The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 30, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1944
Page 7
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Page Seven THE DAILY CLIN TON IAN lursday, November 36, 1941. By Jack Sords iTULSA'S TOP MAN irmy-Navy Centenary Sailor Awarded JVavy Medal for Rescue were, Mrs. William Rein. Mis. Itoy Stewart. Mrs. Nelle Wait. Mrs. Belle Hegarty. Mr. and Mrs. Omer McMas-ters. Mr. and Mrs. M C. Wiggins. V. N. Asbury, Rev. Kay Morford, Oscar Kersey. Henry Watson. John Pickell and Miss Betty Simpson. Smashing New Red Offensive In Hungary (Continued from page 1) Clash to Be (Continued Irom page 1) transports which the Yankee pilots sent to the bottom contained a large segment of the imperial Japanese second division, dispatched to reinforce Gen. Tomoyukl Yaniashi-ta's badly pounded forces holding out in the Ormoc corridor. Seven Jap planes In a formation offering cover to the convoy were blasted from the skies by American airmen who suffered no losses in the furious air battles. The convoy was spotted late Tuesday afternoon and in u short time, the American pilots bipan ter.rin? inlo the ships, skip-bombinp tlH maMMP P"Il!lfni' t,,f ''PPlMV V( e. System Battle New port Junior Class To Present Play on Dec. 8 "Creeping Shadows." will be presented at the high school gynasium in Newport b) members of the junior class at 8 p. m. Friday. Dec. 8. The play which is a combination of a comedy and a mystery, is under two ships which were surging heavily due to ground swells and a strong tide at the time, and after a considerable struggle with the man succeeded In iffecling the resuce. "His heroic conduct performed in the face of great danger to himself, was outstanding and in Keeping wi'h ' e hir'' - ""ions nf the nnv:l 1 'r-Ice." Army T-Formatioo Goes Against Navy's Classic Single-Wing to Attract Wide Attention Saturday KKW VOKK. N. Y. All out- showed the seizure of more than 1,500- prisoners, along with vast quantities of supplies and arms. Pecs, an important coal mining town 100 miles south, southwest of Hudapest, was taken from the Germans at the apei of the first days advance. As the Russians broke out in their sweep across the Danube, they quickly seized Mohacs on tl.e western bank of the stream, beat down fran'ic Nazi countcr-aitacks iKUadiug example uf the flush or systems will be thrown into Balti-more Stadium, Dic. 2. when Army, the foremost exponent of the "T" formation in the nation, lakes off the direction of Mrs. Fauuiel tollman. According to critics, there is none of the gruesomeuess generally lu-corpora'ed in mystery plays lu this presentation and tbe laughs orae thick and fast from the first lines to the- final curtain. Tickets may be purchased truiu any member of the junior clam. ""' ' d I'V Vii'ii. ' : ' ' v," . r-'. " -i ' ' , , t n' M- I-..-!ft" Fleet. ! nron" T iv. s lw ":" 'i ''' ! enst nf'r t'irr 'n action -fit the Navy at Pa!pnn. At present he is t jsi.iTioned !n the States b'"t expects to I against the Navy's single wing. Navy not only is the most power 1 a destTiyrr wr go nacK to sea amy soon. n'ght. Amer'can rn! r''i" contact with the e-pT" sNs ful user of tlie Warner system in the country, but. what with the nat-ionaJ shift to the supposedly new "T". one of the few strong single wing teams left on the seene. A re 1T export Teen-Aje Cranberry Products Ureolic acid, cranberry seed oB and cranberry wax are recovered from 'Jie skins and seeds of cran- nemes sounding victory by Army over Navy might once and for all prove the su and raced another 23 miles to Pecs. Pome 16 miles to the north of Mnhars on the rail Pne to B"da-nest. the Soviets also seized the vital communications center of Bataszek and pushed the Nazi. hevnnd Units of tliv (own toward the northwest , jVohits its-If Ik a b;stor battleground and the srenf of a disastrous Uuncartan defa in 1520 by invading Turkish arm !". With otl.iv Soviet mi nims advancing in tin- direction of Austria to the north of Budapest, the Hungarian capital is being menaced in a gigantic enveloping movement which may force an eventual Nazi withdrawal toward Vienna. Fighting on the Russian front fn East Prussia, a Moscow communique reported, was confined to artil-, tacking whenever onort"niv came, and on Vedn"ri'iv morning, the ever ready VarhawVg and Thunderbolts returned for the L-111. As Lightning fighters provided a cover, the death-dealing "Hawks and 'Bolts blasted the couvov to 'he bottom, even as seven additional Jap troop and cargo transports came -n'een Plans On V7,?v f o Completion A number of Newport business men tind other representative met at the Methodist Church Monday MONUMENTS 0 A Complete 1,1 oe 0 For Servile Drop I s A Card E. W. Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Wabash Are. Terre Haute, Indian steantng inlo view and met the ;1 1 night to discuss plans for the teen sauA te. periority of one system over the other and might convert the few single wing clubs left into "T" addicts . . . including Navy. Coaches lbuik oil Singlcv ing The Naval Academy is not clinging to the single-wing through a desire to maintain tradition or because of a sentimental love for the thing. Cmdr. Oscar Hagberg, head coach, is a single-wing devotee and believes he has the men to make it work. Keith Moiesworth. the Navy backfield coach, may have a more age canteen wiiiru die ewpvn I Lions' Club is sponsoring. Sixth Couvojr Ietroyed It was the sixth Jap convoy de-1 v N Asbury was chairman of the stroyed in Yamashita s frantic and ,)ieeting and talked on the possibil-costly attempt to reinforce his troops ities of ,he camp,,,, and toid those lery ana small arms uueis anu 0rmoc wll!ch algo haa Deen present how badly it was needed. He then called on each member pre , artillery aud air attacKs against oerman j dorgoing terrlfic aerial transport which were carried out ( naval oombardjnenl8. AC& OP "WE- oRArt&g-EtoiAIL- BodiD iMllgR5iiy CEMETERY MEMORIALS MOMMEXTS and MARKERS T'tre Jliiiite Mouuiucnt Co. 6HKLL V. IK E rhona tUtt Ktprt-K4nt4itirc itl S. Seven til, Clinton sent to express their opinions on of 26 enemy : imnnrtancp of the canteen. witn success aespue umaoruuie Thus far a tQ(al ABoOf Snc. A1E significant bearing on the Warner system being retained by Navy, since Moiesworth was with the Chicago Hears when fleorge Halas was in weather. Soviet fliers from the Baltic fleet attacked a fleet of German supply vessels in the port of J-ibau, sinking two of them. die. bau-this yeAR transports, having an aggregate ton-j r)Urjllg the meeting a committee nage of 82.750 tons, and 17 escort- compoSed of M. C. Wiggins, Rev. ing warships, most of them destroy- Ray Morford, Roy iiusi,. jiiss B,,uy ers have been sunk or wrecked, and si,npson aud Ml.g. 0mar McMasters more than 20,000 Jap troops have ! was a,))ointed to find a suitable lo- lion to show its superiority over the single wing, that opportunity will come on Dec. 2. And it will not return for a long, long time. Or. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-tUy 235', Blackmaa cation for the canteen. ; About 14 persons including representatives from all of the women's ; clubs in town attended the meeting, j Those who attended the meeting been lost in enemy attempts to; maintain their foothold on Leyte. j General MacArthur has estimated 1 4",000 Japs have been killed on Ley- , le since his troops began liberation i of the strategic island in the center! of the Philippines last October 20. Ground Action Halted Night Bombers Pilot B-29s Over Tokyo B&g wm m0. s& mi m. m. m P. paigu against black market operators and retailers selling above price ceilings. Although government and industry representatives disagree on the basic causes for the cigarette shortage, which has emptied virtually every retail outlet of most popular brands, they agree that the total number of cigarettes available for civilian consumption this year is only three to four percent below the 1943 figure. According to government figures. 1944 production will total 329 billion cigarettes with 91 billion, S00; million earmarked for the armed1 forces, as compared with iiOS bil-j At present ground action in and 1 around the bloody corridor is at a : virtual standstill because of the tr- 1 s Continued Cum page 1) Indiana's College Cage Crews Open Hardwood Seasons INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Indiana University's Crimson quintet makes its 1944-45 debut tonight against Wabash College following opening season engagements last night for three other Hoosier colleges. Manchester plays at Huntington tonight also. The I. U. opener at Crawfords- rific rains of the past few days. Emphasizing the effect of the rain on any major offensive. Gener- al MacArthur pointed out that 23 I'tfi another smashing aerial victory by American planes. General Douglas Mac-Arthur, In his morning communique, reported that bomb-carrying Thunderbolt and W'arhawk fighters spotted the con- inciies of