The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 14, 1944 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, December 14, 1944
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'1 CLINTOMAN Mailed In Conformity Wit h P. O. D. Order No 196S7 TJfE WRATHFJI I'nir iruhiy, foniulil and Friday. CiA I iod..y ;r ?l ? toniuht. Lowest. i. -1 n cipin alioip tonisht. Warmer The Home Newspaper Oi YernWlIioo And' Parke Counties Volutin; 3'J Number 243. CLINTON, INDIANA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1944. Price Throe Cents. 1 k1 0$ THE II Ail, 1 MBA 1 p MlLllii IJJ r earner: SAAR3RUCKEN undssway- US 1st Yanks Freak Blizzard Sends Midwest Thermometers Nogoya Aircraft Plant Pocked by 40 Direct Hits in Superfcvt Raid I Down Near Zero Mark Vital Bangkok, Burma Targets Raked in Attack B-29 BASE, Safpan. (Via : Radio) At least 40 bomb hits on INDIANAPOLIS, lud. - Indiana i due for another cold ulglil, followed by warmer weather tomorrow, the Indianapolis Weather Bureau pre Strip on Roe r Mitsubishi's big aircraft plant at Na goya were revealed today in photo:-; dicted today. NysAARLAUTERN ': pS??? neunkhen Hodires' Troons Slamniinfr itaken duris yesterdays Superfori- Jap P- Knir weather, however, Is sched . resa raid on Japan's third largest ;uium iruinuung iwer city. et States Under Radius of US Extend; One ver Nagoya Approval of 5 FDR Appointees Given in Vote State Department's Top Tost Appointments Are OK'd by Senate Committee Later Vote on MacLeish WASHINGTON, D. 0. Tlifi senate foreign relations committee today voted to recommend confirmation of five of six top-ranking State Department appointments nitulo by President Roosevelt. Vote Left 0Mn The sixth nominee, Archibald MacLeish, failed of confirmation by a tie vote, but the vote was left open so that three absent members can . cms tut i:un I'liuii, I Twenty-four bits were scor Defenses; Third Inches Forward in S-aar Sector uled tonight and Friday. The loef:t recorded temperature in the state last night was four above at Terre Haute. Other temperatures were Fort Wayne and Evans-ville 10. the main plant. Another sr to what appears to be the v -jvvv -pY1 V' -vB v . TON. D. C. The War -t tration building. A whole & bombs splattered along a i.,iont announced today that Xfi " j's of the 20th Bomber Command close-packed structures just 6 the main plant. I I.OXnoV r. S. First Army j Troops hnv' j:eticd a heavy r- j tillei-y lnni':i!r uimmi fiernmn positions etM of (lie Hoer Itivor, J ilcti'cr's reported tonight. ) The Inst 7iu,i Mrnn point west j of the Ktrenv, a rustle, iv nV- I erib-! rs fn the frores of liqul- ! reported "good to "excellent re- . fiults In their strike at key military targets in Bangkok, Thailand, and , CIIICAOO, III. Near-zero temperatures s'tll(l over the middle west today in tlie wage of a freak blizzard which swept a narrow belt from Gcry to LaPortc, Ind. Rnow blanketed most of the area, willi the lowest temperature record Hits were also scored on a nearby water filtration plant serving the Umigoon, Burma, and reported "di ed at Springfield, 111., where the factory's thousands of workers. Housing; Areas Smoke. Long illumes of smoke drifted from housing areas. Numerous bomb pits in surround-(Oontinueii on page 7) mercury fell to three decrees below PARIS, France. The American First Army, slamming forward in a powerful drive against thG enemy's zero. (Continued on Page 2) MILES break the deadlock. The committee voted to recom mend confirmation of the following: To be undersecretary of state, Joseph C. Grew. ( To be assistant secretaries: William L. Clayton, Nelson A. Rocke 5 FT-lk rect hits" on the Mitsubishi aircraft plant in Nagoya. target of yesterday's 21st Bomber Command mission. The now daylight mission against important Jap military transportation centers scored heavily, as Bang-' hok felt the weight of the Superforts bombs for the third time, while Rangoon received its second smashing blow. At the same time, the 20th Air-, force reported that one B-29 was missing and presumed to be lost from yesterday's mission against crumping liner river defense line,! rn Inert two more mHer, of