The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 14, 1944 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight THE DAILY CLIN IONIAN Thursday, Deeeniber U, 131 1. PUBLIC NOTICE FLAMING END OF A FORTRESS ('cijiiJ v r:sidci;f :; T -;;(:! A.i ,Iu.-y C-i: :.:: .'. , r Ol is U'a; II I I Si I 1 r , r ifM.' bofi I hv Anti-Trust Trial Opens Against E. I. De Pout Co. NEWARK, N. J. Opining of (rials in anti-trust actions again. ,t the E. 1. de Nemours Co. of Wilmington, Del., and the Hendix Aviation Corp. of Teterboro. N. J., authorized today by President of I;:- IJ.iiAh NOTHK OF I't itI.IC II I: Alt I NO Notice jm iien-ly piven (lint lliy J.utiil AlruliuJit Jicvt-rui;! Uourd f Vermillion . limy. Jiiiiuniii, win J(t y a. in. (Vi.trul Wiir 'I'ilit.- on the i:,y f Jiuiuirv, iUU ill llii' t'lriK Oifir Ci.url J1HIM hi ili City or town) of Newixut in liild County, Im-hiii jiivctiliuulkm of iliu iil.Uii-atto.i of (lie folium uitf iuiiiii-a in-c-KuiH, i-t'ti itt-t in (lie ismiv lo I'm? uppli tils, al the lu( iilioiiN ht'ri'iti;ifior w( out. Mir Aici.ll.illr IUViniiM IVmiiiI. ,.f tlu. FOB SALE Ratesfor ClassifiedAds and Paid Notices .Iii'i'.'' K. A. l i. ... (,:' Hie v i- niiilioil C:r. M:l Coeri hi ir I a.i ,t. .-('. i' . il. :i . ':. ::! r.,r !!., year 'J'lie i,l! ' s o! ti e.-. . i w.j u, ,n ln. First dav fiiHnrtlnn- Si fix ao... t'lassiH Jicjoiiiiilh-r (N'siifiijiiiHl iintl wilt. V. ' I' V ill IIMISist Of fi. Trial of the suits, held up for two i ,!u; 1 will tune mid tilni'f. iw-ii-i liifnr reading line (one column line, like v l'i MAPLE STOHKLLVE HA1IY liEO Willi steel springs ami hair mattress. (,'ood condition. Phono 797-J (Million. t:i5x HOY'S wcycLE A I.I. NKV J'AltTi. balloon tires. Call 1!.'M-U' alter (I I', ni. tMx vi years presumably so war seen t; 1 11 tn (Dinci tuiiL' I lie ( itui'KK f Hit id un I fie I .: lli one or tneseL Next two days lrsertlin: the name might not be bared In open conn, will begin next month, nccnriliug In c cnarge (you gel throe days at Thorn Lord. V. s. attorney lor New oouble the cost ol tlie first day). lit nuts,' iiiul the pi-oiric(y of iKMiiiiir 'ciiuilH iiiq.licil for to MlWi tiliiilicmilB u In' I'l'i'iiiivi'S H;iini'il : ;(ir. Iiii-k. NMis Tniiixf.-r li-r. 'mu- IM.ulf:-' jii-rtnil front K;irl tuiiilt, -"iL' S. Main SI.. Clnion. Ii.ini. hiili ll.i.jri'ru mill JO.hiii J.n.leii. T-.tiiKl.T lii'i-r i;.jii-rV .wmit frmu Ji;irhM Cr.itif. JI7 fi. Main M., lin- Jersey. ee a lir.iw the n:inie... I.'k!ug the lil.,1 l.s "li .uieis and I he next w ill he iliawn on Miiu- I '.e I.' .' tei ins of Net three days, insertion: the BUSINESS SERVICES A federal indictment accuses the Du Pont firm of conspiring viiih oili FOUND A LA ROE STOCK OF er domestic and foivi: n con-'it r - to X Mai 8c charge (you got a whole Mel Mve days) at three times the Cost of one Insertion). Each group of three days thereafter, 8c a line. BluckJace (like Uils) 10c per line. monopoli.e the uiiinnt-irl un- , ,(h 1-'. I.. inlb M., ,!;ii-iin-l u n, mil II. S.Vt, ( Iti-KliMiriMif ), -I i : t j - i;.H-r. Wim- Kf it., i 'Union -- J,iiiinr, of products made of the hhsiic ;ui v. Goodyear Car. Truck end Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcuuizlnfc and Jtecappin.t neatly done and Guaranteed. 9lli and Hot-art Mobilgas Station, Joe Olacolelto, Clinton. lie. v. Inch is un d 111 I In- tu l; 1 : 1 1 : . i i!-r. ' a " -' . s Jt I i X 9 ' f !''? t-'' ltnii..'