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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, December 4, 1944
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J Monday, EccemEer I,' THE DAir.T CEINTtffttXN fjEe Pour" Behind the Scenes f3 At th Moviti BIG PUSH ON THE HOME FRONT THE DAILY CLINTONIAIN m HOLLYWOOD a mi PALACE ternity wardrobe will be designed Saturday Midnight, Sunday ami Monday a.. uillltriN CARROLL by Para uount stylist iary --son and will feature vertical ttrynes. fcenalliilii il m The Weekly CHatoniaii 18M Ifce Ottaton Plalndealer absorbed In ISM Published Dal!? Except Saturday and Bundaj feerge L. Carey - Editor and Publisher KiuK Feature Syndicate WriU-r HOLLYWOOD American flyers won't he using Grade Fields' Islo of Capri villa any more for a rest 1 I,.,,, The Rlfir The colorful, revealing career of an amazing; exciting woman is given vivid treatment in the u-..nir Urn nrnriuctlon Of "Mr. . . . The reunited leucine rnn n : a nn a v nr Hninc ft fchow to gether at the Birmingham hospital. I at uie rostomce at uunron, m u fLMmd Dim Matte SketTington." coming to the Pal m has just received r bdleUMi Republican Edt. ial Aawetatf It's a play. u. i. nappy, by Arnaz and Kelly Rochards. . . Ruth Hussey is writing a book on hn0aL'M,nin7 ftriilresfled to both ace Theatre Saturday at midnight. Starring Bette Davis, celebrated dramatic actress with Claude Phone 83 Phone 32 the news tnai three Nazi floating mines struck a nearby seawall and that the servants and the mistresses of the house. No gnost writer iw Ruth. She is doing the book herself. . . . Looking tor new juinuuo , Music publisher Ralph S. Peer ar. i,nP t, tu-n weeks from Ha- itPUSUCAH Dimam ArciriMTinm Rains, Walter Abel, Menard waring, George Coulouris and Marjo-rie Rlordan In featured roles, the film Is based on the best-selling novel by "Elizabeth." WABASH ,,Hl. twn Hn7pn new ones. And the resulting explosion broke all the windows in the villa, cracked the plumbing and damaged a number of the floors. Repairs rvf the speaking of rumba, they are not 1 J kidding about Walter wincneu Being an expert. He and Rense D utarfn iiro tf'witw out with fancy Sunday, Monday and Tuesday If advance reports are true, there are laughs galore due Sun Harrison Carroll steps at Giro's, while Ann Sheridan, i-i..n n-jrull Cant. Frank Farrell. Jack Diamond and Benee's hus band. Jody Hutchinson, looked on and applauded. question until the war is over and, besides, Gracie and her husband, Monty Banks, won't even be able to inspect the place until Grade finishes her picture, "Molly, Bless Her," and goes to Europe via day at the Waoash Theatre wnen Paramount's "And the Angels Sing" bows in with a cast of four heavenly honeys and Fred Mac-Murray. Co-starring with Fred are Betty Hutton and Dorothy T.nmmir while featured players Will John Garfield be surprised on returning from Philadelphia to find out he is a cousin of Russia's mechanical warfare expert, Gen. Konstatin Rokossovsky! Another member of the family has written from Europe to tell the atar at the relationship. John himself was born in New York, but his grandparents on his father's side came from Kuibyshev. Diana Lvnn and Mimi Chandler comprir tlie si6ter quartette of the Angel family, presided over by Raymond Walburn as Papa Angel. The first local country club with its own airport is being planned by Dick Haymes and the Heasley twins. The boys have taken an option on T45 acres near Calabassas and are having plans drawn up of the clubhouse and of the landing Held. Theory is that most of the stars will have their own planes, or perhaps helicopters, after the war is over. COLUMBIA Siinduy and 3Ionday Ciieck your cares at the bo- Paramount didn't give the re-tiiminp- Artnro de Cordova time to office, folks, when you buy your catch his breath before putting him tickets for "Two Cirls and a Sail or," Mctro-Goldwyn-Mayer's tune DETAIL OF GREAT SEA-AIR BATTLE. The Navy has given out a detailed account of the fighting in the Second Battle of the Philippine Sea, when three Japanese groups were decisively thwarted in their effort to disrupt the landings on Leyte and compelled to retire after suffering heavy losses. By 9:20 our carriers were in a bad position, with the Jap fleet 12,000 yards away, and ready for the kill. Then, suddenly, the enemy ships hauled away, widening the distance and to the astonishment of the battered American forces, broke off the battle, steaming over the northern horizon at high speed, trailing oil from pierced hulls as they fled. Some speculation has developed as to the sudden withdrawals of the strongest Japanese force just when it had six of our escort carriers in a bad position, apparent ful, zektful new musical hit at the Columbia Theatre. into aaaea scenes ror a wcum iui Benny." De Cordova finished his