The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 12, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1944
Page 5
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T II E DAILY TLINTONIAN 26, either failed to see the train or was unable to slop the car because Of the icebound crossing, deputy sheriffs said. Secretary of State Edward R. Stettinius, Jr., who told the committee that he and President itoosevelt assumed responsibility for tho six nominations under consideration. REVIEW OF YEAR IN SPORTS MARCH committee that n some circumstances it might he best to retain the emperor to preserve order and turn Japan into a peaceful nation. t ,a Rearing ou his own nomination and that of five aasistant secretaries of state, Crew denied that he had ever said the Mikado should be held on the throne, but he added: "The emperor Institution might be the only Justitution that would provide a stabilizing influence." drew defended the pre-Pearl Har- Stettinius. 5 Appointees At Senate Hearing (C -uMiiu- -3 "low vagfr jl row, saiU lie opposed internationul cartels. rew drew the lengthiest questioning of the hearing. The 4(l-yeiir "-career diplomat" told the senate foreign relations vVi i f. Baseball Under Three-Man Rule For Next Year To Name Commissioner In Land is Plaie as Three Top Leaders Run Leagues; Landis Award Is Set Up NEW YORK, N. Y. Baseball will continue to operate under a triumvirate until a HUCcoBsor to the late Judpe K. M. Lar.din Is named a.s ooinniissioner of baseball. Write Sew Agreement That there will be such a commissioner was made certain jester-day when the two major leagues voted to abolish the major league a-preement under winch Judge Landis was appointed and decided to write a new agreement which shall provide for a commissioner. Meanwhile Ford Flick, the National League prexy; Will Harridge, the American League boss, and Leslie O'Connor, Landis' right-hand man for almost a quarter of a century, will continue to run the game, as an advisory council. A majority of the three can make any decision except one involving a player's claim against a club or league, in which case only O'Connor shall decide. K'Hi-t in FetHnary The new major league agreement will be written by a committee of four men from each major league and these will make their preliminary report next February. Therefore, it seems unlikely that a new commissioner will be named for at least another year and the consensus among baseball men today is that the new commissioner will not be given such wide arbitrary powers as Landis enjoyed. To Most Valuable lMuycr In honor of the Judge, the two leagues voted to institute a Landis award which wiil go to the most valuable player in the two leagues every year. It has not been decided what the award shall be. j As expected, Ford Frick, who has held office for 10 years, was re-elc- , ted president of the National Lea- gue for another four year term. j The Yanks and White Sox made the first deal. The Yanks sent Uieir j i js WsT jpp l Y'Pm c l-M rAi JA'JC I -t SiAl SAWoLo 1 f.Tl FQjtf It' ffccwUtWA g 4W ' Eva-; unnur; Greater TV restrictions also were impend upon employes of gas. water and electric utilities, as well as upon doctors, chemists and air raid precautious workers. The Kbe of the Berlin broadcast;! indicated the M" sent Japanese moves were dictated by the hazards of air assault but thre wes some speculation as to whether the rrigunti,e earth-quake and tidal waves which hit Japan last week may have been partially responsible. IU-Mrt IJ-iI4 Haid The Japanese ndio at Fs'nHnr meanwlii'e reported tl-at "r:ore tl-an 20 Ii-2 ' bomber ' had - tn f C an l'our cn'' -0 i in't'e rni'' on ''pp-kow. China. starting abet 8 o'clock (Japanese Time) tonight. The broadcast, directed to Japanese areas and recorded and trans-luted by the Federal Communications Compassion d'-scribed the ra'' on the u -v rtan ocfp'-c' citv r "an at'emrit 'o tlirov o tr rear line mo confusion". Lt. G. . Stevenson Award 2d Air Medal ror iVAitts .vri9 i OUHIli.-ii ; tions reflect gnat credit upon 1 self and tho Armed Forcts of th 1 United Sta'c.-." ! Lieutenant Stevenson has partici- T 4 ' 'i'f, ' 4 ! ' PI Ascot Scarfs f V S 49c to SI 25ctoS1.49Piu.i I I (INITIALS 5c EXTRA) New, tosIume netkUc v 'S t Shs'll M moil useful gift. brooches, earrings and maidied A m, W. Cr e sets: in mdividual uift boxes. E ?SL i f : S L : IJSS 6 I PRACTICAL GIFTS! APPRECIATE TOTS' "GLAMOUR" GIFT SETS fJ I UmbwllaS Swart Baps TT r O Qfl I I Hats , , QQC At M i I I n net I if W1. I Herc's 8 g'f shc'u ppr:ci- S $ 2.U3l,us F. Tax I r.JfT. QOft if .s evco thoub sl,c kedA W 5 8 lJd r r OO T ' ft- V 1 , V lias one ... fur "extras" arc M If ou wane to please a woman, 5 3 L always welcome. These are m , It! give her accessories! Hiese bags c ' j. - -s'j''- r r . -i i i?. '.h are lovely . . . and made of the S Your "Little Darling" will be plenty f ' . fine 10-nb styles tn an as- 161 tolorful, wearable fabrics she proud when she gels a hat and bag 1 U yv"...