The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 30, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1944
Page 6
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I'ase Six THE DAILV (CLINTONfAN T! 'isJay, N viul,r Sfl, i'SJi. the Mooiem "MAN OF THE YEAR" THE DAILY OJM OMA o ll'.tl.ACJj At mi wfctiiaij mm Th Mnt-aJ, (Viuukii lf Ite CUum PUlnduder absorbed In ItKX FabUaaed UaL'r Except Saturday and Seerge L. Care;- Editor and PuMaf." IGLUiOOD i at ui ranUrnr ai 'UnUu. In.1lr. and SjUuiUu (.'u-stiirrin; Kibtfr WcOe iiud Molly. KKO Hadio's ' 'Uedwiily Jja. ts" ib ilie ihij'd rouu-dy in wliu-li this lainouf idiu u-ani lias aj'iuand. Jts siiirkiin: i'lut con-vi J i' a st-aich for ! 1m iiV4'iu;' itjjin. l-'ibln'r'y dt'lcrnj inul i ui in lit Jifaid ilnif;ii , and Dm- ji tc cptn the Ijrealifast-iovtfii window mid put l?r huiid Uiioiiii the pane. ' Iudlajua KvpubUvjui t-l'f af AmocIbCoi By MARKISCH CARitCU Kir ;'ji(k WiJi;:i;r Wr.UT M(?LLYVCOD Vcro:i: a Lulc ci a r v : tr for then' vc Phoat 32 ,.fJ i'koue 33 cy re nHk tlK-ir Tliit- t.M i I'ortK io o-' Ji J i fu 1 . . fTfl i'or a 1 lirrr-day run act I'licatix1. ilPUSUCAM EOIIOHM tiul lookv.vj likw ippl for a h JU5C I asked OcfoUi it he ecu ul H'Vf nie iiiiy ut tali of t h e c c r e-ii:c:;y. lie rrn.i i and fajii u. " I ion t . . . ho & a i d. "I in ;a:t an n.n.ieriL 1.3 .-uanccr. tu of Mtiuiein O'Uaia'f sisteit itji-T u h:ihy I'uniig a Nazi bomb at-tutk. . . . AMud liven now using .it:. ie l-u'his lah- of Cutri villa as u 1 st home. . . Lucille Hall and A rnez may lie reconciling, but f he iuid i 1 U'i Ijtv. ford weie at the C"!uvr i iuh Wtdiw 'ay night lo lame iHMumVa wonderful iiiy. . . . iauk-tle tJoddard (1:'-:iiin:.r slay-iif.-Lilets with thiee ! on one iinjjri - 3 huge square-t.u; ni by and luo enseraid cut dia,-ioj'.us. . . . i'.ujtue or nut, says ( jfoutho Mai x, le has to stop smoking his cigarels so short. He 'a iiu liing his inlays. j WtMJiHMlay simI J iKit sfiav ' I "The Sweetlifart of World War II, iKrauct'g JI,aiifoid to yout in on Ikt way to (lie Iiuisjc front. That a n-ws. lor tlu I. Mtlit- is f i 4 j inhale is usually on iwr way lot Mb Uh war front with Hon Jioue and 1 "7?OV -fff S j II IK Ullil, IU UI1IIK JO itllU lllilll' Fan w:.v of the week oojih-s to .Shirk j ni-pie fro .'. s 1 x Marines on Harrison Carroll Hut this time Miss Kangford I-als say Howard Hawks quietly i.'i rea;iymg a new feminine discovery 10 lonow up Lauren Eacall. "LNQL'AUFIED FALSEHOOD." comes to the movie funs in a picture that Is guarantfi-d to hriiiK (ji'.am Tlwy endose a lati-red jjir-line of .Sliiiy taken in 197 It is difficult to understand how any substantial number of American citizens could believe the rumor that blood plasma as much joy to the home front as she has to (he iiubatih'd forces in T' ' ia pr Kaii-rno. it is titled "L. .ie. Jamboree." in which she in co-starred Willi tiuy Kih- "We fsot this pictuie from ;i icn of y.-iirs." write the Wynnes, "and thought you inipht like to have it lj-ri:. Unfo: i.unal:-Jy, v..-hati to kill your fan timt. He wj:: a Jap." I Eobby-fiookers almost mobbed ; .foi:n Hodiak at the Screen Cuild adio show. One squealed: , "1-Yankic, forgi-e me but my pat-1 ter ct-.yirie is pumping for Johnny ! r.ow!" is being sold to wounded fighting men. ' Nevertheless, the President took cogni zance of the circulation of this story, KistJi Street and Frank Fndrea of j I Walnut Street spent Thanksgiving Day ut St. Josiph, Mieh., vis-itinjf Mr. Kndree' father. Mr. and Mrs. J. F Carlin and daughter, Mis Merle, had as their guests over Thanksgiving ; .Mr. and Mrs. ('. D. Chapman and ; eon. Dean, of (JieeneasMe and .Mr. (and Mrs. (I. Karl Drown and i,i ' A t ' IV,. lV. ' f 't",'f " " A friend hm an iimazing letter from I.cui. o Buir.ett, R-K-O fi:n-iet, wl'.