The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 14, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, December 14, 1944
Page 6
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Thurs3ay, Decemfier 14, 1911. TIIE DAILY CLINTONISN Pag;e Six "CIGARETTE FIEND" Behind the Scenes THE DAILY CLUSTONIA At the Movie COM MIUl Thupsday mi irin HOLLYWOOD sUMIiihed M The Weekly (.IIbwdUo I MM ftw Clinton PlalndejJer nlmorbed In I On Published DallT Except Saturday and 8unl) eorge L. Carey - Editor and Publish! Haland at the Poatofftce at Clinton, Indian M Second L1aa Matter ambar Indlauia Kcputilluui Kdlt. ial Aaaoclauoa b itA...t.jON CAMtfOLl IHi I t-alnn i Syndicate Wriler HOLLYWOOD As an actor, In Kov.-ard always Billed uway .or.) ruolicily but. as a Nuvy man, n -npil tls rl.max. Never n word out of Phone 32 phoM 33 The most revolutionary picture of its kind is due to arrive ut the Columbia theatre Thursday when Paramount-!! "The Hitler (Jang" 1b to be flushed on ( he screen, Klrst, the black history of the Nazi regime is revealed in ulf its ugliness. Next, the cast chosen to portray I lie roles of Ili(lr. Himmler, (ineriug. Mess, (ineb-bels, to name u few, is a miracle of easting. Lastly, the film deals with the unknown aspects of the regime's rise to power. This feature along provides the hair-ruls-Ing scenes which should be witnessed by everyone, f vwsm f? mv r f will build a hotel In Beverly Hills after the war. Gossipers here wer even willing to tell you the site. . . . Carolyn Roos, daughter ot Bo Rooi (he manages John Wayne, Fred Wi Murray, Frank Borzage, Johnny V.'elssmullcr and other Hollywood .-rlchH) noon marrlfft Lt. James H. Clark. . . . Lucey's, favorite rcstau-i.nit of film folk, has been bought back by its former owners, Freddie Iireslo and Mildred and Tony Luccy, who just sold the place a few weeks ago. . . . Actor Cornel Wilde not only will have a musical, "Legend," produced on Broadway but he Is writing part of the score. Wilde, now working at Columbia In "A Thousand and One Nights," has just finished a waltz, "X Remember the Things Vou Forgot," . . , Donna Reed back In town after being snowed In for five days at the homo of her parents in Dennl-son, la. . . . Mervyn LeRoy bedded Willi an Infected tooth. BlPUBUCAH IDirOKIM r, f f j AssocMicm John during his Hollywood leave about bis own actions when the minesweeper, on which ho was a junior officer, was sunk during the invasion of southern France. The Navy revealed tho details in Chicago the other night when an Cross on the 4 V.W.MV. I 1 1nii-Mlay, Friday, and Hfitnrdiiy Sizzling with South Sea Sueet- Harrison Curro.l i'l pinned the 1 ies and throbbing music. "Cull of the South Seas" with Janet Martin, Alan Lane, William Ilen- fvivier star, nia.itnj him one of Ilitbywood's real fnhting heroes. i ry and Hoy Barcralt, opens at Unless she changes her mind again by the time this ia printed, Miml Forsythe haa decided not to get a quick Reno divorce from Bean Bogcaua so she could marry Maj. Jonathan Fitting. the Palace Tlieatre tonight. Admirers of western drama have a thrill in store, for them when J -iublic's latest Wild Hill Elliott starrer, "Overland Mail "For extraordinary heroism," the citation read, fJeems that Howard tool; over, when his superior was wounded, supjr.isecl the transfer of casua'tics from the sinking ship, personally senr.-hed the vessel to r,.3 that no d:ip was left. Then, u-!un one of tin i.i'Jue ships also bit a mine, l!; fr -m?r star dived into the wati-i '. :::o a wounded r.em.:ar of his e ' who had been ikocd duiiiiT t..; the Palace the second Robbery" opens at Theatre tonight as feature. Paramount will lose the services of Gil Lamb for "Duffy's Tavern." He got two teeth knocked out and a possible fractured jaw in an auto ciash two nights ago. ' W ABASH I I Wednesday r.m Thursday ! Police are to.':.:.": nay be a maniac, w' the ninninj board o forty's car as nil.1 : Helmut Dautine celebrating on the set of "Hotel Berlin." He just received news that his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Dantine, are safe in Vienna and are planning to come to this country to live after the war. Dantine himself is an American citizen. Action right out oi tne Headlines is featured in 20ih Century-Fox's "Roper Touhy, Gangster!" the new film at the Wabash Tlieatre. With Preston Foster, Victor McLaglen, Lois Andrews and Kent Taylor topping the cast, the film shows accurately Touhy's daring escape from Joliet Prison und the capture which climaxed one .or a man, i loaned upon i-Vnces Raf-. jvicd for a evening on -it. The fel-i ', when he L.mimcnced -i to;i of the ::.y in sec-i.iiant off. ".?? McDon-!