The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 15, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1944
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THE DAILY CLINT OMAN Friday, Dorrmlspr 15,1911. Pago Two -i WABASH SI N., MON. AND TIE 'T-3S.',., 1 , 'Hi - Sight Tcsls , In a comprehensive scries of tests, workers with better eyesight than their fellows were aided 14 per cent by better lighting, while those with the most defective eyes were aided 22 per cent. Surveys hove indicated that 40 to BO per cent of workers in industry have defective vision. A recent eyesifiht survey among industrial workers (published in Archives of Ophthalmology) states that for workers In skilled trades, defects were present in 29 per cent at ages 20-24 and increased to about 75 per cent at ages 55 and over. Strategic Materials " jj Charcoal is an important strategic material as it helps make steel, munitions, guns, black powder, and chemicals used in the manufacture of rayon parachutes and tire cords. It also is used for water purification and goes into poultry and stock feeds and seed inoculants. It is also used in curing meat on the farm, and as fuel in heaters it protects perishable produce from freezing during railroad shipments. Soy Pods . Soybean pods are so tough and so hard to open that many a housewife, attacking them for the first time, has given up. This difficulty can be overcome by pouring boiling water over the pods and allowing them to stand 15 minutes before draining. Don't try to cool the pods with cold water before shelling, as this will toughen them again. If they're too hot to handle, allow them to cool slinhtly before shelling. Closer J'usiness, Labor Cooperation Urged by Sbideler Closer co-operation and understanding between organized labor and liusiness was urged by C. L. "Speed" Shideler. executive secretary of the Terre Haute chamber of Commerce and secretary of the Elks lodge there, In a short address before the Clitilon Exchange club yesterday. Labor and management have been drawn much closer together in his homo city recently, Mr. Shideler believes because labor has been asked to advise and co-operate In recent local movements. Once labor understands the problems of management and the community, it is much more willing to work in harmony, he has found. Service clubs, held together by the "faithful few," play a big part In any community and have plenty to TIIK I HIST MKTIIOIHST (ill'ICrll Clifford 4'. .Innlait. Minister John V. Herder, ( hiii'i-li School Siiperintcmlrnt Mi-. .1. W. JteiNler, Minister of Music .Mrs. liit Church, Organist Ui'.U) a. in. - Morning Worship. Sermon suhjerl : "Th" Foolishness of tlie Wise .Men." The Knights of Templar, quests of honor. lo:1 ft a. m. - ('lunch School. ; : n n p. m. - Methodist Youth Fellowship. Jack Rcedrr, president. 4:0o p. in. - The Christmas Cantata rendered by the Choir at this annual hrisl mas Vesper Service, 7 : on p. ni. Monday. Scouts meeting and gym session. 7:i p. ni, - - Wednesday. Midweek service of prayer. 7::to p. in. Thursday. The Christ mas program, arranged by Mrs. d. Hoy Stultz,wili be presented by the Church School. THF FIRST HAITIST oiriM H or rrivrox Hitr of Fifth anil Walnut Hay YawI, llnisttr tirorw 4 IhmiIih II, .Minister of .Music Mm. TW1 Moritii, Pianist Mrs. John Sw fekard, Clmi-eli School, HiiMrlntMiltiiI. 8:40 a. in. firailo School, a class and a welcome for you. 10:45 a. m. Morning Worship. Sermon fuilijeet. "Looking l'p." C;t0 p. in. Mapifsr Yotnh Fellowship and C V. ('. 7:00 p. m. Kvening Worship. Sermon Ruhnect, "(Jod's Plans. " 7:00 p. m. Tuesday. W. YV. (. Girls will mfpt at Hie home of Mio Patty Holh-rs. 7:00 p. m. Wednesday prayer meeting. 8:00 p. m. Wednesday. Orchestra practice. 