C firman j 1Q A Im Da., .nil todny end vnn fleht prlp en V3 AlOftC!! V 01111(1 a 1? alriiro-mlle r'rin alitns Hit-: w TP Trocc Believed Near in Greece; st Imiil: of tlini swcilcn rlrenin. S.irSB Q(J lil"!5:TntrV T.i'lt, r-i. Cor.rlvry -l feller, James C. Dunn and Brig. Gen. Julius C. Holmes. Commons in t Scores New Gains men now holj t l?o Unj- bfin - V.'eiis-r io I.innicli Pwigljt P. Kir-eniioVei-'H it.) The action came after a stormy FAST DEEPENING their penetration of the German West wall, American Third Army forces are closing in on shell-blasted Saarbrucken, industrial capital of the Saar basin. Northwest of the burning city, the Yanks are reported establishing new bridgeheads following further crossings of the Eaar river. South of Saarguemines, where the Yanks are still mopping un, armored divisions have routed some 40 Nazi tanks. Broken arrows show probable direction of the present Allied armed drives. (International) .'the Mitsubishi aircraft plant In Na T-.vtt ITS Colisrnns Sot eeze laps on J.pytp; Vls!c Air u'licf 0 Ti.rl goya on the Japanese mainland. Returning B-29's of the 20th Domber Command reported good re- British, Elas Leaders Await Outcome of Talks; British Policy Attacked ATHKNS. Greece. British military authorities marked time in Athens today while still awaiting a TIF AD-1 f,its against the Bangkok objective Two! in the face of considerable cloud: (U-'.. M.CnT'l('R-R Ql' AKTOH;-. plil'ipi.liies. three-hour secret session of the committee. Sen. Tom Connally (D) Tex., chairman, altempted to vote bedridden Ken. Garter Glass of Virginia by proxy for MacLeish. Sen. Bennett Clark (D) Mo., challenged the proxy. The committee agreed that Glass could be counted if he personally notified Connally of his stn.nd. The committee also agreed that Sens. Wagner (D N. Y., and Nye (Dt N. D., who wero absent, could vote. TIiub it was possible (hat Mac Russian, German Troops Locked In Bitter Last Struggle for Eudapest derision or leaders of the militant left-wins KAM on whether they will iimn. of Anji ni iin In'-intryn'en rover and excellent results at Ran--oi.i . ii in tcrl.iv on trapped Japan- j goon where weather was clear over, "-(' . lemnts In the sector offi1(. railroad yards. ! l.i yt" Island in operations which The Thailand raid was carried out have already Inflicted tremendous j ?a belief was held that the Nagoya rainities on the enemy forces while, itaek dealt a damaging blow to Ja- ceent Uritish demands for cessation T'i- .-. jh"i-ir;;i Tli'rd Art." di'iviup ;i:'c t'n- i-stv, rdl 11 '..! t!-,'-1 S;tar riv-"! it '. ,' :,!ie;,d in' fr roc oi11? f,tnibiP M'-i iips i : i i tn a niinimuin by iu- I 'iti I irt't'-.l llll ItHtit 'a Canadians Mount New Advances irt Stabs at Nazi's Faenza. Defends i:OUK, Italy. - - Canadian -troops with I ho British E'frhlh Army in It-!y w )o forced a briflpehead across of civil and anti-nrltish hostilities. MUhLUW the oattie at the sates of Jliini.-ar.nn n plli'l of liud- y wtn'i; I'nr- A bitter clash between ELAS mi- apest was reported to have entered ;ik mwt hitlt mow litiamen. armed forces of the EAM ' lous t-erman counter-nttaci s wr lunoriun mud, the iwmlir National Lilw ration Front, and the; ef Budapest defense rc. Sl'i Leish, who resigned as librarian of ''I !' firlllu ended at nightfall when a; Front dispatches said the Nazi d!Vnrt. rs wer.- Inele.l in small eroup of ELAS men surrender- wlln Russian shock troops. oLher TTnited States tronps continu-1 tns vital airplane production and od thnfr drive northward through :irmy air forces officials indicated, the Ormoc valley apaiii' t the re-' 'iuperforts based in the Aleutian' mainintr segment of the Yamashita j l.iipht Torm a third prong In the; TJne. "ighfy offensive against the enemy: Oen. Douglas MacArtliur's com- homeland. soviet armor and infantry ooi '(! in the Jlritir.h barracks compound 'nto which they bad infiltrated. I'l.AS I'Virees Coriiertvl The KLAS forces which attacked Sgt. Joseph Anderson congress when appointed assistant secretary of state in charge of public and cultural relations, may yet win committee backing. ... . MacLeish was objected 12 to eight on the first