!ii.r-ii no, I .tniMiiJ,. I iln.l T. m, TcanCff li.i'i-, Wim- ItHafliT'n 1 11 i' -' il I r.tNi toiiifiiirk itinli'KliU'fo, Alain Nt,, 82lf t'.tre of war planes. A civil complaint filed bv the federal government acatnst tin- Pi ei!i concern alleges ilti - al pi:(-e jir agreements Willi Urili: 'i. t;- nn-in. it- 1 . , 1 . ( ':H:n !; v mi:viii;hi,s MOM .VENTS ,in,l .Vii;r,I..I!S T(!:;rr. ...v.c.u Co. I.I.I. V . It ( C .,,. :...;,i i seiihitit 4 C S. hen iiili, 4 lii,((,n A,lilil K. SMiklf. KJII l.i'lMi.r. Willi' Iti-t;iiliT's I'liitliiis mill ' Win. ;r . 'I'r.'iiif.T It.-tniMI troiii l'i naliiikuK. if. All classified ads Including mem. orlams and notices of all kinds must be paid In advance except those by regular customers whose accounts re paid monthly or those from organizations whose hills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter case the person asking the ulian. Japanese and French firms. jj High School I y(:ti C!-;I; , DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED, large or small, prompt Bervice. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 63109 Trre Haute or Dana 14 26. We pay all phone charges. John Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. tl37 DEM) ANIMALS ItKMOVKl7 FKKE of charge liy JJigi;ins and Hons, Mil 111 St.. Cliiitin. SOU INVI'sriCATWlN Wll.l. JtK (H'l'.'.V 'I'll THK I I III. If. AMI ITlil.lO i'.w."rirn no. is iti-:i.n i-:s'j'i'Mi. AU'dlldl.Ti" lIKVIvlt.Ulli (JOM.MIS-SION Of J.VIHANA. Jly JOHN V. KOONAS, Secri'tnry. j:i;n.Aitu ic. hoyi.e. Haw Christmas Party Members of ("ne ("i:'."U V. !(h Tiie imipl'meiihs Qf publication of the notice will be held responsible for its payment. 1 1 School Latin Inter .'.'os Club h- id j'.xrme aiiiiiiiiimi nilor. FOB SALE Jlcnsea dealers. Call us as soon as their annual Christ i . :i -s i 1 1 lad night al (he High S( hoe! (.;. tniia- they die and reverse charge. Juna feed Bervice, liana, J'hone 60. si inn. t 1. - - Waxon. single 1 New delivery Lots of small harness. and double A chicken dinner w;m s-red in t6xf , U 'K ."3, the Home Ec i-.-om end the early GUAIiANTKEI) 24-HH. KEPI! IGEH- was held in lite eiu: ic r -.-? i ef tiie Truce Believed Near in Greece; Commons in Uproar (Continued from page 1 r.inasiuni. Each ".' . ii'lierii e' the e'uli V ation Service. Commercial and Domestic. P. L. JJonebrake. phone J:'.4-4 Cli.-.ton or 1U5-J-2, Montezuma. 8-1-45 '17 DAIiy CLIitTONfAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The VAFLt.sri THEATRE H iiifii!" At Our Office for 'il". V.-. Kevenfh SI. -Inst Come lo rA As!; Tor Them! "A Kcli This Sparc Every Day VOCK NAME HAF'IIB NEXT DURING AN ATTACK on oil targets at Merscburg. Germany, this 13-17 Flying Fortress of the U. S. Army L.ignth Air Force goes down with fueJ tank blazing. Other targets for the day included synthetic oil plants at Lutzkendorf, Eolilen and Zeitz, and a marshaling yard in the Saarbrucker. area. Army Air Forces photo. (International) givci a JiaieTji'et if .I.;i!'n ;, :-gs. ar.-l inevpensi-. e gift:; wo;-- e-eh..,ij, ,. Lob Powell liti ri iiia d with p niano solo. poit youit iiEAinps sake, "eat 1 I'oney Saddle and JIridle( nevei been used). Several Kabblt Pens. 2 -Walk-in Uuteher Coolers. 1 One H. 1. FriKidaire Compressor. 2 One H. F. Meat Grinders. 1 New H. 1'. Cenliifui-'al Pump and Motor. One 5-ft. Counter Case and two Counters. J-ots of old lumber, 4,iKiO fl. of 2 ',4 X clean hard maple flooring. Several White Marble Tables and 1 Twenty members ;ind .Mis. Helen more fresh fruit. Our oranges are better' because they're fresher. Mc ing kept informed regarding Greece. Vermillion Tw o ao jUKseiiiiiig v orJ cracken's Market. tlUf Brothers Meet in Italy After Year's Separation Mr. and Mrs. John itaurhbach of (Jessie, Ind. received word from their Johnson, sponsor, were pre-ent. . This year's officers are Charle.