The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 7, 1944 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1944
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

TlmrsJay, December 7, 1944. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Page Eight Red Breakthrough Heading for Nazi Line at Budapest (Continued from page 1) 'ground to ground" combat, where ground forces fire against other ground forces; for 'air to ground' fighting, where planes strafe ground forces; and In air to air combat and as anti-aircraft weapons." Citing the Guam attack as an example of the rocket's effectlviness In making rubble of enemy defenses, the Navy spokesman declared that "thousands of rockets can be fired KTTSEVESS SERVICES Patton Drills Into Formach, Beats Off Foe (Continued from page 1) er, which now has risen a foot on the Ninth Army front. Thiiil Assault Continue At 3 o'clock this morfnlng, anoth er attack was made fiom the Berg stein soctor and a new gain of 300 yards made' to the southeast. This assault also Is still under way. There was no explanation of the rise In the Rocr as to whether It was from rain or other natural causes or represented some new ar tificial German defense measure. On the British front, enemy patrols are still crossing the Maas river from time to time between Venlo and Nijmegen and at points west of Nijmegen to the sea. Battle ut Siegfried Posts Continued fighting was reported from Dillingen and Saarlautern, both of which posses Slegrried Line Installations and strong-points. The Fifth Division gained some territory beyond the Forest of Warnt, while a cavalry group pushed two and a half miles to reach the outskirts of Forbach, which Is less than five miles southwest of Saarbrucken on the railway line. 35th Gains 2 Miles - The 35th Division, still fighting at Saareguemines, gained two miles and took Remelfing and also pushed ahead a mile through the Zetting Forest. The town of Siltzhelm was captured. The 26th Division cleared Herbltz-heim and pushed on to Ettingjn a three mile advance. Unsuspected gains were recorded In the Seventh Army sector. Heavy Tank Battle Front reports said American tanks forced German Panzers Into retreat after heavy five-hour bat- tie near Binning. 10 miles south- east of Sarreguemines. At least 10 German tanks were reported knock ed out in the battle. Trnona nl the Seventh Armv In Ian advance nf more than three miles against scattered German resistance, took eight villages on the western slope of the lower Vosges Mountains east of Saare Union. Death Wins Race as Hoosier Boy Dies Before Dad Arrives INDIANAPOLIS. 1 Ind. Somewhere, perhaps attll over Ihe Pacific, a young sailor-father today has lost in his race to get home before the death of bis little boy who wanted only to see "Daddy". Five-year-old Kenneth Dale Knight, who put up a valiant fight against an incurable disease, died last night at the home of his grandparents. Mr. and M,rs. Albert Knight, of Indianapolis, while they still awaited word from-iiis father. Radar Instructor Second Class Kenneth E. Knight. Since Sunday, when Kenneth summoned enough strength to speak to his father by trans-Pacific telephone. Ika Ararfs.on I trl rn h A A haan I ' I western Hungary was thrown Into bold relief by a Moscow radio com mentator who said that the third Ukrainian army had driven !I5 miles In seven days under I he worst possible weather conditions. The advances were faster than those of Ihe German Wehrinnnet through i-ui.iiul and Franco In the early days of l lie war. Enemy Casualties .Mount German and Hungarian ceiemltles in southwestern Hungary reached a total of more I hall 4.000 dead in two days of fighting and the seizure or more than 50 towns and villages brought the total of captured points during the past 4S hours to almost 100. The Soviet communique also announced that Tolbukhln's forces captured 3,375 prisoners in the hat-ties of Dec. 3 and 4. US Liberators Aid. ICeds (Allied Mediterranean headquarters announced that V. S. Liberators from Italian bases give support to the Russians in a far-r;inging smash at German communications between Vienna and the battlefronts. ) Although there was no official mention by the Russian of the bat tle for Budapest, a Moscow commentator said that "the final . blow against the Hungarian capital cannot be long delayed." The same spokesman added that