The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 11, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, December 11, 1944
Page 4
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Parv T'tnn "TURNING POINT OF THE WAR" THE DAILY CLIMONIAIV MU WOLF AN'S CLOTHING i BINtf I94S BY AUTHOR -DISTRIBUTED BY KN6 FEATURES SYNDIC ATE, INC. rtablbhed The Weekly catatonias ISM IW OUaton PUlndealer absorbed In 190 Published Dally Except Saturday and Sumda Editor and Publisher eonce L. Carey mo tared at the Poatofflce at Clinton, Indiana M Second OlaM Matter 7 ,. Indiana Republican Edif. tal Aaaoclatlom room over my shoulder and then, without attempting to enter, closed the door behind me. - Drue was standing beside tbc window. - r - It is strange, really, that women deck themselves in silks Ami jewels and furs. There is nothing that seta off beauty like the simplicity and whiteness of a nurse's uniform. The white, starched dress outlined the slender curves of Drue's gu-e. Her white cap rested lightly on her hair Phone 32 t PnoM 83 eyelashes she shot a demanding glance toward her brother Micky, who looked into his cup for an instant and said, "1 wonder what Drue wants." Aiaud Chivery made a little shushing motion with one brown claw but glanced eagerly at Conrad. "That is not a name 1 or Alexiu wish to hear uttered in this house," said Conrad with really astonishing command and dignity. Nicky's elegant face and small crimson mouth looked flcetiugly a little ugly; but he lifted his cup SYNOPSIS When Prue Cable learned her former husband, Craig Brent, wan the victim of a so-called accidental bullet, she persuaded her friend and fellow nurse, Sarah Keate, to answer with her the call made by Dr. Claud Chivery from a small New England town, Sarah was unaware of Drue' previous connection with the Brent family, which included Craig's father, Conrad ; Alexia, Conrad's glamorous young wife who, at one time, had hoped to marry Craig ; Nicky Sencur, Alexia's twin brother; and Peter Huber, a friend of Craig. Anna Haub, maid at the Brent mansion, MmtJtntum gPUBLICAN EDITOfM ASSOOATIM again without replying. Rather abruptly I said that I had to get back to my patient and Peter J tuner straightened suddenly, put told how Craig was found in the down his cup and said something po garden the previous night, adding, lite to Alexia. She didn't look at "Beevens, the butler, said it was Peter as she nodded to his polite in accident Mr. Craig was clean murmur; then he walked across the hall beside me and started up the ing a gun." Alexia ordered Drue to leave before Conrad Brent discovered her presence. Drue told Sarah the strange story of her romance with Craig. They married great stairway when I did. At the curve I. glanced down Alexia was sitting perfectly still in her great chair, her crimson suit a more than a year ago and Conrad spot of rich, soft color, her pearls disapproved. Craig's work in the with its gold highlights, and framed her face like a coronet, stately and yet with a kind of pimiance. I went to my patient and there was no change. Drue said, "Thanks for what you said to Conrad Brent." "Perhaps in the morning . . "No. lie won't change his mind again. I've only tonight." Only tonight. And Craig Brent unconscious and drugged, and for that night hovering in the nebulous, incalculable margin between life and death. ( Presently, Drue said. "I'm going now. I'll try to sleep, fll take over at twelve," and went away. ft was then nearly six o'clock with rain coining now in gusty squalls against the willdowpanes, and the house was very quiet, . f had plenty to .think of as moments dragged ajong, and I, must say I didn't at all fancy he sum total of my thoughts. For, any way I looked at it, Drue was fighting a losing battle and yet she was determined to fight it. .. The trouble was, of course, Craig Brent had done nothing at all to find her again. In these days, told myself, fathers don't deal out auto reflecting c rosy glow from the hre. Iber head was bent a little thought diplomatic service summoned him to V : iiington, and Drue returned to bew York. Shortly after, she fully, and there was in her face received a letter from Conrad WAR TASKS. The one task of the nation is to win the war. for those on the home front there are certain duties, including the support of the