The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 30, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1944
Page 3
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1 Pag" Three f IiUre3ay. November 194i. hicle just as it hit the ridge. I was riding an ammunition carrier and it was so heavy right at the top of None of them Is quite sure where they went, but they didn't see any of the famous places they had heard about. They couldn't even seem to Sgt. Marshall Boatman Member of Famed 1st Tank Battalion in Italy Clinton District Report Boosts War Fund Drive Dana Private, GI Companions, ' On Tour of Paris sectors. The enemy t'.ifw large numbers of tanks into action around Saarunion. Gen. 1'alton's gains during the hist 24 hours totaled a mile and a lialf on a three-mile front. After hurling back the counter- catch a glimpse of lie Eiffel Tower. "All I know Is we walked that way two miles and got lost," said (Continued from page 1) (Continued Irom page 1) Calamaras. "We kept asking M. I (Contlnuea from pan 1) for Rainbow corner, the lied cross the hill. "A second later a German shell came at us and we all jumped and ran all except the driver. He was a tough one. He stayed right at the wheel and snaked the carrier through. But when we got back-aboard the bedding rolls where we had' been silting were torn to shreds by shrapnel." So Paris looked mighty attractive about the tinu 'he three drew the club, and got back, but I still didn't know what street It's on. encountered in Xurth Al'tiea. The battalion next part ieipated in bait ley around Station Sened. Mak-uassey and Kl ', uettar, t lien took part in t he "mouse t rap" alt ark i hrottgh Mateur and l-Yrr.w ille which resulted in the capture of Riz-erie and t he end of all orga nized Nazi resist a nee in North Africa. After intensive training in Italy, the 1st Rattalion went to the Anzio Beachhead, where, due to unfavorable tank terrain, it saw little action except for a few raids and a role in a connie rat tack against t lie Germans. Following t lie brea l t hrony h from I lie bnaehead. t he battalion spearheaded many of the Fifth Army attacks northward and was a part of the mohlle task force which captured Alba no. an ohsiacle on the "That doesn't sound very exciting Clayton. Paul Meskunas, Cleora WIs-noskl, Esther Yocum, William Scott. Enna L. Brown, Frank Bicknell, Jr., Antonio Giacobin, lola June Wake, Sophia N. Vorek, ,Kosa S. Vaigo. Mary M. JaiwsoJi, Jmse W. Crowder, K. T. Hastings, Catherine Kose Vulich. Earl W. Carpenter, Barney Glacoletti, Anthony G. Kaza-kevich, William H. Ralstnu, Paul Alvis Brunic, Robert F. J.indsey. the sounds of machine guns and shells. An army plan permits each combat unit to send a small group of men to Paris In rotation for these two day breathers, so the story aliout what happened to J'vt. I'aiamaras and his buddies is pretty typical of the Parisian whirl bcint; enjoyed by hundreds of others each week. a tall, dark, good-looking kid of 23. who lives in l'liil- slips labeled I'aree. when you tell about it," said Calamaras over his cognac, last night, "but it sure is fun just to wander around and look at people that ain't in uniform. And 1 sure would like to take some of these PariB girls home when I go." Brown nodded as he sipped his Ihrusls. the Third Army readied the town of Oherlimburg. Oilier German attacks were repulsed in the vicinity of the Forest of De Hoiiluy. South of the German frontier area, other Third Army units readied FursKchviller, destroying four Nazi tanks in beating off a counterattack. Heavy fighting was reported in I lie lnden area of the American First Army sector, where a counter-attack was repulsed. Both sides of the Inde river are now iio-nmn'x laud and a bridge across it has changed hands several limes. The Allies hold a solid line soutli of Kirch-berg to the vicinity of Frenz along the river. A bath and general cleanup was their first taste of Paris and took most of what was left of their first Sgt. Boat mail is the husband of Mrs. George Ann Buntnian of Vint-Street and the son of Mrs. Kthel Boatman of Kim Street. He has been in service over two years ami bus been overseas in Italy and North