-j ;:!! wilh Cuj-ai-'s oreius-tra at Cut's and who went to Mexico to make a mcture .;th Cantin-tlrs. At a rancho 20 milts from Mexico City, Louise says she fought a buii. Didn't make the kill but worked in the ling alone, using a cape. One?, she says, the bull lianiplcd her foot and, in another' hajc. tore the cape cut of iier j haras. The bull's hoins scraped her Mm. The Mexicans cheered her! wildly, fays Louife, and loid her j she l:-- the only woman ever to fight j a bull while v.eaiir.g high heels. 1 branding it an "unqualified falsehood,'' and advising that "persons spreading such rumors should be reported to the Ffil". Considerable publicity has been give to the need for blood donations and tlu rumor was evidently designed to damper, the ardor of prospective donors. Certain ly, intelligent minds, unclouded by suspic ion or prejudice, would not pay any atten tion to such a rumor, but, when it is bein; circulated, a prompt and emphatic denial i. necessary. I If often happens that in connection with governmental affairs, there is a class of under-cover rumor that spreads vicious i HOLLYWOOD HI-JINKS: Through tiie Church of the fjood Shepheid in Beverly Hills, Songwriter Jimmy Mcliugh will present an annual mu&c scholarsliip to pome deseiving student. ... , AH of Arthur Murray's feminine danee teachers now are being asked to si-n a two-year agreement not to get married. He's lost dozens of trained assistants when the girls fell in love with their pupils. . , . Ginny Simms and Former Fiance Tat-Nearney together again at the Beverly Tropics Fay McKenzie at Lyman's with Aron Danches, the dehydrated-egg king. . . . Ozzie Nelson can't figure it out. He get more fan mail from Harriet Hil-hard's home state, Iowa, than he daughter Patricia Ann. of Nobh-s-ville. The Hfv l.ynn Bales and sons. 'Robert and Warren, of No'tb Ninth Street were Thanksgiving With Cliii:.!mas still almost a month off, I.t. John Shcllon al-u-auy has received 25 fruit takes. ! dees from his own, New Jersey, After flying 00,000 miles in tlr j where he was an athletic hero even I atilic -without getting a seraieii. ; befojc he won fame as a band Htltv lullon caine home, tiud thiteadrr Taking a Backward Glance Day dinner guests oi Mr. anu Mrs. Itoy AIcKinney und himily o' North Fifth Street. Mrs. Matlie Keynolds a n tt Grant Overpeck of north of Clinton spent Thanksgiving with Mr. Overpeek's son, Knie Overpeck, and Mrs. Overpeck of Hazel Bluff. Italic U Taxkab T-io cjj m which Archduke Fer chnanci i.f Aalria rode when hf Wii& afcsh: -im. .ed in ilil-l now is use m a t.:ijiitob in Sarajevo. ly through a wide area. Often it is almost impossible to put a finger on the story or to apprehend those circulating it. The best defense against such propaganda is the intelligence of the average citizen. tans in producing hea t for , building. They ai;so tore down 1 1 tit' i th ols and family of Newport, yesterday. Misses Hazel ItandaJl and Pauline Itandall of 112 Sycamore street have returned home after spending last week visiting with .Mrs. Kalph IVtet. Mrs. feci! Wier, and Mr. It. yinnnd jvi.-i in Danville, Hi .M:SS J I id 1 ji Soy yeli u) l ui V e sal. I'-ft Sa'.nd-.y lor CiitibnJg.