The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 10, 1968 · Page 161
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 161

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1968
Page 161
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Page 161 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 10, 1& Ki7 D ut Here Always A Grand Occasion lmn gO serves a continental cuisine equalled by few ottii r i osUlU-r.ints and is another elegant ill, ice to dine on ihe same avenue. I'roieediui; down Worth Avenue, where superior specialty simps and pi esliye interna tinnal firms cater to a relaxed shopper amidst old Worth ch, u m by da v. and w here people like to meet and dine and dance by nie,hl, we come !o the intimate Lochia Lounge. Located next to quaint Via Minor. the Lochia oilers the bon vivant a quiet relaxed at-inosptiei e nuilat s plav soft t in the backm ound which i , si, ph a ,.,n! follow in;; a Hood iiomI I'alm His" h. however, does iii.i M"p with Woi Ih Avenue. ii a; eiiny north about a mile. 1,'oyai I'oinciana Way pi i -ii- - Marhail (iranf s L J llv VV t While the beautiful beaches and year r iund sunshine .11" I ('sponsible fur t h pnptil.n it of this I'l'Sni l mi C( .1, the .IV ill ubilil ol top i nii i j.iinim n'. Kourmet resiatu.ints ami i ec reational facilities dcsei w a l.irne portion dI Ihr credit tor the success (if l'.'tltn lle.ich'V nightlife. In Ihe search Im a night's enlei lainmetil in li:- tiand and rleiianl manner a! an cas pai e. Hie plr.-isui'c seeker iii tind ureal satisfaction in trie local res'aui ant- and chic niuhtrluh-.. which have a number ot kr attributes inv. ii alilv sin i ded h li al l.iniKi ape siudih i! iin o'iici si), tilth .:ii! p .Hi's ! irileri".! The supl.isiii a;ed insist ii cuiteer and L'liinnei. ni.e. :n dule in Italian. I'oi'.iievm and I' lcnc h (iiisine. and el c mil sc. npirjilv .nifi it an iteak h'ius s I- i ii upei at n is unique in it follow s. to some ott ii'. us own melhi d-ot ca'ei ini; to a clientele '.vli i ii demand-, ouali!;. l-'or a suiri'sslul niuh! on the linen, a to I'alm lien I. is a (jihxI Nidi t. 1 lie T;i lino II.'s lauranl. Im ati'd on arm, us Worth Avenue, is nol to be missed. Here is one eslnbhsti menl that is expert oil the sub jert of ,i!. liable delights and otters ninhtl) entei liiinieiit and dancini;. Another is Cheslei 's just up the street, where the details and techniques of ihe culinary art have not c,one um euai ded In Ihe June, 1S. issue of "Holiday .Manaino." both Ihe I'elile Marmile and I'hesler's received Ihe Holiday l.ouitnet Award fin beint: two of Amei i ca's oulsiandini: restaurants. 'I'a lioo' received similar i ec OKnilioii lasi year. It reiuires little observation to note that I'elite Marmile Coupled with dinner, O'Hara's presents dancing into the wee small hours. New Yolk's and Palm ISeach's leading entrepreneuse ut the sound and fury of disco-iheque-ry, Miss Trudo Heller, delivers the "reflectatek" which holds true to its name at The Patio, just across the street from O'Hara's. With the many mirrors, suspended moving glass ornaments and lights producing constantly changing lighting effects throughout the club, Trude Heller's Patio is where the action is on this strip and puts real liveliness into Palm lieach. Notable performers and nightclub artists bestow their latest accomplishments in the musical field and support the dance enthusiasts way, way into the night. A bit of old Italy can be found by a visit to either Maurice's or Nando's Miramar, where excellent Italian cooking is served in a warm, sunny Latin atmosphere. Service In both restaurants is superb. African war drums, heads of a lion, impala, ayrk, Cape water buffalo, and two gazelles, all allegedly captured by the two young owners, help decorate the walls and bar of the Kenya Club, a small but exciting