The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 14, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1944
Page 7
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P;iK!' Seven Thursday, December 14, 1911. T II E DAILY CLINTON IAN REVIEW OF YEAR IN SPORTS Nogoya Aircraft Plant Pocked by 40 Direct Hits in Superfort Raid MAY done by contacting his high school principal. In the neighborhood of 25 Bchooi men from the four counties mentioned were present at the meeting und many of them expressed their appreciation of the opportunity to :isk their local questions, John C. l'lckell. principal of Newport High School, said. AS FoofBAa COACH (Continued from pane I J t ciioeestions .i lug fields show where some missiles completely missed the mark but after WewillR the first developed pictures, ItrlK. lien. Haywood S. Hansel!, Twenty-first bomber commander, stuck by his previous estimate thai "extensive, damaiie bad been done." The photos bore biin out without (litest Ion. Taken from nearly 30, lino feet as the planes buffeted tb"ir way over I be city against flak, and against lighter Interception, they nevertheless were exceptionally sharp, showing crowded Nupoya in vivid detail. No Airmen !st Filers on yesterday's mission remarked about the accuracy of the ilak. b"t In, if any, planes were 13' ; Billfolds, genume iw- $l0.00 Otters Next On Schedule For Wildcats Otter Creek Five Come To Clinton Tomorrow For Bout with Wildcats ;0. C. Team Has Good Record Clinton's Wildcats will (sickle their second home game, tomorrow night when they meet the fast-stepping Otter Creek Otters t 8 p. m. in the local gymnasium. After a week's lay-off since their win over Sullivan last Friday night the Cats will be ready to take on the North Terre Haute crew who are a hlgly-touted ball club. Starting their season several weeks earlier than the Cats, the Otters have suffered only one loss in seven starts, a 26 to 21 defeat at the hands of State High. The home floor and the fact that the team has shown marked Improvement in each game so far will tend to give the Cats a lot of favor in the eyes of most fans. The Cats have a good record to defend too with two wins and one loss chalked up to them. Coach Hob Burton's lineup will be James and Foster, forwards, Hun-gerford, center and Smith and Watson at guard. Fred Spence, the Otter mentor will send - Rogers and Priced -- BoWl iaj" yardley Lf ..Box $1-00 County Triple A Chairman To Be Fleeted Friday Klection dates ill Vermillion county tor AAA community committeemen are Dec. 14 and Dee. 15. Forest .Mack, AAA county chairman, announced Monday. Fanners will select their representatives In the farm program for 1IM5 at tills annual meeting. Kvery farmer In Vermillion County is Invited to attend and all eligible rat mors are urged to help choose the men who will represent them in the new farm prog'-am. "You have to live to 'at," says Mr. Mack, "and we get and to proving that old adage about three times a day. Food is an important to our armies all over the world. On the farm front, farmers are doing a terrific job of producing th-l food to met the needs of a nation at war." "This Is the only country In the world in which the farmers have an Wrisley's aui to j5.0U Revlon Gift Sets tQ $7 95 amp Me J vi y Eg 3 y . .1 ind no personnel re reported. The .Taps put of to 20 pl.mes in the I II.) Ill ies gl'Oll! s Stuffed loys ------"petais, Ivlimzy. Colognes: Attar o I r g Pinxt Cara Nome Quel e3 t the P.. 20 foriniitions, but i' ; il'iis ve:e reluctant to gp M'KfeeVfeR. WAS JiPPbivlfeP AEAp rm-BAU-COAOt A-f iffffS PAM&,&Jcceeoie- PKAlvlK' 1.6AM- WdO air iiraii the wit fight. Deviltry, Jerge - ft() Up . fiB-1" soft : Correspondence, Home Study Work To Aid Students opportunity to select their own neighbors as leaders in the ndminst ration of their agricultural program," he The cinintiliK of correspondence iff continued. "Each year, farmers meet in communities all over the nation and elect more than 100,000 local committeemen, who represent the interests of their neighbors In farming national AAA plans. In return. mm jm it, ma work, and home study work toward high school diplomas for service men i who were inducted Into the Armed forces before they completed their school training was discussed! at a meeting of all