The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 1, 1944 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1944
Page 8
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THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Friday, December 1, 1944. Pago Eight PUBLIC NOTICE House Probe Of Littell Ouster Is Sought with the resignation demand. Second, lie said. Riddle failed to tell the truth when he said that he granted Litlell's request for time to consider the demand for his resignation. Jackson Is Considered (t iiu, figured' prominently in spoculu-tion on LltlcU's successor as head of the iniport.uit Land.'i Division of the Justice Depi'rtnient. Jackson, who is a lawyer and was defeated a:i a candidate for Governor of Indiana, stands high with the Koosew U administration. Robert Madison, saiuu 40.00 Adam Dunsniore, same 75.35 Clinton 5 & 10 Store, same 14.76 S. O. Harlan, same 3.15 Modern School Supply, same 13.28 Modern School Supply, same 40.96 Carl R. Biggs, same 32.70 Howard E. Watson, soldier burial 75.00 Frist Funeral Home, same 75.00 R. H. Kersey, same 75.00 Dana News, public prtg. 44.08 (Continued riom page 1) BUSINESS SERVICES Aleantime, the name of ex-Sen. ! Sam Jackson of Fort Wayne, lndi-1 Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices CLAIMS FILED IN NOVEMIIEK FOR DECEMBER TERM - i44 GENERAL FUND: Citizens Telephone Co., service $ 51.46 Carl Rlggs. mileage 22.20 Stockwell Table Co., aud. off. exp. 12.00 T. R. Woodburn Prtg. Co., same 7.48 Homer Mitchell, same 61,12 Remington Rand Inc., same II. 00 Remington Hand Inc., treas. off. exp. 8.05 T. R. Woodburn Prtg. Co.. same 37.60 Corcoran, lawyer, and former White House adviser, "had the run" of the Department of Justice, Is known to have created a deep feeling within tiie administration. Members of Congress generally said the quarrel probably dispelled Flrnt day Insertion: 80 (or each reading line (one column line, like FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th and Bogart Mobllgas Station, Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. 32tf YOUR TOP RADIO COMICS' FIBBER iVfcGEE Dally Clintonian, same 141.99 Dally Clintonian, same 21.50 Art Kennedy, miners exam, hoard 12.00 one of theae). Next two dayB lpsertlon: the same Ed. Ruby, name 12.00 Ernest Johnson, same 12.00 any chance Piddle might have hnd of being appointed a Justice of the Supreme Court whin either Chief Jus AND MOW! FUNNIEST ADVENTURE T. R. Woodburn Trig. Co., pros, attys. exp. 1.90 DEAD A N I MIA L S REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 53109 Trre Haute or Dana 142. We pay all phone charge. John Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. tl37 le charge (you get tliree days at double the coet of the first day). Next three days Insertion: the Mine 8e charge (you get a whole aeek five daya) at three ttinea the oost of one Insertion). Each group of three daya thereafter, 8c a line. Blackface (like thia) 10c prr line. Carl R. Biggs, registration 167.83 Carl R. Biggs, election exp.. 125.00 Oil E. Potter, sherRf fees 97.68 Angela Tnsso, dep. shrf. 25.00 Modern School Supp., supt. ncli. off. exp. 6.22 Fred Hayes, same 19.60 Otis Elevator Co., C. H. rep. 31.00 Ilyron Runtain, same 12fi.00 Herbert Sawyer, same 125.00 l?ora Harger, same 129.50 Margaret Vincent, Bame 129.50 DEAD ANIMALS HEMOVKD FREE of charge hy DwiKglns and Hons, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charges. Dana Pi1 1 All classified ada Including niem-orlama and notices of all kinds must be Dald In advance except those by Modern School Supply, same 6.64 Modern School Supply, C. H. Supp. . 