The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 12, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1944
Page 6
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I Page SJ TUB DAILY CLINTONIAN Tui"du , Dcwmlier 12, 194 1. np"!i loriim" broadcasliiiii stalfnii I BROADWAY NIGHTS By AXEL STORM i,l. r i. ii ilc'ilar s-iiuii;y. 'I'h- shrine v,oold be ennsiructeij ' with fund Ir Vilikie memor- j lal "List (olid. alre pnipiiseil by jflb'l.e.i el Mr. Vlill'ie ill I lie mld-, wet' east. Hit taUMrf, Uui Soviets Battle Germans Inside Budapest Gates (Cntln(i4 from n 11 forces had blasted (lermaii comiuiuii-Icatlon at Truehutg and l.)k, si tting tin to a troop nam and destroying i locomolljes ami 25 coaches. Veteran of Anin Ut'iM hlieail Killed 111 Home Awi'Jeil ANI'KKiKi.S', Bid. -- Noab Phij. Ilp, of Anderson, was able to survHe wounds a' hutio .ud received u illecb.iife from tli" arm. Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices BUSINESS SERVICES fOL'ND A TaBCB"(STOCK Or OooAfmr Car, Truck b4 Traiefor Tire cod Tube, VulraobilBg b4 BacapulBg Bcatlf 4ob 4 Juar-autced. B fl4 liogart Mobllga Slalloo, Jo tiiaeouMo, CliBtoB, mt The Korf'-tu advanced on lliulaia-st from poftftioiig north, east an4 south of I lie city, The main push, however, came from the north where, accord ing In Hie Koviel eoiiimiiiiiiie, la-liuovsky's column efz,'! the twin forlreswi of Vereseuyhuz and jtiola aid then swept on lowaid III" capital 11 ' miles away. At the same time oilier J'ovb-t column north an4 northeast of lite lliingarfaii capital blasted through crumbling Herman defenses ami at one point reached will. In till miles of the fjraifsiuvs gap on the at-proeahes (o Vienna, Idol, Von Olberg, a (fernian military commentator, broadcast a 'azl admission Dial the lfn.-ian had broken their lines at llatvan, 27 mile northeast of liudapesl from where still another lied army column a closing in on ib Hungarian eKpHal I I The Xo'-ief nommuuiiue said I'vt Iiundred of 'ais were elt fe:u on (tie tield of battle alter the navane jfiuliiiug for Veresegyliau and Hxada U fWfth lno Ball Tonn I Meanwhile (he second l.'krainfao army rrasbed fmo the railroa4 town lot flout, tome 3! miles north ot P,u-' diipesi, and overran wine oilier com- mMmc aiM-r M,-ion mow ea,-boru f'azl r-sisiaiicc, Ptpandiiig llieir drive along the C:ifclu,loi'ilt ' Hungarian frontier where ibey approached wliliin )- niib-s of lira'isiaA'u, the Ijtussians a4-vanccd miies in the region north and northwest of captured Miskolc to seize the Important railway station of lloldwa in heavy flebtinr which cost the Nazis ZOO kill, 4 and numerous prisoners, Mai'o'alo Vrnti Pm-ssoce Military observers said lh Bus-sians, alter breaking ihroeWi tbe approa-lie to Pudapesi from ttje north, east and sooth, are maintaining pressure r'! along lite from In keen the flermans enuaged while cmtinuing their push 'to outflank J Hie capital. j Tliey cttjuessi-4 opinion the final j phase for (he battle of Pudapesf would last only so long a I'te Nazis roold keep open the road to Vienna. In Kasl Prussia minor clastje