-:! 'acre to '. Farbara ' was in -,C 1 ViC- oi the greatest manhunts in hi: tory. tiaffic liht the c"-v: .Santa r.!on!ca boi- -. " low tried to set in n found the ('.oor Ice', sloshing at the cr, . car. France3 roar.' ! ond and threw the c The first person O nld called after 1- -Lt. Halph Green in : was her brother. F..';' St. Louis with the tcry" company. H?.y rurrlae for Graf?, i that he and his bv'. . , t and family have moved to Clin ! Taking a Backward Glance t had a o.valrd h) . :ab?th ton m the 13(10 block South EiKhth street. Mrs. Vin.i Martin and Mrs. Jes- Ulr...-....r .(,. Will Plucking Ducks After plucking ducks or geese of the feathers and pin-fcathers rub them with cornmenl to remove all down. Another good method of removing down is to pour melted parail-.n over the fowl where the down occurs, let it &at then peel it off; with it will come all the obstinate down. Ancient Magtnot The medieval fortress at Fama-usta, on the island of Cyprus, has walls 14 feet thick. for approximately $14,000. The ' t ,. ,, .,, j, ... ' , HOLLYWOOD HI-JINKS: Johnny Mack Brown put on his hat 10 minutes before that auto crash near Colusa and thus saved himself much more serious injuries. His head went through the windshield. . . . Well, Joan Crawford finally has started her picture, "Mildred Pearce." . , . Eleanor Parker and Warner's new discovery, Don McGuire, were an interesting twosome at Billingsley's Tropics. . . . Other night club combinations: Hurd Hatfield and Virginia Hunter at the Biltmore Bowl; George Jessel and To mm ye Adams at the Trocadero. . . . Nice gesture by Comedian Jack Marshall. He's ".ivjis a musical education to two liiaiblcd veterans. . . . Dorothy La-::uur warbles In Spanish for "Mas-cjucrade in Mexico." Only one number but it means hard study be-tause she doesn't speak the Ninth street bank checks went1', ' , , Mrs. Aionzo Kennedy out earlier. New savings clubs are being I Rev. Whitson, pastor of the Methodist church accompanied by TH'KXTY VKAKS AGO TODAY Merchants Are Asked To ( ash In All iijm;:im U. F. Walker, acting in his capacity as Secretary-treasurer of the Clinton Advertising club, has t'raser, are go ng tr ha.e a baby. Gracie Fields couMn't be prouder. The pro;Me oi her homo town. F.ochda!. Kininnd. collected Cj.OOD in small com ribulions and commissioned the famous Ep.sUsM painter, James Gunn, to do Grade's portrait, which now hangs in the!c art gallery. started by the various banks and it is expected the number in them ja number of his congregation at- will be greater next year. Personalis Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Sanders of THE Bl'SfNESS OUTLOOK. i The outlook for business, according to socalled experts, includes a let-down of possibly fifteen per cent in the first half of 1945, but the long-range outlook is considered promising. Some forecasters of economic trends take cognizance of the fact that the United States has replaced the British Empire as the dominant world leader, suggesting that business in this country will be profoundly affected by our participation in international affairs. While discounting the British Empire, the admonition is flashed to watch Russia. It should be apparent to all business men that there are factors in the country that carry the threat of wild inflation. Buying power, severely curtailed during the war, will be cut loose if controls are abandoned too quickly after victory. The statisticians tell us that the American people have saved tremendous sums of money which, if turned loose