The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 6, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1944
Page 2
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THE DAILY CLINTONI AN Wednesday ,Dc'ni!er 0, 191 f . Iage Two 'near Ridgefarju; III. visited Ella Real Estate Transfers Mrs. Frank Krnliart one day last week. They were all dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alviu Keed. Mrs. Charles Hulling has gone to Corpus Christi, Texas to visit with her sister Mrs. Howard Moore and family former residents of HI. William Keister et. al to Hoy Kelster lot 42 original uul of (Jch- reau Inc., In yesterday afternoon's testimony, Thomas asserted that the commission would involve "needless expense'' und cause "overlapping and conflicting of authority." The Farm Bureau ' representative proposed instead that the Indiana Public Service Commission be ex. panded to handle state aviation problems. George N. Beainer, of South Bend, former Indiana attorney general and ex-chalriiian of the PSC, previously had been the only other witness to Stale Aviation Council to End Public Hearings INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. The final public hearing of the governor's aviation committee prior to formation of a legislative urogram will conclude today in Indianapolis. Col. Karl I. Johnson, of New York, nat-I ions I commander of the Civil Air Patrol, was scheduled speaker tills sie. It ISO. cinko et ux lots 37. :!S and KM, l"l :'.!! Jlhtnroid-Meyi.r add. to Jacksonville, fl. Husselt M. Wilson et al to John M. Fitzgerald, trustee pt. lols 1, 4, and 5 block 24 original plat of Clinton, fl. John M. Fitzgerald, trustee to Hussell M. Wilson et al pt. lots 1. 4 mid 5 in block 24 original plat of Clinton, fl. Frank Cillis et ux to Herbert l.lmd lol 1 block 2 Collett's add. to Fugeiie. fl. Flslc Bright el al to Hons James Thompson aud family .Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Walthall called Saturday on Bert Majors and family near Kingman. Klmina Canaday ttpent Friday night with Mrs. Rhodi Adams and daughter Mrs. Belle I'tecr at Newport . Mrs. H. H. Youmans, who works al the girls school in liullaiiapolls, visited a few days Willi relatives here recently. Mrs. Cleason Jliiwn and .baby were guests of Mrs. Hussell Kyger and Mary F. Uines et al (o William Keister pt. lot 25 original plat of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Withers made a business trip to Mllford, 111. this (ii'SKiel $60. Frank 11. Miller el al to AiMiiii N. Harketl el ux JS-lti-ll. l Iru J. Church, auditor to Holla A. Jordan lit. r.l-17-S. 11". week. Mrs. Ben Gaither visited with tier sister, who watt seriously ill in Greenwood last week, Mia. Fred Boss. morning. St. Bernice Current Events Boy Scouts Guests Of Honor at Lions Club Dinner; Other News Mrs. J oil ii Klliult and son Larry of Indiana pulls w ere week end guests of the former's parents. Mr. and Mrtt. Dairy FernuBon, The Lion's Club enjoyed it pot-luck uppr at the grade school last Tuesday night with the Boy Scouts ii h miosis. The Hoard of reviews for Scouts for advancement were present, Three scouts lor 1st. class and two for 2nd. class. There were about thirty present to enjoy the supper, Plans for u doll draw were made for December 19th. Mrs. Louisa Prall, accompanied by! lier daughter Mrs. John Forehand have gone to Henryville. Ind. to at-1 oppose the commission plan. Mrs. Blanche Noyes, airmarkliig family Sunday. 