The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 6, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1944
Page 5
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X II E DAILY CLlNTONIAN f . . . r . Wednesday J)tiCcmbT 6, 1914. ,. have landed Iu friendly territory. American Air Fleet .horri hv the parents In an accor dance with their agreement. The BOWLING RESULTS inc giving lilm a chance to tie the Strikes at German support of the child Is to oe pam score on a two-point foul. Watson WISKHAKT IiK.UiTK S. MATERIAL. Zandera, 130. CEMETERY MEMORIALS MONUMENTS and MARKERS Terre Haute Monument Co, by the father. The couple was ried Dec. 9. 1935 and separated Oil, Transport Areas (Continued F "m Page 1) Money Committee Pares Funds For Present Agencies (Continued from page 1) 142, 136 408; Hatfield. 141, iss, April 1, 1942. 8Iirj.Ii V. I.tlPE Pbn 83 Wildcat Rally Fails to Save Game for CHS Cats Edged Out in Close i ti, noninri for eauipinent for a 1 r 8 488; I'ittenger, 12'J. !" 133 392; Hlld, 144, 155, 151 4fi(J: McCown, 84, 111, HO 30.1; JHejirr'nentatlve 40S 0. eleventh, Clinton calmly sank the shots to tie tne score at 41 all with seconds left in tho game. Neff grabbed Ihn ball for (lar-fiold, scoring on a tin-foot plvol shot to win the same for the Battles. Kngic Freeze lbill Willi less Hian :in seconds remaining ill the game 1 1' Kncles flow explosives on key rail yards at Hie-, gravel pit northwest of Cayuga was handicap, 206, 206, 2011 618. To lefeld. Other targets aiso we..; ..... tals, 834, 933, 8!4 2662. Heavyweights of the Bruiso iv.j- , .1,., tiiii 324.7I2 iu new ap MODKI, CI.KANFJtS hviit. wn, al Air Force were out during the night to attack railway marshalling propriations approved by the com 128, 116 31111; llridgellliill. 14.1, yards at Soest. 15 nines soiiiii ai .......... rllivl,ii7 a davllgllt British granted to tho inuiana Company of Indianapolis by the County Commissioners Monday. The gravel from this pit Is to be used on the county roads, and is similar to the .county gravel pit at Summit Grove, hid. A special meeting of the Commissioners will be held on December 20lh when contract for next year will be let. mKb nroaa formerly of Clinton raid on Hamm and forceful attacks the hull In their terrltnvy until I lie gun sound-d ending the pmie l 4:-II. It wax thi' ('ill's second name ot the HcuMiii mid the first loss. The locals will iilay their first lionie v:imi. iievl Kridiiy night when Ihey 43-41 Game at Garfield Gym Tuesday Ni(?li ; James Lead for Clinton ('Union's hardwood Wildcats oiin nf those near, lint oh, bu fur mittee. 286. 626. iiHir win no iu ! Navy Department, most of It for public works projocls of the Bureau jmii p.isn hI!jJJo Jl upjeni il jo del- lu other executive departments. Tho administration requested J587.049.607. Including $576,349,- 182. 124 4 19; liiltoy. i.iii, idii. 131 ' - 416; Felioglio, 1113, 161. 188 545; Moll, IT,. 132. 1112 -- 4Hl; handicap. 221. 221. 221 - 663. Totals, !H)7, !IK2, 1002 2S!I1. MOItOAN liKOCliltY - Swirk. 126, 158. 148 432; Cox, 114, 157. by American big bombers on Heiiin an dlhe rail and Industrial center of Munster. Rockets Hit England meet Sullivan's Coldeii Arrows In Rallies last night in a -t'l-41 "' The Germans hit back miring me .i.i.r on,i enrlv today with more 607 ill new appropriations, me i""" helng slashed 28 per cenl. Where .i.