into the markets precipitately, might produce serious repercussions. SOLDIER PHILOSOPHER. '. We hasten to commend the thought, if not the language, of a British soldier, a veteran of the fighting in Africa, who, when asked what he thought about the American presidential election, answered: "Wot the bloody 'ell do I know about it?" The British veteran wearing decorations for his fighting past, had his views about the situation in which he found himself . He added : "There's bloody little future 'ere. People like'me get killed, but blokes what come through ought to have the right to decent homes, decent wages and money enough to put by to take care of our babies." The name of the British soldier is not given in the press dispatch, but he possesses the elements of a philosopher. There is something in his answer and in his viewpoint. Denver: Father Bernard J. Hubbard, famed "Glacier Priest," in pointing out that Russo-Japanese fishing treaties provide the Nips with weather stations: "If the United States is to do the fighting and financing of the world's wars, then it should also have cooperation on an equal basis from its Allies." asked that a request be published t j tended services at the Christian church in Clinton, Sunday night, i where thirteen members of his j church were baptized. j Joe SirHViass and Fr'i ('lark accompanied by the Men's Bible class took a trip to the county poor farm yesterday, teach mem- ber of the class took a gift for even Tire Sizes There are only seven different tire sizel used on 1941 passenger can. The Waldorf Astoria in New ; Vorls OHicially denies the widely! -m1 tumor that the company; tiiat all customers of (.'Union South Fourth Street spent Sun-stores who still hold merchand- day with Mr. Sanders brother, ise coupons issued as prizes at Fred Sanders and family of New-the drawing held in November. ; port. cash them in for merchandise at Rev. J. G. Giffen of the Pres-their earliest convenience. byterian church was called to He also requests that any mer-j Fvans ille, today on account of chants holding such coupons turn: the serious illness of bis daugh-tbem over at the office at their ter. Mrs. Perry Richenor. Mrs. earliest convenience and that any i Giffen went to Kvansville, Wed- those at the farm. IN MAN'S CLOTHING MIGNONG. EBERHART TFX YKAIW AGO TODAY Fee ( Ins Will Tichenor suffered M rs nesdav iQ4S by author distributed by king features syndicate, in q. from a relapse and has been tak-:NK l Saiulytown en to the hospital again. There will be an educational Mrs. Malinda McKee and Mrs. class to start Monday night at Svivin Mck'pH silent Thursday at'- I the school house at Sandytown. ternoon at St. Bernice. according to an announcement by party or parties to whom the Advertising club may be indebtedness at once. It is known that the club is solvent and can meet all of its obligations. Savings ('lulls S?nd Out Cheiks Christinas saWngs clubs checks have been sent out from Clinton Trust Company, totalling $20.-000,070, and the First National Bank savings club has sent iv. Mr. and Mrs. Snodgrass spent Mihs Alice Baumgartner, teacher. Wednesday in Terre Haute with Other teachers are John Park Mrs. Snodgrass' mother a n d and LeRoy Hobbs of Newport, nroiher. Marv Barnes and son, Hig Dividend (o i It 1 raid Momluy fleorge. Mr. and Mrs. Homr Jlolfselnw CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbcffer I The First National Rank will begin issuing chocks on Monday , lor a payment of a 40 per cent dividend which Frederick Grant, receiver, announced recently would bo paid at this time. Depositors are to call at the bank for their checks and those unable to fall Monday may call any time after that, it was announced to knelt beside the body, his back toward me. Maud was on the other side of the sofa, her face a rigid, yellowish mask with two bright eyes that watched Chivery. Peter was there too, looking thoughtfully downward and, as I entered, Nicky turned away from the sofa abruptly, walked around the long desk and flung himself Into Conrad's armchair. Alexia saw me first, She paused as she