rain have fallen since the first of the month, a mark that has shattered all previous records on the bitterly contested island. JOIN THE 1TN AT THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY FESTIVAL FAIRVIEW SCHOOL TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1944 CHILI HOT DOGS PIE CAKE AND ICE CREAM WILL BE SERVED. Home Talent Show Needlework Fish Pond Crowning of King and Queen Cake Walk Art Gallery Peek Show DOORS OPEN AT 5 P. M. Sponsored By Fairview PTA Sponsored By Fairview PTA ' "V ' i voys well out at sea, destroying one; Roads and trails have become im-large cargo transport, seven troop passable, making it necessary for transports and three escorting de- planes to drop supplies to forward stroyers. units of Americans in the Ormoc Two additional large cargo ships corridor. lion, 800 million produced in 1943 of which 51 billion, 100 million went to the military servces. Meanwhile, congress joined fn the cigarette investigation wit h the house agriculture committee planning to appeal to the War Production Board for relaxation of manufacturing restrictions on cigarette-machinery to permit increased 'which succeeded in reaching Ormoc As the situation now stands, the and discharging supplies were bomb- Japs are penned in at Ormoc and ed into complete wreckage by the as far north in the valley to just deadly fighter-bombers. below Limon, which the Americans i It was believed that the troop captured several days ago. ' ' stalling the "T", but still spurns it for the single wing, although he saw the "T" when it first worked to perfection in pro football. What can you expect in a single wing attack? Short reverses, for one. around-end runs and flankers. And always, with the single wing, you can look for hard, clean, solid blocking, in which the opposition is taken out like so many chessmen on a board. 1"m l' Reverses Hagberg said a mouthful when lie explained that the single-wing fitted the Navy material. The "T", as Army Coach Karl iilaik is careful to explain, enables the team to use its power economically. The singlewing is liable to sop up reserves. Navy, when it started the season, had such an embarrassment of backfield riches, it couldn't get rolling right off the bat. Now that it is in full stride, however, it will need whatever it has for the single-wing attack on Army, and might topple the Cadets with the straight, clean power of the remodeled Warner attack. Kxpect Anything from a 'T" How about the "T"? Well. yn- can expect almost anything from n "T" and that is why it is in sneh great favor with coaches today. However, it carries with it certain specifications. The quarterback must be deft, brainy, fast and sure of himself at ail times. The fullbaei' must be able to hit like a battering ram In make the "T" work at its best and the halfbacks must have speed, especially a quick start off the mark. Army has these men in quarterback Doug Keuna, fullback Doc Blanchard and halfbacks (llenn Davis, Dale Hall and Mux Minor. Army almost had the right ingredients last year . . . almost, but not quile Davis last year was tossed into the fullback position, but he dirt not have (lie grinding power need ed by a "T"'-fullback and the offense, allfT the middle of the season, Army began to slip. HI ill . Hlaik stuck with tlu; "T ", and this means a great deal, ''since Karl was a Warner disciple ' when he coached at Dartmouth, hut like Moiesworth, the "T" vetiwaji who turned bis hack on the system', Blaik has quit Pop WarnerVfttlack for use of the opposing "T". if there ever was an opportunity for the exponents of the "T" forma- r- WE'VE NO TIME TO LOSE.' 1 T SO LONG, SISTER! T j OKAYf WE 2?f OH SAY, NOW 1 ALL RIGHT, IRWIN HAW fL YA MEAN A CERTAIN NAZI LET'S RUSH THE JAP'S THE CARNIVAL IS BREAKING I I'LL SEE YA IN TH'J jn JL GOT A! tVEN UN TtNl-- ville pits a squad which includes three returning lettermen against a Wabash outfit that with one exception, are newcomers. The Little Giants have four Navy V-12 trainees on their squad. DePauw University started off with a 45 to 39 victory over Central Normal last night at Greencasile. The Purple Warriors were within one point of the victors at halftime. Franklin College also got off to a good start by easing out Freeman Field, 48 to 43, on the Freeman floor. Evansvlllo opened its basketball season with a 47 to 41 victory over nnother service team, the George Field Flyers. F.D.H Ousts Justice Aide In New Feizd CAMP THERE GOES YOUR TENT.' I'VE GOT A y M k,., HOSPITAL ,jAi E-Sf ONt smuulu CtmSTiSJ AN' HIS SeAUTiFUI. MOTORCYCLE CREAM GIRL? H KW "V mJnrmliX BEFORE ENTERINO HUNCH HE HAS fi bm i swjt v; i . 