vote taken. Ren. Clark moved to make the roll calls public. !h- swollen Enmone river southwest ( mnnique disclosed that the previous- ru-nsivo Oamago f of Faenza today jabbed tank spear- j ly reported junction of the United! Latest International News Service head 'northwest of Mezzano to out Htntes -.Seventh and 77tli Infantry : r'p-trheh from Salpanj swarming'- 'TIS fn'jflt! d.i-;f-ny If- Kin ;in netry into Itin'a'H St afler s-'iriiiu gain:; t.i mo"o than fie inilon to engulf the s'jlnnr of Kialny, ;.t!o more Jl'.ip At t!ie same time other Khscijjh columns moving up from (he rn;l' west along the west b-mk of li-i The ll'rllish barracks were cornered! CJ Ah.jwJj3 All' in the northeaslern section of the! UitttOn, AUarCCd 4th ! Divisions has resulted in "extraor- j neRt of the Superforts, disclosed that (he Bavenna-Ferrara highway. f3 Mlln Btvnch Battle Star in Europe dinarily heavy" casualties for the j the atlack on Nagoya on '-e Japan so main island of Honshu caused Frontline dispatches disclosed that j enemy In mopping up operations in the rampagjng Canadian columns j the mountains east of Ormoc. have breached the German defense j Track Down Jans compound where they offered stiff resistance. Throughout yesterday gunfire and mortar blasts shook the area. (The American broadcasting station in Europe reported that an EAM radio transmitter had broadcast WITH THK FIRST ENGINEER Danube were lees fhan nine niTfs SPECIAL BRIGADE IN FRANCE, from the cily which hns been sn Part of the sledge-hammer blow outflanked by the Red army ?ht WASHINGTON, D. C. New Deal senators on the foreign relations (Continued on Pace 3) "quite extensive damage" to the giant Mitsubishi aircraft factory.' ,." Crewmen from what was under-( Continued on rage 3) j line along the Lamonc river on aj Scattered elements of the Jap for-iwide front for a depth of two miles, j cea are being tracked down and wip-j The thrust came after the Canadi- ; ed out as they attempted to flee a- of American Armies in the four ma-ior invasions of this theater of on- it is more than two-thirds surrounded. Flve-Milo Smash terms on which they would cease eration SprReant JoBepn L. AndRr. fichtiiiK. The ABSIB, according to Indiana Blizzard Ties Up Traffic, Stalls 46 In Bus up operations . . 4. c. , the Lamone with the clearing of j While mopping in un i t'n ut i jiu ii vy-iiinu tmiftsii ui . ... . , . : enemv forces of Mezzano. Then they continued around Ormoc, units of f'HS, said the EAM called for "an end of intervention by authorities, the formation of a dem- sont 728 Vine Street, Clinton, ma. has received Ills fourth bronze campaign siar here. Overstas for 27 months Pgt. An- the Russians toward the southwest the 77th Division which seized the sent other forces driving toward the of Godollo which was wrested from ocratic government, punishment of j (Continued on Page 5) derson is a member of a fighifng am- the Germans and Hungarians yester- American Forces Poised for Blow At Reich Industry WASHINGTON, D. C. Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson declared today that the current offensive in Europe had inflicted heavy losses on Ihe Nazis and carried the American .iral.ors and apurge of state depart CROWN POINT, Ind. Forty-six passengers in a Greyhound bus, ma- j phibian engineer unit that has bat- day. ments of all fascists". EAM also de- tied its way ashore alongside the in- Bitter fighting marked the cap- IUI lliei tre llUUI 111 I lit? UlKIl ' i,,.,,,!..,! ''i.r.nnrlil.n f T.lin,t Jap stronghold on Leyte's western coast after a surprise amphibious landing south of the town, advanced northward, overrunning communities nt the southern entrance to the Ormoc valley which the enemy has .