turned to kick her short crimson train out of the way, looked at me anil said, "Here's the nurse. Did you find Craig? Where was he? What happened?" "He's ail right. He's in bed again. Miss Cable is with him." Maud glanced at me swiftly. Dr. Chivery got up a little awkwardly, dusted his knees absently and looked around in a bewildered way. "I I wasn't expecting Conrad's death just now," he said. "Well, I'm afraid it's all over." He glanced irresolutely at Maud. Nicky said, "It must have been quick. None of us knew he was having an attack." Claud Chivery passed an unsteady hand across his small chin. "He had some medicine," he said. "He always took it for these attacks. I suppose this time . . ." He leaned over the body and seemed to be searching about it and the sofa. "Well, it isn't here. The box of pills, I mean. It must have taken him so quickly he didn't have time to get the medicine. He's had this heart condition, you know, for years." "We knew," said Alexia. Dr. Chivery glanced at me. "You found him?" "Yes. He was dead. I could do nothing for him." for Beevens uttered a kind of stifled exclamation and vanished from the door with an effect of consternation. We all heard his footsteps cross the hall and the heavy sound of the front door opening. We heard the voices, too, loud and authoritative. "We got here as soon as we cotlid. Where's the murdered man?" "Murdered but we but he . . Beevens seemed to master himself by a great effort. "You are mistaken, sir. There's no murder here. No one sent for the police." There was a kind of jumble of several voices and the sound of motion ; then quick, hard footsteps crossed the hall toward the open library door and the state trooper of the previous day stopped in the doorway. He took one quick look around the room. Then he addressed Dr. Chivery. "There was a telephone call to headquarters about fifteen .minutea ago from this house. Whoever it was said Conrad Brent had been murdered and asked us to come at once." No one spoke. Even Beevens goggled in the doorway like a stricken fish. Nicky's Binall head and graceful body seemed to frqege into wariness like a young animal, sensing a trap. Then Maud said, "Tell them, Claud. There's a mistake." And Dr. Chivery blinked rapidly, looked at his wife's dark hair and the Lieutenant's left shoulder and said that they were mistaken. "Mr. Brent was my patient. Ha died of. a heart attack, he was not mui dered." The Lieutenant came into the room slowly; he was tall and spare as a whip and not unlike one, in suggesting a kind of coiled and day. Approximately $200,000 will be paid at this time. Air. Grant el'itrd some time ago. Checks were made out by the receiver and :;uit to Washington for signature. Tin1 large dividend was i ;ade pcjsible by a Reconstruction Finance Corporation loan made upen the slow assets of the bank, in addition to funds collected by CHAPTER FIFTEEN 1 was cross by that time too; fright affects me like that. I said something which emerged as only an exasperated mutter and went to the door. No one was in the hall; Alexia, Maud and Nicky had vanished. I hurried to the stairs and just at the landing was Beevens (in a long white bathrobe, vaguely Ku-Klux in character) ascending and putting. I said, "Come and help me. Hurry!" He didn't question. Not even when we arrived in the linen closet and there was, so to speak, the young master stretched full length on the Moor. Full length, that is, except that Drue had lifted him a little "so she held his head against her breast and the towel pressed against the ugly bleeding bruise on his temple. , Beevens said som6thing that really did sound like "Tush-tush . . ," and stooped over. "Take his feet, Nurse, please," he requested efficiently. So we got Craig back to bed. By the time we had him covered warmly and hot water bottles around him to ward off pneumonia, he was completely unconscious again. Beevens, still without a question, helped us. It took time all of it had taken time. At last everything we could do was done, and Beevens looked at me. 