The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 1, 1997 · Page 121
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 121

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1997
Page 121
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Page 121 article text (OCR)

4k THE PALM BEACH POST MONDAY. DECEMBER 1, 1997 w C li'l Penny dolls are taking cool to new heights By Shirley Jinkins Fort Worth Star-Telegram ; Tyra Banks, watch out Soon there will be thousands of Li'l Penny dolls out there, all obsessing over you. ; There's a toy version of the diminutive alter-ego of basket- all's Anfernee "Penny" Iardaway of the Orlando Magic. ! fhe doll comes complete with the I Seating voice of comedian Chris ' lock ("I know my spot, Fool! The ecret Service couldn't guard me!"). Li'l Penny was born in 1995 in commercials for "Air Penny" Ni-kes. He's been seen hounding his real-life counterpart on the court, in a car, at a party, even in the locker room. "There has been consumer demand for a Li'l Penny doll since his television commercial debut," said Mark Hatherill, a marketing executive for Playmates, who went on in a news release to talk about capturing "the essence of Ameri ca's favorite spokespuppet." The doll comes in two 9-inch versions (a standard uniform or party clothes), and a 14-inch talking model in uniform. The smaller versions sell for $15.99-$19.99, the talker goes for $24.99-$34.99. Though he's silent, the House Party Li'l Penny is very cool, with a smoking jacket, cordless phone (for keeping in touch with his agent, no doubt) and shades. It's not the first time a popular ad campaign has made it to toy store shelves. When cool terrier Spuds MacKenzie wagged onscreen for beer commercials a decade ago, PC police were a little upset that a brewhound was being embraced by children. Before long, stuffed Spuds were all the rage. RCA spokesdogs Nipper and Chipper were soon rendered in plush, too. Pillsbury's giggling Poppin' Fresh, that ubiquitous biscuit boy, has been re-created in toys as well as kitchenware. Chevron's Tech- ron cars and Jack in the Box antenna-ball heads are both currently popular. Toys have been made of Bud-man, Green Giant and Li'l Sprout, Mr. Peanut, M&Ms, the Sinclair Oil Co. dinosaur, Coca-Cola's charming polar bears, the Kool-Aid frosty pitcher, those California Raisins, Little Caesar from pizza ads, even such scary characters as the Nauga from Naugahyde and the Domino's Noid. As for basketball players morphed into dolls, Hardaway can fall in line behind Michael Jordan, whose talking figure was a hit last Christmas, and Dennis Rodman, whose fashion doll likeness with gender-crossing clothing was not aimed at children. Li'l Penny is being sold in toy outlets nationwide, including Toys R Us, Kay Bee toys, Spencer Gifts and specialty shops. Hardaway is remaining silent on the subject of gabby Li'l Penny. Vicky marries i I 7w Jake, Shane devastated ;i Coffeehouse battle brews on Clematis i if j, i it I ft - ' i, J : X - Stefan told Alexis that she's dead to him then threw her out of Wyndemere. Edward tried to get the best of Alexis when Ned surprised the Quartermaines by bringing her to their Thanksgiving