cost of the struggle. The government will offer everybody an opportunity to do something about this in the near future. The Sixth War Bond drive does not ask citizens to give anything. It offers an in again, despite its indubitable beauty, a hint of underlying cruelty. Then I looked at Nicky and saw (which he claimed Craig had asked him to write) stating his son had exactly the same thing, a subtle, in resigned to enter aviation training, definable twist of his red mouth only to discover married men were brooding quality in the soft repose ineligible. Conrad said Craig of his face . . . something cruel. Maud Chivery's dark little face .ished Drue to divorce hrm, but vomjsed they could remarry when ii training period was over. Drue twisted over her white stock to vestment that pays interest. While millions fight, the purchasers of bonds lend their money for a fair return and they deserve no great thank3 for doing so. The wealth of the nation is being defended along with its territory and its freedom. The greater the property an individual owns, the larger the debt to the cratic commands to their sons. The sons won't let them. They say in watch us go up the stairway. Then we went above the landing and could no longer see the silent group below. Peter Huber was still with me when I turned along the corridor towurd my patient's room. Once we had passed beyond earshot of those in the hall below, he said, "Wait a minute, Miss Nurse. Pd like to talk to you. It won't take a moment, Here's a chair." Well, I suppose it could have been called that, although it bad almost eertainly been culled from one of effect, Okay, 'Pa, I'll go and dig ditches if I have to, but Fll marry my own wife and support her. too. Lraig jJrent had done nothing like that, f was thinking that. .t the divorce but never received iy reply to the letters she wrote '.aig. Now, she is determined not .1 leave until Craig regains con--.iousness and can talk with her. )y. Chivery told the state trooper ' the bullet he removed from '.aig's shoulder was accidentally i;own away; the gun, too, is mies-rj. He warned Sarah not to re-,..U anything the patient might . y in delirium. Later, Craig mum-!..:d something about "yellow ,-, 'lives." From the window, Sarah ijw Drue disappear behind a hedge and emerge with something hidden beneath her cape. A few minutes later Drue entered the sick room, just as Craig cried out, "But that's murder! fell Claud. There'll be murder done." Sarah is summoned by Conrad Brent and followed Beevens into the library, as Maud Ciiivery, the doctor's wife was watching him, when he moved a little, sighed, and tucked, the uuu Drue had kissed under his ciiqek. He did it without opening hi ey, without really waking. He iiirhed the bigger and better medieval tor fighting men. CHURCHILL'S HINT. In his talk recently, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, discussing the proba ture chambers. A bulhous-legged eupid Jeered at me from a dark tap again like a contented child and estry across the opposite wall, and Peter Huber asked, "Is he going to die; Taking a Backward Glance bility of a triple conference between Great Britain, Russia and the United States, de "I hope not, I don't think so." He wu a nice-looking- fellow, as family of Blackmail Street spent Sunday with Mr. Miller's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph MiJbr of Marshall, 111. Mr. and Mrs. James Thomson of Walnut street have as their I've said; very blond and very "big clared: "Such a meeting might easily abridge the sufferings of mankind and the fearful out not so Doyisn as my nrst impression led nie to believe. He was tanned as Craig Brent was tanned. process of destruction which is ravaging dropped back into sleep. Well, time went on and I wished I had my knitting. Nobody came near me until Beevens silently brought my dinner tray and; half an hour later, returned as silently to carry it away again. Somehow, I half expected Alexia or Muud Chivery or even the doctor, but its far -g I knew no one so much As approached the door. The night had turned stormy and, colder, with gusts of wind and rain, and it was I't very pleasant sitting there in the gloomy bedroom with Ihe wind bluwiug wisps of smoke back down the 'chimney now and then, and a shutter somewhere flapping. I began to watch the clock a guest this week Mr. Thomson's sister, Mrs. Sam Roberts of Detroit. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Louden of 1 raving. Conrad insisted Drue ' '2ve at once. When Sarah told h.m'his son was already aware of h?r presence and repeated what Craig said about "murder being done," he sends Beevens for Drue. Bjcause of Craig's critical condition, he tells Drue she may remain until the morning when another tins city visiied this weekend in Danville, 111., at Hie home of Mr. London's brother, William Lou TWKNTY VK.-IHS MK) TOD.A V Union's Ilai'dutKMl Quintet To (lo Inlo Action This U'wk-Kml C. II. S- opens ItH baskntlmll schodulo Friday ntalit nt Hit Coliseum wlifn it meets the lust Cilenn (earn, filenn lias played several panics (his season and is going fine. Couch Kelly is coaching "old gold and black" baskeleers a new system and believes he can gel a loam in shape to lurn the trick on Glenn. Dn Saturday Garfield will play There were fine lines around his lurge blue eyes and around his squarish mouth; his features were large and rather blunt, his hair curly and strong-looking. He had rather good hands, lung and muscular and was dressed in very British tweeds but was not British, although there was u slight flavor of something European about him; perhaps it was his enormous politeness. Anyway, he looked at me earnestly and worriedly, and said, "Hay he told you who shot him'.' I'm .sure he knows." , J Telling peter Huber the thiners I Hrntatioii of the applications recently revived by mail from the stale licence bureau and lb owners' certificate of title. The color combination of 1!).T5 Indiana plates is black numerals on a robin-t'Kg blue background. Juniors Offer N'evt'r liuins" The first performance of -'It Never Itains," the High School Junior's class play, took place this afternoon at 3 o'clock nt the Capitol Theater. The audience consisted mostly of school students. The second performance will be this evening at 8 o'clock. Sale of tickets for the play js reported to be unusually good. Mrs. Cecil McWethy, assisted by Aliss Helen Reed and the class sponsors, Aliss jittle nervously. Once, overcome by distinct impression that every den, who is seriously ill. Mr. Louden has been ill for the past four weeks. Mrs. Richard Jones and Mrs. Elizabeth Jones have returned to their home on f South - Seventh Street after visiting the past week Jonu's parents, Mr. and Mrs. at the home of Mrs. Richard Claude (Jossett of New Ooshon. body else had gone away, vanished mysteriously into the night, leaving nurse will arrive. Drue flares up when he denounces her for intruding and exclaims, "I could kill ycu for what you've done to mel" Sarah, narrator of this story, declines Conrad's invitation to tea with the family. CHAPTER TWELVE Maud Chivery's eyes glistened with interest. Alexia's face stiffened, and she made a small quick motiun aw if lo rise from her chair, . but Conrud walked over to her mid the earth." The British war leader is not given to fanciful conversation without cause and, if his sentence means anything, it seems to indicate that there are important matters awaiting decision. Whether these relate to the settlement of issues between the Allied nations or the terms to be ira- posed upon the Germans is for anybody to guess. WARNING TO HUNTERS. We are advised by a hunter that shotgun shells, available for this season, contain heavier shot and charges, thus making it imperative that hunters be more than ever on the lookout for human beings when trying to kill game. ,The larger shot and heavier charge Craig had Maid was not like telling Conrad Brent. Conrad was Craig's lamer; in'sutes, he was m a posi Clinton here and although it Is their first game the Pikemen will certainly give Clinton good oppo-j billon. The "Irish" squad has been' tion of authority. "H was accident." I reiilied dis At the Movie creetly. "Ho was eleaning a gun.'' ! me ana my patient alone in tiie great and somehow forbidding house; J got up and looked into the oorrid,of. My first glimpse of the long, night-lighted corridor all but confirmed my funtastic notion, it was so completely empty. But, as I watched, Nicky came out of a door down toward the stairs and on the right, glanced along thu corridor, saw mc or my white cap, paused for a fractional second and slipped back into the room from which be had just emerged and closed the Alice 'Meyer and John Magnabos- put his heavy hand on her shoulder. Alexia put one soft white hand cut and is working behind closed t.0, has directed the playe caressingly over his own and in Sat unlay Midnight, .Sunday and Monday doors. The following fellows are The story, an Aurania Kouverlo showing much primes: Wallace, comedy, is enacted bv William It'j beginning io look as if the Oat henini, Waugh. Wardrope, psavento. Marv Alice R.