The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 7, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1944
Page 3
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Page Hire THE ti-XltY CLIN IONIAN Thursday, December 7, 1911. Aimed Forces Nortlv Carolina, where she visited serving with the her husband, Robert McMurtrey two NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE (Continued from page 1) Rag Rugs In wnshing rag rugs, soak rugs in cold water for about five minutes, then spread llu-m on a clean board or floor, and sprinkle heavily with any good washing powder. Scrub them with a clean broom or brush dipped in hot water, rinse thoroughly in clear water, and hang on 1 line to dry. A hose turned on them after pinning to the line will rinse them thoroughly. Blanford Conservation Club Meets Tuesday Night Twenty six members or the Hhin-ford Conservation Club attended the club meeting Tuesday evening. Frank pitchkitls gave a report on bills sponsored by the Stale Advisory Committee and the Isaac Walton League in regards to the present Delinquent Tax law so as to secure lands for conservation purposes and somewhere in Italy. Another' brother, T-5 Frank Barclay has arrived safely over seas and Is nor stationed somewhere in Bncland. , U.S.A. SAiman First Class Leroy Swingle arrived home from New York Tuesday to spend a furlouith with his wlie. Mrs. Ruth SwinKle. and his parents. Mr. and .Mrs. Leroy Swindle of Perrysville. wife. Mrs. Hazl Smith and sons of Fairview Park. He is fn training a the Amphibious Base located there after receiving training at the amphibious training base in Florida for the past six weeks. His address is L'SNATB. Crew 327, Solomon Branch, Washington. D. C. slate owned public hunting grounds. the Clinton serviceman is assigned has been active in the Mediterranean theater of operations for more than 20 monllis and has received a War Department citation for distinguished service in battle. U.3.A. Jo.u-I.h Petak, husband of Mrs. Marian Petak has been promoted to Fireman first class. He is located in the South Pacific area on a minesweeper. U.S.A. Pvt. Tom Graham of Universal Is home on a 30 day furlough from 'Alaska. r.S.A. AC Allen D. Crane, son of Mrs. Esther Crane of Clinton rural route three, has been transferred to Cochran Field. Macon, ('.a., for basic training in the Army Air Forces Pilot School. U.S.A. Pgt. Alex H. Reynold. Jr. Is spending 21 days furlough with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Alex Reynolds. ( FMETKKV .MEMORIALS MOMMK.VTS llli'l MARKERS Terrc llaule Monument Co. HffKI.L, V. I.ft H rhonfi SS2 Itrrtrnlntive 40S S. Seventh, ('Union The club has voted to purchase , a $7'i0 war bond in the present ! drive. ' The next Important meeting will j he lieid at the lllnnford Club Mouse j Monday. Ilec. 11 at p. m. New of USA Staff Sergeant Huehie L. Curry. son of Claude Curry of South Main street. Cliuton flying as gunner of ficers will be elected and (lie rim weeks. While there she witnessed a regimental review in which Private McMurtrey was a participant. Private McMurtrey lias been in the army since last summer. .Mrs. Adron Elliott and Mis. U. D. Nicholson spent Friday in St. Louis shopping. Mrs. Hazel Dowers received word from her son. Glenn 1). Dowers of Camp Croft, South Carolina that he had been promoted to Corporal. Corp. Dowers recently returned to his camp after spending a furlough with his mother. Mrs. Alice llrockway fell ul her home last week fracturing her hip. Hht was found in the ynrd by neighbors where she had fallen. Dr. S. C Darroch was called and she was later taken to the Vermillion County Hospital at Clinton. Mrs. Hoy Adkins and twin sous and Miss iiwty Jo Parker of Chicago returned to their home Sunday after spending a week here with Mrs. Adkins' parents. Mr. and -Mrs. William