1 et. UX Jit. 2ti-Ki-lCJ. fl. Miss Imogene Harris of Detroit it; specialist of the civil Aeronautics F.imijia Canaday called Saturday AUTO GLASS allernoon on Mrs. H. T. Canaday and Mrs. Dolores Dcnus. Mrs. F. I). Cooke remains on the sick list. Mrs. Howard Smart visited with enjoying a two weeks vacation with her mother Mrs. Charles Colwell. Mrs. Lydia Blue has entered a Terre Huute hospital for nn operation. Dr. and Mrs. F. K. Keith were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ferguson and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Administration and Harry Melxell, of Washington, Air Transport Association of America representative, alBO were expected to testify before the two-day session closes. Creation of an official state aviation commission was opposed by Anson S. Thomas, tax and legislative M. M. Scott i't III by auditor to Harry Call lot 26 Multln ns Park 2nd add. to ('Union, fill. till. Harry Call to Allien Heiiku el ux lot 120 Matthews Park 2nd add. to Clinton, fl. A. J. lXiughly et al to Iberi Hen-It o et ux lot 125 Mai I hews Park 2nd add. to Clinton. JOtili. Mary Harto to John Adagio lol 88 West Clinton, fl. Ralph M. Pentreath et al to Harry L. Kunyan et al K',4 lot Mary Mrs. Oman Carter and family in In-Idiauapolis a few days. Mrs. Francis Bennett, Mr. and News and Notes hi Quaker Itidgefarm Guests Call; ('i)okes Entertain Sunday Afternoon Visitors Elmina Canaday has returned home after spending two weeks at director of the Indiana Farm Bu Mrs. B. C. Cooke were shopping in Terre Haute. Wednesday. Judge and Mrs. I.aner of ParlB, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Cunningham and S. Whitcoiubs add. to Clinton, fl. Board at the Davis Restaurant Sunday. Mrs. Delia Horn of Olney, HI. is a house guest of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Mullen. Foster Horn and daughter Grace of Paris, 111. enjoyed a six o'clock dinner with them last Wednes-; day. i Peter Bodnar et ux to Helen T. Bodnar lot 129 Matthews Park 2nd add. to Clinton. $1. daughter Betty of Georgetown, 111. called Sunday afternoon on Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Cooke. GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY Friend M. Brown to Manila H, Mrs. Gertrude Helms and Janet Larkin of Washington, Ind. were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gaither. Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, t ender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a b ttle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quldcly allays the cough or --u are to have your money back. CREOMULSION For Couehs. Chest Colds, Bronchitis I Tail Pipes Mufflers Starters Generators Brake Bands Iielined National Batteries ' AT HP ST Tolono. Ill with her niece, Mrs. Charles Mingee and family. Mrs. Howard Smart, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hugg und daughters Loretta and Rosalie were iu Danville, 111. tniding Saturday. Rev. Anna Smith is ill with the flu. ilev. and Mrs. Kdward M. Wood-ard of Bloomingdale called at F. V. Cooke's Sunday afternoon. H. R. Youinans has been ill the p:;.Bt week. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Southard of ifva OF A , Montgomery lot 3 D. W. Pontrealh's 4th add. to Clinton. $10. Keith Stalker et ux to Robert V. Thompson et ux lot 45 Grondyke & McKee's 1st add. to Cayuga. $1. Home Owners Loan Corporation to Delbert Truitt pt. 20-15-10. fl. Perry J. Watson to Blanch Walworth lot 460 I.lndley's add. to Cayuga. $1. Sylvia Chincoff to Andrew Mar- tend the funeral of Mrs. Frail's brother, John Graff, who died in a hospiLal Friday morning. Miss Mary June Doane of Terre Haute and Miss Mary June Williams of Indianapolis enjoyed the week end with their parents. Mr. and Mi's. Walter Chambers entertained at dinner Sunday Mrs. Bertha Boyer