The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 30, 1944 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, November 30, 1944
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TH E DAILY CLINTONlAN The Home Newspaper Of Vermillion And Parke Counties Mailed la Conformity Wita P. O. D. Order No. 1S687 TfTT. WEATWFR Colder Friday with Increasing snow flurries. ..... r Price Three Cents. CLINTON, INDIANA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3D, 1944. Volume 'it Number 233. uo)fnl u b ,t F-g t-LL I HOW B-29'S CARRY WAR TO JAPAN litacks Speed t Centenary Sailor Awarded Medal For Rescue of Drowning Shipmate Justice Aide In New Fetid FDR Backs Biddle Demand For Littel Ouster In Night Bombers Pilot B49s Over Tokyo All Superforts Return From Tiiird Attack On Enemy CapilsJ; Ground Fighting Slow on Leyfe WASHINGTON. D. C. The War Department reported icday that all Superfortress bombers have returned to their .Saipan bases after blasting industrial targets in Tokyo Wednesday night io their first nigh! mission and the third attack on the enemy capital in six days. The latest raid on Tokyo was accomplished by precision instruments and results were not observed because of cloud coverage, said a 20th Air Force communique, but the Japanese admitted that fires were start- For outstanding heroism in rescuing an'd aian from drowning, Jobn Iewis Turelii. son of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Turclii of Centenary, Ind was awarded (he NaVy and Marine Corps Medal in special cerjinoni-s Nov. 12. Seaman first c)a6 Turciii. 19, has been in be Navy since Au'ust, 14.? and has seen action in nearlv o-.-y. major war 1he:ier, In I'lve tnvsLI'm Hf p:trt in l-e ir.w'.cu North Africa in .Novejnbfr. I42 nd in (be invasion jf Sicily in the K',T"-opcan area and saw anion in $ Mkia Isliads. th Oilbrts and in Saiuan an itSie Pacifc. T3e eiLaUon wbieh accompanied the medai award'd him at Hie commissioning of a new naval vessel reads "In the name of he President of the United States, nji Commander in Chief. I'nited Stales Pacific FJert, takes pleasure preseat'nr (he Navy and Marine Corrs Mf to John Iewas Turchi. seainyn f--class. CnitPd Faeg Navr.i Iiejr- . t ittttum IJsi lx.-d "For heorisin in rescuing v.n unlisted man from drow";nrj nn tin-night of June 9, 1944. is ihf r r- Justice Department Fight; Littel Forces Discharge j WASHINGTON. D. C. President j Roosevelt removed Assistant At:or- uey Genera' Norman LitteJIJ lor "in-! excusable insubordination" today i with (lie disclosure that the justice; official had ignored the President's ! own suggestion that lie resign. j Mr. Roosevelt's statement an- j nouncing the removal of Littel re-1 vealed that the President had writ- ' ten the assistant attorney general that "I hoped for his own career lie' would resign." i ef jes 3 JWn uest Despite ih While Hons pukccs-- tioa and ilwo outrifcht requests from j Attorney (General Francis Ric'dle, ; the Young Lands division chief stuck ito bis post. j iUUe,J charged iliat the attorney , genera asked liim to settle a ship ; yards in which Thomas j. I TomiiJ y the Cork i Corcoran, for niex White House adviser, was volved as counsel for ihv shipbui cr. Littell told the senate war in- ve si i g a 1 i n g co m m i 1 1 ee he f ea re d scandal and refused. I 11 i fnriiii 1 ct'jtfill-OTl iccilj'j J il WHEN NEWEST CYCLE of Tokyo bombings from Saipan island 1) began Nov. 23, B-29 Superfortresses had engaged in IS major air attacks plus original Tokyo blast on April 18, 1S42. Frewousiy, attacks had been launched from China (2) cr India from which new raid on Thailand tSiarn) (3) was made. Circles on map indicate most effective bombing radius of B-29's although tip of Korea was hit during flight. June 15 marked beginning of Fortress campaign on Japan, with such visits to become more frequent. (International) Full-Scale Production in Russian Smashing New Soviet Offensive Hits South Hungary on Wide Front . . MOSCOW, Russia. The Sovl Massed Aerial Blows At German Industry Roar Into Third Day the Justice Department, President! Full-scale production in war oik been completed, two are now en gag-1 Roosevelt ,ld that Littoll's action I for the ne.vt 15 months or more was Jug the plants activities and two, in volunteering a long statement on assured at the I'. 