208.65 Ruth Owens, same fin. 00 Lewis Pirns, same 10.00 Austin Holton, same 10.00 Carl R. Biggs, same 17.87 Grub It Here Store, same 10.44 Public Service Co., power 145.69 Carl Welch, jail supp. 8.50 tice Stone or Justice Roberts re- tires. HlnNt Corcoran's Influence j The row also is expected to g'ivc ; Impetus to tile cunipalcn of some ' New Dealers to destroy Corcoran's influence In New Deal circles. Rep. Peterson tD F!a., chairman of the House Public Lands Commi-tee. praised Littell. It was before his committee that L!ltell gave testimony which was foiloved hv cancelation of a Navy contract with Standard Oil of California for development of the Elk HIMs Navnl Oil Reserve. "I think that Littell did a very fine public service in rendering tl'e opinion he gave to our committee." said Peterson. "In my opinion he saved the government a huge amount of money." Charge Ridilel Lied ' ; Littell, in a final fiing at Riddle. regular customers whose account! pre paid monthly or those from or ganlsatlons whose bills must be at lowed before being paid. In thi latter case the person asking ttu publication of the notice will be held responsible tor Its payment FOR SALE nmiTW!V71t I'll 1 Feed Service, Dana, rhone 00. tSif tHkRKAKK 1OTS OK PROPERTY changing hands now. I would like to list more houses for sale. I am sure I can help you. II. S. Call, Phone Slid. t24 GUARANTEED 24-HR. REI'RIGER-ation Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Ronebrake, Phone j Kanco Products Co., same 21.38 Rohh and Gilmour, Jail Insurance 267.5.1 Ohio Oil Company, P. A. supplies g.oo Stevenson Lumber Co., same 18.08 A. L. Albright, same 5.00 Clinton 5 & 10 Store, same - 4.22 Ohas. E. Roach, same fi.14 Harvey Roberts, same 3.85 Frank Wolter, election board expense 135.75 C. M. Paltsgaver, same 151.00 Edwin Brown, same 145.75 Theodore Jensen, same 151.00 Harold McGlosson. same 139.50 Chas. Hosford. same 193.00 Russell Kyger. same t 135.75 William White, same 145.75 Keith Youmans, election board expense 148.00 James P. Elder, same 151.00 A. N. Terry, same 131.90 Floyd Herrlch. same 151.00 Christmas Card Designs are run J 034-4 Clinton or 105-J-2, Montezuma. 8-1-45 ning low and many lire lclng cancelled every day. Me ran slill sup ply some very nice ones wllli names FOR YOUR HEALTH S SAKE, EAT charged that he "Med" in defending more fresh fruit. Our oranges aijf better because they're fresher. Mccracken's Market. tlCf RECAPPING AND VULCANIZING. his request for LittcU'3 resignation in a letter to the Senate War Investigating Committee. First, he said. Diddle failed to tell the truth when he said Littell's testimony before the War Investiratinfr : Committee, in which he criticized : imprinted, lint beller ntilrr yours today. See tile designs slill available at The Daily (lintoniiin Office. SIX ROOM MODERN HOUSE. EKI.I. basement, new roof, blinds, three Bection sink. Newly decorated. Inquire 853 North Ninth alter 5 p. m. t27x COL. 3C546 GOODNIGHT SWEET-heart. The Very Thought Of You. Five-ply passenger car tires. Plenty of Ethyl and antl-freeze. The Gas Market. 