and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Boyer of Freedom, Ind.. Mr. and Mrs. Carl J jckle of Terre Haute, Mr. and Mrs. Mack Chambers and children. Miss Garnet McCoy. Miss Annabelle Reynolds and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Krnliart of St. Bernice. Mrs. Elmer King: was hostess for the Wednesday Bridge Club last week. Mrs, Hersche Doane was a guest. Mrs. Kenneth King and little I (laughter of Indianapolis visited Clinton School Honor Lists Include 193 Phone 8 Clinton, lud. ' Continued from page I me& men men mmmt ssss t . ut. s h 2?: urn grade two students were on the honor roll while 3 6 were on honorable mention. The Junior Hlftli list follows: 0 Sevruith i-ale Honor Hoi) 0. m 0 John Boyd, Frankie Jtresar, Bar- with Mr, and Mis. Frank KIiir and baranell Kastwood, Barbara Hatley, daughter The St 0 ,eone for the week end. Sylvia Ann Jones. John Kitinoja. Bernice conservation club . Honorable Mention with eighteen present met in the club house at the park last Friday. Plans were completed for the Christmas Parly which is to be held in the Clinton Hotel tin December fifteenth. Mesdanies Hen Douglas, Revis Mains, James Le.cliner and J. D. Plrtle attended the county Royal Neighbors convention in Cayuga last wwk. Mrs Josie Harper til west of St. Bernice is In a hospital in Danville for observation. Mrs. Henry Spalding of Terre Haute and daughters Margaret, who is a graduate nurse of Houston. Texas, and Dorothy and Madge also of Terre Haute visited with Mr. and Betty Armstrong. Harold Berry. Virginia Bonucchi. Diana Clark. Winifred Craft, Madalyn Davidson. Patricia Guinn, Kathryn Kerehevnl. lane Martin, Charles Massa, Jndv Richardson, Louis Sasso, Jackie Simpson, Eleanor Straw, Normp Jean Sweazey. KrliUi ilrmiei Honor Itnll Bobby Daeley. John Markello. Honoi'able Mention jeorgiana Alley, Jane Brack ney. Hetty Brewer, Dick Carlson, Forest Daugherty, Tommy Griffihs. Betf v Harrison, Collett Hill. Mary Margaret Law son. Norma Jean Nolan. Mrt-ry Paine, Betty Jean Penman. K?y Pittenger, Bobby Potter, John Savin Gene Vincent. In the grade schools 4 5 Centrnl grade school students were lis'ed four on honor roll and 41 on honor 0. For that very special someone ... the loveliest in holiday lingerie! See our sparkling collection of trousseau-worthy beauties here, all priced to consider gift-busy budgets. Warmly welcome robes and housecoats. & 0. p m m S3 m m m & m 01 0. GOWNS by BARBIZON and LADY-LOVE in 0. m I discovered an amazing way to New STRENGTH.. betterLOOKS! able mention; Glendale school listed 27 on the honorable mention list while ..South jigted two on honor roll and 24 ou..hparJ&fejtementinn. The grade school lists include: Central School Honor Boll Grade Two: Anne Ashley, Michael Heacock. j Grade Five: Dolores Davidson, Patsy Turner. Honorable Mention Grade One: Colieen Ashley, Joyce Birch, Elizabeth Jean Dowdy, Ann Crepes and Satins. ' SLIPS and PAJAMAS f Fine Rayon Panties By Munsing; : '0 ' J? Gerrish, Myra Mitchell, Richard Schelsky, Jo Ann Thomas. j Grade Two: Donald Cargniuo, Charles Elder, Tommy Jennings, Joan McCarter. 0. Grade Three: Marvin Gossett, : '(I Tommy Lyday. Donald Lee Pesaven-to. Phyllis Roth. Allan Ryley, Bessie Mae Shanklin, Sue Staats. Sondrc Wallace. Linda Brown. Ruth Davidson, William Lynn. Chas. Schelsky. Grade Four: Mary Alice Elder Carol June Kendall, Kenneth Ker-cheval, Priscillu Runyan. Khirlev Straw, Joan Swinnev, Larrv Wheat-on. ""Wtmtm Grade Five: James Boyd, CharlH' Cogan, Noreen Howe, Martha Selv Grade Six : David Baldwin, Joan Christopher, Donald Falls, Dorothy Honnis. (leorgia Rentier, Elizabeth Sh;;nklin. J'atty mu Straw. South .School Hllor Roll Grade Two: Carolyn Beard. Grade Three: Sonda Sue m m 0 JK 0 I I 0 0 0. 