The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 15, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1944
Page 6
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Friday, December 15, 1944. inE DAILY CLINTONIAN rage Six THE DAILY (XIINTOIA! ETC, ETC" "F. O. B. AAOSCOW, WOLF IN MAN'S CLOTHING 1 -I " ' SVW' V r 'p.. f AUTHVH KlOUi bls or rsiivv -w - fcl.lillnli il aa The Weekly CHntonlu The Clinton PUlndealer absorbed In 1W Published DalW Except Saturday u(l Runls CA fit"'- - 1 I'll send to Nettleton for the medi ieorgo L. Carey - - Editor mid 1'nfolishru cal examiner; he should be here m golnir to approach it, to soy - kind of farewell perhaps, but she dW"&?-'. Her shadowing lashes fell softly ' over her eves and she turned toward v.; the door, leaning on Nicky's arm., .' She said softly, musically, '1 m . I at t,be p,wirrioe at t.'iitirou, uiutaiu) T .t 6 rL ' met- M H4-on1 14 Mutter 1 n lU'puhlli au Kilin. 1t Aao.ii.u stunned, I think tne snucs. i.n Miiirv . . " She leaned' ,tD Phone 38 PhoDe 33 on his arm aa far as the stairway; CHAPTER SIXTEEN .' c:.j surgcstiil iagerly, "Yru'vc ftei the uih! less. wrung. You'd b 1 ter hurry along, Ion, hadn't uu. Lieutenant'.' I mean if someone in the neighborhood has been murdered or or anything like that anil they want you" The (illiuer looked ut Nicky who stopped suddenly. The Lieutenant had narrow, gray-green eyes, narrow high chetsboncs and an expression of complete taciturnity. He said. "1 took the message myself. It was a woman's voice. There'll no an hour. He 11 assist you in the autopsy." Dr. Chivery. looked at tho buttons on the police officer's coat. "Conrad had a bail heart. Hed had it for years. He took digitals for heart attacks, and we'll probably find some. But not a fatal amount and ..." , Maud Interrupted. "But that wae the point! What about the medicine? Where i it? If f removed if he removed it himself, that is he died from the lark of it. for 1 watched them go. i wouik have followed instantly, but tha IF - . r .... Lieutenant stopped me. "You were hera when he died) Nurse?" "He was dead when I reaehad 8 him." Maud was leaving too, ana i4 It's aa I as I was saying wnen uic pulice arrived." Well, it wasn't quite what she was saying. She was saying that if it had been intentionally removed, that was tantamount to murder. "What's this about digitalis? demanded the Lieutenant, falling upon it like a dog upon a bone and Claud Chivery, helplessly, explained. The medicine had been kept in the top drawer of the desk; it wasn't about the body of Conrad Peter Huber, looking uncertain 01 his status in that house of tragedy followed her. Anna had disappeared, I didn't know when. Thara were left only the police, the Lieutenant, Dr. Chivery and me in that room. And the corpus delicti. 'Wait a minute, please. Nurse,' said the Lieutenant sharply as I made another move toward tha door. "1 want to talk to you. Did you telephone for the police?" He had asked that before; pra- ....MaV,l ha niD. aabinir it UfTflin ha- Brent, and he mignt nave aicu 101 lack of it. cause, the family being now out ol earshot, I might be willing to admit u.i, tho, iidti't nmve that any one had removed it with that result suspicion and tne reason xor u. mistake." . A woman!" exclaimed Nicky. "Uut . . ." He stopped and flapped his small hands helplessly. "Hut hi wtttiii't inunlerid!" Dr. Chlvcry stepped forward. "I agree to that. Lieutenant. I'm going to give the death ce'tificate. and I have no question at all in my mind. Remember, he was my patient." There was a sharp silence except, from tr-o hall, Hcever.s could be hear. vieting the servants clus-tercu there from their observation post. "You'll be called if necessary." he said. "Now get along " Beevenn himself remained, however, hovering in the hall and in all probability straining his ears out of all nature. Tnc Lieutenant remarked quietly. "If you'll permit . . ." stepped to ' the sola, and looked down at Conrad Brent. I don't mind sayinsr 1 was nervous. In the course of a not un-chi'i'kered career 1 have chanced to see a little of the scope and persistence of a police investigation. In this ease they had been called by telephone, so whoever had summoned them must have had reason it, believe it was murder. Everybody was watching the I.., iueiiant when he turned at lust "Certainly not. It I naa, i a navt told you so. This is nothing- to m, in mind. The Lieutenant didn t sa. that, he only asked if Bliyone had removed it or knew of Conrad Brent any of it. I'm a nurse here. I ar rived yesterday alternoon. i . . . himself removing it. 1 .