The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 1, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1944
Page 7
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Page Seven THE DAILY CLIXTOMAN Frlriuy, December 1, 104 1. and guests are to be Invited. The I few days with Mr. and Mrs. Lvnnj 'J)orseV Hit Fir8t Hall covered dish dinner, which Is being j Catou In Sullivan. " PENN'S GAIN By Jack Sords planned, will be served promptly at John ueitacca or iiarsnau spent QyS Itl Keiatlng JCOry n Of Balcony Battle' St. Bprnice Current News Mrs. McBridn Hostess To Worth While Club; Holiday Guests Here (Continued from page 1) Army and Navy Ready for Big Game Saturday Teams Keyed to Peak For Traditional Game; Cadets Have Perfect Season To Date; Navy Looms Strong noon, ine reaiure 01 me mini , few ,jaya W(n nis parents air. ana program will be a talk by Mrs. Mc- Mrs. Dora Dellacca. Donald world traveler from Dana Mrg jonnie Cook of Terre Haute on Religions of The World, with vo-j vSted her parents Mr. and Mrs. cat music by Mrs. Mary Cooper, alsoTom rjrangor. of Dana. Miss Tonl Brann of Chicago visit- Mrs. Esther Kcyy, Mrs. Clio King td her parents Mr. and Mrs. William and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Woolf atten-1 urttnn. ded the Friends O. E. B. party at j jr, anij MrB, pi Virastko of Clinton Monday evening. Mrs. Kel-! chlcagu were home to attend the ley acted as guest treasurer. Mrs. jfuneral of M. virostko's father King as guest secretary and Mrs. j feltl (;Ug!c,metli. Woolf as guest pianist. The guest Delores Mae Vanio and Madeline officers were each presented with a j Vanzo of Whiting, Ind. visited their dish of Fosloria glassware by the grandparents Mr. and Mrs. August regular officer, whose chair slie fill-, vanio and Mr. and Mrs. Vincent ed. Refreshments of Ice cream, cake ( Verhonlk. and coffee were served to the large Mr an) Mr, George Vanio and group who were in attendance. 1 daughter Carol and Mrs. Ucorgina Airs. Lena Morris, James Jones and Mi s. T. Lock wood of Terr liautii and -Mrs'. Amanda Hush of St. Hernlce were Thanksgiving Day guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Van- BALTIMOitK, M1. The Anri' football hornn have arrived upon the Baltimore battle Kene, and bi Jury that in a telephone conversation later with Mrs. Dorsey he had said: "I want to know who this fellow Smiley Sr.. bemuse he's the guy who was cutting me up and using a knife." Hall contended, under cross-ex-Ination, that he'd said: "I want to know who this fellow Smiley Is. If he's the guy who was cutting me up and using a knife." At the suggestion of Judice Arthur Crum. Glesler dropped the matter until a transcript was available but not until Smiley got a chuckle from Hall's version of .Mrs. Dorsey's reply to the question, regardless of its exact wording. She said. Hall reported : "That bum! I don't even want to mention his name over the telephone !" vouacked today at the Ciliuan School, eagerly awaiting tomorrow's climactic challenge in the tttadium Navy's attempt to ruin the KaydetB up-to-no perfect Reason. News and Notes In Universal NervouB is perhapw a better word than aper to expreHH the attitude of the Army coaches, but Col. harl