v. hen the Russians break through from both sides of Lake Balaton a move expected In the near future the Reds armies will present a growing threat to Vienna, Bratislava and Gras. Russian forces In Yugoslavia advanced 10 miles from the captured Danube port of Uok to seize the important railway town of Sid and overrun 14 other towns and villag- Get In the Scrap! r3v Mill taa Hi QU IMM'S i t i i muter KUSSEll MORRIS - KELLY - HAYDEN Oifecttd by FRANK McDONAUJ Final Tonight If" y.ssawiaswaysaa TH PCTURES liny More llonds Eiection Tabulations To Be Available Did we hear soineone say: "Belter late than never'.'" tin page six of today's issues of the Clintoniun there appears a complete, official and carefully checked tabulation of the Vermillion county vote for the principal offices us cast III the general election Nov. 7. iiecnuse of labor shortages. It had not been the intention of I his newspaper lo carry the tabulation this year, but so great has been the demand lor Ihe official figures that II was decided, even lit this lain date, lo do so. RepnMH of lie- l.ilne will lie a vallntile within a lew days and may lie tu cured at the Cliittiiulan with this newspaper's compliments. Third Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor ! Sees Final Blows (Continued trom page 11 hin"d senpowcr was called Into action to clear Ihe seas of Axis submarines in order to move the needed men and supplies to Britain, whence thry could launch au attack on tho t'tiropoan continent. This yei'i- more telling blows have been struck. Most or France and parts of Belgium and Holland have been liberated. The Axis satellites, Romania and Bulgaria arc nut of the war, as is Finland. Tho capitulation of Germany has not come hut military leaders confidently expect it coon next summer at the latest, .fnnun "u Defensive Japan, loo. is' on the defensive. Her fleet was badly crippled in the Philippines though It probably will he reconstituted lo fight again. Bombs are falling on Tokyo. The re-coiuiuest of the Philippines is believed at hand. Guam has been regained and established as an advance base for operations against the Jap homeland. The Army. Navy and Marines pro on the road to Tokyo. Largest Ore Deposit Caue peak. Brazil, is the center of the world's largest iron ore deposit. 9c Fri. and Sat. 35c. Big Double Feature 2 Big Pictures IT TAIfB HOT KM) TO GTC0a OUT OF PARKERS DKiMS.. Riif the Lone stands ready to swap bultets tor nut, any timei CCORSE i V- ''SWING HOSTESS" Only Come Early and 9c 3 jc Get a Seat r 11 ) CAfrPADtNE W 1 if 7 J lACtlU !' -T r-Ai -'3 : This is America r News Flash Back Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices First daT lurtion: c for each reading line (one column line, like one of these). Neit two days Insertion: the same to cfcargo (you g three day at double the cost of the first day). Next three days Insertion: the am e charge (you get a whole Keek five days) at three times the Boat of one Insertion). Each group of three days thereafter. 8c a line. Blackface (like this) 10c per line. All classified ads Including mem-orlams and notices of all kinds must be paid In advance excent those by regular customers whose accounts axe paid monthly or those from organizations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter case the person asking thf publication of the r.utlce will be held responsible for Its payment FOB SALE FOUR HOMES, THREE, FOUR AND five rooms; one with one acre and one with two acres. Also Btovos and furniture. Heal bargain taken at once. One mile south of Hllls-sale, old Charlie Dale s place, ln-aulre of C. M. Farrell, Hillsdale, R. R. 1. 1 x ONE GUITAR WITH CONCERT case, one victrola. two Coleman lights, one pre-war ice cream freezer, one pre-war porch swing and household goods. Wyatl House, Lyford. t34x FRESH LOAD NAVEL ORANGES, tangerines, tangeloes, kniiiiiuaU, seedless grapefruit All tree ripened. No color added. Large paper shell pecans. McCracken's Market. t32 SPANISH PEANUTS. GREEN 25c per lb. 5 lb. $1.10. yellow pop corn, hulless rice. Will have corn shelled next week. C. E. Woolen. Hillsdale, Ind. t28 SEMI MODERN HOUSE. 1104 South 3rd. Occupied by owner. Will give immediate possession. Some one can get a good buy. H. S. Call. Phone 326. 