were reporte4 by the Soviet eom-munupie which anuouiicc4 ed jjir Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CUiitfilRACTOU X-TUj TWt VivUmm i 'I'M 1 ;TI .11 V l I Ml HU AIM JIONt MIATH and M AlthPHH Terre Haute Slonuiie nl Co, ill 1 1. V, i l l K I'Iiviui sin un"'cii!ii(i . hriruth, tltmlmt H'lth Tbt Compllowwla Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Ticket To The H AKAKH TIIEATKB Waiting At Our Office for n.UlClfJ) fiOSNKLL Sairview Just Come La An l Ask For Them! H ot ti This HpH Kvery If VOI K SAME MAt BE JfEXT TO.NITK ' - -f HEAR THE MOST POPULAR SPEAKER 'f'o Ai ar Before Trl-tlal laijles! 'luls niaii is au Magle who Ullder-tt;,,.d, i:itl.'.s and Kagle work. ,iosi in. ii who hai' heard him 1 si ii l ti, h'.ir him iiMaiu. He has;ii in..; sal"- lor our Aerie. HE'S A FEl'-MAS'IEK! i bill civilian liaz iiiii' had piow d fallal to'lay, j l(e lib 4 In Hie Veteian s Adin:n- ilMli-Mibiii lluell:,!'Od.iv tt',:n J back Injuries sintered in an aulonio- t bile CCOlelll. The widow, '4 1.- 'lled- ilora pbJIips, 21, al o : .. , ft ;n lie rrasli. 1 ! SJiriiie fr U'illUi Tn j IV I'larif ctl in !:ut.!ni!l Ill'.SItVll.l.i:, Iu4. ld-:' for a lining shrine lo ic l"i tt'i.. II I., Willkie, llo,,-e-r si.iosinai. and j ie- Sidell'ial l-nui.'l.t, vie le- 'it- rss'd ton,;;! ' b m .,. ot In th. rill" ciiiei.s nb "b" v.elov, ;r, ' p.jiiii V'i!i!.;- and i -e n,'., I.ieev Pllllfp WdlHe. v. i:o ; re in Pu: !C ilie lor tile h''' J.- i'H. I Alible--!' HO I'lis.'-lll lis o il.e l;,e if ll, e ;,-liio;al ir.ix 'e e( m.,ipj by Me' ij.iii.oI'.jI ,,i. iiiiii-'r ceiooii-(e, . a t :.,-eo.' ,.,inl, d ,c;l l?i:-l a propo-, jl ioc a ei.ui (I'idiioitOw wiij, a i 'lour, on -..',(fl f e :$i d 1-EATI-UL.S 3 Jift t;, uri itiJiivs,: ttfti f. A, (t'ooie Allll) Kllllille-l I 1 : iX'UilSC r'"'-1Z&stsf r ; 'I 'x ii. mi ir Auls k -fltm - n..J THl KSDAV ROMANCE! tint dkf tiuutrlUm; (or mwIi fwdliag IIm ob noivmrn llw, Ha m of them). HU two iff liuertlo! tint mow M nrg Ifon get Hire r foubl tn cost or tb firi omi, HH thrmt r iwmnlun'. the MW cbsrga fw gt who! peak tlv 4rl ut ihr tim in UMt Of B (McrtloBf, fccfe groop of tr Aff lkr- ttUtt, ll. BUekfuc (llk tbla) f e ficr liM, All claaalfied M Including mm-Driam and otli of all klBdn wuat paid to advanc Bt tbM br regular tattomer whom account V fwl4 woBtblr or tboM from or-gMiuulom who bill at b P or4 bfor being pbt, U t wur tb fwrsoa ulog th pubileaiios of th iuhIm will b b!4 riwiuttjW (or lt pravmt. FOB SALE ytmu Howiis, 'muv.v,, mf:tt am rooms', t 4 o jM o mert-s- Alw kw t , wM swm ot ilp((s-le, oi4 ;iji(j fM' pitwe- inquire ot C S4- Vtrruii, HiHiAMa, U. it.- t, Mx (7r"i'TAK"' with" 'macmr citstt, oiw vieiroi, t'l) iitiiis, o r-r mw ttmtm, owe pr-wr iiorfit eyim 4 i)ui)oi4 eoo4, W'y Munstt, hi(oi4.. tXH tjinmrimv, tuk", kstoniimis, j pout Ms gwiKfrwtt.