The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 13, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1944
Page 6
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THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Wednesday, December 13, 1944. Page Six PUBLIC NOTICES Davis, Deceased, to appear in the Vermillion Circuit Court, held at Newport, Indiana, on the 8th day of January, 1944 and show cause, If later to Allied headquarters, to Athens to confer with tho British military commander in Greece, Maj. Gen. Ronald Scobie. Examine Clothing When clothing is to be stored for' a season, every garment should be carefully examined for spots and. should be thoroughly cleaned. Many FDR, Soviets Back British Stand In Greece: Laborite BUSINESS SERVICES Rates for Classified Ads Indiana Farm Deferments Cut To Bone Soon (Continued from page 1) a further extension of War Mobilization Director James K. Byrnes' "work-or-fight" order lor the 20 through 37 age group. The 60,000 available inductees per month after Jan. 1. 1015, Kensllng said, will Include 35.000 who have reached tho ago of 18; 15.1100 from Ihe 26 through 37 age group, and 10,000 from 18 to 26 who have not completed their procurement papers or who may he reclassified from 4-F. Keesling's proposal was further underscored by tho War Manpower Commission's decision to tighten the referral system for war jobs by establishing graded categories of in dustries in order of their importance to vital war programs. Fertilize Pastures In 1929, less than 200,000 tons of fertilizer were used on about 2,000,-000 acres of pasture and hayland, but in 1942 nearly 1,300,000 tons were used on about 11,000,000 acres. iLJOHNNY STARTING OF a FIRST RUN 9c FEATURES 35c4 SIX-GUN JUSTICE! T$ t mack mS tsT YM (Continued Irom page 1 Bevin spoke at the British Labor Party's annual conference and revealed that he, as well as other La-borites, had approved the British government's stand. ATHENS, Greece. British and Greek loyalist troops burled back two dawn assaults by left wing Elas forces today, but Lieut. Gen. Ronald Scoble could report only "little change in the general situation" as rebel units continued on the march to overthrow Greece's provisional government. liive for Bridge The dawn assaults, according to the General's communique, were di rected against a Greek bridge in the eastern Bector of Atliens and against British troops in the central sector of the city. Both the rebel attacks "were hold,' General Scobie announced, adding that new British reinforcements arrived during the night, and were in action early this morn ing." Battle in Barracks (Left wing soldiers brolie into the British barracks Inside the capital city, and fighting raged through the building this morning, according to a Reuters dispatch from Athens. Elas forces shelled the central area of the city throughout the night and heavy encounters occurred over the town, the Reuters report stated.) The communique stated the rebels offensive continued with tension mounting in the areas of Salonika land Patras. "There is considerable movement of guerrilla formations throughout the country," the bulle' tin added. RA.f j4."' ,3TP" Royal Air Force planes, support ing British and Greek loyalist ground forces, swooped down on At hens to knock out a .75 millimeter gun tho rebels had used, and other RAP aircraft demolished an ammunition dump. British reinforcements landed at the port of Piraeus were brought up after Elas militiamen had been reported gaining ground in the Greek capital. Leaders in Conference The critical situation brought Field Marshal Sir Harold Alexander, Allied Mediterranean commander, and Harold MacMillln, British min- Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Ray 235 Blackman r-r stains can be readily removed where fresh, but after a time they may bwnme set. CKMKTEIiV MEMORIALS MONUMENTS and MARKERS Terre Haute Monument Co. HHKI.L V. T.HCK Phone 883 Kt linden tjitlvo 