- ,t i sortment of beautiful plaid, taa IK' preftrs with winter eosmmes. S m match! of vivid fells and cor- s. , . , Hi Ja, jo. L 'i K ,;, ,J ,,,1,-J (,i,P; Wr : U Many of the newest pouch, I duroys, in adorable .tyles and trims, V P""' a solid fablKS. under-arc. and Zipper styles. tbere Zg . Twarm . . . and prel f ' ' j2 jljVi.S,,i,i,,i,i.i.3,i.l.i.3-,?,aiiSiift y as a picture! ''',' i V ffi j bor policy of pending scrap Iron and oil to Japan. It was not appeasement, he said, but "common sense." follows SteUJnlu ! His testimony followed that of 25c to C3c Floral, scenic and relifiious pic-Uirts, that look hand -painted, &et in mirrored shadow box. Classified Ads Sell Most Anvtliic C.ifT SETS V clog like nf llun HiuHfiirJ iet tunfj.ns "119 J thJ .Qil, Afr Siuvr ny"rt lu-ion and y.iwtltr. vJEw f tin 10c to 49c S jKc our "Infant Ciift" problem with cliche bri'itlj colored pLitic rattles. Av-uru-d dtsigiis. WE WILLI EVENING k si Father of Two Children Killed in Auto Crash JNDIAN'APOLIS, Ind. The lather of two children Including a four-day-old daughter, was dead today from Injuries suffered yesterday when an automobile lie was driving was ctrurk by an Inbound Pennsylvania railroad passenger train Jn Indianapolis. Thd victim Charles R. Tbarpe, 59c to S1-88 A good fls:crifncni f c Majoretta boots. , l-'.ylcs lo 5 to 2. DEC. 15th All uP W'TH 'M! &.! AT? CuMBlS -A TSEMOS L Mt2E OF . tTTO! 'SA KE1- SwATiTiSi CTharrv!! r. I IW 6L it:oi.3 mie- l RECORD Rilii At nett York- K-.OFC. TRACK ' i ji' ' .d . c -on received h's cos. T-.'Xas. A st "dent nt liiov.tennt service Jt'ly 22. winr-s ;t' r;in iVI Pi-rd'te In:vers:tv evFon entered ' h' 1042. His squadron is one in the 446th Bombardment Croup, which has flown twenty-five consecutive combat missions twice without the loas of aircnif or crew. This Kiehth Air Force liberator pro' p. "pon cornnletion of its JOOth infss'on was cited by the Second Bombardment Division, commanded by Major General William K. Kep-ner, for outstanding performance of d ty in combat. Dropping tons-of bombs on targets in Germany and the occupied countrfes. this unit contributed immeasurably to the success nf the aerial war ajra'nat the enemy f'Mnr' dovn all ojtpositlon as they fn -r their way in'a vl'al to ho enemy's war effort, this group succeeded in completinp these dangerous missions with a minimum of loss. Forces Sei?e Hall, Sh eets in Athens ..1." , -l.-tf rn.Ui i)at- "i ) beinc transferred lo more central positions tu enable tiie new dispo-, sitions. KIa I'oreix Increase I"ijhtiiit? in new f ihtfuK apoarently df1-sipned "to force a decision before Pri'ish reinforcements arrive, the f leitist Klas forr-es were reported by ! .V,.-. Tli" tl,It. mn,;,. no '!( their efforts." in the battle for the ('tei-U caninl eity. Tlte broad-cast . heard by f 'HS. .said the auti-Kovernmenf troojw "increased shtdN incr tlie center of A'hens.") Two Aitieriean. litjnred (Two unid'-ntil ii,d AmericanF ' been injun-d in the fichihiff :' liens, accordiuc to a XiU' I from the city which a'so ' 1 tha ' 2.000 of the Klas .-; ha ' been captured and ' killed or wounded. "Hritih : have beer much lower," ; ,-i..vd. (The NliC nport., (iulhrie Jan:--sen asserted that 11 decisive bai 1 b looms inside the capital, and added "I don't know bow lone I can pn on J". -:idinir you these broadcasts co' j in r: n ca lions may he cut at anv f ai'-." j 'i !;e armed Klas units opposing the (i reek piAennm nt of rremk-r : orje Pap;.ndreou seized half a iozen more buildings in the southern par of the city, barricade! them and Liouuted niachiue-uns on the roots. lUh ri ili Hetn for ceil ih'- Klas units were reinforred bj-nev infill rat ions and the Ht Ms., brought in more tro ps in r: "iiort to rjuell the rebeiiiors ....ln iam:n. Tiie British a:-; in fSLerday sen! Spitfire ami ilc.f hfcr planes into action with Welling on uombers in an el fort to blast Klas stioagpoints north and wt-st of Ailie and west of the port of i'iraeus. nt tn ttiA SeraDf I ft BE BCA'JE -UK3 left-handed relief pitcher Jimmy Johnson to the White Hox for the equally left-handed Jack Wade. The Yanks seemed to have got the better of this one for Jake is a wonderful whistler and can keep the bull pen entertained during the long hot afternoons next summer. Draft JltunlH Jtast'all Thus far the main topics of major league discussion have been night baseball, draft prices, football's encroachment on the baseball season, and moat important of it II what effect the new arm" draft call of men between 26 and 37 may have on the game. Such a call, it was generally a-greed, would be a tremendous blow . to the game, already hard hit by the call to the colors. Hilly Southworih. manager of the champion Cardinals, gave everybodv the bad news yesterday when he smilingly announced that the Cards, i! anything, would be stronger than ever next year with the addftion of some new material from the farm chain. IU Throw Your Bcrap Inio the FMKhtt DR. O. R. BREDEWEG OPTOMETRIST Eyes Tested Glasses Made For Those Who Need Them CIJ.VTOX, IXI. 48 lilackinaii St. .' 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III j GLUfl 5E.v jy- . . . .. Between Strikes You Can Enjoy Good Cold Drinks At Our Fountain Service HAIR -SREADTH HARRY x .:r LUCKY STRIKE I 1---; V ---i sT"- .V 4. -VifrtM 111 - : 1 (U1 8 WELL-LIGHTED ALLEYS tmf uv-t c.e txio cuccjct

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