- All Hr -Bij. f;,v wir 44'4- Ml J elll M-ccJ(''it 4wki -J VkUH WVXIN-I IfV, TIKICS, grjB Im-4 liff Htm nmt4UUm, alsw II. I', tlfffiw wo- lor. Wri or a)l I'- W, Mil. euell, Jwwrt, (iJioi 15, l?7Ji JSVKiMJIKK'iNS 'OB IKIMIi HVA'th rMious- I'liw yvur or4r -i,Jj'. i (sir c;i win M(A WMi ix", Hot 'iuti, jmhuj' Ouruoi. jo-W, 60 p)v m, Wbiut's i'hur- 0J":y, TAIiilli W)M:i, HAW) tit-UD; wbiut uwM rfUiM) $18.00 dj4 rifle o4 loyii, J PS, M Street, f44 vTSi MM) i'.ZV.i) iiA.ilAK li j-snur suv, juiH io o', broiU-r- k'w iuokiB iciieuit. f5uuB H)i fit. fit !X ttm MOiH'.UX H)fSK OK tsoviij -;iginh sirtwt. i';.cella! Cou4iliou. I'osacsyioa iiawu-di(e- y. . Houeurn. (32 d" wirs (jjcycwv, all kuw ai'ls, balloon tire, ileoyge fiuiii ist. fjei'uice, plioiu1 tiUV. t:i3x "t'HKJSTMAS TKKKS. tiV.T VOl'ils now while seloetioue aie coaipleLe. Wruckeu' Market, 13? JJIlft te, Af WHI VOL A'. t Hutw Auto Mieckiug runt t o UrujU"1, I'lioue HiMtm. Molt I'ThTH Vein coai,. rnAtf-ijj i ergusou. Plioue i3ti-W'. tl-H-ii f CWU,P'S CABINiOT ANW W)U. bed. I'houe 632-H. 33 HIOATlNXi STOV'li, t'HKAi'. Siit Oak Street. t:j3x JtANOWASHlCU. ANNA J.CNljKK H'tli and i'ike. t3i. 'J'I KKKy, STIOS'K yiCAdlOH, Wi-.'ST Viue St. J'lioiie Jti3-li. t34)i ,ixl (hill 1,1 MlilK. l(Mi:. CUoue . lintou, l it jt'Jl'TH VEIN COAI,. CAM, LOST 8HKIX KIM f,ASSES ANU CASK Weducsday morning iu yoy block oa Main Street, plioae 1. 31x Kl'JAK "(ST.- JIIOH NH K S M A I, i. white doK. Kriuie" Call flvf-2. J'aul Eoltn. t33x WANTED TO BUY puu, wrocy. mhs. mahv uo'.q- vlcher, 3l North Niulli Slruet. P . t 3;'i FEMALE UEIJ' WANTED woman"ok oiki, !) Hotsi:- cleauiug. Call ut t,l 8outli KiglHIi street between 11 a. Ol. to 1 p. m. 'B t31x FOB KENT THREE HOOM HOCSK, MvUEKS. 1133 Audersou Street. Inquire ut 1131 Auciereou Street. a Six ""IiSTjirfcTOrEN " SI, ED KKOH 33'J NKIiKKKH Street. Keturu and no yuestion asked. 132 ; um&mi ut fcfg week, Wtwl MU lte- twu ol Boston os i,i ly John V, man tn "111 lU Gtoi gn Aviey," Um return it tt WitU o( iaurenco gtsJIings ilh "llu fcutirt Aitt Qiisu4eA," wi4 v,nl) (he rofrudesoeoos ot Wits Sadie TtwmiKson mxommnied by dariC' Ing ivk4 iriusic. And tor i xr-cise In Hi higlier vulgarity we liave Mis tliase giving ruer-elf the worst of It iiv giving her. 'lt the lx6t of It in Boiwlhing caltoj "In IM We Cry," vbkh is eonwthiiig xisxie over from her boots by Hie gviue lume, Mo 0, Carroit, 'bo for couple of year warned your heait s llhe magniltojjf old deteetiv (11 "Angel tflreet" has Mt the puriieus of Kensingion fr li'-ton' Hatit Hay, A (Ueorge Apiey lie gives the ttiealre one of the most epeit, polished and masterful perforinawes we've ever had the (ieasure of seeing, If you've read Inat fine novel by Mr, Marquand you'll be only slightly disamwlnied in (lie ptay, because it has been made (niw liMIe more than m extended diar-WW sketeh, hut at that it is s convincing nd entertaining evening In (lie theatre, end if the picture it offeis o life on Boston's liewm SHeet 16 a liule M'-sided, it is still entertaining, Mr. Carroll does more with George Apley than either Mr, Mar)uand or Mr, Kaufman succeeded in doing with (be script, fie Is ably supported by Janet IJeeeber s Catherine Apiey, nd I'erey v'aian, as m Mnde standing brother -In-law, Mr. gtallings, on (lie otiier hand, has failed (o pu( into The Streets Are iCjuardexf ' the jiest and vigor that