408 H. Nvvpiitli, Clinton With The Compliment Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickcts.To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for ARTII PECK 1001 South Seventh Just Come In And Ask For Them! Watch This Space Every Day YOUR NAME MAY BE NEXT ALACTR TONITE " THURSDAY of Eaglcdom HEAR THE MOST POPULAR SPEAKER To Appear lief ore TH-State J Annies! This man is an Eagle who understands Eagles and Eagle work. Moat men who have heard him want to hear him again. Ho has a special message for our Aerie; HE'S A PEP-MASTER! Home ."'111 and Paid Notices Flnt day Insertion: So (or each leading line (one column line, like one of these). Next two days Insertion: the same le charge (you get three days at double the coat of the first day). Next three dayi Insertion: the am 8c charge (you get a whole keek five days) at three times the eost of one Insertion). Each group ot three days thereafter, 8c a line. Blackface (like this) 10c per line. All classified ads Including mem orlams and notices of all kinds must be paid in advance except those by regular customers whose accounts are paid monthly or those from or ganizations whose Dills must oe allowed before being paid. In the latter case the person asking the publication ot the notice will be held responsible for Its payment. FOR SALE 1 New Delivery Wagon. Lots of email single and double harness. 1 Poney Saddle and Bridle ( never been used). ' Several Rabbit Pens. 2 Walk-In Butcher Coolers. 1 One H. P. Frigidalre Compressor. 2 One H. P. Meat Grinders. 1 New H. P. Centrifugal Pump and Motor. One 5-ft. Counter Case and two Counters. Lots of old lumber, 4,000 ft. of 2 x clean hard maple flooring. Several White Marble Tables and Chairs. 1 Bathroom Gas Water Heater. Several Galvanized Iron Water Tanks. 2 Turnstiles with Registers. Lots of Piping and Fittings. One 10-ton Chain Hoist. 40 Bales of Alfalfa Hay. 100 Bushels of Old Corn. 1 Chevrolet 14-ton Panel Truck, good condition and tires. 1 Electric Range. J. M. VIETTI Res. Phone 297 Plant Phone 278-J ONE KALAMAZOO COAL RANGE, one fire burner Danglers Oil range with built in oven. One piano, guitar with concert case and one large oak book case with desk combined. Wyatt House, Lyford. t34x ONE GUITAR WITH CONCERT case, one victrola, two Coleman lights, one pre-war ice cream freezer, one pre-war porch swing and household goods. Wyatt House, Lyford. t34x FRESH LOAD NAVEL ORANGES, tangerines, tangeloes, kumquats seedless grapefruit. All tree rip ened. No color added. Large paper shell pecans. McCracken's Market, t32 FARM WAGON 16 IN TIRES grain bed first class condition ?tbi, also fi. r. electric niO' tor, $10. Write or call L. M. Mit chell, Newport, phone 15. t37x EVERGREENS FOR HOME DECO- rations. Place your order early. Hershey s Flower and Gift Shop t31f COL. 36646 GOODNIGHT SWEET-heart, The Very Thought Of You Ray Noble and his Orchestra. 50c plus tax. White's Pharmacy. TABLE MODEL RADIO J 18.00; cabinet model radio $18.00 and 22 rifle and toys. 603 N. 3rd Street. t34x SIX ROOM MODERN HOUSE ON South Eighth Street. Excellent condition. Possession immediate ly. O. F. Houston. t32 HEATING STOVES. FURNITURE and baby buggies. Turlcy's Place, 628 So. 8th. Open till 8 p. m. t34x 20" BOY'S BICYCLE, ALL NEW parts, balloon tires. George Bain. St. Bernice, phone 699. t33x CHRISTMAS TREES. GET YOURS now while selections are complete. McCracken's Market. t3 IiKICK, ANY KIND YOU WANT, Clinton Auto Wrecking Paris Co. Ernie's, Phone 8, Clinton. 851 f FIFTH VEIN COAL. CHARLIE R Ferguson. Phone 136-W. t7-17-44 f CHILD'S CABINET bed. Phone 632-R. AND DOLL t33x ROMANCE! THE NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby given that the the County of Vermillion, State of Indiana, will receive sealed bids up to the hour of 1:00 p. m. In the afternoon of December 20th, 1944 at the County Auditor's office for books, blanks, stationery, and supplies for the year 194 5, in accordance with the specifications now on file In snld Auditor's Office. Each bid must be accompanied by: bond or bid bond in the amount of two thousand ($2,000.00) dollars and must be to the approval of said Board. Tho Hoard reserves tho right to reject nny and all bids. By order of the Board of Commissioners of said County this 4th day of December, 1944. IRA J. CHURCH, Auditor, Vermillion County. Indiana. 