'They want you in the study, Miss Keate," he said. Drue looked at me quickly, so her little white cap jerked toward me. "Very well." I straightened my cap. I said to Drue, "I won't be long." I didn't give her a chance to say anything but hurried away, following Beevens. I had reached the landing of the stairs just below the stained glass window when I remembered that Drue's hypodermic syringe was still in my pocket. Well, they weren't likely to search me, those people waiting in the library, but I hid the syringe. There w as a kind of ledge at the bottom of the long, arched window nrt a ftini'raal but very thick fern i the receiver. Nearly 3,000 checks VZ : m: IS l OYy n 18 . litii w 29 io 777. v" l H - - n" i lll-IIIlIIIifl 40 41 ;777 i 4 44 4?" 4b 41 4 41 7Z so y7 Si j will be distributed. ; IV" 'finis New York: F. X. McGohey. U. S. Attorney in Southern District of New York: "Three years ago our country ortered the greatest war in history against two powerful enemies. It is amazing but true that since then the amount of sabotage committed in the United States has been almost nil." Mrs. Tom Lewis of South Fifth ?reet aiundvd a Christmas ty given by the members of the Kmhroider v Club at the home of 1 Mrs. Cro-'d Fltzpatrick of Terre Haute y jterday. j Mr. and Mrs. Henry Butcher I of Scith Sixth Street have re-I tunic .1 to their home after visit-! ing a! the home of Mr. and Mrs. He looked at my wrist watch and Uutcher of Atherton. Uutcher of A of Fair J mres K. ! Mrs. C, C. Tillotson view has bud as her gue seemd to wait a little tentatively for me to elaborate on my state est sever al davs tier brother, Curtis Hicks, ment. As I didn't on the principle of least said soonest mended, he nodded. "Ah yes. I was afraid he 37 fount rv loads fiO lateral would go like this. Washington: Undersecretary of War Robert P. Patterson: "The men in uniform will set the hands of the clock to the hour of peace. You, the workers, stay on that war job to take one if you are needed Stay on the job until it is done. That is what the fighter will do." Leyte, Philippines : Gen. Douglas Mac-Arthur, comparing the Japs to a spring: "We have pushed them to a point where everything we do now is going to be tough you can't make an omelet without breaking the egg." ! Maud said stirlly, "His medicine bound;) ties 51 decimal unit KKTH AL was digitalis, wasn't it, Claud?" Again Dr. Chivery glanced uncertainly at his wife. "Why, yes, of IIOKIONTAI. 1. equality of 4 flavor 9. unties mine 12 Innd-mcaMiic 13. genu of glasses 34. cravat c ait1 ;ive course, tveryone knew it. lie kept 38 branch ot know h'd 3fl s.i 40 ni;ison DtHllf t 42 pc rKirl.igrs 4.S 1 un 46 Roman mag ist rale 4S new comb foi m 49 cushion wiry strength. A couple of policemen (troopers, by their uniform, so I reasoned that the Brent place was well outside any borough limits and thus in the jurisdiction of the state) followed him. He said, "I see. But who telephoned to us?" Which was what developed the trouble. For no one had telephoned, or at least no one would admit it. Chivery looked uneasy but blank, Maud angry but equally blank-Nicky, Alexia, Peter and even Anna, when questioned directly denied it with various degrees of indignation, but with a kind of concerted and astonished ignorance of such n telephone call which sounded sincere. Beevens from the door was fervent in his denial. Perhaps 1 was, too. I remember saying I hadn't thought of the police, in a voice that rane out oositivelv in -vao was enroute home to Fort ciierd;1 le. Flu- Mrs. Kffie J. Harrison of John Sii'-et w:-h a dinner guest of Mrs. George Herwig of Fair iew yesterday. Miss Violet Simpson, teacher at South School, will entertain the teachers of the school at her home at 1 " 2 H South Sixth Street. Terre Haute. Monday evening. Mrs. Archie Carniichael of South Sith Street isited her mother, Mrs. William Williams of Terre Haute yesterday. t.'iu b 2 iikk aw 3 melts and clarifies 4 w ise men 5 the buds 6 bv stood there. Beevens turned around the landing and started ponderously down the remaining flight of steps and I thrust the syringe jinder the thick ferns. I hadn't time to do