The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 14, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1944
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TEursaay, DecemBer li, 1SH. THE B5IE Y CETNTONIAN Tage THrce PRISONER OF JAPS HOME AT LAST join In the fight against all of the appointments except that of MacLeish. Guffey sought to Question Dunn . r Vital Bangkok, . Burma Targets Raked in Attack US 1st Yanks Hold 12-Mile Strip on Roer out of the Aleutians to Join in the nttiick on the Jjipaiiose homeland. "liases established on the islands west of I'ninak are huge enough to Inuulle the Superfortresses," Fugle told a news conference at the War 1 le part men t, "and are within range of targets on Hokkaido and Honshu." He dili lint name the bases, but there are known to be large Installations nil Adiik niid Aineliil ka. Read Estate Transfers J Ira J. Church, auditor to Char-lea M. Anderson t al pt. 6-18-9. $1700. Hazel Everson to J. Faye Ross et al pt. lot 18 Commercial Club add. to Clinton. $1. Clarney Smith et ux to William Canaday et ux lot 12 original plat on charges that he, as a State Department officer, favored Gen. Franco against the loyalists in the Spanish civil war. The Pennsyivanian usually one of Mr. Roosevelt's strongest supporters said he was informed that dispatches from Ambassador Claude Bowers in Spain during the civil war period were kept from former Secretary of State Hull and Presi (Continue! from page 1) (Continued from page 1) (The British radio reported the of Eugene, fl. R. H. Nixon & Co.'s Bank to Ed stretch, measured in actual land win F. Kaufman et al pt. 27-15-!). miles, is 15 miles long.) dent Roosevelt. $1. The First Army ran into dlfficul Cheaper Hogs Plenty of grazing crops, a full mineral mixture at all times, and a limited amount of grain and protein supplement, will enable growers to produce cheaper hogs. "Bowers favored democracy and Thomas J. Rader, Jr. et ux to ties also when forward elements re Evan Rader et al lots 81 and 82 ported the Roer river rose three feet he Is said to have told the Department what was coming," said Guff Commercial Club add. to Clinton. $1 overnight. stood to be more than lun Superfortresses reported on their relurii lo Saipau that the attack place in perfect bombing weather and industrial installations in the "tinder" city were left in flumes after intent explosions. The Mitsubishi plant at Niitfoyn la one of the principal producers or Japanese planes Jilontf Willi I lie Mu-sashina factory at Tokyo which lias been blasted several times by riu; H-29's. II-2!)'n in Aleutians ey. Charles Crane, Jr. et ux to John The First Army, however, main One New Deal Senator, declining tained the tempo of Its attack below slag to permit use of his name, said: the river and, eaRt of Kesternlch POWDER for MEN , 'We had a hot time In an execu carved out another 2,500-yard ad tive session of the committee. Chair vance. i5 ; K Hrfvto ih.m ukum; Gain 2,000 Yards man Connally wanted to report rfut the nominations. We blocked that ( ideal for men wuli iiuvy bonis. A dispatch from the First Army and we may demand more open front said that during the night the Meanwhile. Col. J. K. Fold hearings." Dunlop et ux lot 89 Amis and Martin's add. to Clinton. $600. John Dal Ponte to Paola Dal Pon-te lot 54 Centenary. J 10. Paola Dal Ponte to John Dal Ponte lot 64 Centenary. $10. H. M. Ferguson et ux to Oscar Kenneth Cloyd lots 48, 49, 60 and 51 West Clinton Junction. $100. Harry Newland et ux to Paul E. Newland et ux pt. 32-14-9. $1. Marie Libel et al to Severino fla-rlno, trustee to re-convey lot 23 Matthews Park 1st add. $1. Severino Garino, trustee to re- Yanks drove ahead another 2,000 t The New Dealers were aided In ielligeuce officer of the lllh Air iTl'TITj Force In Alaska and the Aleutians. ; It jJIJ ndicated that Superforts may roar ' ii-';rift F yards and nearly reached the village of Kesternich, northeast of Mons- their opposition to Clayton, nomt I nated to be assistant secretary in chau. W.