Mexico City picture at 3 a. nr; arrived In Hollywood 13 hour later, and was on a Paramount stage the next morning. .Speaking of Haymes, he was quick to the rescue when Mary Livingstone (who, incidentally, doesn't drink) fainted at the Mocambo the other night. Barbara Stanwyck reached her first and lifted her to a chair. Poor Jack Benny was so excited that Haymes picked Mary up and carried her out to the car. June Home and Jackie Cooper will be married here during the Plywood Strongest, Oldest Do you know what is the strongest and most rigid material in the world, shock and (Ire resistant, lightest in weight and waterproof? It is plywood a "sandwich" of wood and glue which is finding ever increasing use In pr-fa'jricated houses, radio cabinets, airplane fuselages, lug. fiage, jig-saw puzzles and truck bod. ies, among other products. But plywood is nothing new at the Mel. ropolitan Museum of Art in New York lies a mummy in a plywood casket made around 1900 B. C. second week in December. Mrs. Na Taking a Backward Glance j until Christmas. She Is now visiting at the home of her parents-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gallatin of Martinsville, III., for several days. M'v:. Culluuii is the f irmei Miss Kslhi-r Thomas. thaniel Redpath will be matron of honor and Jackie's uncle, Director Norman Taurog, probably will be best man. Jackie will have only a TK.V YK.IKS 10-day leave before he reports back HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Business in some of Las Vegas' gambling houses reported to have dropped as much as 40 per cent since the opening of Hollywood Park. . . . Many of the Jimmy Mc-Hugh-Harold Adamson songs for the last three years are being printed in French. The boys will be represented y at least 211 songs. . . . After their marriage. Bill Burton says he and Hope Mc-Kensie will adopt twins. . . . Wish all of Loyce Whiteman's frteivl (the Hollywood biggies, too) could have heard her guest-Starring the other night at the Trocadero. She was swell. . . . George Jessel with a new blonde, Koxanne Hilton, at the Savoy. . . . Kitty Carlisle's "Hollywood Canteen" song. "Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart," is such a hit that Warners may make a picture with that title and featur Kitty Wit- AGO TODAY Parke Teachers to Hear Humanist Dr. William Bennett, national- to the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. June will return with him. TWKNTV YKARS AGO TODAY Two VeekN Vacation In Clinton Wehool, D.'ceiiihei' 1ft to .lati. 3 , the urgent need of a bank here. He Inquired regarding the industries of the community, the trade territory, the nearest banks, whether there was opposition by 'these to proposed establishing of I this branch, whether a service charge for small accounts if deemed necessary would operate against the bank, whether the-residents of the community would I have confidence enough to deposit their funds in the bank if it 'were established and asked oth- A threater.etrcut in photographic printing paper may force the studios to curtail or perhaps eliminate the mailing of pin-up art, which has been going overseas by the ton. . . . Letter from Pat O'Brien says he, Jinx Falkenburg and their company, played one show in China wnere the Japs were only 30 miles away. . . . Paulette Godtlard's ni&- Accident Proves DouMe fdlsbh An automobile accident was dou- i ble poison 46 Marshall Machin of : Fulton, Mo. Mis back was wrenched j in the plunge of a car into a dilch. j That was bad enough, but rescu- 1 rs. evidently unfamiliar with Missouri vegetation, laid him gently on ; a patch of pofson ivy. ly known as "a Humorist who makes you think." will speak at the Parke County teachers institute to be held Saturday at th' Roekville High School building. The institute will open wilh a devotional talk by the Rev. Robert Saylor, pastor of the Roekville Christian Chrurch, at ) o'clock. Study and research classes will be held during the morn jer questions of a like nature, l Personals There will he two weeks' vacation in the Clinton public schools during the Cl::uj'mas-New dear's holiday season. This is somewhat unusual in Clinton, as in recent years one week has been the rule. The schools will be dismissed Doc. 19th and work will be resumed January 5th. Superintendent G. V. MeReynolds stated today the aetion was taken partly because or the unusually early start this fall, on Monday. Sep-lemberi 1. The two weeks at Christmas will still bring the end of -the school year well within .May. Without unexpected interruptions, the year's work will M1GN0N G Mrs. James Abernathy of who has been spending sev ly doomed to destruction. ,. What happened? The Japanese admiral, with a local victory in sight, had received word of the destruction of the southern force in Surigao Strait, and the utter rout of the