The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 31, 1998 · Page 56
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 56

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1998
Page 56
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Page 56 article text (OCR)

J ' THE PALM BEACH POST TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 1998 THE FAMILY CIRCUS BILKEANE NON SEQUITUR WILEY B.C. JOHNNY HART OK...IM: CoT tuc work ORDER MERE, wd i twink I've pound tuc problem..: WUEN You CALLED To ORDER K BARE DANCER To Pop oUT... ' : Trie pewrrs on me effects OF SECONDHAND SMOKE. HAGAR THE HORRIBLE CHRIS BROWNE (C-190S Sri Kunt, Inc. CM by COMrta Syftd., Hear that, Daddy? The Diamondbacks won!" E-mail: wUejfewUcytoont-cam Web 8M: J f WriATS TOlRDHAND SMOKE ? J C IfV rnwis 1 R AND THE II - w(S III! ii hi i i i i vww-" '"':' '- - - ' ' i '- - BILL AMEND www foxtrot com Eileen, you Don't under STAND THE FiFTH-SRADE MALE &0ftTL.BMeslALL.oW I K&g&ji FOXTROT 1 1 9 U rw, i1TiftiL,-;J?trr7, -. sQv, frJ j PHEW. JASoN, f FALSE WILL You CooL GARFIELD jim davis "alarm, it with the ( i owe owe F PtSH. I ( now i owe J I f i?!y AN APOLOGV ) ' ' ' HIM TWO ) ''"TN ETHoS. IF THE GoYS FiNDouT WELL, I'D Do IT To THEM. they'll make Fun of ME.' TEASE ME.' taunt me TiLt I DiE.' HOW Do You know? You DiD SAY Fifth GRADE AND NoT. ' oh, first or SECOND, CORRECT? THAT I LIKE You-Afifl: I'm icafvt.' Finished.' ruined L ; wffi? jfe(S ? ol! :ATHY & 5 M n 7 mute CATHY GUISEWITE W WUE A POINT, 1 f IT ALL THE RETURMTO SLAfflOuR... IF FflSHIOrt fflUST 60 BfltK .THE RETURM TO THE SECOND EVEN THE BOWS WERE I I) THE RETURM TO ROrtlflNCE.. WHflT WERE WE TKINKlNfr SEEnED 50 POSSIBLE Turii f HI AND LOIS T9 someTHiNfr, let rr 8E TO SOnETHlNfr THAT &vm- eouus womAN's poten- GRADE! COMPREHENSIBLE. CHANCE BROWN THE U&T FEW VEflRS?? Vb i . Z TlIL 110 ALL AREIS OF LIFE ! lIC &&GAT now He'll N fHoW'g )r&oiJ&,irVEXRieL.E.'A I ' l f? "ASUCS & BACK CAR6HC US Your? R?owr L&5 ST7?AI6MT For golf isssotis, y V TOO rw tl h i n. r-TW V i$ ZITS JERRY SCOTT & JIM BORGMAN THE WIZARD OF ID JOHNY HART & BRANT PARKER AN Hn LOOK MORE. EH, JEREMY? OCL0CK MP T)MB FORI A 5CANPAL VASTUS i?eTAri-5AT erl f-kl . HAVEWfce y 'ii -t") Ttteire's ho 5ANPAL- 1 j i i i SALLY FORTH GRED HOWARD & CRAIG MACINTOSH DILBERT SCOTT ADAMS YOU KNOW, WE MEN WOULD VOLUNTEER A LOT MORE i-Vfc PfcCIUtU l BE A OOD HUb t&AND AND HELP. THEY'RE MY PHOTOS, TOO, AND IF WE DIDN'T HAVE TO CONTEND WITH THESE Zl I IF WE DIDN'T HAVE TO CONTEND WITH THESE yTmf SMART-ALECKY SMART-ALECKY I SHOULD DO fOl I., II ,wvi -TiTTB 'm m m L3 EVERYONE NOTICED LOHEN YOO