-edrr. Peter Huber looked straight at me. "In the garden?" he said after a moment. "At night no, Nurse. What really happened'."' 1 got up. "You flmuld know more about it tji;tn 1. I've jjot to get back ! to hi in no-.y." I "Hut oh, all right." He walked enterprising Warner ltros. ure Kaulds, Overpeck, Kendall, Mel- i)(lvr Griffiths. Harry Mayle, bourne, Boll, Freem, Evans and jean Ahlemeyer, Chadwena Van Hoosier. fiwayne, Dorothy Watt, Charles stantly his face changed and softened. It was obvious that, whatever had happened in the pa.-t, Conrad Brent was almost fatuously in love with his young wifu, who had been once, and not so Jang ago, his-son' fiancee. "She goes tomorrow," he paid. ' . Alexia did not relax; her eyelids driMjpcd a little but it seemed to me thai under the soft shadow of her Halo of Sales j Hyde, Danny Trunko, Hay lilggs, ItrpoHiM TikIbv Kva Mae I.ewin, Margery Adams door. He wasn't wearing a dinner jacket; he was still in a checked coat and brown trousers; I was sure it was Nicky. (To be continued) CmuHlhl by Mlgiran 0 Btertirt; DUlrUruUil )f King ftaLurtt tfiJicl. Im. blazing still another trail in motion picture entertainment- specifically, in the field of sparkling comedy based on a henlth appreciation of what it means to he an American. Their latest effort a-long these lines is the new comedy hit, "Janie," which opens at ttiu I'alace Theatre Saturday at Memljera of the Current h-vents lf the (S;ir and put lii.s hand on the uoorkno'.i. "I wo i't bother you," he said, smiling a little, "but if can anything . . ." "Thank ;ou." He glanced in the and Arts club, in charge of the sale of Christmas seals, In the in-1 mean that the killing range of a shotgun has been extended. Shooting that was safe, in , former years, will be dangerous this year. Consequently, every hunter should take note of the necessity for extraordinary care in the fields. It may save lives and one of them may be your own. and Frances Miller. I'tTMonal.s Miss Josephine Ii e r n a b i tj, daughter of Mr. ana Mrs. August liernabie of Harrington, III., cujo-brated her 15th birthday anniversary Saturday by entertaining friends from High wood, Ji liet midnight wit h newcomers Joyce Reynolds and Robert Hut ton in the top roles. 1 1 rest of (he county health nurs-' ing, report the sales as encouraging as they expected them to be, though there, is much ground to be covered in the next few days.' Revkwmg the first sales of seals a?d lidding to them, they report' the following: j Exchange Club. $1' bond: J. ' Portable Air Conditioning A portable air-conditioning unit, weighing only 13 pounds, has been invented for homes and offices. Circulating air cooled by evaporation of water. Keep Baking powder Dry Baking powder is a somewhat perishable product. If over-exposed to. the air, moisture Is absorbed. It should be kept in a lightly closed can in a cool, dry place. opening at the Wabash Theatre, was dentfned to lie one nl Ihe most important and eagerly-awaited sereen events of the ytar. Featuring Anne llaxter, William Eylhe and Michael O'Shea and uHli a brilliant supporting east, "The Eve of St. Mark" is being acclaimed the greatest emotional experience lo come out of this war, and the most impelling romance ever screened. and Cherry. III., at her bo ne. M iss Bern a hie formerly liw-d in Clinton. Mrs. Frank Nixon and two daughters of Los Angeles, C I., are expected to arrive Ik re Friday to spend the holiday sea ou with Mrs. Nixon's motNv. y.