- Bacon and Egg According to the statistic! of railway dining cars, eggs and bacon if one of the most popular dishes in Scotland. Eight per Cfiit of the tnyt. wop ia tt V. 3. it ;-cd'jcjfl m JUlnobj, Liu:ara. Iowa,,! r.' Ohio. TWKM V VKAIW M.O TOO.W . Hridue Closed I'or Itepuir ln T. Huute Itojid The bridji- over Oitor ( North Terro Haute is lo b all this week for repairs, reek m aecord- IMF 111 MAR CLOTHING MIGNONG. EBERHART 1 the rope from the flag pole. The trustee said that a new belt was 1 (being installed today and that : the school work would probably resume tomorrow. Over Sou chil-dr -n aUcnd the school. The iden- , ,'iiy of Hie vandals has not been : IVr onuls 1 lit iitht. Star Club .Meets j i !; llright Star club held i;s . , regMar meeting Saturday afternoon at the home of Uuth and Kvalyn Daniels, Sumh Third tiireet. Wilma Saliiumd presided over the meeting. Arrangements i were made to bold a ( hiifstniJK O 943 Ur U:ti-R - CISlRlBUrSO BY KINS FEATURES SYNCICAre, INC. NEUTRAL NONSENSE. When the Germans have been defeated on the field of battle and it becomes necessary to gather around a conference table to arrange details between the conquerors and the conquered, there is no reason whatever for the presence of neutral nations. It is somewhat difficult to understand the reasoning of nations, like Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Turkey and Switzerland, which hanker for an opportunity to sit in on the peace conference. iitfi io an Liiinouji'" iin m inc. ' lie Terre Haute A11I0 !'! bridge floor is to be Lj - . i - i.lie Btafe Iiigitwjy foiiiihiVsioi;. . ijt.'tour east to Markle's mill, 'ii-ii north on pavement to the first road leading west and thence hack to ttule road No. 10 will he neceaaary until the repairing ia oniph'tcd. Va:.dal ( tipple Healui Ohio. where 'A- (jhiits fo spoiit . the flwi.-' in.-.- ! idiilajs visiting ( w relati- ' k j A d"Mg!i';ul shi'ijju'" diiiiiei j W;, g!ci, . i'-i'd.' ill lite Ihmie , 01' Mrs. U(i.j.' Ve:;;. ol I';.h y i nue. in honor of Mrs. V-vi.-ii's ! fi7ih birthday. Those nr. s m ; v.'pre: Mrs., Ida Hamilton ami children, Mrs, Ada Vance and sons, jI r. I'niJ .Mis. I). Terrel, Air. ;'nd Mrs. Siint .Sultoji, Mr. and Mrs. Jtert Wright, Mr. and Mrs. ! John Miirdy, Mr;. .Sadie Howe,' , e'NOfSIS llo.ia wa here.' It was a clear, r-s Parth Kccte an! Drue !"'! nisiit in January over a year t'l came in jir.:nt nir.lw;o:i :''' t-.tjn". unu mc mm uumi stairs. It was after dinner and tney cc'.I iron cc'.I iron respoase i& a Dr. SyMe:u ul (he Ifhinfojtt While all nations have some right to be '; ' i.o,d Today x j i c rtj j nmi The Ulujiiord fc-.-hool wa; hand to pull. He explained all that to me." I sniffed. You couldn't look at Drue Cable and not know aha had good breeding; it was in every liu of her face and every motion of bar body aB it is in a thoroughbred. "So Pa Brent resorted to th good old - fashioned disinheriting threat. What did Craig say to all this?" "Craig told me to forget it; to pay no attention to what his father said. But I couldn't help paying attention. Because Mr. Brent told me that the only thing to do was for us to end our marriage as ns abruptly as it began." Drue was quoting. closed Mr. and Mr;;, f J us Johnson and daughter, Frank Shannon, and ; vei'o having1 coifee in the library ar.d his father came out of the library witli a cup in his hand and then Alexia came. She was so beautiful she wore a crimson, trailing dinner gown and she went straight to Craig and put up her face to be kissed and he said, 'Alexia, this is my wife.' " "Dear me," I murmured, keeping to myself the impression that young Craig might have well deserved 'he i party, and 1 el'rtshmenls served after the business niei.ting. The u. xt liieeting will be held at the home nf .Miss If 11 1 h .Met 'rack en, of Blackmail si reel. ilr. and .Mrs. iJeiny Nichols and little, s.m on Siuiih i'ouith St reel Wi'H the guests of .Mr. Nieiirils' mother, ill's. Lizzie Ni'b- Chivery, ocj! r.i-.'vico, Anna H.