Africa. One of the tank battalions of the 1st Armored Division, the 1st has 61 battle streamers diillng from the year 18:U when its parent oruaniza-tion. the 1st 1". S. aalry Regiment, was fighting in the Indian Wars, and extending through 111 years to the battle of the Amu River in Italy when the unit was relieved. After participating in the At'rieaii invasion of I!H2 and fighting through Algeria, the 1st Tank Rat-, talion was shipped to Tunisia where, it was the first American armor un-l afternoon there. Then the trio sor- and Dorothy M. Diddle. S5 Hosea H. Crosby. Charles tied out "to look at the pretty women". H. "The Parisian women are fully up to our expectations. It seems like all of them from 14 up have the Cleat' Jaiiiinoi-Mlori drink. "When you go nor e, ne scoffed. "You better take a good look at these girls now. You are going to do plenty of fighting before you get mini her look at them! " .l'cn A Stove Top Keep the top of the stove in good condition by rubbing it each day while it is still warm with a piece of waxed paper or unsalted fat, rather than blacking. Clean the nickel, chromium, or enamel parts with soap and water, , All German forces were cleared aaeipnia. jus battalion put more than 100 slips of paper in a hat. Three had "I'aree" written on them, the others had the letters "Trt". "That stands for tough stuff," said Calamaras with a wink. And when everybody drew slips, the lucky men were Calamaras and two of his buddies from a gun section, Pvt. lirown of Dana, Ind., and J'vt. William J. Robertie of East Hebron, N. H. Their vacation came on the heels of one of the worst scares they have had since hitting France and it was still much on their minds as they out of Laintnersdorf, south of Jun- j kersdorf on the approaches to Aie- McConnell, and Archie Salin. $3 C. R. Vincent. $2 Joseph Markello, Julie Ave. $1 Andrew McLean and Luther R. Stultz. Additional Contributions reported by Mrs. Peg Helms. Jndiana War Fund Chairman,. $100 Tri Kappa Active Chapter. $25 Indiana Bell Telephone. $23.70 Navy Day Committee Proceeds left from program by T. L. McDonald. $20 Half Century Club. $15 Clinton Bottling Works. $10 Wabash Theatre, Mr. and Mrs. knack of knowing how to dress." Calamaras decided. "I saw plenty I wouldn't mind taking home with me, but time was too short to get acquainted with them." After supper it was too dark to do much exploring or they found a small night club a block away and ordered a bottle of champagne at 500 francs ($10). None had ever tasted it before and they didn't care much road to Rome. One of (he first three units to enter the Kientitl ity. lite 1st went on I u ca pt ure Viterbo and t hen pushed into high ground surrounding Orosseto to engage the Nazis in what has been called t he "worst lank terrain in the world." The battalion was relie! ed only after 1 he Nazis bad paddled to the north side of the Ainu Rher. Do FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? JWKTKKTJr. mi imii-vcU nnv.l.-r to he ji'd'in tiled en upper er I ewer pljifrn. holds fnlse teel h inure t irmly in jd;ie. I M net gillie, 1 1 er reek. u L'tlliitn V. Keur.V, ):sy histe r feelititf. STKKT II Is H Ika line ( ;n id ). I 'ees nut (juiif. f'licek "idiilc eder" (denlure hri-:iUiJ. Hot J-'AS'J Kl-rj'II at any dm;,' More. dei American coin in and to engage the Germans in this war. Kleiiients of the unit raided a large (lerman airport at Djedeida, east of Tunis, catching the Krauts flat-footed and destroying more than 4l planes on the field. Following a bitter and costly battle at Faid Fass, the 1st Armored regrouped and reerjuipped it s battalions which then counterattacked and broke the back of the greatest rode, the First encountered stiff resistance and counterattacks, which were repulsed. Nazi artillery is shelling the vicinity of Koslar in an effort to disorganize the American supply lines. Latest point where American forces reached the Roer was identified as a point near Linnich. Small enemy attacks were repulsed there and around Lindern. Classified Kit Sell Most Aovthkif George Slntz. B. and P. W. Club. I'ote Voto, J. C. Taber. Pat Smith, sipped cognac last night. "We were moving last week out