nig Ten were Richmond, Lapoter and Jeff of Lafayette with newcomers being Jeffersonvllle, Horace Mann and Riley. However, tbe Lafayette Broncos, who lost a double week end bill lo Anderson and Fort Wayne Central, had hopes or returning to the victory column once Bill Long, rangy vet-teran, recovered from a knee injury surrered in the first quarter of the Anderson game, and Charles Senimes, center, overcame his scholastic ineligibility. Iliml ;ains for Kokonio The llroncs will visit t lie Koko-mo Wildcats tonight in what ought lo be a closely-contested game. The Knts are taking on Central of Fort Wayne this week end also. Laporle wtts shoved from grave by Adams of South Head and face a visit from Michigan City, an NIHHC east division foe, out for a first conference victory tonight. Tbe sliced and height of the Richmond Red Devils seemingly is not enough to overcome their lack of experience. A double fill this week end touigjit. at New Castle and a mile of the Roer, was entered. Minefields Slow Advance The advance in the Monschaw area, however, was slowed because of dense minefields, and house to house fighting raged in the hamlet of Kes-ternicb. Between tbe sector hold by tbe First and Ninth Armies and the latest point or penetration of the Reich by the Seventh Army, Lieut. Gen. George S. Patton's Third Army mopped up Habkircbeu and threw the last Nazi troops out of Rimllng. Other units entered the town of Eriching and sent advanced elements to the outskirts of Guiderkircli. The Germans moved up reinforcements in a vain effort to break up the Seventh Army advance which rolled forward seven miles or more to cross the Heleh fronlier. Tbe powerful Seventh Army surge Foster, and Bob White as substitutes. Coach Bob Burton has been drilling the Cats all week, working out new plays and improving the Cats' defensive playing in preparation for tonight's bout. The two B teams will meet in a curtain-raiser at 7 p. m. Interesting Social News Everyday Proves Wonderful For" Itching Skin Tosoothe itching, burning skin, apply medicated liquid ZEMO a Doctor s formula backed by 30 years continue ous success! For ringworm symptoms, eczema, athlete's foot or blemishes due to external cause, apply ZEMO freely, Loon the discomfort should disappear. Over 25,000,000 packages sold. One trial convinces. Only 85f!. Also 60 and II. 00. ZEr10 should be appointed regent, in Gur-ce.) Fighting went on all day yesterday at Ihe port of Piraeus between British troops and forces of the Elas, militiamen of 'the Ham. Tile battling took place in the vicinity of tlie naval wireless station. As supplies and troops were moved in by boat lo bolster the Brilish position, Mediterranean headquarters disclosed that infantry reinforcements as well ns supplies were flown to Athens from Italy by Royal Air Force planes. How Cold Is Cold? Cold is a term used to designate a temperature below the normal, the normal being based on the Ben ations of the himon body. Four Indiana I J. Cridders to Play In Dixie Clash HLOOMINGTON, Ind. Four Indiana University football players will leave llloonilllKton Willi Coacli A. N. (Ho) AlcMillin this week for Montgomery, Ala., where they will practice in preparation for the annual North-South foolhall game, it was announced today. Tbe four Hooslers who will play Salted Almonds Salted almorids make satisfying appetizers. They are erunchy, have good flavor, are convenient to serve and eat and last but not least, almonds are not rationed. tag ShimnijSonp I . sinn Si ji, nurt.I.hav.ngh,, ' UI I -4l R'vc h'm ih,s long. V. 5. , lutine jojp. In mull. '-CC-?X Saturday at Riley of South Bend, firth place holder will give Coach j Elder Eherhart's boys plenty of ex-i with the North include: John Tav-ener, All-Conference center of the past season, captain and most valu WHITE'S PHARMACY able player of the team. Hob Hoem- 0. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO COST MUCH TO BE FUN Headquarters For liEPSAKE DIAMONDS 3 f'fHtlHTMAS Is not Ihe lime lo lie economical on Bills lo those yoll love and Inlying Jewelry is really lliiifl.v. For a Utile more yon ran liny gills of quality Jewelry gills llial will lasl h llfelime. perience but not the sugar-coated variety. Anderson Indian, in Uusy Week The struggles in which the nig Ten will he involved this week end were not without interest even (hough the Jasper Wildcats are conceded wins over Tell City tonight and Petersburg next Friday. Although second-place Anderson was expected to extend its unbroken streak of wins to seven tonight at tbe expense of Marion, whom it defeated 42 to 27 only three weeks ago, the-lndians may get Indigestion from their heavy week end diet. On I lie following night, they are lo visit Ilurris of Muncle, one of ttie strong state learns clamoring at Ihe lop ten door. ItenrcalM Threaten ligaliliort The long win of Logansport Retries is threatened by another M'' cie team, tbe Central Bearcats, have won four out of six Gary Horace Mann also t-' i.,c trouble with a tall Hani' i team which included six hoK -is from the Wildcat squad w! ' . scabbed its sectional last spril' That game, to- . willi an Emerson of Gary-Wai. : I'.ml Tech game, will be a double f"a!are tonight in Hammond civic center. Down in soulhern Indiana, a similar bargain night is offered with the Washing- 0 KEEPS YOU IN TRIM! HELPS YOU RELAX ! 5 fi at DIAMONDS Make Ideal Gifts! Between Slrikes.You Can Enjoy Good Cold Drinks At Our Fountain Service IIIRKVnTRIKF RHWLING ALLEY 1SS A "Kl I W ..... fl 8 WELL-LIGHTED ALLEYS 215 South Main CLINTON Phone 607-W War lias left. Hie quality of our diamonds iiiirlimisert our (selection the best we have ever shown. Tome In and see these rare stones. )1 PPSflu LIKE TO ASK T TwF'PF GOVERNMENT AGENTS sa'jffl55 ( ALOHE'THEN WIJQ X ONLY UNLOVELY MOST IMPOSSIBLE! SHE CAME FROM OLD COUNTRY" IS F(?y STUPID- V 1 5 THAT WOMAN Vjlrb Or ( H I i ' MR. KAMOTO--WE WANT TO TALK f SO SORRY.' ONI) I t i T I AM ALL UtlFfi ).t'" V WKt IU1UV I-CIOWNI mW"Z ""(l.wua i iwiw TO A GUEST Ot- yU'JKb, A UIKL TO A GUEST OF YOURS, A GIRL CAN NOT SPEAK YOUR fMMAM : I W IIC I f IV if LSI If-rt f" i Uflll l KNOWN AS KKJA . , r. WS 1Tl- NOBLE TONGUb.' BASKETBALL FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15; CHS vs. OTTER CREEK WTTl Operali,, 0MP Jfc W 'ft if r 1 A k? CLINTON HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM GAMES AT 7 AND 8 P. M. General Admission 35c X . .milium .'.i ii!. mil. ::. " M rrr S.- VJ ! U WHAT DO VOU MEAN IT WlT WIS SOME- WITH JiIjSV CLtCK AMONG THOSE gUKieO i-iinpQ A Tr.Ki re 800(1 LL MAKE A tAMb 1UKOUOH ihc .j thing OF A I. UIMnnW GHERKIN f Ki r.,.1 Tr. MC Quick plav fc cld maw hulk a t. -I.A.i"-"" ,w ' B i ,.. nr-n.l " ,v aR.Too) i DCUGH AMD SKIP ThE CGLWIKY- s -T smack here: ; if HAIRBREADTH HARRY NEXT HOME CAMS December 22 CHS vs. WILEY ; : ! 2 BUT THE REAL BLOW 16 VET TO gCME Wg FlCK.' 5 'II f -..'dS- 1- lr i bit' ' '

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