-; Gunnoo. and Fr.-uii: Marniii. consuls; Marilyn Joyce ami fL-riiyii Crawford, scrilia, and Nancy Wood, treasurer. RECAPPING AND VPLCANIZINO. Five-ply passenger car tires. Plenty of Ethyl and anti-l'reeze. The Gas .Market. 31-2-44 Cliurchill said that his government had not received from the Dominion governments any indication tliey dissented from the action iirilain had been compelled to take in Greece. 6lhWarI -.oan Drive Makes Progress The sixth war loan canvass is un sons. Jack and Hohart, stating that they have met in Italy. Hohart reeeived a letter from Jack Chairs. j 1 Bathroom Gas Water Heater. f Several Galvanized Iron Water, Tanks. 2 Turnstiles with Heritors. I THICK DlilV'I-.'ltS JOOI) COAL AT derway in Vermillion townshin and l.aborfle David Kirkwood to'd the !i 1 : Ivoo road rHm(; AijlisU.r tliat ,1P iad hvon in Miles west if ( lintim Haze! several purchases have been .n.ul.. P i undated with telegrams from :S jsiurr. s 0 Co. hut as yet the quota has not been met, according to Attorney E. . Dudley, permanent townshlu war gineers throughout iirilain threatening to lay down .their tools unless c' HitEW'KP. PIANO TPN-lirillg. i:;5 South Seven- J.ots of liiiiiif and 1'il I ini::i. One 10-lou Chain Hoist. 4(1 Hales of Alfalfa Iay. J00 ilusliels of Old Coin. 1 Chevrolet i.-ton 1'anel Bood condition and tires. JOHN A. I in;r. ri p; ! Ill SI reel I he Prilisli government policy of in-j bond chairman mi. & SAT. 35c l'i j Double Feature Lie, pj.ctures A Committee of women fmin dm ieieinioii 111 recce was altered Truck en Nov. 2!) lifter which he went to see him en a three da.v pass. This was 1 heir first lime together since , Nov. no, j 94:;. I Jack entered the army. Dec. l'i. ' ,!l' i in O.e !))st Division of II, e fnfnntry and lias been in Jialv since Nov. II. He Js now in a rest camp near Florence. '.iobiii-t has bi'ei in jtle arniy since Feb. 2:;, 1 9 J 2 and has been in Italy since July, lie is In the Air Corps working as a clerk in finance fa PCKO IJIPDSALS PASTE WAX FOH your floors. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. mzpcrcKES 1 Electric Jianee. J. M. VII.TTI lies. Phone 2!)7 Plant Phone 27S-J Friendship circle along witli their chairman. Mrs. Oiner MeMasteis, are camassing (lie residential district of Newport while Mrs. Ann Ingram, assisted by John ('. Picliell a'ld V. N. Ashury, has charge of the rural Huy Mom lion J Veteran Home In Perrysville Robert Cadman on 30-Day Leave After South Pacific UKNNKT mANSEEJt LOCAL AND long distance moving. 4111; South Fourth Street. Phone 4E4. tS5f canvass. J. N. Jones, Douglas Held, it. IL Nixon and Mr. Dudlev are only The brothers arc stationed 25 miles apart. ONE KALAMAZOO COAL PA.NGE. one fire burner Danglers Oil range with built in oven. One piano, guitar with concert case ami one large oak hook case v.ith desk combined. Wyatt House, Lyfoid. I34 PAIU NOTICES ti."j', vr u cainassing the business section. I'nlike previous drives, the farm NOTICE! Two Gun i CowLoyt ers in the township have their own - .......cM.j, iin-,j wvii Action ; Other News Aicyva Newport Nurse to Enter iieiijufii 1U1!)C IO LllfW (Called com oral ion. Vermillion ui cadman enter- I'""' " d,ur'" t,,is dr'. '- U. S. Army Nurse Coros Mr. and Mrs. Pa Chapter. 125. it. A. M. Fri day. December 15. 7 o. 111. U'mi-1.