The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 8, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1944
Page 7
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r Page Se en TnE DAILY CLINTONIAN Friday, December 8, 1944. The tester visits each herd once month, weighs the feed and milk QUAKER CITY SENSATION . By Jack Sords of each cow, night and morning. BOWLING RESULTS (l'A-COI,A l.KAOCE DIANA SWEET SHOP Weir Germans Yield Roer Positions Before Advance Vermillion County Dairy Group to Be Reorganized Plans are being completed for starting herd testing work for Vermillion County in the?- Dairy Herd Improvement Association, according to an announcement made by M. J. Peterson, county agricultural agent. Thomas Lowe, who for nine years was herdman of Illiana Farms, will 192, 15S, 188 535; Fr. Shea, 192,; 158, 101 fill; Manship, 165, 156, j 12!) 450: Allison, 155, 138, 1771 wliilP: I ; Arnold, I8-V&AK-OI-D MIOPIA und takes a sample of each milking which he tests, lie figures the monthly production of milk and fal. the feed cost and Income, over cost of feed for each individual in I he herd and the total milk and fat produced by the herd, the total feed cost, the total income, cost of producing 100 pounds of milk and the cost to produce a pound of fat for the whole herd for that particular month. . H (Continued from page 1) be the tester for 1945, Mr. Peterson said. He added that county !' ,? Zsam. frfmi-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:: 470; Ave, 169, ISO, 197 646; handicap, 145, 145, 145 435. Totals. 1018. 932.. 997 2947. Pl'DI.IC SERVICE CO. Colombo, 157, 191. 209 557; Jones, 1 74, 117, 183 474; Bayslnger, 154. lill. 147 524; Mooney, 157, iau, 177 524; Straw, 149, 168, lti7 484; handicap, 127, 127, 127 381. Totals, 920, 954, 1010 2284. l ........v.v.v.v.'.i: v-vie t.9 M: ' w . dairymen who wish to Improve their herds by testing in this association should contact Mr. Lowe at Perrys- vllle or the county agent's office In CO TO CHURCH S UND AT On the Seventh Army'B left, Lieut. Gen. George S. Patton's Third Army uncorked a new at.tack to secure its bridgeheads across the Suar river and increase the mounting threat to Saarbrucken. Twin assault columns of Patton's veteran army closed In on the Im Newport as soon as possible. Some of the resujts of cow test- ting work arc: more economical production, decreased cost of pro , 182. 152, 1 42 99 320; 15 4 4 65; 153 469; COCA-COLA HH'I 477; Hauers. 125, Hageniun, 175, 136 Fenogllo, 1S1, 135. iiiii;;f -?v Or. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROI'KACTOS V Itiij 235Vi Blackmail duction, feeding Individual cows according to their production, eiimiji atlng low producers, developing bet ter herd management and IncreaB Ing the Income from the herd. Ghldotll, 168, 1 43. 194 51)5: handicap, 177. 177, 177 531. Totals, 1009. 839. 919 27C7. MATTIODA GROCERY Costel-lo, 102. 150. 219 531; Lyday, im, 135. 164 ...4K; Alnttioda. 160, 1 82, 1 16 I8S: M:rloe!t. 176. 192, 156 - 524; Krazukas. 15 8. 166, 150 474; lianillcap. 108. 1 OS, 108 32-1. Totals, 953, J3:S. ii-IJ - 2S29. VERMILLION IIOO.U IhlV!, 158, 220, 181 569; Guerri. 122, 168. 139 . 429: Asbury, 132, 160. 124 416: Kirkmun. 252, 223, 157 portant industrial city from points little more than lliree hiIIcm away and swept over the Snuregueuiines area, penetrating the deep recesses of the Siegfried Lino north of Dlll-lngen. Seven"! heavily-defended pillboxes were taken In savage fighting. The United States First Army to the north seized a hill position commanding the Roer river east of Bergstein. Penetrate Siegfried Line Penetration of the Siegfried line of troops of the Third Army's 90th Division oncountered heavy artillery and small arms fire from well-prepared defenses. At 5 p. in. yesterday, a counterattack north of Dillingen by 100 infantrymen supported by three tanks was repulsed. The 95th