The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 15, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1944
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

Friday, December 15, 1911. 1 r THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Page Three m Major GOP Leaders Called In State Election Probe INDIANAPOLIS, lnd. Major Republican leaders toilay were in ehindtlielcen in -s Cayuga Man Named Head Of County Conservation - John Darkley, Cayuga, was named president of the Vermillion County Conservation Club at the election meeting hold last night in Hlnnford. Other officers for the year are Frank 1 Muzzarelli, vice president: Post Office Increases Hours, Deliveries for Holiday Rush With the Christmas'' mailing rush on in full swing, tho Clinton post-office Is making arrangements to accomodate Clinton rfslilents by Increasing the number of deliveries daily and lengthening the hours the dall of Indianapolis and police chief Clifford K. Henker and Police lllspee-lor iJoiiabl o. Toul'-y. also of Indianapolis. Id 1 V: .. Open Easily If you want to use soy beans dry or for sprouting, allow the pods to dry on the plant until they lose their fresh green color. Harvest iimm hefnro a heavv frost and spread HOLLYWOOD post office is open, It was announc-j JCrnest Sklmier, secretary-treasurer By HARRISON CARROLL KlD( Feature! Syndicate Writer with Reed Mdilnnis and Andy ed today by Homer Mitchell, post Temperatures Rise Over State After Record Cold INDIANAPOLIS, lnd. Tempor-aturea throiicliout the state were continuing to rise today after showing an Increase last night above t lie low of the season Wdnesday night. As compared to four above registered at Terre Haute the night before, last night's state low was at I'ort Wayne, where the ' thermometer stood at 7. Terre Haute's low last night was 14. The Indianapolis temperature. It last night, already had risen into the 20's this morning, the weather bureau reported, as lt predicted fair and warmer weather for today. Other low points last night: South Rend. 11; Marlon 12, and Kvansvllle 22. J out the pods in a warm, dry place HOLLYWOOD Columbia will have to wait for Glenn Ford, I'm afraid. Glenn, medically discharged cluded as wilnesses before the Reflate (ireen siibcuminitlee which will begin a probe of purported Indiana political corruption in Indianapolis Monday. Those suiniuoiit'd wero Atlonn-y General James A. Kimnert, who yesterday denounced the inquiry as a "browbeating inquisition ; " James I.. Bradford, lllh district C O. I, chairman, and Henry E. Oslrout. Marion county Republican chairman. The subpoenas were served as (he committee Investigators questioned Republican Mayor Robert H. Tyn- until they 11 open easily. Kt - by the Marines, needs more time Kutch, county delegates. Modification of the D-Net law was endorsed by the club so as to permit legal net fishing in certain sec-lions of the Wabash River. Seventy-five members and guests attended the meeiing. master. 1 Two deliveries will be made on week days and Saturday and one on Sunday morning, he , said. The post office will be open hll day on Saturday during the hol(day season instead of closing at noon. to recuperate, Ing twosome at the ballet: Ida Lu-pino and Monty Woolley, . . . Ozzie Nelson's and Harriet Hilliard's radio show about their home life and their neighbors is getting them In trouble with some of their real neighbors. . . . When she has Insomnia, says Vivian Marshall, she doesn't count sheep, she counts people. People bore her more than sheep. It was Betty Hutton and Arturo De Cordova for three dates in a row last week. Budget Work When cleaning a room don't take time out to do repair jobs. Instead, list on a pad all the repair needs and later, at a more convenient lime, ntlend to each item in turn and ctjss it off your list. besides, he does not want to work until after his and Eleanor Powell's baby is born. That should be the GO TO CHUItClI SUNDAY Get In the Scrap! second week In m w& w&. sf W0. m M0. nm $ January. Just to vLJ get away from all the studio pressure, Glenn and Eleanor may slip away for a couple of weeks. Harrison, Carroll 3 smkjI mi mMt FS A deal Is on the fire for both Burgess Meredith and Wife Paul-ette Goddard to do a picture for Arthur Rank in England after the war. Moreover, Meredith will author the story. He may have it written by the time he finishes his role in "The Story of G. L