place to stop for a drink. Kxutic drinks are the house specially. The Colony Hotel that plush and wonderfully fine old establishment, a landmark in Palm lieach, invites a more formal evening. Excellent food and a fine orchestra contribute to the nocturnal outing. A sidetrip after dinner, to add to an outing, would be a stop at The Society of the Four Arts. During the season, this .u t gallery often presents lec- j J r it I 'i's!,il . i 'lie ' i'ailienn I' ins do Mio'ed I seasall i. nl an I Lou'iye. t Ihe newer public : places, its New ( r oi . Amei ican cuisine ii its stone crabs in and line musical en tei tdinment i stai t int: Mar shall c ii ant alter the niyht-j.:oei an evenint: ol fun and cnjin inent. Also in this ai ea is Ihe Royal 1'oiiu iana I'laa, w here Ihe Celebrity Room oilers eonli-ricnul delicacies. 'Ihe I'laa. like Woi Ih Avenue, loaiures exclusive shops for Ihe daytime shopper, as well as Ihe whiter of evenint.: clothes dur-iiv; dininii hum s when Ihe stores ai e closed but Ihe lioyal I'oiiu iana I'layhouse is open. Some ol New York's and Hollywood's, finest performers have acted in this playhouse's pi eductions. II a cood Texas style steak is more to Ihe laste O'Hara's Snloin Room, a lew blocks awav, is ,i nood place In co tures on all topics and Issues of the day, as well as exhibitions and a well-known museum. A highlight of any evening's endeavor would be to catch a scheduled lecture. The transition from Palm Beach to West Palm Beach can be as much fun and as interesting as any scenic tour. Growing numbers of people, with increased leisure and income, are spending more time and money on travel and recreation than ever before. In order to meet this demand, West Palm Beach boasts numerous restaurants and night spots highlighted here. Traveling west, from Palm Beach, we cross one of the three small picturesque bridges which span Lake Worth, into West Palm Beach and Riviera Beach and the city nightlife. Food services here cover a wide variety. Numerous variations are required to meet specific needs, tastes and buying power of the many people who dine away from home. These range from the hasty, food-in-hand type of service of the snack bar or drive-in to the leisurely atmosphe.e of deluxe restaurants and lounges. Polynesian food has enormous appeal because of its flavor and exotic nature and presentation, that is, served in hollowed-out pineapple or coconut shells. For those whose taste yearns for this fare, The Islander Room, in the Seaview Hotel on beautiful Singer Island, the beach portion of Riviera Beach, is the quality example of the Islands in the central Pacific, offering Tahi-tian floor shows and dancing. The new Maori Village, already a landmark, is built right beside U.S. 1, West Palm Beach, with the entrance unmistakably marked by a lush palm jungle, waterfall and flickering torches reflected in a shimmering pool. The picturesque South Sea decor of petrified flora and fauna, as well as fresh plants and flowers, make a visit here a must. Excellently prepared island cuisine served with finesse, a thoroughly absorbing floor show of exotic beauties in native costume, and dancing for those so inclined, all contribute to a great time. Another addition to this taste is Ying Lew's Chinese-Polynesian-Cantonese Restaurant where Occidental food and fragrant rum concoctions highlight the Oriental-Island menu. There are few better places in the city for refined and delicate food of the North Italian school than Mama GUda's. And West Palm Beach also provides an epicurean menu at Bon Solr, which is superb. Both restaurants reward the appetite with seasoned nourishment In refined continental surroundings. However, the epicurean is not limited to exotic food and entertainment. He can point to any direction of the compass while in West Palm Beach and find