-- in tho lll-.IWer iust after Yes, 1 know, ne saia. iou and Miss Drue Cable, who was dinner tonight," volunteered Alexia SMALL NATIONS FEAR AIR ATTACK. While the effort to agree upon a program to regulate post-war air traffic, now underway in Chicago, does not seem to be reaching a speedy conclusion, the chances are that the effort will make progress and that, eventually, some plan will be devised acceptable to most of the nations. The British Minister of Civil Aviation, Lord Swinton, calls attention to one phase of the question that disturbs smaller nations. They fear that a country with a great fleet of transport planes would be in a position to launch a surprise attack with airborne troops, as the Germans did in Poland in 1940. Because airborne divisions can capture cities and countries and bombers can formerly married to Craig Brent. I caught my breath so hard that I nearly choked myself trying to conceal it. "Tht nan Aivnrftnl lnt VPAT. You were the first to find Mr. Brent, Ik suddenly. "1 saw it. "Did you give it to Mr. Brent?" a ' 1 the Lieutenant. ..'o. He was not ill then; he didn't want it. Wc were having coffee here. He wanted a clipping, something about the war that he'd cut from the papers. It was in that drawer aud i got it for him; and 1 saw the medicine, then." "I remember," said Peter lluber. "He read it to us." Maud's black eyebrows were pinched together. "I remember, too. It was about the arrest of some enemy aliens, some Bund members." No one had seen it since, however, or if so did not admit it. I got to Alevia and said. "I'm sorry, Ma : in. We shall spare your feel i i . Ml .1.. is mat rigm : Dr. Chivery passed his hand over his forehead and I said cautiously,' "It's as I told you. He was dead when 1 reached him." "Yes, I know." said the Lien-tenant. "But how did you happen to find him? You were upstairs in your patient's room, weren't you?" I had seen it coining but was still unprepared and it put me on what I believe is culled the spot, If Peter lluber hadn't seen Drue with me, leaning over Conrad Brent but he had. I said very carefully, "I thought I heard a kind of call of help. Miss Cable must have heard , .n'Brii nrisime wav: well uu oui be-t to protect you from annoy-amv If Mr. Brent wasn't niur-,i,.r,.,l hi. inn soon satisfy ourselves i4f fAe Movie j Taking a Backward Glance ICOIXMItlA thinking of the autopsy and wondering if whatever Drue hail given him (some kind of stimulant cer-tainlv) by way of the hypodermic would show up in the blood stream, i ..,...,.,..,1 thinl.-imr -ill, ni. that line hundred residents of this city ; l-'iiiluy and Saturday ,.H u.n.hiii a ir nniiilu'r nf The valiant contribution of recipients have already mailed those Frenchmen who fight-not not, the number of civil transport planes that a nation possesses becomes an important factor in the making of war. While this is true, it is a reason for world collaboration for peace, rather than the restriction of the development of civil aviation. We doubt if any plan can be devised which will prevent large nations from possessing such a superiority of transport planes as to make possible the sudden and overwhelming invasion of a smaller state. The safety of these smaller nations, it seems to us, depends absolutely upon an existence of an international force, ready and able to assail any nation guilty of unprovoked aggression. tnr the nrrnril nL' In .Mrs . I bull' to Iascisill aim un- I pay lor the (Irace Conner, treasurer TWENTY YKAIIS AfiO TOD.W Amcrli-an Li'ion To Haw IniHrtalil Session Officers of the Clinton pot American I'Rion announced today tliat a very important meeting would be held at 8 ocloik Thursday night at the I.eKion home In Third Street. lCUctiiin of the officers will take place at this when the Lieutenant abruptly told us we could go. "Cict some rest if vou call," he said. "The things we have to do will take time. I'll have