Division encountered stiff resistance in the Saarlautern are and heavy fighting resulted. A spokesman at the headquarters of Gen. Dwlght D. Elsenhower dis Clinton Cagers Bow on Home Floor Tonight Cats' First Home Game Of Season Tonight As Sullivan Arrows Arrive; Game Starts at 8 p. ni. Clinton v Sullivan Time at Kami'" 7 p. in. ami S p. in. I Union llllili HtlKiol iin Officials: lloli Hmilli, II. II. Illlanis SiartliiK Uiieuiw CIJXTOX Sll.l.lVAX Foster F ijiiiltli James F Kobertson Hungerford C Sims Watson G Iloesman Smith C! Ulnes Clinton basketball fans will have their inning tonight when the local hardwood crew appears on the home floor for the first time this season when they meet the Uolden Arrows from Sullivan in what is expected to be a top-notch game. With rivalry between the two schools at a high pitch the game is expected to feature a lot of razzle-dazzle playing with the Wildcats having a slight edge because of the twin advantages oC more experience and a home floor. Clinton will be playing the third game of the season tonight with one win and one loss chalked up in the books to date. The Arrows will be launching their hardwood season in tonight's game. Most of the Sullivan first stringers, like the Wljdcats', are veteran players. The Arrow men mainly are both grid and cage players as are the Clinton ere and roughness Is expected to marK the game. The varsity tilt Is scheduled to begin promptly at 8 p. m. with a second team curtain raiser scheduled between the Kitten and the Darts at 7 p. m. Coach Hob Burton's lineup will be Foster and James, forward, Hungerford at center, and Watson and Captain Smith at guard. Coach Red Searing's starters will be Smith and Robertson, forwards, Sims, center und Hoesman and Hincs, guards. IB Son of Former Clinton Man Wounded in Action James Dubree, Peoria, 111., former Clinton resident, has received word from the War Department that his !032: Tasso, 148. 154, 147 449; IM M CISCO. ai handicap, 157, 157, 157 471. Totals, 969. 1082, 905 2956. HORNEV'S BATTERY SHOP Lane, 221. 192. 190 603; Palon-cy, 163. 169, 191 523; Waugh, 179, 138. 142 459; Cooper, 142, SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY! James Walsh 88 410 Proof WHISKEY Pints $1.99 1S8, 152540; handicap, 128, 128. 1 28 384. Totals, 1033, 996, 908 2937. 1 M closed that during the last week. ' if the Germans have fired 6.000 I g 1 1 IJiif 10 Conference Commissioner For 21 Years is Dead commissioner of the conference, better known as the Big Ten, in Au-guost 1923 and until his death played an important part in developing the conference into a model collegiate athletic organization. JULKS TAVERN Taparo, 228, 246, 1 79 653; Roth, 182, 134, 1 S7 503; Gambialli. 170. 169, 162 507; lacoli, 139. 156, 156 431; Benetti, 192, 205, 212609; handicap. 11 6. 116. 116 348. Totals. 1033, 1026, 101 2 3071. GREGORY CAFE Lammey, 236. 171, 170 577: McDonald. 135. 177, 128 440: liretleweg. 157, 1 54, 1 29 4 40: Maloney, 157, 154, 105 . 476: Wilson, 245. 181, 193 619: handicap, 122, 122. 122 306. Totals,, 1052, 959, 9072918. round3 of artillery against American forces holding an Intact bridge a-cross the Saar river at that point. Clear Foe From Korbaeh Two light counterattacks were repulsed in the eastern part of Saarlautern yesterday, the spokesman said, while the town of Forbach, some four miles from Saarbrucken, now has been cleared of the enemy and a slight new advance made. Shell German TrooiH Battle action on the northern sectors inside the Reich was marked by heavy artillery action of American guns shelling away at feverish German troop movements being carried out under cover of smoke screens west of the Roer river. y 6 I-K I Also Complete Lines Of WINE-GIN-RUM-BRANDY WHISKEY AND CORDIALS Libers Liquor Store Commercial Club Meeting Clinton Commercial Club will hold Its regular meeting Monday at 7:30 p. m. at the club rooms, it was announced today. All members are urged to attend tills meeting as the nomination and election of the Board of Directors wili take place then. Worth Pepper Once Rome was worth 4,000 pounds of pepper. When invading Goths conquered this ancient capital, they demanded a pepper ransom, for at that time, spices were more precious than tubies or gold. Ia " Hill UK !!' Ol .11.1 11 " w. Need Colored Vegetables We need green, red, and yellow vegetables in our diets. a-f J 1 J e II II . 