- i n..t ..rri,i pHtltnittcd that 'the ilgcd out by Car-J " l'"-'"' EV' when t hi'y wore i'i i... nor.oierl from Indiana State The liallield H team look the Kit field's Piirole Kaules in u fast und lln UOTII I' -' - r, .,,.o,,r,iinL, to record sent to rocket bombs against England, llulh MAN HAD BRICK IN HIS STOMACH FOR 10 YEARS One man recently stated that for to years lio felt like he bail a brick In his stomach. This fecllnsj was due to the lump of iiniHuestcd food lie always had Inside of lilm. He wast weak, orn out, headachy, swollen Willi itas ami terribly constipated. Herein ly he started taking ERR. IIKI.I' and says the feeling; like a brick In his stomach disappeared the second day. Rowels are regular now, gas und headaches are gone and he feels like a new man. ERII-HELP contains 12 fireat Herlisi Ihey cleanse bowels, clear gas from stomach, act on sluggish liver nad kidneys, Miserable people soon feel different all over. No don't, go on suffering! Oet ERB-HEL1'. While's (Rexnll) Phnnnary Drug Store. i nnuii, ..w. -..-n Navy Department would have only llltve uiuy damage and casualties resuitea. the office of tho flora oi me tens ill n 20-1 r curtain-raiser. Score by iiunrlers: ('Union S 18 31 -41 furious game last night in tlie Terre Haute school's gym. r, in ... t...l,l,l lit tin, IiikI $700,000 surplus rrom me moi. ,i,,i ibiriv-nne billion dollars It re the more million Circuit Court, rne paroiu 173 44 4; Ithonds. 115, 160. 451; (iarrlgus. 122, 133. 133 3S8; Hobs. 172, 148, 135 455; handicap, 209. 209. 209 627. Totals, SSS. 965, 974 -- 2797. IlEXAMi Meyer. 198. 116. 133 507; Stevenson, 1 19, 160, 99 na- While. 116., 106. 129 351 ; ... .lanaii hv Governor Henry F 11 22 SB--43 Headquarters of the uniieo, iaies Air Force announced that the Americans had destroyed 91 Gorman planes in combat over Berlin yes- Schrlcker on November 20th. Gross quarter, the Cats had the score tied oiimeni at 41-41 when a 10-fool pivot shot '.'"."""'Vj 1 1 by Garfield's Neff won Ihe game I L'"non V ' . .... , Foster, f FU FT PF was convicted or first degree rape ... Court on August :t 4 celved this year from Congress, the committee boosted the estimated surplus available for resppropriation to firty-lbne million 200 thousand dollars and reduced the Navy request for new funds by the name amount. Ili-lnee lln Ik t Hems nut nf annroximate 550 Fortress Haiti. 155, 210, 1 20 485; Kirk- 17, 1937 and given a life sentence man, 1 SI, 162, 159 502; Handi in Indiana State Prison lor me rurpie r..iic. 1 t q Tlireo Divide Ki-oi liiK Archer, r - Stuart Chestnut of Garfield was HuiiKerloid, f 1 liighpolnt maii of the evening, scor- Kelneno, r ing 17 points. Clinton's high scorer James, c " ing 11 JIU....B. V.. ..... O M.f.11 n l n 2 o cap. 170. 1 76. 176 Ii2. loiais. ri,v.nii clerk Carl R. Biggs has and Liberator bombers and 8 00 escorting Mustangs which carried out the operation, the U. S. lost 12 bombers and 22 fighters, but at least 11 fighters were believed to 945, 990, 815 271)1. The rest of the slash in new np- , j rniinwinir niaiTl age licen piom-ii-.t-ons iiiiuisted by the ad- , riniwlo .T;imes with 12 points liHmaii, c ,BU.-U ... t,,,i Iiiinistralion wr.s oblulliea uy reuut- aiion wfis oijiaiiu'u " ses: Vernon Planer, 11 ....- GRAI'ETTF. Strohin, 153. 116, j37 438; Bussing. 160. 