-.ub, hc Brcrt i aid bi;cd ct D;i:s ir. righiin?d i "... split. Ion and pleaded with her r.rti- tc rcir.a-n. Trr,t, coupled with Dint's ur.v.F.;?.! anxiety abort their paasnt, Cr.iig Brent, wif the firut indication Sarah had her ottracti'e yoiu.g friend was acqi'aintsd with the Brents. Anr:it reluctantly took them to Cr.dg's ranm and explained that Craig, vlCin of a mysterious bullet, wai round i:i the garden the previous night by Beeiena, the butler, "Mr. Nicky,' and Peter today because of the work of lan-dahs aoinetjuie diiriup the wtjil end. Frank Slater, township untitle Kiated today 1 lui I some one had entered the bWiool building and slushed the belt used to run j Kut 1 Copley. The afternoon was spent in music and Ringing. Mr. 11 ml Mrs. J. L, Sanders re- turned Sunday afternoon from ' Anderson and Indianapolis. They soeni Thaniisgiv ing with Dr. Noel jKlbeison and hie wife. Dr. Klher- shooting he had got. Certainly Alexia couidn t be expected to greet CROSSWORD By Eugene Sheffer aon being' a veterinarian in And-1 rsoii. Huber, an old school Irier.a ot Craig'e, adding, "They laid it was an accidenth was cleaning range the future relations of nations, only those who have fought the Germans have a claim to participate in the conference that will deal with war-connected issues. Washington President Roosevelt asks that Cordell Hull preside over the first session of the International peace organization to be formed: "When the organization of the United Nations is set up I shall continue to pray that you as thp father of the United Nations may preside over its first session." Manchester, Eng. Dr. V. K. Wellington Koo, Chinese Ambassador to Britain: ' gun." She again begged Drue to leave before Conrad Brent, Craig father, discovered her presence !if:y were studying their uncon icious patient's chart when Alexia Brent, Ccnrr.d's glamorous young wi.'w. stormed into the room. She itzf IF E:! is lu ib n ! I? 'iWP.u I " lib iii !1 lAKS I -: If MillAV i .Nitm ital 4 o)if't(Mi Minn I,ouiKt; Itobeiison and I Miss fMi'nn Morgan, Ic-aehers at I ('Union Higb School, were in In-1 dlann , "lifl yrslorrtfiy nttcmlinu the n..iinn:il nici'liiiR nf tlio Top-' iral Associaliou of Science anil M.ii licT.iaiies Tfiachora. S''Bsiona, which bogan Wedncs- demanded lha. Drue leave immedi ately, saying, "Craig doesn't want you and Conrad won't have you here." Drue refuses to go until shy has talked with Craig. When I I I I I I I I I I I I the indignant Alexia finally de parts, Drue tells Sarah the strange story of her romance with Craig (1".y mid will eoiitlniii' tlirougb today, are held at t ho Lincoln Ho-I "Although we have lost considerable ground in the last few months there is no danger of any collapse by China which is sometimes dreaded in certain quarters abroad." Brent. Sarah ia telling the story. CHAPTER FIVE Drue went on quickly, "Craig J'ou nee, was sick; he was home on eave and he was in an auto accident Washington A. J. Altmeyer, Soci I I VA LJ2222 I q and broke his arm. It was a com pound fracture and he was in the hospital five weeks. Five weeks," she said, "and three days. I was one of his nurses. And the day he came Security Board Chairman: "There is mi question that the benefits provided uinlt i the Federal Old Age and Survivors Insurance System will cost far more than Ihr two per cent of payrolls now being i-ollc t.d. dd . u ('( illibllt.U-s j Now muiieji on the Itetf Cross I roll euli fj:r!ndJ rb ftdlowing: n His' rhiivinacy, J2, and Lou-, s I.i. ii:'-;!. John L. AJooro, i. j i: !:. .f. r Vfuny & fo.. Mrs. C'-tul f oti. JJoJlf Mdicr t'linlon r cpfi 10 vnt Store, Henry Prul-. 