The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 15, 1944 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, December 15, 1944
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'Fc THE DAILY CLINTOMAN 1 Mailed In Conformity With P. O. D. Order No 10687 THB WEATHER Partly cloudy tonight and Batur day. .Warmer today and tonight Colder Saturday. The Home Newspaper Of Vermillion Aud Parke Counties Volume 32 Number 244. CLINTON, INDIANA, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1944. Price Three Cents. DM AS GREW IS QUIZZED BY SENATE Fourth Scored Invasion of Germany Is as Spearheads of 7th Russian Noose Tightens On Budapest Walls Budapest Ringed on Three Sides by Reds in Drive to Reach Vienna; Nazis Hurl Desperate Blows at Reds MOSCOW, It usai 4- German for Federal Seizure Of Seven Ward Stores is Near Monday Deadline Set For Compliance With W.L.B. Orders; Charge Record Is Threat to U. S. Industry WASHINGTON, n. C. The War Labor Hoard prepared today for federal seizure of Montgomery Ward and Co., properties in seven cities Wall Carve Gams ni'S? oVJ' Early Meeting of 'Big Three' Uri rierce German By Churchill; Polish Tangle Mounts I k'"' y t , -x ... " ' i urn , ? ', i '? ,- ,t i i - ?i ;f iA r""' ".a:"? 1 -; ; J W 6-. f , p- i i ' i V? , Jl ces poured reserve Infantry and armor into (lie defensive battle for Itn-diipf ht today as Hoviet second L'k-krainian army intensified lis attack LONDON, England. Appeals for an early meeting among the Airnien on Furlough against the Hungarian capital. AlthoiiKlt the Soviet communicjue Opposition Met In New Advance Minefields, Blown Bridges Harass Yank Columns In "Karlsruhe Corner" Drive; American Pace is Slowed "Hlg Three" of the diked Nations were voiced by Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden In the House of Commons today during a long debate in which the British government sup- was silent on the racing bailie before the gates of Budapest the high command told of major gains In northeastern Hungary where the In an effort to end what the WI.B. regards as an undermining of the! nation's war-time labor policy Willi a threat of strikes, picket lines and confusion to the war effort. The WLB ordered Montgomery-, Ward to comply by Monday with floard wage and maintenance of un- Ion membership directives covering, stores in Denver, Colo.; Jamaica, N. J V.; San Rafael, Cal.; Chicago; l'ort-j land, Ore., and St. Paul, Minn., or I nutans were wiiuin o miles or ported goviet expanBlon In eastern the Austrian frontier, .Poland and Polish acquisition of Move Toward ltordir ,,.,.... Ulli Smashing westward In northeast PARIS, France. American Sev Speaking In conclusion of the debate, Kden renewed Churchill's suggestion that he meet as soon as possible with President Roosevelt and Marshal Joseph Stalin, preferably on British soil, and matte this pointed observation : "The Prime Minister Is very old and most heavily burdened by the face referral of the dispute to the White House. Four lWi'iit Mores 811 ike A similar ultimatum was issued to the company yesterday with regard to compliance with WLB orders affecting four Detroit stores Hungary the Soviets captured the strategic town of Sukhany, only 54 mih's from the Austrian border. The Soviets stressed the gains of the Ited army in northeastern Hungary where they took the town of Bzerencs, an important railway cen-j ter, along with numerous prisoners i and large stores of war supplies. I enth Army troops slammed across the German border from the northeastern corner of France today, launching a fresh Invasion of Hit ler's Reich while other doughboya hundreds of miles to the northwest extended their vlse-Ifke grip on the western bank of the Roer. The Seventh Army thrust placed four great American armies on the SECRETARY OF STATE Hdward R- Stettinius. Jr., right, chats with Jo.ieph C. Grew, one of the six nominees of President P.ooaevelt for RS-is-nnt secretary r,i state department pests, who are appearing before the .Senate Fo.eign Relations committee in Washington. The policy toward the Jap emperor featured the questioning of Grew, the American ambassador to Japan, and Grew intimated that Uncle Kani shouldn't decu'.e what to do with Htrohito until the Ya:i!:3 &ct to Toky (International Soundphotoi war. i Allied military observers interpre- i "1 think nthpra nuvht to move tod (he Nazi dHforise of Budapest us ond , " w, movo and I a desperate delaying action to eu- i able the Germans to regroup their 'defenses of Austria. move soon, so that some of these current problems can be handled between them." Challenge ti hialin Parliamentary observers