dinner. Luke covered when Bobbie wanted to know why he had a photo of Carly in the safe. Carly went with Lorraine's lie to Tony that Carly had a sonogram at Mercy Hospital to find out the sex of her baby. GUIDING LIGHT: Everyone in the courtroom was in shock after Abigail shot Roy, who died despite Rick's attempt to save his life. Insisting she take the full blame for killing Roy, Abigail refused to be released from jail on bail after Ross was forced to charge her with murder. Rick and his family took a Thanksgiving dinner to Abigail at the jail. Jesse prevented Dinah from doing a tabloid, TV type story on how Abigail shot Roy. ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Someone knocked Max out and stole the ransom money from him. Believing the kidnappers had his twins with them, Max chased after their car when he regained consciousness. Bo, Nora and the police arrived when Max called for help after the kidnapper's car went into a river. Max fought with RJ, who said he had nothing to do with the kidnapping. RJ threatened the thug who did the kidnapping, then learned another thug sold the twins to a lawyer who was going to sell them to a Canadian couple. Bo was furious with Nora for keeping mum about the kidnapping. PORT CHARLES: After sleeping with Chris, Nicole told Bennett to get lost. Chris and Nicole agreed to secretly continue their affair after nearly being caught by both Bennett and Eve. When Nicole thought Chris was involved with Eve, he admitted that he's helping Eve spy on Rex. Jake was upset that Danielle died while still on the operating table. Rex had Jake arrested on an assault charge. E.A. KENNEDY IllStaff Photographer Singer Kevin McGlynchey performs in the hip Underground Coffeeworks on Narcissus Avenue. COFFEE CLASH From ID ground found its niche. It's a hip place where the desserts are all homemade, the coffee is hot and so is the music. It has the feel of a Harvard Square cafe in the mid '60s, a place where Nietzsche is debated over espresso. If you're feeling low you can walk right up to the owner and make a new friend before the ice melts in your cappuccino. It's local. If you want to cry on the shoulder of a Starbucks higher-up, be prepared to call the regional manager in Miami or corporate headquarters in Seattle. Ana Ramalho, 25, is a regular Underground customer. She loves the personal touch. She loves the fact that everyone knows her and she knows everyone. She drinks 6, 8, maybe 12 cups of coffee a day and says she won't be patronizing Starbucks, even though the Underground doesn't open until 8 p.m. while Starbucks puts the pots on at 6:30 a.m. Loyalty is important, she says. Her friend, Dayli Ale-man, 21, seconds the motion. She's a 12-cup-per-day woman who buys her fresh beans only at the Underground. For the young That's good news for Powell and Volpe, because the new Starbucks has been packing them in since the doors opened. It makes up in institutional chic what it lacks in deeply local connections. It's a very nice store, offering 26 varieties of coffee, dark chocolate cakes, gift baskets and coffee machines ($399 for the stainless steel Bar-ista espressso model). Outdoor tables offer the coffee drinker a taste of Clematis and a cooling breeze. Brick walls and abstract art give it the well-planned cor- ! 