made "What Trice Glory" (lie best play abuut Worid War f, lie (ells (tie story of hyper, reiigious piiaroiax-'ist's mate ylo makes liabit of seeing miracle. boys are performing miracles ol j military skill and ol heroism, but Th Streets Are CuarJed" comes to life only in the few fninutes where horseplay rather (ban religion holds tlw stage, As the pharmacist's mate, Mor-tm U, tiievetis battles mightily with urn and difficult role. Ittii firown, as lb young marine PUBLIC NOTICES iiiifTii c lim n i'fp; RotU-e is Iit'tehy given tliut Arthur Ward Wl'itied b lii-d a inii'um i the VermiilioB Circuii C'lurt of Vermillion County, Indiana, li have the time und nlue of bis birib deier-mined fcuid i-tiiiou .v a, for liear-iiiK ou the laib day of ii'rflv'ier, mt. fliitt. CAHl, it. D1W8, Cleik of Hie VeiiiiiJIioii 'iieuit Court. 'Mellerdrammer' U High Spot of Clinton School Carnival Show Clinton High School siudeuis are looking forward to a big time a the i unior High School building t.onigbl wlw'ii llwy present a carnival, ofw-ii to tiie public. There will be au old fashioned melodrama by the faculty entitled "Wilil Kelt I'pl lit' Ihe I'luillK" JJC "Her pinul Sarilice." Tea-bers taking pari will be Miss Mary Jane Hurt, Mrs. Catherine Pouglieis, Miss Merle Caiiiu, Miss ilue Caugliliil, II. I,. Mcx ool, tlliu Swill-lU'y, and liJlbert lUtel. Among tiie perlorn-rs in the High School Variety Show will be Max liozarlh, Pio4 Poster, IJick C.lover, Johnnie peiUhon. Joan Christopher, Helen Uoduar. Hose Canol, Uelly Palls, Putt;, Uuiiiu, Uurbara Huiley. MaiKarel 'I'leonas, and Virginia io-nuiu-h i. Hesjdes thefce two shows, there will be a Hill Hilly scene taken from iajst year's Junior Class Play, "His Ozurk t ousin." The players are 1111- PCKO' rHPCTiRES liuy More lioitdti Me FINAL TI.'E. iik: rV r i . si' t v ,1 hex i. i ' i MAKtrVfti AN0fiQN ' THE EVE ST MARK A f Uiy Solditrl ' "ANN BAXTER' WHtlAM YTH MICHAEL O'SHEA vi DEAD ANIMAHi KEMOVEO, large or aoiall, yromyl ccrrtu. Cull Crawford itui or Cnwtor '4109 frn Jfaub or l)au Mff, W per ait pboB charge. Job Wacbbel Co,, Terre Haul. U27 WfiAO AIM4I ItfcMWfclf VMM ot (.barge ttf llwigglB o4 Kooe, UmiwA timber, IMX m mt noon mt tietf die o4 rn charge, louia Vk4 eM, Uaro, Wutim Ot, mi Hl'.kUtfiWXU ti lill HP.PIfKiElt- iiun Sivie. ComutfreM una lhmsHe, V, h, liouitmk, 1'Iiob Um-i (MiiUm or lM-4-t, Mim- V')H W-U MhUt it 8 BAKK, KAT wor fitb fruit, 'r r Iwlifr bu Hfv're (rmtltur. Me Cwt'i Warkl, KIX'AI'I'IWJ A-M VI'IANIZIW, r4-ly ts.-B'r r tirfi, flmt' (y of (Olliyl m4 itMi-frvuxe- The Hi arkt, il t-tt MU li iiHIM.m tnii ( till AT Hit llw, fililo, ('! '(, Mil of tltitUm, tUrt tUuff, Hi A O ! J( A, (HiKWKW, I'lA-MI Tl'ft'-ing, rvttmmw, i'-WS tUMU MtUKAi, I'ASTK WAX -'0B ywur floor. CHitlon i,umhnr 4 iBoKiJy t'M, TL-ixvhont Ut, (ilv'-N.MvT THAWKU fMiAh A KM Ms 4iaiw' ftwvii. M or(b Xr"it. titom ft, WW PAIW NOTICES 't it i i)nt,miu " Hut Me Ciiiiti t4 or4er rereire4 for iu fHimiuK fiernou inn iirett rim teiie4 ' li) tootfMUt; Mr, ! Mr, t mi 'rlt; tr, 04 Mr, (li-ll.