--s. Allreda Uaynes of South Fifth H I HASH Sunday, Monday and Tuesday With tho raves of Hollywood's previt w critics reaching an un-precotiented crescendo of enthusiasm, It becomes even more apparent than ever why 20th Century-Fox's fllinization of Maxwell Anderson's sensational . Broadway stage bit, "The Eve of St. Mark," W. Robb, $5 bond; the Daily (Mintonlan. $5 bond; Current Events and Art Club, $r in seals. C. M. White Jr ?5 in seals, Miss Marie Ferguson, $5 in seals, Ros- Market Hints The number of livestock on farms January 1 of any year, combined with a forecast of probable feed for the yeur, are fairly good indices of what may be expected in production t lid marketing. Cans for Prayer Wheels Old tin cans are used for prayer wheels in Tibet. Natives run u stick through the end of the can for an axis, paste their prayers on the outside, give the wheel a good spin and "they're on their way to heaven." enblatts, $5 bond; H. M. Fergu- ytriM,t son, 13 in seals, Miss Jennie Get tn the Scrap! air. and Mrs. J. It. Miller i;nd I Hedges, $5 bond. TILLIE the TOILER Attention is called to the fact ( that the convenient place to ob- j tain seals, if you want them when they see no solicitor, is at the office of the Daily Cliutoninn. j IVrsoniilw 1 Mrs. Francis Wayluiul Khen- ; "M WAS INl SO VMHAT? I WAS VJOUNDEDI f THE ARMy I AT SALERNO) TA TWO YEARS) ,J-7:. . , Jm SAY, VvJHAT HAME YOU DOME FOR I yDUR COUNTRY? 1 howi can you S 1 SAY THAT . V 1 VT A -U TAKE VOUR) THERE;' S Paris, France. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, in a proclamation to the German people: 'The German Army will be defeated. Larger and larger portions of German teritory will be occupied by the Allied Armies until the National Socialist Government and the German armed forces finally surrender or until they are crushed." Washington: Ted R. Gamble, National Director of the Treasury's War Finance Division: "The War Finance Division appeals to the American people to give the Sixth War Loan drive priority over their Christmas shopping. Santa Claus can better serve the boys overseas if war bonds are prevalent on his list." New York, N. Y. Don Luigi Sturzo, noted Italian statesman: "Italians ought to be ver ygrateful to the U. S. government for its declaration concerning the policy of npn-interference in other countries, including Italy, in the solution of governmental problems according to true democratic standards." ART TOO fTN'O'f HtflS MORH SIX V I i V I ' ' TIME SERIOUSLY l IMPORTANT THAN w " ' ; : AS MY ART BSS SS- THIS? TV... A- s&l Jt 1 hard or Chicago, spent yesterday tn Clinton, na the guest of Mr. and Mrs. V. Mmvy of South Fifth Street. Mrs. Shepherd was formerly Miss Cora Whitenmh of cliuion. Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Nebcker enterl allied their picnic dinner club at their home, last night. The Nebekors wi-nt lo Indianapolis! today, where there was meeting of the republican stale committee, of which Mr. Nebeker is a member. Mrs. Alice Hiirgins attended a meeting of the Daughters of the revolution at Terre Haute yesterday. Mit Higpins w.ts one of the hostesses for the afternoon. MIkb Sara Downing, who was referred to as chairman of the women's committee, providing the dinner for the rresybterian men"s club meeting, Monday evening, said today this honor belongs to f -.. Hit POPEYE SINCE IDE LOST OUf? THIS MEETING 31 OJILL COME TO SHIP AND ALL ouk FOOP SUPPLIES. IT IS ORPER TO PISCUSK' u)AVS AMP MEANS US VEPSUSK NATURE. MEAg"T-OF GETTING OI?F THIS WE'RE GO NER BUILT 4 A BOAT ANP THE ONLV UUAV WE'RE I LL BUILP THE HULL OF ) Z 7 (ILL ROW.') I . ' lO ' " GONER GET ORF THIS ISLANP ISFERUSTO ALL USE OUR NATURAL Chicago, 111. Adolf A. Berle, Jr., head of the U. S. Air Delegation: "It is, I think, not too much to say that the work of civil aviation is 20 years farther along than it was when we first met. Though we have not achieved all our dreams, at least it is the beginning of the end of the anarchy which heretofore has prevailed." Washington: James V. Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy: "We can expect still more opposition as we go along. The nearer (to Tokyo) we get, the more the Jap can constrict his air defense as well as his ground and sea defenses Our choice of strategy will be reduced." TALENTS 7 jFh, ft n. m - - - Mrs. Diana Mooney. j TFX VKAItS I MiO TOIUY IJchsp flnts Iteudy to Imh' j Clinton automobile owners may now obi a in t heir 1 9:15 license plates at the Clinton Auto License , Bureau on Blackmail ireet, it, was announced today hy Miss Ila j Jenkins, in charge of ihe local ; bureau. rii'it-s will be issued upou pre- i

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