The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 10, 1968 · Page 101
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 101

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1968
Page 101
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Post-Times Classified, Sunday, Nov. 10, 19C8-CU 15 37 Pontiac 15 38 Rambler 15-40 Thunderbird 38 Rambler 1961 PONTIAC Grand Prln. mi GRAND PrlK 1 doer horrjtop. Automatic, lull power, air. Immocu- kiit uso. m-nu. PRIVATELY OWNED, loS Ambos-sadc 990, 4 door Sedan, circumstances force sole. Fully equipped, with rich blue interior. tlJOO refinance, firm. 9654009. 15 ed a 15 wmt or AS ME paymmtl on M GTO. perfect condition. All power. Air condl lioned Balonci U.M0. S97-233 In diontown I OWNER I9M Rambler Mori in with 14.901 guaranteed octual milet. Eauipped with VI engine, automolic trowroi'on. focfory air condiion-Ing power iteering. wire wheel discs. AM radio, and tinted glass An absolutely immaculate car tor which we Invite your most thorouoh inspection. Spotless Ermine white finish with red vinyl and cloth reclining seats and Interior trim. Will finance ony or all or SI 895 full Pur-chos price. Bev Smith Rambler, 1215 U.S. I Loe Port. HI Hl. 1959 RAMBLER station wooon. inspected. Good shape. 1300. 9i7-04y W7 REBEL SST Air conditioned. Alter s oo nuan MISCELLANEOUS MEANS assort oblects. The different things you lonoer want sell for cash with Classified Ad. - 39 Studebaker-Urk REPOSSESSED W7 GTO Ponlloc. excellent condition. Sri at 111 North 'G St., L kV. For Information coll 5W-7403 before SPM or 512 544 otter 5PM 1965 PONTIAC Grand Prix Red with white top. Eitro thorp Foe-Air. Can finance complete 11595 for US Mo. Chevy Shopping Center. 2100 S. Dixie, WPB. 133 341 1966 FORD Folrkme 500 station wagon, 4-door l-passenger, small VI, dio, auto, trans., power steerlna. heater, air conditioned. 11350. 1964 RAMBLER Classic. 4-door. low mileage, outomotic, heater, AM-FM radio. S695. 96V 34 50. 9654441 A-!, 1 ' 1 mm f f I I 141- If 11 Vo f 0 4""k X W o. 1 I I I , 11 ft If ill II I I 1 X. I 7 II 11 I A 1 I I L I I I I jf" " -m l ill ll j P V P- VT 1 1 II I 1 1 ill 111 I 1 1 I I J I ' 1 M 1 1 Iff II I I J I V ll Vf c . ) ) m 1951 STUDEBAKER Champion. Kept mechanically m operation. 147 50 Otter takes It. 512-9691. REPURCHASE IA-rl7 Pont toe LeMam. foe. air and warranty. SI3 dn. Stored Ot 1200 Okeechobet Rd. tU-4300. Westward Auto Saul. 150 Othert. FRANK RICHEY. Thunderbird 1966 RAMBLER American 440 two door hardtop. This extremely clean little economy car has only 15.000 mites ond Is ready to furnish you 10 MPG Has the small six cylinder engine with outomotic transmission in It- s sporty hardtop model. Ideal tor the housewife or college girl. A fine buy at 11375 full purchase price, or no money down ond only 169.14 a month. Bev Smith Rambler, First I U.S. 1. Lake Pork, Ml 8671. Rambler. Standard. Excellent 1540 960 snope. 