Interpreted this remark as a direct challenge where a strike is now in progress. Dean Lloyd Garrison of the University of Wisconsin Law School, a public member of the WLB, made it clear that the Board regards the year and a half record of non-compliance by Sewell Avery, chairman of the huge mail order house, as a threat to stable war-time industrial relations. Threatens Entire Framework Garrison quoted from the majority report of the house committee owii 4 'otintHdouK Japs Lose Over 82,000 Men in LeytejKiC.'; Soviets fought down a series Hg(. John It, Robertson of desperate counter-attacks north of Miskolc in their advance which (Continnen on page 7) Battle: M'Arthur; Hit Manila, Luzon to Stalin to leuve Moscow aud jour- The lights of America were the most welcome sight a young Clinton GEN. MACAIiTHI'R'H il'AP.TKRS. General HEAD-1 Douglas ) wnicn mtesugaieci leuerai neiKiirif ui , MacArliir (ij,jmated today llrat the ney to London to meet with Churchill and Roosevelt. Admitting that prospects for a Russo-Polish accord are at present pretty bleak," Eden added, however, "if there is any opportunity for us to take any steps despite the risks and I know what they are Ward a Chicago plant last spring af-!Ja u,vp 1()St 82 rlht men during I home soil of Nazi Germany. The I First, Third and Ninth Armies pre-j viously had crashed through enemy j defenses to attain positions inside the Reich. Lieut. Gen. Alexander M. Patch's Seventh Army which has chased the Germans through the Strasbourg-"aguenau region pushed across the Nazi border, presumbaly in the area ff Luuterbourg, which is divided by : he frontier. I Gen. Dwight D, Eisenhower's r'mkesmen announced that the First nd Ninth Armies pushing in toward Cologne through Germany's tough st western defense belts now bold 1I nirlfne mile stretch of the Roer liver's western shore, extending from Liunlch through Mariaweiler. Lieut. Gen. William H. Slmpson'e Ninth Army controls J2 miles; Lieut, Gen. Courtney H. Hodges' First Army holds four miles, Eisenhower's spokesmen announced. airman saw when he returned to his country from the Fifth Air Force theater of operations in Italy. After months in Italy where (he main source of light Is candles or a feeble light-bulb, the blazing lights and colorful neon signs of the States meimt home and America to Sgt. John R. Robertson, sou of Mrs. Vera Robertson of filackman Street, New Outbreaks In Athens Give Lie To Peace Rumors ter Avery reiusea 10 oney a wi.n ,he haUft for L(,yt Island, directive. The committee said In ; iCludlnK 33.ol counted dead and part: ) :;u,(""r killed ut sea through air "If the order of the Board could ltnt Surfaee attacks o u convoys be disregarded at pleasure by on? wjliff, 0iiuglit to reinforce the ewe-business or one union, all could es- i iliy ram son. in touching this problem at all, I think it would still be our duty to NEW YORK, . V. The Jap-aiifise Ihmiei aeticy reported that a-fHH'oximatcIy 4(JO rarrier-hafKvl Americuii planer sUuck at Luzon again today in a follw-up to (lie Mi ike previously reported hy V lilted States Pacific fleet head-(piarters. At leat ftM) of (he planes had directed aerhil Mows against the 4 lark Held sector ty 10 a. in. (Japanew time) tiMlay, DomeJ Kaid in an Englili-lHiiguage uirc-eH dUpaUh beamed to North America and iecorried by the Federal Comiiiunitiiiis 'ommisMfHi. "Some iUMt othei-s" ranged over other mfUn-H of Luzon and the VI-ityan area, Donief assorted.. try to solve this problem." 'allure Quit Likely Then we warned, "it may be quite Gunfire Rings Through Greek Capital, Call Up Aid : Peace Rumors Active who is home on 30 -day furlough after six months In the Air Forces overseas. Sgt. Robertson wears the Air Medal with an Oak Letif Cluster for ten missions over enemy territory likely that we should fail ercise the same right, aud anything like a Btable war labor policy would be gone ... to have broken It down at the time of this controversy would have resulted immediately in confusion and bickering and lock-outs and strikes and picket lines . . ." The WLB acted after a hearing American casualties were given us 2.17; killed, 7,i7 wounded and 257 missing for a total of 10,400. Seize Klipply DefHrts MacArthur's communique also reported that New York's Infantry Division smashed forward a mile north of the captured pint of Ormoc and seized the Churchill, ullhouKh declaring that ATHENS Ounfire cracked i ie "should weloome above all a throughout Athens during the night meetine In this Island" with I'resl- and the Purple Heart, a "souvenir"! rmrf ,.!,,.w talinv uiHi Rt-ftiu, H .... .. ... . ... . n"u ' , . , u fleiu Jtooseveu