The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 7, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1944
Page 2
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Thursday, ! mlnr 7, 19-11. T n K 1) A 1 L Y CLINT 6 N I A N lage two Interesting Social News Everyday soybeans: five per cent inrrease in wheat; 21 per cent increase in po PALACE TONIGHT tatoes; 15 per cent decrease in eecs and two per cent increase in milk. Farm Production Goals are Set At Capital Session Production goals for Indiana I arc had been inflicted on both Muk-' ! dn and Dairen. ! The J:is Claim, d that H "f 1h"j j s shot down over .Mail-1 Jchuria and asserted that four more; ' orobablv were destroyed. I Key Industry Centers Under B-29 Attacks Men,Women!f01dat 40,59,60! Need Pep? Want to Feel Younger. More Vim? 1$ ijK ' fanners during Ihe coining year t i announcement was -re set Fridav at a one-day meet- Japanese j Perrysville War Veteran Dies in X. Y. Hospital Ernesl Hughes, a former resident of Perrysville. died al the Veteran s Hospital in New York Tuesday night. Mr. Hughes was a veteran of world war one and is the son of Mrs. Albert Hughes who resid-s in based on a rejort ly tb Kwanluns: army erou. ins in Indianapolis. Sncseslid quo TsM-"-! 11 14 ; ..1.1 r,"".' W I" If'' ViltoTtfiMi! ZMl j Yanks Chalk Up New Gains Along tas will be submitted hy tne nar Food AJtniniftration. Marshall 1- Vogler. slale head of the .Agricultural Ad jus" ineiil Agency, was to preside, with metulrs of Ihe AAA slate and county or;anUaion. and reprewntalives of Ihe 1'arm Se Get In the Fcrapl Ormoc Batlleline fContln-ied nun pae 1) ja-o embraced vulnerable Tokyo itself. Mukden. tWUm Hit The main objects of attack, however, were the cities of Musdeti and iMiren in Manchuria, the territory eoniainine five ancient province of China which represented Ihe first fruits of modern-day Japanese f- curity ,-ii:iiiii .-v-.. i ration .-"er ice. Purdue I'nivers'.ly DR. O. R. BREDEWEG r.miicinii lli.ision. tarm llureau 1 OPTOMETRIST and other agricultural organizations attending. ! Although continued high food pro- .i ; - .i,n 1- ii m f 'i r 1 1 k ron- pel army in Manchuria I ii. ..AtW broadcast from Tok- Eyes Tested Glasses Made For Those Who Need Them rr-ssion vsslon. ,,.,. , ,A,A he Ihe Blue Network I forenee the WKA goats sucgest some Wnlln.e fVt-rf si" ti rr.m.1 .'ll ri'l in llii- m.w rr.... H;M- latent. Bariutm .wsl fienl." with llinliie, John farra-iline. Brtitv K.-llc,e. Official announcement i . .. Infton confirmed that - very strong the Japans claimed -heir aircraft a .link cicht American wrar-niis IMume 175 SIS Blatkiiuin SI. CI.IXTOV, reduclions in certain items as adaptation to eruditions in the slale. For example, a len per cent decrease in Ihe number of spring sows to far 1.,. V.- in Leyte O.H. incudin, row is urged because ot .ne ( le,. and while no evact fibres were or cr. ..n This claim Force bombers and winced riven. Tokyo listed T of the big ttn.dent.fled "'P. ' a r , ..hern deliv-four-motored Planes as participat- : was not confirmed by an, Alld o ir .source.! , -lirfields in lb- nioiintiiia CoUer-de .e .be 1- .