- In ONE GriTAlt WITH CONCEPT case, one victiola, two Colmnaii r nf Mr. and Mrs. Dough, P, i,i ,,f v,., i 'Kt ' eieers to i 1 he Draw! M. E. M. degree to be conferred by W. I. It. A. C. Association. Win. Vast binder. II. I'.. Kay Shew, Secy. t34 iignis, one pre-war ice cream freezer, one pre-war porch swing and liousekold goods. Wyatt House, Lyl'ord t;i i. their sou, Kobert Cadman. Seaman I ,r "B "H' 'ar )0a" drive' 'first class who has been spending ""T" bUFy t0 Vl'ry a HQ day leave with his parents. Sea! :ac ,vc duii" loan drive, ...a,, Cadmai, has just returned from 1",rKerl irrl"""sbmty f:,,ls " th"" the south Pacific. He left Wednes- i ""a day for Hremerton. Wash, (o resume L 1 a"ym' . "v"rl"ol!e'l by the his activities. While here he was ! '''n u ' , ov",slKl,t'" honored will, several parlies and I $ " 'K'y 'and they dinners. tRo last being Monday night .'T"1 )lra""!-' "".vone at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred I !!"T'"S ."" ""s'''l com- port, who is now a registered nurse, wil! leave for active Army service in Hie Nurse Cadet Corp sometime in ! January. ! Cadet lieid, who graduated from ! Newport High School with the class! of 11)41, received her nurse's train-! ing at the Union Hospital at Terre Haute. Before her graduation from I NOTICE! To all menders of be WHOW ; (here will Jic a special meeting or. local union number )2!!U. district! No. CO. Silverman's Hall. Thursday EAltM WAGON III J" TIKES, grain bed J first class condition. 1(5, also 14 il. p. electric motor, JIO. Write or call L. AI. .'.lit-chell, Newport, phone 13. i:j7x r-rowiler .iiuiiee. lie aflilej tlial due to till ' evening. 7:3" p. in. George Jardine, ! president. i;j:j , there on Sept. " on rtopt. f.,... ,... .. . . . , 1944. gi,e enlisted I EVEKGItEENS EOil HOME DECO I 0 Mrs. Ethel Smith was called to ,. .. I In the Nurse Cadet corn rauons. nace your order eariy. Clinton Sunday by the serious ill-, . m ' "'o'" canvass could. Before going into (he .erv,., c J ui.: umui' its in urcvious 1 nvps j . - ness of her uncle llolen Johnson NOTICE! Last, week for jiictures for Xmas. .No appointment iiicessiiy. Hlllfold size free with every order. Mrs. liny, liioiid Turner, JOVH So. ."Ill St. t34x According to the bond chairman, , lP cuh er uZ", 1!" , "T" ,8 as In other war loans. large bus! , " a Crawfords iness organizations may allocate1 ' credit for their company purchases! m,,!,,,,!: 4- n, TT, to branches In any county or com-1 CllUrch Vesper lllllnifv fin' jM,.l,,L-i,.n .. 1 1 , ... I Kfirviuiu filiil f siat C.n.. Fred Itoyse who has spent the past six weeks in a veterans hospital in Indiauapolfs has returned home, and is reported to he improving. Mrs. Edward J. George spent Hie weekend, in Vincennes with her hus l ' i c , c.t 4 FINAL I TONIGHT I MM'::i rOVHY OANGSTEK" jiersueys r lower and Gift Shop. tail ALL-STEEL lI(ISirMAlll!OI-C-ing rocking horse, two kiddy cars. 012 Dlackman Street. Phone 22U. 1,'jti.v IDEAL CHit I ST. MAS ftlFT ' KOK Him. Seat Covers. For all makes of cars. Patsy and Lelioy's Modern Marathon Service Station. Git) TABLE MODEL PADIO $ I X.OO; j .... ....,, iui tii ijuoias.j " niMiluay l . "uues. must oe mad" at the; Christinas vesner services will he time of the orifln.-il i,nr,.l,,,u .... : I...M ... ,i. . MALE HELP WANTED 80 VS TO CA It Ity" A PEK KOUTES! 10 years or over. Aplly , BUI Blackburn, Ciiiitonian. .--. , ,. , jvnuiouiKt cnurcli federal Iteserve forms urnvided for Kundav lie,. 17 li I " ' I " ' ,.no UUUUUU'U that purchase. Imlv band, Edward J. George who flew from Pope Field. N. C, to George Field, 111. Cpl. George Is stationed at Fort Bragg, N. C. Mr. and Mrs. Eldion Johnson were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Don To avoid unnecessarv transfers ,,r At the candle light serviceo at i lost" p. ui., Hie Methodist adult choir will present Fred B. Holpon's "Chorus ald Hall near Perrysville. Other cabinet model radio .?1,S.o and 22 rifle and toys. OU:i N. :!nl Street. t;j.