The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 4, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1944
Page 2
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Monday, December 1, 1911. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN iSige two Sunday Smash at Jap REPLACES HULL BOY 'WONDER OF BUSINESS WORLD ",Var Advances Out of the Civil war we got condensed milk. From World War I came evaporated milk, which differs 1 1 I from condensed milk in not being Capital Successful But 'Toughest to Date' (Continued troin page 1) .1 ! " $ WANTED IiAlLKOADS CHGENTLY XKKK HK1IXKII VN-SK1LLED WOKKKItS SEE: HKPKEHKNTATIVE RAILROAD HLTIHLME.NT HOARD Ration Hoard Offlco Every Tuesday Clinton, Indiana 0:00 to 11:30 A. M. ' r 5- f V sweetened. From this war we are getting dried, whole milk. It can be made back into fluid milk simply by adding water and shaking tor 30 seconds. Scicnlific Journals A world survey made several years ago indicated that some 750,-000 articles of genuine scientific interest were then published each year, in 15,000 periodicals. Belt's Prairie Current News Thanksgiving Guests Call At Local Homes; Several Servicemen are Home Pvt. Harvey Swinford who spent ft recent furlough here from Camp Croft, S. C. has returned lo m-rvlr-e. He haH been transferred to Kt. George M. Meade, Mil. Mr. and Mm. Hoy N'lrklc mill duUKhter, Judy Lynn were ThuukH-Klvlng Day KUenU ol' Mr. and Mm Kvurette Turbevllle. Mn. IlUHHetl llnuett eauie IjimI Wednesday evenltiK to Hpend tin-liolidayn wllh her iimil, Mr. anil Mri. Harlow Krlt, She retiirui'il to tir home hi Lafayette on Satiinlay. Mm. Hone I,Kht or 'hlrliiian. III. pent Friday wllh her nleee. Mm. Forent Mack and family. Mr. and Mm. Humid Print of In-dlanapolln were TliiinkHKlvliiir Day Ituesm of the latter'a parents, Mr. 1 r - Serond Lieut. Donald E. Hardy, Sa-lina, Kuiir.. told how a group of six enemy fighters fanned out and drove henve-on at the Superfort. -10 ,luw Attack Format Ion Luinan couuled from 25 to 40 enemy planes thai dived, swooped and hovered around the formation from an area tucnly files south of Tokyo lo the KearouM thlrly miles east of I lie capllul, Where they ended the fllihl. Tail gunner llalph Taylor, Laurens. .". IV, hud from flflocn to Iweii-ty enemy planes as targets of his maeliineginiH anil I'll MM. cannon. Taylor, a Corporal, said, that for the iiii.Ht pari, tin Japs kept at a re-spenriil distance I nun the hrlstllng furls. l.lhllliv l:relleMl Vlsllillliy was exei'llenl In Hie Tokyo urea wllh a bright afternoon sun hlghllghllng Hie targets, allow- . wli v' U4 L' ! " At , t' 1' .4 ifr'r;''' ! ii ------ it ,4 T t t, ft - , & V v vf Mrt. Stett.nius Edward R. uu ...... n e. ,.,,. 11B , ,,,.!,, ,IllllHlBP done Ly Mr. and Mm. I,. II. Reed were , wn , ;.,.,, Lleut ThanksKhlng Day dinner gilt-am of.j,,,,,, ,( h utlyu id. Mlrh., whose Mr. and Mrs. (Jloyd Karles In Clin-. wir llv,.a , ,.,,(,, OKden, Utah. 'on' wns In the tnll-Kunner's spot In the Mrs. Austin Mayes. Miss nessle pianB ,u,d BHld he saw at least Swinford and Pvt. Harvey Swinford , if.n bombs from his formation alone, visited Pvt. Herman F. Mayes who hit squarely In the target area, is slnlloned at Fi. Knox, Ky. last Kxeell Previous Itaiils Tuesday. j Indications were that the Sunday I.t. R. A. Mack. Leigh Mack and .smash surpassed the three previous Don Qosnell olleuded (ho Purdue- attacks on Iwo major counts. First Indiana football pame at Lafayette the entire force enjoyed perfect last Saturday. bombins weather for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Claude McDowell and a complete analysis of the bat-and daughter, Lucille were Sunday 'ering administered to the Masa-dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. 