-U "",la"d The TKh for air stpremacy in .hi. re- Ajiritullure Census lianned in Counlv On January 8lh The asrieuliural reourc-s and r-. Hi g.n nf I'ni.ed Stales al drought's effect on feed. Nationally an increase in pork is asked. Gay Pinith. assistant director of l!-e north central region of Ihe AAA and one of Ihe conference speakers, was prepared lo plead with Hoosier farmers "lo risk loo much rather than too Utile." ouiiviDK areas 01 i j; jd ut-pc . ..v... rv.n rr the improving weather by applyine in-. war will be measured lh the tak- f ia cn mi ne census scheduletl Foiiih cites two reasons for con- , Xeuport Iarincls Home on Leave From South Pacific to besin J!aa. S. 145, according: lo f 1 1 1. ii r . ii I ii nmniinm. county agricultural i , T. .,. , .h- ,i, r M. J. !elerson Japanese have had many years to ; pressure on .ne -develop both as dynamos of their ped in .he Ormoc secor. war machine and it is a safe assump- Enemy Si.dat.on "Senoas tion that considerable damage was The enemy s sttuanon us, be don. to important objectives. regarded as senous. the Onlv avaAable e utiis of .he re- j communique stated .n ,rted new raid on Tokyo came that inland sealanes .o Ormoc hae ra COLORED SCREEN PICTURES ON THE "Second Coming Of Christ" WILL BE SHOWN SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9 CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH - ... Clinton. Ind. ""s.;L.rei,.r.,7r. nieht. Siimlay Evenins !e-.aae: 4 Ways Pepk- Come In.o TIil Worid. 2 Way- Will mer c;o Om. !rjne Ynur Ki,,,e lou are invited. lot of pripine There amehl be will end. 2. The fact .hat above-average weather has prevailed. Only average weaili.r during the coming season nt. :ia?ic informalion on aricullure-irKlvdine slatistics on farm acraee. cior-s. livir-siock. farm labor and . her iusass relal-d to farm orera- ..i .is. J-K" rations the mar reduce production from tne i.'ors will be obtained. S.e said. acrafe by as much as tea per from the Japanete capital itself teen eiienivei? - ; wl!di(r5 OMris have o eat. hi Broadcasts said 1 1 a. three or four - naval and air lorees. cuttine j, do , .o how much B - flew over .he citv and drop-! further supplies and reinfoTxements luc,.if.r ar, ,,,, ,)w jap wldiere ped incendiarv bombs. This was no. " for at least Japs rema.ninp , u (sh hlaos aE1 riw confirmed in Washineton I the comdor. ,arordEE o Marine lortwral Vic- Headquaners of .he I nited Plates 1 In a desperate attemtn lo clear ald mho has Just returne.' Jth Air Force said a laree tas ,! snarled communicat.ons and supply j f n .je MUlhwt t.sairsc-s sor earn iaiau, unum, ( '.947 cve su s. vail be !iSd sn boot J Yh prosAsed WFA poals for In-ir !c-dffer fnrm raider l! an indsvid- ' d-aua farmers, in addition lo the pig ja! icv- 3b-s as in former yean?- dt-reis. included: rfcie r-ivmu'.. m-s't'! sitSit-lrv ban-1 Saiie acreace in corn. oats, bar- fore of Iflth boaber command Su- lines in .tie v. . , ' l-aci!ic. the Jajf liiumch Jllip of ll.e sciiedtb? an the field ley aod rj'- to per cert decrease in nr.Tiliweftern I-vle. uiprArnMKe ha.! in rhina had n. nr,e occasion Cpl- l.airo rem- f01,,.,,0.a"a:' Umbered hi o-Hfn ramsackfo some Mr. Pet evened. j ; -- - - - -feg in eirt instanw laf Aneno Mies after the enemy; According to nr. '''-ff-ff, hem back and taade forlfeer ; h d fi!!j. ke, aB) 1reCk par.!eti?. cetct-inefl ' - . , ed earried on. attacks on war prod actios centers in Manchuria, but .lie dropping of incendiaries on Tokyo was not coniinsaed amused jately. TVi. Ji aocoums of the attacks as Oiey lightened their hold . ' ' , f of rjee filled wiUi ri. lory srarden projects, nurseries.