of an area that had two-foot-deep mud," said Calamaras with a wry chue' 'e. "There is only one road out of the place and somehow Germany artillery got zeroed In on that road at the top of a hill. So they Bent over three shells at every ve Indian Summer The period of warm weather known as Indian summer occurs more or less regularly each autumn, but it is not a definite period. Ita time of occurrence and duration are extremely erratic, but in this country it usually is in the latter part of October or early November. for it. After that they concentrated at cognac at 50 francs a drink, watched the floor show until two o'clock in the morning and then went to bed. They had bought three tickets for a sight-seeing trip, but Brown slept so late they all missed It. After lunch they started 'out sight-seeing on foot. Mrs. Carlo Fenoglio, and Victor Bo-nucchi. $6 Mr. and Mrs. Harley Youmans. 5 Mr. anU Mrs. Paul Skidmore, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Frist, Mr. threat to the Allied supply routes and Mrs. William Kendall, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Farnsworth, Mr. and iMrs. Harold Mack, Mr. and Mrs. - 1 Tr, TJiio- Pre - Ground coffees Jose freshness without perfect vacuum - packing. Get Spotlight . . Grinder-Fresh! 3 LB. BAG 59c ueorpe jihiuiu, n. uu mm. sell Wilson, Donald Doughty, Vern Bennett, Roy Stultz, Mrs. Louis Marietta, Tri KPPa, Associate Chapter, Lucy and Anna Marshall, Abbie Smith, Gertrude Ewing, Ray Lein-berper, Rev. and Mrs. De Polster, G. R. Gosnell, Dr. I. D. White, Dr. McGuire, Evan Rader, and Fred Starnes. $3 Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Tonner, Rebbecca Lodge, and Earl Smitli. $2.50 Patsey and Leroy. $2 Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Max Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pohl, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Taylpr. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Valler-ine, Clihto Pure Milk Co., Antonct-ta Basso, McCrackeu, Pullens, Mrs. George Lindsay, Mrs. Roy Butts. Loyal Hearts Class of Christian Church. Additional Contributions Reported from Main Street Business by Hazel Burgan, Stell Kamm and Rosemary Burton. $25 Krogers, and Osman Brothers. $10 O. E. S. No. 254, H. S. Call, and Jobs Daughters. $5 Jones 6 & 10, J. L. Horney Auto Co., Moore Shoe Shop, Med-lock Jewelry Co. and Dr. Paul Case-beer. $2 Scott Beauty Shop. 6THWAIIMMK ? lffW CANE SUGAR , M, HI and III CHASE and SANBORN I'se ('oiiiiniid 532e EVAP. MILK I Cuuuliy c lub I 5j- 1 HOT DATED What a pleasure it is to do alJ your food buying here where u vast uriety of the finest quality foods await you in every depart men t , . , where plentiful supplies make selection ko easy . ... where dally low prices welcome you to HHMEli SAVINGS on your entire order. Come to the Co-Op Stores this weekend for more pleasant shopping t . . for greater mealtime pleasure for better values. We offer the finest quality foods obtainable, in the widest variety available, at the lowest prices possible. 1 4 IZ 35e 1 K I. (HOICK MICHIGAN NAVY BEANS 27c COFFEE ib, 46e 40c 31c 260 1 lb. bag Cross Koads Of America Iarge Sie No Points 2 2 PEANUT BUTTER DRIED PRUNES Jar Lb. BaK 230 i r. i i i 50 KARO SYRUP Terrific German Attack Takes 2 640 FANCY RICE Woml'He 2 200 1 I4c (tlnss REGAL BRAN FLAKES 15 oz. 11c BOASTED PEANUTS lb. 29c REGAL MUSTARD Qt. 12c HERSKEY'S COCOA ib.Pkg. 11c JOAN OF ARC PORK AND BEAMS With Tomato Sauce 17 oz. jar 1 2C 5 " 43e Sweet and Juicy Easy to Peel TANGERINES Fifth Army Posts (Contlnuea from page 1) M. 10 590 CANDY YAMS Ms. . Tevas 1 UP Deheioiis Ciindieii: Country Cltil IM.NX'AKK FI.Oi K C l.b. I Self Hisinn W HIS I i i.AiuiK.ii (iiiti, n M- i JJahlnit I'owih-r Can I Coultlry Club TAIU.K SAliT a O-. I'laiii or IwliM-d! Hoi KKOCiO 4 I tOO I'me WO n. ' l eRi'tahle JSIioltoniliK! MAHIiAIUMO I !- Vilamin i;nri li"''l ' Only 2 roinls! Country ( lull SPINACH No. 3 .No Jiil or Smiil 'on Country Club HWKKT COItX No. 2 W. hrnml or C. (J. Can TO.MATOKS No. S Solid I'ai'k OH" 211 roinls KWKKT I'KAS No. a i fi-l i-i, arly Juiu', Can I ri'.MI'KIX No. 3 Mi Juclison llrand Can 'un Caniw I'OKK and IIKANS No. a Vt'Kt'lai-lun ! 