'ii.rf Ii.r- ifh--Frnzier, t'ut Price Cl-iihin'. .dore, White's Pharmacy, f'.iii'on City Oil Company, A. J. Do :ghty. National Cafe. Clinton H :!cd, CajihuJ Smoke House,1 Joe p.ivey and C E. Bingham, $1 e;ich. ) HeKUlar connibutors who were' out v. hen iJ,h orgaliualion's rep- r" n.juiif called are asked lo out we were married. "On leave?" I 41 VL 'ft 1 4 1 SO 51 u Fn wr wr r "Yes. That that was one of the troubles later. His father wanted him to be in the diplomatic service. All hia life he'd been destined for that and he'd got, a year or so be fore, his first appointment It was a consular appointment, not much Craig said, "Alexia, this Is my wife." but a beginning. It was in South America, and it was when he was at Drue now or ever with anything like home on his first leave that we met. "And married," I said. joy. i i iu mail or .send their eontibu-(i (;. i. HiUKham. eliairinan. iirti. William Vantura and d. lighter. Miss Vitda. of West les. Oh, I told you It was "Yes. He oh, it's one of those I could tell it from the bitterness that then, for the first time, came into her voice. I got out of my wool dress and reached for my uniform. "You surely don't mean to say you agreed to wrong. Everything. But in a queer stories. So simple really and so Washington General H. H. Arnold Chief of the Army Air Forces: "No matt ! where the Japanese may try to hide thrii factories, we will seek them out and di stroy them. Jarn has sowed the win. I now let it reap tiie whirlwind." New York Brig. Gen. William C Rose of the War Manpower Commission: "Until we have won the war, until the day of final victory is here, the challenge ul the peacp cannot be met, and let no one of us think otherwise." way, Sarah, we couldn't help it. It wrong. We oughtn't to have mar was as if wo had been caught in ried then. We didn't know each something we couldn't stop. It 4.'l. wiihli. s VMiTICAL 4 1. bun lt d 1. aptitude 4.' piipid 2 prosecute 47 t w m f an action 1'ull ix S.fet'ls .50. wants off 4. sly (jlnnccs ft.'i. biislk- lmlipenJent f)4. tleatst Ireland Hti. ocean 6. paid notice 57 wilting 7. rigid inipltnient b. tuuitntcd fi8. willow policeman bit. limsli 0. innieli other, really. There wasn't time, We'd tried to tell each other things: wasn't Craig's fault, uny of it, any I Viu Mieet are snenriing the j ue.-Umd with friends at Ander- j son. &Jr. and -Mrs. (;eorge Kugua ot j Lilirnj , iiie speiu evening as' ::iif. ts of Mr. and Mrs. Warren' Mai risou ol Hazel lilutf. ( IIOlilOM u. 1 beata id buiiitn 4. smallest 0 bitter vttl 2. regret extrenu'ly .3. largo bL-a-dtKk 14. new. co'Mb. form in. son 17 labored 19 moie painful more than it was mine. Drue lowered her face over the things about our lives and the things that had happened to us before, but dog and began lo smooth out his none of it seemed to matter then. We . . She atroked the little dog's long forelock with fingers that trembled. that." She started to braid the dog a long forelock, her fingers very gentle but still unsteady. "Not jut then. I couldn't. We stayed on a little. Craig's leave had been given a month's extension. Then Alexia came back and and Nicky," she said, bending over the dog. "Her twin brother." There was a rather long pause while she braided and rebraided th head, her face bent above him. "We 1 Mr. ami .Mrs. Dave Uideon and three children ol west of ('Union and Mr. and Mrs. John Kaslt-r So there were fireworks," 1 sug had a little time together ; not gested. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. it meant Craig s career, really. 