ana rreniUT josenu qf one Df i,om Greek government forces a)Uarently;slalinieaid lhat h0 aild Fureign Se,,.j WH ,,,;, , erelji. in which representatives of the CIO carrying out offensive action to arm over Germany, Yugoslavia and the Retail Employes I'nion. the AFL, enemy's main supply depots on the retary Anlhouy Eden are ready to proceed to any place at any time ed resistance by leftwing Greek for western coast of Leyte after a bit and under any conditions. ces. British troops strengthened their Clear ast Itisiwtance The last two pockets of German resistance in that area were clear-rd out and mud-covered veterans of the First Army held their newly-v.ron positions in the face of fanatical Nazi opposition. The First Army reduced the German stronghold In Mullanck Castle (Continued on page 7) Teamsters, the A EL Retail Clerks and the CIO Longshoremen's Union testified to Ward's refusal to comply with WLB orders covering stores (Continued on Page 4) In his review of Russo-Polish negotiations which Britain has foster positions in .British-held sectors of other Bnlkan areas, the 19-year-old ( alrmnn is home for medical I rep-1 ment, of a shrapnel wound and re-1 assignment to active duty. I lie 'picked up' the shrapnel in an1 attack on Germany us he was ni'in-l ter fight. Long range artillery, meanwhile, .supporting the advanci. destroyed a Jap barge concent rat ion to the northeast on the Antiluo river. Total Jap casualties, ft was pointed out in the commiiuUjue, constitute an average enemy loss of 1 -500 men daily. The communique also explained that many other Jap troops have been rendered virtually useless as far as organized reistance is concerned, since they have been PEARL HARBOR Luzon was littered with the wreckage of 91 additional Jap planes and harbor insinuations on t ho main isle of the Philippines were scarred from bomb and fire damage today following a new explosive visit to the area by I'n ited States carrier planes. Making their first strike of the month in the Philippines the attack i ug A merican aircra f t soa red over and around Luzon Dec. 13, destroying seventy-seven enemy planes on the ground aud knocking down ed, Churchill criticized the construe-f Continued on page 4) . ft Congress Anxious To Adjourn, FDR Defers Rill Action the capital to combat the Greek Elas militiamen. No Oftfciui Word Rumors that peace may be established shortly between the Earn, left-wing national liberation front, aud Greek government aud British forces were circulated in Athens, but there was no immediate official basis for the reports. Official sources, in fact, disclaimed any knowledge of peace moves. nlng the nose guns of his B-24 Liberator. Although struck in the right eye, he has shown so much Improvement that nearly complete revor-ery is Assured. Sgt. Robertson is n graduate of OlfiHon High School with the cla:;s Five-Point System Of Labor Priority Enforced by WMC WASHINGTON, D. C. An equit Canadian Advance Sweeps Northward (n Lamone Drive WASHINGTON, D. C. The 78th cut off from the main body of the able distribution of available man fourteen more in sky combat while of l'.H'i and has been in service little over a year. He will report to Miomi, Fla. at the conclusion of his furlough for re-assignmeni to active duty. power for critical war programs was enemy torce una are wamienng mon Congress kept itself "on call" today preparatory to adjournment sine die pending action by President Roose nrrferd tnHiw In a War Mannower ! r less aimlessly in little l ands plastering waterfront facilities. tContlnuen on naire 71 The British sought to set up barbed wire defenses around the heart of the Greek capital to maintain. Commission directive establishing ajtlirmin 111,1 mountains and jungles uniform system of five basic labor ' o Le',e-priority classifiactions graded ac-! llt'"',Iy .' ,,sh their dominating position in event of a recurrence of fighting which flared up again for a lime in Athens velt on the bill "freezing" Social Security payroll tax for 1945. Leaders gave up hope of being able to complete work by tonight after it was learned that the Pres- ROME, Italy. Canadian troops fighting with the British Eighth Army In Italy swept northward in their offensive across the Lamone river west of liberated Ravenna today and beat down savage Nazi resistance to ( stablish a bridgehead across the Na-viglio Canal. The Germans, committed to delaying the Allied advance as long as nosaihle. n nni) rentlv urero o-lnrf tn hn. Permanent Slate Flood Comsiiishion Movement Crows gathered themselves for a final nut- yesterday afternoon. cordng to their importance to the national