'an TOMATO .11 ICK 411 Oz. I Coimlry Club Brand --Can I iHAI'KFItl IT 41 K. Ill Oz. i Hordo I'nswi-i'lt'iif'd Can I 10,390 I.HAI'I I lit IT laol hf'db'N.s . St-lcrti'd clloH ONIONS In .M.'tli iias , U lil.'ll, lir.l cj;i.i:iiv Ci'i.v Mit liiuanf 170 130 130 110 150 130 ORANGE JUICE Florida 18 oz. can 19c CORN BEEF HASH Y n Camps 20 oz. can 37c TOMATO CATSUP 14 oz. bottle Brooks 18c New Crop I'lotida oka.c;ks Svu't'l ml Jlliey 10 "730 .liimho --Stall. Iwp V. S. No. J (Quality Maine! 10 .'43c POTATOES j Turnip GreensLutieSport i9oz. canl 3c SAVE ON QUALITY MEATS PALMDALE Regal Book Matches box of 50 14c Grade "A" LI). 5 Points a Pound! B00NE COUNTY 20 ounces CHILI BEANS CURRANTS nn. on 14 27c 15e CHUCK ROAST SAUERKRAUT Jis. 210 290 FANCY New Pack 2' withdrew to prepared positions and j stopped the Nazi advance. I'liftwaffe MupporU AUai'tc German Lpftwaff? fighters, operating singly and in small groups, supported the Nazi attack, strafing scattered points. Mount. Castellaro is nine and one-half miles southeast of Bologna in the area where the Germans have been holding desperately for wtaeks to halt the FifUi Army drive a-gainst the Italian city. Indian and British armored units attached to the Fifth Army fast of the central sector held the initiative which enabled theiu to make appreciable gains which engulfed the towns of Casola Valsenio and strategically important Mount Forti-no. Itrilish niv1 Attack The British Eighth Army farther east repulsed B heavy Nazi coiuiter-attack in tiie Alberto ar where the Germans are striving with savage determinullou to halt the Allied flanking threats against the towns of Faenza and Ravenna. The savage fighting at Mount Grande marks Nazi Fh'i,d Marshal Albert Kesselring's major effort to date to reduce the Allied bulge in the direction of the conn nunlcations """"'oc nrane Jellvwew. 12 ., 19c 140 liiiniMi m:i:i'' l-'ri-b lil-oiind -l''or l.oavcx nun, i(. m:i:i'' Sboll liibs um i iM. i isn i.b. Or. I it . li Saliiiim -. .11. ''ri-i' f m I ni-! I IIAVM I, CA I I ISII l.b. ad. lor till' I'an! CRISC0 l,l. Jar, B.V 3 .',t 690 r raltH' Mi. o ris. 250 190 240 400 veal A SHOULDER ROAST lb. 28c FRANKFURTERS Quality lb. 27c I'ojut l'r.r! I'OI.I.OI'li I II.I.KTS o Hoih' or WaMt' Kill. I, I llll. I l.b. For Hi-lit ion.-. I 'hili.' Lb. 291e 15c T" , m IVORY SOAP II Moat's . 3 ',tr 300 PURE HOG LARD San-f 'o lll-aild toi vto son- n Tall ne. PORK CHOPS 4 Pts. WIN END 01 CaniilM-ll W( aniti ft I C I'rii i-d l.on! 41. I'll! m; I'M MS V.i. 2', Starr Kraiul tail AI'KICOTS No. 4Ji III Syrup Can AIM'I.I-: HI TTKII Oz. Mi-Clioiri - 11. -'ric -.lar Tl N A FISH Can FLAKES i Limited 230 IVORY Slliilii'l I ai ! 1'I.K. Pork Roast 31 nc - iae r sen i llrali d Slyli', (oilili u Sunn RIB END 4 Pts. lb. Pound ri(i:l. Suill'n VI III. Caniu-d I. him b ltat I 'an 330 1W 34c jti xsP I 'I'KI'iKT. Almoin- hub of Jiuola. Allievl Airm.-n in Itattle Meanwhile Allied air forces overcame the handicaps of "bad wrath-' er to throw 6U0 fighters and bombers into the battle to supfmrt ground forcus along the Italian' front. They also punished key Nazi communications links In northern Italy and blasted enemy land transport along the northwest Italian bocder. Canut'd I. mull i-al fan Couiitr t lull SIRLOIN STEM Beef u. 39c CAMAY SOAP ; Toilet Soap 3 1:210 IVORY SOAP i II Kloatx , 3 r I80 Knl.l.lll (it IS tuii'k or Hi-uulal ( 'oillil I'V I lull ( lli: I I.Ahl S Id Hit S. rilii --riillN M j NECK BONES & lie L lllM'S lAITjlhillK DUZ KJNGAN'S READ Y- TO-EA T PICNIC HAMS lb. 34c I HIM II col it:k Hot-llaliMl for rii-?hii ( III NTKV (II H Ml'Hi' l'l.. 230 SPARE RlBS 90 JEATY pound Attacks $pced Up Along Entire Reich Frontier . - (Continued tionupafe 1) die ' i I A2'30. 9Q L Loaves OXYDOL 230 lilacs Pnk olli'i' flrip or Hc:iilar! III XHIAI.I S M llolll.s All Flavor.! - Kioti'r'N Lntonin Club - - iiiii i Geilenkirchen sector to crush (ier-man defenses at the Meter river. Clearing weather enabled resunup-tion of full-scale fuerial sunnurt. SUPER MARKETS ,lFg8 I Meet HIii1Ihi-ii HfMiift' i i- j ! Headquarter of GiMi. Jl wight 1-Eisenhower reported stubborn resistance in the Saarland battle

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