67 Fact, THUNDERBIRD. Excellent Chrome reversed wheels. 595-0511 offer 7PM. 1215 1965 T-BIRD Landau. 1-door HT., olr, lull power, Cruise control. 63 BONNEVILLE Conv. $498 Exactly 515.10 Dn. 127.13 Mo. D. Gist. 1119 N. Dixie, L. Worth. NO CASHNEEDED '41 BONNEVILLE 4-DR. HT. Full pwr, Poy only 134.11 per mo. Doyle's. 110 S. Olive. 132-435 am - fm roaio. Being transferred. condition. 3206 Forest 4 ill Blvd. P a r a d 1 1 1 Trailer Pork. Lot No. 126 must sell by Nov. 20th. Any otter consiaerea. 4-isi oner pm. M 2J UA ur 1965 GTO, 4-speed. Factory air, J 1 800 or best oiler. 5859511, Let One Of These Engineer Your Next REPOSSESSION U GRAND PRIX, COMPLETELY LOADED INCLUDING AIR. A STEAL FOR ONLY 11195. No down par-merit with qualified credit. General Finance Corp. 133-1611. 15-38 Rambler '67 REBEL passenger wagon, 343 V i. air, loaded, make payments. 683-1084. 1961 JAVELIN 343. with 4-speed Air-conditioning, stereo tape, vinyl fv. H' ' Hi ll' ' - top. Mcritice, ya-iAvt. OPEN SUNDAY 1-rJPM MARVtlOUS 1967 Dealer Deluxe Romh'er. 4Dr. Super economy six. 23 mpq Automatic, radio, heater, Ires' oir system. Very pretty pastel Mono finish ond many other factory accessories. Please call Mr. Michaels at JUSTICE 1-4453. 11495. CALVIN FEISING III MiUUBm 65 MERCURY 67 CONTINENTAL 67 FALCON '68 MODELS iliTERIIATIOIIAL JACK JURNEY KA TEUPrCT m I mm h PONTIAC CUSTOM I 01 rlTOf. 4) tyt. f1y AM, 1395 The Truck ENGINEERED for Your Operation SEE OUR CAB & CHASSIS ESPECIALLY ENGINEERED FOR CONTRACTORS AND FARM FIELD USE. FUT0 1 BOOH. VI, t crt. , o.. powt mwIm I1H. LiaM twf- ice UIICT1MC vv in ww fftivw DR HARDTOP, 4 cyl iprint pkg., radio, hoattr, M conwto. Spring-timo ytitow, bttgo bucktt wot int, whttt walli, wirt whool covort. Sharp) 1695 66 CADILLAC DEVILlE CONVERllBlE, oH Codillac hiaury tquipmtnt, AIR, full po wtr, Oiut, moTcntng mi jb. jk. jk. and top. Rtal tint outo- VkQR 68 CHEVROLET CAPRICE STATION WA GON, V8, fACTORY AIR, radio, htattr, outo Kill powtr, tvr- mm I I I I II ogiiunir.. "Your INTERNATIONAL Day A Night Service 2829 SOUTH DIXIE West Palm Beach, Fla. 3295 qtioiit, matching int. Stilt undor Factory Worronfyl 67 COUGAR GT HARDTOP. V-8, 4 on floor, wrd oal rod hnt tim, R&H, fuff comoH, troit, dioci vinyi WWst. 4 '65MGB CONVEITieiE. M. mm AAB block top, 4 iettd. io- 4) 1 M UM dlo.hnnr. '66 CHEVROLET MAUSU 4 DOOH SEDAN. Poclr AM, radio, hoottr, awtomolh, powor '66 FGRD OTA 2 DR. HTO. AuM- powtr lloorwMJ. RM, Mock backM Mot Mori- 1795 '66 MUSTANG CONVtmtBLt. VI, w lemottc, poortK ifttring, radio, htattr. Dork - k&kW SfMn, whitt top, mokh- 1 'IQ'l ing bucket wot inli rler . I V V 66 TEMPEST ONTIAC CUSTOM 4 DR. Fotiy. AIR, VI, ou-tomatk, radio, kootor, JBJt- UoownlMriootbrokH. 