war effort. The War Production Board, it was Tangled Love Life Blamed for Suicide Of Star Lupe Velez BEVERLY HILLS, Cal. The possibility of a compromise jdent will not act ou the "freeze" settlement between the government bill before tomorrow at the earliest, of Premier George Papandreou and! if then. The chief executive has un cracker push to wipe the Jups from Leyte, t'nited Slates planes downed eight enemy aircraft. Jap planes continued to harass American shipping, the coinmuni-qtu said, but failed to disclose BROWNSTOWN, lad. No spe Lupe til the end of next week to take action. The House was completing its leg- Vrfez, tempestuous Mexican motion .. nr,nnP. nf ,,, ., vr. picture slur, found dead from an cific substitute for the Shoals dam project emerged frdm a hearing on flood control at Brownstown yesterday, but the group unanimously a-dopted a resolution for establish islutlve calendar today, but prepar-, overdoge of sleeping tablets In her cu iu uieei uBaii. tomorrow 10 nanuie peverly Hills home vesterday, end-"odds and ends" that might come ei )lf,r own ,lf(, rat,(r thal) brllg opposition rorces was seen in continued conferences of Greek government officials with British representatives. Two conferences were held yesterday between Papandreou and the British Resident Minister to Allied Mediterranean Headquarters, Harold MacMillan. (London newspapers, according to a BBC broadcast beard by CBS, suggested that the Archbishop of Athens (Continued on page 7) Glendale Students Turn Scientists In learned, has also issued a parallel directive to Its field offices Instructing all regional, state end area officials to make their regulations conform to the new WMC order. The action strips local WMC representatives of autonomous power in determining manpower allocations and provides another step in the government's plan to reinforce War Mobilization Director James F. Byrnes' "work-or-fight" order for the maintenance of all-out war production. "The adoption of this uniform j system should serve to clarify the relative importance of manpower re-j members talked of perhaps not being able to get through before Tuesday. The concensus among members of (Continued on page 8) ment of a permanent state flood control commission. Twelve southern Indiana counties are affected in varying extents by the proposi'd Shoals dam project which was eliminated from a federal flood control program recently after Jackson county residents asserted 44 per cent of their tillable land than 500 were taken in a day of fighting. Bitter fighting Is in progress alt along the British front in the Adriatic sector where Allied columns are driving toward Faenza, the highway town which Is blocking a British advance in the direction of Bologna. , The hard-hitting Canadians have expanded their bridgehead across the Lamone for ten miles and have advanced another two and a half miles. Heavy fighting also is going on In the Yank-held area to the west. Meanwhile the Allies beat back numerous other counter-attacks or the Nazi JMh Infantry Division Parachute Discovery Santa Claus was shoved completely out of the picture at Glendale School today as the students abandoned thoughts of Christmas trees and presents to delve Into the much her child into the world under a shadow of shame, it was revealed hv two suicide notes. Note to eel heart In a note to "Harald" her last sweetheart, Harold Ramond, French actor Miss Velez wrote a dramatic final chapter to her life In these words: "May God forgive you and forgive me too, hut I prefer to take mv life away and our baby's before I bring him with shame or kill him. How could you. Harald, fake such a great love for me and our baby when all the time you didn't want would be subject to flooding under the plan. NEWS OF LOCAL MEN IN SERVICE The Ointonian welcomes any news of relatives or friends in the armed services for this column. PHONE 32 which at last reports virtually was us. I see no other way for me so annihilated goodby and good luck to you. Love, Front observers declared that the Lupe." Canadians had expanded their La The resolution adopted by approximately 400 residents of the area yesterday proposed that the task of formulating a flood control plan be assigned to the proposed state flood control commission and that it be given authority and funds for its work. Members of the present Indiana flood control commission attended and promised that all information obtained at the hearing would be made available to goernment officials as a guide for future work. However, Anton Hulman, Jr., chair-j man, pointed out that the present quirements of employers and to