( (Unas Horn one locality to another, the Treasury department urges that all subscriptions by corporations and firms he entered and paid for through the banking Institutions where liind 111 J lie Miles, under the direction A FIRST Kl'N V,c. fliA F.AfS' or Mrs. J. W. Heedor. Iil((AX BILLFOLD A WEEK AGO containing f 15.0(1. drivers license, social security, birth certificate, etc. Finder keep money and re-I111 11 billfold to Clintonian Office. Mrs. Ira Church is organist anrf guests were Mr. and Mrs. Paul Phili-pol and children of Veedersburg. Ni d Bodine, wife and daughter. Martha were Sunday evening guests soloists are Airs. K. w. Powell ur. are located. This request is made to SIX KOOM MODIiliX JIOI'SE ON South Eighth strict. Excellent condition. Possession immediately. O. F. Houston. 1:'" Wilmonl Connor, Mrs. Gerald t:i COCK. Mrs. A akefieM t:,,i.,i.,l, ,-.. prevent disturbance to the money market and hanking situation. During the present drive (he Mary hllell Satleriee. and u-;ilii.. of Mrs. Eva Jarrett. Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes of Pon-tiac, ill., were called here by the death of Mrs. Hughes' mother, Mrs. Eva Johnson. Little. BLACK Zll'PEK BILLFOLD CON-taining f25, alilahle papers, jlar-vey Sliillz. 121 South Main St. Treasury also requests (he coopera tion of all banking institutions in i Boom i.i. Clinton Ind Get In tue Scrap! COL. 3(1752 PHISIONEliO DEI. MAP Eco, Xavier Cugat Orchestra. r,0e plus tax. White's I'harm.icy. GOOD I'SEI) GIltLS JJcy('I.J20 .inch balloon tires. Juo!) South Sixth Street. i;;Sx declining to make speculative loans securities. I B Kit NICE ! Former Clinton Soldier N'FAIi ST. vhile dog. Paul Follz. S M A I. I. Call 1107-2. CI3x Due to (lie tremendous volume of subscription;! ,. ,omis v.-hich LOANS . . . Is Killed in Holland Sergeant liobert Joins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kobert Jones of Danville, was kill -d In action in Holland Dec. 1, according (o word reeeivid IlELP WANTED S50 S100 S200 CLINTONIAN - NEWS CAliKIEIt win ne reccmd during the Sixlh: War Loan Drive, it is essential Dial everyone concerned lend his support to the attempt to eliminate all pos-sibl- errors and thereby minimize'' delays in tiie delivery of purchaser's bonds. CHKIST.MAS TiiKKS. iil'V "vol'It:-while our seleetlon is good. Lewis Hardware and Book Store. i:!f, HEATING STOVEsr FI UMTi III.: and baby buggies. Tin-ley's riace. 2S So. Slh. Open till 8 p. m. t.Hx S250 and S3GO hoys for route open on seventh, eighth, and ninth streets. Call 32. by his parents. The 21 year old soldier una n f Clinloniaii Olfice. yes, you can obtain a loan based on your earning ability and you pay Interest ONLY for din tlmo 60. American Cnrn NEW ila ia. you nave the loan. The Public Loan Company will as 20" BOV'S BIC-yci.E. ALL parts, balloon tires. George St. Bernice, phone 1,'J'J. Still another gift of Dame Nature slst you quickly and privately. If FKMALE HELP WANTED SALES! i I U 1, 1 M M EUI ATI.'L VZOit-zi Slore. 