Harrier. Mrs. I net Pratt returned to Cayuga .Monday from Detroit where she had been employed lor t lie past month. .Mrs. Raymond Alice accompanied Mrs. Murray Reeves as far as Cincinnati. Ohio last week. Mrs. Reeves returned to South Carolina where B-25 Mitchell bomber, recently will be host to the Vermillion Coun ll took part in his group's 600th combat mission. Mr. and Mrs. Ishmael Stultt of South Third street, has been transferred from Greenwood, Miss, to Gunter Field. Ala. His address Is 35147072. Sec. H, Sod, 3. Fit. B. Class 45-B. U.S.A. NEWS OF NEWPORT MEN IN SERVICE Harold Elson Conner, apprentice seaman, son of Faye Conner of Cayuga. Is now receiving training at the naval st.tllna at Great Lakes, III. His address Is: Harold Elson Conner. A. S., Co. 2150, Great Lakes Naval Training Station. Great likes, 111. U.S. A Norman Lee Burroughs, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Burroughs of Newport, is spending an I day leave with his parents. Young Burroughs who attended Newport schools has been across seas and has made three trips to England. He is in the t'uttfd States Navy. , U.S.A. Corporal David Asbury returned to Camp Shelby. Miss. Tuesday morning after spending a ten day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. V. N. Asbury or Newport. U.S.A. Word was received by Mrs. Car-mel Sullivan of Newport that her brother. Second Lieutenant Robert Barclay has been promoted to the rank of First Lt. Barclay has also been transferred from the Infantry to the Service Corp. He is now ('mm- MVWMWWMmUnAMV at this I 'j, YOU'LL 5 .niee.-.WvV. AORKK i ty Consen ation Council meeting. Anyone interested in tin Ings is welcome to attend. The veteran B-25 force to which gmcMjf Relieves Distress of that our HOMEMADE CHILI Is Good t;iendale School Third To Win Bond Flag in City ''Schools-at-war" flag has been a-ward"d to the (jlendale Grade School for the purchase of war bonds and stamps between Armisliee Day and I Sr. and brothers of Fairview rarn. He lias been in Iceland for 28 months. James Reynolds E 1c is spend-' ing 14 days leave with his parents vol I.L LIKE Cayuga Home Ec Meeting Mrs. Whittington Is Hostess to Club; Local Woman Injured in Fall Miss Julia P. WhittlnKton' entertained the November meetlne of the Home Economics Club Wednesday afternoon. The meeting was In charge of the president. Mrs. Earl Haniand. Roll call was Thanksgiving quotations. The entertainment was in charge of Mrs. Jean Simpson and Mrs. Blanche Knauer. Election of officers was held with the following officers elected. President. Mrs. Earl Hamand; vice president, Mrs. Harmon Case: secretary-treasurer, Sirs. George Knauer; Director. Mrs. Clar-ney Smith: Reporter. Mrs. Reba Hamand:. Song leader. Mrs. M. A. Laughlln: Project leaders, Mrs. Jean Simpson and Mrs. Ethel Laughlin. Jack Higgins. husband of Mrs. Louise Hlggins. returned home last week having received a medical discharge from the army. He has been stationed at Camp Cambell, Ga. Tor several months. Howard Weinke, Noble Lee Naylor and Oene Warnick who were inducted In the army two weeks ago have been transferred from Fort Benjamin Harrison to Camp Atterbury- From Camp Atterbury they will be sent to other camps shortly. Harlon Navlor. son of Mr. and lW Itrtttlatt tsl Inn Btftt fart ttt Itati Iitrtlf HI Ol It IIOMKMAIIK I'lKS ToNei, ff-r Oram. Soft Itfhikf SPEED GRILL A little Va-tro-not tip cacti nostril effectively and promptly relieres distress of head colds-makes breathing easier . . . also helps prevent many colds from developing tf used in time. Try it '. YoaH like it ' Follow directions in folder. Dec. 7. Eighty three out of the ninety students at Glendale have made purchases of stamps which make their school a total of $303.70 since the driie has started. Both Central and South Grade schools have the flag with Glendale s award making the city's grade schools 100 percent in the bond program. Mr. aud Mrs. Alex Reynolds and brother of Fairview Park. He has returned from Italy. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Reynolds of Fairview Park received word that their son. Claude Reynolds has been transferred from Xew Guinea to Philippines. U.S.A. Av.c Charles A. Stutht. son of DKIVE-IX her husband is stationed. Mrs. Joe Ryland and son, Ronnie and daughter. Brenda left Monday for Detroit.. Michigan where they will spend the winter and where Mrs. Ryland has employment. North .Main Street VXIZSVA-TCO-KCL Mrs. Charles Naylor left last week j for Springfield. Illinois and will be; sent to Great Lakes, to begin Ilia j boot training. Harlon is a 1944 graduate of Cayuga High School. Pfe Marvin Lloyd returned to his The wigwag tells you of its big savings. Your taste tells you of its freshness and rich homey flovor. ) mm 2 21c i II ate-Ji:&&.s-sS . '--.-.- - camp in San Francisco, lauiornia after spending a furlough with his wife and bis parents, Mr. and Mra. Marion Lloyd. Sgt. Robert Shelato. son of Mr. Vhv is the MARKET BASKET the food market for everybody? Because everybody likes to shop where a vast variety of fine foods makes menu planning easier and selection quicker. Because everybody likes the known quality of nationally famous brands qaulitv that assures full mealtime pleasure. Because E EKi-BODY LIKES OCR DAILY LOW PRICES which mean bigger savings every day AND ANY DAY! Shop here this weekend. We're sure you 11 like the .YiAKis.r.1 BASKET everybody does! TUNA FISH Crated Srle EVAP. MILK Connirr 1nh t Cans 35e SPOTLIGHT Hot-ltel ,wra 3 59c 6 Or. 25c Can and Mrs. Frank Shelato is stationed , with Oeneral Patton's third army j and at present is engaged in rebuild- i ing bridges that the Oermans have . demolished. j Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Holycross , received word from their son, Roy-; mond. that he baa been transferred) to the Philippines. He has been j stationed in New Guinea. j The Bethany Girls class of the Presbyterian Church held their Dee-j ember meeting and Christmas party . 28 Oz. Jar UT Swift's Jane PEANUT MI-CHOICE Point Free Cross Roads Of America APPLE BUTTER PEANUT BUTTER Goode" BUTTER 2lb.iar41 Lb. Jar ' Monday night at the home of Mrs. ; 2 Sjll lb. jar 23 c 21c 40c 4Cc 25c Lbs. 13c NAVY BEANS TOMATO SOUP REGAL 20 oz. can SHEET CORN J. M. Harper. The usual pot luck t supper was served to about thirty-; five members and guests. The devot-ionals were in charge of Mrs. Carrie McJIurtrey and the business meeting mas presided over by the persident. Mrs. Helen Mitchel. The entertainment consisted of a Christmas gift exchange and the singing of Christ-j mas carols. The class presented their . iMi-hpf Vrt Rather HarDer. with a 101 Oz. Cans CHOICE MICHIGAN CAMPBELL'S 11 Point Free MEATY Large Size 16 oz. jar SS CRABAPPLES Bag 31 0 18c 22c DRIED PRUNES CLOCK DONUTS .' gift- Mystery pals were revealed and Dozen 13c REGAL OlilTomatoJuice 46 oz. can SUGARED new ones drawn again. During the evening a surprise stork shower was held for Mrs. George Ekstrom. She received many nice gifts. Guests included Mrs. Lawrence Swain. Mrs. James Cornett, Mrs. Dwight Hudson. Mrs. Herbert Morgan. Mrs. Isaac Hill and Mrs- Doyne McMasters. The American Legion-Auxiliary 11c HOMINY GRITS - FLAKED NATIONAL lie 23c lie 13c 15c 13c 13c Me 23c 21c 28c 2Cc He 16c 24c 25c 20c 17c 32c KARO SYRUP iH lit PANCAKE FLOUR 5 25c TOMATOtS So. 2 Snlkl Park - 20 Its. aa Borito I vw1eteii (iKAPKfKl IT 41 E. 4 - Point Kw ran WHITE IHHIX No. 2 Avoafek- Caa Ja-fcxw' PIMPKIX Xo. 2H A Rnl Value Kariy Jnne SWEET PEAS Xo. 2 "n-fMred Itrand Can Van Camp POI5K A: l!EIS Xo. 2 Veeetariaa (a. t ootMr 1ul SIIVM'H Xo. 3 Free- from rii: aa t m Serins-.! f.KKES UEAXS Xo. 2 Pohn Ewr: "an Slarr 15m nl I1UAE ll.l MS Xo. 21, la Srup ;la MM'fl Itmnd Pf:itXTS Xo. 2 1, AVboH I apt-!!! "an MILXoT M Tall So Kk-h ll Whip: "tan KAXt v i:i K t - A .Kt-rK-. Vain" Ro irn:x el K es i.unt IK Big STing l'lig. Kme-rV 4 oanlrv ilut TlATEi:s l-b. Saraloea TN-ne! lkc. iiu. rii ki.i; vi. Kxlkm-Min Jar KAISIXS M !. SenlU-'. Pfce. P.PST-ETT HEESE Ox. Ilaia or llraeoui Pkg. KatOMrr Itraad MAIK.AKI.VE l.. Vftamia Kari b-d 'AXE M l. IC f? I. CuMa nl Kac 311. 