'i . r 51 The young set haunts Starbucks and drinks coffee until its collective metabolism goes into overdrive. They like real coffee. No decaf. They are high school and college students, legal secretaries, waitresses, shoppers. Fernanda Chavez, 18, is from Ecuador, a student at Palm Beach Atlantic. She likes her coffee black and at Starbucks. Her friend, Adriana Davila, 22, is from Bogota, Colombia. She never had a cup of coffee before coming here to attend Palm Beach Atlantic College. Now, her parents send her Colombian coffee by mail. She says she'll stop off at Starbucks anytime she's downtown. Does she frequent the Underground? Will she choose one over the other? "Late night, when there's music or I'm out with friends, I'll go to the Underground," she says. "If I just want to grab a cup of coffee, I'll probably stop at 'Christmas Where the Heart Is" Urkel tries to bring Christmas spirit to the Winslows. Q (:30) 9505197 7 p.m.MTV My So-Called Life: "Halloween" On Halloween, Angela summons the spirit of a student who fell from the school rafters during a 1963 prank. (1:00) 345178 8 p.m.QDB Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Burl Ives narrates an animated tale about Santa's sleigh guide. (Repeat) Q (1:00) 6623 46791 8:05 p.m.TBS Movie: A Christmas Story (1983) Peter Billingsley. All 1940s Indiana boy wants is a BB gun. Comedy PG ((2:00) 2589994 12:20 a.m.TBS Police Academy: The Series: "A Few Good Elves" With summer vacation canceled, Hetllfinger decides to get a head start on Christmas. Q (1:00) 4287043 1 a.m.UF Sisters: "A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation" Billy's ex-convict father saves Alex's Thanksgiving dinner, but then her diamond ring disappears; Sorenson's troubled daughter drops in. CJ (1:00) 837395 2 a.m.VHl Ho, Ho, Ho: A RuPaul Christmas Special: Hall and Oates; Suzanne Somers; En Vogue; Debi Mazar; Cindi Adams; Sandra Bern-hard. (1:00) 512531 By Nancy M. Refchardt Special to The Palm Beach Post ALL MY CHILDREN: Dimitri fumed when a tearful Gloria returned Maddie to Edmund after learning he is the child's real daddy. Tad denied Edmund's specula tion that he helped get Maddie back because he still loves Gloria. Thanksgiving at Wild-wind had an extra special meaning when Edmund arrived home with Maddie. Worried that he will lose Gloria if she learns he knew Edmund was Maddie's father, Dimitri lied that he didn't know Edmund was the daddy. Gloria believed Dimitri, who lied that he was a victim of Skye's lie that he was Maddie's father. ANOTHER WORLD: Shane's attempts to stop Vicky from marrying Jake failed, and he was upset to see Vicky and Jake pronounced man and wife. Shane asked Michael for a leave of absence from his hospital job after tests showed Shane's illness is terminal. Shane later collapsed on a plane bound for San Francisco. Grant learned from Cindy that Rachel has been faking her amnesia and decided to use the information against Alexander. AS THE WORLD TURNS: A badly beaten Molly was rescued from the fire and then hospitalized. Carly's arrival foiled Teague's attempt to give an unconscious Molly a deadly injection. David recalled his parent's death by fire before he rescued Lucinda. Luanda told David that she knows he could have let her die so he would inherit her fortune. David suffered smoke inhalation which affected his asthma, then he suffered kidney failure. 