reinforce WMC'b efforts to speed up the placement of workers in war plants where they are most urgently needed." WMC chief Paul V. Mc-Nutt said. Coder the new system, any order in a local United States Employment Service office will be classed as "non-priority" unless it has been given a priority rating by the national manpower priorities commission, or the WMC regional, state or area di rector. A prod uct ion u rgen-cy rating must he given before any WMC area director may assign a priority manpower listing to an employer. Employers violations WMC regulations or engaging in "discriminatory or restrictive hiring practies." Meanwhile, an examination of the mone bridgehead to a width of ten more exciting game of playing G-men. The core of all this speculation. robing and mystery is a parachute-carried instrument which plummeted out of the skies over the northwest part of Clinton yesterday at lbout 4:30 p. m. Tommy Lambert, student in the Tlendale School was feeding pige-ms at his home on 4:15 North Eighth Street yesterday when he saw the arachute coming toward earth. Tommy hadn't beard a plane, hut being an avid follower of adventure stories, he decided he'd better look into the parachute matter. Off he raced, leaving the pigeons to fix their own supper. The parachute, which in turn was . body by Dr. Edward Gourson dis Aviation Cadet Fred Grindle, Jr., son of Mrs. Emma M. Grindle of 222 Kim street, Clinton, is enrolled In the class of cadets currently taking basic flight instruction at the Independence Army Air Field, Independence, Kans. The field is a basic pilot school of the AAF Central Flying Command which is a unit of the AAF Training Command. U.S.A S. C. 1 c Ralph Bonacorsi, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Bonacorsi of North miles, bad jabbed into Nazi-held territory for two and half miles and were engaged In driving Nazi infantry troops back toward Bologna. closed that a child would have been born to Miss Velez five months from now, C. H. Anderson, Beverly Hills chief of police, said. Stunned at News families and friends on North Seventh street. His home is in Cayuga, Ind. U.S.A. Pfc. William F. Baldridge who has been in England for over a year, is now in a Paris hospital with a piece of shrapnel in his right shoulder, according to a letter e-ceived by Mrs. Mary Helen Rose. rrs a. Pvt. Fred Paloney who is now stationed In New Guinea has been very ill according to word received by his mother. U.S.A. Pvt. Paul Joseph Bettasso spent a 15 days furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Bettasso aud family. He was recently assigned to Shepard Field, Tex. l.S.A j Henry Roy Thomas, AS. Is now Ramond whose romance with the commission lias only advisory status. He suggested that the coming session of the General Assembly create a board with executive powers. Eleventh street has returned to Boston, Mass. after spending a 13 day leave with his parents and relatives. S. C. 1c has "been aboard the same ship for the past two years and has supported by a hard rubber balloon. McNutt warned, may forfeit their The resolution adopted by the rights to priority referral treatment, j a me to rest in a tree near the rail- group was presented by R. A. Brod- The five groups and origin of pri-! road tracks on North 13th street. fiery little actress appeared to have ended with the announcement last week that their engagement had been broken, arrived at Lupe's home yesterday, white-faced and stunned. After a conference with police, Ramond was quoted as saying: "I am so confused. I never expected this to happen. The last time I talked to Lupe I told her I was going to marry her any way she wanted. She said she wasn't going to have (Continued on yage 8 1 hecker, editor of the Brownstown Banner. It voiced opposition to the Shoals dam and reservoir project and said that more detailed sludv Tommy spied it in the tree but de-j ided he needed reinforcements so I !ie called Jimmy Blackburn, a good ial of his at Glendale. to belt) mil. taken part In the invasions of Sicily, Salerno, Italy and Southern France. IT.S.A. Pfc. Chris C. Gill who has been PDAYS TILL orities follows: 1. Plants engaged in super-critical war production, such as heavy trucksheavy tires, ammunition, cotton 4ufc '.navy rocket and radar. jfom&ued on Page &) The two got George de Camp and shol,Id b niude of the problem than (Continue, on paga 4) (that been possible under existing a- 1 fieucies. CHRISTMAS mi 'anaina for the past 35 months is stationed at the V. 8. Naval Trairf-a furlough and visited several j (Continued on Page 2)

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