COENT BALD. in GRAOUALLY MOVING TOWARD CASUAL CLOTHES, IN SIX A0NTHS THIS NECKTIE COILL BE MY PART IN (fy?i2iAB jl I DISPLAYS OF JQr- m I 1 1 jp E TCST IS UfAY lt AGINATION, or is youPn necktie: GETTING SHORTER EVERY DY? I GONE AND NO ONE WILL NOTICE. HEH HEH... IrA OD ? v FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE LYNN JOHNSTON PEANUTS CHARLES M. SCHULZ I'M CUTTiNSTRe NEWS CPoP RAPto.TrteV dive rros hinotes PVERy" HOUR ON THE WE'RE INToThiS FMTHE NUMBERS - fW&iE. WHO DUMPS THE COMPeTiTCN AN' SURFS THE AIR - WP rtfSTTA ORAR'FM AM mind yoo, IF "IHEKE WERE A REAL DlSASfeW; LIKE A WAR On SOME- . Thinc,we'd swit&hio S&S MODE. SLOW so, we're. doing, like. "The Hot headlines, fast- forward into SFORT6, AN BAM Lead NTolHe Keyr HrT REPQKe r0MKiFf?- I ivr--ii a' u DcictT orouicciriu I I iee i a' ii oennccr Dcoutcctmi I K i'aa q a -is . t i-imi't I TO 60 OUT FOR A TO COPf ALL THE AN5U)ER5 WHY 15 THE KNOW.. SHE r J ' H II HOLPTHEir fflTfeNTTON '. AN' SINCERE. PRINK OF WATER.. FROM MARCIE 5 PAPEK WHILt i ifcACHtn; t PKUWNt f rfjfi Wv--- fcrl CAL! iw-r' ''V ,n. i "''" SHE'S OUTOIFI j SHOE JEFF MACNELLY BORN LOSER art & chip sansom T Y7" I T i' I -- - v v 1 r WITH WOMEN U WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE THOSE ,1 THEY ARE AN TO TH6YSA.Y W THif) I!) OKE F5RXI0U5 cAK! I NEVER TRY I WHOPPERS YOU FEED ARE LIES. ( ENTIRELV DIFFERENT V AWCHC0(VIIN Pt3 r ) 1 TO SUGARCOAT I YOUR GIRLFRIENDS? V. J j MATTER. J UKKL10N Cqk S y THE TRUTH. , ;i A ' BEETLE BAILEY CURTIS M0RT WALKER RAY BILLINGSLEY BOY.' THESE j f4 Tfas too wah tou'D ratmer ooN'T CALL I MS I nuepie-fAceo people feoM I'M QOlNO TO SET A VIEUl TUX4NQ VAl(tVTfVE BY MASTER WJU; FORESTER! DO THAT THAH SO EE oovn fDU KMOW AMTTMWQ, CURTI5!.'.' MI4 CREATION ARE ONE -Of -A -KIND ! 1 UA LUCKX TO GET AH MMSVTART TWS PKS-fACEO HE WORLD REWOUJNED PEOPLE FROM Am ll I I I MAtVr.7 APPOlHTMEVIT.'.' r 1 SYLVIA NICOLE HOLLANDER BLONDIE DEAN YOUNG & DENIS LEBRUN r SlfL, J f i'nP if DifficwLt -Jo wAfm $tP - ( I t-A A m-Ol lot )OU DON'T WAVE NEARLY AS ) I CO AO. TwAT SNiPPlNS TO 0UILXVOLE6O MUCH MAiR A5 VOU (TtE5 HAiCUf ANY uei -f J Pt yf Hanpj over GiviN& ypLENfy f Tine o LPAve he toon a sfiGWty PFFereNf-tofeiii SjClNAU WLjeN if SAF 0 -fva.M. A i HAW ON dry iV'-i APRON i AWA0TfJH. N0L?&y any ViPeo m -tofAL $yLy'iAiiepWteoj vu'LL K HARW cyp,l(N'f put v l-'-: t-.-r U f-i you'LLbeAkUo i . a i .... i 1 1 -then over y wry yt a'TflCDHlHM" Drown ouf Thejo-JWD- TACK.CAH yojeLf? I -1 . of ,eAPProATlf tNtYt filn AWP Bern pvtfiHG off. ? r fAH y pit yA fLASAHftirp- $owwD... , -1 -

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