91 IIIK White hkMiMlMiM. I I WW '53 MG CONVEIIie. A fmI csltMter'l rtwti- DaHi grtMo., block top. Sharpl RodN, htotor, 4 on floor. 65 TEMPEST 4 DOOR SIOAN. Pocty AIR. automatic, Powar ttotring, rodto, hoofer. - liAE Dork ijrotfl, moaning in- J eZiPiP CO MliriDJ I.HIOP$. 99 UUVUMn forty, oquip. ItH. AIR, bck. id., vi, trig., htotor, dtroittr( pod-dod doih 4 vlwn, bock- gp lighH, front 4 raor lioorinfi. Whitt. blut hi- djpipi I WWW 2395 MONTEREY 4 DR. Automatic, powor flooring, radio, hootor. Whito, '995 66 FIAT 6W CONVERTIBLE. Ra dio, hoator, .i-M395 . whito bucktt Itat intorior. 66 AUSTIN HEALEY CONVF.RTIBLE. grton, black Equippod with '1895 iparti cor foaturti. CAPRI 4 DOOR SEDAN. VI, foctory AIR, powor itotrmg, automatic, ra . . dto.htotor.Btigo.moich- fl(fBl ingintonor, t W w 66 FORD LTD. 4 DOOR HARDTOP All luiury LTD touip. inc. outo., PS, ond FACT. All, (jnnp RiH. Whito, burgundy f J QgQ '66 CADILUC CONVERTIBLE. Focty. AIR, aH Cad. hiK. tquip, inc. 4 way powtr, R&H, many othor titrai. Hut, tot top, loothor mot. int. $2695 S5 BUICK VKIAl ITMIOH WAOON. 10 pom. Fatty sTr"-$1595 '64 MERCURY MfIIO CONVIPTItll. All COND. ItH. automatic, powor itMrino 4 .... brokti. Wkito. blotk top, riiwro .othor Int. 66 PONTIAC EXECUTIVE 4 DOOR. Focty. AIR, R&h, hootor, automatic, powtr itttr- j Ajmp ng 2 lent whito ft gold, 1 KR matching intorior. I VWV 64 T-BIRD J DR. HTOP. Fatty. AIR, tuH powtr, oH luiury Mtroi. Rodio, hoator, whito, whito Itathtr mto- '1495 roof, matching bucktt 9 wot int. Sharpl 68 JAVELIN SPT. CPE. V8, FuR tocty. oquipmtnt including FACTY, AIR, auto., powtr Itotrlng, R4H, plut marty Mtroi. FULL FACTY. WARI '2699 '68 REBEL SST. SfT. CH. VI, Fol factory ocruipmoAt kH. FACTY. ArR, Ml p. onto., RAH. t.lroi fUll FACT ACT. WARI tiH '65 VOLKSWAGEN LOOK WHO'S MOVING UP TO CHRYSLER! "After Comparing the 1969 Chrysler-Plymouths & Imperials for Style, Performance & Quality WE'RE MOVING UP!" '65 T-Bird Auto. Trans., wsw. radio, heater. p.s., disc brakes, 11795. Tnts car Is on extra clean Bird and hat very low mileage. JAN BLUbtK IWfUKI), IN.. 5M S. Olive, WPB 1324391 Open Sunday 1-4 pm Men TRUCK NORM CARLSON Dealer" Phone 8334421 STAN HAUSMAN A' Silrs Mtr. 7100 (KtO) gr.ZVSji, 65 T-SIRD all power, olr shoo. Low mileage. I44-7S9S or 60 T-Bird 1391. S15Dn-!27M0. D Gist, 1119 N. Dixie. L. Worth. fj CHEVROLET ! g) tmpalo watt tyMrt covpo, m twnvitt ttmtmmt, m4. i $i895 1 1 j l 1 ' 1 4 ml 1 DOOR. SCUAr). ligni . Mft bluo, motciiiflg inltfior, V1M rodlo. Mow. I 1W fJ 68 MERCURY'AWIANECONVER FACT ill, VI FACTY. AIR. onto., RIH. FS A Fl. windowi i wot, emtio control, nil Mil. ) $2799 i ii. bk top "jugg OUR FRIENDS & CUSTOMERS TO SEE US NOW '66 LEMANS PONTIAC TEMPEST CONVERTIIIE. VI. onto., B Iroon, kr bockot 5)1 ttDh Hon.wkiiotop. I wot bom, many PACT. WA. '67 BUICK SKCIAL STATION WAOON, RAM, VI, Forty A, pw t- g:ri:$2695 '63 RIVIERA KUKK. Pocfy. AIR, tvR powor, outomoHt, rodto, hoattr. light btuo, matching inttriof. 