several dining rooms that are distinctively American. Catering to the gourmets who desire a touch of New England, featuring a variety of seafood such as Maine lobster, clams, crab meat, oysters and iSlifl Plmtu h I rsuli S.'rminn i Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. Establishments offering the finest in dining are a key attraction in the Palm Beaches. STEPPING OUT Antonio Marino, left, and Jimmic Kaye enjoy an elegant dinner by candlelight at the famous Petite Marmite restaurant on location on Singer Island, custom appointments and faultless service. The standard of excellence and quiet elegance lies amidst the ten luxuriant acres of majestic palms, velvety lawns, tropical blooms and fountains. steaks, huge baked potatoes and salads, shrimp and fish from the ocean. Set on the edge of the ocean, The Colonnades Beach Hotel reflects the full breathtaking beauty of its environment. Here is superb design, select .rff,''i7-.'. l.-w.H''!.; rfrSVt?W1h k !(' I WllllH. ! S-J WHEN YOU PACK FOR YOUR FLORIDA VACATION PoRSET . 50MEIHIN6! . . . and replace it at Palm Beach Mall. It's the newest and largest shopping center in the Southeast-a million square feet all under one roof, and completely climate-controlled. You'll have 87 different, notable stores to shop in. Palm Beach Mall has everything you'll need tor a perfect holiday. ..and then some I Send for our informative brochure. langostino (tiny Chilean shrimp), both New England Oyster Houses, one In West Palm Beach and another in North Palm Beach, offer Ihe gastronome the savory menu in an atmosphere of true seaside flavor. Another of West Palm Beach's popular fish restaurants, with a fascinating view of Lake Worth, is Hudgins Seafood Restaurant. The ocean renders to the connoisseur a vast choice of toothsome delights which are fastidiously prepared here, and you may select your own lobster from the live lobster pool. Stouffer's, on Flagler Drive, offers a wonderful view of Lake Worth and the Palm Beach skyline. Big unpretentious rooms, plenty of space between tables, and plenty of guests en-Joying dishes on the American menu have assisted in making this restaurant a popular destination for hungry gourmets. The somber oak panels and general elegant manner of Frederic's make an appropriate backdrop for the steak enthusiast. Frederic's, an outstanding steak restaurant of this city, has a reputation for its appetizing, excellent tender cuts. Here Is the wholesome, well-cooked food that many prefer: man-size broiled L SPACE COMMAND Palm Beach take! Blvd., between 1-95 and Congred Avenue, West operated by the Edward J. DeBartolo Corp., Youngtrown, Ohio. SVVIUELBAS 23C0S0Lt An apt description of the spirit of The Colonnades Is "vivacious." After a cocktail in Ihe revolving Carrousel liar, choose an epicurean adventure to match your mood in either the Marine Terrace or the Prime-Rib Room. Palm Beach, Florida. Owned and ASSOCIATION, INC I vC in r;i Mfir.'jl.fc pn I REMOTE CONTROL i!3' CONSOLE with AFC 1 j A , ."f!i in. ( tanuljr pit lure for greater viewing flexibility m juw,'m WeUseLath andPlasterBecause HUKGLKHS DKY ALL pki:i i:k PAKTITIOiNS Less mess and clean and quiet. noise; most burglars like things Locked doors are not deterrent. Simply create your own egrets by kicking a hole in the partition; picking locks takes too much time. Even the thickest wallboard(58")can be easily broken through without the use of tools. Last but not least, breaking through wallboard requires less physical exertion energy which Ihey may need during the getaway. Sturdy 2" solid plaster partitions would have discouraged any normal burglar from creating his own openings when all the doors ore locked. You could say, "Plaster partitions ore also More looting can be accomplished in less time. Weak wallboard mokes it easier to progress quickly from one office to Ihe other. Most burglors like to get all they can while they're there. FLORIDA EAST COAST TKOWEL TRADES CONTRACTORS ; $flZ j ml i 1 rtlllf5 9 'i , . . - .'