7:00 p. in. Thursday. Pliila-tliea class will meet at the home of Mrs. Oeorfie Cheiihall. Hi; Turnover A total of 45.51 per cent of the women and 39.49 per cent of the men in the aircraft factories on the West coast left their jobs without working a full year. Thus, after one year, at these rates, approximately 85 per cent of the total number hired in that year left the production lines. ! do today, he declared. He urged his listeners to help win the war by I buying bonds, helping salvage critical materials, correcting waste and Have Your Dry-Cleaning Done j "TIIE MODEL WAV" ,('' 4 , ',1 , f , ' S --"V i helping maintain morale at home and at the front, Till'. I'liKSHY'l I UH ( III IK H Mulberry ami Tilled :-: PHONE 13 S. MAIN ! It-M '. l.inlieru, tlinMer rs. V O. Hill, hin- Mil-ie 323 536 Rehabilitation of returning soldiers will be a big Job for the future, he predicted. The problem or jobs will lie dillieult for many of those who left small jobr: will be :-: PHONE 55 S. FOURTH Opal Ni'vIiim, Sunday Seliool StlHTitlteillellt "III Hoyal David's City" Speeial niusie. LiltCNt Serecil TIlHUer Is I'HiatnotliK V Mlonbe Indemnity," lll-ifiitly a( the U a bnh .Theatre, simriiiii Itnrliura SliiuutcK, Fred Mm-Mm-ray nml Kilwuid ii. Hohhi on. The cxrhinu moiioii (ure, adapt ed fnuil .Iaitic M. "in Ix'st-si-lliiij novel, iw keeping aildielireK in H still ' Klisieis( fs I he leiisl sloi y slowly uiil'olds. .lean Heather, hvely H!m; aciress, hold doun one or the I'eiidin'd roles. older and improved and w ill want MODEL CLEANERS CAl.VAHV IIAI'TIST ( lll'ltt'll 3:F7 JMaekman r. Prank Kernel, lator 10:00 a. m. Sumlay Seliool. 11:00 a. m. Moniinir Messw. Fubject "Law Graep." Kpv. Louglieed speiiklni.. 8:30 p. in. Young People Ser-Tice. Reed Landers of Ton-1 Haute leading. 7:30 p. in. Kvenlnir Kervleo. Sons iervfees led by Heed Landers. Message, ''Lnrd. Lurd. Open to Vi." Rev. 1). L. Loiitheed brini-'int.- belter ones. They must be satisfied and Hie community must help. In closing, he voiced the desire of the Terre Haute Chamber'' of Commerce to work with all eom-munilies near the city, pointing out that what helps these communities helps 'Terre Haute. ' 1111 News of Clinton Men in Service CHRISTIAN S('Ii:X('K KOCIHTy 'i!K 1-2 ISInikman St. (Pjtlilan Hall) :30 a. in. Sunday School. 11 a. m. Church. Testimonl.l meetings every 1st "Mad 3rd Wt Jnesday of each month. A model cleaning incuiin more wear. Superb In what our I nemlh dee tare, For better looks both night mid day. Dry i leaii your dollies the .Model Way. Newport Soldier Is Veteran of Mountain Fighting in Italy III! the mesgage. (Continued from page 1) oornciTy ' - ing Center, Great Lakes. 111. Seaman Private C. Freddie Ha relay, brother of Mrs. Carmel Sullivan of Newport, is righting in Italy with the VMiiU Infantry Regiment which Thomas is the son of Mr. and Mrs. FAIRVIKU' RAKISH J. H. ChIhIii, Minister Fairvlew 9:45 a. ni. Sunday Scliool lay Thomas, Clinton route three, lie An- attended Clinton High School and was employed by the Hums Con- sl ruction Co., locally, before enter has been credited with killing und ( wounding many hundreds of Ger- Vft , mans and taking nearly 700 prison- JJ; ' ers in four weeks of cold, bitter ' TOi f fighting in the fiothie Line. ; mi ing the navy in .November. r.K.A. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tomastic have SANTA'S HEADQUARTERS drew Simpson, Superintendent. 7:30 p. in. Worship. Sermon "The World Has Accepted C'lii'M.' 'enter 10:00 a. m. - Sunday Scliool Ernest Myers. Superintendent. 11:00 a. in. Worship. Sermon "King of Kings." Kaleni 10:00 a. m. Sunday School. R. E Randolph, Superitendent. They are called the "old timers." these men and officers of the SSSth. i which is part of the S'.th "Custer" 1 Division In Lieutenant General Mark W. Clark's Fifth Army. The young soldiers are veterans of bloody Solaceiano liidge and the Guslav Line, Formia. the Gaeta Pe- received word from their son, I't'c. John L. Tomastic, that he has al-rlved safely in England. I'fc. Tomastic is a graduate of Clinton High School with the el.-ifs of '4-'l and has been in the army since July (i, ll4:i. U.S.A. NEWS OF NEWPORT MEN IN SERVICE Mr. and Mrs. Ci. C. Harry received word from t heir son, I'rivufe Norton h. Harry that hf lias been lrann- ;H'ih of Ins lug worth font no nion' , . . jiimI tlioy kIv Nolifl sill Israel ion for moiilliH and years In emiie. This year seleet Ihiiilts really worth while from our hit sloik. Von will find solilellliim lor every lllelllher of the family. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES "Ir the Universe, Includins Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?'' is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in all Churches of Christ. Scientist, on Sunday. December 17. The' Golden Text is: "In (lie ho-jjiriioiig was the Word, and the Word with Cod, and the Word wa;; (Jed. . . . All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made" (John 1:1. a). Amonp the citations which comprise tiie Lesson-Sermon is the following from the Bible: "By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth. He gather-eth the waters of the sea together as an heap: lie layeth up the depth in storehouses. Let all the earth fear the Lord: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him. For he spake, und it was done; he commanded, and it stood last" (Psalms 33:0-!)). The Lesson-Sermon also includes the following passages from the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy: "Advancing to a higher plane of action, thought rises from the material sense to the spiritual, from the scholastic to the inspirational, and' from the mortal to the immortal. All things are created spiritually. Mind, not matter, is the creator. Love, the divine Principle, is the Father and Mother of the universe, including man" (p. 2M). insula and Home, and at the present time they are standing at the approaches (o the Po Valley, a long haul from Minturno where the reg-ment entered the lines on last April 'if; m fcHEPAKDSYILI.K XKW TESTAMKNT 'HI IM'H Rev. Jokmi1i K. Hiiniei-ii-klioiise. Factor 10:00 a. in. Sunday School. 11:00 a. in. Morning Worship. 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship yM 4 y.y i HJ 1 21. "Marchons let us march 0. 7:30 p. ni. Wednesday. Prayer the regimental motto. Nobody marched through- the Gothic Line WOOD and MKTAL WAGONS j but the .'iliSth got through. The first , jg battalion led fn Hie capture of ; w ! Mount Altuzzo, S.tifiO feel of I "straight up" rock, key to vital Gi-' f erred from Camp Heule, Cu lit'., to Han Francisco, Calif. U.S.A. Word was received liy Mr, and Mrs. Elver New I in from f heir son. Itobert who in stationed In Pj'rtncp m 7.95 to 14.50 I ogo Pass, the majpr xbjective of the Meeting. Dec. 24th Christmas Program. HIM'ltKST PKKSHVTKISIAV Ui anil oak Rot C. I.lnl.eiB. Minister Florernee Aner, Musfr Mrs. Anna ftimioe, Kiinday ScIiihiI fiuperinteiHlcnt Anthem "W h I I e Shepherds Watched." Soloist Mary Janik CJunnoe. "Star of the East." unit stag m - 4liat lie was odii-.lii-m a Oumiaiw1 :,Ul l,v,'!?v nF Jame ed an amphibious landing to occu FIRE TRUCKS $9 95 flap. Threp Bona. Max, Maynard and Dale are all stationed somewhere In England. U.S.A. M rs. Orvlllp: Dodson of Newport received word from Iter brother T-5 James Hugh Williamson that lie is improving; in a leave with his par py Sperlonga above Gaeta last May. Earlier, a company in the second battalion seized a st rategic posit ion in the Gustav Line and held it a-gainst a desperate Gejuian battalion for three days. This-feat was almost duplicated by the same compa Inoculate With Bacteria Since the soy is a legume, your seed, before planting, with i i Rears I ',MM s",'s,","',, I '0 ny in attacking Mount Zanobi above t ents. Dolls and Teddy 84.29 Thairc $1.19 to Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Ray 235', Blackman j the bacteria that draw nitrogen ! from the air in return for a place I to live. Those bacteria specifically j recommended for soybeans can be ; had in packaged form from your ' seedsman. U.S.A. Private Mirl Thomas of liutler. Perm., spent the weekend with lifs-wife and son. Charles, in Newport. U.S. A Corporal Charles K. Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Lewis of New Sew in; and Paint Sets AMI r IM'H.IIIHH IIIU JHMllli lilt" till day against four Jerry counterattack, including two with tanks which fired directly into t he G l's foxholes. The second bat talion. one of t he first Allied units to enter Rome, also defeated elements of the Germans' crack Court h I'aratroop Dh i- 8 ' KOAKDS Cradles 52.75 ... $4.75 port, was recently transferred from his base in New Guinea lo soim where in t hp Philippines according i P f t sion in the Giugo Pass drive. For t heir bra ery t he "old t fillers" have won t hree Disi in gushed Service Crosses, silver stai'H and more than 2tin bronze stars. The imiin wMeh :t r-l i v :i t :i t to a