j Vanzo of Hessville, Ind. are visiting Mr. and Mrs. August Vanzo and I Mr. and MrB. James Sacco and daughter Ida. j Mr. and Mrs. Forest Lawson and sons Kussel and Freddie of Dana were Thanksgiving guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Curry and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cole and 'family spent Thanksgiving with Mr. 9ji Jh) iteHAtioiiAicaae&iAi'e- ' ir-.i5f , ?f CtJAPiOisMiP "!TiO I -w , 66TWeeJ 5-fAlFbPO . ' 'f A'ioPAiff'toOTM ,4 Jjr K Kf,J I9. SCOBI1& SH O . JfM f UO goals AAo f- ffgm ii(?eeFbiji.siow J ".?' fotCMfoeMte W'f:7 si -Iff Wrhfk Howard I i 1 . -j,.f 'is. V s feef, Poud it tit ' ' oe-(teiMe&$ri'i V fj -jr " t & PEfk'SMAJlA ' V"- f CA6eScijAi-' JJ 1 lirnnt. Mrs. Klectra Bmith of Harvey. III., Mr. uud Mrs. John Forehand and Mrs. LoulBe I'rall of St. Hernlce, Barbara Ann Myers of renter neighborhood were guests of Mr. and Mrs. (leorge Smith and daughter, Neva Joyce last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Foresman and daughter enjoyed ttie week end in the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. VsuHrun'. Mrs. Vi'ilJium rarmirhuel and Mrs. Ki'-tli rir.e Parkr-r lii'.ie returned from riiicai'.o, alter visiting with fia-. id C;:rmi'-hui ! in Iiine3 Memorial llos,"i;;!i. 'vliere hi jnderwent a major fi,'r:'tio;! rceiiih. David Is convalescing nic!v t tiiis t:me, Mr. and Mrs. Cljde lilake entertained at dinner Thursday Mr. and Mrs. Jack liatman. Mrs. Cora Hemphill. Mrs Lucy Jackson of Uock-vllle and Mr. and Mrs. Homer Mc-Hride of St. Bernice. " Mr. and Mrs. Itondal Hout and Biaik and his aides appear confident, too. as they mark time with their players. Their work is done, all preparations completed, and they Hessville, Ind, Guests j Here; Local Families Hold Thanksgiving Parties , i can only wait now for the combat and Mrs. Angelo Tasso In Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kyle and fam- verdict, but sure they have taken precautions against whatever may develop on the stadium turf. ttry Field llofted For Mr. and Mrs. Edward Searing. Jr. Ily of Clinton visited Mrs. Kyle as their Thanksgiving guest ents Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cole, re- CEMETERY' MEMORIALS MOM MEMS and MARKERS Tcrre Haute Monument Co. OIIKI.I. v. I K K rbllM S82 Iteprrttntatfre tCt ft. ttmroth, Clinton ' Mrs. Freda Searing and the former s cently. mother Mrs. Margaret VallosU and. Club met at the home of Mrs. I Col. lilaik apks only one conces grandson Ronnie Joe. 'Minnie Vanzo. Members attended I Mrs. Rose Mary Searing and Mrs. were Maggie Granger, Caroline Baz-Freda Searing spent the day in Clin-" sanl, Mrs. Giane Brann was a guest, ton. Cootie was played and prizes award- Charles Mooney of Gary spent ed to Caroline Bazzonl cootie, Grace daughter, Susanne, and son Larry 'of Dugger were week end guests of the week end visiting his son Ron- Brann high and Maggie Granger Mr. and Mrs. Eldo Boltz and son nie Joe and bis mother-in-law Mrs. low. Refreshments were served Or. G. R. McGUIRE eiHROPRACTOB '-: Kj 2S5V4 Blackman Oati'f ei Kit Sell Mnt Anything sion from the fates, a dry field that will allow his flashinK backs to execute unhampered their intricate "T" maneuvers, and