11-2-44 Clarence Wright, same 3.50 Frist Funeral Home, P. A. burial 100.00 Clinton Tobacco Co., P. A. supp. 75.36 C. M. Foos, same 167.87 Robinson Milling Co., same- 180.00 Vern Alderson. same 92.98 Eleanor C. PiiiRon, P. A. insurance 111.80 Domr-nick Garino. same 111.80 John W. Carithers, same 96.75 H. S. Call, same 1C2.54 O. F. Houston, same 162.78 John D. Todd, same 137.90 Dally Clintonian, election expense 87.50 Daily Clintonian. same 74.03 Carl Myers, same 141.00 James Price, same 145.75 June Woolf. same 142.25 James R. Myers, same 144.00 B. F. Fantone, same 151.00 Frank Muzzarelli, same 141.00 Ray Walter, same 151.00 Dorothy Koontz, same 183.00 TRICK DRIVERS tiOOD COAL AT handling of surplus property by William L. Clayton, had nothing to do i nil times. Xo wailing. Paved road. H Miles west of Clinton, Hazel Ray Noble and his Orchestra. 50c plus tax. White's 1'harniacy. George Farrington, same 141.00 Ray P. Dyer, same 151.00 Edward J. Bardie, same 141.00 lillllf. 8) Coal Co. t28x BURDSALS PASTE WAX FOR your floors. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. Bertha Richardson, same 145.75 USED FURNITURE. HEATERS, chest drawers, bed. springs, kitchen sink, chairs, dressers, ranges. Martin's. 655 Vine Street. 127 Anna Donzero, same 188.25 Stevenson Lumber So., same 55.85 Floyd Cordrey, same 2.25 James Porter, same 5,45 Anton Fenoglio. same 190.50 Bring The Family And n A f A fP Let Them All Have A . Ti JU 4 W Hearty Laugh. TOXITE 9c - 35c STARTING SATURDAY AT 11 P. M. Frank Rhoner, same 151.00 Florence G. Dngger, same 191.50 RENNET TRANSFER LOCAL AND long distance moving. 406 South Fourth Street. Phone 454. tS5f COMPLETE SERVICE FOR EIGHT in Fiesta dishes including all extra pieces. Plenty of red. phone 266-J. t25 Roy Butts, same 191.56 Cecil Anstead, same 151.00 Thomas Griffith, same 184.00 PAID NOTICES Wfth The CompHnMwtH Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN. There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for WILLIAM COTTON St. Bernice Just Come In And Ask For Them! Watch This Space Every Pay TOUR NAME MAT RE .NEXT Bert Johnson, same 186.25 CHRISTMAS CARD DESIGNS ARE COLUMBIA SIX ROOM HOUSE, 948 ULACK-man Street. H. S. Call. Phone 32(i. t25 SLIGHTLY USED HOT WATER car heaters-. Hobsier Pete Station. t29x running low and many are lieing eiiiii-elled every day. Wo can still ' supply some very nice ones with ' mimes Imprinted, hut better or-1 fler yours today. Sec the designs 1 still available at The Daily Clin-' Ionian Office. i . I Albert Henderson, same 170.50 James Pinson, court house fuel 44.50 James Pinson. Jail fuel 47.30 ' GRAVEL ROAD REPAIR I Jess Jenkins (100.00 Ward Farrington 27.60 Jess Jenkins 21.26 Standard Materials 8.02 Galinn Iron Works 6.05 Indiana Eanin. Co. 14.34 I LARGE REED DOLL BUGGY, rocker and tricycle. 110:; North Seventh. 124 t $'rwHli ClAUDt RAINS tg f $ K$ NOTICE! STJ Vermillion Chapter. 125 R. A.I I M. called convocation. Friday. I December 1. 