8. Machine Tool more are ill the process of negotiant feud with Biddle had the effect .Manufacturing Corporation , tion. Dr. .ebrhault said. 1 of "substantiaing ... his insubor-1 day as Dr. Herbert A. K. Zelirlaut. I Mr. Konarev s inspection visi, was filiation" 1 president and general manager of connected with the Denotation tor, Statement "Inexcusable" ;the plant gave a brief outline of the new contracts, the president; "This is inexcusable: and under the plant's operation. , continued, adding that at the con- U.S. Tool Contracts . lies in connection with the Russian i Vty. lrj. - li t jet jj . i'('.iv uj... l.!0 American B-2 4 bomber, and dah across the Dannbe north o Flving Fortresses of the C. B. 8th eonfiuence with the Dra,a r, ei Air Force today lashed out against vast flanking move U, the south the Germans' dwindling fuel supply. ' Bodapest which ,ounte4 a sec-striking the svnthetic oil refineries ond threat against Austria and wres-at Boh.e... ziitz, Mersburg and gt rail centers of 1'ecs Dutzkendorf. 1,u."ia' s a"J Ba . Headquarters of the Eighth Air Vr h,.M,ll Force disclosed that the daylight, Marshall Jose,,), fc.i in annool.c raiders ,lo struck enemy rail mar-i " be ' "f offenw.e . a. shalling vards in the area of Saar- order of the day addressed to Mar e.iauius i" shal Feodor I To buiin. comnandi brucken. vital communications cen- 6'1JI r ' ' ' . ., the circumstances, mv onlv aJterua- The plant located in the oia wove elusion oi uis iu. ..r tive is to remove him from office. ! factory building on the western Jim- representative declared ins intention which I have dne today," the Pre i s of Clinton, has been in operation ; of specifying the Clinton plant as idnt said ! since January, 19(1 but until now the recipient of the new contracts. Biddle added that as the justice little has been known by the gener- Soviet Take Over vlrct chief he would "not tolerat" such ' ai public of the tremendous scope of j ' Should Die war in Europe be ter-serious ' disloyalty or insubordination ; the corporation's work. j ruinated before the completion of from any member of the depart- i So. i.i nreM-.itative Mere the Russian contracts. Dr. Zelirlaut . l uu,.itiiiii of i.he nlnnl's aetivi- i added, assurance was given that the at Clinton Plant ... .. I Soviet government would itself lake in the omees. and in tlie operation- al area. .continued An Pag SI Official Senate Probe in Indiana Election .Sought . lend-lease program loiioweu ine in-, over tne contract. I jan front south of Bologna and re- 'specliou of the plant Tuesday by A. j Further expansion of the Machine 1 caplurej towns of Belvedere B. Honarev, purchasing agent of the; Tool plant tu meet (he demands of aud Coronaii Allied headquarters repurchasing commission of the IT. B. j both domestic and foreign contracts ; vea)wi today. S. ! with headquarters at the Bus-( is planned. At present the plant em- T)P ;f.ruja,!s launched Iheir ini-sian embassy in Washington, D. C. 'ploys approximately 75 people, bothl(ja( sssauJt wJ,i, a single battalion inem. R The White House meanwhile Continued ijn nag- Confidence Vote Assured Kini On Conscription Issue OTTAWA. Can. I'rime Minister W. L. Mackenzie King's government ; today had a pledge of support in j the forthcoming confidence vote j from Col. Leighton Halstou. who resigned as national defense minister three weeks ago because die cabinet liad turned down his conscription re- Up Along Entire Reich Frontier Clear Weather Quickens Allied Advances in Land, Air Attacks; Patton Line Edges Near Saarbrucken A spell of clearing weather quickened the tempo of Allied attack on hattkfrouts in Europe today and any hour may bring word of the long-awaited breakthrough that will hurl the Jeraians back Into Cologne and the Saar basin. Throughout the day, the Bkiea of the English channel were filled