1 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Maggie was upset that she and the child services agent couldn't take Margaret because Sheila left the baby with Mike when Amber was late. A stunned James married Sheila when Maggie didn't call to stop the wedding. James found Sheila ready to jump off the ledge of their honeymoon suite after Mike told her James plotted to take her baby. DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Stefano kept Bo and Abe in the dark when he received a call from Peter, who left his island hideout for the Grand Canyon, where Travis plans to exchange Jennifer for a hefty ransom from Peter. Travis let Jennifer phone Abby, but refused when Jennifer begged him not to turn her over to Peter. Jack stole, then crashed TC's car after making him reveal Travis' Grand Canyon destination. Peter had a reaction to a bite from a tropical mosquito. GENERAL HOSPITAL: Stefan refused to listen when Alexis said she lied that Katherine was his half-sister because she feared Katherine had plans to get her hands on a lot of Stefan's money. Shal We Dance? (PG). 1, 4. 6 50. 9-25 Mortal KorrAnnrhilatTOn (PG-13), 1:30,3:30,5:30,7:30, 9:30 Bean (PG-13), 1:40, 3:40. 5:40, 7:40, 9:40 Devi's Advocate (R), 1.6:50 The Man Who Knew Too Little (PG), 3:50, 8:40 Red Comer (R), 1 :30, 4: 1 5, 7:20, 9:50 Anastasia (G), 12:50. 2:50, 4:50, 6:50, 9 Flubber (PG-13), 1:20, 3:20, 5:20, 7:20, 9:20 Starshrp Troopers (R), 1, 3:45, 7, 9:45 The Jackal (R), 1 :20, 4, 7: 10, 9:45 MUVKO MOVIES AT TOWN CENTER, 21090 St. Andrews Blvd.,adjacent to Town Center Mat, Boca Raton. ALD 395O909. AlranResunwton(R), 12:40. 1:30.4,5:20,7:10,8.9:15, 1005 (two screens) Starship Troopers (R). 2:50 Flubber (PG-13), 1.3:10.5 30,7:50. 10:10 Anastasia (G), I, 3: 10. 5:20. 7:40, 9:50 The Rainmaker (PG-13), 1:10,4:10,7:10. 10O5 Mortal Kombat Annihilation (PG-1 3), 1 06, 3:05, 5: 1 5, 7:30, 9:45 The Jackal (R), 1:15,405,7:10,9:45 MISSION BAY PLAZA 8, 10101 Glades Road, Boca Raton. ALD 451-9011. Fary Tan... A True Story (PG). 12:45 Devi's Advocate R). 10 The Man Who Knew Too Uttle (PG-13), 1.3:20.5:35,7:50 Red Comer (Ft), 4:30. 7:30. 10:20 The Jackal (R). 1,4:15,7:15. 1OI0 The Rarnmaker (PG-13). 12:45, 1:45. 3:45, 4:45. 7:15. 8, IO 1 5 (two screens) ANen Resunection (R), I, 2, 4, 5, 7, & 10, 10:30 (two screens) Flubber (PG-13), 12:30. 2:50, 5:25, 7:50, 10:15 REGAL SHADOWOOD 18, Glades Road and U.S. 441, Boca Raton. 482 2296. ALD MWmght In The Garden Or Good And Evl (R), I, 1:30.4:15, 5. 7:30, 8:30. 10:30 (two screens) WrngS Of the Dove (R) 1:20, 2, 4:20, 5, 7:20,8, 10,10:30 (twoscreens) ' Anastasia(G), 1:20.2,4:20,5:10,7:20.8,940. IO20(two screens) Fast. Cheap and Out of Control (PG). 2:10, 10 30 Mortal Kombat Anrirhilatlon (PG-13), 2:10. 5:10,8:10, IOX The Ice Storm (R), 1 : 10. 1 :50, 4: 10, 4:50, 7:10. 7:50. 9:50, 10:30 (Iwo screens) Starship Iroopert (R). 1:10. 4:30. 