the indications today are that the request will be pranted. The weather bureau forecasts a bright, clear day, but one likely to be bitterly cold. The gold helmets will be able to throw their full strength M the Navy, virtually two compelte team units, A final check, upon arrival, qua lified the only doubtful player.' wingman Dick Piljier. for starting service. Pitzer suffered a slight leg injury during a practice scrimmage last week, but it has responded fully to trainer "Joc" tievin's cumslra-1lons. "IJifferent diiue fjlaik declined to predict Army jerry. j Margaret Vallosia. ' Mis. Kendall McBride entertain- Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jones and famed the Worth While Club of (he lly of Sullivan, Mrs. Tony Vercollo Bono neighborhood on last Thurs- and son Kenny of Gary spent the diy afternoon. After disposing of week end with their parents, Mr. the business, recrea'ion mas enjoyed and Mrs. Gabor Takat. until delicious refreshments were Mr. and Mrs. George Harbin and served bv the hostess. Being Thanks- sons Charles and Eddie and Mr. giving Day there was a small at- Walcb of Whiting were week end tendance. Those present were Mes- guests of Mrs. Harbin parents of Mr. dmes Kt''i Jenks. Marie Wslte- and Mrs. Charles Malic. 'i"id. Myrtle Ptanfield, Florence Mr. and Mrs. Ambers Judy spent LnncfePow, Marlicc Longfellow and a day with Mr. and Mrs. Walter the hostess. Shung at Libertyvllle. Mrs. O. D. Wright of Knigths-. Mrs. Alta Judy visited Mm. Wan- . 1 jt rA, ...... iji,.n An TIcaA tr,A jflnnehleF Carol Ann. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO COST 0V "8; : BOWLING RESULTS To- 520; Benetti. 189, 221. 168! handicap, 13 8, 118, 118 .354. tals, 482, 1089, 78 2999. MUCH TO BE FUN IU Capers Open Season ati. of TPrre Haute were the guests Mr. and Mrs. William Brann vis- With Victory Over Wabash in the Fred Callatin borne during ited Mr. Brann's aunts Mrs.-Ger- KEEPS YOU IN TRIM! HELPS YOU RELAX! CKAWFOKDSVILLE, Ind. The; the Thanksgiving vacation. Mrs. trude MeLulougti and Mrs. Katie Je-Crimson hardwood squad of Indiana Knute Anderson and Margaret Ann Culough In Brazil. University started off on its 3 944-1 Clampet of Terre Haute were week Mrs. Ivan Curry and daughter 45 basketball season with a 43-to- 1 end giies' of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cal- Jean and son Jimmie spent the week 39 victory over the Little Giants of j latin and Sonny. end with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Wabash last night. j Mr. and Mrs. Earl Woolf enter- W. C. Cronkhlte In Oakwood. 111. The Little Giants also Rave prom-1 tained at Sunday evening dinner, Mrs. Garland Rippee and daugh-!se of an Interesting season, grab-; Mr. and Mrs. Koscoe Johnson of Pa- ter of Dayton, Ohio were recent bing the lead away from I. U. sever-. n's. Til. and Mr. and Mrs. Frank guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ambers Judy, al times only to lose it again. I King and daughter Leone, Mr. King, , Imogen Lawson spent a few days Tup scorer for the lilt was Char-1 who Is employed in Indianapolis, . visiting tier brother Clem Lawson lie Kadclil'fe, former V-12 star at . snent the week end with his family