129 40 WHITE ROCK PULLETS, SIX months old. One half mile west of Fairview School, Ben H. Miller. . t30.v TABLE MODEL RADIO $18.00; cabinet model radio $18.00 and 22 rifle and toys. 603 X. 3rd Street. I3 COL. 36751 LOKDY, THE MOM EXT 1 Laid Eyes On You. Can Callo way and Orchestra. 5c plus tax. White's Pharmacy. ALL KINDS OF SPICK'S AND CAS-ings for farmers making sausage or salami. Joe Airola. i:;02 X. Ninth St. t2Sx 1935 MASTER MODEL CHEVRO-let Sedan. 448 South Fourth Street. 693-W. I30x SLIGHTLY USED BABY BASSI-nette, reasonable. 802 So. 6th St. t30x CHRISTMAS TREES. GET YOURS now while selections are complete. McCracken's Market. 132 ONE SMALL WHITE ENAMEL coal range. Good condition. M5 South Fifth Street. t.:" CHILD'S ALL METAL RUIillER tire scooter and tricycle. Dawson. Stop 31. Clinton Line. I'-'Jz INTER - SPUING MAT T it E S S. China closet and buffet. Call at 1221 South 4th Street. t:i"x FOUR ROOMS OF FURNITURE for ouirk sale. Call mornings. 210 Fifth and Davis Street. BOYS SUITS. SIZE 12. MACKINAW size 12. and boy's toys. S4 Black man Street. t'Sj HAND CROCHETED AND EM broidered gifts. 219 Cherry St. t-'Sv TWIN SIZE JENNY bed. Springs and Higgins Street. LIND MAI'LE mattrers. 2'; I2M SLIGHTLY USED HOT WATER car heaters. Hoosier I'ete station. t2Si liltlt K, ANY KIM Vol W T. (Union Auto Wrecking Tart '-Ernie's. Itione H. Clinton. rt FIFTH VEIN COAL. CHARLIE Ferguson. Phone 136-W. R 17-17-41 f GROCERY COUNTER. 2 SLKIts Jesse Maden. Lyford. BED. SPRINGS AND DOLL 206 Walnut St. iUU.r.Y t:.n BROKE TREE DOG. CALL 13 After p. m. call 354-W. t' NEW BABY BED. PHONE 1015 t;i Ring 4. GOOlf TtiElt M MIIKIS. Phone ft. Clinton. tllME'S. 131 FIFTH VEIN COAL. CALL J92-J. t4" FOR RENT MODERN FURNISHED APART-ment, close in. 415 South Third Street. t24f Wanted to Buy, Sell or Trade USED FURNITURE, STOVE, ETC. T. F. Rlgsby, 142 So. Main. t29x British Airforce Slrafes Leftist Athens Outposts i Continued from page 1) attacks carried out just before dusk last night railed to dislodge the rebellious forces. Bias forces were said In reports to British battle headquarters to be reforming in an attempt to infiltrate Into Athens. (An Athens dispatch to the London Dally .Mail said that 7,000 Partisan troops were known to be massing outside the capital in readiness for an attempted all-out assault on the cityO British troops throughout the night moved to weed out resistance Dolnts held by the Elas. Fighting Lessening Although the"Greeks continued to fight from trenches and rooftops, headquarters of Lieut. Gen. Ronald M. Scohle. British commander, indicated that fighting In the Athens-Piraeus area had lessened. Greek" government forces supported the British in the slreet battles to clear the Elas forces from parts of the city. An official commiunque said there was definite evidence that numerous former German soldiers were In the ranks of the Elas forces. The British continued to employ both armored cars and tanks in their drive to quell the uprising resulting from a refusal by the EAM militia to turn in their arms. British paratroops forces engaged in house to house fighting to root out sinpors from positions along the main road between Athens and Piraeus. With The Compliments Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN. There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for THOMAS S. McCLURE 1111 South Fifth Just Come I And Ask For Them! Watch This Space Every Day YOUR NAME MAY BE NEXT COLUMBIA THURSDAY Admission 9c and 20c SONG OF. RUSSIA With Robert Taylor Susan Peters "Romancin Along" RKO Headliner LOANS... 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S SO 7.12 5-XG 5.02 firm 914.2; si 1.72 10.05 2nO tStUH S23.20 SIB-SS S250 S33.17 S28.87 Z.V7 S3UO S41JM S4-S9 S2B.S9 PUBLIC LOAN CO. 219 H Mala St. PboM 252 FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th and Bogart Mobilgas Station, Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. 32tf DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 63109 Trre Haute or Dana 1436. We pay all phone charges, John Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. tl37 DKAD ANIMAIjS IlliMOVKD FREE of charge by Dwiggins and Hons, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charges. Dana Feed Service, Dana, Phone 60. GUARANTEED 24-HR. REFRIGER- ation Service. Commercial ano Domestic. F. L. Uoneoraiie, rnone 1034-4 Clinton or 165-J-2 tezuma. Mon- -1-45 FOR YOUR HEALTH'S SAKE, EAT more fresh fruit. Our oranges are better because they're fresher. McCracken's Market. tl6f RECAPPING AND VULCANIZING. Five-ply passenger car tires. Plenty of Ethyl and anti-freeze. The Gas Market. 