31. 32. S. Z4 aud Krvipt' IMonia Or BEVER .ES 24 0 12c RAISIN-WHEAT- ! Post no. SJ. Cayuga, is giving New Cereal Peck COBBLERS 53c 43c U. S. Xo. 1 SWEET Easy to Peel! SUNBRITE CLEANSER 14c Lbs. everyone in Cayuga and vicinity a chance to give a Christmas gift to those who gave so there will be no forgotten woondd Tanks ia the state of Indiana oa Christmas Day. The national Legion is cooperating with the Eddie Castor radio program on the NBC network to see that there are no forgotten Yanks ia the hospitals anywhere in the I'nited State. Every wonnded. sick and disabled secrice taaa ad woman in government hasaitais ia the United States will be presented with Christmas CAXHV YAMS A lim. Trus Port o Rirm W 25c Ub. lift 59c crrniwr CRAPEFRnT Mart Soedk-as- 10 Bag YOUR DOG CABBU.E FSrni Solid Heads a? AITI.ES M U. Es Idaho Joaallians .3 G ti4i a ad Tart! Main POTATOES I f I'. S. Xo. I Quality I Ban WC 28c Frwh lb. fiHAI'KObLtWf I rifts. To do this it will require two I035e Spanish OXTOXS Saeet Ideal for Sliriag: for ymt ti zvh tb r--jc Ground Beef LOIN END Pork Roast 4 Points million gifts to be contributed by the public, as well as by Legion posts and onlTS. Indiana's share of these two million gifts is thirty thousand, which will be distributed to Yanks hi hospitals ia Indiana. It is iquest- 10 73c Florida's Juicv Thin Skins ORANGES lb. I ed that no food itnas be giv-r. ST Hurtln wtrf1 flavor. RIB-END AVOXDALE FLOUR All Purow 25S3e PILLSBURl-S 25 51.15 Pork ib. 30c 4 Points 30c 34c Chops 3 i cz.pkgs. 29 c Read v-to-Eat KINGAVS Lb. GRADE -A" 5 Points a Pound 24c 55c 2 lb. pkg. 5 Ib. pkg. 27c 15c Picnic Hams a. CHUCK ROAST PURE HOC LARD Lb. V B . Ml m XVU' Jim i mti tetl ecki IKMIJV4. BEEE SlHirt Kiln. GadeA Veal .a Pts. SHOULDER ROAST 28c avaa A k a a . . a"a WrirrrxG fish Or J ark Salmon . IUH.J. CHILI I9( ISc SlEK KKMT m Lbs. Iur Xa Pvk i Donors are requested to place a csrd i or slip of paper in th-r parfcaces t with their name and address. IH not wrap packages in Christmas wrap- ' pings as they must be vnwrai-ned ' for inspection as required by niiiiarr. 1 naval and veterans hospital auibor-' ities. Pleaae leave your packages at 'Todd's Insurance office. Cayuea. 'not later than Friday noon. Dec- 'h Cayuga Post no. SCJ will thfn dot the packages and forward them to ! the distributing center whre ti ey 'will be inspected and wrapped for distribution Christmas morning. I Mr. and Mrs. Otto Albright and : daughters and Mr. and Mrs. John Crick and family attended a family ': dinnr Sunday at Colfax. Indiana, j Mr. and Mrs. 'William Bishop of ' Newport are the parents of a son. 1 bora Thursday. Nov. SJ He has l named Thomas Harold- This is ih-ir t second child, the eldest bing a boy also. Mr, and Jr. Esrfinp reformer resided of O? ara. The faJfcK-r is aervibg in th- armed fores. airs. Gerald Julian, lek-uhone ojv-, trator ax tbe l-al telephone 1 Chan, left Friday for Cfci'sc" f where si e will visit hor father. El- brt Carter and other rlat!v j there. I Sirs. Hobert MrSfurtrey returned 'I home last week from Ft. Bragg. Far ItHiriotn. Hot Chili Swift's Cooked Half or Whole ALAiVll ID. awVC Lb. FRESH GROUND For Loaves or Parties GROUND BEEF (: 28c BEEF CHUCK ROAST Grade a ib. 25c 35c THE NEED FOR YOUR HELf I IS GREATER NOW THAN I EVER BEFORE I Lb. CREAM CHEESE rpppptEWiii! : I I --, J SUPER EIAHKETS

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