to question you later." I started quickly toward the door. 1 had to see Drue as soon ..c l ,.,,nl.L Hut Niekv got there a small group of men who risked their lives to join that right Is the evening background for the new Warner Bros. film. "Passage to Marseille." which opens at the sale. It is suggested that all who received the seals send the money for them to Mrs. Connor as soon uuy i Columbia Theatre tonight. an, I veil in that respect. U he was ..." "Hit he- couldn't have been!" cried Ak-xi'.' angrily. Then all al once I. ! Kxiil. masklikc face softened S e went quickly and gracefully in .he Lieutenant and put her while Lands on his arm; leaning very c!e.t to him and lifting her beautiful tare beseechingly, she declared soilly, "Lieutenant, no one would have murdered my husband. It is impossible. . . ." The o.Titer detached himself without effort and compunction. "Will you please 1-ave the room to us now'.'" he said politely. "All of vn'i. except Dr. Caivcry." "Uut I . . ." Alexia's voice was ger soft. Her small face was I the gh am in her eyes was want. Maud was watching -we and every look and haj ling. icutenant interrupted iolly. "We'll have to have y, Dr. Chivery," he said. as possible, or if unable to them, return the seals to her something, too. But we could do nothing for him. Then then Peter Huber came running down tho stairs, too. He had heard the same thing, I imagine. I sent him to telephone for the doctor." "Why?" "For the death certificate, naturally. Miss Cable went back upstairs to our patient" (1 was rather " pleased with the implication of ' that) "and 1 stayed here. But there ' was nothing I i-o-. Ul do. And then all at once there was a loud noise'."1 Suddenly. I remembered that no one had innui.-ed about that, yet almost certainly it was the thing that had roused Maud and Nicky and Alexia. (To be continued) c.ipyncti! in mienonO. Bbtrhirt; Dlltiibutnil lit Kn i Kr.tuiii Umilli'iK, tU. meeting as well as the final set- IVr.-onals tlement of all committees. All le- I jr(i. William Sunday ami .lionoay Here conies Private Hargrove, right out of the pages of the best-selling book read by more than a million Americans, on to the screen to be aeon by several mil 50 i Stariha of gion members are expected to be Xorlh Eleventh Street entertain- l birthday party Friday ' ed with first and then turned back toward Ale::':a. "Conic, darling," he said in a voice of sudden sympathy, which, reminded everyone that Alexia was a recently indeed, a very recently bereaved widow, fiven Alexia looked a little startled and then instantly drooped against the arm he put around her. "If they insist upon this investigation, we'll have to make the best of it." Alexia looked at the still figure on the couch. I thought she was present. i liaracterizes In honor of the nine evening lion more. teenth anniversary of her daugli-1 Community As FOR THE LIBERAL ARTS. "Nothing could be more fatal to the security and peace of our people," declares Dr. Gordon Watkins, dean of the Collejrc 4-ltoom House Abn"t 75 men were In a'tend- "See Here, Private Hargrove created a literary lililz when it was published early this year. Itohert Walker, who jumped lo stardom with his role in "Bataan." appears with pretty Donna Reed in "See Here,' Private Hargrove," at the Columbia Sunday. ance lat n'rht Pt tb" with In' euintW men?!nr rTTT-?" dull Hi the jr-thodiKt ell'reh. A tri : l: itlirir. eoolled a nil sere:l 'inii.!y by Mir 1:1m. vs hi-urlily eiijoyi .1 by nil pr"s- Dave' O'llrieu and singing cow-hoy star, Tex Uitter. all uuliiland- ing picture. This film opens aa of Letters and Science of the Univers'ty'! of California, at Los Angeles, "than ex-; cessive emphasis upon technical and professional education to the exclusion of the liberal and humanistic arts." j The educator calls attention to a disturbing trend, evidenced in the letters re Snakca Aid War Troops engaged in the African campaigns are using large quantities cf snake serum and as a result the Snake park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, has been called on to the second feature tunight. Sunday, Monday niid -Tuesday screen offerings of the season. After Casanova Brown has carelessly burned down the mansion of bis parents-in-law. they get an annullment of his marriage to I heir daughter Isabel. On the eve of his second matrimonial venture Casanova learns that he is the father of a child by Isabel. u.. flute hlu Mtild lit n fMiii'n- Til- ,1 ilieili.ll speaker nf the ,-vonlnp ivi.s r,". If Moore. nn""oi i.f lb.'