7:40, 10:3ft Mad City (PG-13), 130.4:30, 7:30, 10:10 ' Buan(PG.3). 1:50,4:50.7:50, 10:10 V, LA (tonfldential (R), 1, 4, 7:10, 10:10 Share a 7-year-old boy's SUNSET BEACH: Meg was somewhat relieved that Ben was acting secretive because he had been planning her surprise birth- t, day party. Meg realized Ben was more upset than he let on after . Tim brought a Maria look:alike to ' ' Meg's party. Meg later saw Ben v take something from his closet, ' then learned he lied about giving .-, some old clothes to a mission. Gregory told Olivia that he only Tl just realized how much he loves her, then fumed when she said she -l-. wanted a divorce. Gregory told ! Olivia he wouldn't allow her to divorce him. ; I THE YOUNG AND THE REST- f LESS: Diane reluctantly went to 1 Nikki's Thanksgiving dinner with Victor so he could be with his l children. While watching Diane make a big deal over Cassie, Victor realized Nikki had been right ' about Diane wanting children. Jack j cautioned Diane that Victor, not Nikki, is to blame for Victor having a vasectomy without telling Diane. Starbucks." Finding their niches Except for the fact they both sell coffee, there's no real comparison between the cafes. The battle won't be fought over price because both stores offer pretty much the same selections at the same prices. No, this fight will be over customer demographics. What Starbucks lacks in soul it makes up for in a varied and safe product line. What the Underground lacks in corporate muscle it makes up for in soul, music, uniqueness. Each will find its niche. Shelia Powell is prepared for the competition, even though she'd rather not have it. She's wary. But since every available table, chair and space at the Underground bar is full by 11 on a Tuesday night when the rest of Clematis is dead, Shelia Powell need not worry too much. Memory' Santa and Rudolph in a re-broadcast of the classic show. One Night Stand (R). 1:45, 4:30. 7:10, 9:50 LA Confidential (R). 1:15. 4:10, 7:30, 10 The Rarnmaker (PG-1 31 12:45. 4:10, 7:15. 10:10 Midnight In The Garden Or Good And Ev (R), 1,2,4,5,7,8, 10 (two screens) Mad City (PG-13), 1:30,4:15,7:30. 10:20 Alien Insurrection (R), 1, 1:30,4,4:30,7,7:50,9:30, 10:10 (two screens) REGAL CINEMAS DELRAY 18, 1668 S. Federal Highway, Deiray Beach. 272-2900. ALD The Rainmaker (PG-13). 12:50, 1:20, 3:50, 4:20, 6:50, 7:20, 9 50. 10:20 (two screens) Midnrgm in die Garden of Good and Evl (R), I, Z 4. 5, 7, 8:10. 10 (two screens) The Man Who Knew Too Little (PG-13). 12:30, 2:40, 5:10, 7:30, 9:40 One Night Stand (R), 1:40, 4:40. 8: 10, 10:30 The Jackal (R). 1:10, 1:30, 4:10, 4:30, 7:10. 7:50, 10:10, 1030 (two screens) Devil's Advocate (R). 1:20.4:20.7:20. 10:20 Anastasia (G). 12:50. 1 :20, 3: 10, 4:20, 5:20, 7, 7:40, 9:50 (two screens) . Alien Resurrection (R), 1:10, 1:50, 4:10, 4:50, 7:10, 7:50, 9:30. 10:10 Starship Troopers (R), 1:30. 4 30, 8, 10:40 Flubber (PG), 1,3:15.5 30,8. 10:10 Red Comer (R) 1 :40. 4:40, 7:40. 10:40 Bean (PG-13). 12 40,3:10,5:30,8:10, 10:30 Eve's Bayou (R). 9:30 Mortal Kombat AnnMauon (PG-13), 12:30. 2:40, 5:10. 7:30, 940 DELRAY SQUARE THEATERS, 4809 W. Atlantic Ave., Deiray Beach. 