the principals! ...,.1 l.,ii,l,mlu In thn Vtll'InllS Trout in at lorward, Dabelow, center and Hultz and Sturm, guards. The Kittens will clash with the little Otters at 7 p. m. in a pro-game curtain-raiser. SCORRECT anv shortace of important vitamins in your system with the the committeemen represent the Fed help of Purctcst Viumin Products, tach capsule or tablet contains known quantities of the very vitamins so essential to human nutrition MAMASSR OF CKlCASO i, i warren Vnnnm in. I "il government in applying these . . . yet the cost is only a rcw pennies a aay. plans to their own community." Parke and Vermillion counties at Box of 72 Purstetl PLENAMINS id Sgt. Joseph Anderson Clinton, Awarded 4ih Battle Star in Euroge Two easy-to-take capsules supply Jasper Wi Ideals Add to Unbrolu n Vielorv String Purdue Civilians Win in Fast Net Came with DePanw INMAXAPOMS, Ind. An iill-civiliun Purdue net team emerged as a winning combination when the Boilermakers defeated IJePauw, conqueror of Indiana, last night at La minimum daily needs ot ALL VITAMINS known to be essential to human nutrition plus LIVliR W- Taking part In the discussions, and helping to elect the men who are to administer the farm program in Vermillion county is the privilege of every farmer. "This is your meeting," says Mr. Mack, "and the larger the representation from your community, the more likely will bo the selection of the right men for this important job." The meetings will be conducted at Clinton township on Friday. Dec. 15. at the Croinpton Hill School house: Fuigeno township, Thursday. Dec. 14, Cayuga town ball; Helt Township. and 1KUN. A Kcxall Product. Z.9 meeting held at the Newport High School .Monday. A discussion f..r the giving of credits to sen ice men for the schooling opportunities they will he offered was 1 d by Principal L. J. Freeman of the Crawfordsvlllo school. Mn. Freeman introduced a diagnosis of the Hull Report which outlines allowable credit for preliminary training of men who have entered the armed forces prior to their graduation from high school. Tile I'. S. A. A. F. I.. 1'nited Slates Force Institution, is prepared to keep a record of educational n INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. The strong Jasper Wildcats extended their unbroken string of wins to seven last night at Hie expense of the vitamin n ii 1 1 n n r u si on Box of 77 PureUst POLYCAPS fayette, 4 7 to 31 Capsules for None of the eight prospective V- j Vincennes Alices, a southern Indiana mine-infested sand to lay wire mesh roads over which our supplies are rolling before the battle is all hour old". Viuler a shower of enemy mortar, artillery and small arms fire, traf conference toe. Score was 4,i to 5. The complete, known vitamin food for children I to 12 years old. One capsule contains minimum daily child requirements of vitamins A, Bi, fi?, C and D plus Niacinamide. Other Hoosier basketball scores: Halesville H2. lirookvillo 2,'i. Monticello liemiliRlon 20. Fast Gary In. Tolleslon of Cary rs may have fic control points are established, j experiences that so Dec. 15, Bono Church: Highland township, Dec. 15, (iessie Church, Vermillion township, Dec. 15, Court House, Newport. 98c VITAMIN Bi TABLETS 65c Box of SO Pursiest supply dumps set-up and V. S. Army which may lie used to count toward equipment is sent lumbering for-'credit in high sciiool and higher ed-ward to place in the bands or our I ucai ion. Service men of Indiana righting men the best combat weap-Uiay get a special application blank ,, , ,,, I from the office of Slate Su peri nt en- 47c Vitamins A and D . Kirklin 34. Ill, Waveland ,12. ::7, New Harmony i7, Troy 11. Sheridan .H! Halnbridge Cainii. 