135, 218 mm while Darrel Watson and Floyd Fos- W''ts0"' B ter each accounted for ten of the " son. r Wildcat points. Slnlth' ... cl... -.l.l,.l q 11 tn li tuny, g Ing or eliminating ouunei ne... ana Nova Fisher ;iu oi vibu t , h- proposing to continue financing DonaId Huxford 19 of Rosednle and ...... .,!. -;tl,m mili an (lie War i . . . . to nr rllntnn; Wit- 513; Qulllll, 144, 97, 124 ,ibi; Scott, 137. 186, 1 51 474; Colombo. 147. 11 2, 168 427; handicap. -.iiu.ii u. ......... - Maxine uinouu 10 . v nnfiiee Hoard. out OI I lie ri esiueii. .,.., ;g mid Mary tvomaii fii-di nnaripr lead barely managing Rmergeiirv Fund. u,,, f priB- Marion Evol 30 of 230, 230, 230 690. Totals, sii, 906, 1028 2905. TWA Heqtiesl Irenli'd ,' Clinton and BesBle Greaver 25 of Totals 16 9 Carficld (43) FG FT to keep ahead of the Wildcats who sprang into action In the middle of the first quarter, setting a fast pace FRISTS Cloyd, 171, 154, 13ii The committee rejecieu u iciiuc. . from Maj. Gen. Philip B. Fleming, 464; Toppy, 211, 147, 156 Dalu, f ederal Works Administrator, ror for tne tagies to matcii. i- .i r McGinn, f 0 DON'S Standard Service Standard Products Of All Kinds Atlas Tires and Accessories THIISI) and ELM ST8. Koad 103 ' CLINTON AUTO CO. STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS EXPERT LUniUCATION Chevrolet Sales & Service UIUIIU Ul Uimcm u.iu i.. Clinton went into a scoring duel in "lan"' 1 the second quarter with Garfield nut, c 8 514; Turocl, 140, 140, 157 4.5 7 ; Foster. 145. 146. 137 428; Lam-mey, 140, 166, 160 466; handicap, 142, 142, 142 426. Totals. 949, 895, 891 2735. seventy-five million 900 thousand dollai-B under the provisions of the War Remobiiizatlnn Act of 1944 to finance the preparation of plans for Dogged Yank Infantry Scores Gains on Leyte (Continued from page J) still ahead at tne nan alter me - , " 0 les had scored 11 more points and.NIC08"1' B one and one-half Diuion oonais u. the Wildcats, 10 to make tne nan time score 22 to 18. Totals 19 2 13 Referee, ltinger; umpire, Willis. postwar construction work. The committee suggested the request be deferred until next year and Included in a regular appropriation bill. PEPSI COLA Hays, 172, 178. 137 487; Cheek, 141, 115, 114 370; Ghtdottl, 149, 141, 148 438; Hagcman, 160, 145, 207 ID- Mnlnnev. 195. 180. 208 583; rr.. i.,.,,ii launched several counter-attacks under cover of darkness against the American road handicap, 152, 152, 152 456. To block at the norm ena oi u,a. .... aotnrrtnv hut deadly mizoosa Basketball Scares fi.o hv Thirty-Second Division In Indiana Electors To Cast Ballots On December 18 INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Indiana's 13 electors, all Republicans, will tals. 969. 91 1. 966 2846. STEVENSON Welker, 112, 153. 174 . 439; Rogers, 161, 144, 105 410; Foncannon, 149, 97, 162 108; Gilniour, 108, 134, 146 388; Remler, 127, 175, 126 428; handicap. 233, 233, 233 699. Totals. fantrymen smashed t h e enemy thrusts. The American ground forces soum of Ormoc, meanwhile, made local 4 WAR-WINTER TO BH TOUGH ON CARS ! meet at 10 a. in.. Dec. 18 In the (By International News Service) Attica 33, Covington 31. Berne 39, Hartford City 35. Camden 34, Hunker Hill 31. ,90, 936, 946 2772. Uniiia nf TtnnreRentatives chamber in gains as they heightened tne tnreai. from the south to the Japs' last remaining area of control on Leyte while in mountains east of Ormoc, Indianapolis to vote for Gov. Thom as K. Dewey for president and oov Columbus 39, Shelbyvllle 27. Concordia of Fort Wayne 37, John W. BrlcKer ror vice-presiueiu others continued systematic mopi.... iid of enemy pockets