-M Hkr, 'tlut lioliiiw,-wottil, Vite laitsww, Ue nrr lokiog llile utemm ot ' tiff iuM. liuto m vie 4o ttot lone ttteir m&ire&' ou file., 'fit or4er tor Hutfoout, iiu&irl, tmtti, o4 4'onio we oow ollill' vl ftie offue, it m t.t All aieiabers of l'al I'liioM ?ifi, CroW'B lil No. t, are 'eiUctAd to lie liie-tieut at a Sjw'iul Mel'lilJK. 'I'uefcduy, ec. 12. ti to 1 p. ni. To vol1 on iiiteruationul and dislru't No. 11 ofl'jters I'M W of A. Committee will reimrt on I'ortal to Portal 1'uy case now pending. Jim TljLoiuus, Presideut fiui Chubb, Pin- i'ii mmt H'. To all members of Hie V.'liOW tliere will lie a special meeting of local uuiuu number 2t,!iV. district No. 5tl, Siherniuu's Hall, Tbui-sday evening. 7:3tl u. in. C-eorge Jurdilie. president. I3li f Jerusalem t,'Lailer No. dll V. z'i A. . called meting. Tuesday, Je'iiiber 12, 7 p. m. Work iu K. A. decree. Jolio Ciiffillj, W. M., CliarU'S Urowu, se-. t31 eek for ph iure for- Kiiut. Ko apiMiintuu'iit uejsucy. Ililllold siA1 tree uilll eviM-y ,,i ler. Wi-s. uy- 1 niond 't uitwr, lKM feio. Otli t . t3lx mi:i All, nd Clinton High School Cur-niul Tuebday, December 12. Ilae your past and future read by Mrs. A. E. Hild -well-kuowu clairvoyant. 131 turn in AH nienibera of la'as Grove Mine lire ren uexteri l be ureiielit ut u special meeting at 10 a. ui.. 17. Cieorge James, j'resiaem. I32x MALE MELF WANTED boys to CAituy papek iioctes. lo year or over. ApUy, liill lilackburo, Cliutouiau. HELF WANTED WANTKU-MAN OK WOMAN 5-45 to liundtf fBtabiislitd cot ire uud toii. Cur f uitiitflit-d mid txif jiht f iiii. j u a mu u ed tsa j a n c j J ae touitiiibfciou with Wtudy riuyloy-uieut now a tid ittLt'j' duiatiuD. StaU? juaiif K-aUoiis. Write liox 442-X ao Ciiutuuiuu. t&f CiJNTOMAN' - M-IWa CARHllCli hoy tor rout oti ou w-utli, eighth, Hiid uiii tli tre-W. Cull '4Z-UJiuioiiiau Oiiice, pui't Beat Kugs Don't beat your lugs, it's hard on them end duetsn't do nearly as tJiuf-ough a clean iLg job as your va.-uum cleaner or tiie dry buds metitud. wJw performs the miracle, has prelty much the same difficulty. Paul Cralitree does fine Job A an air corps corporal and George Matthews is Hie bit of the eve. ning as tough chief bosun's male. Miss Jeanne Cagney is (be only woman in the cast and seems (o have been dragged In by her pretty ears. If f forgot to tell you (hat (he miracle (he young marine performed was gelling some sulfa and quinine out of an air force medicine chest on an island held by large Jap lorce, it ought to (ell you the whole story, Tti Streets Are Guarded" lalbs too nittch and moves I1H!, It's a long and ledicus evening in (he theatre, relieved only now and (lien by action, people are 6aying lot of (hlngs about "Sadie Thompson." Tliere are those who say that Miss Kavoc is fine ctress but hasn't ti voice lor a musical Sadie, There are those who object to (lie unfortunale minister (laving (o express himself in song. 