4960884. ALD. Mrs. Brown (PG), 1:40, 4:15, 7:10, 9:30 The Edge (R), 1:40,4:15.7:10.9:30 The Peacemaker (R), 1:40,4:15, 7:10,9:30 Temng Ues m America (PG-13), 1:40,4:15,7:10,9:30 The Game (R), 1:40, 4: 15, 7: 10. 9:30 AMC MiZNJER PARK 8, 301 Plaza Real, Boca Raton. 368-7744. ALD Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evl (R). 1:15, 5. 8:15 Aken Resurrection (R). 1:30.5:15.7:45, 10:15 Flubber (PG). 1-40, 5:30, 8. 10:30 The Rarnmaker (PG-13). 120. 5. 7-50. 10:45 The Jackal (R). Z 5:20, 8-05. 10:40 Bean (PG-13), 1:45, 5 35, 8 15, 10-30 Anastasia (G). 1:25. 5:15. 7:35. 9:55 Starshrp Troopers (R), 1 :35. 5:25, 8 05, (0:20 UNITED ARTISTS MOVIES AT BOYNTON BEACH, Forum ShoppM, Congress Avenue and Boynton Beach Boulevard, Boynton Beach, 736-5770. ALD porate counterculture look. "Starbucks rules," is how a 16-year-old visitor from Boston put it early one evening. She's one of many young people who repair to Starbucks for coffee, day and night. Customers are of all ages, but young customers are definitely in the vast majority. Even the cops are young. West Palm Beach policeman Kris Thomas, 28, dismounts from his police bike and contemplates taking a short break with a big piece of Starbucks chocolate cake. He doesn't drink coffee. Has he tried the chocolate cake at the Underground? No, he says, but he loves chocolate cake and if the Underground has it, he'll be going. But for now, he's a Starbucks guy. He surveys the crowd and pronounces it well-behaved. It's a nice addition to Clematis Street, he says of Starbucks. Holiday TV Capote narrates his short story about a 7-year-old boy and his "60s-something" friend who share the joys of one last Christmas together. (1:00) 714159 5:30 p.m.ffi Hangin' With Mr. Cooper: "Mo' Money" Mark goes into the vending-machine business. Q (:30) 6604 ESPN NBA Inside Stuff: Thanksgiving Day in the NBA; Tim Hardaway; Mitch Richmond; Michael Stewart. (:30) 111913 6 p.m.FAM Plnocchlo's Christmas: Pinocchio joins a puppet show to earn money for Geppet-to's Christmas gift. Voices: Alan King, George S. Irving. Animated. (1:00) 700081 6:05 p.m.TBS Family Matters: "Have Yourself a Merry Winslow Chnstmas" Steve writes a note for the Winslows to open on Chnstmas. Q (:30) 9613159 6:30 p.m.STARZ A Hollywood Christmas: Rare clips and deleted sequences show film's treatment of the holiday; host Jane Seymour. (1:30) 6573739 6:35 p.m.TBS Family Matters: "Christmas Is Hear reviews Call 511 category iril 7 170 to hear re- views of the latest releases plus all movies playing in the area. 50 for up to 5 minutes. More details 2A. The Peacemaker (R), 6:30, 8:45 MOVIES OF LAKE WORTH, 7380 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth. ALD 968-4545. Mrs. Brown (PG), 1:45, 4:20, 7:10. 9:30 Most Wanted (R). 1:45, 4:20. 7:10, 9:30 The Peacemaker (R), 1:45.4:20,7:10,9:30 The Edge (R). I 45, 4 20. 7: 10. 930 Men m Black -PG-13). 1:45. 4:20. 7:10. 9-30 G.I. Jane (R), 1:45, 4:20, 7:10. 9-30 TRAIL DRIVE -M, 3438 Lake Worth Road. Lake Worth. 965-4518. FluDbsr (PG-13), 7:15,8:45 UNfTED ARTISTS THEATRES AT OKEE SQUARE, 2027 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach. 697-7714. ALD Flubber (PG-13). 11:50. 2:05, 5, 7:10, 9:30 Mortal Kombat Anntmatlon (PG13), 12:15. 