The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 7, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1944
Page 4
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i!w-i',r,.'''i'- ' Thursday, December 7, 1944, PtgeFoof THE DAILY CLINTONIAN THE DAILY GUNTOMAN THE BLACK FORE5i ehindtjielcen At the, Mooie$ l 1M4 .il .I. y.- , .. v y . n ri. A L vmmk I The Weekly Ottatonlea 1HM 'hlii-sdny, l-Yltlay MOLOTOOD Ik Cttaloa PUlndoaler ibmM In 1B0 rmkUik4 Dally Except Saturday and Buadaj tmtgo L. Carey - Editor and Publish? b UABBISON CARROLL I at tae Fwtofflce at Clinton, Indiana as Second CUaa Matter I Republican BdltHal and Saturday Wully lleerys millions of. fans and Unit means you will be utterly delighted with his newest slurring film, "Hnrbiiry Coast Gent," which Metro-doldwyn-.Ylii-yer presents at the 1'iiliieo Theatre. A conuHly-dnitua of San Fran-eiseo'a Harhnry Coast and of the early Nevada gold-field days. "Harliary Coast (lent" Is last, uc-tlon-imclied and. In brief, thor Kins l'ealuroi Kj inlkuto Writer HOLLYWOOD Tho principal set for R-K-O's "The Spanish Main is a thriller even for an old-timer. Two sound stutfes thrown together, with a full- Phone S3 "Here Com the Co-Eds," whcr chubby Lou Costello, wearing a blond wig ond Impersonating a gjr is ploying basketball against six! foot glaniazons, who. have been run into the game as ringers by jealou, Bud Abbott, Lou has to Jump cento, against towering Naomi Stout six feet four in her stocking feel former shipyard welder ond more recently a waitress in the Universal commissary. When Director Jean Yarbrouch is between scenes, Lou picks m a little change from unwary suck- MtMKX AfMM ivusuuM foiront. size d Spanish galleon and a pirate ship that maneuver on roller while actually firing their cannons. oughly delightful aiui good lor whatever ails you. UWVNVfMI 1 ir w if ji fjh 1 U All ASH H'ediK'wIay mid 'rimi'Mlay All this against a painted backdrop of sky and Millions of wonla liave been T5? water that can be moved verti callv to siinu it i Hi i late rocking of hi a ship and hori written about the theatrical boarding hoiiHe, but ft was not until PUC produced "Swing Hostess' new comedy opening at the Wabash Theatre, that all theKt hilarious, heurt-tugs and romance was pictured on film. Stage actors of the 20's making their regular tours could reach the popular boarding bonne Harrison Carroll V&J T7 ftl ffl h 11 & MWi "MS IS WHERE I rora f ill Wf$ zontally to indi cate progress through tho water. Add wind, rain and lightning ma chines, and you have two fighting ships, an ocean and all the elements under direct control of Director Frank Borznce. This week I watch Borage shoot ers. Ho makes free pitches for the basket and offers one dollar for every basket he misses as against a dollar for overy one he throw. What tho suckers don't know is that, 18 years ago, Lou got $55 a game with the Richfield Park pro. fcssionals end was, their champion foul pitcher. He gives me a llltle demonstra, tion and It's lucky we are not bet. ting. .'. After 18 years,, he throws 16 baskets out of 20.' Out at Republlc.'triey are shoot. Ing "Earl Carrol's Vanities," with Otto Kruger ploying Carroll, The producer himself is in Hollywood, but the story is that Republic decided he was not the type to play himself in the movie. Kruger is not on the set today and neither are the bevy of beautl. lul girls who will work in the picture. Director Joe Santley Is shooting a comedy scene with Miry Forbes, Alan Mowbray, Leon of the town blind-folded and the midille-aged woman usually in charge, always known as "Ma So-and-So" could bo depended upon to assign the trouper to a room he formerly occupied and serve DON'T "BUY BUSINESS" Mr. James A. Farley, former Postmaster-General, recently spoke in Birmingham, Alabama, advising the people of the South to balance their agriculture with industry and to make it possible for the people, through increased incomes, to satisfy their wants and their needs. In addition, Mr. Farley urged that no effort be made, to buy business, declaring a scene aboard tho galleon. Maureen O'Hara, facing- the cameras for the first time since the birth of her