-tnbbornely held for some six weeks. snow drifts of northern Indiana, JwnnpriHp 0t-.,, nr, - nnn'Bi Itlal wave of infantry securing our urc of the rail station of Isazseg, Whit3! To fjp River, Harbor IVrcprnveirent Bfll were rescued early today. armv which nnkes sure internal nnd beachheads in Africa, Sicily, Italy some eight miles northeast of Buda- and France. Ppst where the Nazis threw in hea- Liberated at the same time were ' external freedom a double trailer truck from Monon, Jan forces in the valley were j forces to a point from where they. First unit of Its kind formed in vy reinforcements in their bitter de. our Army, the gruelling task of theense of the Budapest approaches. WASHINGTON. D. C. Congress LONDON Tlie British House of Commons was thrown into an uproar today when La ho rite Member amphibian engineers is to blast a- Amor uppeu .o let imanny col- ( was expected to approve today and side road blocks and obstructions, j lumns threw back successive waves 1 Pon(j lo tne white House the BOn ranging from upright logs to giant 1 "f Nazi counter-attacks which failed . mniion dollar rivers and harbors 111., carrying 53 hogs to the Chicago market, the cause of the highway blockade, and a string of automobiles extending a half mile or more in each direction. Some alarm was felt that the bus passengers would suffer from the cold if the gas supply should be ex- Frederick Seymour Cocks interrupt Minister Winston Churchill concrote emplacement, that bar our , to hall the dogged advance of the(bm for postwar improvement of the ed Prime wit iw .-111-iu.v-ih-mi iit-iii n, j-jin-, -...w..,. """-'-" i nauon g waterways. to demand how lung the British gov eminent "is going on with this pol icy of murdering our Greek com ploying Pig bulldozers, these soldiers niense points ano neaviiy mined clear a 20-foot channel through fields. .'Iro fared with thrusis from the might jump off against the most vi--,' merican 24th and 32nd Divisions j tal German industrial regions, smnshinc down the corridor from stimson disclosed that German cTitiired Eimon. j "asualties for a three-week period ;ni landing Khhw hi November are estimated to aver- Another enemy blunder was re- ; .Kt! almost 7.000 .a day in killed, i orted in the communique with dis- ( vounded and prisoners, for a total closure that three small enemy ships j ,if about 152.000 in that time, laden with troops attempted to land At the same time, Stimson said at the port of Ormoc in the appar-;ihat American army casualties now exit belief that the town was still ; total 483.0.17. This figure Includes bld by the Japs. American shore j 32.135 killed, 272,351 wounded. 62,-batterfes promptly sank the Jap 786 missing, and 56,685 prisoners of craft. war, reported through Nov. 28. Two llaftlliimis Ik'luy"l nausiea, cutting orr tne neaimg ays- rides" (Continued on page 7) Two battalions of German Infan tern, with the temperature in the , cheers, CmiiKen herrs try and oielit tanks were destroyed as the Red army seized the suburb A house and senate conference committee last night reached a compromise agreement on senate amendments to the house bill, thus clearing the way for final consideration. The house will take action first. The conference committee, despite opposition by Secretary of Interior Ickes, restored an amendment by Rep. Elliott (U) Cal., which would repeal a 40-year-old law limiting to 'Brow-Beating' Is Charged in Probe Of Slale Election and pressed on to Kipalajr. North of the captured industrial Cries of "shame' resounded through the House (Hid cheers and countercheers were heard. The incident occurred when Churchill wan delivering a routine answi-r to a question on whether or not tlie British Dominions were bo- rity of Miskolc in northeast Hunga While air activity over Eeyte Is- low 20 s but it developed that a gasoline truck was among the stalled vehicles. The passengers were hound from Chicago to Indianapolis, Ind., and Chattanooga, Tenn. The tie-up occurred on U. S. Route 5.1. 10 miles south of Crown Point after a day of freak snow had blanketed Crown Point, Gary i In addition, he revealed that cas-I ualties In Italy from the landings ry, olher columns pushed forward fConttniien on rae R) 1G0 acres the amount of land irrl- . gated from federally-financed recla-' Clinton Infantryman rri'itii-in rnnilo INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. ('. r e e n to Ihree miles east of Rzendroe and senate committee Invest icntors were captured the villSRe of Avod. along accused of UKltiK "brow-beatlnK with 12 other towns and communi- niethods" by Attorney (lem i-al lies. includinK three rail stations, .lames A. ICmnierl today. I Urivine alont; the banks or the The chnice was made In a letter Sajo river the Russians occupied sent by the attorney ceneral to Ken- numerous other villaces and killed itep. ftiansiicfti iu) (Conlinued on page 8 I . pa TVo .Wore Wrecks Reported as ley and other northern Indiana cities Tex., chairman of the rivers and Fights Ufyh 5th Army through Dec. 9, excluding the air forces, total 98,66. Included In the total are 18,898 killed. 