111. Canuelton i HALIBUT LIVER OIL V ...... .t,. -laT L.. CAPSULES A graduale of the Boston School I VIMMS 288 tablets S4.29 Fibs n m mm " " In the lie en- of .Music, he was employed ina Ray Hutton band before New Albany 53. Coryiion IS. Marion 32. Peru 30. Noblesville 32. Lapel 27. Ilarrett 50. Angola 31. Lupp Velez, Temperamental Screen Star, Found Dead UKVKIiLY HILLS. Calif. Lupt-Velez, dynamic Spaninh-Amp rioan film star, wan found doud from an uuTdnse of sleeping tablets In her Ik'Vf-rly Hills homo today, according to police rt'poris. Officers Haid they found a nole'be- uerenccr Multiple vnamms uBiuTdJ 12 Boilermaker netmen could play because of a temporary Navy restriction, Four cases of illness on I he Purdue campus which were suspected of being light outbreaks or infantile paralysis led to the precautionary order. Rill fiosewehr, Boilermaker freshman forward, won scoring honors with 14 points of the victor's total. Six of the nine Purdue players last night were first year men. The Purple Aces of Evansville tallied their first Indiana College Conference victory and their fourth win last night by easing out Indiana State, 50, to 54. Bunker Hill Naval Air Station won from Camp Attcrbury, 4 7 to 21 in a Hoosier service team tilt last , night. Tonight's card will see Wabash invading the Indiana t'niversity Fieldhouse in the hope of revenging, a 43-to-29 lacing suffered at the I dent or Public Instruction which they will rile with the I'SAFI, it was "Xpiained at the meet. Any soldier who entered the war prior to his graduation from high school may find 1hat lie can do correspondence ' work" or have educational oppon unities in the Army which can he counted-toward high tered the service. His wife, Mrs. Sophia Anderson resides at the Vine Slreet address. sidi' the body, but they did not im- FxiensivellseOf Highly Powerful Rockets is Planned Clashed Ads Sell Most AnvthinR .sehool graduation. This should be j im-diandy disclose the coiif-m h-- . . . T , . . . . laV rri irjiinni-l tiiio kimc ac rni twn J nDumi51 V. IT WAff 5FNT OF COURSE'--SHE0 HEAD SOUTH; TO THE JAPANESE JUGGLER IRWIN.' LET'S CHECK OhT THE WHO WAS HIDING THE'DOKTOR HZ, NEXT PLANE TO ATL ANTAiO EORGIA HELP THAT HIGHBROW) I'M NOT SO , k ON KRUGG'S DEAD Jl L ft up ii5 dan J SURH HE D.'DNT V COMPANION SAYS: l (Continued from page 1) CT'-V ' uFioiiot A I " PFAHHTRFE R72 13 AND HER ACCOMPLICE.' IT I w? ir. . jtL'fci. r .km. i i-ui vi . mm mx ' mm i ......f i. m i vi rnrw i -i- b a British Work Out Combination The combination of the rocket with the tank landing craft was irnnri over to the I'. S. by British 11 J I WY3 fc. J WAIT A MINUTE? A.f . . l' bands of the Crimson two weeks ago. Anderson College goes to Ball Slate ; offloi.,is .uui an intensive develop- and Franklin returnsa Central Nor mal visit tonight also. meat of this invasion vehicle was decided on at the Quebec meeting of President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill in 11143. In Normandy they went into action before the first waves of landing craft, coordinating Ihcir bomb- YOU'LL AGREE that our HOME-MADE - CHILI Is Good YOl'I.I. LIKE I ardment of the West Wall witli that of naval vessels off shore. "The rocket craft blazed away Mme after time." the Navy report "aid. leaving sections of the defenses a dancing floor of fire. Their action was one of the most amazing sights or the invasion. I'sed ill Sicilian Operations All hough used extensively in the Sicilian operation, where they demoralized ground forces inure than Wpt Y SCENE: ATI A: ., GEORGIA FeLEMENTARV DR.HIGGS Yl'i ' ""- WELL"-' fte iecrei L , r - i yC'J RECALL THE NOTE TfyEAH--): I , riiii-- a, r--: n . T AW, DAM- '.'.IE ON OPEN V ON THE FRAULEIM DOKTORS Ji I .TT , ??tTT7 '"i431 Operative upw;- ..iakesvaso pal said in japa;;jese, ' . -yi i A ..CRAnp--I H u i'PFACH TREE 572 -- S UE I 1 , 5 ii W'ttu f Uf tit ' IftMiMPEACHTREE srl OIK HOMEMADE 1'IES French Fries, Sandwiches, Coffee, lee Cream, Soft Drinks J0 Lr.-r.-tiTN atlant rFVrvi- Vm ; ;;, wv WJ'nKMWrm did larger shells, the rocket was , further developed on a secret prov- j ing ground 5no miles from Britain ; under Lieut. L. W. Carr I. S. N. It. j SPEED mil DRIVE-IN i or Dallas, Texas, and other reseiv- Main Street isls. BASKETBALL FRIDAY, DECEMBER V, X . 3 ija 'J&mff j--A...J.iwiMi mitt l rt??. CHS vs. OTTER GREE f I :.ST LA'iCSPOES . Jl i S'ANOWe MERE IS TO KjK. , into57 -Hip, " KJ ' , ' ' M t fS Tre: AMC ' Ay CERTAIN DEATU !! in2tanCE V A 1 CAK " ' i "''K ' -K-J5iL-','- KTTTfi: rrre:-v W .ox -Jaj CLINTON HIGH SCKOGL GYMNASIUM GAMES AT 7 AND 8 P. M. TrvJpiii 1 HAIR- SSfi' n1! r HmI r m "siV X BREADTH ( CAME : r--:Y- KJav .. 'YWW 22 . i ;yw General Admission 35c NEXT HOME December CHS vs. W2LEY NO LE TO 2'jtjl JAGGED QGCirS UlOER Tk4T ' if -uty rafc':l UEC-K1 T-EV GCKiERSi,1' ' SMMMMi, .ssjsw tiji-..a..u., .

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