1295 '64 FORD STATION WAGON, 4 DR. AIR condition, auto., powtr ttotring, radio, htattr, VI. VtHow, btigt intorior. Rtal thorpl DOOR, jot bloch finish. borgoody lo.r. ol ..... lo...t.o.-.Jrdg 'jhHh way powor 4 AIR tONU. WW 67 MERCURY MONTCLA 4 DR. SI- DAN. Forty. AIR, outo-motK, radio, hoator, PS '2295 PI, cruiM control. Llmt (rott, matching intorior. 67 FAIRUNE 500- 2 DOOR HTOP. Focty. All, outomotic, hoator, powtr - jkgkm (totrmg. TurquoiH, f I WUI I WWW CUSTOM 2 DOOR. radio, hootor, tcotv amy itandard trorti., 2 Ton tirvor brwt I whito. Liktfitwl '895 66 CONTINENTAL IINCOIN CONVERTIBLE. AH luiury txtrat inc FACTY AM, oR pow- R&H, many hti tit. '2695 iamond blwo, whitt top, mat Int. 67 PONTIAC CATALINA 2 OR, HI OP,. Focty. AIR, outomotic, powor Itotrlng 1 braktt. '2495 radio, hootor. Wruto, 63 BUICK SKYLARK 2 DR. HTOP. Factory AIR, auto., fwN , radio, Motor, t whrto & Rrton, $995 mHirtg totorlot. latra 67 MERCURY PARKLANf CONVERT- HI. Focty. AIR, outo., PS, RiH, HH cortKHt. Rlut, bhM top, matching '2395 intorior. 64 VOLKSWAGEN CAMPER wogon. Whitt, R" FuH oquipptd tor com- fUUN WW 65 PONTIAC LEMANS SPORTS COUPE, FACT Am COND, auto, PS, PB, R&H, Bluo, matching bucktt MOt intorior, Rtal - iharp. hard to tmd mo- tl TCRSrUDO HDIOP foH AM, furl prOwgy bid) waidajfim $ Moto, crwio Control, m WMf mtrmt. lltrio, vyCCJE WorJk rMonor. A koovtrl tf.VW7flf 67 VOLKSWAGEN SOUAREBACK STATION WAOON, Radio, htattr. Whito, matching intorior. '1795 Lihtnowl 64 OLDSMOBILE 'II' CONVKtHU All conrj. Aoto., PV PI. DtH. Iromo, whrto top, metch- 1095 bronto iotorior. Liko wl 67 MERCURY MONTEREY 4 DR. Focty AIR, outomalk, powor ttotring , radio htator. ... Whrto, blv mtortor. low JgQ 66 MERCURY MONTEREY 4 DR. HTOP, Fatty. AIR, outomotic. powor itotring t brokti. Wi, IkUH matching intorior. I WWW '66 FORD f.iiAVfil iV 9 ni HTOP. Foctory AIR, ou tomotic, powor Itttrinf . p-4 brokti Whito. bluo tntorior, rooo. mww. w f4V0LXSWAGQI LS55 $1095 '68 MUSTANG 2 OR HA HDIOP, automatic contolo shrH. n, AIR tONlfl I pUtMI"0, ROOIO, hootor, light 1695 chmg mtomr. Sharpl '67 CHEVROLET 10 PASS. STAlrON WA GON, FACT. A COND, awto. PS. PB, 2595 nHrtcfttng tntorior, roof ' wk lttwt '87 FORD COUNTIY SOUHK Wo-oo. IACTOKY AM. M owtoroOTC. 00190, 1 1 . j. p. j. m chnt tMorro,, kr- r- 'QqS '67 FORD CgSTOM 4 DOOR Paf ty. AW, owtomowc, powr 1695 rOW, novwjr. aarunv I FULL FACTY WARRANTY SIFilRUWEi-l '500' FACTORY AIBI DR HTOPS or 4 DR SEDANS Full focty tquipmmt incli FACTY AIR, outofflotic, fuH powtr, radio, hoartjr. 