67.194 wounded and 12,274 missing. Stimson asserted that the general offensive which began last month had placed the enemy under a terrific strain. The enemy's losses in men have been supplemented by severe losses in supplies, and industrial and transportation facilities, he said. "These accomplishments, in turn, harbors committee, sam the amend-' , rrr ment applies only to the California t itl Italian UffenSlVe Central Valley Project. ; WT ,,,,, FIKTI ARMy ,(a)y ! Pvt. Jesse H. K. Shannon, 817 ator Baymond W illis (l( of In- (Continued on Page 2) lloaris Menace Cars diana. Two more wrecks mere hlutm-d nn Emniert opined ihui (lie senate' conimlttet;'s antliorily was confined . only to probing campaign rxpendi-j North Seventh Street, rifleman, is fighting with the 303rd Infantry Ke-gtment In the current FIorencc-Bo- Extensive Use of Highly-Powerful the I'oiiltiiiii'd had weulher and icy roads IimIuv. Can driven by John Isle of West to a foot or more, the snow pilini; up in drifts on highways to five and six feet. The double trailer truck with the hoes, which rent the night air with their squeals, cast a wheel and slithered crosswise of the highway, making an effective road block. Indiana state police trier! In get lo the scene, but found tlie roads virtually impassable. It was not until a snow plow and a tow truck bucked the drifts succesnl ully that deliverance came. Tlie tow truck crew, with hIp locna offensive In Italy. The regi titros and does not etend to inte preting pfHie eerllon laws. The ut lomey geiii-ral describe Torn' ll.iutf mid Jack Kostnach or I'nlM'i.sal roll Id d yesterday, city Powder -'ve prevented the winter breath- d Rockets Planned by U. S. Forces ment Is part of the 91st River" Division with Lieutenant WASHINGTON. I). C. Greater use of rockets by American forces General Mark W. Clark's Fifth both in tin1 European and Pacific war theaters was foreshadowed today by Army. itolice records stifle. Kosmiich s car wan (aki n to Mfke'n Auto Body Shop for repairs, 'ut hot h mm n escaped Injury. The rlchi front lire of it cm- ine space which tlie Nazis had eag- rly anticipated." the war secretary nid. "They desperately needed a l"ntfon of pressure In order to complete their last-ditch mobilization plans and to provide for a mo d;'"i nf trnininar for new and inej-. pr.yienced t'op. They needed also to repair their production and tn 'jive their p"o.'n rest before new his issuance or lidegnuiiH to county i election boards urging Until to re-1 fraiii from acceitiiiij,' affidavlis of registration, (n defiance of the Democratic state election board major-. ity action in authorizing such ufli-1 davits. "After the (election) results were ascertained, the gowrnor and n few driven ,y John llennlck. .Monte- from volunteers, jacked up the dis- disclosure that production of the new weapon will be increased tremendously in this country. of hitherto secret Information revealed how successful rockets have hetn used in Allied amphibious operations against the Germans and the Japanese. 1 sed Oil D-Dny A V'li-v Ilnn'i!'! nitinl i-cnncl rol'o ri I ( li n ilia A T tnrli hcflfih rnflcl abled live stock trailer and replaced ,m,wn ,HSI "pr' the wheel. Then they attached chain I IO Cur kM hitting and straightened out the trailer on "IP, r"rl? I,n J ho c,,rInep of K,,urth its course. J,I1,( V"" niht. Te r!6"rd entered ropibnt in H-aTv lfit July 4 north of" the Ceinn Hi ver on the rH finlr -nf the nl''-'TT-d r il" Pfvtslnr. tn which it wns then attaclu-d The i t ni-ni rejrii - ted the if! Pt lii fan ( ry Tf i !ion pouth cf ("hi.'.'-jii. w'lere if experU v.'.