The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 8, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1944
Page 3
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int tiXTE? vzmintivxn Page TTirefi f rJifoy, DVeetnEer'8, M41. WABASH SUN., MON. AND TUB. Newport WSCS Elects New Heads Lewises Honored at Dinner Party" Churchill Wins Major Decision In House Vote (Continued trom page 1) Mrs. Kilo I', Hull Tliuudny evening. ,Mi. Allied Kills, president, pre-Idi'd lit Hie l.iilii" mcnilng, lie. spuiises In r nil ii II were rurrt'iil 'tenia. I Ml 1 1 fl H III hualneaa meeting, Mis. Nell Wall, whii n pieaeiileil the l-llili lit lh" inii'tlim held lust Mini-itsv nlMliI nl Hi" ,MkIIiimIIi I'Iiiiii'Ii In illaiuas III" lei'lllllte en II I KM" ii ri'iMHi nl lh in'" I " Ihe i'IiiIi. Klve dull llli'llllii'la lllllllltei'l'i'd their aervlies III II III Willi I In' I'llllleen. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Balrd and family of Newport. The 24th annual county convention of the Royal Neighbors was held at Cnyuga last Wednesday, Nov. 29. Members of the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist Church of Newport held their regular meeting at the church Thursday wltji Mrs. B. R. Is'ixon presiding. timt The meeting opened with a sons Mrs. Gertrude Hoople of East lie mill Ihe assembled members Hint If they did not like what lie was Dy me group, roiiowed by prayer by Chicago and District Deputy, the Rev. J. R. Walton. Devotions Carrie Bradbury of Sullivan. Greek National Liberation or resistance niovement. known as liAM, as a jrrnup of revolutionists and troublemakers. Its military arm, tho Kias, he charged, spent more time la battling Creek conservatives than il dill in combating tile Nazis during the period of (lerinan occupation. Accni-iang to his resume or the situu'ion. this left-wing political and military agglomeration, embracing many communists within lis ranks, planned to inarch upon Athens the moment the capital was liberated, seize it fur lis own purposes and eliminate all rightist elements. One of the strangest disclosures in Churchill's speech was his statement that German soldiers left behind in the Nazi evacuation of Greece are righting in- the ranks of the Klus. In other words, according to his charge, supposed Fascists are battling with acknowledged lel'i-wing elements in violent attacks upon constituted authority. T li e impression lie obviously sought to make was that Ihe pres Mrs. I lid., I'liiiia wnie iiiadi' Inr Ihi'1 ( In l -lima IlleellllK villi ll lll he held Thliradliy, llie. 1 ill the hiillle nf Mis. limit Miiitn'i- An i vihuni I lining, lliey rnulil throw him out nt rrire. Ami In the same breath he ulna will he riiliiliii'iiil lli'lii'lmis refrealiliii'iiia i'r- were the honor guests at the con vention, and Mrs. Hoople spoke to the members present on celebrating the club's 6 utlie anniversary. County president, Mary Allee, of Cayuga, called the meeting to order which wns followed by the secretary reading the minutes of the last led by Ihe hiialena. Thoae wlui iiiiKinliil Ihe iih'I'IIiih were Ml It. linn' Hlieiiln, Mia Mortimer Lewla. .Mrs. Wall, Mrs. ,loe I'nlts. Mm. Hunter. Mia. Hw- I'll ,V -.k i"' :V!r- .., V A at, - " ' r were in charge of Mrs. Walton. Rev. Walton talked to the group on the "Crusade for Christ," drive and out of the $636 quota which has been given to the local church, the group voted to donate $300 of that a-mount. Mrs. Dora M. Harger aided Rev. Walton In explaining the drive. The nominating committee, composed of Mrs. Mortimer fwwis, Mrs. Ella P. Hall and Mrs. Sam Stewart announced the following officers for the coming year: Mrs. B. R. Nixon, president; Mrs. J. N. Jones, vice president; MrB. L. R. Stewart, secretary; Mrs. Howard Erwin, treasurer; iililiiillliei'd that, II' retained, he w nit lil coin I inn' In do what he has hi'i'll lining. W II ho ii t reservation, he said that llrlllall IiiiiIim. niai'lilneguns and airplanes would go Into action ugninsl rebellious elements in any liberated rniinlry. Knr the task of Britain, he Inalati'il, Is one nf honor In suppressing