11-2-44 THICK DRIVERS GOOD COAL AT all times. No uniting. Paved road. 3 Miles west of Clinton, Ha-1 Ithlff. 8 & O Coal Co. t28x BURDSALS PASTE WAX FOR your floors. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. BENNET TRANSFER LOCAL AND long distance moving. 406 South Fourth Street. Phone 454. tS5f PAID NOTICES NOTICE! The Clintoniait regrets that late Christmas card orders received for he following persons have been can celled by the company. Mr. and Sirs. Carl Vrabir, Mr. anil Mrs. Delbert Haker, The llolllngs-nortli. The Jarksons. j Wc are taking this means of no-ifying tlietn as we do not have their addresses on file. The orders for Huffman, (illgliel-metti, and OoMa are now obtainable ut Hie office. tf .NOTICE! All members of Local Union 2274. Crown Hill No. 6 are requested to be present at a Special Meeting. ' Tuesday. Dec. 12.6 to 7 p. m. To vote on international and district No. 11 officers UMW of A. Commit-' tee will report on Portal to Portal Pay case now pending. Jim Thomas. President Louis Chubb, Fin. Sec y. I 131 NOTICE! Stated convocation. Vermillion j Chapter. 125 R. A. M. Thursday. December 7. 7 p. ,m. Visitors welcome. Wm. Vastbinder. H. P.; Ray Shew, Secy. t28 NOTICE! ! Fish fry at the Cozy Corner. Fri day night. Dec. 8. t29x XOTICE! Booster Club rummage sale. 213 South Main. 9 a. m., December 8. FOITND 22 CALIBER RIFLE. Slattery at Wilson, C-lla Auto Sale. SEE J. W. Justice and t2Sx MALE HELP WANTED BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly, Bill Blackburn, Clintonian. FEMALE HFXP WANTED FULL OTt PART TIME HOUSE-I: eper. Phone 25-W evenings after 5. 2,x WAITRESS. HOURS 5-12. CRANES. I29x HELP WANTED WAN'TLIJ MAN OR WOMAN 25-45 I to handle established cof.'ee and j grocery roule in and around Clinton. Car furnished and evpen.vfl puM. Guaranteed salarifs plus' commissions with steady emplny-! ment now and after duration.1 Slate qualifications. Write Box 4 42-X co Clinlonian. l5f CLINTONIAN - NEWS CARRIER boys for route open on seveuth, eighth, and ninth streets. Cail 22. Cliulojjian Office. WANTED TO BUY PORTABLE VICTROLA EITHER electric or band wound- Wilms Gross, cail Telephone Office after 5:0(1 p. m. t30i LOST t i HHMWN STKEi: lill'K BILLFOLD with S. . Card. Please return ar- i lieb. keep nii.n y to 9i Black- nan Street. Reward. ; Phone J TNT'IAN'A within a minute from bases mount ed on landing craft and navy craft standing offshore." Walter B. Welsonburger, NAM vice-president, announced the opening next week of a national adver tising campaign sponsored by the NAM. The program of the campaign lo be carried out in dally newspapers In cities of more than 50,000 population, Is designed to tell "how Americans can earn more, buy more and have uioio." Earlier, the congress pledged a post war level of employment 30 per cent above that of 1939 to combat the premature trend of war workers toward jobs outside war-essential industries. Dr. Herbert A. R. Zehrlaut, president and general manager of the 17. S. Machine Tool Mfg. Corporation of Clinton, is attending the NAM conference. Recently he announced that his company was working with the Navy's rocket production program. fa New Deal Is Stirred Over 4 Appointments (Continued from page 1 ) honey, Wyoming, and Kilgore, West Virginia. Seeks Information The senate fight, however, spilt various factions. Some Republicans voted to send the nominations back. wnie Sens. Clark (D) Mo., and) chandler (D) Ky.. were among' those demanding this action. Clark announced opposition only to Mc- Leish. while Chandler said he sought only to gain information a-bout the men. Some southern Democrats Joined in the squabble, aiming their votes at Vv. L. Clayton, slated to bo in charge of foreign economic negotiations in the State Department. Clayton headed Anderson, Clayton and Co., Houston, Tex., the world's largest cotton firm. "The senate was dissatisfied with the appointments." said Chandler. "These men are going to deal with vital problems of peace. There have been rumblings of connections Involving dealings with foreign Interests in cotton and oil. "I construe the senate action ts a demand for public hearings." he said. Fight Mclrf-ish He added that he would fight Mc- Leish, named to be In charge of