- an ever lenrthemiue slretcb f I h, . bu:5 trreea houses, fruit orcbard?. pou!- on were recorded by the FCC. k -5- . . ihe Ha! Ormoc road, the enemy s, wfco arrjved home Tbor- try lots, hateheries. ar.d f'"-i in rap sole means of retreat or advance. , "spend a S dav torlouiS Ihe cities will be considered as Hard charrins Doochboy of ' with his parents "r and Mrs. Pearl farms for census if the unit meets JX veteran Seventh Infantry Division jj' ' wearinir ilxjenm qualiiications. one beicg bauliae now of Orawr breeched ' ' pacific theater of or more acres in extend or rjj the enemy's Palamas river line, stiov- ,J(so thc ,nideftia: j frodticinr agricaltural products ly i. ntlnnin to itnts south of .. . ; ... -Im-s. l.",tit r tsiore . an ..j - citation lie riiis wen an n . - . Babwo on tbc east and to Kins Da- ,,i, battles and for aw We! Tbe first seflioas lo be ased ;a muRPiivs 1 cit rillare farther inland. was pawned in AoralU. S'Wlhy lb enumerator will b coacernetl Caledonia, fitjadalranal, Xe Gnf- a. with Menlifjing infortnat.on for New Brilain Paleliu. the Rusejl each farm hotist.oM. .he Bxe of Heb.eT-Boml'er in Act Son i MTimiite a the eround action 3. ! whit-fed into new fury on all fronts, j MacAnimr's deadly firhter-branbers niniel! hard at enemy defense post Inlands ?.nd several others. me e,pera-r. trie - G'ad to be boaie acain. bi & be acid buildircs as well as !os rent-rotang corporal' fim lurt-pb :ce cd: she amount of any Eonpe Radio Tyo and the rtomei agency tare reports on the Manctmria and Tokyo assaults. Radio Tokyo admitted uliat dam- Tired Kidneys Often Bring Skeplass Mights DalDnrR)V hylafyw voum .5 tnBfl ittiirjTtecriJiere-EU'Ti bflp w parify tt Wtwd ttnd keep yon i-' iry- Wbn tiwy fwt taM Mid ii writ TigiA in xtte dn-ume. mu- pB.k- li.TT tt c" uf EiciitB. Fr'c;iwul r tafot' yiiri i -wnh gn-.mruiiE sod tnirmnf ohmuus vbpwfi ibure w BourBbiii vnaat, vrt& yt"UT kidnpii tw Witddnr. Dfn'l siRpk'ni fnMuu(ut niBtxw rramin in Ft'W tilroti. H iW -P Quia? lutpune buck tie. rlmuiuBw-Biiiino. k flams, i'w o. cp and ti"WT. vwallrQ- pu&iiea uuo the eyee liebditcbta d diirieaB- , . , Ioii't kn' An wot arwrri"i f' Uier ittiwpshiiiy t-- Tirihruit-T'r"-eo- 9 XMm Tbt- rn iiipny iil irtw IS miW of kjdnpy infw jHiiKh otn powm- i at six miles north of Valencia . vf ; - ,e joined the Marine vorps in " " ' ' . ncia on the Ormoc road, destroy- iB November ofthe ' err- Information en fte utiliratton :z a nnmtier of Jan bnilflinrs ard - - '"' . , -- to of land resources will be obtained Kanaupa, on .he Ormoc road, destroy- i . i.i.......... reiir. aje vu. ... - ... snj'juy ciiinT's ano rahni wi'" , av rc-onesiiiic titmres o tne the total beine areas with marline (run fire. " roinc dcie ace on each fara -i-.arv:irteii hv acressre into land When l Jap Planes . aJ IJ,iMllr t.B, ftm." is American shipt'ms Lejte MA. ,t bo-t One while t?1 harvested or idle, land used for pasture or !