northern force with the loss of its carriers. He "had to get back through San Bernardino Strait or face annihiliation". ,.In addition, the Navy reveals that, while the Japs may not have known it, "we had a battleship and cruiser force a part of the Seventh fleet in Leyte Gulf for the purpose of protecting the transports and landing craft from any enemy force attempting to destroy them". This was the force which had, before daylight, annihilated the southern enemy group and, almost unscatched, was available to prevent the entrance of the enemy's central group. , In addition, Third fleet units, which had been dispatched southward by Admiral Halscy, were getting close to the enemy. In fact, some of these ships "caught one straggling enemy destroyer before it reached the strait and sank it." FRANCE AM) ENGLAND TOGETHER. Back of the friendly meeting between WOLF IN MAN'S CLOTHING H ECERHART - OlSTRlBUrED BY KING FEATURES SYNDICATE, INC.- ) 1943 BYMJTHOR ing. At 1 o'clock opening exercises will be given by the Br.i),.;e-ton schools. Dr. Bennett will speak at 1:30 o'clock. Sectional meetings at 3 o'clock will conclude the day's program. Hearing; Points Out Need For Clinton Bank Clinton this morning advanced another step nearer to its goal of securing a banking institution, in the opinion of citizens and busi end May' 22. Mrs. McReynolds pointed out. The matter of the Christmas vacation in the Clinton township eral days In Detroit with her aunts. Mrs. John Simpson and .Mrs. Walter Pain, has returned home. Mr. and .Mrs. Villla Downs of Detroit have returned home after spending the weekend with Mrs. Down's parents, .Mr. and Mrs. John Whyte of North Ninth street. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Henderson and family of south fourth Street, had as their Sunday guests Mr. and Mrs. Dan Henderson ai:d family and Mrs. Henderson's brother, all of P.idgefarm, 111. Mrs. Pete Gallatin of Tulsa. Okla. has arrived here to visit her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas of South Tenth Street, schools. Trustee Frank Slater ness men who attended a public stated today, is always left to pouches under his eyes. He looked nervous. The other man was a state trooper in beautiful brownish gray unW form with bars on bis sleeve. I must say, though, that the uniform was not a welcome sight. - I got to my feet. The doctor and the policeman (a lieutenant, I thought, by the bars) came straight to the bed. The doctor glanced at me once absently, and they both looked down at my patient for a long moment. Then the doctor said, whispering emphatically, "Nobody shot him. Nobody could have shot him. It w-as an accident. I tell you." Anil the policeman said, "I'll hav There was no change in Craig Brent's pulse or breathing. I didn't want to rouse him, then, to take his temperature. He had an intelligent and a sensitive face and, from the nose and chin, a will of his own; but his behaviour had shown anything but thut. I thought of the gaps in Drue's story. It was brief; it was necessarily elliptical. Obviously there were only two alternatives by way of explanation; either Craig had repented his hasty marriage and ended it in that way (in which case she was well rid of hiin, but that wouldn't help Drue just then), or there was actually dirty work at the teachers. They usually confer most of thein have vacation at the same time. There Is to be an institute held next Saturday. The hearing by the State Bunking Commission held at 10:30 o'clock in the City Hall. ' Questions asked and replies received by O. P. Welborn, banking commission member who conducted the hearing, made it apparent township schools started Septem ber 1, same as Clinton city schools. that the commissioner recognized in the upper townships and in Dana town schools, vacation plans are arranged locally. Sidewalk Healing To Be Held Dewnnber loth CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sheffer Hearing of remonstrances in connection with the laying o f sidewalks in the north part of the city was set for Tuesday night, December 16, 7 o'clock p Prime Minister Churchill and General Charles de Gaulle, which took place recently In Pari, Ih the undoubted desire of both loaders to reestablish the intimate rela-tioinihlp that exiHted between these countries prior to the Second World War. It does not take much intelligence for the HrltiHh or the French to understand that, alone, neither la sufficiently strong lo withMtHiul n rc-armod and re-vitalized Germany. The ri'nnure of German mili-tariHm lurccil the Knglwh and the French together Htid it may be assumed that the HHnie peril will accoinplinh the Bame result in future years. This Is the loK'ie behind the determination of both leaders to create a powerful and well-equipped French army, together nr., after the engineer's report of the completion