public relations and public policy for the department. Sens. O'Mahoney and Murray demanded to know the stand of Clayton and others on the qeustion of international cartels, they declared that destruction of cartels Is neces- wars. Sentimental Gentleman, Wife, Neighbor Freed j O" Assault Charges LOS ANGELES. Calif. Dismissal of assault charges against bandleader Tommy Dorsey, his pretty actress wife, Pat Dane, and their ! grey-haired neighbor. Allen Smiley, growing out of Hollywood's famous "battle of the balcony" was ordered today by Superior Judge Arthur Crum. f Screen Adonis Jon Hall, asserted- ly beaten and slashed in the fracas. was sharply criticized by the judge in a four page opinion. Dorsey and his wife clasped each other and kissed when they heard they were free. "I'm very happy It's all over." Dorsey told reporters. "I want to get back to work just as quick as I can get to Chicago." "I'm so happy." said Mrs. Dorsey. "I'm tickled to death, hut I was never worried." chimed in Smiley. Hall, who charged he was h-afen about the head and face and slashed 'across the nose during the frscas at 1 lhe rrtment last Aug. 5. gave his ruling. The fight on the Dorsey balcony started when Hall, returning with a woman gu"t to retrieve a misplaced purse, placed his arm around Mrs. Dorsey "casually," as tbe actor described it. Clinton Moose to Be Hosts To District Meeting Sunday Clinton Moose Lodge No. 15 01 is the post for the district meeting which is to be held Sunday. Dec. 10. at 2 p. m. There will be a delegation from Attica. Terre Haute. Greencastle and Linton, Ind.. present. Approximately 75 new members from the various lodges will be initiated at this meeting. During the recent campaign conducted by the lodee. results were most gratifying. Mr. Guinn said, adding that they have almost doubled j their membership and new members are still coming In. J 8 Tkro-0i-6erf 4i ! -FlflM! : ! I I ' ! I !..i,i, -i.h v. h,,.h. ,.,'!' achieve a world atmosphere ficials in an attempt to bring the'which would nelD to Prevcnt '"iure " MGM'i TERRIFIC WESTERN HIT.. father home. j 'I want you to come home to me : for Christmas." the little boy had i managed to gasp. j It was the first time he had shown ( interest in anything since Thanks-j giving, when he was brought down- stairs for a short time. Suffering since Infancy with systic pancreatic fibrosis so that he could not digest fats properly, the boy had been under constant treatment of physicians. 1 Plans for a beautiful last Christ mas had been made by the grandparents. A tree was ready as well as presents for Santa to deliver as soon us daddy arrii-cd. Daddy and Santa were inseparable in Kenneth's mind. His mother died three years ago. Funeral services had not brn arranged today, pending word from the father. U. S. Production Of Xavy Rockets Is At Top Speed NEW YORK. X. V. A naval ordnance officer disclosd today that the I'nited Staffs Navy is planning to use gigantic rockets of un-u rci'ftifn I .1 iiviirarv anil ftctriic- live force to help deiiier the knock - K JOHN S Btih.ts.tlC !''. ' .... ..i- .as f . STARTING SATl'RDAV AT 11 P. M. out blows against both the Nazis!"" . IU . n iKiaiili ' H'ii'T'-ttirn.TA V'j Y. wt-v'ir'-t'r.. 1 "-ri- 3";;r-rvc?H ! iiiyi ;x - i .tJJ.Ji-JL' and the Japs. Capt. Gerald D. Linke. section chief in charge of armor projectiles and bombs in the Navy's Bureau of Ordnance, revealing details of the massive rocket production, asserted that the estimated $100,C00.u00-a-mo nth-cost will equal the total , monthjy procurement of all naval ammunition at the present time. Addressing the annual meeting of the National Association of Manu facturers. Linke said: , -,ne avy laid down its urst , rorfcet barrage at Tarawa and since 'then has n the pace for develop- I meet of rockets, which sharply re- iduce casualties during amphibious j landings by pulverizing enemy beach j defens. Four Priori pal I'sea J Capt. Linke. gunnery officer on 'the battleship "Pennsylvania" at the time of Pearl Harbor and later ex- lecutire officer on(ft e St. Helena, ex - plained the four; principal uses for rockets. i "They are usd," be said, "in $300 or Less Is Often the Answer to a Lot of Troublesome Problems. Why Not Talk It Over With Us Without Obligation. V.lL 3& SECURITY LOAN COMPANY 225 Blackman St. CLINTON'.

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