-r Wm ,.1. -, ",- i-'r M-B tta?. ta,T t'.ja charge of foreign economic affairs, (The London radio, CBS said, re jsks mm sm sum mn mm szen saes me?, me?, mm . it 1 by Sens. Bankhead (D) Ala., and ported that American Seventh Army troops "have reached the Rhine riv- Russell (D) Ga. They charged that Clayton favors cheap cotton. beyond the town of Seltz, and MacLeish, who was questioned their guns are shelling German ter during public hearings by Sen. Clark ritory across the river.") Ma. Gen. Terry Allen's Timber- (D) Mo., may draw Republican op PRISONER OF THE JAPS for two and one-half years, SSgt. Hayes Eol it ho is here reunited with his parents at his Butte, Mont., home. Bolitha was captured when Mindanao fell in April, 1042, and escaped ftmid Jap machine gunning when prisoner transport sunk off Mindanao in August this year. Among: first war prisoners rescued when Americans invaded Leyte in the Philippines, he has two Purple Heart decorations and three unit citation insignia. (International) position. Clark declared that Mac wolf 104th Division was reported to have cleared Schophoven, last Ger Leish In his writings had expressed opposition to the American system of free enterprise but MacLeish denied that he supported communists. v y I s s y convey to Joe Libel et ux lot 23 Matthews Park 1st add. Clinton. $1. Clinton Coal Company to Samuel Smith et ux pt. 17-14-9. $300. Si Oresti Mattioda and wife to Donald Carty et ux lots 20 and 21 In Frank Alfier's sub. $1. John D. Lenhart et al by sheriff to Home Owners Loan Corp. lots 5 and 25 Standard Sub. $478.92. James S. Myers et ux to Home Owners Corp. lot 6 block 2 Knowles add. to Clinton. $1. man strongpoint on the Roer north of Duren, while Ohio's Buckeye 83rd cleared the road from Gey to Stratt on the road along the approaches to Sen. Connally (D) Tex., commit Duren. The Ninth Division mean I SPECIAL I tee chairman, hoped however to a-vold further public hearings and report the State Department nominations to the senate late today. while virtually cleared the entire Aachen-Cologne auto highway upto FRI. and SATURDAY! i the point wnere it crossed tne uoer. Seize Vichhofen Current News In Universal Hillsdale Guests Call; Aviation Cadet Spends Leave With Parents Here Mr. and Mrs. John Chambers of Candidates File A surprise night dash by Ninth Army infantry forces resulted In r COURT NEWS 1 capture of the town of Vichhofen, Election Expenses ONLY James Walsh 80 410 Proof WHISKEY With Clerk Biggs ill for the last month is slowly improving. Mrs. Leavett Cox of Martinsville, 111. spent the week end Willi his parents Mr. and'Mrs. Bert Cox. John Donald Merrltt F 1c and wife of Newport, R. I. visited Mr. and Mih. Einniett Wright and family. Mr. and Mrs. William McElwain. Mr. and .Mrs. Paul Hanes. Grover llanes and daughter Murgaret of Highland, Ind. visited Mr. and Mrs. Joe Grangpr and family. Ac Robert Lewis of Blinker Hill, Ind. visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lewis and sister, Mrs. i'eggy Melz. Mrs. Steve Hopper, Mrs. Charles Hopper and Mrs. John Hurke of Terre Haute visited Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lewis recently. Mrs. William Counsell visited -Mrs. Arthur Jones recently. The following canldate have filed Hillsdale visited Mr. Chambers daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Einniett their expense statements