liKlllltiil'S seeking, out of self-Inierest or In Ihe throes of mob vio-lelli'i'. In upset the structure of es-llllillsheil KtiM'I'lHlli'lll. The Prime Minister probed deeply Into what now has emerged as meeting. The next convention It was decided will be held at Dana, Ind. During the meeting the following officers were elected to serve, county president, installed protem; past county president, Mary Alee of Cayuga; secretary - treasurer, Mnble Blytlie of yer, Mra. Kills, Mra. .1, N ,1 '. Mrs. M. f Wiggins anil Hi bus-teas. Mrs. Mull. A CliilKlnnia party for ineiiilieia of III gut-en- Kalher Hilli'lav rtHinnl cIiihh or the MellMiillat Chuirli wiia held at the hnin uf Mra Kern Held Tuesday evening. Miss . Illiinelie KkkIksIiiii h n il ent trouble-makers are the riff-raff of opportunists who must be curbed if mil destroyed to ensure that a Heiiilihince of order prevails In the 1 wreckage of Kurope. Miss Blanche Eggleston, correspond-1 Dana; vice oracle. Neighbor Ping ing secretary; secretary o litera-lof Gessie, Ind. and chancellor, Neigli- charge of the di-tnlliuia. t'lnlatuiiia ture and publication, Mrs. Omar Mc-,bor Kelch of Gessie. the first real ti'Ht of tinted Nations strength against the internecine alilfe which, In Ihe final analysis, pi-iihiilily has been more responsible 1 1 1 ii it anything else lor all Ihe wars of Kui-ope. Tlil-mta l.lg-hl nil ;reece Ills historic speech threw sonic hen ma nf light at least upon the Untitled situation In Greece. The Prime Minister branded the Child's Colds Relieve Misery Off C -Rub on If BWI0 lime-Tested V VAPORUB' William Bytlie ahd Anui' Baxter are tlic rtniiaiitir tefchi In'lhe IMHIi Centliry-Ko fllnilzation of Maxwell Anderson's releln-ated play, "The Eve Of St. Mark," opening Sunday at h Wabash Theatre. The most understandinffi searching drama of a soldier's love and faith to come out of thhi war,, "The Kve Of SC. Inik" also feature Michael O'Sliea with Vincent Price, JUlth Xelson anil liay Ciillins in its brilliant cast. Masters; secretary of missions, Mrs. Fern Hollingsworth; secretary of spiritual life, Mrs. J. W. Walton; and secretary of social relations and local church activities, Mrs. Guy Gosnell. Other officers include: secretary of supplies. Miss Nancy E. Lewis; secretary of girls and youth work, Mrs. Ralph Adams; secretary of children's work, Mrs. Fred Sanders; and chairman of quilting committee, Mrs. Harger. The next meeting will be the last Thursday in December and the program will be in charge of Mrs. W. C. Wait. Installation ceremony for the new officers will be held and a party in observance of the members' birthdays during that quarter will be given. Doughnuts and coffee were served by the refreshments committee, Mrs. Belle Hegarty, Mrs. M. C. Wiggins and Mrs. J. C. Pickell. Mr. and Mrs. Linzia Fortner and Following the afternoon meeting lunch was served to 4 2 guests. The evening session was opened with the presentation of the flag and the introduction of the state officers. Helen Douglas of St. Ber-nice, the state oracle, was also present. Memorial services were given by Sterling Camp and Mrs. Laughlln sang ."Beyond the Sun Set." Gifts were presented to the state officers, two charter members of the Sterling camp and Mrs. Bush of St. Hernlce who is 83 years old and was the oldest member present. The Gessie Camp received $5 for the most Insurance written in 1944. Three candidates were Initiated into the lodge during the evening, one from St. Bernlce and two from Cayuga. Mrs. Alton Rose, Mrs. Karl Hoover and Mrs. Roy Cramer attended the convention from Newport. Ten members of the Fortnightly Carols were auug by Ihn ineiiihi ia and Annii Lou Ahuly anim a api'i lal number. "Away In A Manger." A covered dlah dinner was aerted at 7. Later In the eteiilug Hi" members exchanged glfls. Those present were. Mlaa Kgulea-tnn, Mrs. Klln Aahiiry, Mra, llriice Place, Mrs. Tiinr'" lleehee. Mia. Iva Nixon, Mlaa Nancy J.ewla, Mra J. N. Jones, and the hnateaa. Mra. Held, und two gueala, Mlaa Mildred Groves and Anna Lou Aahiiry. Miss Virginia He I'linily who la employed at the Wiihaali River Ordnance