with bombing and fighter planes roaring out to riddle German Industry and lend support to ground troopa on the fighting fronts. Battle-line dispatches told of steady air attacks -gainst German concentrations and ' supply lines. Tanfc Sel Attacks Frost which hardened muddy roads and sodden airdromes also i helped In speeding the momentum of , Alli' d assault, l'rincipal activitly oo icurred on the L. .S. Ninth Army i front where Lieut. Cen. William H. ! Simpson and his battle-tried veler-i ans lashed out against German de-: fenses along the Uoer river from positions northeast of Geilenkirchen. j The American First Army under Lieut. Gen. Courtney Hodges also j :., i.iui, attacking; ' UK 1,11V, 1,11. ! steadily east of Aachen, while the Third Army of Lieut. Gen. George S. Patton edged closer to Saarbrucken and Franco-American troops la the Vcsges moved toward a Junction of forces that will trap 60,000 Germans. liack to Attacks Fending off ten German counterattacks in the space of 20 hours, ration's Third Army gained another mile in the Baarlautern areato-lay mid seized new heights west if Merzig. While balilefront broadcasts Indicated that Patton had reached the aar river on a wide front, the' American Ninth Army to the north hammered northeastward from the ' (Continued on Page 3) - ' Clinton District 1 Reports Roosts i War Fund Drive ; New reports of Indiana War Fund contributions have been received by Mrs. Kverett Helms, chairman ol the Clinton Township drive. The report Includes: j Caroline Bonacorsi. Chairman of district north of Vine to city limit j north and east side of Seventh street to city limits west. Captains; Mrs. Joe Gregory, Mrs. Dan Pesa-vento. Mrs. Ben Valerine. Mrs. Ann Douzero. and Mrs. William Hastings. Co-workers: Miss Joan K. Costa. Miss Mildred Honucchi, Miss Ade-lintt Val lite. Mifs Reno Sasso, Mrs. John Colombo. Mrs. Archie Ruatto. Mrs. Carl James. Mrs. Milo Helms. Mrs. Andrew Fenoglio, Mrs. Anton-et;a Costa. Mrs. Albert Nolle, Jr., Mrs. Cb-un Stuller. Mrs. Mary O-liradovirh. Miss Lillian Kandera, Mrs. Joe Ruatto, Mrs. Wesley Ma-lone, Mrs. Arthur Mosele, and Mr. Joe Ralston. . , 78 one dollar contributions. 46 other contributions totalling 17 91. .' j 25 Blake's Drug Store. j tlr, Adone Gregory, i fill Catholic Women's club, Joe, Ciacoletlo Service Station. Mary S. j Antoiiiiii, and Corbett Kemp. I 15 Mother's Club, Thomas Zorzi, j Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Poletto. Mr. iJoe Meiigbini, Home Bakery, Ernest I Ileal, and S. O. Harlan, j 4 Slim Terrando. I t Comba Bakery. Minnie Glova-nini. Joan K. Cosla, Mrs. Ben So-lars, Mr. and Mrs. Alvlse Ave, and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gregory. 2 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Frlgo, .Vr. and Mr5. Bertolio Sperotto. Mr. !Mid Mrs. Chris Benetti, Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Aimone. Volo Hardware. t hick's Barber Shop. Vlto Con'rl, Mr. and Mrs William Parsley. Mrs. nay Pickle. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ru; i-to. and Hillcrest Missionary Socleiy. f 1 50 Mr. and Mrs. Batista Ahri- 6 August Lindsav. Gilbert J. Nft- vins, Udetie n. kooicd, tva .11. Mosk, Mary C. Turchi. Glenn W. (Ccuiloued on piga 1) 4 ;; ftC ' Klc J. lill Ix'iils Tu" !" virt iVi't'i in Hip citation. "Cnder conditions of great per - son a! d?.n;:cr a)d with complete dis-njpard for his own safety, he voluntarily and courageously slid down a line over the side and between . Cum tnu-'ri on iif 7i j im.