baby, Is having a furious argument with Paul Henrcid. i the foods that especially pleased on previous visits, Maureen, who Is Irish but never Martha Tilton, Iris Adrian, Charles Collins Cliff Nuzarro are starred in the film. that . "I am not one who would advocate giving free sites to industries, years of tax exemption, special concessions and franchises, guarantees of roads and highways, waterworks, etc . The New Yorker puts his finger on one Jidascoe, Pinky Lee and Tom Uugan. has played an Irish girl on the screen, i seen this time as the daughter of a Mexican viceroy. Henreid, who is Viennese, is portraying a Dutchman. There is plenty of action In the scene. Maureen slaps Henreid with all her might, then summons the captain, who first orders the hero to be hnnged but finally reduces his punishment to being flogged with a cat-o-nlne-talls. Sailors pounce upon Henreid and carry him off, still smiling contemptuously. When ho sees me, tho look chants to a broad grin. "How was that ?" he says. "Am I as brave as Flynn?" Another "must" set this week Is I of the rackets of modern industrial pro Mowbray Is wearing a weird- gress. Very often a community is faced looking orange-eolored mustache. wa e.- - Mtt 4W , ." I Sweet Pulato Flour Severul young chemh In Mississippi looked sadly at field after field of surplus sweet potatoes left rotting In the ground. Then they put their heads together and produced an inexpensive sweet-potato Hour that makes light, fluffy, t'olden-brown loaves and cakes. After testing the loaves the chemists announced that the new flour was a high-carbohydrate food, rich in vitamins. M Slow Cooking Quinces are like appics In thai they need long, slow cooking or cooking under pressure to develop the deep red color in preserves und "The mustache belongs to Re with demands from a prospective industry that it provide, free of charge, certain es public," ha saysj "but they had to hire me to giva it this air of distinction." . T" i Mowbray, It seems, Is playing a Taking a Backward Glance sentials which are the legitimate expense of business. The people proposing the new enterprise are anxious to get as much as duke of a mythical kingdom. "I don't mind," lie,says. "I have no pride. I wlU Dlav anything." - they can for nothing and are adept in piay lust yoar without a defeat. A fast and hard fought KHine 1h expected between tho Junior teams. IV roNiinls Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wllliama drovo to (IreencaHtle, Ind., yen-terday where they visited with their daughter, MiHa Opal who i attending D e p a u w university there. take note of the fact that these TWK.NTV YK.MtS AK TODAY seals, at one-cent each, are desir ing one community against another. As localities bid against each other, the net jellies that most of us prefer to the ClirlMma Seals HlllcM In Classified Advertising Will Bring Resets! Try it! clear amber. able for decorating Christmas packages and some who neglect to buy them are likely to be Hoiinc to House Canvas .Now The house to house canvass for result is the loss of considerable revenue and the donation of considerable public spending money for other seals, whose sale Bupports no special the sale of Christmas seals was begun this morning In Clinton, with the Current Kvenls and Arts funds. MIGNONG. EBERHART I WOLF IN MAN'S' CLOTHING m4i BY AUTHOR- QISTRiaurED BY KINS FEATURES cause, C. H. H. Fitfully Xet Team Is To club workers in charge. They Indicated today they expected to Ti 0 SI D ofti bloc tini Mr. Farley asserts that "real legitimate business does not ask, does not expect and would not have these baubles hung in front of their faces". He adds that "the SYNDICATE, INC Hay Hill "rest ' have some more this week, and they hope to sell many In lots of Hill Crest Community Center will be the scene of one of the best fought hardwood battles of 'Mr. and Mrs. u. A. Korh and little Hm, William Charleg of the I'owder Ailll diKtrlet, spent yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. Chester I n man of 1115 South Eighth Streut. iMrsj. Lawrence Luce and daughters, Mary Catherine and Dori)tiy have returned home from Chicago where they visited the past