Joe." Orchestra Leader Ted Straetter was telling Maria Montez he'd like to have a date with one of her three sisters. "Which one should 1 ask?" he said. "They are all so lovely you'd have a hard time choosing," purred Maria, "so why not take them all out, darling?" HOLLYWOOD HI-JINKS: Actor Barton Yarborough, Vera Vague's ex-husband, and Actress Maria Shelton, formerly married to Makeup Expert Jack Dawn, are having dates. . . Danish Actress - Plenty of girls will envy Lt. Marion Brooks, Army nurse at the Birmingham hospital! At her wedding to Joseph Brain of Los Angeles, last week, the lieutenant wore the Lana Turner bridal gown from "Marriage Is a Private Affair." Hospital superiors got M-G-M to lend the dress. , i FOR . . . cm r ISYMAS tLMM Make Gerda Bendixen, who's been going places with Publicist Allan Her-sholt, Jean's son, Is being tested Your Selections Now While by Twentieth Century-Fox. . . The Dick Haymeses are learning the price of Hollywood fame. Apparently because Mrs. Haymes made a short trip to the east (she visited Dick's mother, incidentally), the separation rumors have been ' circulating. Well, according to both Dick and his pretty wife, Joanne, there's not a word of truth to the 'reports. They say they are very happy, Warners couldn't have been more surprised! F. McNeil Ack-land, chairman of Australia's Association of Motion Picture Producers, visited the "San Antonio" set and greeted Errol Flynn as an old friend. Seems that, years ago, ' the two men were struggling clerks together for Dalgety's Grain Ex-Dorting company of Sydney. Virginia Weldler Is studying child care two afternoons a week at U. C. L. A. so that she can help take care of her sister's baby. They' have no nurse. . . . The bar at the Beverly Tropics has added a clg-aret-rolling machine. . . . Audrey Totter, M-G-M lovely, with Harold Adamson at Blllingsley's Tropics. Our Stocks Are Reasonably Complete If your Christmas list is long and your time is short, don't be dismayed we can help you with your gift-shopping problems. In our store there are scads of wonderful gifts for everyone in the family gifts guaranteed to make smiles wide and hearts happy as you gather around the tree Christmas morning and we're waiting now to help ycu choose for your loved ones. 1 1 . . . Milton Berle will he co-producer with the Shuberts on Carmen Miranda's next Broadway show, "Spring in Brazil." . . . The Woody Hermans to Palrn Springs (his first vacation in four years). . . . Publicity Man Alan Gordon has bought Nat Pendleton's beach house and moved it In sections to the edge of Malibu. . . . And speaking of houses, Linda Darnell (wife of Pev Marley) inherited three in Dallas an1 they are all located on Marlev Ttrrace. Ann Sheridan and Pat DI Clcco showed up at the Mocambo but they had Gloria Vanderullt'a permission. Moreover, says Ann, Pat's invitation for the evening was the height of .something or other. He called up and said: "I can't go out with girls so I'm oing to take you out." . . . Artie Shaw is writing a book on the evolution of dance band technique. . . . Most surprls- i ' m i ' mm j, y CHRISTMAS SETS OF I 1 1 i TOILET ARTICLES $1.00 to $10.00 Everyone Likes GAMES MYSTERY BOARD o, 98 c isfe RATION CALENDAR JMus i vdenil Tux for 5 gallons until further notice. T (Fourth Qtr. ) good for 5 gallons through Dec, 31. K, Kl and E2 good lor 1 gallon. K, 'HI and It 2 good for 5 gallons. A, B, C, D and T coupons are not valid until they have been endorsed In ink, pencil, stamped or printed with the automobile registration number and state. MONOPOLY M Processed Foods Blue stamps A8 through ZS and A-5 through R5 in Rook 4 good lor 10 points indefinitely. Meats, Cheese and Dairy Products All red stamps A8 through Z8 and A5 through PS' in Rook 4 valid ln- Coty K'ening in Paris liogers and Gallct Weldon Don Juan Max Factor Pinaud Wrisley 1 FLINCH or ROOK I' BINGO GAMES S2.00 75c SI. 00 35c to 89c MuloriHls should write 1941 numbers on book and on coupons. Mileage record must he submitted with COMPACTS (Al.OltlO! K00111.V, practical - pretty in all, sluipeK and nIkcn. $1.85 and S3. 