4 'it) N. Ninth SI. Call 539 or apply in person. i:j;;f WANTED TO BUY 10 which ingenious Latin Americans have turned their talents is corn. In you are steadily eumloved (n V-'vv, 1 ' graduate from the Danville High School and had lived in that city several years before entering the army. His brother left Saturday for the Marine Corp. Mrs. Jones was the former Miss Charlotte Stevens of Newport, daughter of Mrs. Dora M. Jlarger. Sgl. Jone. a veteran of 22 mentis! in the sec. iee. hail been overseas 11 '"onths. He l'irl was sent to -ntr- factory, office, store or else where IIHK K, AXV lil.M) VOI' WAST. ( Union Auto Ml-ed.lng I'uKs Co. Jamie's, J'hone , ('Union. nr,if Mexico and Central America, baked into flat cakes and often garnished with meat or cheese, it constitutes Come in and talk over your money problems with us. We will arrange your payments to suit your PI.-EWAK SLED IN GOOD CllNDI- CIIAItl.lE an almost universal food as tile tele brated tortilla. If Virru VEIN COAL. Ferguson. Phone 1. ion.v Call r,o. income. (i-W. 17-17-4 1 f Costs arc reasonable. Interest rale l ieii am) Khortlv after I) Ilav un 01 i-c per month on unpaid lial ifi lima. t.:!'oM:cr of (;ciic a Woman Is U'o'iiidetJ in (crmativ sure for amounts un to ir.n- FISH FitV J PIOAV NIC1IT. Coi ni r. !'- l i d In Fiance. II.. later en- ! d l'i U lut.i when thai country ima.led 1.1- !; Allies and from R UT ' : I .-, I amounts 1150 lo 300, I u. per Mr I,' -ii j;. 1 IllOIllll on unpaid balunee A d stovi: COLUMBIA id lieni tt;e War Hi tian- 0 HI loan repaid in fi v lininlh CANNON II E A T I N G Cheap. Ernie's. Phone CHH.DS CABINET AN 1 e,e mi,. iiii;,,( u,, na 'e"-- "i-; wiih a Quartermaster Corps I H'ndiy company. I'e was emnlnved :u 11,,, ri,,,. J ly installment of H)92 each, on Ml 1 1 .it lii r hi'iihi r. Cpl (l;.l'Jrid---e, has been wound Williaiu i'd in ac- costs J4.50 but if repaid In 10 days, costs only fide v.m n, Dol.l. 13 3 TIIl KSDAV i-ei-Mee station ill Danwlle liefon teliiig the service. He ri-ctdled borrow to pay old bills, your Doc tied. Phone 532-it. HEATING STOVE, CHEAP. Oak Street. his and tor or Dentist, taxes or insurance . . or any worthy nurnoR it Iraliniig a( Vaiuouver, Wash t'll'!') Ailair. Ore. Second iLtttKUJtU a loan can help you. Dhona nr mn,a t;oi in (Ii i-ieany. cpl. i al-li idi-'e is now siatioio d in a hospital sonu where in Engiand. Sture Hell 3eets and cariots store well, .0 plant early ones for use during the summer and later varieties for storing during tiie fall and winter months. Si t. Jones was horn July 29. 1922 in Clinton. Ind. He was 11 member TFKKEV, STEVE YFAGFltT Vine St. Phone 1 (i;i-K. to the Public Loan Company. WI'ST (3)x Icalure .yILI.OTTlf ,!ay,4 if (he Central Christian Chnrnh in FIFTH VEIN COAL. CALL CS2 Find Here the Cash Loan You Need. l). 11'. llle. Prsidrs his brother. Wi J. I4(l. liani Jones who left fur (he Ma- rides. Ji. also has a sisler I-:li-7l, 8 I'njr 10 t'uy 2 a. inenls. lilenl S a.i ne. 1 menls. 60 7.12 STAUTixc sati-lua:- XUiil AT il r. JI. VUl.y G.-; Tore'-, TO BE LIKE A SECURITY LOAN . . . Admission 9c and 20c THE HITLER GANG With Kobert Watson Alexander Pope "Frontier" In Italy-Warner Featurette "Bees 'A IJuzaiV " Warner Variely 10( 14.23 200 2.;ia -(2 (I0.U3 i turn 24.07 IT AiUST BE A SECURITY LOAN n un $11.73 9M.H7 ;ii.;tt 250 KM. it .-factory Substitute. A Tiial'.if the Sen ice Von A Tiial of the Scriici There Is No i Get )'. r 1'-. A Frii ndl- f-iini. i TSg(. Thomas McKay Is -Wounded in European Area TSgt. Thomas F. McKay, son of Mis. Mary McKay. Imi7 South Vain -iriel. hs been wounded In action T.-'Sgt. McKay's name W113 released (his week by the Army and Naiy r isuaiiv litt aa haling been wound SECURITY LOAN CO. PUBLIC LOAN CO. 224 Ulackmau St. I Phone 62 CLINTON. INDIANA : i...:t i. ed in ihr European area. t , - - '-" V I 21954 Mala fit. I'hone 252 I - ir

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