'Were ere (hose who don't like Vernon luke' music much end those who do. T he consensus Is (hat "Sadie Thompson" is a good musical, that it olfers entertainment ai4 a measure of fun, and that miss llavoc is right nice, w personally liked it, found the music slight and thought (hat. ell in all, the dramatie Sadie was beticr than the musical one. As for "In Bed We Cry," we found it to be one of the sleaziest, most vulgar exhibitions the stage has offeied since "Brother Cain," without the toller's smidgin of sincerity. Miss Chase portrays a fabulous career woman on an emotional binge, with the emo tions Beyer rising siwve the ieve( of lis pages of that elids and precious fashion masazim we re- tut to name, folio owns sadt elob designed for her by some top movie fashion designer in a new and more stylish form for each major crisis (f think ther were eight of them, and when she talks makes much less sense and far less humor than one would (Mifjeet from a clothes horse. On the oilier hand we beard some people say she was mighty cut, ft all dcfjends on wilcre you stand, We didn't like her or her play, and we can t honestly recommend either. da Salmoiid, Betty las, fiuby Peek, Jack lie,-4er, Helen (lope, jsliirley Cotifell, liorothy Crafl, Minnie Ilridge waters, iimoif f'julemn, Mrs. CarreJI and Ted Buffattola. Mr. A. I-;. 11114, well known Clin-lou foil boo UMer, will display Iter lalenis, while in another room, (here Will be u ''star revcaler," fortune telHiot wjili t,e use of lant-in lifelns and numbers. The doors will open a' :45 p, in. The iulilie is finitcd. Druukeo Driver lined, heuteiM!ed in C'My Court Thirty day in the county jail and tft au4 -osts were evle4 on Harlan frist for 4runkca driving. Tile city police reported that Crist had his operators icj-nsi.s suenended for H'l days. William Wheat was charged for public Intoxication Sunday and was fined 15 and costs and IIV day In the County Jail. - , . . Plant Ked Tobacco plant beds offer wonderful oppirtunities for growing extra suppli of vegetables. COLUMBIA Tuesday and MVdiifwlay DOI IiLE FEATl KE Adiuftttiiou 9c uud 20c SHE'S A SOLDIER, TOO Jiculah Iiondi - NJua Focli LOUISIANA I1AYP.IDE With Judy until a lUmn Huulfr "Iiiort To Jud' WAC Short thfuswav AdnifsKion 9c and 2(kt THE HITLER GANG With IJ4)lrt Watoo Alexander Fojie 'Froiitit-r In Italy Warner Featurette 'Km A Buziu' " Warner 'arifty Brace Yourself, Brother! Here He Comes! The Mom! lUiU'rlninUvjz tiwuni'V of l;if Im MEET Sunny 1 1 Sundberg Mfwike Hlb omm'UM'! Tliis outstanding fi-s-urt-r lia ttplaivd will. 'Ut eu'i'-HS U'-tot Btai ol'lj''itt' ntiHKS "'id liiu (ierviK are now iuadj ail--(i; tsulioj dinuti' A'ii-H. ftjaii' tiie mom of iUm oioi I unit y. HEK A LA l.'ijll M AKTEK ! U Will W A l Our Aerie Home THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 3 P. M. Tlii U Our Kejrnlar Aerie Meeting ISnl! A VERY SPECIAL OCCASION! IF VOI L1KI-: TO A (M am) jh;h oTnrrts lai ;n COME TO THIS MEETING! TO BE LIKE A SECURITY LOAN IT MUST BE A SECURITY LOAN Tliere It- No Satisfaeioi y SiibsthiJlf. A Trial or ihe tiervii-e You tiel iere in Convincing. Couie In A rrit-udly I inn. Hi;AI TIMS Ifl'MOfilST AM) Ot.TSTAMMV; lAUAl Remember The Date Pfon to Come! SECURITY LOAN CO. Phone Si 221 Uluckuiuu Mt. CUSTOM, INDIANA

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