00 COLOGNES and PERFUMES i I PLAYING CARDS WORLD GLOBES 12 inch $2.49 Lighted Glass WorldGlobesS18.75 applications for supplemental rations. Sloven All new heating, conking and -oniliinalion heating and cooking stoves, designed for domestic use, lor Installation on or above the floor and for the use of coal, wood, oil, kerosene, gasoline and gas, are rationed. Certificates must be obtained from local Hoard. Tires i aetiniteiy for rationed meats, cheese and dairy products. Stamps worth 10 point each. Sugar Stamps 30, 31, 32 and 3.1 In hook 4 good for 5 points until furlher notice. Stamp 40 in book 4 good for 5 pounds of canning sugar, bhoes No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 "airplane" stamp in Hook 3 good tor one pair each until further notice. Always present Hook 3 when making purchase as stamps are Invalid if removed from the book. aMilinn Stamp A-13 good for lour callous through Dec. 21, H-4 and C-S good ft Periodic passenger ear tire inspec-1 rj; tions are no longer required, ('out mercial vehicle inspection due every 0 months or every miles. B cardholders eligible for tirade I lives providing they can show absolute need to carry on essential activities. All A holders may obtain cerlifieales for (Irade 3 tires, hilt only aft r they J - - li,,,,,,,, - rlkyCooling and SO(j(tiiny I LlM 'ot'ul1 or yur e'c' jv Stuffed Toys s1 .00-s2.49 riUl,V - Sil l I'l l) TOYS lor Tiny Tots. (.in;il)c Hulls ntid Aniiitiils llntl uill nuikti tlii'ir t'urr's 'lii;h( up" 011 '( irisl iiiuk Uioi'li- r.xiu.K si;i,i;cti(). CHRISTMAS LIQUORS We arc ini'ttiiinlf to have an l'.''l'ilioii;tIy fint- sfock of: WHISKIES e BRANDIES RUMS CORDIALS GINS CHRISTMAS GREETING CARDS 2vtc each to 50c each CHRISTMAS CARDS Iff BOXES have found tires which may be purchased. FllW Oil Period 4 and 5 coupons va'lid through Aug. 31. 1S45 and have the following values: 1 unit 10 gallons; 5 units gallons; 25 units, 250 gallons. All changemakiug coupons and reserve coupons are now good. Fuel oil rations for 194 4-45 heating sea-sou now being issued. Period 1 good immediately. 0) ilMllr.VH 0( O(VS 600 to $5 "Is lav ni'K'eitiM'iiT'e'tit't'.e: Cutex Manicure Sets $1, $2.50, $5 plus tax BATH POWDER I'iiijiiifLs, 1-AciiiiiK iti Paris Vunllifi, Hhulloti 790 ,., $l0p1K 49c-69c-89c-98c GIFT WRAPPINGS, CARDS, . TAGS AND SEALS ?h 10c How To Relieve 4 Bronchitis Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to scut he and heal raw. tender inflamed bioixnial mucous membranes. Tell your jut to sell you a bottle of Creomul.siim v. ith the understanding you must lil:e the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money bark. . GREOMU LSION for Couehs. Chest Colds. Bronchitis m n 1 .1 I i n 1 a 1 i" 1 1 1 1 91 I I 3ft I v. n v. ra . s In Combination It is a good plan to use snap beams in combination with ether vegetables occasionally. They can go ito scal-I ps and baked dishes with cooked c i c anned tomatoes, carrots, whole kernel corn, lima beans, onions, celery, or mushrooms. Combine the vejp tables, put them together with a v. ell-seasoned sauce, top with crumbs and bake in a moderate oven just until the mixture is thoroughly heated and the crumbs lightly biuv.i....! l BOX ; Need American Degree! More than hall of the states won't , accept doctors who do not have i American college degrees. This au-i tomatically keeps out all the 6,000 foreign and refiee doctors now in the U. S. A. tome 2,000 of these have become American citizens. Many, with first papers, have been i licensed by New York, Massachu-j setts, California. Ohio, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland. Insurance We have had two losers recently in which the insured wan) under - insured and have had to take losses. Your Insurance is just as important as anything else you own or buy. Check your automobile, extended coverage, and fire insurance. If you do not have adequate insurance. can H.S. Call I'HO.VE 32 Agency Established in 1D06 All Ixhe Taken fare of Promptly. (jikT statm.i-;ky ptiW ftflVtN!! Ikt! lion-il or Mjrtfilio mxr). 50c to $1.25 c'ifti's'Sfs.'CX'cxia'e'e'e fiKMI.NK I.K.U'HKH BILLFOLDS Men's $1.00 to $6.00 . Ladies ,,$1.00 $1.25 $1.50 FRESH FOR CHRISTMAS Leaning Cross The national flag of war-stricken Hungary carries a shield surmounted by "the Crown of the Leaning Cross." Often in its 00-year histoid the original of this emblem f the Hungarian kingdom has been hidden from invaders. On one of its adventures the cross on top of the crown was bent. Hungarian unity and tourist curiosity bare been heightened through the centuries by Ihi oddity of fate. , ONE-POUND BOXES . . ... , 65c-70c-S1.00-S1 .10-81:50 mM0M0M0mmmm0mmmmmm&&

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