-d on. of iis rcUL'-hest !a!'es A ! ) ; Pun of llll- H)trtl capnir-d hiil fojr niiles sou t Invent of Ciiiijnn a ad re -el led a miULb'-r of HU ;'.;. enee-y CtflllUt l-:'.t lacks iti li a !Hi-i o-h i-l f is.' I'i it; a. 'Mie-i mi.- Mi nus ut mi coum noi ibkp i from converted tank j r ' Bli,IU(1 ,MMI,K wtrc r(,"Mandins craft, proved so much of atthp rockpts nret div srn-e bed ." Emmert s letter said. "The UCP,SS n the D.Dav landinR8 in the rockets present daj m.r ess. senate committee sent Investigators vrm.mrtv that it im iurnm n I The Navy annoiinceni' nt .erejto red as he started to turn the corner and slid off the road. Kennick and his three passenpers :11 escaped injury. confirm the previously reported ue J of rockets in almost all amphibious! operations in both ma ior thefttrs ! to inmanapoiis and they are still major Allied weapon. It had been in the process of conducting their Ufled in tl e Pacific long before Bcr-inquisition by brow-beating nieth- lin surceFtod she might resort to etjort. Aireiiejn pains, includlne a par-flat !,;..),!, of the Pfeefrled Line in the approach to the Ruhr valley,, siioPhJ be aeft rmjtluofdy, Stim-r-nn averted Ho recalled that tlie drain on German ma power had not resulted in any break in the enemy lines and pointed out that the Na?W hml bem niil to brine up new divisions wh'ch were fichtlng with strength and dofe-mination. hill nnd if of war. Hut it also revealed that the TnP ror-in-ss rf the ods. to put it mildly. iV-2. the mammoth lone ranue impossible for the dour'ibovs to d'tr i 'f have been informed that the rocket. senate committee was only to inves- ; As a result of Allied success with tigate campaign expenditures and its 'the rocket, production will be step- in sufficiently tr fth!frn1 a hirl'- ly concentrated arMHe'y rtnd mortar t assault that followed, bet. efter withdrawing slightly, the outfit re-j and out through the drifts. The trailer, the bus and the other stalled vehicles soon wre on their way. The snow storm was a strange one. Although traffic in Gary, north of Crown Point, was at a standstill because of the drifts, both East Chicago and Hammond, just west of Gary, escaped the storm except for a few flurries. Even taxicabs were stalled. Towing concerns gave up when their trucks became stalled in the driris. Many private automobile? were bandoned by their drivers when they could proceed no further. j A number of main highways. i:i-1 cludine t S. routes were made ii: jassable. , iiuthonty did not extend into an at-.ped up 300 per cent, thus outrun- tempted Interpretation of eleefion ' ning previous production schedules laws in Indiana. I would appreciate which had called for the expenditure Rritish bad developed their use of the 4.5 inch size in conjunction with the tank landing craft. Due to the effectiveness of rockets in securing beacli heads, the report said, one landing craft can pack firepower two and a half times that of a battleship of the New Jersey class in number of salvoes. Each 4.5 inch rocket is equivalent to a projectile from a 705 mm. shell. (Continued on page 7) turned and retook the hill. During the night of July 17 the 3G3rd, as the infantry element of a task force attached to the 34th Division, moved into position southeast of Leghorn. The next morning- WASHINGTON. D. C. Secretary of War Stimson declared today th nrmy does rot contemplate lowering tbo nee of 'nducteos below 11. Stimson rnintpd .out tb-t the min- - 'DAYS M TILL I having a copy of the resolution, if of 100 million dollars monthly, j any. under which this committee op- 'or All It ranches of Service I erares. because if it is true that it is- Tlie Navy will produce for all only to investigate campaign expen-' branches of the service, although Iditures, they are out on a purely the Army will control production smearine expedition without any ha- of a ' snlventless" propellant charge sis of legal authority." .which appears to be the secret of the 363rd shifted its strength to im'in nr for 1""'" men into CHRISTAAAg. ; th armed forces had been eataL . Conttiiue.1 on paie H Ilishcd by the Selective Service Af"

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