126-13 -44. ItlltTH CERTIFICATE Notice Is hereby given that Primo Protto has filed a petition In the Vermillion Circuit Court of VermiU lion County, Indiana, to have the time and place of his birth determined. Snld petition is set for hearing on tho 18th day of December, 1944. CARL R. BIGGS. Clerk of the Vermillion Circuit Court. NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE Notice Is hereby given to the creditors, heirs and legatees of Oliver A. COLUMBIA Tuesday and Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURE Admission 9c and 20c SHE'S A SOLDIER, TOO Beulah Bondi Nina Foch LOUISIANA HAYHSDE With JudyCanova Ross Hunter "Report To Judy" WAC Short THURSDAY Admission 9c and 20c THE HITLER GANG With Robert Watson Alexander Pope "Frontier In Italy" Warner Featurette "Bees 'A Buzzin' " Warner Variety t - f) THE PCTURES Buy More Bonds j rsf;" rti!BHET manRn-EUitMl UJBE-EMHaa Urani-Riy Barcrift any, why the FINAL SETTLEMENT ACCOUNTS with the estate of said decedent should not be approved and said heirs are notified to then and there make proof of heirship, and receive their distributive shares. WITNESS, the Clerk of said Court, this 11th day of December 1944. CARL R. BIGGS, Clerk of Vermillion Circuit Court. Edbort P. SCcll, Attorney. 1213-20-2744. Card of Thanks We are sincerely grateful to friends and neighbors for their many kind acts of sympathy i during our sad bereavement. We' wish, to thank the Frist Funeral Home. Our appreciation cannot le adequately ex- . pressed. By the Bynum Family. CHICAGO, 111. Hogs 31,000, including 13,000 direct; weights 270 lbs and down 25 to 40c lower; closing mostly 35 to 40c off; over 270 lbs steady - 10c higher; good and 1 (in OTfl 1t1 9i' inn $14.25, paid sparingly; most closing sales around $14-$14.10; good and choice 270-330 lbs $ 14-S14.10 ; few good and choice 150-180 lbs $13.25-$13.90; sows weak to 10c off; good and choice 300-500 lb sows $13.90-$14. 1 Cattle 14,000; calves 1,000; fed ; steers, yearlings and heifers weak to 25c off; most sales of steers $13-$15.50; early top $17.50; 18 bid on choice to prime; most heifers $13-15; best $16.50; cows, bulls and vealers strong. Shcop salable 6,000; lambs steady to strong; good and choice fed clipped lambs $14.25; scattered bids $14.50 on native lambs with good and choice fed westerns held above $14.75; good and choice native ewes $6.25-$G.50. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Livestock : Hogs 12,000. 160-270 lbs 15c lower. Other weights steady. Top $14.25 for 200-240 lbs. 160-180 lbs and 270,400 lbs $14.05. 180-200 lbs and 240-270 lbs $14.15. 100-160 lbs $11.75-$13. Sows opened 15-25C lower. Most good and choice $13.40-$13.60. Cattle 1,500. Calves 700. Steers and heifers steady. Sows firm. Few loads medium to good steers $12.75-$14.50. Odd lots $15. Very few heifers offered. Vealers fully steady. Top $17.50. Sheep 3,000. LambB strong to 25c higher. Bulk good to low choice native lambs $14-$14.75. Top $14.75. Bulk medium to low good $10.75-$13.75. Yearlings 25c higher. Two loads good to choice around 100 lbs Texas yearlings $12.60. (Prepared by Office of Distribution.) WED. & THUR. 35c Eopeye Cartoon "Spinach Packin' Popeyc Bargain Matinee Thur. 9 & 25c 2:00-2:30 P. M. : : & - .v.."'""rii vMADrfCTci I IvirliBllia B Vj I I I i . FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tuboa. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guar anteed. 9th and Bogart Mobilgas Station, Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. 