--.. jriiiv .Ki'Tit wesl - -rd In 'soM.hern Huncarv today a - long a 93-miie front in a new offn- sive whih carried the Njinssians a-cross the Danube and engulfed nior than 330 ciies, towns and vi)!ags The Kussians nial their first "" port d that an jnermplete wu IC'oii'juei J nn rw-ee " Fau" Jew Bond teller Complete P2;26 in Sales With the completion of the Victory Volun'eers canvass in Fairview for the Sixth War Loan. Mrs. Lena Lane, chairman, reported sales a-n'onnted to $2,626. Workers with M-s Lane are Mrs rtuby Ray. Mrs. Lela Hunierfon) Mrs. IJess'e M::i;son. Mrs. Antreline Walker. Mrs. Marie Thoma. Mrs Irene Moseie. j.s sici o-.nen Mrs Clifford Brown, jri none,, Cox. Mrs. Carl Williams. Mrs. Ia- zel Smith and Mrs. Blanche P.eyn- olds. this time, she said. GI Companions Win Tour of Paris tir'-d. loo. "Aff r at. if you ask me." sei ! Pvt. Audrey Brown, "the best part of Pris pight life is climbing into a niw. t-,ft In,,! unil linnv.ine no ser- ..,.,. i. ,.i m n, -k vnn nut n 5:45." So the three aereed to fii:fh ih, ii cognrc. said good in'-? t rn ! sf'Wd out into the diniined-oul street heading for Iheir hotel a block away 1 ter that now iiej in the path of Lieut. Gen. George S. Batten's ri'i'd Army troops. Tlie Liberators and Flying Fortresses were escorted on their mission by more than l.Oott fighter planes. The attatlis were a continuation of a prolonged, shattering assault carried out over the past two days. More than 1,060 Allied aircraft, according to estimates of the yn-don Evening Star, have raided Germany within the past 8 hours. New Mrt Army Fngineer Is Badly Wounded in Action James Hugh Williamson was seri ously wounded in action in Germany Nov, 6. according to a telegram from the War Departmer -nt received by his sister. Mrs. Orville Dodson of New- por (m TbinktKiyine Dy. Williamson who is in the Li.giu- commendation. WITH THE FIFTH ARMY, ITA-j Addressing Parliament last night. ! j.y. .. . sgt. !.eonard Marsliail lialston insisted, however, that tii'iw,aJj ciuitn. is a members ol tlie j INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. A rec- that the tiiree-lnan "exploratory" probe of fraud alle- of were noierrtmfHi e new ui-vimoij m r-uu 1$.'."! of the home d.-f use annvjy fifhting as part of Lieutenant : overseas as infantry reinforcements : General Mark W. Clark's Fifth Ar- i ed at "several places." I Air crewmen reported that anti aircraft fire over the ci'y was meagre and inaccurate, and there was no mention of fighter opposition which the Japs had claimed was "hot." C.KX. MACAKTJH'U'S HKAD-Qt'AKTKHS. Philippines. Thirteen more Japanese ships and an estimated l.otHj troops attempting to reinforce the Jap garrison on Leyte Island lay at the bottom of the Cainotes Sea today, following (Continue! on page 7 Terrific German At rack Takes 2 Fifth Army Posts Nazis Loose Fierce Land, Air A ttack on Center Qf l ank Line Bologna ItOME, Italy. Nazi infantry, armor and artillery loosed a terrific onslaught against Fifth Army iiSont on H)? OT(W f the Ital- but this thrust was driven back Then the Germans threw a second battalion into the fight, brought up mortars and rocket guns, and redoubled (he fury of the attack, lse Mount faxtelaro Tiie violent action reached the highest intensity that has been experienced on the Italian front in weeks and under the savage fury tiie German blows, the Allies forced to give way at Mount Castelaro. Positions retaken by the Germans !.,,,,, ,jrt, 0 Mont Grande and Mount Belvedere astride the I'isto- jajoiogna highway. As the German pressure mounted, the Allied troops tContinued on page Z) Current Rationing Values to Remain Valid in December WASHINGTON. D. C. The Office of Price Administration announced today that present point values for rationed meats, butter, margarine, cheeses, canned milk, canned lish and processed foods will continue unchanged during the new ration period, Dec. 3 through Dec. 30. Rationed and non-rationed meat supplies during December will average 281.tiSio.o0i) pounds weekly as compared with 27.50.00 pounds in November. Rationed meat stocks are expected to average lOl.yl't.OoO pounds pere week in December, an increase of II S per cent over the '3.121.000 pounds in November. f(PA emphasized that increased civilian demands for meat is expected to limit the overall supply situation, and presented the following December outlook: Beef, file or six per cent less: lamb and mutton, four per cent less; pork, 1 5 or 16 per cent more; veal, three and five-tenths per cent more. OPA said that no change can be exneited in the present creamery butter point value of 20 red points per pound. Creamery butter supplies