of the work was read to the city council at its regular meeting last night. The primary assessment roil was ap proved. Peivojiuls Mr. and Mrs. Anton Slapar have returned to their home in L'nton alter spending one week in Clinton visiting with Mr. and 1 Mrs. Frank Klopcich. I Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Pearce of Evansville. Ind., are the guests 1 WTAn 1 rr p?z9 io 777 'Ay) 40 tVZjl 4i 44 -W 45 4b 47 48 iilfciiL:jij IT irl i 1 in I I SYNOPSIS When Drue Cable, attractive young nurse, learned her former husband, Craig Brent, was the victim of a so-called accidental bullet wound, she persuaded her friend and fellow nurse, Sarah Keate, to answer with her the call made by' Dr. Claud Chiveiv from a small New England town. Sarah was unaware of Drue's previous connection with the Brent family which included Craig's father, arrogant Conrad Brent; Alexia, Conrad's glamorous young wife who, at one timcj had .'loped to marry Craig; Nicky Senour, Alexia's twin brother; and Peter Huber, friend of Craig. Anna Haub, maid at the Brent mansion, told how Craig was found unconscious in the garden the previous night, adding, "Beevens, the butler, said it was an accident-Mr. Craig was cleaning a gun." Alexia ordered Drue to leave before Conrad Brent discovered her presence. Drue tells Sarah the strange story of her romance with Craig. They had met and married more than a year ago when she had nursed him back to health following an auto accident. When Craig brought his bride borne, Conrad Brent made no eff ort to conceal his disapproval. Craig'B work in the diplomatic service made it neceejary for him to go to Washington, and Drue returned to New York. Shortly after, she received a letter from Conrad (which he claimed Craig had asked him to write) stating his son had resigned his post to enter training as an aviator, only to discover ma.ried men were ineligible. Conrad said Craig wished Drue to divorce him, but promised they could remarry, with paternal blessing, when the training period was over. Drue got the divorce but never received any reply to the many letters she wrote Craig. Now, she is determined not to leave until Craig regains consciousness and can talk with her. Drue dashes from the room when Nicky Senour enters. Sarah is telling the story. CHAPTER SEVEN The word Alexia gave me the clue; he was amazingly like her. This muBt be the twin brother, Nicky- He said, "Where is Drue?" and tried to look over my shoulder into the room. I took my fountain pen and my thermometer. "Sorry," I said, "I'm just going to my patient." He moved aside to permit me to step into the hall. As I turned along it toward the big bedroom where the sick man lay, he dodged along with me as gracefully as a panther and about as welcome. I'm bound to say that I instantly added Nicky Senour to my rapidly growing list of dislikes in the Brent house. He was watching me with a gleam of bright curiosity in his face. "I say, you know," he said, Drue can't stay here. She's got to leave. You must make her leave." I had reached the door to my patient's room. I opened it and turned to Nicky Senour and all but hissed, "If I stav, she stays," and closed the door on his handsome but startled face. . of Mr. r.'.d Mrs. W. J. -Pearce of the Pe.ivce Flatst ill Elm street. Mr. und Mrs. center McDon ald O'' r reeport, III... are visiting "Nobody shot him-it was an accident," wmspered Or. Chi very. here will! Mr. and Mrs. linger.;: McDonald of soul I. Main Street. Mr. pud Mrs. Lnwermte Hebcr and children spent Thursday with her lather, Joseph Sinitns, and ';:.!iily. of Summit Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Crane spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Milton Crane. Kev. J. O. IrfWis and family of New Goshen were dinner guests of Rev. S. I. Hart and family Thursday. with an adequate air lotvc ami a suostan-tlal navy, The power of the French people is neeessary to maintain the balanced defense of the I wo Western powers against the mass of Teutons that has been organized into the German Ueieh. The Great Hritish leader, speaking to the French people, stressed the necessity for unity above all else. lie urged France to take her place anions the other great powers in order to defeat Germany but also to "help protect us from a repetition of German aggression." Chicago Lord Halifax, British Ambassador to the United States urges elimination of cut-throat competition in post war era: "We can send some feverish years in a cut-throat war for international trade, of scrambling and of outsmarting each other, or stealing each others customers and blackening each others faces, until another Hitler arises to exploit the miseries of the peoples and to multiply them tenfold by another war." Cleveland William 11. Davis, chairman of the National War Labor Board: "On the