of reslieance. Twelfth Army '"Virps Hurls ns of Shells It was announced today. Thus Indiana's 13 electoral votes will be duly recorded for the G. O. Kendallvllle 3 2. Decatur 35, Bluffton 30. Garfield of Terre finite 43, Clin ton 41. Sink Six lap S''iW New blows against enemy ...e-..kih ,B..itprl in the sinking P. national candidates, although the Democratic ticket prevailed nation of one Jap destroyer and five small r-ttti. nrr i,f ally. Greencaslle 34. Martinsville 17. Union 36. Barzil 35. Lebanon 36, Frankfort 28. Oolaic 28, Slioias 26. Plymouth 21, Bremen 20. freighters In Philippines waiei. were also revealed in the Chestnut and Watson carried their respective teams in the third period with the same fast-stepping ball playing continuing through the period. Garfield maintained their four point lead, however, ending the stanza with a 35-31 count. Things started happening as the fourth quarter opened, however, as the Wildcats began a determined drive to win the game. Garfield started out scoring as Balu cashed In two foul shots to stretch the Eagle lead to six points. James sent a long shot in for Ihe Cats while Bland countered witli a score for the F.aglcs. Foster and Koi-nero combined efforts to boost Hie Cats to within two points of the Eagles with two free throws and a long shot. With slightly more than a minute left In the time-clock Chestnut sank a corner shot while James halted in a Clinton goal to set the score at 41-39. At this stage of tile game Illanil fouled Watson in the act of shoot- Lemon JuiceRecipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly If you iuBer from rheumatlr. arthrltla or nsurltl. Plo. m I"" l" ii'i '"y rectiK! Uial tlioufluiula are UBlHK. ('i'i a of nu-Ex I'oojpouml. a t.,..ik .Wl;l. ludny. Mix It Hlli a quurt of rniur, mid tliu Juice of 4 leniona Ifa w. Nil trouble at ill and pMaut. You Dre.1 only 3 talilil.n- tuu to tiaiu a day. un anm sometliiK'S overnldlit auli'iiiliu reniilts are olualnwl. If tho lialus lo out quiirklv leave and II you do not Icfl better, ruturu the empty packaee BUd Bu-I ill e,t you liotli-loe to try ua It la enlil by ymr ilruMlat umh'r an Bbeolutc inom-y-bitrk giiiininliir. Ru-l.x C.rniw d Is lor :ilt! anil riwinimeiulril by Uilli I'liainiary utiil iliiin "in- vm lu-rr. sporadically. However, it has become abundantly clear this last Mom and Pop and, the Car Eleclors-at-large are Edward J. Hancock, of Greensburg, and Samuel E. Boys, of Plymouth. wppk that the volume and ferocity nf Herman artillery fire Increases The enemy destroyer was "... the bottom Saturday by American patrol planes in an attack on Jap District electors are: First, E. Miles Norton, Crown extensively with each miles gainca Point. toward the Siegfried Line, enuemg tin, Americans to raise the ante. shipping otf tne souu'vem '- . Luzon, lnrgest of It.e I'mnpimie. ; Second, Josiah F. Ale, AVinamac. Third, Harry Danielsou, Plym r.lninn K. Boatwriuht of In the jame raid two coasiai vtssem , .haivj while .T.her planes har- outh. Richmond, Va., attaclied to the 12th nnriis Artillerv. said: Culling Hens When culling hens, try not to frighten them. Use a catching hook, or pick them oft the roost by hand in the evening. When the entire flock must be examined, use a catching crate or a smali panel, a gate, or roll of wire to confine 25-30 birds in a corner. Laying hens are easily injured when they pile up or become frightened. assed Jap airdromes in tlie Manila "The enemy seems to have more nns than usual lately, but we still area and destroyed ei.omy DarracHo at Fort Siotensber. north of the capital city. Fourth, Ernest G.illmeyer, Fort Wayne. Fifth, Hurd Ilursl, Peru. Sixth, Isaac P. Sollars, Covington. Seventh, Held Dugger, Franklin. Eighth, Robert S. Davis, Eamsoy. Ninth, Mase Johnson, Orleans. Tenth, Leo J. Kinuian, Shelby re swamping lilm. Our own guns 'ar exceed ills In recent averages of The communique also reponou fired. For Instance, one uat another daring sortie by uniteu States destroyers into waters west aiion of 155 rifles in a 24 hour ..rinrl lust now fired 8U0 rounds of Ormoc which resulted in the The gun crews are working in three vllle. shifts. That's going some! Anv rifi-man nrisoner. officer or Dr.d.R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Eay 2351 Blackmn Eleventh, Clyde E. Whitehlll, Indianapolis. M otherwsie, will readily confirm the fact that Yank artillery is causing wn ihn strongest positions lo yiein I RflllRT 1 1 IkrVS I Binking of a Jap freighter near Ma-sabate Island in the Visayan '-ea. The destroyers also hammered unspecified shore targets. r'Hshters Sweep Oraioc llay Figliter-bonibers sweeping over Ormoc Bay sank another small freighter while others sank three additional Jap cargo vessels in tlie Sibuyan Sea. For the first time the communique disclosed that American Liber- rilir... simitar demands for firepow 0 er along the Third Army iroiu a- lone and it may be seen wny mt llrcSlTll Which of your two husbands is coming homo tonight . . . Kathryn f! Hi liner of Clinton wan Ei-aiiii-i' d'.orec from Hoy K. ,..,,.,,,,1 fnr more ainmunition at Mt W T B A II home is being made. Huekner 1 '.'c million Circuit Court "TUt remind, mt, George. better Kavt our StamUrd Oil Mm give the car its regular 60-day oil change." as on grn-- ' -.I' cruel and inhuman treatr,! ..irs. Hacklier was award otr hnmhers are opeiaiing no... Third Extension Of Dec. 7th Trial former enemy-held airfields in tlie Palau Islands. The big four-motored planes roar-o,i n.-or Vlsavan Islands west of Ley ed i' iislody of their daughter, I' ,.ged 4. The couple was mar-,;o,t. 6, 19.17 and separated !. 25. 1IM4. dients formulated over 50 te and unloaded twenty-four tons of bombs on Lahug and Cebu airdromes, heavily damaging buildings years ago- Lneoatea or candy coated, theiraction id dependable thoroujih, yet gentle, as millions of Nil's have proved. Get a 2"i Convineer hox today! All druKpists. Caution: Take Constipation may make nnyoneaMr.orMrs.Glum. TakcNature'sllL-niedy (Nil Tabietf). (,'ont:iin nochem-icals, n6 tjiinpnii.-:, no phenol derivatives. It Tablets are different act different. Purely vegetable a comlJi-n At i mi of 10 venctablc inure- and supply depots. I.KYTK. Philippines. General Kern Montague of I'errysville was granted a divorce In Vermillion Clr-euil Court from Lewis Montague on grounds of cruel and in human liealnient. Mrs. Montague was a-warded tlie custody of their daughter. Freda aged 3, and defendant ordered to pay $HI) per month maill-lenance. The couple was married only as directed A lot of cars that seem to be going strong today won't be able to "stand the gaff" of the 4th war-winter. .Sticky sludge that can clog oil lines, unseen rust and corrosion inside the motor, will cut down many tars. The situation calls for proper preparation for winter driving. Now, of all times, use top-quality motor oil. Use