letter received by Inn parents. U.S.A. Lieu tenant .t. Frank Nivon who has been spending1 a 15 day furlough with Ill's parents, Air. and Mrs, Hur-nett Nixon of Newport. left Wednesday evening for Camp Ulan din p. I "la. Camp Shelby. Miss., fn May. 1!)42. U S and DRUMS Dishes and Blackboards Wheel Toys - Horses Chiuk-A-Liick Toys rou.ncuv; DOCS Puss-In-IJools, Rabbits arrived at Casablanca, French Mo- m v ! y RAXSBUKG Hand Painted BOWLS and PITCHERS NOW IS THE TIME. .and THIS IS THE PLACE I OK EXPERT, GUARANTEED AUTO PAINTING Our Auto Paint inn Is Done By An Expert Who Has Been In This Line of Work For Twenty Years! WILSON, JUSTICE AND OSELLA rocco on Jan. 7, 1!M4 and alter intensive training iu North Africa was sent to Italy with the S'tth division late in March, The regiment jumped off at Solaceiano on May 1 1 at the start of the historic Fifth Army mm Clinton Brothers Meet In England on November Tl SSgt. Kobert J. Markello, and Pvt. Jackie L. Cnrty, roiik of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Markello of Home three, met In England on Nov. 2-. a letter from Sgt. Markello to his wife said. TOI' l-' STOV K UTENSILS OVENWABE Good Tools ai:k ai.havh Acceptable Zifts lie Have Tlifin! All WVII-kiioun Makes I Pvt. Cnrty arrived in England Nov. 14 of Ibis year, und S Sgi. Markello has been slat ioned ( here since Aug. 1. During t lie visit, they spent their time with S Sgt. Pussell Wilding of Aids Teeth Fluorine offers new hope for curbing the ravages that modern diet is making on the teeth of our people-Experiments have shown that where fluorine is naturally in water supply systems, communities have strikingly low incidence of dental decay. The state should test promptly the effects of adding fluorine to the water supplies ot selected communities. JOHIGfrf m Hi n 3k 3k 3k i 3k 3k i 3k AUTO SALES ;i;t" k. :ti-( l ormerly Coleman' Lyford. S Sgt. Markello aid in i let t it to his wife, Mrs. Mary Mar kello. who is nialiirig her homo ii Marshall, Ind. GLASS BAKE Skillets Tea Pots Double Boilers 3 Kanta Clans to Appear On Main and Ninth Streets riinton t'ommereiiil Club and down-town nierrhants are snonKor-iny a Santa Cluus fur the rhili'ren. Relieve Miseries of Your BABYS COLD COFFEE MAKERS CUSTARD CUPS BAKING DISHES CASSEROLES : ; 1 : Sas Chisels Wrenches Planes Stanley Levels Klein I Mi ers Stanley, Plum and Mavdole Hammers L. M. Wudd.v. seeret;iry of the t'oni- ';?tF As He Sleeps Now most young mot hers use this nierei;il Chih a n no u need today. Santa will he mi M;ihi nml Ninth NEW TYPE BUNA-S INNERTUB modern wa v to relieve miseries of a child's : i 3k B 3k I-3k il I PIE PLATES Kfallv l ine (Jif's! cold. ! ven as vou rub it on. 'icks VaixjRub Streets every e enhm next week, starting Monday, Dec. IS. On day o en int. the township ratie school sttidt-iitK will he honored hy hiivint him as t heir litest on the hus. .Mr. Woody said. rpon request . Santa will isi i pri- ate homes in t hip eomm unity. ES starts to sootlie irritation in nose and throat, loosen phk'gm, ease couching. men, as Daty sleeps, apoKub . TOOL ASK Tackle Boxes 0. 3:J-I'ieoe SETS OF DISHES 4.25 to 12.50 IT-l'IKtE LUNCHEON SETS 2.25 What-Nols WINDOW SHELVES Missel's CAKPET SWEEPERS lo upper broiK'hial tubes with its special These Tutjes are n-Iiitioiied and are I"ar Superior lo Previous Types of Synthetic TuIh's. medicinal vapors. cn 3k $3.50 ,., S8 P.. etiestand back surfaces like a - JTV warming poultice. jS' I'nited Brethren Church To ReofHn SenlepH Sunday Services will atain be he,j ;it the Clinton I nited Hrethren Churrh in I'niiMi. on Sunday, it was announced today hy ltev. K. I. Kyan. pastor. The church has been rinsed for pome time, due to a fire. IEev. Kyan also announced the resignation "f liev. .1. M Smithhart as bishop f ilie conferenee. LEWIS Staats Auto Supply j M 3k 1 3k Often by morning most of tlx mtserv of tliecoU id gone. Remember, Mullier ... ONLY VAPORUB Gives You ti,iSSPe- double action, ll's time-tesleJ, lumc-rnnitJ . . . tiie best known tionK remedy lor reliev- - a 0 mj ing miseries of C f 5 duUiais tuijs. V V6tORus AND BOOK STORE I'hone 177 :ioo S. Main CI.IVKiS 'The Place to Bay' 'IS co to ciirncii si'.ndat

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