1 .1. S -MS " I'lione 701 5 assified Ads bell Most Anything j 'KiRJjXy CHICAGO, 111. Collegiate athletic circles throughout the country today mourned the passing of Major John L. Griffith, cnnini'ssioner of the Western Conference for the past. 21 yenrs. Maior Griffith. 64 years old, died of a heart attack last night, several hours after conference athletic directors I' id rem" ed li's ront'-acl for f)v" nnre " IT- r.-. nd itvtpc in Ms offices 'n iho ' ' w fi. John, athletic d'reeior nr Ohio Slate iTnivercy. and Kenneth "Tug" Wilson, Northwcs'cn University athletic d'r"ntnr 'ehe two men went to "r'fflt'-'s nf'e- he f.ii'ed to keen pn nn n'n'ment wl'h Ihem. An Inhalator snend fi-om the fire d'artment adinMilf terd artificial respiration but failed to revive him and an hour laler he -was pronoun-cod dead. Oriff'th wi snrvlved hv h'q widow, Alice, and a son. I t. Jack Crlff-ith, who Is stationed in St. I.onis. Major Griffith became athletic Kim so hungry ) I e ' 7W! -r) ccf,,:- ' nTLeJ"., I UJebettek) ( )K) , HORSE v- - ''JlMPV!' 'iJ iMOUFLAGEP ) r Tk')) W AHOiV' 1 -Sl ((( (thimkof) K J) . i , )t- ? " ' ""-V son, Sgt. Frank Dubree, has been wounded in action, Nov. 21, somewhere In Germany. Sgt. Dubree is a nephew of Robert Madison, 800 South -Main Street. ira Granltp.reak EI Capitan, a huge granite block In Yosemite National park, is three times as high as the Empire Stat building. , . Throw Your Scrap Into the FlBht it noccki'T , I "-,.,1,:: ' 1 I gAA -l I -rJ3 I - -- I HAVE TO COST Wm theatre much- if. m 'PIPM'T 'VOU) . , sAv vou y ' f J 1 .J mils "i i i -s . - r r:oHT7iOE) yS Zi GOT TO GET ) rS LOOK, BUB- ITS I J a c run 1 1 - -r-3r i AT A y. X S- HO TRUST HY. TRUSTIX NO lima GOTTA Starring POPEYE THAT NEUU PROPELLER VOUVE been ? P jy'S vsp. n ? foj ) .JUKE r IP MlCk.LS? -IING TO THAT BACK TO KEEPS YOU IN TRIM! HELPS YOU RELAX! MICK-rXS? TWO tMG ALLPAV POPEVE ? J NIC ;ELS? ! JU OU USEO UP ALL. GOTTA HEA;-? AT . Mil TJU5 AuAlN.' .9 .y.J 1 ,1 ) I -A TRUST ME FF? Between Strikes You Can Enjoy Good Cold Drinks At Our Fountain Service . LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY h H s WELL-LIGHTED ALLEYS JUS' A FEU) MICKELS. TO F'LA'V IT JUS' If J. A LITTLE? j .v. t j-r 1.1 I - ,' 1OIA1M TUAT rilDI t ucan'c uniio nnimn J'f.'j "'.' ( KRUGGDOKTOR r7A KRUQG.' yOU'RE (C KRUCJG? J "..'.J CVHATACHUMP SHE irii i5 miKikii icnil Yr. KRUGG? HM-DA5 1ST SEHR GUT! HA, HA? SO-IAM DOKTOR KRUGG? A MOST TYPICAL EXAMPLE OFDEMOCRATIC I rft i nmiTV rir. VWVNNA QUESTION HIM, GOING UUr MAVt V f yOU ANy MESSAGE?) 7 A DON'T YOU SEE7SHE IS DOKTOR KRUGG.' SECITB ALL HE S HEAUlN FOR HADca MIGHTY FAST 2 a FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8 v. m : r :' aur CHS vs. SI 1 ciMn AWVTUIKia Ikl nNIVTUI??--! I WAUF TO HAND IT TO or All Tur ROMPPC T PVPB I HIS POCKETS.CAPTAIN? ) I'M AFRAID IT r tui: cnilARF-WFAD Uf MADE PULLED, IRWIN ,THAT TAKES C WELL, DAN TlJC DEM7C kiriT CI lCDFI?TlWrt- I T k'INDA .f I IA1 IN I I rl I Kli J JVI I I hi I CLINTON HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM GAMES AT 7 AND 8 P. M. SEASON TICKETS $2.25 Tax Incl. General Admission 35c A SACRIFICE PLAY AND GAVE HER A CHANCE TO SCORE .' NO THAT GIRL WAS DOKTOR KRUGG.' HAD A HUNCH TELLING WHERE SHE IS NOW J .11 , ALLALUNO.' r! "" f f T 1 . VOU MUCH 1 xr. .r il . 1 ?. NEXT HOME CAME DECEMBER 15 CHS vs: OTTER CREEK 3i 'A t I

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