dav when the nation's chief task 49. utter wildly VERTICAL 50. edible 1. market rootstock 2. again 51. land measure 3. South Amer- 52. unfold ican monkey 53. scrutinized 4. dry. as wine 54. contlict 5. conceive some crossroads. In that case, a few-words between Drue and the man before me would clear up a lovers' misunderstanding. But nothing in her brief account of her almost equally brief marriage even touched upon a question that was beginning to assert itself more and more ominously in my mind. Delinitely there was something fishy about the story of the shooting. So Craig Brent had been shot, intentionally, with murderous design; then why? And, furthermore, who? Anna rose from the armchair across the room, within the curtained niche where old-fashioned bay windows made a semi-circular little room of their own. She had been crying and was wiping her eyes. I went te her and said a little sharply, "You can go. I'll stay now." When she had gone, I pulled a chair up near the bed where I could watch for the faintest shadow of a change in Craig Brent's face. The brown was sunburn ; under the tan his face was a kind of gray. I waf. sitting like that with my fingers on his lean brown wrist when the door opened and two men walked quietly into the room and closed the door behind them. One was the doctor. I had never seen Dr. Chivery before, but a kind of antiseptic spruceness about him identified him Answer to Saturday's puzzle. to see the bullet. And the gun." Dr. Chivery's hands thrust themselves into his pockets; they wera pink hands, and none too steady. He said, "Well, that's 'what I'm afraid you can't do." The state trooper turned abruptly to look down at the doctor. H didn't ask why, and the doctor fidgeted a little, then said, "You see, the bullet was thrown out accidentally; and the gun is gone. Nobody knows what happened te it." Again the state -trooper said nothing but simply waited, watching the doctor who explaiued, "In the excitement samebedy must have picked up the run. It will turn up. But it hasn't yet." - - - He waited for an answer' again and this time the state trooper obliged. He murmured, "Ah." It was just then, by the way, that I discovered an odd thing about Dr. Chivery, and that was his -habit of looking at the edges of things. For he glanced at the left corner of my can, at a post of the bed, at my patient's brown hair (so inordinately neat and wetly plastered that I surmised Anna's fine firm Jia'nd) and at the trooper's eoat buttons. He said, "You know me, Lieutenant. ' Or perhaps you don't. But the fact ' is, if I had had reason to think it wasn't an accident, perhapa I wouldn't have been quite so prompt about reporting it." ' (To be eontlnued) 1 A eaorrtfbt by BUM aftarbtrt: VMMmiutiailLkvMmmMtiMmu, Jb Longer Laandering Cottons and linens will require a longer time to launder than other labrics because they hold their soil more firmly. They are stronger when wet and can stand longer and harder washing. Hot water can be used for these fabrics 160 degrees Fahrenheit is not too hot. For the most sheer cotton fabrics the water should not be more than 125 degrees Fahrenheit. 6. doctrine 7. admission 8. ago 9. to anticipate 10 note of dove 11. literary collection 16 babe 20. to temper 22. silvery 24. a molding 25. sea-bird 26 facts 27. send out 28. denoting endeavor (gram.) 30. most unusual 34. revolve 35. arrow-poison 38. rot 40. augury 42. melt 43. emanation 44. river in Belgium 45. for 46. sharp blow 48. be drowsy HORIZONTAL 1. small rug 4. place 8. large rodent 12. Florida bird 13. First Garden 14. presently 15. taciturn 17. portico 18. match 19. oxygenate 21. make plump 23. speck 26.1,000 square meters 29. incense 31. amidst 32. consumer 33. tinger 35. tip 36. Luzon savage 37. little lump 39. walk feebly 41. remain 45. formally neat 47. prickly plant A V AU5 E N BT X E R O D E ToM A TEjJa A I N ESiavjXN ? Qme S NlE S P R T 5 R A I D S 3 Q R A nHa 5 P SKU n a REV EjR T 35 Tpk P. E C3 lie aIs hJ3 f a sHs J R I A pjGolB I TpSj 1 L J! 5. 5. X 1 XM j Jr sNe a t t o s sLIeIsIsTSJeIlIy Firemen's ray Per capita expenditures for salaries of Are department employees increased from $3.02 in 1942 to $3.16 in J943. In connection with pay increases for firemen, larger cities were slower to respond last year. With an average salary increase of ?100 a year for all cities,, those of more than 500,000 population increased salaries $60 a year. at once. He was a short, gray man becomes the prevention of deflation, when inflation is no longer in the picture, management and labor should be free to go ahead with any agreement that they are able to reach." Averane lime of solution: 26 minutcl. DisL by King Featuiea Syndicate, Inc. with no chin, slender, except for a little watermelon in front, and

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