7:30 p. m. Work in M. M. and P. M. decrees. Visitors wei- j come. William Vasthinder, H. P.. j TWO WEEK OLD CALF, ONE COW. will freshen January 17. Andrew Tribulak. Klondyke. t2flx FRIDAY and SATURDAY Admission 9c and 20c WESTERN GOLD A Zanc Grey Story With SMITH BALLEVV "Stars and Strikes" RKO Sportscope "IN A HAREM" Paramount Short "Oklahoma Outlaw" Western Short DRESSED YOUNG RABBITS. JUST Ray Shew, Secretary. t24 CTB IH. 4.HU W .H..UW...t. .'' 41 right for frying. Mrs. Ross King. Fairview, Phone 728. t2 Thomnlon Machine anil Welding Co. 327.07 Sauerman Bros. Inc. 1.69 Lane Clark 39.98 Ohio Oil Co. 570.24 Galion Iron Works .60 C. E. Dunham 8.10 C. E. Dunham 25.20 Citizens Telephone Co. 4.80 Clinton Auto Co. 16.45 J. J. Repair Shop 43 20 Emory Bonebrake 10.91 Dewey Prather 11.85 notice: If you have any kind of hay. wheat or oats straw, lose or baled for sale, write Frank McNeer. .712 Soutli Main Street. Paris, III. t27x 1928 CHEVROLET COUPE. GOOD tires. Charles Wilding, Lyford. t24x SHOES. HELLO'S 300 North Ninth USED ARMY Shoe Shop. Street. NOTICE! Job's Daughters Rummage Sale. Friday and Saturday, Dec. 1 and 2. 219 South Main. t24 t4l A Simply Super-Show With a Super-Duoei Cast of Super-Troupers ! DOROTHY LAMOUR Hiding High"-er than ever! FRED MURRAY Who Stood 1m Up in "Standing Room On!v"l BETTY HUTTON "The Mirode (Gol) of AAorgan't Creek"! BRICK, ANY KIND Vol' WANT. Clinton Auto Wrecking Parts Co. SUNDAY and MONDAY Ernie's, Phone 8, Clinton. 85tf SPECIAL NOTICE! Christmas Bazaar. Presbyterian Church. Friday, Dec. 1, 7:30 p. in. 124 Stevenson Lumber Co. 10.02 ; Slants Auto Supply 24.11 J. L. Horney-Roberts 15.80 Bituminous Materials Co. 786.98 Standard Materials Co. 451.35 ; H. L. Fillineer 9.60 j PUBLIC WELFARE DEPT. ' Artninta Logan $ 25.02 Citizens Telephone Co. 3.50 FIFTH VEIN COAL. CHARLIE R. Ferguson. Phone 136-W. 1 7-1 7-4 4 NOTICE! Friday night I Cozv t25x HEATING STOVE. VERNON CLI'D- DIANA LYNN rk. 1 Souy Semolion of "Morgan't Creek "f er. Telephone 1024-1. 127 HALE HELP WANTED" WANTED TO BUY Nancy Lewis 15.00 i Bertha Wheeler 15.00 j Zella Bonato 15.00 Helen Parke 15.00 ! Ocy Collier 15.00 , A6bury and Wiggins 15.00 j IRA J. CHURCH. I Auditor. Vermillion County. j 1130; 127 44. SALESMAN WANTED BY WELL known oil company. Man over OLD SCHOOL BUS BODY. SUIT-able to haul War Workers. Write Harry Crossley, R. R. 1, Clinton. t26x 1 AnrfjTlii Admission 9c and 23c TWO GIRLS AND A SAILOR With Van Johnson June Allyson Gloria De Haven "Tick Tock Tuckered" Merriemelody KKO NEWS Tuesday and Wednesday FOR RENT in D APART-Soulh Third MODERN FURNISIIf ment. close in. 41", Street. t24f thirty preferred. Experience not necessary. Immediate steady income for man with car. Write P. T. Webster. 571 Standard Building. Cleveland 13, Ohio. t24x WAN MIDDLE AGE OR PASt"fOR filling station, with experience, preferred. Call after 4 p. m. Hoosier Pete. 12 tx BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES 10- years or over. Aplly, liilt Blackburn. Clintonian. FEMALE HELP WANTED MODERN FURNISHED HOUSE-keeping rooms. 239 Vine Street. t26x WANTED TO BUY ! PAR AMOUNT'S I USED TOYS AND RADIOS, ANY kind, any condition. 