2499 -61 FORI M 11FASS.WA60I FACTORY UPl COUNTRY SEDAN, Foil Forty tquipnwnt irtcli Fact AIR, full powtr, ctnttr facing nor ttatt, auto, radio, htattr, many txtrat. 3199 U MERCURY V4 10FASS.WA60I FACTORY AIR! COMMUTER. Full tarty tquiprntrct indt focty AIR, full powtr, ctnttr toeing rtar itati, auto, radio, htattr. many txtrai 3299 SI MERCURY V4 COLORYPARKWUOI FACTORY AIR! in BAfUFNOER. Full focty tquipmtnt incli Forty air, full powtr, automatic, roa htattr, many txtrat. s3599 'MSJiLUIEV4 2 1 4 OR KARDTOFS FACTORY AIR! FUll FACTORY EQUIPMENT including factory air condi tion, full powtr, automatic tram., radio, htattr, many txtrat. 2599 II MUSTAH6S V4 RASDTOPS FACTORY AIR! CHOICE OF COLORS with full factory tquipmtnt indi Facfy AIR, full powtr, frutomatk. radio, htattr, many txtrat. $2599 ti MORTECOS 14 2 BR HTOFS 1 4BR SU. FACTORY UR! CHOICE OF COIORS. Full factory tquipmtnt tndi Focty AIR, ivU powtr, ouromanc, radio, htattr, many txtrat. $2599 SI FALCONS 2 DOOR SPORT CODPES AUTOMATIC! CHOICE OF COIORS. Full factory tquipmtnt incl: outomotic, radio, htattr, whitt walli, itat btlti, back-u lights, many txtrat. M899 61 CHEVROLET 14 IMPAUS FACTORY AIR! 4 DR KWS. M foctory tquipmtnt indi Focty air, full powtr, automatic, roc htattr, many txtrat s2599 VIREtaV-l 770 FACTORY AJRI 4 DOOR SIDANS, Ful factory totpmtrtt induoVifj Focty tir, full powtr, tjutoPAoric, radio, htattr, many txtrat 2299 j I M035 OKEECHOBEE RD. WEST PAIM BEACH 683 - '67 MUSTANG I Dl. SFT. NAIDTOP. lodio. hootor. owtornotw, txrra rnorpi .uno nun, . 1795 MATCHING lUCMT SCAT INIEIIOI. '65 FORD GAlAXIf 500 4 DR SE DAN. Fatty. AlR, outo., pawtr itotring, RtH. 2 TONE BURGUNDY 4 whito, matching intorior. '1095 SPECIAL tt.UJUT '288 WFttUOl s00 WAGON, rjwtontatk. .. 400 wsomii e '288 tj twist COUPt.mtomotk JOO 13II1MILU CJoan, automatic. . niiiei STKIAl WAGON. . '688 '688 BEACH CARS mi lavacM iui wra Phon. 655-43 15 MAC SAUNDERS Ast't Moot Mgi. WE INVITE 2707 15C3 It DKIf KBT . Of. 4OH TIL w HEW CARS '69M0DiS! exec. - used is low ... 1 nniUNI U 0 II ll I '65 PONTIAC CATAIINA 4 DR. Forty. AIR, outomotic, powtr '65 FORD OAIAXIE 500 a OR. HTOP. Automatic, radio, 1 hootor, powor Ittflring. ttktlP ifotring, 4 brafctt, radio, Ml hoattr. turgundy, match- fQK ifa nttrkr. IWVV Q '64 PONTIAC GTO 1 DR. HTOP. 4 en th floor, radio, htattr. For more Information call: UVU 1324431 OtWH WHO T wquoiM, moHMng inM- V tj fj '65 FORD rOUNTRV SQUIRE 10 H PASS. STATION WAO ON Facte. AIR. auto., PS & PI. window, roor door. Blwo, trntchino 66 CHEVROLET powor itotring. uor btuo, whito bucktt itat QgQ 'I 65 CHEVROLET CAPRtCE 4 DR. HTOP. Forty. AIR, radio, htoltr, auto., powtt itotrmg 4 brakM. Runit mt, block vtnyf roof, block nyta intorior. IMPAtA SUPER SPORT. 