with the circuit clerk, Carl R. Biggs, during the past few weeks: Wright recently. John Ousky of Clinton has filed - suit in the Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from Bertha Ousky on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. The couple was married Nov. 27, 1921 and separated Nov. 30, 1944. The couple have three children, over the age of 21 years. I Pints SI .99 Loren Griffin, sheriff, $205.65; Andy M. Johnson, state representa r$ t ft v? tive, $147.50; Wesley Malone, state representative, none; Fountain Straughn, commissioner, $40.00; Melvln Hickman, treasurer, $66; Ira Church, auditor, $168.30; How Also Complete Lines Of WINE-GIN-RUM-BRANDY WHISKEY AND CORDIALS between the Inde and Roer rivers south of Julich, a front dispatch said. Little opposition was met In the push into Vichhofen and initial reports said no casualties were suffered by the Americans. The new double-pronged assault by the first at the lower end of the front east of Aachen came as the American Seventh Army scored further gains in its drive along a 35-mile front toward the Saar and the Reich industrial city of Karlsruhe. Advances of up to three miles were recorded by columns of Lieut. Gen. Alexander M. Patch's Seventh Army. The Seventh onslaught which previously rolled up lengthy gains was slowed in places, however, as the Yanks neared the Reich frontier by German mines and stiffening resistance. Late dispatches from the Third Army front said that Patton's troops along the Saar bridgehead maintain ard E. Watson, coroner, $70; H. L. Flllinger, surveyor, $10; Carl R. Thomas Lark of Clinton was granted a divorce from Irene Lark on grounds of cruel and Inhuman treatment. The couple was married Feb. 28, 1940 and separated Sept. 6, 1944. Mrs. Russell Lewis and son Jack of Detroit visited Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lewis recently. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lewis, Mrs. Peggy Metz anj Mrs. Klizabeth Hughes visited Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hopper in Terre Haute. Edwin Griffin, Jr., who Is attending Purdue University in Lafayette, Ind. visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. Ed Griffin, Sr. recently. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Havill of Louisville, Ky. visited with Mrs. Havill's parents Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kairn's recently. Bert Cox spent the week end with his wife and family. Mrs. Geo. Aspinall, who lias been iggs, clerk, $193.35; Glenn R. Brown, commissioner, $49.25; Ed-bert P. Zell, prosecuting attorney, 217.20; Leland L. Moore, state Libei's Liquor Store Calcium Stored Calcium may be stored up in the body, which has a special storaga piece in the bones for extra supplies. If calcium-rich, the body makes usa of its reserve for the strengthening of joints, and in time of calcium need, the reserve is quickly senator, $68; Ray Pickell, treasurer, 30.50; J. W. Slattery, auditor. y " HOt'SK OK yl .tl.ITV" John Nolan, who was convicted of robbing the Perrysville Bank on Mar. 5, 1934, and given a 20 years sentence In Indiana State Prison from Vermillion Circuit Court has been paroled. The parole was signed by the Governor on Dec. 6, 1944. 113.96; Oils G. JamiBon, represen tative to congress, $1865.27; and John Gambill, sheriff, $120. I'LL BET MR. LIMDELL WILL AND I'LL PAV DOUBLE VOUR RATE, MR -3 1 r?