-n3 with cre-n faianre. Ml Infoi-ma'toa oblnefl in ans- .-er t. cnepeue retl on CerS .he intrej.jd fichters m fi.tine .i,e. rkDe ami-airrrall trattMKS "a1 : 1 a Whlmii. "Vic" who was sn responsible for two mere, Otir nf hi- "-1'1'nt ml' i -"e .-ii,pic tr-t 'Ve other two jrne in och'Kl-'-V-s is j!olrt--.l-r cpnei!n'- sustained "feme oatnf-e. Gen. MacAnbur reported. fit her fnrmations of Fifth Air T com-tr,lr ied " bv -be Mr. 'ele-son .ateo. " . lapOTese machine r-'n and artnl ry wed fr prtw tsr-tton reett- lii-Mon or in-es"ii:?,t:en- TubtUE'ions fre- . . .3. t x- IT'S iMART TO GIVE Tumbler Sets The islands are all tuirte. end can t pronia whole for s-rttes. cottn ;ic i. THi'TiK as hirh as 13 and for any minor civil division witliin t?.e county. 5 7Sd 6 Tumb1s nd Red inches in a sinrle nen-h. Ct'l. F.r rd said. He added tii1 it tonV d-.v st a time for c!olhes "o ret dry w'i'-en in the 'hick of the dense junple .-nd that often .iTiar'nos' fliws wo tit" practically rot off ihe'r feel becsMS 1 JP' fi pzv gift tiat r4-nczL Aswmei dc.jgn. Xetvnort library Board In Spss'oh tis Week ' Te Lilirarr Board held their ; . - . , ... ,1, X. . 1 nf the dampness. yjpfnre po'nt tn ihe island G'il A SET CF said he had heurd that some of t'ie natives .here -were hOfTile, hut crJ-tinned by t'-ll'nr l!i all t!it 1 Sfeti T.-ere f'iet'-l'v ZTlA I:'d-d .':e m:r"r'-s in tirkdine svvv'i s -'r -m beats. Sow of the native v. ere of :.''.'-are iii-e'iicenc n thv b.3 'r 1 1 At. . f -. . . ,a'-.--'-C'- .' ;' c.Tt- m f hool :'n A;is:ry.a. 't'l. litrd CAD ICTC TU AT Will RF s rwr vjii u ii i v ll wi- continued. WWI the Jiphl nE owned 3k REALLY APPRECIATED ! LOVfiY CkVsTAI Gfoss Baskets S1.19 Here's a good war to check "Special Kavoritei" on your list! By itst! . . . this graceful basket makes a grand gift. Fill it with wax frutt or artificial flowers and you'll be giving a superb gifi. Hot-Dish Mats 29c to 49c rhi-; ria!;e practical, colorful gifts or fine for your own bDliday serving. Three sires to a package with briiht fruit, floral or scenic dtr-cn ... to protect table ops from being marred by hot dis'-jcs. von iibra-y Tuesday Efternoon. Five ir. ruernlx-rs of the boaTd were present, j lr. the rths'-ne.-. of the president. . M"s Mrr-nier L- t.-:s -ho has mov- , i to F:t:Tt..'c.r-. Ind.. for the -riri-1 i ter. th- vice ;.r,. i j. : t. Krs. X. -! ! f a -.1 : ti sfin .0; Perryc' :iif-- presided -A the busiii'-ss m-eiini:. t A reiort for the nictnth of Novetn- t 1 Vr was read by the librarian. Mrs. J H". O. Parr-'t. The total number of j -mjuse in the Jibrory at the beirin-; Jt a-tiK of the of Xovernber was I'i.04. Forty-one tool;s were added j dit'inr the fiv. of that croup bcittc' sifts. 'k- The monthly rirculalion of vol-ta n os as with a daily circu- ta-ion 4 105. Th- library was open 1 ft 14 days list and the oua.ber j or borrowers was f.,7:9. Thosf- present were. Tilrs. John-1 .sin, Mrs. Iora M. Harcer. secretary. ' V.