more. Beevens was already aware of my pause and starting to turn majestically around. Feeling as if Paris: Rep. Clare Boothe Luce, (Ri Answer to yesterday's puzzle Conn. : "The present shortages are not due it in the drawer of his desk, over there." It was natural for all of us to glance at the desk. It was natural too, I suppose, for Alexia to reach out and pull open a drawer the top right-hand drawer as she did. "It isn't here," she said. "He must have it somewhere about him." "But I . . ." Dr. Chivery shrugged. "Perhaps I overlooked it," He turned back to Conrad Brent's body. There was a silence that had a quality of question that was still, unspoken. We all w atched while he searched swiftly. "No, it isn't here." He straight- j ened up at last. Perplexity strug P"TaTr. lAHAlPlsiETsn Mrs. Oliu Glasson. Mrs. Vogel. Mrs. William Brook- 7 upon 8 roveia 9 pui'fe 10 assistance 11 (oot bke origan 16 military .isMstant 18 t'oloiical 20 unt'lfifies 21 paze fixedly . 22 allays 23 fastens her iiH-tually 24 eluHe 5 specified times 2" bottoms of fe.-t m cloaks 31 sntihed 33 simple 34 market 36 resc ued 'i narrow st teak? 39 small valley 4n aperture 41 tt.piiz hum-iiiin-hird 42 onu-r 4 'i t. jnalc tutT 44 n ile ffpnn 47 piebx Iwite bank and Mrs. Raymond Gilfoy of clarion tones against the book-lined walls. I-yford are spending today in In I'd hidden the body, l movea nur-riedly away from the fern and went on down the steps. We crossed the hall and I was vaguely aware of two or three people huddled together at the entrance to a passage beyond the stairs that went to the rear of the house two women servants, I thought, and the stocky, thickset man who had met us at the train. Th library door was open. dianapolis on business. Alexia drew herself uo to her full IK cM NpLibTAjl PAN a n n cr - HH - - - trr p FnEr R e A a Thy e n t fG wje. u height and assumed a wonderful IS. finch-like bird 17. necessities 19. expires 20. mythical monster 21. germs 23 pierced with a spenr 26 weed 27. prophets 2S southern state (ahbr) 29 beast of burden 30 utters mournful sounds 31 feline 32 note in the scale 33. shade-1 walks 34 fashion 35 ancient ascetic pcoplea to strikes . . . but to the inability of the administration and the unwillingness of both parties to pass a piece of manpower legislation freezing workers to their jobs and enabling those jobs to be done." Pittsburgh, Pa. G. Edward Pendray, Secretary of the American Rocket Society: "I wouldn't like to go on record as ing that the Germans can't send their lady-of-the-manor command. "You see. Lieutenant," she said, "you gled with a queer kind of new un easiness on his ever uneasy face. Attractive Belly The family may get tired of bread pudding but not if you vary the recipe. Make a bctty, perhaps with rosy st;.'ks of spring rhubarb or an ordinary bread pudding with choco late or orange or spice. must be mistaken. My husband died of a heart attack. The nurse'' the Lieutenant's eyes flicked toward me and back to Alexia "tha nurse found him like this. She called us, and we telephoned for his doc Alexia was pacing up Bnd down at the other side of the gnat desk, taking a few steps, whirling, returning. Anr.a stood beside the dcor; she was huddled into a blue, faded bathrobe and her blue eyes were staring from a colorless face. The others were grouped around Conrad Brent's corpse on the couch and Dr. Cbivery bad arrived, lie I Maud said, "That was digitalis. Everyone knew where he kept it. Claud Alexia if anyone removed that box of pills it would have been murder. Murder..." So there it was again, I thought almost angrily to myself murder. Doggedly persistent. But that's all I thought just then. tor. My husband was not rockets to New York, but if such an at-j tempt were made, it seems to me that the amount of explosives such a rocket could j parry would be rather negligible." ' (To be continued) ' Poprrtlhl by Mlcnoa G. Eturfaut; . Arrf.t time l Mslntian J.l m !(- I'ii t-j Kin Kiaiuiti Sft'lKiiie 1 Cheap Protein Ec&s are a mighty cheap source of irwteui.

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