for Deeeii ber's 31 days will total 7 million pounds, as compared with x.i million pounds for November's 30 days. Three red stamps Q 5. R 5. and S 5 worth 10 points each will be valida'ed for the four week December raiion period for purchases of rationed meats, butter, margarine. eheees. canned milk and canned fish. Four red stamps were allotted for the five week November period. Three contracts furnishing tools and tol manufacturing equipment to the Hussian government have 1 c . rlf r. igt. Marshall tsootman Member of Famed 1st I Itnlt- lank iSattallOn in Italy instonc 1st jans iiaiiaiitji. i-uju-jji- j jy ju Northern Italy. rContlnuert ou itaee 3 Firs Presbyterian Church r0ns(rs C'hristnias Ua.aar ous booths as well as a prize "fish-j J a " I: constituted a "half-hearted, piece- meal and halting" attitude after 1 public opinion had forced action. j He explained that he would sup-j port the tovf-mmfcrs snd for "partiai" conscription because of the urjeent necessity 1o pet the ft'inlHTB of the First Presbyter- j ommendat ion to the comnjitlee. .shil- 0d0 drarteeg overseas as quickly ay jaJJ rhun., of riinlou will sfwrnwr H'o left Indianajwlis last nii--ht to possible to provide sorely needed re-i a rJlJ.iBjIuafS jjazaar Friday IVc. 1 j report to the committer iiarold inforcements for Canadian infantry j -n lJie cJlurc.jlt j, wag announced to-jiluckles, anoher invest iator, had units in Europe. 'day. made a si mi la- recommendation. Kalston said he feared that a l)o- J-'tartinK at 7:39 p. m. the hazaarJ Clifford V. SutcliJfe. the third in-minion general election at this tiine.j .. fatur4 Splays of handi work , vest i a t or. remained in Indianapolis with attendant confusion and hitler- ajjr(IIS ralu.s jjonie-canned goods. ' to clieck complaint hIUhuik disen-ness. would delay embarkation j caiJ4jSi chickens and egs at vari-: franohisme and other fraud. In eering Corps of the Army, is now Vermillion County ciliz. ns are a-recovering in a hospital somewhere ' tive both in buying and si lling in Fngk nd. The lei. gram stated bonds in the Sixth War Loan. Mrs reports of his condition would be Delia S. Swinehart. county chair-sent his sister. j man. said today after" a trip through The voting sold er attended New- i the county yesterday, port schools and wis w ll ino n in i She reported much interest in ev-this community. He e: li.ved in ill- try place visited, with workers of Army in Jtllv, ,t. and rcceKeH he job soliciting sales, his basic trainiiii at Ft. Ja'nwn. S. Issuing Agents report "K" Bond C From there he v.-a sei t to Ic -'and sales coming in very well. This i where he was sti'ioL-,1 for t-.,. and the Series which canvassers stres a half years. s the county has an individual yiio- From Iceland he was sent to ta to meet. Knel-.nd then to Vaiic . and firm Total figures are not available at Rev. It. C. Linbejg will present j tion irregularities ttave ueen recejv-Miekey Mouse movies for the rhi!-;ed from Fort Wayne. Richmond, dren in the basement of the church, i Terre Haute and Sullivan, he said. gallons in coninciion wnn me inu-j iana eb-ciion be expanded into an official investigation will be made jto the I'nited states senate Green i ro in mitt ee on ca ni pa l pn ex pen di -j turen. (jeorjEe J. Shillito. one of th three investigators, asserted that a f-ilj inveMigytion would he his ree- addition to complaints from Marion county, adoitional charges of elec- Hf-U' (ilJflM Such weapons are the -i.,ch gun. 210 win howitzer and'lhe 8-inch ,!loBi(r Tilf s.( , boKi,r ,,f,av.s a s,,.uud proje.-tile and mounted on the same carriage as famed 155 mm "Long Ton. " gun. The 6-inch gun and 2t0 mm liow- litzer are even more potent. The mounted on wheeled carriages which enable them to go anywhere the field that a tractor can low them and that means practically anywhere. Throw 454M'ound lroje.