-s. Veil Wail. Mrs. Ella Hall andl CHEEKY WASHABLE Print Cloths Children's Chenille Robes 2.99 up Sweaters2.99to7..50 HANKIES 29c to 75c Be sure to c "E- iras" lor gifts ai Bnde prizes. x)u-r-r traot a native aromid. they all riin off into the hills titrt.'l it was ;.ll over. There was a lot of other thints to do besides fiebt on tl:e i4and aceoretiiiit to Vic -'l?o totd I'D lit' biy often oet !' their ov n poa) l1t and played bails, tba'l and h?se ball, fircasionally several Hollywood stars woul'i ptil in their ap!e--ranee on the islands too and freu.'enlly the marines would be able to att-nii I'SC SlHiWS. t'j.). will report to a r.-st catup in North farolina where he Bill lake over tlie .i!il of inslructo: when liih luriouEh is completed Three other Paird boys ;-re in tb.-M.rtire. I'M. arl I'.atrd i stationed in the Aleutian Iflands. Pvt. Ivan ti.rt i. in Ti as arc P'. 1-ewis Al. C "VVlCE G!VE PROUDLY! GYE Top-of -Store Utensils T'trnir County Resident S'.iwumbs in Terre Haute Last rit-s v ere b'-id al 1 p m. 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Give her one or more of these crystal beauties to lighten ber work and brichten ber kitchen. (. Hi. .-iill-'day K'--. It. Jl JTiil-.e 01-fi.''it-.d and titirial v as in liie A"es-b-y Chapel o-lw-r.' at Dana. .Vrs. y.j..han was a iort'ter rsid ot of Kewpori. !ir husband beine 1tie county re.orner I re at "ne time. !otntr h'-re from St. Hemice. Mrs Tduhan still owns property in this Wed. Jan. ".. lor tbe fhm prdil. 1" of ernii3!ioti inad anno n by Fred -ndent of Hayes. schools. T- e aiided a cir-. ?he i by on- daus-h'r. Mrs. Maude Burti'iart oi Terre Haul-; lour crardilis; fi'-e crand-daticht' rs arid several ni'-ces and -p.-plp ws. ivra d;: ; the rt. January was of Clip'.on City irs wished an vat's in v hirli t 1 pchoi ft. C Tea KetHe S1-H5 ra d; F'ACTCAL &!rTS FC3 ft C Tea Pt si. 10 Cilldr.-n- Virginia Sh Nanjed To Class Of fiee at I. S. T. C. G la shake 10c to SI .79 It Double Boiler 1J18 ?. C Coffee Maker : Brother f Newrwirt Woman i Wounded in Action i Word was receded by Mrs. Car-n--3 Sullivan of V fort 'hat itr bro;b-r . Private Frd Par lav. tor-nier re-id-tit .l prmrfi-W. .. has bwn wouroled ir fion sontew h-r-iti Prlv. No d":.:il i-rf iiiien in the virrtD frc-uj -b War Ifanm- nt. I -f (ill; HV t PI t T so kti: H i:;f; v 5 TKfH'.K H.'-I'TK. !nd Vi-rma c:r--..r ii e-,,-.-.ed secrc- 'trr ' tiirv of s.'i:,.r t-ias' a' Ipdinna fu :kf srk-5 in guaranteed ire..-! o v e c w a r e A cift to save her time .. rk. SSe'U love yoo so thoughtful. M-v hcy.'v t " iird v f:r I 'k'iss -h - wa i: o; ndidate of it BIT A GIFT FOK A YANK WKO GKT. . . - .uace-Jcd b, tdrt.e Color For -r.i.cnM-B and V..hiicw in l-.venuoent Hpnal. Bu yilr eifn- now and leave .hem will. 1-l-i. auv .leri. t. inl.mnali.m: H-l. a li.-pnliaed veteran to have M.-rr. i t.ri-'nia. Chttc ir- sicsk ptece . . . 3k '-T'K. clans oit'i-e :r a Is. r -' 1 o - over the opt-osltion Ati-f"!;-:-! - rt, .Vj She is a rj--r - ' t;?Trnia Crn --f T"f ma " i i- l? a sel o; several or rn Superintendent at Meeting Fred Have, county superintend-(.ry s rio-ii- ;n V-.rn-ition Coun'v attro-d ' -e stip-riTi-endents meet-;.Be or 'b- West Central District Vk! 1. -t F-i-l V- e',- C reei. liiiii-oi, lice: S;.-n(-v:. llid. 3k SATCKli A V. "l)E("EMBEK 9 ! THE EAT CAY SAT I KU.wl. i'lAr. tt.r.1. r nr.. ,-;., .. .. ... .. , v ,.-i" - CUsSufdAisSfll'lfKtADTtlliEJ

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