603 North Third Street. t24x nil 'vjiz x.v & Greatest Comedy With Music! in Alemoriam In loving memory of our father. J. T. Brackens, who died six years ago, December 1, 1938. Loving and giving And smoothing the way. One who was better Cod never made. So loyal and irue That dear father, was you. Just in your Judgment, always right. Gentle, unselfish, a friend ever true. And that our dear father was yon. Sadly missed by your daughters Betty Foster. Mabel Brackens, Bee Dicken. WAITRESS. HOURS 5-12 CRANES. I29x and t mm CHANDLER LOST RAYMOND WALBURM 7 FOKD fi Tl'LJQR. CLEAN", flood tiros. o4 Chevrok-t Master Coach, pood tires. V.'iteon, Justice and Oflia Auto Sales. 335 South Third Street. Phone 427. rjfX V N- EDDIE F0Y, Jr. LARGE BLACK AND TAN FOX hound with white fare, three miles i north of Fairview. Call 19VJ or 1208 Pike Street. Reward. t24x : HELP WANTED ! DOUBLE FEATURE Admission 9c and 20c IT HAPPENED TOMORROW With Dick Powell Linda Darnell Jack Oakie PLUS ATTACK (Special War IU'lease Picture) . .7- Cold Wave Grips U.S. East of Rockies; Near Zero Temperatures Hit WANTED MAN OR WOMAN 2.'.-4.- to handle established coffee and grocery route in and around Clinton. Car furnished and evpenss paid. Guaranteed salaries pies commissions with steady employment now and after duration. Ptate qualifications. Write Htm 442-X co Clintonian. 1.1 CLINTONIAN - NEWS CAItl!!l:i: boys for route open on wentli. eighth, and ninth streets. Call 2. Clintonian Office. heavy snowfalls la some Pennsylvania areas. Except for these areaa. and a- Mecca CWporal Seriously Hurt in Action in France Mrs. iv-rry McCr-ar of Mi-eca has recii -d word th.t her son. Cpl. Jesse Wayne Nolan. fu-riuUKly wounded in a-i:ou suiijeu her in Kraijce on wtMT Z. is recovering at an Eng-ii-h hane hospital. Cpl. Nolan was sen ine with the Mwlta1 Iepiir;ii;ent of the 7th Infantry. He entered the Army in October of 1 :: pnd has F-rved overseas Finre 1841. He rceived the Pur;l Hrart for wounds sustained in i'mnre earlier in the war. THURSDAY round the Great Lakes region, the S GraX liam Tot a. IIl.I..! laiimitTnl(iDall hN W Mm W. mmd 1 II IS EXCHANGE 1 If CO DID MfflH TO YOU" - "Ot TM RtST HUNDttO TCAS" "MOW DOCS VOUt CAtDCM GOW" 'rNOCOM ON TOM OWN FtONf DOOt KUEMDS M MT SEinrT "MS IOCKMC HOIS SAN AWAY" . 'Ml Mars wums ur m cmcham" -whw stamsiaus cot moiut FtRMSHED APARTMENT TO woman or couple for part time work. 415 South Third Street. j: v i., ; li mv ''jfTiai t.Jx t t skies generally were clear. In Indiana, temperatures hovered throughout the state around 24 decrees above, but a drop to 10 or 15 degrees was expected. Representative temperature readings, as listed, hy the Indianapolis Weather Bureau this morn in sr. were: Evansviile 25 above; Fort Wayne 23 above; South Cend - 4 above; Terre Haute 24 above, and Indianapolis 24 above. Admission 9c and 30c SONG OF RUSSIA With Robert Taylor Susan Teters "Romanein Along" RKO Headliner ;i'N, MOV. AND Tl E. COLOR CARTOON LATEST NEWS WABASH THEATB IT'S A BIG HELP Just to Knot Where to t:t Money When It's N'eedi-d. Several Thousand People Have f'sed the Security Loan Cotiipany This Year. SECURITY LOAN CO. L BOAT PKISOXEIT "TIIE KID KIDES AGAIN BIG DOUBLE FEATIKE TONIGHT and SAT. I iunjos rrom wood Although cellulose is found In Hs purest lorm in cotton, one acre of growing trees in certain areas will produce five times as much cellulose each year, and year after year, as the same acre planted in cotton. Phone G2 224 Black man St. CI.INTOV. INDIANA 7'l

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