- BE SURPRISED THAT HE ed their toeholds despite consistent counter-attacks from Habkirchet to JUST TO SHOUJ AM OLD MONEY- GRUSBER LIKE YOU AM ARTIST'S CONTEMPT RR MOMEY " &tl PAV 1 3 Oxv rr I'LL 60 IM AND TELL "iCUR BOSS Dilllngen. Two of these attacks, supported by self-propelled guns, suc ICANBXVTQHAEyoU POSE Tod Circuit Clerk Carl B. Riggs has Issued the following marriage licenses; Donald G. Dickenson, 39, and Ann Crowl, 25, both of Clinton: Lester Keen, 26, and Ruth Mills, 23, both of Clinton, and Clyde Downing, 21, of Jasonville, and Paule Wheeler, 17, of Clinton. ceeded in wiping out the 35th Divi rvi i i k-v j 11 i v-v I it i j mm 0 M (T sion's footbridge, but then was beaten back at a cost of three enemy tanks. if TILUE the Approval of 5 FDR Appointees Through Orient (Continued rium page 1) Clinton Infantryman Fights With 5th Army In Italian Offensive (Continued rrotn page 1) the northeast corner of the seaport, maneuvering with support of tanks and tank destroyers. That night one of the infantry regiment's battalions fought its way through the northern districts of the city itself to be the first American troops to enter the. TOILER pfi come back tomorrow jTOSS YOUR COAT ANYAIHERE IvmE MUST HURRY ! I CAN'T I'M 1M A HURRY TO (SET TO WAIT ID START PAINTINcS YOUR I HAVENT DECIDED WHAT COSTUME TO PAINT OU I M THAT YOUMS O0? PAVIWS work j : V PICTURE r committee were moving toward as open break with President Roosevelt today by opposing his nominations for top-ranking State Depart ME DOUBLE SHOW HE city. ment posts. The 363rd next broke across the canal north of Leghorn and occu The committee was forced into P an executive session today, and may be compelled to order more public hearings, because of the bitter opposition of some New Deal senators against immediate confirmation of the six officials. The New Deal opposition centered upon Joseph C. Grew, nominated to be undersecretary, and William L. Clayton, Nelson A. Rockefeller, pied the coastal sector from the port city to Pisa, one of Its battalions entering the city before dawn July 24 and another one reaching the city of the Leaning Tower that night. The 363rd returned to the control of the 91st Division after holding that part of Pisa south of the Arno for four days. The regiment was on Fifth Army's right flank, fighting as a unit of the 91st Division, when it went Into action again. James C. Dunn, Brig. Gen. Julius Holmes to be assistants. Most of these senators seemed to favor Archibald MacLeish, known New Deal i v JijLim. 1 1 i '' i i 1 --' "" )jgLmiLi- aya ' " " : I rPOPEVE'S FOLLV HAUL) UJHATJI hT WILL NEVER TAKE THE j V' ") '" 'Cf THAT rTEMUMPiY 5' 1 . IDILL MAKE THE PROPELLER, j PLACE OF THE OARS- A f -'7l ME - I GOT TO J ( AHOY SCUEEPEA HURIgAV) - -7 PROPEL? f f gU7 hiW HAUJ. HAUU- ; irJ- l,v 1 SEE A GUV V WE GOT A PROPELLER FER ) SinSrS? 'r HAU). HAUJ- HAW ?z4??-2'Af''p FULTDtJ ouR WEU SHIP 1 (VER, UJlMPV & J " I ' -(Wi'fflSM ABOUT A , i LpTt r I 'A ,rrS-ARF?ARF.' Hmk J ; lPfSTEAMBOATOr j er. The session today was ordered after Sen. Guffey (D) Pa., backed by T.'ew Deal members, demanded the recall of Dunn and Rockefeller. It was reported that Sen. Pepper j B. I. PAVEY ABSTRACTS JiOTABY PUBLIC NEWPORT, IND. Res. 784 Walnut St. Clinton, bid. Tel. 419-J (D) F.a. who declined to state his :-o.;;toii publicly will also ICE REFRIGERATION IS BEST BECAUSE: . It' the Most Economical Wy to Keep Foods Fresh 1 'THE Modern lea I I I K "Tl Ks-S- ' I II ' Ta ':' - ? Starring (go ahear ouve, scyCff7 soososm : Qriyl I rr iwr the sEAUOATERy (?l J C JhvAX . j u refrigerator la beautiful in appearance and Is, iu many ways, superior to any other refrigerator in efficiency. A cake of loa lasts 4 to 6 days. The original cost is very low when compared with others. It never wears out or breaks down. No wonder more and more people ara turning to ice. Come In, See the Refrigerator. Let I's Prove That It is Best! CLINTON ICE CO. f

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