- Montro M. E. increase its collection of snake ven- i ..I.-. Fn ui nu viU fi-fuli rroin ceived irom soldiers and sailors, snowing eimrci a series of screen bits, scores om crystal! to the maximum. n once again in Parainount's "Don-1 appeal has gone out to all snake ter. Ann. Dancing and games were enjoyed during the evening. Guests were Julia Ave. Helen Yeager. llafaida Mucciarelli. Ite-na Honucchl. Mary Milani, Yolan-da Huatto, Mary Stariha. Joe Car-rera. Joe Vietti, Matt Tasso. Doai-enic Cinotto, Bill Minett. Harry Shannon, C.eorge, Frank and Charles Kamarata, Loren Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fracisoni. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Spendal and son. Jimmy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Knaflich and daughter, and Mr. an.1 Mrs. Stariha and son, Billie. M.s. W. W. Pugh ol South Main Street is spending a few (I: , villi her daughter. Mrs. Lo-i-a Wright, and Mr. Wright of r.'i, rsal. .Mrs. Victor Fuilla of Chicago has returned to her home after spending the past two weeks wi h her parents. .Mr. and Mrs. James Bianco of North Tw.lflh Street She was acronilu:iie:l hoa:e l'V her mother. Mra. Bianco, ard that most of them want scientific and Mnnre den rre Haute. Kev. I n f'ee f"l(lress. .bi't "Furnishing ,i!?e " III i:ls !"!!- hie Indemity" which opens at the ' caicners m tne region to reoouo.c I'ALAK Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Sizzling with South Sea Sweeties and throbbing music, "Call of the South Seas" with Janet Martin, Alan Lane, William Henry and Roy Barcraft, opens at the Palace Theatre tonight. Admirers of western drama have a thrill In store for them when Republic s latest Wild Bill Elliott starrer. "Overland Mail Robbery" opens at the Palace t... i.Dniii imirnii 1 Wabash Sunday. Sh !'1M In 11 r-n teamed ' meir enoris. run aaoers sua f and Kd- ' Dras are lne reptiles most required, tU lilll l. 1 II1L IU.IIIUI ,! .i.t iuahi i nfrnrinir tt for a- with Fred MacMurrav and the prices paid for these range up to $1 .50 each. By chance tnii nai technical education and see no reason why they should have to complete basic liberal arts requirements. Dr. Watkins believes, tha return? r.g veterans should be equipped for occupational and professional responsibility, but ward G. Robinson in this thrilling murder story adapted from .lames M. Cain's best-seller. i-.- -. i'i. S'1'-''' '' cl'iirr-.rer'-rn -.nsiimiiitUy :.i 'our-rooii I""'"" Willi Hi.- ri'ii'l'.s He-!l"P':ln(l a? work. nlav. fellnvjibin and iw-ship, as evnli'ned the need of the work. plav. fellowship and been a gmd snake season. doptlon. He won't stand for this seizes the infant and takes it lo an obscure Chicago hotel, where he devotes himself to the intricacies of baby-tending. the second of each individual In the Theatre tonight feature. Airplane Checker Airplane landing wheels can be held more firmly while itationed on the ground by a C-shaped chock if they are to live interesting, satisfying D,,,,,jr1 0,' of a community. Pots lei.tlHcel Ihrls While a c'aef today is readily 'denuded by his tall while cap. Italian chefs of the Twelfth century began a tradition of carrying tiny poti a tradition ol carrying tiny puis anu complete lives, ne Deiieves iney musi i,.,o,iais be made familiar with the "priceless heri-l -Mr. and Mr W. ('. Wliglil "I made of wood. The chock can be ........ - - PAI.ACK on long hnndles in public, much as j lodged easily against the wheel and the front and I Crawfords ille. Ind.. spent the nulled tight, gripping week end In Clinton visiting with .Mrs. Louise Savio and daugntc". oldicrs carry swagger sticks Saturday Midnight, i Sunday and Monday Matrimonial mivii ( ental counterclaims back of the wheel. tage of the liberal arts". The increasing tendency of young peoplo, in colleges and universities, to seek fprhnipal trnimnir nlnncr hicrrilv Krwri9li7frl WABASH ' Friday rnd Saturday One of the most unusual pictures to come out of Hollywood is PRC's "Seven Doors to Death," starring Chick Chandler and June Clyde and opening al the Wabash Theatre tonight. Aclion, comedy and liiusac combine to make "(iaugslers of tho Fronlier." the first of PRC's new- and figure Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Wright of I Alice. Vine street. They left yesterdav ; Mr. and .Mrs. Harry Hm;iin nr I afternoon for I'arls, III.. I" Wsil on l.ickie and Mr. afl Mrs new rilm roili-"C a s a n o v a 1 prominently In Hi t edv production. I" I :...... Williile si I ve-llrrri over night before returning over night before , ,. 