week with Mrs. Luce's Hi8ter,trMrs. Jack Chavlno and her duAiglfjer, ; tMfHv Tvna Luce, formerly of Clinton, jnow a nurse in a Chfengo hospital. a dollar or other small quantities in going from house to house. I something else entirely; something I words and then went back to sleep." SYNOPSIS business that demands these is worth look ing into it savors too much of specula that had nothing to do with reason. When Drue Cable learned her Each of the federal clubs In the the season tomorrow night at 7 In fact, it didn't seem to have any o'clock, according to advance re city lias been asked to buy a tion and too little of permanency; it rings former husband, Craig Brent, was the victim of a so-called accidental thing to do with me: it was just an ports when the fast Hill Crest intangible thing that hovered in the health bond, and, besides, each member of the clubs Is asked to bullet, the persuaded her friend Senior team slacks up against the very air of that room. The queer High School 'Fnwlty. The facnl buy one dollar1 iwh -r"sesls part of It, of course, wits that it and fcllovi -curse, 'irate, to. answer vwith her. the call made by Dr. Claud Chivery from a small an Individual. TUe.iCurrent ty quintet wJll be chosen from should bo intelligible to inc. 1 am aorn wiU this . poll ' BIN ' pas wf and r,5 s the following players: h. K. Mi Events and Arts club, besides leading In doing the work. Is do never prescient; 1 have a good stem ach, no nerves and little New England town. Sarah was unaware of Drue's previous connec chaei: K. "Splkc'i Kelley, Karl Boyd, Fred Hayes and Dan Drake, ing that much buying. The country health work being the objective of the federated clubs, for while Hill Crest will probably tion with the Brent family which included Craig's father, Conrad; Alexia, Conrad's glamorous young Beevens closed the door behind me, and Conrad Hrent said, "My wife tells me thut the nurse who accompanied you here is a woman TKV 4YK.tRM Mm fron.w California CI (me to Permeate City an Juniors PreMiit Play Tomorrow Summer will invade Clinton's present cold climalo tomorrow play lis usual makeup, Ave, I.adl-ha, Iteeder, Madison, and Jenkins. At 8 o'clock the Hill Crest Jun wife who, at one time, nad nopea to marrv dale: Nicky Senour, the year, gives special point to this appeal to the clubs and club members. who was once my son's wife. I am Alexia's twin brother; and Peter iors are scheduled to play the Bending her away at once, I expect Huber. a friend of Craig. Anna Those who do not readily t.ike Cn-seenis, a fast independent when "It Never Ilafns," Aurnnla Haub, maid at the Brent mansion team of the 18 year old class, HouverloB' latest comedy comi-Bi told how Craig was found in the an Interest In the cause of health work are asked by the workers to wnicn went through all season too much of theory and too little of practice1; it's long on hope and short on know-how". We throughly approve the sentiments expressed by Mr. Farley and give them publicity. Nevertheless, we have no illusions that what he says will persuade industry-hungry localities from attempting to "buy business". In the long run, however, we are convinced that there is no net gain. Washington Benjamin C. Marsh, executive Secretary of the People's Lobby, Inc.: "The misguided or political economists who advocated general subsidies for farm products . . . must take their share of responsibility for the coming collapse in agriculture and the high prices consumers are paying to enrich agricultural economic royalists." via the. Junior Class players to-, garden the previous night, adding, morrow. It is a Play of California, "Beevens, the butler, said it was en accident-Mr. Craig was clean. Ing a gun." Alexia ordered Drue real estate, and youth. CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Shcjfcr Mr, and Mrs. Ttogers, in whose to leave before Conrad Brent dis home the setting is laid, are covered her presence. Drue told Sarah the strange story of her ro you to care for my son yourself until I can muke other arranKcmenls." He paused then, and added, "Mrs. Chivery will help you if you need her." lie stood on the hearth-rug waiting for me to