0. m m 0 0 0 I I 0 1 0 m 0. I a f the fltw of J rreleiujces i 1 ' in the sach I I n-$"J?n KLO0D 1 I Flattering rayon satin gown, charmingly embroidered. White, pas tels. 5.95 Honorable Mention j Grade One: Carol Kay Butter-, more, Helen L Diekenson. Frances j C. Graham. Donald Kay Martin. Ju-;dilh Kay Prall, Marionutta J. Taylor, Klaim- Williams. ' Grade Two: Frances Jtensim, Barbara Gu inn. LmMia Luce. G rad1 Tlirff: Peggy Jo Austin Jo('4- GnltliHT. Carol Jenkins, Joyc Sw irKaul. Hi- ii V illiams. .iadt' Knur Ittlly l,te Bluekburr TRIM TAILORED ROBES IN FLANNEL CAVALRY TWILL CHUKKER FABRIC FLEECES $595 to $2250 John hand Umiii, Mi) Jy Joe Mn' Cl wl.. .'.... tt Ull l.awxm. Ih-f.vl Panic i Grade Six MartliM GrnM. J-rry I I ii k iiis. Kuitald Nt'Whoni. (dt-iiflale Hi-litHil llinif mlt Meuition Cl.idii l)m n.-itii:. in kuv llfUftm I fl Getting: value out of the food you eat Is your No. 1 health problem whether you eat &00 or 2,000 puunds yearly. To tto Hi lr., bcii'iitisls hjy. yuii must liavc an nrtoqiuu supply of iiatu;l tomnch clitjphti'.e )vnct.a und rich, rttl-bloud mut be prt st nt. Im j) roper dirt, oui-Wfrlc. lir.fl'ic wnr-rlM roldn, ti(e flu or other lllnr . ntt'-:i Impairs the moii..h'1i s cjlf"! : r f jmc-tioiih unci i cd:'"t i 1 u i rrl-diui.rl - t renin .; A prrsoii who i oji fill;.: o:i univ 70 to 1'y , lnnliliv him .(I (:i:nr or n tomaeh fHuPhiUc riti'f i'y of mnv Su to (Ki'V nriuiiMl U rvi tfl;. hl'.fheaii;L''l 1'lidli(0ttid loort i uur. Cjiii'i" ns . . Moat ll K . . laiit tn Mijii'lv Ihr r e, body UPrK' . . . ticsno repm' ..hhph if-ultliiK In neroui.iH'hf)jU lo-. r ,n : . Bo wit h HiniJle f-tomiu h -nin juirp-TI.US HIt-H, KKD-KLOOU V i Uw, .'I enjoy Hint aciioe of MwU-bcmt- m-hlrli d-jiotua phyaital liinvoa . . . menu; If you ar subject, to poor UIrc tiuv. or BUapcCt tli-InMrut Htl-bl jf;tl a:. Ill- : vt your trouljie, yet l.uvc no or local infoutton. Tonic may be Just what Juu in fd as i lb efcpeclally deltsnrd 1 ) to promr-t t) flow Of VITAL DICiEHTlAE Jf-U' KS pi thf fitomach andlt lo build-up Kuo:, fcTRKNO JH when delicieut. Tue&e lo lmporiaiit rrMilt? r:;ah!r tou to enjoy the food you do eat nuke use of It as Nature lnLci.f'-l. Th-j-uu may Ret new viuiaty . . - P P - . uj-come ftniintt.-d . . . more awacivt Build Sturdy Health an Help AiMricj Win Thousands and thousands of user Kavc testified to the beuehU 6SS Toni' hrts brought to them and scientific res. ;ircn shows that, it gets results that s wm so manvsav "6SS Tonic buildsbturdy makes you leel like yourself again. A . dx ug stores in 10 and 20 oz. siaea A.vq . Marshall Don Oanno. Dorothy Jane IS Utilwrii. Peter Marietta, Mary Annjjjj Pog limit. Shirley Ann Polkltes, Di-lores Tucker, j Grade Two Stanley Ferrare. Ma-ry Ann Ka.ake ieh. fjeorge Allen , Vattsey. Donna Kuatto, Jerry Spen- ! 0 0 I 1 s 0 ":M ' ; f 'f r mm JERSEYS QUILTED dal. tirade Three- Jaekie Dennis. Sam TT i" J If f I AND TAFFETAS ETAS $2250 'M WW. $1095 to my Depei ro. Ma rgaret Fi rent one. Marguerite pesawnto. Jean Ann Ilo-dicli. Grade Four: Eleanor Li n berg, Clare Ann Oudo. Edith Mae Ralston, Darlene Vitaniemi. Grade Five: Claude Bertotti. Joyce Marietta. Patricia Oliver, Mildred Rodirh. Grade Six: Robert Louis Aimone, John Archie Ruatto. v L ATI'S 0 0 0 I a Support The Sixth War Loan Buy An Extra Bond! Small Plants According to census figures, 9S per ct-nt of the nation's manufacturing p iiii'.s had less than 500 employees, Lcit iiT,yidfcd 05 per cent of tiie Mai W J"te. TOfllC Jh!js InuU STUROr HEALTH

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