and family. DePauw University, now a pre-deu- here. . I Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Whitesell and 1. U. student. He amounted for: The "W. S. C. S. of Kugar Grove family of west of Libertyvllle, Ind. seven field goals. Hill Blandish of Church Is planning for the Annual were guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ambers victory, but did say today thai "it tWA-CHHiX LEAGI'K will be a different game thau last Pl'BLIC HEKViCE CO. Colom- year's" when Navy won. bo, 202, 13k, IKS SGO; Jones, The Army linemen liav been ov- ji)2, mil, 136 46"; Baysiuger, ershadowed by the backs, blacked Jl, 126, ICS 432; Moouey, 185, nut by the spotlight glare focused 160, 160 505; Straw, 1SK, 18. upon the flittering exploits f Ja- i7jj 52J; handicap, 129, 129, 329 vis, Kendna, Minor & 0., but tue 387. Totals, 1017, 902, SCI Colonel insists that 110 distinctions 2680. should be made. COCA-COLA MoCown, 151, 141, "We've jlayed and won as an e- 94 886; Bauers, 118, 115, 105 leven man team all year," lie de- 832; Topolosek, 137, 144, 139 clared again today. "The back liave 420; J-"enoglio, 212. 172, 197 caught the popular attention, but 581; Ghidotti, 132. 177, 129 438; titeir success been made, possible handicap, 207, 207, 207 62. To- ouly by the coordinated assistance tals, 951, 56, 871 2778. x)f tlie linemen, and J am sure they will get more of it tomorrow." 1 MATTIODA GHOCERY Costel- ;lo, 185, 182, 206 672; Lyday, fc'uvj' Ueadies l,inmij i 170, 208, 213 591; Mattioda, 156, ANNAPOLIS, Md. The last un- 173, 188 517; Murdock, 382, 170, certainties about the Navy starting i(il 113; tirazukas, 216, 194, line-up have vanished. The eleven 218 628 ; handicap, 1 15, 1 1 5, 115 who worked as the varsity in last 245. Totals, 1024, 1042, 1100 evenings late practice, with Jiob 8166. Jenkins returned to left half uud ; DIANA SWEET SHOP Weir, John (Swede) Hansen installed at 205. 143. 156 604; T. ,Shea, 138. Between Strikes You Can Enjoy Good Cold Drinks At Our Fountain Service LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY N 8 WELL-LIGHTED ALLEYS M !(1 Wabash was second highest with ! Christmas party for Dec. 14. This Judy. live field goals and one Hue throw. , meeting will be held at the church Billy and Jerrr Curry spent -WSOSORRVM PMUST eE EXCUSED, TyfAH? WE I ( SAY THAT'? ODD, J WAIT A MINUTE, I'LL TELL H f DONT TRy TO &IVE US THE yOKAHOMA CUN-AROUNO.' ! rv t tt ', THE yOKAHOMA CUN-AROUNP.' AM NOT VERY J PLEASE CARN I VAL ( KNOWfVE 1 V IRvVIN? TflOSE TIRES i YA ANOTfitR ONE f THAT Ji I ilfrj 1 f.nnn 4T J I IS MOlIMft TO WPlfT J ?AWTU I ARF PPCCIOll? J I ?HOW GIRL'ff ffCAC WAS M WE KNOW THAT DOKTOR KRUG& urc njnuu tut nnimo icoi ir. iri. row . nr. . Lflll i w jk 1 . . - jm i M AND HIS G-iRL COMPANION y KlL'L'Lts : r3 L, IW'N JUNiWMj i i jviuiUKrtLt II wm y iuulu j I un fits un nnic inc ri right end, were designated to go' 166, 172 471; Manship, 1 4 3. 148. wcbf nmiNfi out Arm vou feS- pM m i ' FOLKS RID1N I TWEy SHIP THE 1 I GAL WE SAW RIOlN'AWAy W out tor me kick-uii in the 45th 163 454; Allison, 163. 20u. 131 clash with Army at Baltimore Muni- 494; Ave, 391, , 235. 144 - 570: : I j I .-'hi 1 , - s -sfeia ts y miryK OFf s bikes by rail; i i hadwesamescakon m cipal Stadium. handicap, iix, 3 48. 