2 DR. HTOP. Auto., powtr ttooring, rodto, hoattr, m a m fm VI. Bluo, whito tHKktt hMH Mat tntorior, I M tof 1595 66 SHELBY 65 BUICK MUSTANG FASHACK. AH Srrtrby tquip. to- ipociol tngint, mog. whttlt, 4 tpttd tram. j AAf lack with gold trim. 9CQk WILDCAT CONVIIT. IILI. AotoMotic, Cowof ftoorlng 4 rokoi, radio, llootot. j two. o Mt, wkn.- tjJjQ lavaltwti. iwww '67 THUNDERBIRD" LANDAU, 4 DR SEDAN, all oitroi met FACTORY AIR, contolt outo Irani, tun powtr, window! ana wait, 13.000 octvai mi, W '66 MUSTANG 2 DR HARDTOP, 6 cyl, contoi auto tran, radio, 3295 1595 whrto, black vinyl roor. rtothtr int. Factory W-jftgnty matching Mtttnor. Sharpl '63 VOLKSWAGEN 66 CHEVELLE SUPER SPORT 2 DR. 1595 rodio, noator. Whito with w tvrquo'to intorior. U8 CADILLAC MOAN DCVtUi. Forty . . Ot. OO Wtato. Woo rotonor. U I lH rMioofOtitro thorpl wwww '66 OLDSMOBILE tf J Atl COND. . PS. PB. PIH, WKfta, bUtt mwiior. inf nw, urw . o.rv,. rwwcartradtm 9 1795 Sharp' 67 BARRACUDA I M. HTOP. AH on- $2295 '61 CADILLAC CPi. DCViUI Focty A oA bjawry OHtro. SiiW, a jn, m b kteott.tMttotl VflQS Monor.Uboor.1 WTJ W 67 MNTUCiot-i40' 2695 '66 CADILLAC CAIAIS 4 Vt HIUP. A kiKVry oitrot inckidint FACTY AUI, l-woy powor. HH. OK. Uoht . A A . -"-'2995 TODAY (SUNDAY) 12 NOON TIL 6 P.M. 67 COMET 202 2 DR cybndor, wtornark tVorrwnntwn, rodta, hootor, powtr fttotnng, low mrltogt, faotao, matchmg inttrior. kQi Vtry nkt tconomy cor. I VWV STATION WAGON lo- (OfJm con, ovorhooW. !.t JM3 loot eondtiionl 1 tjpw APPRECIATE S . Jnn 1986 ljgS ruysi mnm ' v, FINANCE MAN BRAND NEW FAIRUNE -K ON-THE-SPOT! $21l SAVE ?o 1500 SAVE A MONTH'S W" " IU PAY ON THIS ONEI 0N , 96g DM0 fc KEC CARS! '67 LEMANS PONTIAC ItMPtiT.eoi tot fhrft, RAM, PS, mi broriio, whitt Myl bucktt toot int, Sharpl low '63 BUICK SKYLARK, 2 DR HARDTOP, FACTORY AM. outo R4H, PS, torquoitt, whito top, mokhmg int. Lookl ond rvn hkt ntwl (995 1695. ' tar trorit in '67 FORD PICK UP H ton, rryW-tidt body, long btd, V-l, FACTORY AH CONDI TIONING, '63 CONTINENTAL SEDAN, Whito, light tor qiroflM tutor KM- AH hiivry Lmceln tquismont ittciW- - ing FACTY. A(R A M f QQ 2195 '66 COMET two tor 'I 67 PONTIAC CIO I Or. Hop, ooU. Id FACT ah! r" 1 90 tpMp, onto, RiH, tic. kTUV 4 DOOR 4) .. CONDITION, OwtorMOe, (jfs radio, hootor. lo. 1 IDIt oKhof Mono, ioorpl I V W W It '65 OLDSMOBILE VISTA CRUIR ilA-TrON WAGON, OXO. PS, PI. RAH. A boovotol 64 CONTINENTAL CONVIRIKH. Foty hllO CooHMtrol vit .MTMaiiffji ooo ownor or m - atkm Jfcf OOroOpOJOtrt. QrOOrfi, Wfcflto M 1 1 lop. ilo loMko, ray HtfJ 1 rt of. Dorl Moo, 1 C 1 1VW 1 - 1 FUJI U1C . Pt.n.l t , 1 i, . t I ! i. " ' V ' V''

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