2:30, 4:45, 7:45, 10 AnasUBia (G), 12:45. 3. 5:15. 7:30. 9:45 The Rarnmacer (PG-13). 1,4, 715, 1005 MUmehl m the Garden or Good And EvKR), 12:30.3:45,7. 10-15 The Jackal (R), 12:40.4:15. 705. 10:25 Starshcp Troopers (R), noon. 2:45. 5 30. 8, 10:30 Bean (PG13), 12:10. 2:20, 4:30, 7:40, 9:55 VALUE CINEMAS, 6198 S.Congress Ave., Lantana. ALO 642-6565. 1 Most Wanted (R), 1:20,3:05, 5l5,9 Men m Black (PG-13), 1:25, 3:lff):05 7:10. 9:10 The Edge (R), 105, 3:10, 5:15. 7 JO. 9:30 Theaters today ; Today's holiday television shows: 8 a.m.FAM Waltons: "The Children's Carol" As Christmas approaches, Mary Ellen and the baby leave to be near Curt; the Baldwins shelter two English children. (Part 1 of 2) (1:00) 182159 9:05a.m.TBS Little House on the Prairie: "A Chnstmas They Never Fofgot" The Ingails family and friends remember Christmases past while snowbound on Christmas Eve. (1:00) 6940604 10:30 a.m.8 Good Timet: "The Traveling Chnstmas" The family takes a Chnstmas celebration on the road. (:30) 91791 12:05 p.m.TBS Matlock: "Santa Claus" Ac- . cused of murdering his stingy landlord, a sidewalk Santa Claus (Pat Hlngle) seeks Matlock's . defense. Q (1:00) 6742536 3 p.m.FAM Movie: The Chrittma Wife 1 1988) Jason Robards. Lonely widower's companion Is woman with secret. Romance ((1:30) 619888 4:30 p.m.FAM Uttle Drummer Boy: A child accompanies the Magi to Bethlehem. Voices: Greer Garson, Zero Mostel. Animated. (:30) 444888 5 p.m.FAM A Christmas Memory: Truman AID (ndfcattt Matted Httening dnka CAMtREE THEATRE, 2000 S. Dime Highway, West Palm Beach. 833-7305. Th? VWlgs of the Dow (R), 2, 4:45, 7:15, 9:25 REGAL LAKE WORTH 8 CMEMAS, 5881 Lake Worth Road, Greenacres. ALO 964-5555. Tde Man Who Knew Too Utos (PO-13). 4:46 9:4 RedComer(R).Z7 Devft Adwcate (R), 1:30. 4 30. 7:30. 10:20 Anastasa(G). 1,3.5.7:15,9:50 The al (R), 1:45,4:30. 7:30. 1015 Mort Konoat AnnMaoon (PG-13), 1, 3. 5. 7:45, 9:50 " Fleoer(PG). 1:15,3:15, 5:15, 7:45.9:50 Bean (PG-13). 1:15.3:15.5:15,8. 10 StarahpTloopeisIRl 1:30.4:15,7.9:40 UNfTED ARTISTS MOVIES AT RIVER BRKXJE CENTRE, 6848 Forest Hilt Blvd., Greenacres. 641- 3102. Two Kwn wttti AID. RooketMan (PG), 1:50. 4:25. 7:25, 9:30 Mareght m The Garten 01 Good And Evil (R) 12:50. 3:50, 6:50, 9:50 One rht Stand (R), 2. 4:10. 7:15. 9:30 Booele Nigra (R). 2 5. 8 In A Out (PG-1 3). 1 :50. 4:25. 7:40. 1000 ' The Ranmaher (PG-13). 1,3:45.7,9-45 Seven Yeare m Ttoet (PG-13). 1:20. 7 Mad Qty (PG-13). 4:15, 945 AJW1 Resummon (R). 1:15.3:45.7:15,9:45 UWTEO ARTISTS MOVES AT WELLINGTON MARKET PLACE, 13881 Wellington Trace, Wellington.. 795-3887. ALD " Flubber (PG-13), 12:30. 2:40, 4-50, 7:40, 9:40 Anastasla (G), 1, 3:10, 5:20. 7:20. 9:20 Been (PG-13). 12:50, 3, 510. 705. 9:15 . Mortal Kombat Anrthtetlon (P3-I3), 12:10. 2:30, 4:40, 7:10.910 The Man Who Knew loo UMe (PG-13), 12:30, 2 40, 4:50, 7:30. 9:30 The Jackal IR). 12-15. 2:50. 715. 9:45 The Ranmaker (PG-13). 12:20. 3:30. 7. 9:50 Starertp Itoopeu (R. 12:40. 3 40. 7 25. 9:55 SLVER SCREEN CINEMA CAFE, 12795 W. Forest Hi Blvd., Wellington. 793-6657. Bea and trie Beast The Emhanted Chnstmas (G), 5:30 (Use,! Ar Bud (PG), 4:30 Mm. Brown (PG). 7 Air Bud (PG), 1:10.3,5:10 Hercules (G). 2:45. 9:05 George 01 The Jungte (PG). I. 4:30. 