say, "yeg, sir" (and, unless I was wrong, a little afraid I wouldn't). He was not a tall man, but he was rather muscular and thick; he had a brown face, a sharply aquiline nose and a bearded chin. His eyes were heavily lidded and rather bright In color, lie was a little bald; he wore, besides the somewhat stringy beard, a short gray mustache with two sharply waxed points at either side.. played by William Pesavcnto and Mary Alice Iteeder. Their son, Jimmy, is enacted by David Griffith. Mr. and Mrs. Donovan from mance with Craig. They mamea more than a year ago and Conrad Brent disapproved. Craig's work in the diplomatic service summoned him to Washington, and Drue returned to New York. Boston are played by Harry Rayle and Jean Ahlemeyer, while Chad Swayne has the role of Dorothy, liit-lr daughter. Shortly after, khe received a letter Doroihy Walt plays N'orleen Just above him on the of from Conr-. (which he claimed Cr-ilg sed him to write) stating his son had resigned to enter avia-t'5n ti'aining, only to discover married mf.n were ineligible. Conrad Sears, t-he neighbor ejri, and None fiteffy dons black-face to enact the part of Savannah, the inufd, Charles Hyde as Dane said Craie wished Drue to divorce the mantel was a coat of arms, carved and painted in somber, rich colors; it was an animal, an obese and unidentifiable creature which may have been a unicorn, standing sportively on one leg on a bit of h:m but oromistd they could re son, a former suitor of Mrs. Jtog- 1 ers, Danny Trunlio and Itay flings as college hoys, and Kva Mae green. Ihe coat of arms was not 1 l& I5 b34 5 1 7 I6 ti"" iu TT 22, ; 12 yy, 7!' J is it" p.7 16 T " in rt" : M iiiinii3iii 1 11 111 "1 I in 1 I I 1"! I ".Said . . . he began quickly, checked himself, and then resumed in a more deliberate way. "What did he sayt" "Sorry," I answered. "I'm nurse. Dr. Chivery reminded me of my oath. Florence Nightingale, yoa know," I said gently, and watched the purple eome up into his checks and lips. Too much purple, in fact, in his lips. I couldn't help making a mental note of it. "Florence Nightingale blazes!" he snapped. "I'm paying you. 1'ia his father. What did he say?" He glared at me and I looked back at. him, murmuring, "Sorry. Is that all ?" and made a motion toward the door. "Wait a minute," he said abruptly when I touched the doorknob. There was a short pause. Somewhere a clock was ticking in a measured way. It was almost dark by then and heavy red curtains had been drawn over the windows and one or two table lamps had been lighted. A canned coal lire was burning in ths . hearth below the coat of arms: a ; lump cracked open and sputtered; blue sparks shot upward as Conrad Brent asked, "Did he say anything about the accident?" and lifted bis light eyes to watch me. Well, there he had me. In spite of the antagonism Conrad Brent had instantly ronsed in me, it was clearly my duty to tell someone in authority of the thing Craig had said. So I did. "He said, well, as a matter of fact, he said this: 'But that's murder.. Tell Claud.' And then he said,' 'There'll be murder done.' " I watched Conrad Brent, and he -looke d back at me without the slightest change of expression. That was rather odd because he ought to have been a little startled. He ought t have questioned me too; but he didn't. After a long moment he only shrugged, "Delirium. -viously." And Conrad Brent added, "And he did recognize the the woman?" I discovered a streak of sadism in my nature and said archly, "Oh diflniuly!" That affected him as the other hadn't. He didn't have a stroke, but it was loueh-und-go for an instant. 