-lile The 240 mm howitzer throws a projectile weighing over 3",0 pounds with pinpoint accuracy at a range i of many miles. The R-inch guns has still more range and similar accu-: tConiinued on Page 2 I , Ordnance Stockpiles Massed Behind Allied Forces Striking Into Reich PARIS. France. If all C Some of the weajms are traditional army ordnance vehicles in the Euro- and familiar like rifles, mortars and peun theatre of operations were 75 mm guns. Others are of such formed into a single convoy with novel design that their existence has the regulation 6V yards combat zone only recently been announced. c.-jz-incr ie,1ii n mif-h V'llW'J 1 heV i the men. Hut he insisted that all members of the home defense army should he made available immediately for overseas service. MONTREAL. Can. Scores of downtown windows were smashed today in Montreal following a spre of stone throwing by more than I .-(H'O young French-Canadians rioting in protest against conscription. The latest outbreak climaxed a mass meeting at which Andrew .au-rendeau, proOroial head of tne popular bloc party, charged that Quebec was betrayed in Parliament by her own spokesman. Windows of Le Canada. French-i language newspaper supporting the government of Prime Minister Mac - kenzle King, were smashed. Pol,ce prevented crowds from carrying out the same destruction against other King-supporting newspapers ' Star and Gazette, leading English , ... a",CT- fvfd C TOSS I aril IO tie Distributed 011 TllPSday Fed Cross yarn will be distributed on Tuesday Instead of Thursday in the Bed Cross headquarers on Blackman Street Mrs. Hoy Snow, chairman of the kilting division, said today. Finished garments will alo be received on Tuesday, she said. The new date will apply until further i , ' j j ! 1 there on In to 0'erin.i iv Dana Private, Two Lois for Three-Day Kditor's Note The following article about Pvt. Audrey Brown, of liana. Ind. and his two GI companions in a lour through Paris was written by Morley Cassidy, correspondent for the North American Newspaper Alliance in France and was also carried over several National Broadcasting Company programs.) PARIS. Nov. 7 The three lucky men of liallery B wire silling in a hole-in-the-wall night club last nit'lit looking a little bit lonesome. A blonde named Adrienne in a whi'e. sequined dress, was singing Fr' ncli torch songs not too well to an accordion accompaniment while a couple dozen Parisians aud a sprinkling of GIs sipped drinks in the bluish half light. V. hen Adrienne had i finished. Pi t Peter Caiainaras yawn ed and looked at his wrist watch One-thirty." he said. "How about j Ti e two oil:, r U. i y mn of Bat- Ilery I! yaw md and a (reed Hn-j were i v f(r(,(r) fnm N( w Vofk , rrilnrisro hltl.k to New York iBd M wf s( a);a.n (o 0ijjalja jf (be fonJ). u) r , bull, jt f)uld .nd ,,, Washington. U. C. to W. Iuls. MO. (.d Tiini- Aiiiounl That is one indication of the ov - lerw helming weight of I'. S. army 'ordnance now in action against Ger-j many on tlie western front. Anoih-lin er is the fact that on D-Day last June General Eisenhower bad at his the ' is M.e I I j are . And lodav. a few minutes after ant. noon, th') three of them climbed on-; II. 5 Mrs. Louis Vargo. to the hael er.d of an army truck an ! j Plan contributions from Bonacor- look teats on a h?rd plank for a 1"- si District f .100. hour rid? hi"-k to the front. By m il-j 112 John R. Ondo. night they'll be hack with their bat- fl William Vinco. John W. K-l- tcry. tradil'g shells wi'h the tier-; heiner. M. S. Holechko. Callas P. mans vho l.aie been giv?n,-' their rioyd. ant! Dle A. Jared. area a deadly Ehellackin? lately. . is J. Ralston. And that will be the end of a ! 17 Andrew Nawrockl, Edward dream the dream of every front- C-odden. Lawrence Thomas, Dnmh;-line combat man on the western . irk Mussatto. Mike T. Markello, ai d front that he he lucky enough to ' John Pepelea. disposal six times as many general and sl'ecal service vehicles as did! General Pershing on Armistice Day ; in ItlS. V. fv army ordnance arrayed a- gainst the Germans represents a draw a two day vacation in Paris for j a iook ai i, e preny gins, me siioim. the night rfe. and the freedom from (Continued on Page 3) mass of fire power of all categories, i

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