instant-Bowing, full-bodied, sludge-resisting, low-in-carbon oil. Use Standard's famous Iso-Vis 10 W. tlie full-protecting, fattest-starting, easiest-on-the-battery 10 W motor oil. Get lao-Vis 10 W today. And while you're doing it, make sure your car has all-over protection. Arrange for a complete service "package" that covers the vital spots . . . get a 4lh War-Winter 10 Stab Tune-up at your Standard Oil Dealer's. Sir Thomas lilaniey, Australian Ar Voted in Congress (Continued from Page On-' Uoth stated last week ' ' for reasons of security tho i" ' ; roniii not be made public an-' their investigation would f ' ,.ne. Hut Ihey mod" ' eiiunlly rleur that evidence ui-i- i'-il to dale did not justify iniiui-u : t" court martial of Army and Navy .'rsonnel, even though they cone (led ihere had been "errors of judgment" in both services, both at I'earl Harbor and at Washington. ALL-VEGETABLE my commander, who has linen on Leyte Island conferring with fiener- i n,,iirl:iu MncArlhur. said today LAXATIVE M TO-NIGHT; TO MOKKOW ALRIGHT W-TABUTS-W 1 that Australian troops would be used July 7. 1934 and separated Aug. 11, 111 1 1. Mary Bell Hrillon of Newport has filed suit in Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from IJnd-kpv A. Billion. Jr. on grounds of in the western Pacific. Illamey refused to specify whether the Ausslea would be used in the Philippines but merely pointed out that the western Pacific area included Celebes, Borneo, Java, Malaya, the Philippines and China. "Australians have been training and rehabilitating for niontliB," he declared. "Now we are on our toes and ready to go." BASKETBALL cruel and inhuman treatment. Mrs. Milium asks for the custody of their daughters, Patricia aged 6 and Jean-eiie 8 months, together with reasonable suppo t. The couple was married Dec. 5, 111.16 and separated in Mar. li 1!M 1. TODAY SEE YOUR STANDARD OIL DEALER for Bitter Car Can Gasoline Powrit the Attach . . . Don't Watte a Drop.' Buy more War Bends m MUSCLES? mmi sleep? due to P'tElMATIC PAINS? Mary diaeouraKMl. SKonlsH auffrra of rlM-u.nalic pin have fi.uml awllt, aoilhinc rrlirl from musrular pains Jr. Iriu, lrr. bark, handi. ahoulikra. You ahouM Irf W.lliama RUX Compound, loo. riniily lakr a directed. .'iee Jor yovrielf how ouirkly it ftela, often witb.j day. too nomicol 11.10 aiae t FRIDAY, DECEMBER. B CHS. SULLIVAN r oiloro V. Martin of Clinton Cement Clinkers A new process for simultaneously producing cast iron and Portland cement clinker in rotary kilns has reportedly been used successfully in Spain, Germany, Denmark and Ja , s granted a divorce from (irace ...nrlin in Vermillion Circuit Court ini grounda of cruel and inhuman ' in-ainienl. The custody of their pan, but has not oeen irieu u. u : l um-rnvc r JlDlurv is to be United States. VIM-SJV nnuiid I n.imiinvi daughter, Patricia aged 5 rue ntDTV NflKEf THE 80VS ON THE NEXT HILL 1 KNOW WHAI IU UU WHtPt ( THEY GETTHIS SIG-NALy CLINTON HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM GAMES AT 7 AND 8 P. M. SEASON TICKETS $2.25 Tax Incl. General Admission 35c t2M HERE COMES A AT LAST-1 HAfTT'J '-l S?rWSLi " . CyCLE-RlDER.'-jT WERE GONNA J ;v! lfitif I4W '4 ?J nATSJ L CLOSE THE rf SEE WHAT AA V , ,J?Mm fit' fl :; UAn I gap, soys i doctor krugg )tytlmmXmM ZA p DU:'N ffl ? on! 7 Secret BpWrCj X 1 IK1 OperalivePI NEXT HOME CAME DECEMBER 15 CHS vs, OTTER CREEK

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