32tf DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 63109 Tjrre Haute or Dana 1426. We pay all phone charges. John Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. tl37 DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED FREE of charge by Dwigglns and Sons, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charges. Dana Feed Service, Dana, I'none 50. t5xf GUARANTEED 24-HR. REFRIGER-atlon Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Bonebralte, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 165-J-2, Montezuma. 8-1-45 FOR YOUR HEALTH'S SAKE, EAT more fresh fruit. Our oranges are better because they're fresher. Mccracken's Market. tl6f RECAPPING AND VULCANIZING. Five-ply passenger car tires. Plenty of Ethyl and anti-freeze. The Gas Market. 1 1-2-44 TRUCK DRIVERS OOI COAL AT all times. No wailing. Paved road. 3 Miles west of Clinton, Hazel Bluff. S & O Coal Co. t28x JOHN A. BREWER, PIANO TUN- ing, repairing. 1305 South Seventh Street. t34x BURDSALS PASTE WAX FOR your floors. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. BENNET TRANSFER LOCAL AND long distance moving. 406 South Fourth Street. Phone 454. t85f PAID NOTICES NOTICE! To all members of the WROW there will be a special meeting of local union number 12689, district No. 50, Silverman's Hall, Thursday evening, 7:30 p. m. George Jardine, president. t33 NOTICE! Last week for pictures for Xmas. No appointment necessary. Billfold size free with every order. Mrs. Raymond Turner, 1058 So. 5th St. t34x NOTICE! All members of Locas Grove Mine are requested to be present at a special meeting at 10 a. in., Dec, 17. George James, President. t32x MALE HELP WANTED BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. ApIIy , Bill Blackburn, Cllntonian. LOST BLACK ZIPPER BILLFOLD CON-taining $25, valuable papers. Harvey Stultz, 121 South Main St. Room 15, Clinton, Ind. t34 NEAR ST. white dog, Paul Foltz. BERNICE SMALL "Fritzie" Call 1107-2. t33x WANTED TO BUY DOLL BUGGY. MRS. MARY HOZO-vlcher, 831 North Ninth Street. t 32x FOR RENT THREE ROOM HOUSE, MODERN, 1133 Anderson Street. Inquire at 1131 Anderson Street. t32x LOST OR STOLEN SLED FROM 339 NEBKKKR Street. Return and no questions asked. t32 In Memoriam In Memory of our Father, Albert S. Wolf. We often sit and think of him when we are all alone. For memory Is the only friend that grief can call Its own; Like Ivy on the withered oak, when all other thingB decay, Our love for him will still keep green and never fade away. Sadly missed by: Mabel Wellman, Helen Wellman. Rebecca E. Wright, and Mary 8. Wolf. In 3Iemoriam , In memory of Ernie Baldwin who lost his life six years ago today at Crown Hill six mine. "To live in hearts, we leave behind is not to die." "Of Memory, Images and prec- ! ious thought, that shall I not die end cannot be de- stroyed." His Family. TO BORROW! $300. 9 COMPANY Phone C2 I I 1 F . .................... Brace Yourself, Brother! Here He Comes! The Most Entertaining Speaker MEET St i unny Sundberg The Humorist Who Makes Sense With Nonsense! - This outstanding pep-speaker has appeared with great success before state officers' meetings and his services are now made available to subordinate Aeries. Make the most of this opportunity. HE'S A LAUGHM ASTER! 9c C, A, (Come Again) Sundherg He Will Be At Our Aerie THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 8 P. M. This Is Our-Regular Aerie Meeting lint! A VERY SPECIAL OCCASION! HEATING STOVE, Oak Street. CHEAP. 524 t33x HANDWASH ER. ANNA LUNGER. iOth and Pike. t32x firr TURKEY, STEVE YEAGER, WEST Vine St. Phone 163-R. t34x FIFTH VEIN COAL. CALL 592-J. t40x IF YOU LIKE TO LAUCU AND HEAR OTHERS LAUCH COME TO THIS MEETING! HELP WANTED CLLNTONIAN - NEWS CARRIER boys for route open on seventh, eighth, and ninth streets. Call 32. Clintoniau Office. HEAR THIS HUMORIST AND OUTSTANDING EAGLE Remember The Date! PSan to Come! A FRIENDLY PLACE LOANS TO SECURITY LOAN 228 Elackman St. CLINTON, IND. 5

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