'hlina plant can be obtained. Sec- i?n rw yi -Bwsap ? t i i si r 1 aAj. t , iff PVT. nndly, the Jap homeland air force nroved unable to stop or seriously hamper the bombing run formation of the P.-29 Task Force. Woodard. The occasion honored the birthday of Carolyn Sue Woodard. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Heed had as their dinner guests Tuesday Mrs. As 1944 drawi o a close those who make beer in Indiana, like all patriotic Americans, await the day of victory. Until the fllorious day comes, however, beer will continue to dedicate itself to the war effort in every possible way. Then, when peace arrives, beer will be giving jobs to returning veterans. It will be buying all kinds of materials trucks, machinery, barrels, cases, bottles, lt will be providing a steady market for farmers' grains. It will be paying in Indiana alone $20,000,000 or more a year in Federal and State taxes and fees to help ease the post-war tax burden. It will continue, as it has through the ages, to be a moderate, refreshing and healthful beverage. It will be demanding, as it has since repeal of the 18th Amendment, strict observance and impartial enforce ment of the alcoholic beverage laws. It will be insisting, as it always has, upon true temperance and the privilege of taking a legal drink under decent conditions. BEER IS A BEVERAGE OF MODERATION Buy it only from Law-Abidirg Permittees forest Mack and son, Lt. Ii. A. Mad and Leigh Mack. Finish Fight On Social Security Tax Freeze Nears ClMt)sin!ID!utif.n...LL.., donnt for personal hjgunc C)C and household use. Pi Stett.nius and Hjll With his son. Edward R. III (Continued from page 1) ONCE KNOWN AS THE "BOY WONDER OF THE BUSINESS WORLD," Edward R Stettinius, Jr., 44, as, cend3 to one of the highest effices in the land U. S. secretary of state after only a little more than a year in the state department. Stettinius, who has been undersecretary of state, succeeds Cordell Hull, who is resigning becnuje of ill health. Born in Chicago, Oct. 22, 1900. Stettinius became, in his early 30 s, chairman of the l-oerd of the U. S. Steel corporation. He went to Washington in 1939, be-coming chairman of the VV;.r Resources Board. He was lend-lease administrator in 1941-43. prove the Doughton measure anl that the President will veto it. A. J. AHmeyer, chairman or the Social Security Hoard, told the house ways find means committee, when it con- LOANS . . . S50 $100 $200 , sidered the freezing proposal, that the administration planned to present an expanded social security program to congress next year. j Vandenburg predicted that if the house approves the tax freeze tomor Drunk, Traf ic Fines Levied in City Court A fine of $5 and costs and IUI Sunday is Ray .Shannon, of Tcrre Haute for violating a no trespassing siKii. He was charged $5 and costs, city police said. CEMETEIIY MEMORIALS MO.MJMEXTS and MARKERS $250 and $300 THE INDIANA BREWERS ASSOCIATION 712 Chamber of Commerco Building, Indianapolis 4, Indiana days in county Jail was charged i srls ies, you can obtain a loan based on your earning ability and you pay Interest ONLY for the time to Kenneth Hargrove, Clinton, lor you have the loan-. i 4ti6 8. (Seventh, .Clinton I . A 'wfeffi- city police innnoitiCRdtmlay -1 Interesting Social News Everyday The Public Loan Company will as- row, it will he considered promptly and favorably by the senate finance committee. j No UJler Kxpfclcil , Simultaneously, he apparently laid at rest rumors that the senate may attach the freeze hill to a more Also on the city police j-ccortis fi r II . r( iat you quickly and privately. If you are steadily employed in ' W WE'VE BEEN E :LIND AS MOLES, p!2132E33E r yES.' VOU RCMEMBEREoN TsTATE POLICE HEADQUARTERS ?1 T THAT'S RIGHT WE k I I IRWIN--OF COURSE THAT WAS VFP.' RUT I 1 S IT TOO LATE TO ?TOP THIS IS SPECIAL AGENT DAN DUNN.' WANT THE WELL- I I factory, office, store or elsewhere. Come in and talk over your money problems with us. We will arrange your payments to suit your imoorlant measure to prevent a pre sidential veto. D0KT0R KRUG(J ANP THE GIRL GOTTA REMIND THEM.' BUT LET'S NOT A FUGITIVE NAZI SCIENTIST A KNOWN DRAGNET.'