-ei i -.1' y j 'ii . . (: 11 , ' . j i'"Mi',n ( i xit'Miipi ..iry .lyc(i CutlsOlc I i 9 T V t ' "' ' ' Ml,in'' ','t l"lls'"'t' Wjfnut venrtTS. ! '"' 't'.n.-i v,,n " Snl.d SI..I,- SPA t COMMANDS' "600" 1 H,.,u,au! f. .,,,..,-, -:,i,o -,..i, jlUk :xZtZ lTr ' j i AfP 1 AfC --onith Aulonulic fine tuning ( onlrol rKI M H A i.' , iit!,;i.i' Iniin rl... ,h aii-l .i.-,sil)li' pulun- il Ihe 1 Zfn.lh Supn V) Hmdiullfd Color IV I1"' cl a im(;.-r. t l'J",, "" ""o.lwlil-a.-ml.,!,,!:!,' Z.mth !tp M Hindi M,d ChMi 1 " 'T,,"!'!1.? !,""?. Sv" Supr' c"ld v"lro CaMi ,unin Syl f li.i I. '.i f 1 V li'e ' ' " 0il md 5" 3" Iwin-fonf (pcilifrl 1 5f 11100 Is" $SS800 " ff00l j NW ZENITH TWO YEAR WARRANTY ON COLOR TV PICTURE TUBE I n-th R.icJ.t) t'.rM i,,fii r w.irr.!.-.;, : v i l,.f p - i(Jre in "-o mdh f ,,u I m j,, J C nri r "I (i-!.'f p.t Ium- ,,'.. i'f i. (!.!. -f.MM vv !l; r-( i,ili t -In (.,. iu-r luh-v tr-i M-is.-.r . tM.s i.hl. .r.on ol hv mn.. . BEST YEAR YET 1 ::;i:::,,i; ,s p 4 ,-m to get t. ie best i ZEKITH COLO? TV prkes start as low as $338.88 ) ( FREE . WE SERVICE 1 1 niriiinr - -x-... :i WHAT WE ( PARKING I t J,'M 1 SELL WITH ) ) IN REAR OF STORE t 1 P M & Uj ffr J : J , p I ji l j . oul 0WMKI0IT f ( OPEN FRIDAY ? M 1 B 'I Aft ft. H U fll h J untig . 's 1 ., "-f-;-,- J OUI OWN 1010 OPEN ALL DAY X " I SATURDAY '...- t.OWi,,:: 00Ml ) Round Table Season Set Known the world over, the. Palm Beach Round Table will1 present its 37th consecutive season of educational, cultural and entertainment programs during January, February and March. There will be 10 successive Monday afternoon programs featuring national and international speakers, beginning January 20. The Henry Morrison Flagler Museum is the setting for all the regular Round Table lecture programs. Mrs. Nils Anderson is chairman of the Palm Beach Round Table. The Treasurer is York D. Holllngsworth, president of the Bank of Palm Beach, and executive director Is Frank S. Wright, president of the business-public relations firm, Frank Wright Associates. On January 5 in the Royal Poinclana Playhouse there will be a special Palm Beach Round Table Benefit, under the direction of Mrs. Peter I. B. Lavan, General Chairman. As the winter-season cultural-educational adjunct of the 45-year old Institute of World Affairs, the Round Table is non-profit, non-partisan, nongovernmental, non-political and seeks to raise funds for scholarships. These scholarships are provided outstanding graduate students from many nations for an annual seven-weeks summer seminar In northwest Connecticut to further International goodwill and understanding. The Palm Beach Round Table office is at 135 Worth Avenue, and an Invitation Is extended all residents of the lower Florida east coast, and seasonal visitors to become members of the 1969 Round Table l or AfiMslunec in Locating These Firms (Contact I lie Assoeialion Lathing, Plastering & Stuccoing Concrete & Cement Placing i Finishing Concrete Blocks Bricklaying Tile & Terrazzo Work Secretary (:-m7( 0. Anastasi, Plastering Sam's Plastering I Lathing Co. Higgins Plastering Co., Inc. Robert H. Anderson Masonry, Inc. Miotto Terrazzo S Tile Atlantic Plastering, Inc. Robert Wise Concrete William Adeimy Inc., Concrete Perry Diamond Lath and Plastering 1 Vrt 2 THE flORIDA EAST COAST OO I ry' Marble Setting Cate Masonry, Inc. Clerici Inc., Masonry, Plastering, Tile and Marble John W. Harper, Plastering Wendall H. Hall, Inc. Plastering James J. Arline, Inc. Plastering Palmer Tile Contractors Carmens Tile and Terrazzo J. A. Tompkins, Plastering 707 CIIILLINGWORTII DRIVE WEST I'A EM REACH, FLORIDA 6H.MH76

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