7 A He Less Ordinary (R). 7:30. 915 Peacemaker (R), 1:15, 3:35, 705. 9:25 REGAL JUPITER 14 THEATER, 201 N. U.S. I, Jupiter. 747-7333. ALD North Theater Closed tor renovations. South Theater The Jackal (R), 1:10.4:15.7:15. 10 Midnignt m The Garden Of Good And Evl (R), 1, 4, 7, 10 Starsrap Troopers (R). 950 AnastastalG). 12:30. 2:45, 5, 7:30, 9:40 The Rarnmaker (PG-13). 1,4.7.9:50 Flubber. 12:50.3,5.7:45. 1010 Bean (PG-13), 4:45, 8 AHfjn resurrectlon (R), 1:20, 4:30, 7:30. 10 The Man Who Knew Too Uttle (PG-13), 12:40 GENERAL CINEMAS PGA CINEMA 6, 1 95 and PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, ALD 62fr8283 The Man Who Knew Too Uttle (PG-13), 1:30,4:30.7:45 Devis Advocate (R), 9:45 Bean (PG-1 3), 1 2:45, 3, 5: 1 5, 7:30. 9:45 One Night Stand (R). 1:30. 4:30. 7, 10:15 The Ke Storm (R), I .-30. 4:30. 7:45, 10:10 Anastasra (G). 12:45. 3. 5:15. 7:20. 936 The Rarnmaker (PG-13). 1,4,7, 10 UNITED ARTISTS PROMENADE PLAZA 8, Promenade Plaza, Alternate State Road A1A and Lighthouse Drive, Palm Beach Gardens. 624-2664. Flubber (PG-13), 12:30, 2:45, 5, 7:20. 9:30 Aken Resurrection (R). I 30. 4:30. 7:30. 10: 10 Montght m The Garden Or Good And Evl (R), 12:40, 3:40, 6-40, 9 40 Mortal Kombat Annihilation (PG-13), I, 3:10. 5:20. 7:40, 955 The Jackal (R), 1:20.410,7:10.945 Boog Nrghtt (R). 12:50. 3:50. 650. 950 Starsrap Troopers R). 1:10. 4:20. 7:20. 10 I Know What You Did last Summer (R). 1:40.4.7:50. 10:15 REGAL BOYNTON 8 CINEMAS, ifX N. Congress Ave. and Gateway Boulevard, Boynwi Beach, 7340027. ALD The Ful Monty (Ft), 1 :40, 4:40, 8: 10, 10:20 Shal We Dance? (PG). 1, 4, 7, 10: 10 KOBE SOUND CINEMAS, U.S. I and Bridge Road, Kobe Sound. 546010. Starship Troopers (R), 7: 10, 9:30 Booge Nights (R), 7:10,9:35 PAYLESS THEATRES AT MARTIN DOWNS, 3150S.W. Martin Downs Blvd., Stuart 2830800. ALD Men m Black (PG-13). 2:15, 4:25, 7:10, 9:25 George Of The Jungle (PG), 205. 4:15, 705, 9:10 Ar Bud (PG). 2. 4:20 G.I. Jane (R). 7. 9:30 The Edge (R), 2: 10. 4:40. 7: 1 5. 9:40 REGAL MARTIN SQUARE 3 THEATER, Martin Square Mail at the comer of U. S. 1 and Indian Street, Stuart 283-0030. ALD Red Comer (R), 7:15 Kiss The Girls (R), 7 Fairytale ... A True Story (PG), 7:30 UNITED ARTISTS MOVIES AT TREASURE COAST SQUARE MALL, 3284 N.W. Federal Highway, Jensen Beach. 692 1608. ALD Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evi (R), 12:15,3:30, 6-60. 10O5 Flubber (G), 12:30. 3, 5: 10, 7:20, 930 Anastasa (G). noon, 2:30, 4-45. 7:10, 925 The Rainmaker (PG-13), 12:45.3:45,7, 10 The Man Who Knew Too Utte (PG-13), 12:35, 2:45, 5:05, 7:25. 9-35 I Know What You Did Last Summer (R), 12:40, 3:40, 7:30, 9:50 REGAL REGENCY SQUARE 8, U. S. 1 and Monterey Road, Stuart. 2883880. ALD Rubber (PG), 1:30. 3:30. 5:30. 7:30, 9:30 Alien Resurrection (R), I, 3:20. 5:40. 8. 10:20 Anastasia (G), 1:15. 3:15. 5:15. 7:15. 9:20 Mortal Kombat ArmMauon (PG-13), 1:45. 3:45. 5:45. 7:45. 9:50 The Rainmaker (PG-13). 1.4. 7.9-46 The Jackal (R), 1:15,4:10. 7,9:35 Starshrp Troopers R). 2. 4 20, 7:30. 10:10 Bean (PG-13), 4:30. 8. 10 The Man Who Knew Too Uttle (PG-13). 2 P Movies and timet mbjecl 4 ,' dung without notlc. it;.

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