21. Anglo-Saxon IK 30. female ru.1 31. su ai d 16 gave mcdicU nal portion 38. anger 20. became re animated 22. talk foolishly 23. revolving part of a tin bine 25. fasten hermetically 26. figurative use of a word 27. functions in trigonometry 29. plane surface u3. river in Venezuela oi. ban c! luop 37. individual 40. unwilling 42. small ru& 4J. body organ 4fi. devastate 47. so:t hat 4S citrus drink 40. thir.g. in law M. di oimal unit mournful 50. tbi f-toj 'JP A X didn't realize that when we were married. Perhaps it's why Craig ;uid diuigiiter. Norma, of Cromp-I ion 1 1 HI. were the Thanksgiving dinner guests of Mrs. Gideon's j siMer. Mrs. Lester McCrory of j West I'nion, 111. hadn't told his father until alter we were married. His father told me soft forelock. "Then," she went un. JAR SE much, because his leave had been extended and it was nearly up. So wa had to come home. That is, we came here. To aee his father." She stopped again. I fastened in the last stud and said, "I take it Papa was surprised." "He hadn't been told." Her face was still lowered over the dog. "You . see that was wrong, too. He had 'Craig had to tro to Washinrtnn. 5 135 EN j Mrs. Hannah Casebeer of South j His father wanted me to stay here; he said we must get to know each our marriage was a terrible mistake. He said Craig's career demanded money; he simply had to have money to get anywhere. I New York John Foster Dulles. International lawyer critidon Dnmbarttm Oaks proposals: "Too much relia nv if placed upon force. The arrangement partakes much of military alliance." New York Prii;. Cm Havvonl Hansel. Jr., Commander of I hi- nt u 21st Uonib-er Commantl in a bruair;ist fnim Sainan: "From now on Japan will hlt-el internHlIy." monry ol act'ount 22 biar Uuwn upon 24. phases 2s p.iriit1!! flower 29 escape r0. silkworm 31. near 32. stan-lari Tinted States monetary units 35. upon other better. That pleased Craig; he hoped it meant his father was hadn't any money, of course. But coming around. So he asked me to stay, and I did. 1 went to the train with him an I he Lts.-ed me and aid ?M-ven!h Street, who lias been in ; poor health for the paM year, isj well now. j Marion Wriyht of (Miieacn was! the Thnuksgh ing Day guest of bin oannis. Air. and Mrs. Warren1 Wiiuhl, who liveu west of Hie ci- ly. He motoivd home toady ae-1 comi'tuied by iiis parents and' sister. Lids, who will spend the A LD E IN HC L I Al TjTl El K FlE E. iKipfYaSiClj A W S pUjE T H l AN jSrjjA R R A CeV?le V j I tTatTeT aTv ejr g., elS A'rlolRir's bTeIo sEsiAiry.t-'isTr- that wasn t the main thing: he made it clear that he had intended to help Craig himself with money, i But he said that now, in view of cur marriage, he wouldn't. But : that wasn't all. I I was a nuise. other plans for Craig " She stopped again, stroking the dog's head. "Alexia," I said. She glanced at me once, quickly. Yes. They weren't really engaged, she and Craig. If they had bet-n, Craig wouid have told her, before wa married, in another way. But it was a kind of apderstandir.g; it had ne u i e n.'u-; ::i a week. It was thera ;ii ti;i- aiiiu.m where we got otf the i am . . ." She bent closely over the i n again. "I nLVir saw Crai ifi again until today.1 you see. fane lifted her Miinin' head a little proudly. "My family were good and old, too. But I (To be continued) Arra(p time of tolation: 5" itiiiktittft. Pitv the poor Iloosier hunter who is 1 :1S ,mc-"r frying- to shoot .1 rabuit wlu-ii a ik-er gctsj h;n,i,r.s in the way. j couldn't help him, socially. Not di been for a long time. I didn't know work end iu Chicago and attend Die siot k show. Mi Lcauoia Auiati of Nunli (hat, then. Until we caoie here auJ 'ivctly, you know, with wires at my ' I t M ' ! f I M M ! '

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