'I hen abruptly he crossed to the long, pr.lmhed desk which stood in the window embrasure. He put bis thumb hard upon a bell there and when beevens opened the door, be sent for Drue. "Tell Anna to stay with Mr. Craig," he ordered. "And bring the other nurse here " " Beevens said, "Very good, sir," and vanished. tient'V9 go back to my pa-He interrupted. "Yon stay here." But , , "Anna took care of him till yon got here. She ean do it for another five minutes." He did't ask me t sit down, and h didn t sit down himself. But fhr'J Tment of "taring down at the- desk, he turned and lifted a crystal decanter that 1 11 I.evin, Mariiery Adams, and quartered, which was unusual and marry when the training - period was over. Drue got the divorce but never received znr reply to the letters she vrote Crai'g. Now, she is determined not so leave until Craig regains consciousness and can talk with her. Dr. Cliivery showed me how old the direct line must be. It might have showed me Kri'iiei-s Miller as college girls, complete the cast. Itaymond Ak-ers is property man. Mrs. Cecil McW'ethy Is directln, assisted by too, but 1 didn't think of it then, the London, England Prof. A. M. Low, famous British rocket expert: "Its within the rounds of possibility that the Germans could launch a rocket shell across the Atlantic but it's so extremely unlikely that I don't think anyone on that side of the ocean should bother much about it." Chicago Gen. George Marshall, Army Chief of Staff in a message to the Seventh Annual CIO Convention: "If we are to knock out Germany and Japan as soon as possible with a minimum loss of life, we deliberate easting away of all the hundreds of intermineling and intervening blood streams in order to told the state trooper that the bul-let he removed from Craig's shoulder was accidentally thrown away cling with absurd stubbornness and self-deception to one chosen ances tral line. the gun, too, is missing. He warned Sarah not to repeat anything the patient might say in delirium. Later. Craig mumbled something I didn't consciously think of any thing however but Drue. I said, so emphatically that my voice rung out against the dark woods and lioks and red leather of that study, rather mure loudly than I intended, "I'm afraid Mies Cable will have to stay." "I beg your pardon," he said, al IZ-5 though he couldn't have helped bear Miss !it-l';n Heed, and the Junior Class sponsors. Miss Alice Meyer and John Munaboseo. (jivi Mlificttl Prgm-aitt The Sunday School orchestra and Kpuorlti League of llie Klrst M'-thodist Church presented a program at 7 o dock Sunday evening at the t-liiirrh. It'-sides numbers hy the oreitesira the program Included numbers by a girls quartet, a vocal solo hy Kills Z'-hr, a vloiin numfa-r by Mrs. Kllic Zehr, a musical reading by Mrs. Kthyl Wadd-II, a dramatic reading by Miss Pauline Merritt, a number by the men's quartet and organ numbers by Mrs. J. L. stewmon. J'4TtflMl .Mr. and .Mrs. Juhn Taylor of fiuuih Main Htrem. have as their euts several davs Mrs. Hay KtiiiMin and children, Norma about "yellow gloves. From the window, Sarah saw Drue disappear behind a hedge in the garden and emerge soon with something hidden beneath her cape. A few minutes later Drue entered the sick room just as Craig cried out, "But that's murder I Tell Claud. There'll be murder done." Drue attempted to question him but he lapsed into drugged sleep again. 6arah is sum-moned by Conrad Brent and follows Beevens into the library, as Maud Chivery, the doctor's wife, is leaving. 6arah is telling the story. ing me. must work day and night to speed up production. One hour of delay may mean the cost of many lives." London Prime Minister Winston Churchill: "Fatigue and abstinence carried too far and endured too long can impede the effectiveness of a people at war as much as a more sensational form of I made ft clearer but lower in tone. You can't send Miss Cable awav. She is here as a nurse. We arc both needed," "We can get another nurse from HORIZONTAL 1. feline .Hindu social class -oft food , 12. employ 13. to the time when 14. wing 15. excess of the New York by morning. Tell htr to be ready to leave in half an hour." VFRTICAL 1. hint 2. slanderous report 3- weepy -V 4 gash "f 5. indefinite article 6 connecting body of water 7- cravat 8. river in Germany 6. model 46. symbol for tellurium 47. pike-like fish 48. sustenance III. dismiss (archaic) 53. cooking utensil 84. vex 66. single unit 67. unit of work 88. type of motor car SB. grow old 1 suppose he was not often de fied, so, whether his arrogance was assumed or real, obviouslyitworked. Washinfi'ton Dean Arripnnn. Arris!. He juat didn't believe my own oppo sition, to I took a long breath and ant Secretary of State: "There can be little i 17. Eductions talked up nearer him. "lyjok here. international security in a world in which 19- geological I said,"doyou want your son to die?" age That touched him, Something- Answer to yesterday's puzzle. the life of the people is unsatisfactory and insecure." flinched and moved back of hfh bright eyes and one hand reached 10. malt drink 11. dance sup 16 symbol for calcium 18. river in Ewitzerian 20. goes by 22. havens 23. difficult 24. distant 26. see.sawfng 27. diminutive for Edward 29 personal pronoun 30 devastate 33. blasting 35. wind direction (abbr.) 38. stroked caressingly 41. knave of clubs 43. group of Pacific islands 45. vigor (pi.) 47. goddess of earth 48 imitate 49 Etruscan god SO. born SI lair 62. golf motina 55. southern fabbr.. out toward the tail bar-k of a chair near him. He said, "He s not go CHAPTER TEN My first feeling was a wave of sheer self-amazement that I had had the enormous temerity to call him, flippantly to Drue, Papa Brent. My second was another kind of shock; for I found myself instantly, yes and seriously, on guard. Against what I didn't know, unless it was some quality of incalculability in the man who stood there on the hearth-rug watchinj me. 1 did know then, too, that Drue Cable's position (or rather lack of position) in that household was not in any possible sense due to a mere misunderstanding between lovers that a word or two mi'ht have cleared up. It was nothing so trivial. I also thouzht (queerly, unexpectedly) that there was danger somewhere in that house. ing to die," and looked at me as if daring me to deny it, but it had frightened him all the same. Uuih and Wayne, of Sullivan. - Miss Kauiu-il Crouder of Terre Haute is the wc-kend guest of Miss Merle, i'eck of South Fourth Ktret. Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Davis of South Main Street attended the funeral of Mrs. Davis' aunt, Mrs. E. O. Pursley of California yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy But's and daughter. Marguerite Maries, of Crompton Hill spent yesterday at Brazil visiting Mr. Uutts' par-ents, Mr. and Mrs. William Butts. Twenty-four hours thirty-six glasses, on a Bilv ' n-i - M aTTISII TEnplAc' N Tl If D Ia f o t iIiI Js tIqIa TIW I nMa E R A-ItFIJ IdieIcIa rIcIf n ba c e Am ON cj EATER It 1 rIeIeIn atJaBn o plu 1 if H'1! Pt77itTt crEst AlV PIR I CA n!tm U S r a v Ft It" Ala crt r e opel''dvldDiir7AQ at the most will tell the tale. If things go well, there's not much for 20. father 21. consume food 22. lever, as a bar, for prying 23. filament 25. network 28. bone (anat.) 29. conquer 31. primary color 32. stair parts 24. supplied with men 16. pedal digit 37. degrade 39. note in the scale 40. clip 42. cloy 43. observe brandy in the decanter. When he had ": Washington Gen. George C. Marshall, Army Chief of Staff: "Wars are the great tragedies of the human race and every conceivable effort should be made to avoid their prolongation by a single week." New York Lieut. Gen. Brehon B. Somervell, Commanding General of the Army Service Forces: "The utmost will be required if we are to continue to supply us to do, only routine. If things go wrong, that's different. I'd advise you to let her stay. Besides, he knows Ehe's here." That told on him too; I saw it again in the fUuo, me some and I shook my head he poured a generous amount 7v. .1. . 1. nk ""''"'y- I rather felt that he was fortifying himself against the coming interview, which bore out my curious, but thus far unsubstantiated, impression of aim. (To continued) ; filaw Growth a. Kuturallv. aone mav say that tnVe ArcUc, because of the shex" where g jns and shoot people away back in his eyes. "I thought he was unconscious. Chivery told me .I.e. would hjjsncoiv. scious for some time." , "lie roused a little, said a few tz-s Axmgt Uhc f folulms : 24 mkumttt. SisL by KiAt Fe&tures Endicst. lac our troops on the fighting front with all summer, many butterflies spend :fkhere ijt bsfcr.sef, and It deesn t summers and a winter in the cater- I take any sixth sense to realize it. juliar stage. tin jl as.more taan that tt wasl J , they need.

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