Works, spent the weekend at her home in Hockvlll with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Knrl De IMiinly. O. 0. Harry who Is employed in Indltttinrwlls spent the weekend with his wife, Mrs. Thelmn Hurry and daughter. Martha. Mrs. Mlrl Thomas and son, Chnr-les. attended a move In ('Union Sunday. Sunday dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Arrasinlth und riiinlly was Miss Barbara Hollingsworth. Mrs. Jesse De Planty spent Tuesday in Terre Hnute. Miss Theda Ann Moore spent Tuesday in Terre Hnute. Crumley gave a dinner in honor of 8gt. Glenn Tillotson who is home on furlough. Mrs. Donuldson B. Hurd of Newport left Saturday morning for Flor-icla. She will first visit her brother, W. Commander Gaylord Parrett at Melbourne, Kin., and then visit indefinitely with friends in Miami lleach. Fla. Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer Lewis who left Monday for Frankfort, Ind;, where they will make their home this winter, were honor guests at a turkey dinner held at the Methodist Church Sunday. The dinner was given by members of the Fldelas Sunday School laADIATOR ALCOHOL $1.00 per gallon Bring Your Own Container STAATS AUTO SUPPLY a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sager. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Thanls of Covington spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. G: C. Harry and daughter, Martha, of Newport. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Holtsclaw of Newport left last week for Holly, Mich., where they will spend the winter. Guy Gosnell and Herbert Arra-smtth, both of Newport, spent Saturday in Terre' Haute.- Miss Pauline Hicks spent Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. Allen Richards of Montezuma. "The Richardson Trail," a continuation of Merle Colby's book, "Alaska," was reviewed by Mrs. H. C. Sawyer at the meeting of the Delphian Club held at the home of daughters, Naomi and Mrs. Vaughn Bunco Club and two guests, Mrs. A. Jackson, spent Sunday with Mr. ' Mary Belle Sweazey of Newport and and Mrs. Lester Keen and son, Rog-' Miss Betty Grumley of Cayuga, class of that church and was com- were entertained at the home of Prldnv ! blned with the regular monthly "THE PLACE TO HIV er and daughter, Mrs. Robert J. Rose. Mr, and Mrs. Vern Baldwin and Mrs. Orpha Stewart last meeting. son of Danville and Miss Alice Bar Christmas decorations were used to brighten the dining room. Following the dinner a regular business meeting was held at which time officers for the coming year were elected. Oscar Kersey was elected as pres- night. Mrs. Esther Crumley of Cayuga was the hostess with Mrs. Orea-sa Ingrain assisting her. Bunco was played with prizes going to: Mrs. Sweazey, high; Mrs. G. Youmans. bunco; Mrs. Virginia Youmans, travel; and Mrs. Garnet Rein, low. Following the games refreshments were served by the hostesses. Those present were, Mrs. Elizabeth Stewart, Mrs. Mary Adams, clay and Mrs. Audra Owens, both of Hoopeston, .spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and MrB. Carmel Sullivan and family of Newport. Marvin Gaines and Donald Sullivan attended a movie in Clinton Sunday. Mrs.' Carmel Sullivan and daughter attended a movie in Cayuga last Thursday night. Mrs. Ruth Frederick of Moline. 111., is spending this week with her I Ident of the class; Omar McMasters, I vice president; Mrs. Dora M. Harger. secretary; Mrs, Jesse De Planty, assistant secretary; and Ralph Ad Mrs. Virginia Youmans, Mrs. Grace Youmans, Mrs. Grace Dooley. Mrs. Garnet Rein, Mrs. Ivy Braznul, Mrs. Ingram, Mrs. O. Stewart and Mrs. Grumley. Mrs. Alton Rose, Mrs. Earl Hoover and Mrs. Roy Cramer, all of Newport, attended the Royal Neighbor County Convention held in Cayuga last Wednesday. Callers at the home of Mrs. A. J. Wise, Sunday were, Mr. and Mrs. Prank Shew of Hillsdale. Rev. and Mrs. Ray Morford and Mr. and Mrs. William Wiltermood of Newport. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Youmans and sons and Mrs. Glenn Youmans, all ams, treasurer. The committee In charge of the dinner was composed of Mr. and Mrs. Ouy Oosnel), Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hussell. Mr. and Mrs. Omar McMasters, Mrs. Jesse De Planty, Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Neel, Mrs. Dora Harger, Mr. and -Mrs. B. R. Nixon. Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Adams and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Erwin. During tho meeting, Mr. Kersey and Mr. McMasters were appointed to serve as the new teacher to replace Mr. Lewis, the teacher of the claBs before he moved away. Several out of town guests who were former members of the class were also present at the dinner including. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde D. Mitchell and daughter. Jean, of Ridge-farm; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hubbard and daughter. Mrs. David Volk of How To Relieve 'Bronchitis CreOmulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have vour money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis SAVE PAPER SAVE PAPER of Newport, spent Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grumley and family of Cayuga. Mr. and Mrs. GAS AND OIL Olivet; and Mrs. Fern Hollingsworth of Newport. See Peck's Texaco Sta. 3 120 No. Main St. Guns Back Mrs. Verner Dwlgglnn and two Up The Boys and the Big With Your Scrap Paper ' Buy your gas and oil from US, - Get quality products, service PLUS, Come at once, you're sure to find, OUR gas and oil's the BETTER kind ! PECK'S TEXACO STATION 1 AH - 01 li - (iHEASlXG - VlXCAMZniti HECAPS ISO X. Main PHOXK 733 and RAG SCRAP PAPER SAT U P. DAY, DEC. 9th granddaughters left Sunday for Waynetown where they will make their home this winter. Mr. Dwig-gins operates a grocery store in that city. Mrs. Gladys Hollingsworth of Newport and her sister. Mrs. Blanche Walworth of Cayuga left Wednesday to spend a few days in Russellville, Ind., visiting Mrs. Ellen Moore. Members of the Electa Sunday School class will meet at the home of Mrs. C. E. Beebee at 6:30 p. m. Monday, Dec. 11. Mrs. E. S. Eggleston will act as the assistant hostess. Mrs. Carl W. Sect, Jr., and two sons returned to their home in Ur-bana, 111. Sunday after spending a week wtih Mrs. Seet's parents, Mr. and Mrs. VV. G. Parrett of Newport. Miss Pauline Hicks or Tangier who is employed at the telephone office in Newport, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and MrB. Charles Hiclis of Tangier, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shew of Hillsdale and Mr. and Mrs. Warren Tha-nie of Covington spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hny-ton. Mrs. Pearl Balrd returned Thursday after spending a week with her daughter. Mrs. Mary Ryan of Cal Have Your Dry-CIeaning Done "THE MODEL WAY" 323 S. MAIN :-: PHONE 13 536 S. FOURTH x PHONE 55 MODEL CLEANERS Wartime cleaning dtinr liv I S, Is work (lone WEIX, without fuss, Send to us your family's 1IICST, We guarantee to stand AM. TT'ST! 9 a. m. to 12 Noon STARTS AT AMERICAN LEGION HOME . I Sponsored by Local Boy Scouts And Boys of The Sacred Heart Church- Covering Clinton, Fair-view and Sunnyside i Please Have Paper Securely Tied in Bundles and on Porch or Curb by 9:00 a. m. Saturday Have Your Scrap Paper Ready! NOTICE MOOSE f umet City. 111. Mrs. Roy Cramer shopped In Danville, 111., Tuesday and visited with Mr. and Mrs. Frank 'Cramer and daughter, Connie Kay. Mrs. George Hennis and daughter. Sharla Dee spent Wednesday with Mrs. Lester Keen and daughter. Mrs. Robert J. Rose. Miss Elmina Canaday of near Horseshoe, spent Friday night with her cousin, Mrs. Rhoda - Adams of this city. Mrs. Ralph Adams and' daughters. Dorothy and Mary Ruth, and Mrs. All Members Are Urged To Be Present At The ; DISTRICT MEETING SUNDAY; DECEMBER 10 2 P. M. MOOSE HALL 3rd and Blackman Sts. F. C. GUIXN, Secretary. Clyde Russell, all of Newport spent Tuesday in Clinton shopping. Mr. and Mrs. John Park of Newport attended a movie in Clinton Sunday. Mrs. Dora Harder. Mrs. Nell Walt and Mre. Belle Hegarty. all of New port, spent Monday in Terre Haute. Mrs. Freeman Boatman arrived home from St. Louis, Mo., to spend

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