148 444. To- Uy.Ht S" W r kOl -rvmsM t .-sk Tr-rfli -rr K, I w HER right ANDf i 2937. 1040, 914 ho they re sU'aming easy today, itals, 983 with orders to proceed under forced : Secret AS3 'Ph I M V (ZA f l S CHBGOHY CAFE Lammey, 133, 104 438; McDonald, 159, 198 r.Otl; Bredeweg, 145, 151 -- 495; Mulouey, 195, 202 540- Wilson. 188, 188, 558; handicap, 125, 12a, 125 draft starting at 2 p. m,. tomorrow. Commander Oscar (Kwedel flag-berg, the coach, admitted that he's getting jittery as the game approaches, hut he appeared to be taking it nicely, having been immunized to fear by depth bombing when he commanded a submarine in Japanese waters. For a professedly jittery man, he continues grimly confident. He praised the precision of the team after the luteal workout and reiteraied they are ready for their beBt feiune. 375. Totals. DDI. HUB. 10222012. HORNEY BATTERY KHOIJ Lane, 141, 210. 103 514; baloney, 130. 104, 11W-440; Wuugh, 1S5, 142, 167 .484; Cooper, 145, 133, 104 442; Karanoviuh. 100, 14,: 503; handicap, 120. 120, 120 ; I BUT X VMROTE ANONVMOUS I OH, TILLIE! I I -I'LL WlTEr ANCWyMUUJ, TIT i tr lli cttpk to nvuf!?S P,PS.inp 1 T CMOAJ Js . I LETTERS IN TME HAMOi 378. Totals, 002, 050, 000 2i i GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY liLLiL oPOifoF couRr: ..ill,elaiwe. limdell they mi6Ht hate me J . '-5 writing confessing I Was 1 TILLIE .ONLY Vr '. , JST CLEA ARRESTED j A L-YiKG ' J S 1 tilt ame acc QTLVX fr : x (T VKRMILLION ROOM Hays, 100, 155, 200 545; tiuerri. 124. 120. 1 58 403; Asbury, 130, 156, 134 420: Kirknian, I'.HI, 107, 102 MONUMENTS A Complete IjUic 0 For tterrice Drop Lit A Curd L W. Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Wahab Ave. Terre Haute, Indiana 510: Tasso. 143. 100. 158 470; j handicap, 157, 157, 157 471. Totals, 034, 030, C4 2828. Jl'LE TAVERN Taparo, 204. 180. 175 568; Roth, 103, 180, 1160 440;, 188, 100, J73 630; Iacoli, ISO, 150, 184 CCAdV rjn MOT FfliQUTFW I'VE LOOKER THSfUK HARC MISS OWL f) THIMK HARP.' TUTTijr! 'POPEVE-IVE HER, PDPEVE-) PArfEj-l WrrEr?E IS F(?IEMP GOOFV PAME LOOKEP ANP THE SHIP? tou MUSTN'T -H faHt OUU-LVTmo d, rr SHE CAMOU LOOKEP , THE SHIP f ) rMJU LOSE r 1 BASKETBALL I FRIDAY, DECEMBER ? j CHS vs. SULLIVAN f All our HEOOPiS I AFTER WE FLAGED OU(? TEMPEtf-iHISS T!7.!mlk 7 HAVE PIUEP SHIP SO'S YOWL WAS ONLV U)E KIN NOTJSTRIWNQ TO BE .V PltJP IT T -i riELPr-'dL -fsuTm Theatre SCHOOL CLINTGN KICH Starring GYRSNASIUM : P0PEYE 6Q.Y SXD-CS ,2-1 Sl7A 1 ' S J f f J ' (. iv-t K...t i,oa.tjir. U-, ft flJ 'Jn t"4 GAMES AT 1 ANI 8 P. M. MSASON TICKETS Taxlncl. -Vl COULD WWE TOLP VOU tMC TWINS FtTZ -HAT' iMeU TMEV POUND 'tMEV TOOK OOT OWER TI4E A ' DESERT SO tfcST TUE OUST- r-j STOSVtS TUEV RAISED UAC J J j p . GOT AS FAR AS TEiASUi 3 i AND AS R3R TUAT TEHPERftMEMTAL Vm,.. mfy Uejio MR RACK1 ) WEV DAUGHTER OF JEPT FLACK.AMD HER f ZkSOIW lATEST IMEAR.X THkEAT TD iAE VOU DAMNED A MT 15 WMS Tii-Jho ... . 5ALUTE OF 21 BRWX!i tf ARE FIRED H J AND lOOT THAT UON WEV iEl AD tfT ( 7tODS WAS 1H6 5?Eft!. COC n i r .ni" ij t"? a HAIR -BREADTH HARRY mi: NEXT HOME CAME DECEMBER 15 CHS vs OTTER CREEK

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