-- I I Vandenberg, who has led the fight for tax freezing in congress, j also disclaimed interest in any at-: V ON THOSE MOTORCYCLES,' fl VA.DAn IT V WASTE TIME OVER Jl AND A GIRL COMPANION ARE III! ON ALU HIuMVWMyS' 1 I I , fN mam it, i 4 WAS MS THAT hs, SPILT MILK tlCi RIDIN' SOUTW FROM DOVER J& I'LL WAIT By THIS LA I vtSn T5 UXJ PFMFMRroFnnA ' J?,i I nw MOTnunvfLFQ -(T PHONE FOR YOUR TV I tempted compromise in which the tax would be permitted to rise to one and a half per cent, instead of two per cent. Sop Veto Sustained Opponents of retaining the one per cent tax for the fourth successive year appeared confident that congress would sustain a veto. income. Coats are reasonable. Interest rate of 3 per month on unpaid balance for amounts up to $150; amounts J150 to J300, 1 per montb on unpaid balance. A $50.00 loan repaid in five monthly Installments of $10.92 each, costs $4.60 but if repaid in 10 days, costs only 60c. You may borrow to pay old bills, your Doctor or Dentist, taxes or Insurance . . . or any worthy purpose. If a loan can help you, phone or come to the Public Loan Company. Find Here the Cash Loan You Need. Interesting Social News Everyday CHRISTMAS SPECIAL December 1-15 Duart Oil Permanent 8 Pay 10 Pay f WHEN I THINXJRWIM.THAT N I M5BSE DOKTOR KRUSgY -I'VE ABOUT 1 WW''$$Mi t OUNN SPEAKING' -T c , : WE'VE LET THE MOST DAWSSRCUS ) AN HIS PRETTY PAL I LOST HOPE.'- 1 iDf M-. T A MAN? ALONE ON A oecrei mam alive slip through our J .won't find it so easy i it's been 4 "wf' motorcycle ?-high way . ! FINGERS I FEEL LI!(E r TO SLIP THROUGH THE OVER AN HOUR .V 41,i 42? HAVE HIM STOPPED Operative turning in my badge J v. state police net, dan) since i put fr 1' at avondale we'll mento. 50 9 7.13 10O 14.2S 12 Pay mente. $ 5.02 $10.05 $10.03 $24.7 $20.35 nients. $ 5.88 $11.72 $28.21) $28.87 $84.80 9200 28.83 $250 5.17 f300 $41.04 PUBLIC LOAN CO. S3.50 Make An Appointment Xmv ADAMSON'S BEAUTORIUM I'hone 502 ;i5.Vs 8. Main 219 H Main Kt. I'hone 252 You Don't Have to Drive Far to Have an Accident ! you nnt mh ii--ilt'iit prepaid, in- unnt it '..!.? Yon vun't r I loose when r wln're ynu will have an u rfrirrif. You luv' to iakv your aeciilfiit when or wli'-ii it comes. Are you lnhiii"el? The new Sl.alc Farm Mutual Auto lusiirHiieo polity in a l-eitl IteMTte. .Voii-asseMsnhle polity. coieriliK n your wife in every way. hit fli-itinu jmn rnr or a rar not oh lied by Vou. Ii also covers, .it , mum 1 1 rtra i liare, jour farm or restdeut-e liability. i 01: uiiiir; FOREST AIKMAN, DANA, IND. l''or InforiiiHf ion I ! I lPrbu TH1WK i-'GTmi OF J Vou'RE A COH-f. I 1 1 WSET OUT AMP DCWT VbO r-JLJ , J AM! all. Omerc! some- temptible (fTfjv) Jcome packJ ) 7 MR. UWDELL SAVS AA (SWELL, OuTHlrJ J&OOY'S BAVvjLlMS MOHEY- II ((X jt fK4 fc i time iir j iisir J Everybody raves about your I 1 TTITI CD i t-M 1 r f u i i2 r ' w ' n i rr vri n salad's, Peg. What's the secret? TILLIE, ELAINE'S ABETTER '!B DONE NOBLi EXCEPT BUT I CANT FEEL AT EASE J NaUTH VDU AMy MORE JOLCRE i MOMAvl FOR THE MOBLE THAT HER BOY FRIBMD'S TOO DARNED NOBLE OH, MR. UNDELL, ELAINE'S rVD EXAMPLE VQU'yE? SHOVJED A QCOD LESSON AND SHE ME AND MOW TT" i. ntReoeT, 1 thank you, By Rum Westovei 1 HE'LL BE r . -55 MOWT DO AMY THING MM I LOU V crazier rJ zz-z::; m mm UNDERHANDED AGAIN 0& MILLIONS AGREE Miracle Whip does work uvttders with salads! A unique combination of old-fashioned boiled dr-Lin Lp.d fine mayonnaise, Miracle Whip is by far A merit's f:ivorite salad dressing. t t t mm if -o 'Prll i ..I, ..I i

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