1 L j 1 lines, to the exclusion of a broad, general ;Crawr0rdBviiie. Daffodils and Iris Divide and replant daffodils and iris. Daffodils may go a dozen yean without division, but you will have liner, larger flowers if you divide them every three years. Vitamin 'C Thice foods especially recommended for their vitamin C are oranges, tomatoes and leafy vegetables. "C" i destroyed in cooking. visiling Mr. lludlin's paren s. M Brown." whic h slurs Cary ( ooper and Teresa Wright, and Is said lo be one of the most sparkling Miss Lillian Kayce was liosless .illian Kayce Hildlili or i: and Mrs. Oscar Ingdale. Texas Rangers Series, starring for the W. (). F. club Sunday afternoon at her home at Ninlli and Klin streets. A business meeting was held at which plans POPEYE were made for a Christinas party to be held Friday of ihis week. After the business meeting a social hour was enjoyed. Those pre HURRA7 I CHRISTEN Hi;-1J Y l!(- r 'c-i-- c 1 1 -Y and liberal education, is no doubt explained by the economic returns that come to the specialist in later life. Just the same, the country can hardly afford to lose the valuable service that is made available to society through the education of men and women in the liberal arts. As someone has pointed out, a technical education only fits an individual for specific work, whether engineering, medicine, the law or something else. The purpose of a liberal arts college is to give the student a completely rounded picture of the world in which he, or she, lives, and to develop the power of intelligent thinking. m'm is-wm 1 irV sent were: .Misses .Miiareu in,u. : Dorothy Parker. Janet Cray. ! Madg" Sanders and Catherine , Wllhile. 1 Misses Man Axton and Ferol ! Adams and Ralph Pall.rsoii and Herbert Klllolt attended a show j in Clinton. Sunday. Miss Ariuitna Speio-er. of Clin- j ton. i billed in Ni wpoil ou r Ihej weik-eiid. i Mrs. Frank Diinlaii of North r S i- i r i v v , A? !J -7 -n .Main SI reel tae a d. ligllHul Mir-j prise parly for In r husband. I Monday eu-lliim. in honor of bis i ... . ,. e , r'x .:',, I birthday. Tin- home was pntiily dieoraled in Christina colors, and a pleasant evening was spout in the enjoyment of dancing. New York, N. Y. Gen. Brchon Somervell, Commanding General of the Army Service Force: "Munitions are not being made as fast as munitions are being used. Not all war production is lagging, but 27 per cent of all the programs are in the critical category.'' TILLIE the TOILER I I 'C.-iwU-vll OR SH1K1VMS I SAV( REALt-V. AM I POSIrJg j VOO ARE HKE A FLOWER By TF.X VKAKS .v;o TOIIAV Sale of 1iriMiiuw PTTHE RIVER'S BRIM i k-c-v VAr, , OM SOME ; v rCJK flCTUKe ALP1KJE W OR A POEM? MISS JONES. VDU'RE MO,e Sals to trmitimit' BEAUTIFUL- fcvEN .THAMl HAD mm DREAMED Chicago: Adolph A. Berle, head of the United States Air Delegation: "From now on, air agreements throughout the world must be open covenants open to all. The day of secret diplomacy in the air is past." The Christmas Seal Sale committee announces that seals may be obtained in any amount at (ill-lis' from now until I hrislmas. Proceeds from the seal sale go to help finance the fight against tuberculosis and to help pay for the treatment of those afllictel Milwaukee: - Eric A Johnson. Presi- - &TZ the sale is used ill tnis roonij while the remainder gttes to stale and national headquarters. l J'J ' i. I VI W St Commerce: "Unemployment compensation provides half rations for a limited mm ol win n. neriod. but it is no adequate substitute for ! , ,.i3 Lpms,ra i A committee, s chairman re- ii. t . i i fi.i I regular employment," 1 ceutiy. . njaiud . eu i f)ri

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