1 r--wv GUESTS NOW BODYGUARD, HUH? OIJ 'N P Secret 3s Operative ?ZtjRif 0 ''nnrtnuert from page 1) riLLii noinled out that today's action was a reaffirmation of Mr. Roosevelt's nolicv annoMnopment of July, 1943 when lie banned public quarrels by officials nf hi8 administration after he bitter dispute between Vice IT'S INCRE- X&THAT A SIRL 5Hci o PROTECT ME ZZ- RAFTER VJE V0RITIEN ( 'rVPOlSOM-PEM-, Al LETTERS 9 A S ABOUT MR. LIMDELL CO HUSTNTJ S I A IRL LIKE BUT THINK OF THE QOSH" VOU'VE L QUEScs prosecute rfmrr&ttWsws that must publicity lindeli 6ot some- rrrwr fixed ELA1NE.5HE GOT THREE OLD BE PumSHEP MODEL A POISON- THIM6 THERE HM..-- has an r4K mothers f-p- yPEN ITII2 "tzz r" 1 the TOILER By Rum Westover y t President Wallace and Commerce Secrelary Jones. The President in that statement held that if officials Hubmit their disagreeinents to the press, instead of to the While House, "I ask thai when you release the statement for publication, you send to me a letter of resignation." Applies to "nhiii't I'osls The same applies to subordinates of cabinet officers, the White House said today, department heads being instructed to ask for the "immediate resignation" of subordinates who violate this order. Attorney General Biddle issueil a simultaneous statement on the IJl-tell malter in which he accurrd nf". assistant of issuing "reckli -in and unfounded statements." I S THELACAF!fA -y Htklr, MK. KlPPPV TIIMF? CLOSE THAT SCPEEM DOOf? BEHIND VOLJ, M TI?VING TO KEEP ,1 THOSE MINNOWS OUT J ( HOOU FAF? BACK ALONG THE i:ow SHE SffOPS "CASH AND CARRY" Without Painful Backache Many iufr relieve nagging backache cuickly, once ihty diieover liiat tlie real Cause ot tiieir trouble may be tired kidney. The kidneys ute Nature's duel way of taking tlie audi and te out of the blood. Tln-y iitlp most people pass about 3 pints a day. Winn disorder of kidney function permits poiiutiuus niaiter to n nmin in your blood, it may cause nagging backache, rlieumatir piiins, leg pains, 1m of pi p and energy, getting up nights, swelling, pu (fines und.T the eyes, tciidnrhes und dimness, rrcqufnt or sennty paeeagis with smarting and burning sonie-tinies Bhc's there is something wrong witb jour kidnevs or bladder. Don't wuitl Ask your druggist for Doan Pills, used successfully by millions for over 4U years They give iiuppv relief and will help the I.", miles of kidney tnhes flush. out poise n-gus waste from your blood. Uct Uo-ia s riu. FRIED ANGLBDORM?- 55 EMAILS OMTDHST-40 NO MAYFLIES WCPEAM -0fl ONE ON 7H VwUgJEEP?) S r i MILK -JO BAIT muTE 78, SE(?VCP CRICKET SfWmCH -20 f 1 I I ' I I N ' UUCEPEA j 'ABOUT IOOH GPASSHOPPEK -I5 JUAVE5, AS A 1 I rvi . V 'V y - ii N nnctLnan SOUIP PIE 10 Thimble Theatre Starring My) - y f 27..,,. -ry-z:- .. n -Wi- P0PEYE YOU'LL AGREE tliut our 1 - rT, r,,,.r,,,,,ityJ:;o 1 HOMEMADE uucoc MHJ iJce ruliu OOCCC ActJT JJ WWV t VANKED LOOSE A "ffl r60ULV DAV.HARBV! HOW DlDJA Civilian Hoarders Hlanird for Wide Ciifaretle FiViiine WASHINGTON, D. C. - Civilian hoarding is the answer to the current cigarette shortage question if you ask the man who sells the "smokes." The tobacco retail sellers industry advisory committee, representing a million merchants, today blamed excessive public purchases of cigarettes for the present famine and era--hflsi"Pd 'hat tobneco ptock were ad--vi'iate for normal consumption. Committee members, after conferring informally with Office' of Price Administration officials, also charged the press and radio with Bpurring the run on cigarette supplies through the publication of "scare" stories. M em hers were d isclosed to have reft uined frum making any format recommendations at the closed session but it was learned that the Ol'A is stepping up Its nationwide c:im- I IfiOING HAHfiv'aAlD WAT LION WAS INFiSM .MAPPEN TO SET JINNV FLACK OfJ sound caaa on nee set to f t THOUGHT ID SHOW 'EMK5 I THAT IM PRACTICALLV IN c JUE GRAVJE MV6ELF' CHILI Is Good VOfl.L vraia neck - we mufiUTEC Of ' FEEBLE. AND TAME - THE ONE TIE UP THAT LIOW'6 fWS AND Tuc eua iws r a i dames 3 . if 7l; f " VWAT NEARLY KILLEO BELINDA THAT REMINDS ME '.! 4, rrrj Mia t , - HAIRBREADTH HARRY OIK HOMEMADE TIES Frem-ti Fries, Kandu lilies, Coffee, lie Creain, Soft Drlnka m 3- L 1 M.f! SV ' r-rl SPEED GRILL DRIVE-IN North Main 8tre( E "V IT 3"

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